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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 15, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> sean: this case the rittenhouse case is in the hands of the jury. you can never predict what a jury is thinking. i do believe that the prosecution failed to reach the standard of guilt by the law of wisconsin. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it here tonight. a big show. >> laura: see you in a if you -- few days at the patriots ahard. >> sean: you get to harass me in person. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is the "the ingraham angle." a busy washington. my "angle" will come later and reveal how in 10 months biden's team of incompetence set us on a disastrous path only we can get out of maybe next november.
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first an explosive day in the kyle rittenhouse trial. closing arguments were delivered. for 3 years a rogue prosecutor named robert mueller wasted taxpayers dollars to make a case against president trump based on false premises and a phoney dossier and fisa applications. prosecutors on tv they are often portrayed as protectors of truth and justice. that must have been robert mueller. maybe it's the defense attorney side of me speaking. prosecutors and district attorneys are drunk on their own power. the rittenhouse prosecutor thomas binger.
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>> they have to convince you that rosenbaum was going to take that gun and use it on the defendant because they know you can't claim self-defense against an unarmed man like this. you lose the right to self-defense when you are the one who brought the gun when you created the danger, when you are provoking other people. >> laura: a second year law student would know that's wrong. that lawyer should be sanctioned for stupidity and wasting the court's resources. a personal vendetta against the second amendment is when we are seeing right here. district attorney that george soros helped elect think any judge who supports the right to bear arms is evil.
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grosskreutz admitted to drawing his pistol against rittenhouse before getting shot. you do not point a gun unless you are prepared to use it in a circumstance that is justifiable. >> the defendant comes running and drops the fire extinguisher on the ground like this. he raises his left hand to the gun and points. this is what we see in the video. in putting the fire extinguisher on the ground and raising the gun. >> laura: another reason he should be sankdzed. -- sanctioned. i don't know how he pass the bar
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exam. he insisted that rittenhouse and not the mob in pursuit of him was a criminal. >> the crowd knew the defendant just shot somebody. they knew he killed rosenbaum. every day we hear about heroes who stop active shooters. that's what was going on here. that crowd was full of heroes. >> laura: most fair minded americans since the disparate treatment of the law abiding people standing against him. you bust up cop cars it's justifiable. they are heroes for a better america.
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one prosecutor's hero was rosenbaum shot and killed by rittenhouse. he rioted but note the flippant way his illegal conduct was described here. >> he tipped over a porta potty with no one in it. he swung a chain and lit a metal garbage dumpster on fire. there is an empty wood know flatbed trailer and they tipped it over and lit it on fire and he said the "n" word. >> laura: is there a more annoying prosecutor? i put mueller in this category. he was also a convicted child rapist who threatenned to kill rittenhouse and chased him and tried to take his gun. an independent press would have
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shredded this prosecutor. but it joined in the smears. when the facts don't go your way, make an attempt to claim racism anyway. >> white privilege on steroids. >> a biassed racist judge. >> never held white people accountable for murdering back people. >> imagine if kyle rittenhouse was a 17-year-old black kid. >> laura: american is filled with racist red necks riding in trucks hell bent on killing anyone who gets in her way. jen psaki tried to cover for his boss calling rittenhouse a white supremacist. >> why did president biden suggest that kyle rittenhouse on trial if kenosha is a white
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supremacist? >> peter, i won't speak to anything about an on-going trial or the president's white comments. president thinks we should not have vigilantes patrolling the community with assault weapons. >> laura: thank god the judge is applying the law to written to the facts we know them. rittenhouse is fortunate cellphone video captured multiple angles of what transpired. >> you will see the videotape. kyle has his medical bag and gun. the individual in the yellow pants accusing kyle rittenhouse of pointing a laser site from a gun at him. kyle shrugs it off and doesn't
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want confrontation and leaves. >> laura: if it were up to the left kyle rittenhouse would be thrown into solitary confinement for the rest of his life or worse. just like all of the evil january 6th defendants. joining me is david hancock the spokesperson for kyle rittenhouse. he was in the courtroom all day. i can't imagine after watching just today what it felt like in that courtroom. let's go to the pointing of the weapon. by the prosecutor. that speaks volumes of him as a person or a basic sense of what is proper and improper with the handling of a gun. >> i want to thank everybody who has supported kyle and the
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family so far. if anybody is interested in making a donation they can go to the website. we still need help to get through this. it's absolutely ridiculous that thomas binger is accusing kyle of reckless actions and then he himself shortly after the incident in new mexico decides to shoulder an ar-15 and point it at people with his finger on the trigger. you have to wonder how these prosecutors are prosecuting these gun crimes and yet have zero understanding about handling a weapon. it's ridiculous. >> laura: he didn't know full metal jacket and hollow point.
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right now given what you have seen and alan dershowitz said lasted hour, we don't know how the jury will deal with the facts of this case -- as presented. given what you saw today are you more confident this will end up in an acquittal and not in a mistrial? >> yes. i believe we are -- he is very disen againuous. the trial so many lies and sarcasm and unprofessionalim. i can't hundred how a prosecutor can sanction and make light of an individual who has 11 charges of child molestation using the "n" word.
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tsk, that's really how you feel, binger. >> laura: how is kyle feeling? >> he is feeling good. he is feeling comfort. i think mark richards did an excellent job getting out the facts and nailed that home. the jury seemed to take some issues with the behavior of binger today. i think mark just came in and he cleaned it right up with the facts. the truth ask the facts. that boy defended himself. there is not a question about it. >> laura: you are getting a lot of text messages. turn those off. come on my friend. >> sorry about that. >> laura: this is when you know it's live tv. you are a manta people want to talk to. we will follow this.
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we expect the jury to come back i hope soon. is this an obvious case. thank you for being with us. we appreciate your time. joining me now is the host of a podcast and mollie hemmingway. the left wanted this to be a racism case. they were desperate for it to be a racism case. your reaction thus far? >> it's been so startling to compare the videos and ao the facts presented in the trial with the leftist media narrative leading up to the trial. for example, even small things. kyle rittenhouse blurted out that his dad lives in kenosha. he has other relatives in kenosha. i thought wow, i have read for months and month this guy
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crossed state lines. he was coming to kenosha and had no business in it kenosha. well, he has family in kenosha. one after the other he is a white supremacist. he was chasing after them. a lot of people were under the impression his victims were black. if i am reading the "new york times" or watching cnn i would take in these lies. you can't blame people for being on the wrong track because they are fed misinformation. if you watch the trial ask the videos, you go that's not true. these people won't have
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corrections. >> laura: they never do. the prosecution argues that rittenhouse in no right to defend himself. >> everybody takes a beating sometimes. sometimes you get in a scuffle and you get hurt a little bit. that doesn't mean you can start plugging people with your full metal jackets ar-15 round? >> that's a sign of how incompetent this prosecution was. they describe getting beat up with a skateboard and having guns pointed at you as just a tussle. if you take steps to protect yourself you lose the right to self-defense. none of this makes sense. it was shocking to see the prosecution make a case out of a set of facts that doesn't exist in the real world. it was as if they took the media claims made and treated them as
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if they were real. we were told the 17-year-old crossed state lines with a weapon to be in a place he had no business being in. he did not traffic a weapon across the state lines and that charge was dropped and his family was in kenosha and he was asked to help protect the property being assaulted by the violent rioters. >> laura: democrats want this stuff to burn. it's like another badge of honor. another city block burns, fantastic. we had congresswoman bass who thinks kyle rittenhouse is not the only rittenhouse who should be on trial. >> you have a 17-year-old boy driven by his mother across state lines with an automatic weapon. she should have been detained for child endangerment to go to
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a protest where he says he's going to help the police? it's ridiculous. >> laura: i don't know her say all of the mothers who let teenagers smash things last summer should be held responsible for property damage. >> this is the key point. the reason for the false narrative and that the left is protecting antifa. these guys who attacked rittenhouse were complete psychos. they chased rittenhouse down. what is happening here is that a lot of reasons for demonizing rittenhouse, part he is white and lower middle-class. a lot is an attempt to cover-up for the crimes of antifa. the crimes at the blm riots.
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the prosecutor said all they were doing was burning things and beating people up. you get the window into the left's mentality. if they do it's okay. but if kyle rittenhouse does it, he has to be locked up for life. >> laura: great to see you both. up next my "angle." usually at the top of the show. we moved it down because of all of the news. what biden's cabinet tell us about where this administration is right now? my "angle" will lay it out in moments. don't go away.
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>> laura: a team of incompetence. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." >> this is a defining moment in the chaos that is this presidency. >> the reputation of the united states has cratered. >> i have never seen an instance when the president is so detached from the reality of what is going on. >> it's a slow motion disaster machine. >> laura: well, they worked over time to brand the trump white house out of control from day 1.
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time magazine and the guardian, chaos in the white house. yet when the media cried chaos, what they were really expressing was fear. they knew trump would do what he promised to do during the campaign, take the country in a new populist direction. a gut punch to the old establishment of both parties. trump was not willing to play the old game of media patty cake in exchange for more favorable coverage from them. they is the the stage in the bogus russian collusion investigation and targeting of michael flynn and the sham impeachment proceedings and much more. because of that biassed reporting, most of what americans saw was a swirl of controversy. now, look at where we are.
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america is in danger under a president who is physically and mentally deteriorating before our eyes. and real chaos is unfolding. food and fuel prices are devouring family budget. schools are under siege by radical forces. inflation spinning higher and democrats trying to borrow more money to grow the government. that means you will have to get used to a lower standard of living. chaos is inevitable when you have a team of incompetence. people chosen not their experience but because they checked the inclusion box. even cnn reported that harris is
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struggling with some and relationships in the white house. people who care for harris are getting frantic. -- then jen psaki desperate tweet defending harris as a vital partner and bold leader. that only made it worse from is no human being is thinking kamala harris is working with biden because he is a bold leader. they had to prop up pete buttigieg who took 2 months off during a crisis. the administration had to pull in the former new orleans mayor on oversee the infrastructure bill. and senator who wants to buy
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a vowel on gas prices. >> the president is looking at evaluating all of his options limits as they may be in the united states. >> laura: looking into oatmeal bowl? go to the gas bump. one incompetent after another. blinken looks like a fawn in the spotlight who lost his mother. and john kerry who is now in a position of out-sized authority really to give china whatever it wants for vague assurances on the climb. and milley and aunt. -- austin. they are looking for extremists in our own ranks. still no accountability for 13 dead americans or the 120,000
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unvetted afghans flooding our communities after the withdrawal from afghanistan. and secretary mayorkas and homeland security have no intention of stopping the flow of illegals swarming the border. the overrun border is the biden administration's policy. janet yellen is making stuff up. >> the pandemic is calling the shots. it's important to realize that the cause of this inflation is the pandemic. >> laura: is this her way of admitting that inflation one be temporary because the virus is not going anywhere? and one of the dimmest is biden's chief economic advisor.
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>> we know the more people feel comfortable getting out into the economy and going to movies and working in the workplace, the more we can return a sense of normalcy to our economy. getting the shots out for 5 to 11 years old will provide comfort to american families. >> laura: wait. is he not aware of the fact that red states american florida and idaho and tennessee have been back to normal when zero 5 to 11 years old were vaccinated. they are trying to sell sand in the desert. >> we look at most of these data points through the prism of covid. we are in this place because of covid and the impact of the pandemic. >> laura: you might not be available to buy many christmas
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gifts, but biden just signed into law a new government slush fund for democrats to direct to their friends. >> this law was supported by business groups want the u.s. chamber of commerce and organized labor. special thanks to the united auto workers. pardon me. my wife is a member of the union. i will get in trouble. >> laura: the real question,what does corn pop think? the chaos may not report on much but the voters know what is happening want the havoc the biden administration causeed in 10 short months is astounding. he had a lot of help -- from the most incompetent white house team in history. that's the "angle." joining me is arkansas senator tom cotton.
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the biden administration created real chaos and yet they claimed trump was the master of government chaos of all time. >> yes. that's a good catalog you went through. biden surrounded himself with a team of incompetents and they are arrogant as well. what the american people are seeing is not like an accident. it's the specific design of joe biden and the far left policy. they want you to pay $5 a gallon for gas. they want you out of your truck or suv and right in a small electric vehicle or a bicycle or a scooter or whatever pete buttigieg takes to work this week. they want the border to be open. i think borders are racists and
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xenophobiaic. -- none of these things are accidents. they are the intended results of this white house. >> laura: this is not selling among the american people. the new "washington post" and abc new polls shows biden approval hit another new low. 45% of independents disapprove of their performance and serbanites 48%. -- senator, if these numbers hold, this is a wipe out we have not seen in 40 years in politics in the mid-terms? >> yes. you didn't get to kamala harris approval ratings which are lower
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than joe biden. the american people in virginia, and new jersey and long island sent a clear message. stop the madness and the open borders and stop coddling criminals and stop with all of the inflations. the democrat party did not get that mess miscellaneous. if they rush headlong into this 4 trillion dollars spending bill and don't close the borders and prices rise. if xi and ayatollah see joe biden wear a kick me sign it will be a massive repudiation of the democrats next november. >> laura: tonight was the virtual meeting between biden and xi. and biden did not mention covid once. something xi said. >> he doesn't consider him an
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old friend. >> i am very happy some my old friend. >> laura: are they friends or not? this is not the dating game. something strange is happening. >> the president knows that china and the chinese communist party are unpopular in the united states, not just for unleashing it playing on the world but for stealing our jobs and factories and riddling our universities with their own spies. we doesn't want to be associated with ping. he said china is not a competitor of us. he said it would make america more prosperous if he give china -- it got us millions of
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lost jobs and we helped create one of the strongest nations in the world that is now a competitor of ours. that's the result of failed policies going back 30 years. >> laura: we are go to give him a propaganda victory in the olympics. we are rewarded him and the covid origins with the olympic. why does yellowtone have so more fewers an adel and "seen and unseen" with raymond arroyo is next.
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>> laura: time for "seen and unseen" where we expose the culture stories today with the author of the spider who saved
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christmas raymond arroyo, . kamala harris's allies say she's been sidelined by the white house. >> jen psaki disputed that. the signing of today's infrastructure ceremony told us differently. >> in a moment. >> [laughing]. >> she didn't get an introduction. it's no mystery why kamala harris was cast aside. that cnn piece complained she was a victim of sexism and racism. watch her performance in france to know why she was sidelined.
7:41 pm
build back bluster. see if you can follow this. >> we must work together to see where we are headed and where we are going and our vision for where we should be and see it as a moment to together address the challenges and to work on the opportunities that are presented by this moment. what else are you going to do to fix this problem with inflation? >> let's start with this. prices have gone up. >> in that hang time interest rates went up. >> laura: remember when they ridiculed dan quayle. they hammered him. this takes my breath away. maybe she's been hanging around
7:42 pm
biden too long. the "new york times" said it was one of the worst campaigns they had ever seen. maybe kamala harris has been just hanging out with biden too long. this is from today. >> a couple of my friends will come out. cabinet members. here we go. where is everybody? jill? >> [laughing]. >> jill's here. the attorney general. >> they are worried about high speed internet. i am word about slow speed presidents and vice-president harris. yellowtone 14.1 million people watched the premier of kevin costner's show. there is a reason people love this. it's an antidote to it all of the woke story lines in so many
7:43 pm
shows today. i watched an episode of you where measles came up. >> laura: when did i mention measles? >> it was on you. >> laura: what was on me? what are you talking about? i never had the measles. we never did a measles and vaccine episode. is this a joke? >> it was on you. >> laura: i have never head measles. what are you talking about? it was stupid? >> it was an episode of a slow. >> laura: called? >> it's called you! >> laura: i have never done a show on measles. . >> it's a show called you on netflix. >> laura: a show called laura? >> i am moving on to adelle. i can't explain it.
7:44 pm
the pop sing had an oprah produced special with 9 million viewers and the nfl had 19 million. opera -- oprah released this online. watch. >> ♪ ♪ >> oprah did this it harry and meghan markle sex piece with adelle. that put off people. people can relate to that elite view and that is "kryptonite" to
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viewers. >> laura: like going to latin mass and you don't know the mass and you mumble. a piece why she chose not to get the vaccine. she is here in moments to explain.
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>> laura: the australia government ordered a nationwide lockdown of the unvaccinated. millions 12 and older will be barred from leaving their homes except for essential activities like get vaccinated. isn't that what the democrats would do here if they could. lisa, you wrote a piece about your choice not to get vaccinated. explain why. >> it was risk-benefit. i am 36. no underlying health conditions and not obese so i have a 99.7%
7:51 pm
chance of survival. people are admitting the vaccine doesn't stop transmission and it has an expiration date. the 2 big lies about the vaccine, first everyone need to get it. that doesn't make sense. the second is it stops transmission. that's not the case. we saw that in recent studies seeing all of these high-profile people who are fully vaccinated get covid. >> laura: nbc has done interesting reporting and one doctor said get a lot done before the holidays. watch. >> i think europe is a bell weather of what is to come. super spreading events happen
7:52 pm
after thanksgiving and christmas. please get your third shot. >> laura: doctor, they are never as happy as when families are separated. they were thrilled last year. they loved us being separate asked not traveling. is there a need for everyone to get these boosters? >> no, the arguments for boosters are the same as the original arguments for vacuation. -- vaccination. if somebody is high risk, there is a discussion about boosters transplant is no benefit for low risk people. >> laura: lisa, you have been subjected to the shaming of family and friends and how are you dealing with that? >> i have. it's fine. i believe i will be on the right side of history.
7:53 pm
i am fine with people shunning me. you look at austria and the same thing is happening here in the united states. people are fired, denied jobs for a vaccine they don't want or need. maybe they have natural immunity. maybe they are young and healthy. in new york city you can't dine or go to a restaurant. this is happening in the united states. this mass psychosis has taken over the country and public health officials are leveraging that fear to reshape the power dynamics and turn this nation into a regime rather than the republic we love am it's important to stand up for what is right and push common sense and force people to think about this a little bit. >> laura: a lot of things we could all do to be healthier.
7:54 pm
get in shape and cut back the bad habits. we all can gain weight over the holidays. the co-morbidities that get people in trouble are not discussed very often. >> no. it's mostly obesity and diabetes, card vascularodies. everybody should take vitamin-d which falls in the winter months. >> laura: absolutely. great to see you. something you night not have seen from today's rittenhouse trial. "the last bite" explains.
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to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go. >> just how embarrassing was lead prosecutor today? of q slide and a closing
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argument. >> let's assume for a minute joseph rosenbaum is chasing after the senate because he wants to do some physical harm to him. he's an unarmed man. this is a bar fight, a fist fight. what you don't do is you don't bring a gun to a fistfight. >> roadhouse deserves a lot better. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy and super-duper monday, everybody. thanks to the supply chain crisis, there's been a shortage of everything but idiots. for some reason, the chain that supplies lying is flowing more


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