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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. we have a surprise for you, ladies and gentlemen. the great sean hannity rips the reins from our hands and rides off into the 9 p.m. >> sean: thank you. welcome to "hannity." tonight the biden white house is imploding. the blame game and the finger pointing is in full gear after a disastrous 10 months in office. joe and kamala harris are turning on each other. it's very ugly. we will bring you the latest in fighting out of the biden white house. plus the low lights from another awkward and embarrassing day for the cognitively struggling president and his incompetent environment. -- vice-president. but first kenosha, wisconsin.
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we heard closing arguments and the judge threw out one of the charges. the rule only applies to guns with a short barrel. rittenhouse was carrying a long rifle. an embarrassing set back for prosecutors who have been atrocious from beginning to end. binger referred to the rioters in kenosha as a crowd full of heroes chasing kyle down the street and ready to pave his head into the pavement? binger announceed in america a person loses the right to self-defense when they have a gun. that's not true. >> they have to convince you that joseph rosenbaum was going
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to use that gun on the defendant. you can't claim defense against an unarmed man like this. you lose the right to self-defense when you are the one who brought the gun, when you are creating the danger, when you are provoking other people. >> sean: none of which was proven in this court of law. you have one case where you had the key witness admitting on the stand he pointed a loaded gun at kyle rittenhouse before kyle fired back. another example with eyewitnesses of somebody trying to rip the gun out of his hands and about to put his foot into his face into the pavement. this might be the worst legal take in the history of any trial. it gets worse. binger held up the rifle used by kyle rittenhouse and put his finger on the trigger and pointed it at those sitting in
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the courtroom. he obviously doesn't know a single thing about gun safety and the rule of law. rule number 1, you never point a gun loaded or unloaded at anyone unless you plan to use it in self-dense. now the verdict is in the hands of the jury -- let's want lose sight of how we got here. in august 2020, kenosha, wisconsin experienced violence, arson, looting, vandalism, all the. a break down of law and order -- because of a lie pushed by the democrats and the media mob who claimed that an unarmed african-american man jacob blake was killed by police.
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in fact he was armed with a knife. the officers were attempting to arrest him for sexual assault charges. the narrative is more important than truth. they didn't lose sleep over the riots that followed. where is liz cheney? she is not lecturing the country on the constitution? where is the mission looking into the riots in 2020 that killed dozens of americans and injured thousands of cops pelted with bricks and molotov cocktails? these are the riots that kamala harris promoted a bail fund for some of the rioters. it doesn't advance your real agenda which is to purge all things donald trump from the republican party as you are with
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your new best fends, the people who called your father, a liar, crook and murderer. the same democrats never look at video evidence or talk to eyewitnesses or collect facts. they rush to judgment to score cheap political points. they did the same thing in ferguson, missouri, hands off and don't shoot michael brown. officer wilson had numerous eyewitnesses who corroborated his story and the trayvon martin case and the duke lacrosse case. and a 16-year-old slandered for wearing a maga hat. and the dirty russian bought and paid for hillary clinton dossier. trump haters pushed this russia
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superior theory for 5 long years and none of it was true. the dossier's main source was charged with lying to the fbi. another source was the democratic operative with close ties to the clinton campaign. the "washington post" are the only ones who redacted their reporting on the dirty dossier. what about everybody else. rachel maddow lied and the networks lied to you the american people. we got it right. we did not rush to judgment. we got the facts and
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corroborated the sources that gave us the information before bringing it to you. it's play out again in the case of kyle rittenhouse. last year joe biden referred to rittenhouse as a white supremacist. multiple media outlets refer to rittenhouse as a vigilantly. the woke ice cream company ben and jerry says this shows our country is racist. one fake news journalist tweeted:
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powerful media figures ignoring key evidence and rushing to judgment as usual. and the case of the supreme court justice kavanaugh or clarence thomas am in this case energid to destroy a 17-year-old young man all because of their political agenda. any unrest will be their fault. joe biden it will be your fault. just like it's your fault anything that happens to afghanistan that you abandoned. all of you in the media mob it will be your fault. those who created an expectation among the public based on a set of lies with zero evidence and zero due process and zero
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presumption of innocence. the left doesn't care about any of it this. it's a reminder where most democrats you can't trust them -- and most people don't draft them. -- trust them. president reagan said fascism will coming in liberalism. here is alan dershowitz and gregg jarrett. it was an atrocious trial start to finish with the prosecution. they didn't meet the high standard beyond a reasonable doubt. i expect the jury to be acquit but you can't guess what a jury will do. >> yes, but i agree about the facts and the evidence.
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the number of misrepresentations and deceptions and lies by the prosecution about the facts, the evidence and the law was breathtaking. for the prosecutor to tell the jury you lose the right of self-defense if you bring a gun. that's not the law at all. the other major lie was when the prosecutor holding the ar-15 up against his right shoulder, the defendant is right-handing, and pointing the gun at an imaginary joseph rosenbaum and then he showed the videotape which showed the defendant raising an empty left arm with the gun hanging on the right side because he is right-handed. the prosecutor argued that the
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defendant was the aggressor and loses the right of self-defense, except the defendant regains the right of self-defense if he withdraws in retreat. then the prosecutor showing the video of the defender retreating and said see, you can see rosenbaum chasing down the defend. with prosecutors like that, who needs a defense torn? >> sean: wow. -- attorney. professor? >> the prosecutor misstated the law. i am an expert on criminal law and self-defense. you can invoke self-defense if you have a gun and shoot an unarmed person if the unarmed person threatens your life by trying to hit you over the head with a skate board or pull
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a knife or hits with you his fists. remember the zimmerman case the unarmed person was banging zimmerman's head against the pavement and zimmerman shot him. he was wrong about many other things involving the law. the big issue with this case is the time tram. -- frame. the defense tried to narrow the time frame to the moments before the shooting. the prosecution put him on trial the whole day. was he a medic? was he a fraud? under the law all of that is irrelevant. the only time frame is the moments before the shooting. did the defendant believe that his life was at risk by somebody coming at him with a skate board or trying to pull his gun away from him. if the juries that reasonable doubt about that they must
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acquit. >> sean: eyewitness testimony and the lead witness admitting he pointed a loaded gun first. we have the video of his face almost getting stomped into the pavement. the skateboard. predictions? how does this end? >> well, there is a possibility of a mistrial if there is just one jury who doesn't agree with the rest. that would be disappointing in this case. thanks to the prosecution and their powerful defense witnesses, the audiotape and the videotape and the photograph, i think prosecutors have made a solid compelling case of self-defense for the defendant. why did they bring this case? they did so under public pressure because the woke mob
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demanded it together with the media. >> sean: and we have the possibility of a mistrial post verdict and the judge could overturn the verdict. professor? >> i never prodict. i have been in this business too long -- and jurors surprise am i think there can't be a conviction of attempted murder on the alleged victim who admitted he pointed a gun at him seconds before he was shot. the two that were killed i don't think you can make a prediction. i think the evidence did not show beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed a crime. i won't predict, but the right verdict in this case would be an acquittal. that doesn't mean this young man should be praised for coming with an ar-15.
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this doesn't mean he is a hero. it means the government failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not act in self-defense. that's a high burden. i don't believe the government made it. >> sean: i don't believe they met it by any stretch and put on a compelling case. in each instance it was self-defense. tonight as we await this verdict in kenosha, they are bracing for another wave of violent riots. 500 national guard troops were called up by the governor rightly so. it's sad but necessary. with reaction former florida attorney general pam bondy and leo terrell. i look at the possibility of unrest, pam bondi, all of the things starting with joe biden that knows nothing about this kid. i have seen no evidence that he is a white supremacist.
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the media mob rushing to judgment -- same predictable group of people. no belief you are innocent until proven guilty. i would put the blame of any reaction to them because they created an atmosphere where there was an anticipated result that is not coming. >> sean, it was a great legal analysis by gregg and alan. he had to instruct the jury ignore statements by the president of the united states because joe biden called him a white supremacist. it's unbelievable. it's political. it's sad but true am we need to fund the police. we need as many police officers out on the streets as possible so people are not out this destroying property and people like kyle rittenhouse don't have to be out there trying to protect their neighbors and
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family's property. >> sean: in ferguson, leo, there was never hands up and don't shoot. there were african-americans that corroborated the story of officer wilson ask the same thing in florida. -- and the rush to judgment duke lacrosse and the russia collusion lie of 5 years. when people react after they create an expectation, i blame them. they are responsible for their comments that whip people into a frenzy. i am i wrong? >> you are 100% correct and the left and the media don't care. they don't care if they lie. this is a political trial. kyle rittenhouse is a political prison. it's about the second amendment and the guns. the prosecutor was dead wrong about the right to have the gun.
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that's a lie. he is absolutely wrong. it's not a race case. it's not black versus white but it doesn't matter. they want chaos. you have 500 national guard on stand by. for what? because the left wants something to happen bad, period. it's about the second amendment. you look at the issue here. the gun. this man had a right to defend himself. i will give you an opinion: he should be found acquitted. the judge has the ace in the hole he can declare a mistrial with prejudices. >> sean: when you have a group of people chasing you down the street and you are running as fast as you can to get away from them and they catch up to you, pam bondi, and they are about to stomp their foot on your face and slam it into the pavement, i would say that's self-defense. if somebody points a loaded gun at you, that's self-defense.
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if someone attacks you with a skateboard, the use of a weapon is self-defense. i am wrong on the law? >> no, clear case of self-defense. the prosecution's own video evidence is helping show that kyle rittenhouse defended himself. that's where that video was crucial to the defense in this case. self-defense the whole way. >> sean: showing the video right there. he tells the story. you add to that the powerful system of eyewitnesses. we -- leo, how much about that factor in? >> tremendous. everybody in america believe kyle rittenhouse's story.
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those were real tears. this was a split second decision and this young man defended himself. he should be released and acquitted unconditionally. >> sean: predictions. pam bondi? >> self-defense defense and not guilty if they follow the law. >> sean: that's the if. the law in wisconsin is clear. if you fear that your life is in jeopardy or great bodily harm you have the right to self-defense. no ambiguity to that it law. >> 30 years of being a criminal attorney trial lawyer i have seen self-defense. i see acquittal. >> sean: i see acquit too. we will see. you can never predict what a jury will do. that i learned in 33 years.
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thank you all. straight ahead jen psaki's bizarre response to a question about kyle rittenhouse. and a bombshell report citing massive dysfunction in the administration and the latest of biden's blunders and biden versus kamala harris not a lot of love loss. newt gingrich will weigh in on that as we continue with this breaking news night. thanks for being with us. worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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>> sean: biden showing no remorse for their rush to judgment in the kyle rittenhouse case. no apologies for suggesting rittenhouse was a white supremacist. listen to this exchange between jen psaki and peter doocy. >> i won't speak to an on-going trial or the president's past commits. the president views that we should not have vigilantes patrolling our communities with assault weapons.
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closing arguments in this case which i am not speaking to, just making broad comments, there is an on-going trial. we are awaiting a verdict. beyond that i won't speak to any individuals or this case. >> sean: what about an apology? or if he believes he is a white supremacist, bring forth the evidence. dividing americans. here is "outnumbered" co-host and author of the best seller for such as time as this kayleigh mcenany and scott brown. apologize for partnering to stop school bussing because joe biden didn't want public schools to become racial jungles.
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he can apologize for that too. >> you can't get an apology. the press secretary can't carry the water for the president and all of his blunders at border, afghanistan. the deficit and inflation. we can't keep us because there is a blunder every day. guilty or acquitted? the president and his team already prejudged the verdict. not only is that wrong accident it's dangerous -- we have innocent before proven guilty. to think somebody would use their influence and use a campaign ad for something they don't anything about is really dangerous. i am blown away. >> sean: it's not the first time. obama the cambride police acted
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stupidly or he could have been my son. they do all of this before any evidence is presented. when it doesn't come out the way they were told it was going to come out, people are angry. i blame them for the consequences. >> oh, absolutely. maxine waters calling for unrest in the streets in some cases like in the aftermath before we got the verdict for george floyd. how deeply irresponsible for jen psaki to say what she said. don't comment on an on-going case. she said i won't comment but wink, wink, we are against
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a vigilant with assault rifles the buzz words of msnbc and cnn they called him racist. he acted in self-defense. unfortunately two people lost their lives. the mainstream media villainized him and calling him a white supremacist in that ad. say i won't comment on this and then the aftermath, i think he will be exonerated. come out and an apologize. >> sean: jen psaki said i won't speak to anything and said i can reiterate the president's views.
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vigilants patrolling our communities with weapons we should not have. excuse me. they already weighed. those comments themselves are biassed. joe biden already weighed on the case referring to this young man without any evidence i have seen that he is a white supremacist. you have heard it or seen it? >> no, the judge in the trial is doing a solid job keeping everything on track going from obscurity and being on national tv 24 hours a day. when you have situations like this, it's tragic that people died. it's also tragic that people have to come out to protect their property and livelihoods. it's tragic that the community leaders have to not fulfill
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their obligations to keep citizens safe. we are getting police defunded on a regular basis. we have to have citizens try to protect themselves. it's upside down. people need to get along and look at each and other have communication and conversations or we will see this it over and over. you are right. people not relying on the facts and making them up to gain political points it's wrong. it's not who we are as americans. >> sean: kayleigh mcenany? >> i went to kenosha with former president trump and stood in front of a family owned busy that was burned to the ground. i have seen the destruction. i am glad they are mobilizing the national guard. we need the national leaders to call for peace.
6:34 pm
the president of the united states call for peace. don't be a maxine waters. >> sean: kayleigh mcenany and scott brown, thank you. a new report shedding light on a deep division between joe biden and kamala harris and their offices with policy failures and dysfunction inside and outside of the white house. citing 3 dozen sources. "worn-out by what they see as entrenched dysfunction." west wing aides have thrown up their hands and vice-president kamala harris deciding there is not time to deal with it this. the vice-president is catering and things are going from bad to it worse.
6:35 pm
the entire biden white house is in a state of crisis. i don't know what is worse the fact that peter doocy asked the president about paying $450,000 and joe biden saying that is garbage not knowing his own administration's policy and fighting for it two days later. the article struck a nerve. jen psaki tweeted out late last night: the vice-president is a bold leader. can you be more specific? how is she doing as the border czar? the biden team may have opened the signing ceremony to sign the infrastructure bill an opportunity to show unity it was more of the same blunders from joe. take a look.
6:36 pm
>> it's my honor to sign the executive order and a couple of my friends will be coming out, i am told. cabinet members. here we go. where iserb? jill? >> [laughing]. >> jill is here. >> in a moment. >> i want to thank everyone -- vice-president harris, my cabinet members. my white house team. jill, doug, our first lady and our second husband. >> sean: it is beyond humiliating. biden had this bizarre moment. he could not find his mask. he is socially distanced and outside and got a booster. why is he looking for his mask. wandering between the podium and
6:37 pm
the desk looking inept. the latest baffling moment of joe biden. here with reaction "beyond biden" is in book stores everywhere, newt gingrich. what is kamala harris accomplished? supposed to be the border czar. never went to the action where the border is. i have a long list. she hired a pr team and they had a phoney video session with child actors. done nothing as border czar. the weird laughing that is unending. goes to travel to france. comes out with a phoney french accent and doesn't resolve the issues involving australia. where is the success, mr.
6:38 pm
speaker, because i don't see it? >> there is a website that has 10 hours of kamala harris laughing. >> sean: 10 hours? >> 10 hours. if you want to punish a friend make them watch it. it gives you a sign of what is happening to her. the laughing vice-president is not a good thing if that's one of your most famous accomplishments. i think she accomplished something very historic. she got cnn historically the strongest support of liberal democrats to run an entire story pointing out that the president's team and the vice-president's team are fighting in a ferocious way. i have never seen cnn do anything that would be harmful to joe biden. this story was devastating. it starts with a simple fact. biden is at 38% approval.
6:39 pm
she is 28% approval. powerful people wake up and go it can't be me. i yonder who is doing? -- wonder who is doing this. the biden people say it's harris's fault and harris's people say if only he was using her correctly. she hasn't accomplished anything. it's an embarrassment. but she is working with joe biden who accomplished almost nothing. just watching him in public in a non-scripted environment, it's frightening frankly. to think this the commander-in-chief and to know that our opponents are on the planet are watching the same tv coverage. to me, this is an amazing moment for probably the worst vice-president in american history. >> sean: they have this conflick
6:40 pm
that is obviously going on. joe at 35% on average -- she is a low 28%. i would say afghanistan is the reason. the economy is the reason. more people dead from covid in 2021 than 2020 is the reason. the chaos at the border. inflation and the high cost of energy because of their policies. all of these issues preventible. they could fix it if they go back to the trump policies that work. we know that won't happen. how do they dig themselves out of this hole if they are not willing to change? >> well, there is no evidence that they will dig themselves out. a major liberal publication shows the republicans ahead by 10 points in the ballot, the largest lead in 40 years! 40 years.
6:41 pm
that poll understates how bad it is. it over-sampled democrats and under-sampled republicans. they don't believe in closing the border. they don't believe in stopping crime. it will keep going up. they don't believe in it taking any steps to stop inflation. the idea that buttigieg who has no experience is going to solve the logistics problem is crazy. you will have more americans angry. every day when americans fill up their car or truck they get madder at biden and harris. harris suffers more because she is not as well known and her laughing when we are suffering further alienates her from most
6:42 pm
americans. i think it ended any chance she will be president. >> sean: and the energy secretary laughing too. >> jennifer was imitating kamala harris. learn to laugh. >> sean: it's not so funny. they are desperate. they can stop begging opec and just ask texas, alaska, north dakota and oklahoma. the book is out if book stores everywhere. when we come back the liberals in the media mob rushing to judgment. their comments have consequences. we will show you the tape. lara trump and ari fleischer weigh in next. kim is now demonstrating her congestion. save it slimeball. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move!
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>> sean: the rittenhouse trial has exposed the media mob's long history of rushing to judgment. just a small sample. we could a 3 hour special of how they covered this trial ignoring key facts and the key aspects of the law and resorting to the
6:49 pm
typical cheap smear tactics. take a look. >> chaotic situation someone untrained with a weapon going into the middle of civilians and looking for trouble. it is trouble that he found. >> i don't have a crystal ball. what i know is the law and what white people are willing to do to defend white supremacy. >> the acting job of the crying. i can't look at it. >> he was well prepared by his defense attorneys to disrupt his image as a trigger happy vigilante who went on a shooting rampage at a black lives matter protest. >> what kind of idiot 17-year-old goes to scrub
6:50 pm
graffiti off with an ar-15? >> sean: this and just one example. -- is. cambridge police, the duke lacrosse team, trayvon martin. the media rushing to judgment and getting it wrong over and over again. if we named every example we would be here for days. then the big hoax and that's the russia hoax or the rape hoax. hands up and don't shoot, the lie around michael brown. and jesse smollett the victim of
6:51 pm
a hate crime? multiple officers wrongly accused and charged. all got off. then the russia hoax the biggest lie of all. the steele dossier and much more. we welcome to the program again ari fleischer and lara trump. lara trump, your take, it's always the same people and you lived through 5 years of a never ending one voice media mob lie about your father in law? >> you are right. people ask are the mainstream media really lying to us to further a political narrative. you named a dozen plus champs. -- examples. the answer is yes. they had kyle rittenhouse
6:52 pm
convicted as a murderer from day one and a white supremacist. they have been somewhat successful. you go out to the street and talk to anybody. a lot of people will tell you this trial is about a white guy shooting two black people. that's so far from the truth. it's all white people involved in this case. we want due process to play out and want the jury to come to their own decisions, but the media made it about race like they do about everything. you have to realize that is in the interest of the democratic party. that's what they want. they want to make everything about race. if we don't see each other as americans and see each other as different colors they can divide all of us. when you are a divided country, you don't want to stand up and fight for your county. when you are taught to hate your
6:53 pm
country and everything is about race, people won't fight back when our rights are taken away and what they try to socialize america. this is part of a plan and it's absolutely disgusting to see on behalf of the mainstream media. >> sean: ari fleischer, they never correct the record and never take responsibility. they move on to the next lie. >> this is the saddest thing about what happened to journalism. now they are activists with their fingers on the scale. under the guise of reporting. that's why cnn and msnbc can get away with it because it doesn't matter if they are wrong. the cause is superior to accurate reporting. there are no consequences.
6:54 pm
one of the reasons it doesn't matter what poll you look at, most americans don't trust journalists anymore. they don't think reporters tell the news truthfully. and democrats are hurt by this. they might be shocked there is a not guilty verdict. for two years they were told that every bit of evidence points out that this was the crime. then an objective jury finds out it might not be a crime. bad journalism hurts all americans. >> sean: they create expectations of an outcome of what never happened and then there is anger. more "hannity" after this. ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪
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>> sean: this case the rittenhouse case is in the hands of the jury. you can never predict what a jury is thinking. i do believe that the prosecution failed to reach the standard of guilt by the law of wisconsin. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it here tonight. a big show. >> laura: see you in a if you -- few days at the patriots ahard. >> sean: you get to harass me in person. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is the "the ingraham angle." a busy washington. my "angle" will come later and reveal how in 10 months biden's team of incompetence set us on a disastrous path only we can get out of maybe next november.


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