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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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could. >> we will watch it closely, brit, thank you for inus into your home tonight. different show tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. we have got you covered on all elements of the news. around the world and in the u.s. "fox news primetime" hosted by jesse watters starts right now. ♪ >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters. moments ago the judge in the kyle rittenhouse trial handing the case to the jury. deliberations will begin at 10:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning. this is the most clear-cut case of self-defense i have ever seen. everybody who is watching knows that, this is the kind of justice and transparency that makes our country great, but lately truth has been taking a backseat to mob justice. take the prosecutor's closing argument, for example they know self-defense but they want to mail this kid to the wall. someone has to pay, an american
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city burned to the ground and in joe biden's america they can't prosecute the bl m and antifa criminals for that they want to punish the midwestern teenager protect the city. what does the prosecution do they lie? they tried to redefine the term self-defense. and hope the jury is dumb enough to buy it. >> you lose the right to self-defense when you are the one who brought the gun, when you are the one creating the danger. when you are the one provoking other people. you cannot hide behind self-defense if you provoked the incident. if you created the danger, you forfeit the right to self-defense. by bringing that gun. >> jesse: that's so ridiculous. they are claiming simply by arming themselves kyle rittenhouse must be guilty. they want it to be a crime to defend your city against violent race riots. listen to their deranged justification for this. >> let's assume just a for a
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minute, yeah, joseph rosenbaum is chasing after the defendant because he wants to do physical harm to him. he is an unarmed man. this is bar fight. this is a fist fight, this is a fight that maybe many you have have been involved in. two people hand to hand were throwing punches, pushing, shoving, whatever. but what you don't do is you don't bring a gun to a fist fight. >> no one is saying that mr. rittenhouse did not have a right to defend himself this case is about the right to use deadly force. there is an old phrase that i could kill you with my bare hands, punch him in the face, kick him in the testicles, knee him in the face, hit him with your gun. you don't just immediately get to shoot someone. >> jesse: just kick the convicted pedophile off his meds in the testicles while is he screaming fu afternoon lungeing at your gun. they are insulting the intelligence of the jury. they're asking the jury to ignore their own human instincts and common sense.
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they are telling them don't believe your eyes. this is the face of a cold blooded white supremacist killer with no remorse. >> this is someone who has no remorse. no regard for life. only cares about himself. after killing anthony huber, after severely wounding gaige gaigegrosskreutz, the defendants away like he is some sort of hero in a western without a care in the world for anything he has just done. >> jesse: here to respond dana loesch nationally syndicated radio show host and second amendment rights advocate. terrible, terrible closing arguments by the prosecution. one of the most alarming things i have ever seen, dana, when the prosecutor binger, the slug holds the ar-15 up finger or not trigger and points it at the jury after the alec baldwin situation, could you believe he would point a gun at the jury like that?
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>> after some of the arguments, jesse, that i have heard from what i'm calling brennan and dale of the stepbrothers law firm. i believe it entire courtroom and jury and to be honest i'm surprised that a bailiff or, i don't know if they had a straight trooper in the courtroom didn't intervene finger on the triggers, didn't have it shouldered properly. alec baldwin school of firearms apparently. to say that point, something else jesse in the closing argument that were interesting to me, kraus or aka. there is no left or right handed firearms. well, actually there is. i was really shocked to hear a prosecutor say that in a courtroom set sething as though it had any factual weight. anyone who has ever shot. if you are right handed shot with left handed shotgun you know how your weapons control or how brass is spent. that was also insane to me. but, this is self-defense on trial. you a clown show of a trial that
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should not even progressive to this point because i 1,000 percent agree with you, jesse. you made phenomenal points earlier on "the five." this was a clear cut case of self-defense. end of story. and so the state is trying to plant the seed of reasonable doubt. that's all they are trying to do make it look like he was somehow reckless. he demonstrated better firearms discipline than either of those two clown shows in the courtroom today. >> jesse: you have a 30-year-old convicted felon, rapist of boys, charging you at full speed after gunshots have just been heard, has threatened your life. he screamed f.u., he lunges for your weapon. that's just one and another guy hitting you in the head with a skateboard. you are trippedsed, you are falling down on the ground. some other guy kicks you in the face. and another guy points a loaded glock at your skull. i honestly watched this video in slow motion today. you are looking at it right here on the screen. in a sense, kyle showed amazing
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self-restraint in that situation. and that should be applauded, but they want to make this guy out to be an active shooter, dana. that's what the big line this afternoon. active shooter. >> yeah. that's such -- that's actually incredibly offensive as it's a diminishment of mass casualty incidents. there is a difference between someone who is obviously going out to carry out a mass casualty incident and someone who is forced to defend himself and doesn't even actually bear and present his firearm in that manner until is he knocked to the ground. the video is completely clear. the discernment that he showed when gaige grosskreutz was approaching with his glock extended some states full presentation you ever talking about the difference between a misdemeanor and felony. i thought rittenhouse he realized when the threat was advancing, when the threat wasn't added advancing when grosskreutz shows afao go after somebody on the ground and also armed a and had better training.
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look, everyone talks about jesse keil being out there with a firearm. but what about the grown men who were carrying i will legally one of which was a prohibited processor. what about these guys out there armedand brandishing firearms ad bureption down black owned businesses. everyone talks about race. all i saw was a white convicted pedophile who got out of a mental institution and decided to go to a riot and burn down black owned businesses another white today mess stick abuser whose charges included strangulation and kidnapping. carrying a white. while, white, white, white all with antifa burning black owned businesses if people want to have a discussion about race, there you go. >> jesse: really well said, dana. that's how the press are going to prime this thing. they are already priming it for riots. that's why they have the national guard out there as we said at the top. the jury is going to start dlish deliberating tomorrow morning. one guy shot two other white
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guys third white guy wounded in all-white city with a democratic governor, democratic mayor, democratic d.a. the press is going to want to make this about race. as you saw today, they checked this kid's phone. this kid is 17, nothing about race. nothing about militia. nothing about white supremacy. there is nothing there. >> exactly. nothing there at all whatsoever. they are absolutely and correctly making this about race when real it's about self-defense on trial. one more quick point if i may, jesse, when the prosecutor was arguing over closing arguments they said because rosen because didn't bring a gun to a fight you don't have go around looking for trouble and meet that consequence. why couldn't kyle rittenhouse fight him with his fist. that type of rifle that kyle rittenhouse was tearing that evening was actually the firearm that is involved in the most or the eleast homicides. fbiu crime reports.
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202015 to 201 last year available. double the amount used in homicide cases than long rifles like kyle rittenhouse's. i thought tawas an interesting point that the prosecutor just inadvertently accidently walked into. >> jesse: another one of those narratives just blowing up in their face. dana loesch, thank you so much for joining us on prime time. >> always good see you. >> jesse: here tonight jason whitlock host of fearless with jason whitlock. they called this guy kyle a howard during closing just now. they said he should have just socked these guys in the jaw. maybe kneed them in the testicles. i don't see that as something anybody would have done in this situation, do you? >> no, i don't. what we are looking at, jesse, literally, we are looking at a modern day to kill a mockingbird. as much evidence as we have seen and watched this trial and know
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that kyle rittenhouse should be found not guilty, i'm not confident. and i'm really not. because i think there is a lot of pressure on this jury they know what happened a year ago. they saw and lived through the insanity after jacob blake was shot by police officers when he wielded a knife and wrestled with police. they know potentially in the back of their heads what's going to happen if they come back with a not guilty verdict. and i can see that pressure affecting them and sitting in that jury room and try to figure out how to convict kyle rittenhouse of something. i'm afraid that we're going to see some sort of guilty verdict here. it would be travesty. it wouldn't be the first travesty we witnessed in america's criminal justice system. but it really could happen. this feels like just a modern day reenactment of the great book by harr ler lee to kill a
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mockingbird. >> jesse: they are under a lot of pressure you heard someone i believe in the team of george floyd's family that they have people -- or their people up there in kenosha taking pictures. they know who the jurists are, and as you said, you know, they come down with not guilty, and everything starts blowing up in the streets again. that just going to fall on the jury. do they want that? i hope that's not the case. i don't think it's going to be the case just because this isn't like a toss up ball. this isn't like a jump ball. this is a clear victory for the defense they have had video testimony. prosecution several times by the judge. you had the deserves with the courage to put the defendant on the stand and actually testify under cross and cry. that is powerful, powerful stuff i don't even think the mainstream media can massacre me
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that kind of trial. do you? >> they certainly have been trying because i, again, i thought kyle rittenhouse taking the stand is probably the most courageous thing that's happened in all of this over the past with it years or past 10 years all this racial politics in these police involved shootings and the aftermath. for that young man with the defense at that point i thought having clearly won the case with the prosecution putting it on, but for him to want to take the stand and to clear his name and answer all questions, i thought that was very courageous of him. i don't know what more the defense could do to prove his innocence and to make a mockery of the prosecution. i certainly hope that the young man is acquitted. i hope -- i certainly hope that this little tactic they are using of racializinging every
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agenda, every incident, every engagement between -- this isn't black people vs. white people. they are racializing four white men got in a disagreement, three of them -- two of them died and one of them got injured and somehow this thing has been racialized. but it's a all a part of a very clever tactic by the left and by democrats if you cover everything in accusations of racism, they can never see your real agenda. the real agenda here is to damage second amendment rights. they want to act like anyone owning firearms is racist and therefore we must take away everyone's rights to own firearms. >> jesse: well said whitlock. appreciate it the joe biden kamala harris relationship blowing up. bombshell report this weekend rocking washington. also mike roe is here to knock some sense into the mainstream media.
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>> these disruptions are temporary. economists call all these things transitory effects. >> supply bottlenecks have developed that has caused inflation. i believe that they are transitory. >> their expectation is that these inflation rises will be transitory. >> jesse: transitory a word no one knows that's the biden administration's favorite word now. they have spent months trying to convince us that inflation will just go away. tell that to california where people are paying record high gas prices and like a bunch of brain dead zombies the media is rushing to joe biden's defense. looking to blame anybody but joe for out supply chain problem. >> while nobody likes to pay more, on average we have the money to do so.
4:20 pm
household savings hit a record high over the pandemic. >> talked to a lot of truck drivers this is, again, an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55. this group of people overwhelmingly voted for trump. >> joe biden is getting the blame for things he doesn't control gas price. blame the previous administration. >> jesse: see somehow this is all trump's fault or supporter's fault or your fault for having saved a little bit of dough. it's really anybody but joe's fault. >> every other issue they cried about the last few years the media is flat wrong. remember the same people who defended the covington catholic kids and insisted there no evidence to the wuhan lab leak theory. hunter biden's laptop was russian disinformation and helped crooked hillary to spread actual disinformation through the steele dossier. maybe this is why no one trusts the liberal media anymore. cnn seen a 76% drop in viewership just since january. msnbc is not far behind with 61
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percentage drop. and sleepy joe biden is doing even worse. over the weekend his approval ratings took another hit. "the washington post" and abc had him at 41%. "u.s.a. today" has him down at 38%. this is what happens when the left ignores issues facing real americans. people just tune them out. that's why no one is watching him and millions of you have turned to us. joining me now mike roe narrator and executive producer of how america works on fox business which you can check out tonight. all right. we have saved so much cash. we just have like maybe they are talking about bitcoin. where everyone is so rich from bitcoin we can afford $30 bananas. >> it's transitory. >> jesse: do you know what that word means. >> remember that line in the princess bride you keep using that word i do not think it means what you think it means. >> jesse: not a word i would use if i was a politician. >> the thing that's making people crazy, i think, in life,
4:22 pm
if somebody tells you something two things are different. rational person believe what you do not what you say. now in a world people are doing things we can see but being told that's not hang. >> jesse: right. >> when you start to stack those things up, it's enough to make you look over your shoulder and think am i being punked, right? just example after example after example. and i don't want to run through them all. >> jesse: i will run through them all. off the top of my head you have the immigration situation it's seasonal. we are going to stay in afghanistan until we get everybody out. inflation is transitory. you know, i'm really focused on gas prices. what have you done about gas prices? >> how about this one like in my lane we talk about the skills gap. we talk about $1.7 trillion in student loans and talk about 10.4 million open positions right now everyday somebody questions to my little facebook page mike, no, no, the skills gap is a myth, it's not real.
4:23 pm
for a while there like back in 2008 when i started my little foundation because there were 2.3 million open positions i'm like but look it's 2.3 million. no, no. no. that's not real. 10.4 million it's real. there are millions of people who have either lacking the skills or the will to take advantage of the opportunities that are on the table and that's why i'm narrating how america works tonight on fox business as you may have mentioned at 8:00. >> you also had other good news you wanted to share. >> yeah. dirty jobs. dirty jobs is coming back january 2nd on "discovery." >> jesse: some people consider this job a dirty job. >> i have seen. >> jesse: gutfeld was just in here. that explains the mess. explain how you were talking about the way the mainstream media deceives people. i remember the last couple years we had peace and prosperity. raises were rising. the border was more secure. there was low crime. and the media portrayed we were
4:24 pm
on the brink of a civil war. >> sure. >> jesse: now you have open borders, russia china on the march. everything is more expensive. shelves are empty and the press is saying you know what? everyone is rich. this is all good. don't worry about it. >> yes, but, there is something else going on too. i would just say this. you guys do a terrific job of reporting the news and the news by definition is 98% bad. 330 million people watch what's happened over the last year and a half just optically, dude, it's enough to depress a high eatenna. there has to be other stuff on tv to look at. >> jesse: are hyenas laughing? a laughing hyena? in a state of constant bliss. to impress hyena not easy thing to do. my shows feature real people doing real jobs that are really in demand who have prospered as a result of learning a skill. it's really simple. we don't do second takes. we give an honest look like a fly on the wall with what work looks like.
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and it will make you feel better, whether you want to get your hands dirty or not. >> jesse: it is funny because you have all this stuff happening in the country and joe biden is talking about a racist bring or what the weather is going to be like 100 years from now. we don't care about what the problems were 100 years ago. 100 years from now. we want him to focus on the problems today. that's the problem he is facing. >> fine, as a guy desperately frying to stay in his lane. >> jesse: desperately. >> desperately trying. >> jesse: you are doing a great job. i was going to hit with you rittenhouse. >> i will come back tomorrow on that. what could go wrong. >> jesse: mike rowe check him out on fox business. they just renewed dirty jobs. everything is cooked in mike rowe's life. >> better to be lucky than good. >> jesse: thanks very much. >> you are welcome. >> jesse: kamala harris' team lashing out at biden's team making some racial charges. biden's people are hitting back. it is a mess. ahead with that ♪
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is >> jesse: kamala harris was supposed to be the chosen one the heir to the democratic throne. unless have you been living under a rock you probably noticed things aren't going very well. over the weekend her situation got even worse, thanks to several devastating hit pieces by lefty reporters at cnn, politico and "the washington post." the bombshell reports detailed biden's team is annoyed at the v.p.'s awkward laughing outbursts and many in the white house feel kamala doesn't have what it takes to be president or vice president, for that matter. they are even floating mayor pete's name for the 2024 ticket. former harris aide accusing the white house of doing a better job at defending, quote white man pete buttigieg than hers. articles after this those articles dropped the white house made several sad attempts to dispel the nasty rumors. >> she is a key partner. she is a bold leader and someone taken on incredibly important assignments.
4:32 pm
>> i admire her. i'm proud to work with her and i'm proud to be part of this team so he focused on actually delivering for the american people. >> jesse: obviously that didn't do anything to put out the fire. so joe biden got desperate and gave clam a pry profile speaking spot at infrastructure announcement. that didn't go much better. watch? >> please welcome kevin curtain box. >> in a moment. [laughter] >> jesse: so embarrassing. >> by the way no one is addressing the real elephant in the room you have multiple high ranking democrats from the white house, the v.p.'s office goings on the record and essentially saying joe biden won't last another three years. we need to find his replacement. like now. here now michele bachmann former congresswoman and recent graduate school of government. headline biden is old, unpopular and probably won't run for
4:33 pm
re-election and kamala harris is unlikeable and i don't even think that the democratic base likes mayor pete so they have no bench, those, the infighting. >> that's right. no bench when the president of the united states has approval rating at 37 and 38% and they are dropping by the day and kamala harris is down at 28%? that means they are losing their own party. as a matter of fact, it's the party that is kicking at these two. so, we all have looked at this presidential ticket. and it looked to us, jesse, like these are cardboard cutouts with all due respect, it looks like someone else has been calling the shots. it doesn't look like it's joe biden. it doesn't look like it's kamala harris. and they can't even do their job of going out on the public stage and handling what they have to
4:34 pm
handle. it's coming back to bite them and kamala harris isn't looking real well these days. but, remember, she is the one bragging, jesse, that she was the last one in the room when the decision was made to withdrawal from afghanistan. and, in my home state of minnesota, she is the one who told everyone to bail out all the people who were burning down the five miles of businesses in minneapolis during the summer of 2020 when all the riots occurred. she hasn't done a good job. and just today we found out medicare part b is set to increase 14.5%. no one is escaping the misery index that biden and harris are giving the american people. >> jesse: michelle, as a woman, you are looking on the inside, you are the first female vice president in there. this is an office that's been held by truman and thomas jefferson and george h.w. bush. and the first female vice
4:35 pm
president is complaining during a pandemic while people are getting slaughtered with inflation she is complaining that her political portfolio isn't robust enough. what am i missing here? it seems like it's all drama with kamala. did you expect this? >> absolutely i expected it. remember, when she was a senator, she had no following. when she was running for the president of the united states, she had no base. and the truth be told, joe biden had no base. so, now in office, when literally everything they touch turns to dust, these two don't have a following because our lives are getting miserable. really fast. we don't have a lot of sympathy for these two because they aren't delivering. >> jesse: except mike rowe if you heard mike rowe before severing clicking for roe. it's strange now that you have
4:36 pm
someone with their own jet, an adoring press for the most part. she is in the situation room. she has a staff. she has got whatever she wants. and she is whining. michelle, she is whining. the vice president -- mike pence didn't even complain after january 6th. do you remember any vice president complaining so much? >> not really. she sounds a lot like meghan markle to be honest with you. both of these are very entitled people who claim constant victim class and the fact is normal people are fed up with this seriously fed up with this. because we are on the cusp of seeing millions of people thrown out of work. and it's not funny anymore. especially when you look at gas and grocery prices and christmas when people are going to be thrown out of work. there is getting real tired real fast and the rubber is hitting the road. >> jesse: i agree.
4:37 pm
michele bachmann, thank you so much for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> jesse: also here matt walsh host of the matt walsh shows. where what did you make of these bombshell reports over the weekend. >> i'm shocked that kamala harris' team would accuse joe biden's team of racism. surprises me kamala harris her entire democrat primary strategy was to accuse joe biden to be segregationist. to get in there and quds him of segregationist. shocking. bring in that person someone who hates your guts, recently accused you publicly of racism, not the best strategy it turns out. shocking turn of events i suppose. >> jesse: i wonder if she has any self-awareness. maybe people don't like her not because her gender or race, maybe people don't like her because she is no good at her job? i don't think that's occurred to her. and so she is just complaining every chance she gets. it's kind of tough to watch.
4:38 pm
>> it is tough to watch. i think also that most people have a pretty in tune sense of phoniness and inauthenticity, it doesn't ring well with people. every speech kamala harris gives it sounds like she is reading a book report where she had to stretch to hit the word count it always is phony. everything is empty. she has nothing to say, nothing to offer. i think people pick up on that. no matter what side of the aisle you are on, people pick up on it. they don't like it. people have a reaction to it that's the reaction she has. she is not going to suddenly become a real person. this is who she is. she makes hillary clinton look authentic in comparison. that's who she is and probably not going to change. >> jesse: do you think joe likes her? i guess they have to have lunch together. that's what joe likes. that's what he did with barack. schedule lunches every wednesday and sit down and have sandwiches. i don't think they like each other. it doesn't seem to me according to the reports and these leaks a
4:39 pm
lot of leaks that she likes him very much either. i don't see this progressing this very well because she is supposed to be the heir apparent and take over for him and no one likes her and she doesn't like him and he doesn't like her. and it doesn't look good, matt. >> i don't think she likes him because you have to have like a soul to have any feelings of affection towards anybody. that's where she falls short. as far as joe biden goes, i'm not sure that he's aware that she is even there at this point. which is one of the problems that you might say well, he brought her on because it's part of the keep your enemies close kind of strategy that only works if you are not essentially a seeing tab. so i think that's the problem for him. it's a mess across the boards. >> jesse: it's a mess and it looks like he is not running. he either doesn't have what it takes or the democrats don't think he has what it takes. he was supposed to be the bridge to the future. kamala, looks like a bridge to nowhere. matt walsh, thanks for joining us on prime time. up next, the travis scott
4:40 pm
concert where people were injected with drugs and died that stampede, some priests are saying demons were involved. actual devil's play. an exorcist joins me next. mass general brigham. when you need some of the brightest minds in medicine, this is the only healthcare system in the country with five nationally ranked hospitals, including two world-renowned academic medical centers, in boston, where biotech innovates daily and our doctors teach at harvard medical school, and where the physicians doing the world-changing research are the ones providing care. there's only one mass general brigham.
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♪ >> jesse: a lot of questions have been raised about what really happened on the night of that deadly travis scott concert at astroworld in houston with some going to far to claim that the stampede that left 10 people dead may have been influenced by a so-called satanic moment in the crowd. you are not allowed to ask that question about that on social media. they are going to ban you if you do. but we are going to ask this question. joining me now father michael, catholic priest and renowned exorcist expert was featured in the movie demon house. all right, father, what signs did you see at that concert that would lead to you believe there was a satanic role? >> first of all, when the entrance to the concert seemed to be the mouth of the singer
4:46 pm
and everyone was asked to kind of go in through that and certainly for a demon, the mouth is prime part of one's body that it would like to take over because it could certainly communicate and talk and that is one of its prime objects. and so when you got into the concert, then there seemed to be a draw into going to the other side or coming to the stage, which was seemingly like the gates of hell and so people were kind of motivated to push forward. now, of course, another thing a demon always kind of likes to do is create a mob mentality. and so, certainly if we see like flash mobs and, you know, the protests kind of, you know, ripped our cities apart and
4:47 pm
things like that, it waters down moral responsibility. and so if everyone is kind of doing it, then it takes away our own personal responsibility for what is happening they lo that create a lot of havoc without making people question it. >> jesse: the stage we are seeing right now that looks to you like the gates of hell the way that i guess they designed that? >> that seemed like it wanted you to go to the other side and so it did seem, kind of going down, you know, inferno, various stages of hell. there is flames kind of in the front there, and you are kind of going deeper and deeper and so people are kind of being induced to push forward not realizing the havoc you could cause. >> jesse: did his lyrics
4:48 pm
indicate any sort of satanic leaning? i can't really start rapping here. but, i mean, have you listened dot music before and have you discerned any sort of influence by satan? >> yeah, no, yeah, certain vibration and drum beats and things get to motivate a person like any music can. you know, but this one does seem to be dark and leading to the darker side of things. >> jesse: okay. the vibrations and the drum beats and some of the lyrics you believe, are leading this crowd into a demonic place. is this just travis or is this other music that you have heard? is this, do you think, prevalent in rock and roll or hip hop or is this more of the travis scott situation? >> it seems like a lot of these artists there are so many of
4:49 pm
them, in order for them to kind of get their fame and money and such, they always seem to have to do more outrageous things and so they are kind of encouraged on to do that or else they won't get what satan kind of promised them fame and fortune and wealth and all that. >> jesse: all right. well, there are a lot of interesting, i guess, images at these shows. and if you are possessed, you can call an exorcist and/or an emt and hopefully they can help you out. father, thank you so much. o.j. simpson getting a little frisky this weekend. abby hornacek on deck to tell us how she would deal with the juice when the juice is loose. ♪ ♪
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like a lot. choose smile. choose direct. ♪ smiledirectclub ♪ ♪ ♪ >> just a few minutes left in the show in time to put abby hornacek on the clock, four topics, 60 seconds each. o.j. is out of jail and at on the town and girls beware but not for the reason you think. the juice is loose. trying to smooch any bond he can find. that was like a football move right there.
4:56 pm
back in the buffalo bills days, what you think about that? >> he thought maybe he was back at a frat party in 1968 after he won the heisman, there was a little bit of confusion there. but he's a 74-year-old man. i would assume this is vegas because that's where he lives now. >> he does not lack confidence. let's put it that way. was there a conversation that was happening? that we do. >> we don't want to make too much light of the situation, should've gone to jail for the rest of his life. we already knew chris cuomo, we already knew that he has issues and was spotted wearing his hat over the weekend and says i have
4:57 pm
issues. seems like a cry for help. it he had 86,000 total viewers on average and compare that to sean hannity he was accused of sexual harassment from a former boss. i think may be o.j. should have that hat based on what we saw. >> andrew cuomo, maybe got a few hats. would you have one? you don't need one. if you know all the stuff, it's like wearing a traffic cone on your head. also, have you ever been bothered by the notifications on your phone? not me, because no one calls me but according to
4:58 pm
"the wall street journal," literally driving us crazy. what kind of sounds does your phone make? >> the one the phone comes with come i never bothered to change it but it's stressful. it gets your anxiety. >> no one calls you calls your doings you. >> that's true. second may be because your stress level to go up and according to this woman in "the wall street journal," she said that the six times, i'm sorry. it sounds like it might be your own problem. >> that's right, never my problem, always someone else.
4:59 pm
it's not my problem, it's yours. matthew mcconaughey is making news again and this time it's for pickles where the actor took to instagram to tell us pickles are all right, all right, all right. we must talk about pickles which i love so, have to go back to their origin story, cucumber, big, plump, firm, lots of promise. this is going to be good and then you take a bite. >> pickles have promised, abby. >> they do. we've got a lot of good focus in this last segment so while researching this, makes anything look interesting. that's how i geared up, gave me the energy. >> that it worked? >> you tell me. >> it definitely was and i don't know, i'm a huge fan of pickles. he was hating on cucumbers and i
5:00 pm
say don't hate on cucumbers. >> that guy is running for governor, i don't know about that. god bless texas. thanks, abby. and thanks for watching fox news prime time, going to be back here tomorrow night at 7:00 in my book how i save the world still available, go get it. tucker carlson up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." people are totally absorbed in the kyle rittenhouse trial and you have to wonder why is that? why's it so fascinating? part of the reason it's so interesting as the facts are so different from what we've been told for more than a year, completely different. and it's shocking to compare reality against a version of reality we've been forced with. here's one example, just days


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