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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 15, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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go to and get 2 months free. >> i believe that the jury is paying attention and they are taking in all the facts and they are learning a lot of new truths. we're looking for a not guilty verdict across the board. carley: it is monday, november 15th. we begin with a fox news alert. supporters of kyle rittenhouse feeling confident as closing arguments are expected today in the teen's murder trial but the national guard has already been activated in wisconsin over concernses about potentially explosive backlash if the 18-year-old is found innocent. todd: and there's this.
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>> republicans are heading in the right direction. the democrats are full speed ahead against the ideas of what the american people want. todd: the white house doing damage control as joe biden and kamala harris' approval ratings plummet amid a new scathing report on dysfunction in the vice president's office. and this time it's from cnn. carley: plus -- -->> while nobody likes to pay more, on average we have the money to do so. carley: some in the media down playing and outright dismissing the pain that everyday americans are feeling from inflation. todd: i got a credit card bill overnight. it comes in as you're sleeping. i looked at it and can i pick up some extra shifts doing something? carley: do some shift work. todd: goodness, gracious. carley: you're not alone on that feeling. todd: you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro. carley: we begin at the white house. the president is set to sign the
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$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law today. todd: it comes amid plummeting approval numbers and the spending bill remains in peril over fears it will drive more inflation. lauren plan collared joins us. >> reporter: the signing ceremony is framed as the next steps in the efforts to loosen up the supply chain crunch. the long beach port director was leer to talk about some of the issues he is facing. >> not enough capacity at the warehouse, not enough workers. we have backlog up and down the supply chain. so it's really difficult to get that container moving from segment to segment. >> reporter: and a new abc washington post poll, the president's ratings facing difficulty too. it shows only 39% of voters say they view the president's handling of the economy in a positive way. 55% say they have a negative view. and asked whether or not they approve of biden's job as president, only 41% approve. and if elections were held today, 51% of the registered
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voters asked said they would t vote for the republican congressional candidate over the democratic. the low numbers come as americans are facing high costs everywhere, from the grocery store to gas stations. the president's team was on the sunday shows to explain away the inflation, saying it's because of the pandemic. >> it's important to realize that the cause of this inflation is the pandemic and i would expect a that if we're successful with the pandemic to be some time in the second half of next year, i would expect prices to go back to normal. >> republicans blame the biden administration's excessive spending as the reason just about everything costs more and they say the answer is not more spending bills, like president biden wants. >> the democrats are now saying we want to go all-in with this massive tax and spending bill which is going to harm american families. people are going to pay higher prices.
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there are going to be higher taxes. of course we're going to see an increase in the debt. >> reporter: the white house announced former new orleans mayor mitch landrieu will oversee how the infrastructure bill is put into action. todd, carley. carley: lauren blanchard, live for us in washington. thanks, lauren. todd: closing arguments will be underway today in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the 18-year-old's spokes person joins us earlier with what sees in the jury. >> they're learning a lot of new truths, if they heard all the false media reporting over the past year. we're hopeful that they have seen that and they come back with a not guilty across the board. todd: first, the judge will make a final ruling on whether the jury could consider lesser charges against rittenhouse. it could increase the likelihood of another trial but increases the chance a conviction beyond the five felonies and misdemeanor weapons charges rittenhouse currently faces, all
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this as wisconsin braces for the verdict with 500 national gored troops. the governor said they were activated to support local partners in ensuring public safety amid fears of unrest. about to be five minutes after the hour. republicans calls on the national school board association to explain on the record how they worked with the white house on a letter that labeled concerned parents as domestic terrorists. carley: ashley strohmier is here with that story. >> the demand comes as evidence that the national school board association collude weded with e white house and the justice department. jim jordan's letter said, quote, parents can not tolerate could e collusion as a justification for invoking federal law enforcement. to assist the investigation we request you make yourself available for a transcribed interview with the committee as
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soon as possible. jordan saying merrick garland used the letter as an excuse to violate constitutional rights and it's time for people to be held accountable. >> he said he's going to set up a snitch line on parents and is going to investigate moms and dads who show up at school board meetings. we hope the individuals will come in for a transcribed interview. if they don't, we're going to call for subpoenas. >> scottsdale, arizona police are larch. launching and investigation into a file that is full of parents' private information, including divorce decrees, social security numbers and property records. parents a said they discovered the shocking file after the head of the school board accidentally sent an e-mail with the link. >> i became an advocate for increased transparency in our district and that made me a target and our school board president has harassed and intimidated us and we're terrified of this person having access to our information. >> reporter: this as a new poll
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shows a whopping 81% of parents think they should know what's happening in their kids' schools. that poll released just two weeks after republican glenn youngkin won the virginia governor's race as democrats campaigned for parents to stay out of the way. todd, carley. todd: ashley, thank you very much. carley: the department of justice said it will defend president biden's vaccine mandate for private companies after an appeals court upheld the block on the requirement. the doj spokesperson telling fox news the department will continue to vigorously he defend the standard and looks forward to obtaining a definitive solution following consolidation of all of the pending cases for further review, as the surgeon general argues the mandate ban is bad for public safety. >> it would be a setback for public health. what we know clearly is when people get vaccinated and the more people that get vaccinated the quicker we're able to bring the pandemic to an end, the more lives we can ultimately save. carley: dr. murthy went on to
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compare complying with the vaccine mandate to obeying the speed limit, arguing both affect the safety of others. todd: we have been talking about joe biden's economic crisis. but his border crisis still has not been addressed. and a new 10,000 person caravan could led to the u.s. this week. carley: chris cabrera, vice president of the national border patrol council, joins us live coming up next. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. carley: welcome back. today, president biden and be president xi jinping will hold a virtual meeting in hopes of mending frac churred relations -- fractured relations between the two countries. todd: amy kellogg joins us from rome with the latest. amy. >> reporter: hi, todd, hi, carl each well, it seems the administration is being careful ahead of this much awaited virtual summit. not to come across as all guns blazing in advance, because, frankly, these are very sensitive and potentially shaming subjects. but as such, i think the fear is that understanding what ultimately does go down will require some skill in the art of tea leaf reading. now, president presidents biden and shy -- xi have a long
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history. now it will be time to put their money where their mouth is. xi jinping isn't going anywhere. his party just announced him safe and sound in power until 2027. there are so many hot button issues between the u.s. and china, human rights, taiwan, terrorists, intellectual property theft. but the one thing that every person from boston to beijing has been directly affected by is covid and what china has not told us about his origins. >> do you think he'll bring up the covid-19 origins with president xi. >> that is a remaining concern. there will be a broad range of topics that will be discussed and the president's certainly not going to hold back on areas where he has concern. >> reporter: again, as you pointed out earlier, there is a rising movement for -- across both aisles of congress for a 9/11 style commission,
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especially now as more and more evidence presents itself that the virus leaked from that wuhan lab. todd and carley, back to you. carley: amy kellogg live for us. thank you. todd: several migrant caravans expected to converge into one in mexico with the border patrol and the rio grande valley already overwhelmed. >> carley: agents have encountered 2,000 migrants in a 24 hour period of friday. joining us to react, chris cabrera, vice president of the national border patrol council. we're talking about big numbers here, a caravan with potentially 10,000 people, 2,000 apprehensions on friday alone. is there any reason for this particular surge that's taking place right now and how is border patrol handling this? >> you know, the reason is is we're not doing anything to stop it. you saw these big rushes that came earlier this year, the one that hit del-rio and the state of texas stepped up and pushed
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back but that's not addressing the problems of them coming into the country. they may not hit del-rio. they will hit somewhere in the united states, whether arizona or the rio grande valley. there's not much that we've done to stop this. it's the administration is very soft on immigration right now. the whole world knows it and by offering incentives for people to cross illegally, it's going to continue to get worse. todd: how much worse could it get if a 10,000 person caravan hits our southern border many that seems like a lot to me. >> oh, yeah, it is a lot. unfortunately, we've seen numbers like this before but it's starting to become closer together. at first its was, you know, 2, 3,000 at a time months apart and now we're seeing 2,000 a day. it's going to continue. i wouldn't be surprised if we just blow past this -- the high water mark of 212,000.
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carley: chris, one way to end the crisis would be to lean on mexico's president and say, listen, you've got to defend your southern border with guatemala so the migrant caravans can't come through. the president is meeting with the mexican president this week. how do you expect that conversation to go? >> i expect that conversation to go like most, it will be all one sided, not in favor of the united states. i think the way to stop this is mandatory deearnings the, mandatory -- detention, mandatory removal, stop the in--incentive from people comin. if we put a hard line in the sand, it will come. todd: mexico is considering tougher entry requirements for venezuelan migrants, partly a response from a request from us in the u.s. 2021, over 47,000 venezuelans apprehended at the border. just 1,000 last year. my question is, why did the u.s.
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and mexican governments wait until it got out of happened to do something? why wasn't this approach they're hopefully going to be taking standard operating procedure all along? >> you know, if you remember, this time last year we weren't having this problem. it just happened when the new administration came in and decided they were going to cut off its nose to spite its face just so they could show trump who the boss was and that's what we're dealing with here. it has nothing to do with actual policies that work. it's all about personal preference and spite. carley: the biden administration said that they're going to reinstate the remain in mexico policy in mid-november. it's now mid-november. do you expect them to actually go through with that? >> you know, honestly, i hope that they do but i seriously doubt that they will and a lot of it depends on mexico as well, is mexico going to coop t prate with that. -- cooperate with that.
2:18 am
our supreme court can say what they want but if mexico doesn't go along with it, there's not much we can do. carley: maybe they can talk about it when they meet later this week. the time is 17 minutes after the hour. the white house doing damage control over more reports of dysfunction in the vice president's office, except this time it's coming from one of their biggest allies in the media. todd: one republican congressman says president biden is hiding a socialist agenda inside his build back better plan. congressman carlos jiminez exposes the fine print, next. ♪ it's walmart's black friday deals for days. score a $69 air fryer and get other huge deals all week long. shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. deals for days. and take. it. on...
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todd: did you hear about this, the west reportedly not happy with the vice president. cnn saying, quote, worn out about what they see asen trenched dysfunction and lack of focus, key aides have thrown up their hands at vice president kamala harris and her staff,
2:23 am
some officials refuting the report, including jen psaki who posted on twitter, for nan one who needs to hear it, the vice president is a vital partner to potus and has taken on key challenges facing the country. they say it is unfortunate some in the media are focused on gossip, not on the results that the president and the vice president have delivered. the key thing that stands out from all of this, this is not breitbart, the federalist or fox news, this is cnn. and they have been holding water for the democratic party for years now, really ramping its up over the course of the trump administration and the beginning part of the biden administration if this is what they're saying about the harris vice presidency, it must be even a lot worse than they're saying. carley: yeah. and you heard white house officials talk in the article, saying it's unfounded and everything is fine. i think one of the reasons they
2:24 am
have to do that is because this is the type of dysfunction that the trump administration was criticized so heavily for from democrats. they have people on the record talking about this, like the lieutenant governor of california, she said there is frustration because people who know kamala harris and love her, care about her, feel she is being underutilized. todd: she's been given every job under the sun, czar of this, czar of that. carley: i think part of the frustration, if i were to guess, started with her getting the border czar job, to set her up for such failure because she has been hammered so hard for not being able to do anything on it largely because of democrat policies. they want open borders and she is there to really kind of take the heat away from president biden and she's out there kind of not being able to handle it at all. todd: keep in mind, the cnn report isn't that new. we have a report from june, we
2:25 am
reported this at the time, people are thrown under the bus from the very top, this is a politico report talking about kamala harris' vice presidency and there are people with short fuses, it's an abusive environment, not a hell i have -- healthy environment. it's a place where people feel treated like -- again, family show, i'm not going to say this. these numbers are not great for the party of president biden, party of vice president harris. carley: this is sort of common for a midterm election for -- it always swings back the other way but the big thing is how far president biden and vice president kamala harris' approval ratings have dipped which has been pretty historic. the vice president's approval rating is the lowest of any vice
2:26 am
president president in history and people will say that is because she's a woman or because she's racist. she didn't do well in the democratic primaries for president president and that wasn't racist. just doesn't translate well on the world-on the national stage. todd: democrats want to fix those numbers, give the american people what they want. yet the democratic party seems to be going the exact opposite direction and i think you're about to get into that right now. carley: president biden is set to sign his infrastructure bill later today but the rest of his tax and spending agenda is in limbo as fears grow it may make already sky high inflation even worse. our next guest is exposing the socialist fine print in the build back better plan, florida congressman carlos jiminez joins me now. you have read this bill. you know what's in it. what would happen to this country if build back better passes? >> well, i call it the bbb bs bill. they tell you there is going to be 2 million additional jobs
2:27 am
created when the school of business said jobs would be lost. the actual tax breaks are will from to the very rich. there's a salt provision that raises the limit up to $80,000 so if you're paying $80,000 in taxes in state and local taxes, you're probably making over a million dollars a year. they're going to get a break and then in terms of inflation, you know, it's supposed to be like $1.8 trillion. so you're going to add $1.8 trillion to the economy and somehow inflation is going to go down? again, that's another big, fat lie that lies in this bill. that's why it's very unpopular and a it shouldn't pass because it's going to damage the american economy. there are other things in the bill that are just horrendous and should never pass because it is really trying to change what
2:28 am
america is all about. carley: president biden always uses that phrase that he wants to rebuild the country from the bottom up and the middle out and he says things like the child tax credit and paid family leave will do that. what's your response to that? >> yeah, well, you know, the paid family leave, -- the child tax credit is something the republicans did in 1997 but there's a work component attached to it. now they're trying to take away the work component so now you hit home and collect for your kids. that's a disincentive to work. if you look around, all the help wanted signs around the country, our businesses are clamoring for more workers and this will disincentivize people from getting back to work and spurring our economy forward and really moving america forward so everything about this plan is really a step back for america, we're going to inundate our children, our grandchildren with an unbelievable mountain of debt that they'll have to pay for decades to pay it off and so this is just a really bad deal.
2:29 am
look, the entire agenda of the democrats has been a disaster. what they did in afghanistan, what they've done at the border, now what they're trying to do to our economy, it's just a disas as tear and the -- disaster and the poll numbers show it. it's going downhill fast and i don't see them -- carley: do you think this is going to pass? it was found this bill would increase taxes on 20 to 30% of middle income earners and that break's president biden's promise not to raise taxes on people making less than $400,000. how are moderate democrats in swing states going to vote for this? >> i don't know. ask them. so far, every single crazy leftist agenda idea that's gone through congress, they voted for. they voted with the progressives. i don't know if there's any moderate democrats left. they may say they're moderate but they don't vote moderate. they vote with the progressive win. progresswing.
2:30 am
i'll be surprised if it doesn't pass through the house. we'll see what happens through you the senate. hopefully manchin and sinema can stand up and say no and save america from the monstrous bill. carley: everybody is waiting for the budget score. congressman jiminez, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. todd: time now, 29 minutes after the hour. cnn and msnbc down playing the concerns of americans who are struggling to keep up with inflation. >> while nobody likes to pay more, on average, we have the money to do so. todd: we're talking to joe concha about that. carley: plus, disney employees are now part of california's mass exodus and they're making their way to the sunshine state. more on the game-changing impact of florida's business-friendly policies, coming up. ♪
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todd: the central florida housing market is booming as people flee high tax states, that includes 2,000 disney employees relocating to orlando. here to discuss the business friendly climate, dan armel. we've known about people fleeing the northeast, heading to florida. it looks like the mouse is headed to the south. what are you seeing in the housing market? >> the housing market is seeing
2:35 am
unprecedented times, i've never seen real estate move so quickly. if you're a seller, it's a dream market. if you're a buyer, there are a lot of challenges. but it is great having these folks coming in from california, wanting to purchase because they have so much cash. the value of homes in california is triple the value here. so where they can have a million dollar home there, it's worth $300,000 here. so the values are skyrocketing and employees coming here will maintain the values. todd: let's look at the numbers that spell out what you explained. the orlando median home sale price 2021 to 2020, 318,000 this year, that's up -- i'm going to do math on the fly, 48,000, up 17.8% year on year. that's a big nugget when you're talking florida. look at the listing,
2:36 am
supply/demand. september 2020, 6,000 homes. september of this year, about 3600. that is down about 39% year over year. and you mention the price that people can get for their home in california, take that money, use it in florida. $808,000 was the -- take a look, median home price in california statewide. that is unbelievable. you mention you've never seen anything like this. how long do you think this will last? >> i think as long as the interest rates stay low, it's going to keep the economy stimulated. so i don't see this slowing down any time soon. the only thing that we have a problem with is the inventory. there aren't enough houses for the amount of human bodies and buyers that we have. so that -- this is actually stimulated the land market as well. developers are coming in, building these luxury class a apartments that will accommodate 500 families. because otherwise there's
2:37 am
nowhere for anyone to go. so i don't see this stopping any time soon. todd: it builds up. that's where the land is. the land is in the air. why don't states like california and new york that see people fleeing their states en masse change the policies that cause the people to flee in the first place? >> well, i think florida has been a destination for many people to flee to for many, many years, retirement, we've got the sunshine state, you've got the beaches and so forth. we also have no state income tax here in florida. but since the pandemic, i think that we have the greatest governor on the planet l de santis, governor de santis. he has allowed us to keep living. we've been able to keep working and the mask mandate has been more of a choice than a mandate. so i think that people just want to come somewhere where they can continue to live and continue to work and thrive. and florida allows people to do that. todd: i tell this one, this one
2:38 am
being carley all the time, when they move this down to florida, i'll be the first one on the plane. hopefully you can find us something if and when that happens. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you so much. carley: all right. let's hand it over to senior meteorologist janice dean, she is here with our fox weather forecast. you are more than just this one. todd: you are the one. >> let's see how the forecast goes and then we'll talk. it's going to be cold in a lot of spots, warm over the southwest and florida, of course. 27 in fargo, 31 in chicago. we had a fast moving storm, originates from p canada, dives into the great lakes, limited amounts of moisture but it is going to reinforce the cold air and then we also have active weather in the northwest today. so there's our little clipper system, not a whole lot of snow. around the great lakes, that's where you'll get the most snow but in terms of the northeast, scattered snow showers here but it's the wind, especially later on this afternoon, that is going
2:39 am
to bring the temperatures down, the wind chills, so temperatures in the 30s, 40s, but it's going to feel colder than that with the wind. that's going to be ongoing for today through tuesday and then we've got our next storm system on the way on wednesday. so kind of an active time for the midwest and northeast. the rest of the country is quiet, 79 in dallas, los angeles, 80 of degrees there and we have unsettled weather across the northwest. it will bring heavy rain on areas that got over a foot of rain, that will cause flash flooding issues and warm air across the southwest, we will flirt with daytime records, look at that, tucson, arizona, 88. montana, 66. that's pretty warm for them as well this time of year. carley: i love flirting with daytime records. todd: i get in trouble with my wife for flirting with daytime highs. she understands. carley: how dare you, todd. none of that. todd: just weather.
2:40 am
carley: the one janice. adam schiff has no regrets, wait until you hear his latest defense of the debunked and discredited steele dossier. todd: governor ron de santis keeping his promise to fight biden's vaccine mandate. we'll tell you what he's doing today to stand up for the american worker. ♪ ug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,
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>> i'm glad you're up. i hope you're dressed or get dressed while i read this. the city of he question flow sh- kenosha is on edge as the kyle rittenhouse trial nears the end. we're on the case. texas congressman lance gooden returned from the border and he's sounding the alarm on a secret and organized operation to move illegals into the u.s. he joins us live. along with newt gingrich, his new book, dan bongino, greg jarett and a dr. makary knows medicine. it's a beautiful story of resilience, just one day after losing his mom to cancer, one day, a new jersey high school football player has the game of his life, racking up eight touchdowns in one game. he will join us live. that's coming up straight ahead. i have a mission for you guys. you have to go 16 more minutes.
2:45 am
do you have it in you. carley: no, i'm quitting right now. >> i'll a take over. carley: i can't wait to hear that football story they that you talked about. you just reading it gave me chills. that's going to be a good one. >> also happened in new jersey, you can relate to that. carley: we both can. todd: the story is unbelievable to begin with. this kid's a legit football player. he's going to be play in college. he's been recruited. carley: thank you for eating up a minute. now we only have 15 to go. i think i got this. >> okay. take some vib -- vivrin. todd: congressman adam schiff says he has no regrets sticking by the widely debunked steele dossier after primary sources have been revealed as broadly dishonest. >> i don't regret saying we should investigate claims of someone who frankly was a well respected british intelligence officer and we couldn't have known years ago that we would learn years later that someone who was a primary source lied to
2:46 am
him. todd: schiff taking criticism from both sides of the political aisle after years of touting the dossier as evidence that worked with russia to rig the 2016 election in his favor. carley: schiff said he had seen more than circumstantial evidence that there was collusion between trump -- todd: where is it? still waiting for it. carley: he's chairman of the house intelligence committee. for him to say that, people take that really seriously. i don't know how he could say he doesn't have regrets because clearly he lied about this. todd: it's not cool to say i'm sorry or admit fault, i understand that. on something like this, i don't know, maybe come of down a little bit off the high horse because you're still on it yet you have no horse supporting you which is a situation -- carley: has he ever answered the question, what circumstantial evidence have you seen? that's the most infuriating part. you have to wonder what trump's
2:47 am
presidency would be like if the allegations weren't hanging over his head for the image order it. when -- majority of it. and president biden green lighting the nord stream 2 2spline which plumb was -- pipeline which trump was not letting happen. you see how trump handled russia and how democrats handle russia and it's quite a different. todd: you have to wonder about the media going all-in on the shipster. carley: you have to get it here. todd: you know what else you can get here. carley: we're great. todd: let's do this. carley: today, governor de santis will convene a special session of florida state legislature in the hopes of stopping vaccine mandates. todd: we love cheryl casone more than life itself. this is a special treat, cheryl casone also here with more. carley: what's going on. cheryl: i'm so flattered. back to you.
2:48 am
okay. so governor de santis calling that special session today, keeping florida free. so state lawmakers are going to consider four bills that impose stricter penalties on any business or local government in florida, that makes workers get vaccinated. de santis says no cops, no of teacher, no nurse, no one should lose their jobs because of the jab. arguing that the fed's mandate amounts to discrimination against personal health choices. carley: a lot of people are spending a lot more money on less these days and apparently president biden has a plan to tackle sha. cheryl: there's always a plan. biden's top economic advisor acknowledges inflation is spiking and says here's our plan to tackle it. >> inflation is high. it's affecting americans and their pocketbook and their outlook but that concern actually underscores why it's so important to move forward on the build back better bill that congress is considering.
2:49 am
far from adding to inflation concerns, this bill will do the opposite because it's fully paid for. cheryl: so a major part of the white house solution is build back better which some lawmakers are calling build back bankrupt. it's nearly $2 trillion, a spending frenzy that alters our relationship with the government and will likely do so forever. they keep saying it's somehow fully paid for. your eggs cost 112 -- 12% more than last year. todd: they're keeping with the fully paid for thing. they ain't backing down from it. >> it's probably not the case. todd: elon musk hitting back at bernie. cheryl: senator bernie sanders and the tesla ceo, elon musk, getting into a bit of a spat on twitter. so sanders reiterating his desire to tax the rich before musk quipped back with a couple solid one liners. he said, quote, i keep forgetting that you're still
2:50 am
alive. ouch. before adding, and this is -- you want me to sell more stock, bernie, just say the word. here's the back story. last week musk unloaded $6.9 billion worth of tesla stock after asking twitter users if he should sell it. you have to remember one thing. elon musk is rich. the richest man in the world. he takes no salary from tesla. he is still cash poor. he has to sell shares of the company to satisfy uncle sam. carley: he's cash rich when all is said an done. todd: imagine that, i have to sell $7 billion. carley: lauren, thank you so much. todd: time now, 50 minutes after the hour. another devastating poll for the white house shows biden's approval rating in the basement. carley: voters saying the only thing being built back better is the republican party ahead of 2022.
2:51 am
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carley: closing arguments set to goes yuntdway towed today in the kyle rittenhouse trial. deliberations are also expected to begin today. the 18-year-old spoke with us earlier what he sees in the jury. >> they are learning a lot of new truths if they heard all the false media reporting over the past year. so we're hopeful that they be come back a not guilty across the board. >> first, the judge will make a final ruling on whether the judge could consider lesser charges against rittenhouse. decreates likelihood of a second trial. five felonies and demeanor charge he faces. carley: will activating 500 national guard troops.
2:56 am
todd: how low can his poll numbers go. president biden's poll numbers sinking to 41% as inflation take as big bite out of america's bank accounts. carley: joining us now fox news contributor joe concha. this "the washington post"-abc poll found 70% of people have a negative parkway of the current state of the economy. so i can imagine that is contributing heavily to the president's personal approval rating. >> yeah, carley. it was another democratic administration or at least campaigning saying it's the economy, stupid. that simple. people feel inflation and poor economy. when you get deeper into that poll. just 31% say president biden has kept campaign promises. support among independents 235%. 59% say they are concerned biden will do too much to increase the sides of government. 81% say parents should have stay in their child's education. you betcha. they have a messaging problem team biden. they flooded zone yesterday on
2:57 am
sunday shows arguing spending trillions more in spending in the build back better bill will somehow lower inflation nobody above a sixth grade education believes in argument. no public clamoring for more expanding government. the administration almost all democrats in congress they are plowing towards the cliff anyway. >> if you thought joe's numbers were bad, take look the a cam laps. not much better. 28% approval. 51% disapprove. i understand what you just said, joe. it doesn't make any sense, right? it doesn't make sense you. you mention add sixth grader. why douse the white house seem resigned to elm could down this paths the democrats as a party keeping down this path giving the nation something they don't want. >> i'm guessing it's the only argument they can make to pass this bill. i think it's a theme that we see over and over again. they think you are stupid. not you, todd. the american people in general. they think you are not paying attention and everybody is out
2:58 am
there. when jen psaki the white house secretary says it's actually republicans defunding the police that's insulting. again, go down the list in terms of things they say is happening and on the ground it's much different whether you are talking the border or afghanistan or supply chain crisis, on and on, they think you are not paying attention but believe me the american people are. looking at the poll numbers prove it. carley: there is this tweet from cnn's brian seltzer that is getting some attention. he posted a picture of a stocked grocery store and he said the supply chain, she exclaims, looking for milk for 2-year-old. look at this amazing overflowing abundance, he responds. i guess that's meant to mock people's concern over supply chain issues. why would someone tweet. >> that's what the administration is doing. i am willing to bet liam's notre dame college fund that's my son this cnn correspondent has never seen a cow in his life. because either you a think that milk is imported from other
2:59 am
countries and todded to chinese milk? >> no, it's coming from new york state. we have big dairy farms in new york state, right or beer, actually trying to supply chain crisis is left wing media meant to hurt the creation. i can all of above. this is an activist not a journalist. todd: there is more. stephanie ruhle on inflation. >> while nobody likes to pay more, on average, we have the money to do. so household savings hit a record high over the pandemic. we didn't really have anywhere to go out and spend. as we said a moment ago, we are expecting retail sales this holiday season to break records. todd: we're about to had hand it off to "fox & friends" in 30 seconds. why do the liberal media elite double down on this notion continuously? >> i don't get it it's as if those hundreds of cargo ships off the pacific and gulf coast is just an allusion. what you are feeling at the pump and for food you can afford it
3:00 am
it's okay. i love it when the richest 1% like stephanie ruhle can afford it because i can that's not how it works. carley: if everybody can afford things we don't need build back better. that was the argument for build back better as well. thank you for joining us. kicking off or monday right way. todd: pour a cup of that chinese milk get ready for "fox & friends," it starts right now. ♪ >> president biden's approval reaching historic lows. >> 41% approve. 53 disapprove. >> a lot of people across this country are really having buyer's remorse. >> the jury in the trial of kyle rittenhouse set to begin directions. >> process we believe that the jury knows that and they see that today president biden and chinese president xi jinping will have a virtual meeting. >> they have to be hard hitting with communist china to discover the origins of covid-19. >> natural immunity is proving as effective. the federal


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