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tv   A Kyle Rittenhouse Investigation With Nancy Grace  FOX News  November 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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the -- thank you for watching, set your dcv, nancy grace is up next, see you next sundays when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ ♪ nancy: 17-year-old kyle rittenhouse ahead he traveled to kenosha as a volunteer medic to protect local businesses during the blm protest, out of all protesters that night one opened fire, kyle rittenhouse, he leaves in his wake two dead bodies and i person shot and bleeding, tonight the cased shoulded to closing arguments, will his case of self-defense
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work with a wisconsin jury. >> two people are dead, one almost had his arm blown off. >> prosecution claim its was murder, kyle rittenhouse said it was self-defense, pretty simple. >> i did not intend to kill them. it was to stop them from attacking me and trying to steel my gun. >>s whatever going through your mind. >> that i was going to die. >> in your mind. justified to use deadly force to protect your own life, correct. >> yes. >> i look at everyone's -- in courtroom, my son's life is in their hands. nancy: i am nancy grace, thank you for being with us, what is going on in that wisconsin courtroom. you have angry judge,
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a mother crying out of control, the jury can see here, and defense team demanding a mistrial, the latest from wisconsin. with me, panel to break it down. alexis, how closer we to deliberation? >> about one day away. closing arguments start tomorrow morning, each team. defense and prosecution has two and a half hours, the judge said you don't have extra time. that is it, after that, jury will get the case. nancy: wait. this judge will, he has been very let me say, dynamic on the stand, that putting perfume on the pig, out of
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control, he reames everyone. any time he feels like it in front of the jury. if one of them goes a minute over of allotted time i'm sure he will let them have it. i know you are saying that closing arguments start bright and early tomorrow morning. troy clayton. high profile lawyer out of l.a., it never happens this way, we say we're starting 9:00 start, somewhere there is a bailiff laughing their rear end charge, first, i believe they will argue about jury charges, if defense goes for broke, saying only murder or nothing, that is a big gamble for there will be volunteer, involuntary, what do you? >> >> they are called lesser included offenses. the prosecutors want that,
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at-this-point they will take anything, they will take any conviction. and on friday, when they were discussing jury instruction, prosecutor had a win, when they got in instruction of provocation, if jury finds that kyle rittenhouse of the aggressor, was provoking this, then that vitiates his self-defense argument. nancy: okay. troy straight a slaten, as i was watching video, i saw people chasing this guy, down. rittenhouse down, he turns around, they are attacking him, he shoots, here is the bigger question. can you have a teen vigilante out there looking
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for trouble. is it that or self-defense. the question, can they both be true? can you have a vigilante out with a high powered weapon looking for trouble, load for bear, and shoot in self-defense, it does not seem they go together but can it? tonight, let's talk about what happened when the two shootings went down. three, if you include the guy that got away. from the beginning. >> on august 25, 2020, there was a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. kyle rittenhouse goes with his friend. a few months before in april, his friend had purchased a weapon for him, because kyle was 17, he was not legally allowed to own this weapon, kyle -- >> wait. hold on.
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dave, let's see some video of that night. because i like to see what is going on. i want to see protest and everything happening. go ahead they got the weapon. >> -- >> hold on. >> we're seeing the joseph rosenbaum shooting, you see . joesing him across the parking lot, if you see the -- the stay on that. joseph rosenbaum over and over, can you put that in slow motion? >> in slow motion, i have to run it -- look. look at that? you see kyle rittenhouse running, and you see joseph
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rosenbaum chasing him. chasing him. and then it looks like rittenhouse turned around. and bam. there you go. that is the shooting of rittenhouse. what were you saying? >> leading up to this i was setting up, one of kyle a friends father said there will be a protest tonight we're going to protect the local business, come with us. kyle goes along, brings his gun, he leaves that area, he goes, he is in the middle of the protest. this is when this happened with rittenhouse. however what other reports said that while before he and rittenhouse had their altercation, he is walking with a huge gun, saying, he is brandishing it, people say he was threatening people with the gun, pointing it at 94 others. >> no, no, you can't just
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say, people say, he was threatening others with the gun. you have to talk about what actually come in to the courtroom. you can't project what people were saying. this is about the evidence from the courtroom, you said something interesting. back to our special guest joining us -- us, spencer. >> the weapon has been identified a smith and wesson, mnp 15, manufactured by smith & wesson. the 15 means it was part of an ar-15 style rifle, it is semiautomatic rifle. for every one pull of the trigger one bullet is fired.
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it has a 30 round magazine, speed of fire is as fast as you can pull the trig sneer you actually have to pull the trigger. every time you want to expel a bullet. not automatic? like a machine gun. >> that is correct. in this civilian marketplace hey are all semi automatic. nancy: military and police weapon? >> right. and what that means. smith and wesson has a line of products made to resemble same rifles, automatic rifles they would sell to military and police counterparts. >> hold it, look at your screen. at your screen. it would be a cold day in
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he-double l my son would be out with that slung over his shoulder at night 25 miles from home. how does that happen, why is he out 25 mile away from home with that slung over his shoulder. >> nothing. >> a question. >> i'll be happy to answer, in my book, talk about cognitive bias of the dunning krueger effect, we sometimes believe ourselves to be smarter and more capable then we are, because you watch a bruce lee movie does not mean you know kung fu, lower ability people, don't have the skills to recognize that they don't have the skills necessary to do what they think they can do. and unfortunately, when we then make decisions, or
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engage in actions or behaviors based to that bias, the outcomes is almost always self inflicted jeopardy. nancy: always bad. a jury is this close to deliberations in kyle rittenhouse vigilanty chase in wisconsin, will they buy his claim of self-defense, stay with us. ♪
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nancy: welcome back, i want you to look at kyle rittenhouse on the stand. a very strategic move, a big gamble to put your defendant on the stand. the state gets to.
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>> i was concerned -- concerned in front of me. there were -- people right there. nancy: is that real? is he really crying or did his lawyer coach him hour after hour about what to start crying, did he stick him with a pin, or is he really crying. at first i was underwhelmed with the crying. body language expert, and author of you say more than you think. jeanine, i thought it through, he is only at the time 3 years older than my twins, i could see them
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crying under this pressure. but is it real? >> it is real. and here is how we know, we see inner eyebrows together, and i look for tenseness of forehead and dimpling of the chin. this is really hard. >> you have to slow down. nancy: nancy, one more time, i'm a lawyer. what? >> i love you, okay. there is 7 emotions we have. that we show up in same way in our face, one is sadness, how sadness shows up. no about our inner eye brows pull together up and, forehead gets tense of corner of mouth curve down,
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we get a dimpling of the chin, a stress of the chin, for him to have all those happen at same time to be coached, he would have to be jodie foster in the a accused. this is a then sadness. the question is what is the trig tore sadness, because -- trigger to sadness or. nancy: is he sad -- >> remember susan smith. nancy: with the machine gun or sad he might go to jail for it. >> we don't know that, but you think that susan smith and scott peterson and chris watts, when they fake cried, they smiled with the corner of the mouth, we don't see smiling here, when
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people fake cry, when stakes are high, the fake crying is a sound. the corners of mouth down go down, they go up and they curve in a smile. hit google look at those murderers when they fake cried, corners go up, duping delight. a picture we brute for you, difference top right, we neil murdered his wife and newborn baby, bottom lift we have susan smith. killings her kids, drowning them in a car, she was dating a car that didn't want to date a woman with kids and chris watts who kill his wife, who was pregnant and his two young daughters, 3 and 4, look at the smile, they are moments they made the crying sound, saying they were sadness. boom. now to kyle, that is
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authentic sadness, we don't know the catalyst. nancy: he was 17 year. >> wow. >> he was 17 years old when is happened i think he is guilty of low emotional intelligence. nancy: that say mouthful, brilliant. but the question, dr. -- is he sad he did it or he got caught? >> i think he is regulated from hours on the stand. the crying is a way to release that emotion on the stand, he is really realizing the gravity of what he has done, unfortunately he did not realize it when he bought the gun or in the crowd, but he does now, one reason we cry to reregulate ourselves
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emotionally, there is so much we don't know about kyle rittenhouse. one of the questions i would have is, he seems to have a grandiose titlement, he represents he is a medic with no formal training, he thinks he is protect an auto body shop or business, he is not a police many of, he policeman. he thinks he is enforce the law, he judge just a kid, that could be cognitive deficits like jeanine and spencer said, he over estimated his abilities, is he homicidal. was this someone for whom the wished to kill was
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waxing and wayne, the other thing, if he does not appear to be able to accept responsibility for what he has done, i would wonder does he have an impulse. nancy: you are doing a lot of wondering. based on what psychological exam. none. >> there was none. nancy: we'll be right back. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring.
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among republicans in senate because of the hefty price tag. and chuck schumer is counseling time and patient to get the steel done. >> and bannon was indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of congress, for refusing to testify before house committee investigating january 6 capitol hill riot, he could face 30 days to one year in jail in convicted. back to kyle rittenhouse investigation with nancy grace. nancy: welcome back, i am nancy grace. the medical examine in this case had a lot to say, i want you to take a look at kyle rittenhouse on the stand.
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>> relax for a minute, we'll take a break. about 10 minutes, don't talk about the case during the break. nancy: wow. okay. i've seen people break down and cry in the courtroom but that was certainly something. i want to shift off kyle rittenhouse for a moment. think about the victims that died, the judge is not allowing them to be victims, he wants them called pry otters -- called rioters or protesters, they don't have a say in this they are dead. chief medical examine of bay county in michigan, i want to talk about rosenbaum. this is medical examiner.
7:29 pm
>> mr. huber died from a gunshot wound to the chest, and mr. rosenbaum died from multiple gunshot wounds, entrance wound to front of his body, right groin, and upper back. and a graze wound to the head. >> is it possible before gunshots -- caused all 5 wounds. >> yes. nancy: did i hear him say, rosenbaum had a shot to the back. how can it be self-defense if you shoot someone in the back? >> well, what happened is in is 4 gunshots. what happened to turn him, he was shot in the hip or groin. and you cannot stand on two legs when one of them gets shot out. his pelvis was shattered. that caused him to spin and
7:30 pm
fall forward. the shot in the back of the not a shot in the back as much as a shot in the deceased who was spinning and falling. the first shot to the hand when he was grabbing the gun. it was through the hand to the pavement, rick cha -- ricocheted and hit him in the they, two wounds from one shot, third shot in pelvis. and when you take this and you blow it out at 1300 miles per hour with one bullet, you knock someone off and they spin around and fall and then you get shot in the back, that is how the shot in the back actually happened. it all happened probably within 3 or 4 seconds. each one of those he was pulling the trigger and he
7:31 pm
didn't stop as the body came forward. the deceased was killed by the last shot. it is the fatal shot. i have seen people survive shattered pelvis. and or shots to the hand. and the shot to head was grazed. someone with hair may have never seen, that but the fatal shot in the back, is because the deceased was spinning toward him. that is how that happens. nancy: wow. okay. because troy -- would you agree, when you have a victim shot in the back, pretty difficult for the defendant to claim
7:32 pm
self-defense. >> that was not the case here, nancy, here kyle of on the -- was on the ground in a defensive posture, people were around him, attacking him. one with a skateboard. nancy: rosenbaum? >> one person -- >> rosenbaum. >> one person admits he had a gun to the face, they were founding at him, he was not just walking -- >> you are talking about after rosenbaum was shot, skateboard attack. and the third victim. hey, you know. when you were talk become the weapon, you done mention 1300 mph ? >> not sure if that is accurate, pollutes are rated in feet per second velocity.
7:33 pm
>> translated it 2200 -- my math was wrong, 1300 feet per second like. >> based to ammunition from that. it translates out if you do mag 2200 miles per hour. i try to translate this for the lay people, they understand miles per hour better than feet per second. >> anyways. >> guys, the jury is set for closing arguments to start at 0900 tomorrow morning, will it happen? will they buy kyle rittenhouse's claim of self-defense? >>
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7:39 pm
. i would start shooting rounds at them. he is talking about people he perceived to be shoplifters, as i recall this was 15 days before the shootings. hey, dave, play that one more time. listen to rittenhouse. >> i wish i had my of if. >> okay. dr. marshall that gives my window into his thinking. >> yep, it shows that as a parts of his value system he believes it is okay to kill other people. he has an affinity for his gun. there is a grandiosity, he will take power into his own hands, this guy relates to others on basis of power, this is one thing we see in
7:40 pm
sociopaths, they relate to everyone on basis of power rather than affecttion or compassion or able to engage with others, they are cold blooded. i would evaluate for. nancy: you know, dr. marshall. i really respect you. as a psycho analyst. i don't know if you are familiar with second amendment right to bear arms. you can still carry a gun in u.s. if you want to, i don't because i'm a victim of gun violent, my fiance was murdered. >> but he was underage. he could not. >> i think it will it is important to also -- >> is that? >> spencer, just piggyback. i agree. there are two people who want to carry a gun. professionals and amateurs,
7:41 pm
the difference between the two is that professional has a skill set that allows weapon to hide behind them, and amateur hide behind their weapon. the professional knows how to deescalate and will only introduce that weapon when absolutely necessary, but amateur who feels that weapon is a source of power once confronted will always almost choose to present and hide behind that weapon, the amateur usually chooses to use it as a first. >> gravitate to positions of power. nancy: i had to take gunshot training at district attorney office for 10 years, i never gravitated toward a weapon, i find what you say is interesting, i had to do it, but i deputy deputy didn't like it.
7:42 pm
ma more do you know. >> this is from his tiktok account. it had 24 followers, and name was four-doors mor whores, his tag -- >> stop. nancy: did you say four-doors more whores? >> i did. nancy: troy, certainly that would come in front of the jury. >> absolutely. it has nothing to do with what happened on that fateful night. and just bringing in that type of evidence, would prejudice the jury and possible lead to a conviction because they don't like him, they think he is a bad guy, that is the type of evidence that judge schroeder kept out. when the prosecutor wanted to bring in this video, of him saying he would have used his a r, it was not
7:43 pm
anar, in this case. the fact that the judge comment that -- kept that evidence out meant that the judge was following the law. nancy: let's talk about anthony huber. he is the second victim. conlogically, first rosenbaum chases after rittenhouse, he is unarmed. i think he throws a plastic bag at rittenhouse, rittenhouse said he heard a gunshot in distance, he turns and sees rosenbaum on him, there are reports by eyewitnesses that rosenbaum seemed to go for rittenhouse 's gun, rittenhouse killed him, then rittenhouse goes on the run. and, day of. let's take a look at anthony huber, right when we get back, i hear we have to wrap, when we come back the second shooting victim of kyle rittenhouse.
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[ sound of gunfire ] >> get down. can you call for a paramedic. >> already been called. >> all right.
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>> he is calling, he is calling. he is calling. he's calling, he is behind the car. nancy: can you imagine being in that chaotic scene. so call kenosha shooter, kyle rittenhouse on trial, two people dead, two others shot, with me all-star panel of guests trying to make sending. dave, you can show element 7, anthony huber hitting kilauea -- kyle rittenhouse with a skateboard. from what we understand from evidence, he shoots rosenbaum. you see it, then he on the run, running down the street, a lot of video from different people. it culminates here, he falls, trips like in a movie when you are running, he falls and trips and everyone
7:49 pm
comes toward him, he shoots at one guy that went over, he was unshot. then. comes anthony huber. 26-year-old. from what i understand, he died almost instantly. >> here is the reason why he died almost instantly, kind of ammunition that shot from this gun, on a direct front shot brings something called cavettation. no other ammunition creates cavettation, waves of energy, his lungs, his heart, may have pulverized. if you are shot with a low caliber 9 millimeter, 22, they could dig it out of you, there is nothing to dig out when you are shot with a
7:50 pm
high round directly. now, from 2000 yards, you might be able to get something, but. again, that is 2200 miles per hour, 1300 foot pounds, 3200 feet per second. at about 3 or 4 feet away, his internal organs pull -- pull -- nancy: they tried to revive him, that did not work. >> there was no heart left. nancy: you say there was nothing -- okay. >> no heart left. >> okay i thought you would put it in medical terms. >> in this part of testimony with kyle rittenhouse here,
7:51 pm
comes across as telling the truth. he is telling story, they can see video, i think this will lead jury to my predicttion is find him this is self-defense. he is why. he is using what are call illustrators, they tell a story, i am climbing a ladder, i am fishing, hand movement which is congrew ent with who you are saying. the hands are a half beat before the word s -- indicative of someone telling truth, as opposed to jussie smollett. when we're telling truth we relive it with hand gestures we look in direction we are talking, he said he hit me on the neck, he hit he on the head, someone kicked me
7:52 pm
with a boot, he is moving his hands and body they tell a story, jury will find him believable, i believe they will find he was in self-defense mode. >> i agree. she is right on. right on with that. if you throw in incompetent prosecutors, i have never seen such abrasive and awkward lawyers. >> stop right there, nobody asked you abouts from cues. prosecution. >> they are so bad. nancy: you have three victims shot with a machine gun. just put a sock in that, we'll be right back.
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♪ ask your veterinarian [laughing and giggling] (woman) hey dad. miss us? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. >> that is a photo of you, yes? >> yes. >> that is mr. rittenhouse. >> correct.
7:57 pm
>> okay. now. you agree our firearm is pointed at mr. rittenhouse, correct? >> yes. >> when you were standing 3 to 5 feet from him, with our arms up in the air he never fired, right? >> correct. >> it was not until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun, now our hands down pointed at him, he fired? >> right. >> correct. mark: interesting thing about gaige grosskruetz. he first spoke to police he more got to -- forgot to mention he had a gun, pointing if at kyle rittenhouse, then rittenhouse fired. to you in l.a., everyone that you speak to, says, when asked, is rittenhouse guilty, they say, well? why was he out there.
7:58 pm
with an ar? the issue was, was he defending himself, you can be a teen vigilante and still shoot in self-defense. whether we like him or not. doesn't matter under the law. lady justice is blind. she does not care who he is. >> nancy, first -- not a machine gun, it not an assault rifle. reporter: is it. nancy: ar15. >> that happened here. the essence of self-defense. the whole case with the jury, will boil down to whether he was on offense or defense. i think he was on defense. nancy: there is a big problem with gaige grosskruetz a testimony. because great on the stand but reality is, when he first -- he never mentioned he had a weapon pointed at
7:59 pm
rittenhouse. >> that is right. what affect it might have had on rittenhouse, as everyone is pointing out he has an i'm -- immature undeveloped mind, but he did procure the gun, he hid it and drove many miles to get to kenosha, he loved that gun. and what does that say about his own homicidal intent. that to me exists. nancy: whether or not the three victims, jury will be considering. rosenbaum, huber and grosskreutz, tomorrow it comes to an end, closing arguments commence then into the hands of the jury, right now we know national guard has been called. they will be circling the court of house in case there
8:00 pm
is a mistrial or an acquittal, our prayers for justice, let it roll down like a river. nancy grace. signing off. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin,"," a special edition with two great gets. jason whitlocks and representative byron donalds, it is my contention many of major media platforms in the country are racist, and


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