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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 14, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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soul. trey: thank you, brian. take care with a great weekend, thank you for spending part of our sunday with us. good night from south carolina. "life, liberty and levin" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." a special edition of the program, we have two great guests, jason wit lock, and represent donalds. before we do, my contention many of major media platforms this this down
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racist and antisystemmistic, anti-- anti-semitic. that is part of problem. they spread this poison. they do it constantly. they do turn the cover of nuisanc -- news analysis. it none of those, you heard me talk about "new york times" before. giving you additional information there have been 3 books written on "new york times" and holocaust. and their abject failure to cover it. one expert. another book. beyond belief. american press and coming of the holocaust. third book buried by the
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times. holocaust and america's most important newspaper. why am i getting into this with you? because the press for most part of corrupt. they are corrupt. i want to get into this. emory university professor, her book beyond belief, a broadly institutional problem, wrote: mark: this relates to what goes on in our country today, how media distort, lie and spin.
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>> germans were not hiding what they were doing. >> there were reports in europe for crying out loud. >> it dismissed what they said, because they were not considered reliable. taking direct aim at "new york times," professor, of northeastern university, scrutinized role of media during the holocaust but "new york times" in particular. she has written about how the "new york times" failed in its coverage of fate of european jews from 1939 to
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1942. she asked what was it about prevailing press san stards, and policies and personalities at the times. a damning disclosure, the times judgment, that murder of millions of jews was a relatively unimportant story reverberated among other journalists trying to assess the news. times publisher, intentionally buried news about the holocaust, deep within his paper or ignored it all together, and she writes: appeared on page 5.
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to the bottom of a column of stories. less research mound found they buried much of what they knew about the holocaust from the american public. and continues to write: a story about that possible
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bureaucratic snafu appears on front page, the same day last voice from the abyss was relegated to page 4 it goes on and on, it was just not holocaust but also stalin. duranty for 12 years was bureau chief in moscow, he was bureau chief what stalin was reigning and 1932 when stalin ordered extermination of ukrainians, genocide. he cut off ukraine, the peasants, they would not join the communes, they would not allow their land which had been passed on from generation to generation to be taken by the communists, so he starved them to death, millions of them, and
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durante reported it was a bad harvest. they were just going through problems, he was on stalin a payroll, stalin got him a girlfriend. he made sure he had the bestfood, and cars to travel, and there were british journalists who went into ukraine and saw horror of cannibalism, and they were disgusted and furious with durante who got a pulitzer for his writing by the way, you look at, that then "new york times," a reporter in cuba building up castro, talking about how castro had thousands of freedom fighters. maybe he had 12 or 20 at most, help to build up castro, and then castro over throws government there, a communist enemy of
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united states and a surrogate of soviet union, even castro thanked "new york times" for the help it received. and new york times and russia collusion. pushing a story that we know was a lie from beginning to end, planned by hillary clinton campaign and the dnc, and a democrat law firm, one of whom's lawyer has since been indicted. and other lawyer, with dark money to influence 2020 campaign, and obama administration with fbi and intelligence agencies and their lies they used to try to destroy trump candidacy and president see. anti-semitic, not the only organization that was, i said, that major news platforms in this country are also racist. you know, marxist left likes to throw that word around, racist to anyone who
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supports the constitution, who loves this nation. and who believes in flag and national anthem. united states hill mary, military, and police officers, the marxist rhett -- like to call everyone else racism, there systemic racism. there is not a damn thing you could do about it, other than over throw the country, at msnbc, owned by comcast, talked about newly elected soon to be lieutenant governor of virginia, a black woman born in jamaica, a nationalize american citizen, served in marine corps with her husband, she was elected first woman, first black lieutenant governor of virginia. >> whiteness is
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a hell of a drug, fear worked. what did the racist virginia voters do tuesday night. mark: stop, the racist virginia voters? what kind of a bigot is this? he appears regularly on msnbc and elsewhere, where would a major corporation like comcast put a bigot like this, that is my opinion, on television to spread hate, the racist voter of virginia? he dehumanizes every single voter who raced. does not matter their race, if you voted the wrong way, if you voted again american marxist agenda, you are obviously a racist. this person is on television, constantly.
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>> as governor they elected winsome sears, lieutenant governor first african-american woman to be alleged statewide in , elected statewide in history, writes "wall street journal," nice try, invoking her name, winsome sears. voting for someone black does not grant absolution from racism. mark: wait. i don't think that people voted for winsome sears because they wanted absolution about anything. i think they voted for winsome sears because she was a fantastic candidate. she has charisma. she is substantive, she beliefs in the country, she believes in low taxes, she beliefs in martin luther king and content of one's character not color of their
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skin. that is why people voted for winsome sears, it has nothing to to with seeking absolution. go ahead. >> bullhorns, that politicians use to play on racial fears for political gain. >> bullhorns. bullhorns? that is the democrat party in deep south not republican party in modern day virginia. listen to this. >> people of virginia vote in a black woman, a brilliant, patriotic black woman and we get lectured about absolution and bullhorns and dog whistles. >> having some of your best friends be black or family members be black or dating or married to someone black or liking black music and culture is no path either. >> pass for what?
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>> so if you are married to a black person and you are not black, you are married to a black person because you love that person. that person loves you. because they are looking beyond pigmentation they look into your soul, heart and mind, as if you are one, that is what marriage is about. marriage is not about look at this, i married a black person or a married a white person a native american or this, that or the to, this is the sickening mind -- mind set of bigots. >> granding folks black cards, that say joke, blackness is not transferable. mark: black cards? what in the hell is this bafoon talking about? we're never going to have a united society, a society with people look beyond race
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or faith for anything else as long as we have people with bullhorns, and dog whistles, like jonathan kaye part, he is not alone. given massive -- you get my point. to spew their hate, and in my view their bigotry, this is the most diversion nation on the face of the earth, freest on the face of the earth, freest economic system, you can do whatever you want to do, it is up to, as an individual human being, but jonathan, does not view you as individual. he dehumanizes you. he pushes his which is dangerous and evil. "new york times," msnbc, and so many more, so many more of these platforms are
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commentators is jason whitlock. one of my favorite for years. when he had a column in kansas city, he is a journalist, a blaze media columnist, a podcaster and he is terrific. jason, i wanted to have you comment on a clip from -- msnbc. michael dyson, i leave it to you from last week. election of winsome sears as lieutenant governor in virginia. >> they want cred for breathing for having hair in the morning or getting up brushing their teeth. look, i made an achievement that should be noteworthy, no, you are i doing what all political figures must do, make choices, be problem they want white -- supremacy with a van tril
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quest, quest, a black mouth moving by white ideas. we know that we can internalize in our own minds and bodies the very principles that are undoing us. to have a black face, speaking in behalf of a white supremacist legacy is nothing new to chagrin to those of us who study race, the white folk on other side, and right ringers do not understand this is race 101, it is the pre-k of race, critical race theory, we know the word critical and theory means let's be on the side of those who need to be emangs earning mans -- emancipated. >> what do you see? >> mark. i want to start by saying i
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enjoyed our opening monologue, you framed it up well. i want to take the conversation a little bit differently, in terms of i don't want to diminish racism or diminish antisemitism, they are real problems, what we're seeing here, this is satanism, satanic. any there is an attack on truth, it is an attack on god, on jesus, the truth is what sits us free. -- sets us free, the truth is what jesus, god, and faith are about. there is a massive attack on truth in this country. that is an attack on god, voltaire said it a long time ago, if you can convince a
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man of absurdities, you can get to him to commit to atrocities, we're being convinced of absurdities, they are masking their hatred of god in this we're here to fix racism. no, what you are here to do is attack the truth. and attack god. and create a chaotic society that believes in absurdities, so eventually they could execute atrocities on people, we seeing small examples of it across america. i don't know if i want to go add far as calling january 6, and how those people have been treated, as an atrocity, this is not a
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insurrection, we have been convinced of the an absurdity. this is the likes was not seen since pearl harbor, now a atrocity, deny them basic privileges and rights that we've always fronted to americans, that is the path we're on, they are using race. race and the democratic party are like the new hood of the kkk . call yourself an antiracist, and i democrat, and then now you can do some of the most racist things while pretending and covering yourself of a hood of hey i'm a democrat, i'm a liberal. the things that i'm doing are good. it is more we're being convinced of absurdities and
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witnessing the beginning of atrocities that will not stop with how they are treating people from january 6, there are worth atrocities that are planned for us who profess a belief in jesus christ as our savior in god and the truth, they are planning for all of us. mark: all right, when we return, we'll explore that and major corporations that give platforms to haters, bigots. we'll be right back. hield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott, president biden to sign a historic bill costing over a trillion dollar tomorrow, largest infrastructure investment in over a decade. it fix nation's roads, bridges and waterways, white house setting up a ceremony for the signing. marking president's biggest achieve. of his firm so far. >> closing argument to begin tomorrow for murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. he is charged with fatally shooting two men, and wounding a third while at a black lives matter protest in kenosha, wisconsin last year.
5:29 pm
500 national guard troops on stand by in the city in case the verdict triggers unrest. i am jon scott, back to "life, liberty and levin." mark: welcome back. jason whitlock, you mentioned atrocities to come, and why would these public corporations give a platform to the haters? >> the corporations are far more interested in being on the right side of china than america. our corporations like nike, that started here, now have far more interest in the market. 1.4 billion citizens in china, many great american companies now have a globalist agenda, they are shorting america. and they are going long on china. that is explains their
5:30 pm
interest. but as it relates to atrocity, we're seeing are people whose values are defined from a biblical world view, people whose values understand that what made america great, what made america continue to expand freedom, and right wrongs, we had a culture, society with judeo christian value, people did things to be on the right side of god. and that is why we had a civil war, and people sacrificed their lives for freedom of other men, that is why we had civil rights move. people sacrificed their lives for other people's full freedom, we used to want to be on right side of god, progressives, liberals and marxists now
5:31 pm
define it, let's be on right side of history, they plan to write history, they are in control of the media organizations, and the people that write the first, second and third drafts of history, and so, that is something they can define. there are people here, no, no, god wrote a history, a game plan for us, i want to be on right side of that, you see people that are standing on those principles are being -- demonized, framed as racist or uncle toms or sell outs or trump supporting bigots who want to support the country, they are staning on
5:32 pm
biblical view. -- women and others, they are standing on truth, now they find themselves under attack for having those beliefs. that is what i mean by atrocities, i think those of us who choose to stand, on that world view, on that biblical world view, we'll finding ourselves in the crosshairs and perhaps incarcerated for standing on our principles, because that is -- they are demonizing all of us who have these beliefs. mark: and look, people who have religious beliefs against the vaccines, given the basic materials or elements, they are being
5:33 pm
fired from their jobs. to further your point, they are being discriminated against. while there are religious objections almost no corporation or government entity is acknowledging these. >> there are people with a biblical world view who believe god is the greatest scientist. he made an immune system if we take care of it properly and do right things with your body there is no virus that you china it create, and people -- whether they are right or wrong, they have a right, america was based on religious freedom, they have a right to believe and act in that way. we used to value medical privacy. now we don't. just in a instance. it turned on a dime,
5:34 pm
not something between you and the doctor but between you, the media and everyone else in country if you take that vaccine, again people who believe in god's natural order we're being demonized and set up as worst thing that happened to america, they want are rewrite our constitution, and convince everyone that american is a failure, that is the absurdities that i'm trying to explain to people. america is an actual failure, there for let's blow up the constitution, and any who supported previous constitutional be incarcerated. >> jason whitlock thank you very much, always very compelling. take care. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back, we have a great guest, he has been here before, byron donalds of florida, you are elected in mostly white district, you are know african-american. naples included. winsome sears was just elected lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia, she is coming under attack. on, news platforms. saying that she may be black but she speaks white. i'm going to ask you, i am reading something here. the "new york times" and "washington
5:40 pm
post," a fill -- goldberg wrote: >> between 2013 and 19, it grew by 1200% in "new york times," 1500% in the "washington post." he said, words, white supremacy used to have a meaning, not all white people. what is happening to this country? critical race theory? you have african-americans who believe in this country, and liberty and. coming under attack critical race theory, the marxist theory pushed. all over television. all throughout the democrat
5:41 pm
party. what do you make of this? >> well, a couple things, if you look at msnbc and cnn the radical left news outlets, they have to dehumanize winsome sears, like me, we disrupt the narrative, commonwealth of virginia elected a black woman first time ever to be lieutenant governor, they either have to destroy or ignore us, we obliterate the narrative from the left, that narrative is, that you cannot possibly get ahead in america unless you put in to place their agenda. whether it is the economic or marxist or political agenda or cultural agenda. it is their way or there is
5:42 pm
no way, i was at a dinner last night, we talked about this, how when political lift wants to do now, is to dehumanize you, to get rid of individuality exists in every american, and they want to dumb us down to big blocks of identity, ignoring who we are or our backgrounds, none of these hosts talked to winsome sears, i talked to her, she sounds like a jamaican woman. she talks about is responsibility, working hard, that is america speak to radical left who is trying to family -- rang -- transform america you can't have that. someone who achieves note notoriety, they must
5:43 pm
destroy black conservatives, it insane, speaking for winsome sears, she is not going to be intimidated. >> what do you make of these corporations, i asked jason whitlock this, the corporations, that platforms to bigots and make up soy called new rooms, they bring them on over and over. >> they are weak, and scared of being attacked on twitter or protested. they would rather bend the knee, than stand for the things that allow their corporation to grow to point they can own a news network. that is the problem we have, we have too many people in corporate officers, and corporate boards who are more concerned about being
5:44 pm
called racist or out of touch as opposed to standing up for what is right, few companies that do it, they are paying the point of spear from the attacks, i tell you to corporate america, what you see is, normal americans, and conservative americans, are coming to your defense. they want you to stand up and do the right thing, and stand for decenty and common sense and tolerance, tolerance is word that left corporate america, it quite intolerant right now, only thing they will allow is ideology from the marxist left, to be pushed down, and they will watch it happen so they don't end up buying -- being targeted by same groups they pro meet. >> critical theory and critical race theory are marxist ideologies, they were invented by marxists in frank -- frankfurt.
5:45 pm
it is pushed by tenured colleges and colleges and universities, it is marxism. you don't believe me, read, "american marxism," do your own scholarship, that is what is being pushed, pushed by american media, we'll be right back. season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look! at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support and 5g included in every plan.
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mark: welcome back. byron donalds, one of your colleagues corey bush from st. louis, unloaded on joe manchin, he said i'm concerned about the cost of this this budget you want to pass. she just attacked him, saying he is antichildren, and ain't parents and antiminorities and ain't this. does that prove the point? these are marxist pretty much pushing a marxist agenda, if you don't embris embrace it, they don't want to debate you over capitalism or tyranny, they want to call you names and put you down. >> that is right, what corey did is wrong, and in this respect joe manchin is right about the cost of the bill, in that house of
5:50 pm
representatives right now there has been no debate between democrats and republicans on size and scope of spending bills, nancy pelosi is basically cooking the stuff in her office, and corey bush and aoc and the squad are getting what they want, american people are being ignored, they want to spend trillions into an economy where we're already seeing inflation so in ways we've not seen since the 90s, that is the inflation report that just came out, people have be -- trouble heating their homes this winter, they will have trouble gets stuff they need for all talk from left how that i want to narrow the gap of inequality, wages are decreases what talk about the purchasing power because of recklessness of joe biden and the left for spend,
5:51 pm
we're actually borrowing on for our futures to pay for these goodies today, that i want to bring in the green new deal through backdoor of joe biden's incompetence. that is not helping our country. meanwhile, we're continues to grow our debt, we are ignoring budget deficits. in the house we ignore budget rules, nancy pelosi doesn't even think they econom -- exist, she just wants to create her legacy as he walked out the door and american people will be left holding the ball, you put stuff on bill tax credit for newspaper, 12,000 per employees and tax credit for rich for buying electric cars, 1200, i want people to look into the bill, the democrats have done, they created tax cuts for rich people in blue states. that is where they bring
5:52 pm
back the salt deducttion 80 thousand a year that will only help millionaires. i say it narrative from the left, has always been we have to get those rich people. but the truth is, from the marxist left, they are not interested in getting rich people, they are interested in getting everyone. and what conservatives and republicans are standing for is a simple form of our federal government, simple tax rates so government gets money it needs to fund its. and to do things we should be doing, like you know, building our military, to maintain our dominance across the globe and not over taken by the chinese, that needs to be our folk us in u.s. congress, focus of this president. but unfortunately he is capitulated to rid call -- radical left on this, that is why corey bush cannot debate the points she must attack. one of her democrats says
5:53 pm
something sensible, finally, this amount of spending is reckless and destroy the purchases power for fixed income seniors, poor family in nation and working families, they am continue to fall behind while radical left gets its way. mark: in particular the poor, inner-city poor, does an open border help them. pouring into the cities, does it make it more difficult to find job, school choice. they stand in the door to prevent poor kids from getting a quality education in a different school. the democrats, their deficit spending. drives up inflation, the cost of food, who does that hurt. hurt. we could go on and on for all their talk about concern
5:54 pm
for poor, middle class, and people color. their actions speak louder than broader words, by ron byron donalds thank you very much. >> any time. mark: we'll be right back. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief. see blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line
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certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think. >> you can see the press played a vital role in undermining the support of this country there was an author that many of you may have heard of him and about the media he once wrote as the press of the country now exist which seems to be expressly devised by the great agent of mischief to destroy all that
5:59 pm
is good to elevate the little truth that is urge coarsely and then rendered vicious by personalities all those who live by falsehoods and fallacies partiality is in the schemes of the designing the very instrument that the devils would invent not against the first amendment or the freedom of the press. we do not have a free objective news media in this country was certain rare exceptions advancing ideology. you cannot read "the new york times" or the "washington post" or watch cnn or msnbc or cbs news or abc news are any morning programs to come away that they are objective and earnest and studious and
6:00 pm
trying to produce. what about fox? the fox news elements are about news. the opinion host are about opinion. sometimes they make news but there is a distinction i find no distinction of the big corrupt propaganda media in this country. i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution". this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-co mmunity, and especially pro-america. on friday the biden regime held its first cabinet meeting but why cracks what is the point what good do they do? last week we noted how refreshing it was to see elected leaders to be positive and practical with the field learned factor with those to


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