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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  November 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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can. that is how fox reports, i am jon scott, thank you for watching. we'll see you next week, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, welcome to "sunday night in america," have you wondered who decides when makes the news? much of the debate in our nation is over the way that news is covered and whether it is fair and factual. but also the issue of what is news worthy. this week we learned this great grand daughter of
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getty got married her wedding dress was aborned with broken mirrors. it was news. i never thought about making broken pieces of glass into a tie or a shirt. media around the world thinks that we need to know a really rich couple got married. the and pride wore a dress in which you could see your reflection. then the media obsessed with rich men competing to see who will be first to take a joyride in a rocket, the media treats it like it is a serious story worth your time, we know the story, from greek mythology. a guy fell into a pool of
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water, he saw his reflection, he fell in love with himself. only difference modern day guy is our guy wears a cowboy had hat. things not really worthy of your time are elevated, and you are told it must be really important because they keep showing it to you. meanwhile the media skips the things we should be seeing, life and death things, like children starving to death in ethiopia. children eating leaves just to stay alive, children eating roots just to stay alive, parents deciding which child to feed and which can go hungry just a little bit longer. we already know that rich people think highly of themselves. we should know that god's children are starving to
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death. chances are we will not have a wedding dress made of mirrors or take a rocket honors dr. freud. we don't have the money. if we did, we wouldn't spend it that way, we could help children starving to death for just a dollar, you could feed two children for a day, that cowboy hat alone could feed a child for two years if only we knew about it, or it was considered news. joining me now, laura logan. tell us what is happening in ethiopia. reporter: well, you know very serious situation. it is one that i have been talking to people in different parts of energy business and intelligent areas, and specialists in africa. not just what is happening in ethiopia, but at the core of all of this. it is the energy prices, what is happening to the
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price economies them -- and natural gas. this is in response to covid a country like ethiopia struggled for a very long time with the internal conflict with a large number of devout christian population, and also the muslim population, what is exacerbating this, is the fact that world is in disarray. we are so focused internally on what is happening in america, we not covering lockdown protests in the world or collapse of world economies, not covering what is essentially you know energy suicide. by many countries, that is being imposed on countries like ethiopia. what you have here are
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perfect conditions for an age old conflict to resurface. and it is always the civilians who are thought in middle who pay highest price, not far away. in gauna, it is experiencing massive famine. farmers in world are struggles to get fertilizer, that is because of the price of neutral gas -- natural gas. in ethiopia, that is exacerbating the tensions. this a serious situation, in middle of all of this, the real moral authority of the world, the united states of america has said to everyone, we don't really in -- believe in freedom, look in afghanistan we slit the throats of our allies and left them to die. no one is looking to u.s.
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any more with the same amount of respect, and also a little bit of fear, that is gone, what countries see this is a moment of pune to -- opportunity toke little bit. to exploit, israel is in a very serious situation we're not talking about. they are going door-to-door to get them ready for a real conflict, on going serious conflict, that is regarded by i israelis, as a real existential threat. trey: you want to ed -- talked about so many hot spots, what about afghanistan what do our
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viewers need to know. >> solution to humanitarian crisis is not to hand over money and food and aid to the taliban. you cannot legitimize terrorists or fear as a form of governing. afghans don't want that. they know that everything you give to the taliban will not nation its way to them. -- not makes it way to them. it will do nothing to move the needle. that is one thing afghans want you to know. other thing from every afghan i speak to, while your lives may have moved on. and while your leaders, american, this administration, they may wants to forget about afghanistan. it is not behind them. every single day, more afghans are killed. these are people, i want
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people to imagine, if you built our own business it was really risky and, you asked people to come in and give you blood, some sacrificed their children their own lives some brothers and sisters. when you wanted to sell your company you would done, what did you do? you handed a death sentence to put on head of everyone who worked for you, and you gave it to people who bought the company. then you walked away. as if it had nothing to do with you, it wasn't your fault, then told everyone in the world they were a bunch of cowards and corrupt. that is what we created we cannot forget, we have to do something about it. and the last thing i'll say, don't forget that the women in afghanistan have lost all rights and all hope. their homes are prisons. we did that. we need to fix it.
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trey: lara logan travels the world, and brings us stories like this, you can watch lara logan on "fox nation." >> thank you. trey: if you had a good chance to win a senate set in u.s. senate would you take it? we'll hear from two people who said, no thank you. >> next on "sunday night in america." ♪
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trey: control of u.s. senate is ballot next fall. if they hope to regain the majority they need to flip seats held by democrat, one in great state of new hampshire, republicans in
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new hampshire are lucky there are two capable candidates, either of whom would pose a serious challenge to incumbent democrat senator. but for one small problem, neither of those top tier candidates is running. governor sununu to run for reelection as governor and former -- is happen with private life, i don't know what that says about the environment. maybe they love living in new hampshire more than dc, maybe national politics is so broken their time is better spent elsewhere, maybe they believe there is more to life than what others expect you to do. maybe they understand you can make a difference in ways that don't include running for federal office, maybe they do what many politicians claim to do, put their families first.
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let's find out gov sununu where did you make the decision to not run? >> a variety of factors, i was interested for a while. at the end of the day with public service, getting things done. i have honor of being a governor, you make a dozen decisions a day and engage with your constituents. it was not just about whether i wanted to go to senate. they were also asking, would you give up what you are currently doing it being governor is one of the most challenging jobs but it is very fulfilling. that is not just where i can
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serve my state the best but defend from a lot of nonsense coming out of biden administration. we have the multiple lawsuit against the vaccine mandates, we're pushing back against a lot of the executive orders that just bypassed congress, at end of the day it was easy decision in terms of what i could do it help the citizens of the state of new hampshire. trey: i am guessing going one of one is better than one of a hundred. you touched on your ability to do things. not get 49 others to agree with you. was there a moment when you just realized, i am sure they courted you hef heavily. there was a moment that just clicked in your mind, i'm staying home, serve my state and not go to washington. >> there was a moment, i can not tell you date or time,
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but it was not about raising money or whether or not we could win. as of last tuesday it wasn 't chris sununu has to be 51 vote to stop the agenda, you will get 54, one will be here from great state of new hampshire, we have other candidates that are likely stepping up and running for the seat. we're will win that seat as well. once that really came to bear. and i'm not trying to take digs at congress and senate, they have their job, i have mine it so different. i have to get elected every two years as governor, i have to get elected every two years, someone said, it would be great, you have to get elected every 6 years, i thought no, that would be terrible. if i am there, and i can't be effective and i'm frustrated with
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im moveability with kong. congress that would be terrible. congress is very different. sometimes doing nothing is their win. i can't live in that world. that is not the way i operator. trey: i was there for 8 years, i gave this up to talk to you on sunday nights. i have not missed it for one second. you figured out how to win, i guess a purple state, but democrats have been winning more than republicans you figured out how to win, how do you do it? >> one-on-one. person-to-person. so many folks worry about politics of their situation, that is why congress is so broken, the system is great, the founding fathers got it right but there are individuals that are so convinced that politics matter more than policy and results they confuse themselves, here in new hampshire you go person-to-person, living room to living room, you talk about mental health,
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and balances budgets and cutting taxes and manage inflation, the things that hit home, i go to my capitol, i work with legislators, we get stuff done, we balance budgets and cut taxes. by doing that, you respond to what you see out there. folks in washington, they are in a bubble, an absolute bubble. unfortunately it is disheartening for a lot. i try to be that one-on-one connection with individuals, teams to resonate. trey: i think it is great that you did what you think is best for the state of new hampshire. and not what others wanted you to do, that will get me a lot of hate mail, but i wases on one of those calling you, telling that you needed to do it i respect the fact that you didn't. thank you for joining us on a sunday night, god bless you. >> you bet, thank you, sir. trey: former attorney general in new hampshire married to a man who served our country in uniform, a
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proud parent and trusted to shepard gorsuch through his his confirmation battle to high court, she said, no thank you to senate. welcome senator kelly how are you. >> great, trey, grade to be with you,. trey: a little tiny part of me was disappointed. i think highly of you. i don't blame you one bit if you decided to stay home in new hampshire. >> you know many things that governor sununu said -- resonate with me, we know that not much gets done in washington, things are getting done at state level, our governor has done a great job.
4:22 pm
i commend him, i'm glad he is running for reelection, for me, you know i have a junior in high school. we have an eighth grader, and family comes first. new hampshire we want to be in new hampshire. i also have privilege of helping companies that put thousands of people to work in new hampshire and across the country, i appreciate that opportunity. finally, i just think like washington, trey, you decided to not run again, you were a great congressman. for me, i wanted to be in new hampshire, where i think you can make a bigger deference. trey: i heard so many people in politics say, family this and family that. but, for you to actually not just say it but live it out, say, i'm going to do what is best for my family, you would have been an incredibly formidable candidate, you held that seat, you said, i'm staying
4:23 pm
in new hampshire with my husband and children. >> i think that is really important. for my family. also, i think you know all of us having been through covid. in our state, our governor, our legislature, that is where the important decisions were made for parents and for education. and to me, i think making a difference here is what matters. and you know, as i think about it, also, ungovernor made a great point, maggie haskin is very vul forrible vulnerable, i believe there are strong candidates to run in new hampshire. trey: my senators are long in the tooth. you are very young, and have your entire life ahead of you, do you think you will ever go back to public service or is this just a best decision for this season of life decision?
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>> trey this is the right decision for our family right now. i love public service, it is a big part of my life. and anything i can do to help people, i can't say i'll never get back into public service, my family will always find a way to help new hampshire and people here, that is part of who i am, i love our state like our governor does. trey: no secret you are one of my favorite colleagues, i hope you do what is best for you. >> it is mutual. trey: i would love to see you back in public service when it is the right time. >> thank you, so much, trey, you too, i would love to see you back in public service. trey: we'll see about, that god bless you. >> many veterans serve after they take uniform off. next, on "sunday night in america." b. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for?
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trey: served as a marine, his service left him injured. but not done. he chose to serve a different way. he noticed person needing food, he organized a group of marines to help meet that need, called table to talk table tuesdays.
4:30 pm
cars were lined up for miles. the program became an instance success. chief dion, was recognize at one of 10 outstanding spotlights this year. thank you for your service. how did you identify this as a need in your community? >> good evening trey, thank you. you know, it's always an understanding of food is critical in all aspects of life. once we went into full-fledged pandemic, it was obvious we had to go out and help. it is just caring and
4:31 pm
loving. you know, i am a true, true christian. i believe that in god's word. we walked in here. we're talking the talk. and you know to god be the glory he allow -- us to be safe out there and feed people who who are in need. i have a group of marines that have been involved from day one, and i also have a lot of the nonprofits, worship houses out of inglewood that really brung it to the forefront. and nonstop. ideas and creativity. just giving back. their whole life has been part of mine. again, you know it has been an honor.
4:32 pm
that is where i'm at. trey: dion, most of us cannot imagine where our next meal would come from. were you surprised to learn how much need there is? how much food insecurity and anxiety there is in your community? >> you know, being that i've been around food for so long, i imiend of knew it was a huge need. but the pandemic really, really solidified my thinking. it did bring it to the surface like the need is huge. bigger than what i could imagine. so yes. >> you mentioned serving others. you served our country in uniform, now you continue to serve, for those
4:33 pm
-- contemplating what you are doing, even a smaller scale, what does it do for you to lay your head down at night, knowing you are helping god's children? >> it just, you know gives me a sense of hope that i am a part of someone's hope. just so gratifying, i could sleep at night. knowing that i helped as many as i can. i look forward to waking up the next day to help those that i can help. and you know, it's just amazing to go to sleep with that thought, making up with the same thought, i am blessed. yes. >> god bless you dion, on behalf of everyone thank you for your service to our country in uniform and thank you for the way you continue to serve your community even out you of uniform, god
4:34 pm
bless you, look forward to talking to you again. >> i thank you, just want to give a shout out to the community of englewood. and everyone that has been so supportive. god bless you all, i thank you so much. thank you. trey: amen well said. >> this pandemic continues to take a toll on our country, the question remains, where and how did covid-19 virus originate? one u.s. senator is intent on finding the answers, she is joining us next on "sunday night in america." [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox
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trey: president biden and chinese president xi jinping are meeting this week. there are countless issues which should be discussed when include humanitarian tights, seeing -- cyber security, taiwan and trade, but americans want to know how the virus began. senator joni ernst is working to create a 9/11 commission to expose origins of the virus.
4:40 pm
why has it been so hard to get answers? trey, this is quite a job, we know because communist chinese do not want us to know the origins of covid-19, certainly if might lead to some discovery of nefarious activities by the chinese. we have about at this for over a year now. it is wonderful to have a bipartisan group of senators sponsoring this bill with kirsten. >> it will be a 911 style commission, it is imperative we find out how this started. what we can do to prevent it in the future. trey: senator, is there opposition to your idea, the
4:41 pm
9/11-style commission, if there is. from where does it come? >> well, we have not had open opposition yet. but i can tell you that a number of efforts we have had to discover the origins of covid-19 have not been fully embraced. so we're going to work very hard to make sure that we continue to grow the numbers of sponsors on this piece of legislation so we can get to the bottom of covid-19. like i said it is important that we understand the origins, so we can prevent it in future, this pandemic has affected so many americans. we cannot let it happen again. trey: still is. pandemic started under republican administration, we're now in a democrat administration, there are questions that should have been asked? leverage points?
4:42 pm
i try to the not to be judgmental what i don't know all of the facts. we had both political parties engages with china, yet we still don't were how or when and where it started. >> yes, have we to be hard hitting with communist china on this issue, they have not opened up and allowed investigators full access to wuhan institute of virology, where we believe the pandemic started. there is a lot of questions that need to be asked, they need to be pushed with the chinese government. we need full disclosure. there has been so much cover-up through this. one thing that we have discovered is that american taxpayer dollars have gone to the wuhan institute of virology. through an organization known add echo health alliance. they have yet to answer to our inquiries on what was being funded at the wuhan
4:43 pm
institute of viewer ol. >> i. virology, they are required by law to publicly disclose that information, yet they have not done so, there are a lot of questions. it would take the whole hour to go over the efforts we had to discover the origins of covid-19, those involved, it needs to be brought to the forefront, and we need this administration to really push the issue, with xi jinping as well. we need answers, let's get them. trey: two final questions. what leverage points do we have with china? if you are sitting across from president xi jinping what would you press him on? how can we follow the status of your idea of this 9/11 commission? >> i think there is a lot of what we call our soft power leverage points. largely focusing on trade and technology. those are some leverage areas that we can use with
4:44 pm
china. but certainly we're not in this alone. that is what we have to remember, not only has the united states been affected by covid-19, but so many of our allied partners and friends in the globe. the more of us that are working together to find out the origins of covid-19, the better off we will be and more pressure we can put on the communist chinese party. we will keep working this issue. we will work it with the administration. i hope that see more of my colleagues join on this great piece of legislation. and maybe weeing finally get -- we could finally get to the bottom of it. trey: we'll watch took and i hope you had a great veterans day, thank you for your service. >> god bless you trey this country is worth it, thank you. trey: yes, ma'am. >> almost 160 years ago to the day president abraham lincoln gave one of the most
4:45 pm
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trey: 158 year ago this week, president abraham lincoln delivered the gettysburg address. less than 5 months after union army won the battle of gettysburg there was a dedication ceremony for soldiers killed during the battle, a man named edward everett was feature speaker, he spoke for two hours, no one recalled what he said, abraham lincoln spoke for a few moments. less than 300 words. 10 sentences. that is all-time it took for
4:51 pm
him to capture essence of the moment, and soul of the country. if we needed a reminder that leadership can be modest, and leaders can be humble. this is this speech, can we imagine a modern political leader showing off anywhere and not expecting to be the center of attention? and adoration and keynote speaker. not really modestez of where, when and how long lincoln spoke but modesty of what we wrote and said and believed. lincoln said, the world will little note or long remember what we say here. but it can never forget what they did here. deflecting praise. those are rare traits in modern day leaders, we're not likely to remember what any modern political leaders said 158 years after they said it lincoln
4:52 pm
described our nation as conceived in liberty and dedicated to the equality in mankind, yet engaged in a civil war -- test whether a nation so conceived could last, here we are, battered at times, bruised at times, unhappy with another another at time, but we're still here, and we're style the united states of america. less than two years after delivering the gettysburg address, lincoln would give his own life for this country, president lincoln was wrong about one thing, despite the passage of time, no one has forget know what he said. the question is what have we didn't about it? he asked that the dead not die in vein. he asked that this nation under good to have a new birth, he asked that we tend to the unfinished work of buying a nation rooted in
4:53 pm
liberty and exquality, he asked we forever be a government of the people and by the people and for the people. have we honored what he asked or just simply remembered what he said? it is his last request that hangs in the air, the last sentence in this remarkable address that is words of our collective attention, abraham lincoln asked, that we not perish from the earth. he asked that in the throes of greatest internal conflict this nation experienced. that is what he wanted we not perish from the earth because of our internal conflict, he knew despite our imperfections, and pain and mistakes, the world needed america. and he knew that we as americans need one another. that remains true.
4:54 pm
158 years later. joining us now fox news host author of new book, the president and freedom fighter, brian kilmeade, what comes to your mind reflecting on president lincoln and state of our nation? >> two things, on battlefield, where the battlefield mattered a series of southern victories. lee feeling so great, going for the win, they had the union -- union had to get it together or it would be over, they had to win that battle, it was a bloody battle. it goes down as a turning point in war, he shows up and writes the speech, he did some basic run throughs in the white house people would collect around the white house he would speak to throngs, he put together the speech in his head prior, he gets up there with
4:55 pm
2 50 words, he said they gave their all, they wanted a perfect union. you cannot mourn. we wanted to be perfect every day. and that was time for right leader at right time to put the words together, then when it was reprinted. there was one speech to the people. and other people was crypt script of the speech, that is the motivation, people realized his and how few words he needed. he was so well read and studied. he was ready for the job to motivate the masses with his
4:56 pm
words. >> let me ask you, you follow politics, you actual have this quality yourself, you are on television, you are a humble guy off air. our leaders don't seem to have that modesty, that humility, i don't know if we want them to have it any more, but to show up not be key ♪ speaker and speak for 300 words who does this? >> you know that is a great point. sense that handlers around you today with politicians take credit for it. it was your bill, and you, back then we always learn in sports, deflect the -- if you listen to tom brady speak or a ceo expeek it is speak, it is my
4:57 pm
people, it is my people. 10 years after the assassination of abraham lincoln time to dedicate the freedom statue. so controversial today, with an african-american breaking free of his chains and lincoln towering over, they wanted to get to that one, but time to dedicate that statute president grant, he said no, it is douglas who will give the keynote address, he is dedicated this statue. can you imagine. don't look at me, i'll sit here, he is a better speaker. they work well together. vitally let him talk how about that. trey: a really good public speaker who knows maybe president one day. a clip from you, interview with tim scott. >> what are your thoughts.
4:58 pm
>> a lot of memories come flooding back. a lot of love in the house, i remember how much you had inside the house. even though what you had around the house of bare. you think about house with no central a.c., one arc unit in one room. trey: how did you react. i knew that. but most people do not. how did you react seeing the way that tim scott grew up? >> couple things, you talked about being 7 years old, his mom and dad sitting him and his brother down saying we're getting divorced. he would well up, he is 56 years old, he willed up like it was yesterday, they go back to the grand partner a house -- grandparent's house, that house was destroyed, the block is gone.
4:59 pm
he just talked about how they still had fun in the area, they did not know they were poor, they knew they had less, he was determined to do more, his mom said to him, no excuses, this is the way it is not the way it has to be, i have pictures in feature of how proud his mom is. one of best friends he will have, he talks about how proud his mom is to see that son, and what she had to do to make sure he and his brothers stay together, he has the foundation to be president. >> francis scott is her name, tim scott's mom, he loved having you in charleston by the way, we wished you remembered to bridge bring your wallet -- bring your wallet. the name of your book. >> freedom fighter. abraham lincoln and frederick douglass and
5:00 pm
battle to save america's soul. trey: thank you, brian. take care with a great weekend, thank you for spending part of our sunday with us. good night from south carolina. "life, liberty and levin" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." a special edition of the program, we have two great guests, jason wit lock, and represent donalds. before we do, my contention many of major media platforms this


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