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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  November 14, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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guide from humana. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. ♪ >> hello i am emily campagna along with aishah hasnie, sean duffy and joey jones. a mockup to "the big sunday show" here's what's on tap tonight. aishah: aaron rodgers returns to the football field since testing positive with covid the biden administration has some harsh words about the packers quarterback. sean: a black lives matter activist isn't backing down after threatening riots if you would back down the police
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units. >> nor will i then or condone. >> you won't believe what happened next in the interview with dan bongino speech we can't wait for that. what is next. joey: what leadership means to a group of veterans. this to get you a little motivated. ♪ >> it's a big surprise about this classic add. >> president biden's approval reaching historic lows. according to a new abc posed washington post poll only 41% now approve of the job that he's doing and 63% disapprove. the same poll showing that the majority of americans think he hasn't done much in the past ten months, 63% say he hasn't done very much were little or nothing. >> i think a lot of people across this country really having buyers remorse and are
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shocked. this is not what joe biden campaigned on. i have to admit joe biden, swearing into the senate nine years ago the joe biden a lot of us have known, we wonder where he is, we wonder if he's tied up in the basement of the white house because the people said in the agenda are radicals. emily: also in the pool that i mentioned, 63% of americans support this president spending a trillion dollars of our tax dollars to build up infrastructure almost 60% at the same time oppose the fact that he's widening and growing governments the size and the role. what is your take away on that? >> it's important to step back from the numbers. during the covid era we spent over $4 trillion. people look at the roads and the bridges and airport and say we should invest to make sure we have a top-of-the-line infrastructure. the problem with the 1.2
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trillion dollar infrastructure that just past, only 400,000 is for infrastructure itself. the other goes towards green new deal projects and other goodies that democrats want to defund. the polling depends on how you asked the question and if you ask it the right way, democrats are going to have tough times in the election. one last point if you look at the polls as a whole and you have crime, covid, inflation, the economy, supply chain, there is nothing going right for this administration and afghanistan on top is it. except for spending national amount of money and having no results on the backs of her children and future generation. emily: also in the pool, interestingly 51% of the polls said they would vote gop if elections were held for congress. you always have a good finger on the polls of what's happening in the beltway. what you make of this and what
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does it mean for the upcoming midterms around the corner. aishah: if we could bring the fullscreen backup. i want people to take note this number, 51% hasn't been seen ever in the amount of time that's been conducted, 40 years it's never been this high that people would vote for republican in congress and rather than a democrat. history has a way of repeating itself. every time the ruling party tries to pass a massive spending bill, something like the bill back better plan, you see the ruling party loses the house and we remember that in the great society, hillary care, obamacare that is something that democrats in the house are looking towards, at least the moderates. there might be some willing to take that risk to get a pass to the finish line. we've heard that from progressives. when it comes to moderates why
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are they dragging their feet. why are they waiting for the c.b.o. score, they are worried about the midterms around the corner. sean: can i make a quick point, that's a generic pool if you're canada and congress, if you're behind, democrats are plus forgets republicans, that means a race just because of the voter turnout in america, more republicans turn out the democrats. if you look at this there's a 14-point differential of what america wants between republicans and democrats and this means a 50 - 60 sweep in the house. 2010 for republicans and tea party mood was big, this may be bigger based on the poll numbers. emily: that's a great layout for joey. i want to talk to you that republican party stands for limited government and lower taxes and bolster national security and the second amendment individual liberties among other things. is it any wonder under this
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administration drain that more and more americans would both outweigh? joey: nodded all you talk about what is president biden done, pretty much everything you listed one way or another, he's done a fantastic job of reversing a most everything, nancy president trump got it right but the mouth of the upcoming election, number one i remember 2019 saying the only way president trump could lose it if he decides to them we got hit by coronavirus. right now it's only way republicans don't take the house not just because of where the american sentiment is the how the map plays out a consensus year where red states that one in 2020 will redraw the districts and make republicans stronger and purple seats read, it would be really hard for republicans not to take the house. the next question what will they do, can they do anything, will they get president biden to meet them on anything, the answer is probably no. they will probably leave two years of a stalemate and that's
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why they're pushing so hard for the bill back better agenda speak what i want to get your thoughts on the last thing that joe we said, they handed the ball, will they be able to carry it across the finish line. you think there's a long-term strategy that they will be able to galvanize and carryover the finish line moving forward? sean: i think this is great news for senate candidates in statewide races as well. when you talk about an agenda, there is nothing that will happen to republicans in the house and the senate because joe biden to joey's point will never sign legislation. what is key they can stop all the crazy legislation happening right now in number two they control the committee. they can call and administration officials and put them on the hot seat they can request documents through subpoenas. the aspirin tough questions. that is the power of the majority being republican and joe biden in the administration being democrat. >> that is exactly right, i seem to joey's point there is an
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interesting well-being it directed to the judiciary that this administration is trying to downplay that will create more boulders in the river then they would like. that plus american participation in local elections in local city boards what do you expect coming down the pipe for those? aishah: a lot of people pointing back to virginia, obviously youngkin wins, some people expected it, some people thought it was stunning. it points back to the fact that people want to talk about kitchen table topics, were talking about crime, inflation, schools, that's what they want to talk about. whoever wants to win should be focused on that. emily: thanks, great conversation. divided administration has harsh words for quarterback aaron rodgers as he returns to the field for the first time since testing positive for covid.
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aishah: welcome back to "the big sunday show", packers quarterback aaron rodgers returns to the field after testing positive for coronavirus. the surgeon general is now weighing in on the controversy that surrounded the qb. >> while freedom is absolutely important we have a collective responsibility to one another on her decisions impact for the health and well-being of others. >> this as roger's estranged father is defending him telling
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usa today, i think some of the people are haters i'm not sure why people think he misled anybody. i think he tried to treat himself naturally like a lot of folks do and there's a lot of great natural things out there which help mitigate the virus. i am proud of him in and proud that he went that route. give it to me straight, did aaron rodgers put any of his teammates were the nfl players at risk by not getting vaccinated and two, not telling people, misleading people about his status, lying, misleading whatever he wants to call it, did he do wrong by the players? joey: i been to green bay they care about here, cheese and football. i don't think they cared about this. aaron rodgers is a controversial heel kind of guy. let me tell you i remember when saying shut up gerbil was a controversy. or colin kaepernick divided the
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entire sport of protesting and saying half the country was racist now you have a professional athlete who said i believe in deciding what's best for my own body not painting anyone at the billing and not condemning half the country were taken advantage of everything going on in china and when you proposes to lebron james or colin kaepernick, it surprises me aaron rodgers is the one liberal media wants to jump on top of. i don't think he didn't self any favors of how he handled this but shut up and throw football, i don't know let the guy play football why are we worried about what aaron rodgers decided or didn't decide to do to his body. aishah: i don't know if that's surprising i feel like he's been the black sheep of the nfl for a while. this comes as president biden continues to push the vaccine mandate on businesses. texas attorney general ken paxton telling companies this is unconstitutional. take a listen. >> the president doesn't have
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the authority to force companies. we have estate in the fifth circuit to stop them from forcing companies to require workers to get the vaccine or be fired. what i'm saying you don't have to listen to him because he saying you should do it anyway despite the fact that we have estate from a higher court. aishah: is he right? sean: you know the shot in green bay wisconsin noticed that we have snow in wisconsin and it's deer hunting season coming up. everyone is thrilled. to the question i think with osha this is an overstep of authority. it ties in with aaron rodgers. when the surgeon general comes out and says do this for the collective good it's not a recognition that we have so many americans vaccinated that are reinfected with covid and hospitalize from covid and dying from covid. it's unrealistic the way the
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surgeon general and the liberal media invited are present in the vaccine. there was a request put into the cdc and they asked whether any evidence of anybody that's on vaccinated but previously infected with covid spreading covid or becoming reinfected with covid and answer the cdc was no. why do we have the cdc and democrats say if you have covid and you have the antibodies, you two are to threat to the population per this is insanity weighed so many people don't trust government science. aishah: you can get antibody test done so you can find out if you have anybody's. the packers were fined $300,000, aaron rodgers was fined $15000 because people were saying it is a joke and the fines weren't large enough. critics say it's because he's a celebrity, he has a lot of weight when it comes to millions of his fans.
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what you make of all of this? >> discipline in the nfl is governed by a specific set of standards, it's a union parameter industry between the league and the franchise which all these teams are. the discipline david is very specific and predictable. i never believe that a suspension was likely. yes he broke team protocol but this is my issue with the surgeon general's comments that you showed in the beginning. the vaccine is not mandatory for nfl players unlike the nfl coaching ranks another businesses constitutionality aside. for the surgeon general to come out and abolish a player that was still acting within his rights to decline the vaccination even though he broke protocol afterward is a larger issue because he's weighing in on an american citizen who had legally the rights and policy of the right and place of business to make that decision as he did.
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just as a conversational topic, i find it fascinating that the vaccine has 0 expectation of privacy especially in the realm of professional athletes. remember in 2016 the giants defensive end blew his hand playing with fireworks into hospital employees lost their jobs if he settled with him in a huge amount because of the hipaa violation when his records were released anyone fish say it's interesting that there is an absolute 0 expectation of privacy with whether or not you chose to get the vaccine or not in a professional athlete setting. aishah: the black lives matter activist that threaten bloodshed doubling down. >> i'm not going to condemn, nor will i condone it. aishah: you won't believeow the fiery exchange ended. it is all coming up next.
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it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go. sean: welcome back to "the big sunday show" the crime crisis is spiraling out of control in san francisco and new york city a woman is robbed and pushed onto the subway tracks, new york city's times square. connecticut freezing within $1500 worth of stuff from a grocery store. all of this is black lives matter activist refuses to condemn writing. >> i want to get you on the record. >> i'm going on the record right now. >> why can't you condemn violence. >> why would i condemn violence.
2:25 pm
understand what a police officer unjustifiably killed someone, why people lash out. understand that completely. >> i don't condone it, i don't promote it but i will not condemning. >> that is cowardly. >> you are a coward. >> i'm out of here, god bless you. sean: the great dan baldino. holding his feet to the fire. give me the reaction back and forth. aishah: i was there new york city with all the protests which are very peaceful, at night things got crazy and i saw the looting and rioters, personally for me too, i sell it all and i would say take this kind of
2:26 pm
stuff seriously but this is what eric adams the newly elected mayor campaigned on and one, he said he would fight the violence of the crime, he said he would make sure he was not going to defend the police and he was going to bring back the anti-gun crimes unit which is very upset about. my thing is this is not as he called it a silly threat or silly word this is something to take seriously, he has gotta figure out a way to not only do what he promised to the city but bring the protesters, blm to the table to figure something out. i would say don't just brush these threats off. sean: i think you're absolutely right, we can't brush them off. i have to comment on the bowtie. it looks really good. and you can answer this next question. what confuses me is a priority's pre-we talked a little bit about this yesterday but you have
2:27 pm
parents, who use microphones to protest school boards in the called domestic terrorist, then you black lives matter they burn, riot and loot and they are celebrated by government and left-wing media, they're not referred to as domestic terrorist. what the hell is wrong joey. joey: dan von gino get the best guest, i don't know who his producer is, we have the same producer on the show. i fully respect aaron rodgers the next time that we come on. the reason why dan was pressing him, this is a guy that stood in the street and said there's going to be blood on the street for a newly elected democratic mayor of new york city with any crimes unit or does anything with the police to crack down what is a lot of crime and a lot of violent crime. all he was trying to say was you sit out there and promise bloodshed when you condemn violence of the guy says no because that's the stick, he doesn't stand for anything.
2:28 pm
he's all about radical, burn it down but we don't know what we want to build back, that's the deal, i don't diminish the grievances of people to protest, i listen to them and want to know more about them but we start protesting and start writing and her innocent people and advocate for the surgeon crime because we think that will solve a problem, then you are not saying anything at all and i appreciate dan getting so worked up yes to walk off i'm not but you are because he didn't have anything else to say and people at home see that and they look for other voices to look to rather than idiots like that. sean: you don't have a constitutional right to loot and destroy things. i think they celebrated that, that's outrageous. i want to come to you because you're a lawyer and a former prosecutor and you look at what's happening in cities
2:29 pm
across the country with random robberies and burglaries in new york city in the subway. how do we address as a country or how do mayors and police departments address the new rising crime spreading across the country in a rapid pace. emily: it takes a commitment to law and order. it takes the rest of individuals who engage in violent crimes and it requires prosecution of those crimes and deterrent consequences. it requires our elected officials to support law enforcement and to support reform at the same time. i think those people is reasonable americans in the middle who are advocating for criminal justice reform also acknowledging the vast need for law enforcement and the fact that law enforcement is part of the community but they're not separate from the community. those of the voices that need to be amplified but it starts at the local level and at this stage were seen recall efforts up and down the country with the radical leftist who somehow weaseled their way into office
2:30 pm
that now the citizens are absolutely not standing for. if i can make a quick second point, the point that you made of tale of two cities. we saw a lot of good nature protest by day and everything at night turned into writing and destruction. mayor elect eric adams provides a comparison perspective against mr. hock newsom. he was a 22 year veteran at the police force. but he was also the victim of police neutrality at the age of 15. he testified in front of the civil rights commission and he says i was talking about black lives matter far before it was a slogan spray-painted on the streets, he set them talking about it in the realm of black on black, you can't talk about police shootings and ignore the 15 black deaths every day in the city. that is a voice that i trust. sean: prosecutors matter. if we could clone you and put you every prosecutors office,
2:31 pm
problem solved, it is all over. >> the fellow veterans to talk about leadership and as a big surprise about his popular gatorade commercial, i don't know what it is, i can't wait. ♪
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joey: welcome back to "the big sunday show" in honor of veterans day i visited with a group of veterans in virginia, this is the facility i know well it treats veterans with ptsd, we begin with what it means to be a great leader. >> great leaders have three qualities, high level of intelligence, a high level of technical expertise and a high level of emotional intelligence. >> my boss told me the difference between a great green beret and a good green beret is your ability to listen. my wife would disagree that i'm a great risk until listener but i do try. >> if you change of the weather or the wind and nobody's coming to you for nothing, is it knuckle or hide you have to be consistent in your approach to being a leader. >> we call you america's drill
2:37 pm
sgt. we have a little bit of a celebrity in the room. i just want to say i am a fan i was listening to hard work years ago after i lost my legs. >> i was a drill sergeant at fort benning this company was to do a historical recording of the military and specifically, around 2013 there was a gatorade commercial where my voice was on their and it was my son that found that when he sent it to me and said who is this and i said that's me ♪ ♪ >> that is a timeless phrase, hard work, it'll never get old. joey: on that same topic, how do you struggle well, what is that message. >> struggle is real, we can teach people how to struggle
2:38 pm
well no matter who we are in life, we are going to have this series of up and downs in our lives. we can teach people how to get through navigate that and you can live a positive life i met this doctor in north carolina and he said how many prisoners of war do you think in that i said 100% per with the mental health community until the families of the men to be prepared to institutionalize in the complete opposite occurred. these men came home and did the most remarkable things for me, presidential candidates, vice presidential, an amazing transformation. joey: jason you have a motto you want to roll with. >> the liver is comfort. by doing those things and choosing hard things before hard things choose you. the only way that you can grow and become stronger and better is through discomfort.
2:39 pm
>> this is america and the spirit of america matters, is it still country we are fighting for. >> i would give up everything that i have to put the uniform back on and fight for this country. >> if you peel the layers back you will catch a glimpse of humanity at its best. >> i believe in america and the justice of law. joey: it is so humbling to relive that after we filmed a few days ago. i want to start with you, i had three things, hard work, struggle well in deliberate misconduct. we started without talking about leadership and how leaders should listen well, you are interviewing our country's leaders, do you feel like the veterans exemplify that when you're interviewing them, do you think they respond to your questions and are weakening on congress from our veterans. >> i think we saw that in the fall of kabul and all of the veterans step forward and try to
2:40 pm
help people that they knew were going to be in the line of fire when the taliban took over. they did everything that they could to get their friends and their colleagues out of the country and their families. there still continuing to do so, not just veterans on the hill but also other congressmen and women that are still continuing to work and to push the administration and the state department and the department of defense to give us more answers so we can try to get the rest of our people out of the country. absolutely there is so much leadership to be learned from people who have served in the military like yourself. i am so grateful and thankful that we have holidays like this where we can take a pause in reflect on who we are as a people and what we have learned from our brave men and women. joey: absolutely i give all the credit to those men and the
2:41 pm
honor that they served with reed i'm happy to be among the and small way. sean you never sure on telling people what do you think about things, we started about that talking about hard work and how this country is worth fighting for, do you feel like that's the message of country needs to hear, let's do some hard work and quit worrying about what were entitled to. >> when i watched it i thought this is the phrase of common men doing uncommon things, it's pretty awesome that they have this theme of hard work, struggle and to take that and say that is a message to every young kid in america has to here. today they think that they will go to the top and get a big salary and everything will be gifted to them. it only comes through hard work and struggle and sacrifice that you get success. i would hope every senior and every high school cost america should watch the video of people who did it and how they did it and how hard it was.
2:42 pm
joey: absolutely hard work is running cadence and emotional cadence gatorade pulled and used for the commercial and they never paid many royalties maybe if gatorade is watching they should do a donation and honor of the amazing cadence that got used for the commercial. emily, you work closely with veterans, you're a friend of mine and you always asked me is this a good organization or how can we amplify this, you have an incredible story of a military dog on your new fox nation show, with a for you to tell us. emily: it's an honor to host season for for fox nation. the story goes back to may 2012 in afghanistan during a horrific firefight when the military canine charged the enemy buying another soldier just enough time to take out the enemy. in the process she was shot four times for bullets meant for her team. she protected the lives of 15
2:43 pm
american soldiers that night. that is just the beginning of the hero dog story. watch. >> we witnessed six military aged males with ak-47 make forced entry into a compound and that's where all the training came together. once we set her in there we came in and fell in behind her. i knew she was shot by the way that she sounded. the right leg was completely gone it was only hanging out by tendons and ligaments pray they didn't amputation and she did something where somebody's family doesn't have to be called and told the unthinkable. >> you can learn more about her and what to season four of hero dogs right now on joey: really don't deserve the love of dogs especially hero dogs that you are teaching. i served with some of those dogs it is amazing they love you unconditionally and the lather lives down for you just like service members. that's with the pictures that i don't know if that's true or not but shame on them.
2:44 pm
i'll write on this topic of veterans day and interviewing veterans in the fox nation special i would love for you to check out my special on fox nation service members who have been to combat experiences and compare them with well-established songwriters and recording artist and they put their story to song in the overcome of their trauma through music. it's available on still ahead a california ports stuck waiting unload their products and supply chain hit a new record. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪. emily: welcome back to "the big sunday show". biden supply chain worsens as their waiting a record 17 days to unload. five republican senators are refusing to vote for more spending unless it includes funds to combat biden's border
2:49 pm
crisis. the white house remains on message claiming the bill back better legislation is a cure-all. >> inflation is high and it's affecting consumers in the pocketbook and the outlook for the economy. those concerns underscore why it's so important that we move forward on the bill back better legislation. emily: some republicans are pushing back and saying these higher gas prices further the green agenda. >> this administration, the cruelty is the point, they are celebrating the cost to fill your tank when you go fill your tank in your track your spending $100, $150, there celebrating because they think that will advance the green new deal, their green agenda at the expense of working people. emily: it comes as no surprise as white biden's approval rating and the economy plummeted to 39%. aishah: can i bring up a point, they are selling this like it's
2:50 pm
a done deal as if it 30 completed and written up and ready to go. it is not by any means. our viewers need to understand is nowhere close to being done, it is a framework in the house, the house hasn't voted on it yet and they don't have a c.b.o. score and they don't know how much it'll cost, not the real hide under price tag hasn't been scrubbed and hasn't got through the birdbath, and hasn't even gone to the parliamentarian which will probably take up immigration portion of it. then it heads to the senate where the get ripped apart even more and eventually go back to the house. they're building this as a cure-all when we don't know what it's going to be. >> for joey, as those who see the glass half full, they say inflation is a good thing. here is a disney cfo, it shouldn't surprise us, they say we can substitute products, we can cut portion size which is probably good for some people's
2:51 pm
waistlines. joey: i really appreciate the nod towards my waistline. listen i would rather the government spend less of my money and get out of the way for me too earn money myself. that's where a lot of americans are on this to trust the presidency where every data point in the economy, people and opportunities to earn more money you'll talk to her blue drivers and asked them if they earn more money when gas was $4 or $2 a gallon. if i wanted to make sure the undecided people or people that are not indoctrinated in climate change never support green energy plan i would probably make sure gas prices go through the roof just as inflation hits. i don't understand the strategy unless they want to make sure and pave the way for the next republican. enter president to be popular that's what's happening because this is hitting people's homes and their ability to earn money, that matters to people. the one thing is a supply-chain problem will fall in line with
2:52 pm
my plan to give everyone ious for christmas, i don't mind that quite as much but in all seriousness i would like to see this president do something to relieve the stress on the economy. aishah: don't hold your breath unfortunately. just remember when the president said inflation when it happened, will play a clip from back in july. >> to consider placing unchecked. >> nobody suggesting unchecked inflation on the way. sean: nobody says it's unchecked inflation on the way, disinflation and democrats plan to spend more money is like your house is burning and tried to shut it off with a water hose or trying to shut it off with a gas hose to put more fuel on the fire. this is idiotic. a lot of people are not talking about, we have inflation, rules and regulation that will drive up the cost, our ability to pay the debt back is in question because number one line item is
2:53 pm
our military spending. just the interest on the debt is going to surpass the and when interest rates go up, it's good to be huge loads to the macon taxpayer to cover and eat up so much more of our budget, again impacts for a long time into the future for very little benefit that we get today. emily: that's exactly right, the problem is that that is bipartisan. we are settling future generations under the guidance of china as our biggest thinker. stick around, the big four is next. ♪ a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo!
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american christmas book. it is a fox news book. and we share a lot of stories about a lot of the fox news talent. you get to know them on tv, but these are the stories of behind the scenes of how they celebrated their christmas. you get to know people so much more. there's stories like jesse watters and the time the squirrel and cat were fighting on christmas. the squirrel and the cat. and where brian kilmeade was fighting with santa actually locked him out of the house. emily, you're in the book. i love emily's story. she talks about real christmas trees versus fake christmas trees and the heartwarming story of why they still put up a fake christmas tree at christmas, and it goes back to when her mom was sick with breast cancer, and i mean you get real stories like that. you can preorder it now. you can get it in stores on tuesday. the bottom line is, we're number six right now on amazon. you can help us be number one with the fox news christmas book. we love christmas. with that emily i'm going to you. >> joey instead of the iou you
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can just get me that christmas book >> yeah, it is a great gift. >> books for everybody. >> such an honor to be in this book with you and rachel, sean. thank you so much for including that special book. all right, guys, so my big story for next week is that the kyle rittenhouse trial will be wrapping up this week. now, it's the final day resumes on monday. it will be the final day of the trial. so here's what viewers can expect. court begins at 9:00 a.m. central. the jury instructions will be read to the jury. and then prosecution will deliver their closing arguments and then defense, and then each side gets a rebuttal. then jury deliberations begin at 4:00 p.m. central. we may even get a verdict monday night. so stay tuned for that. all right. >> that's going to be a big one. thanks. elon musk, bernie sanders in a big twitter war right now. look it up. it all culminated with this hilarious response that musk gave to the senator when he said i keep forgetting that you're still alive. it's all about bernie sanders wanting millionaires,
3:00 pm
billionaires to pay more taxes. i just want them to get along. i want to see that manchin bernie sanders moment where they kind of put their arms around each other and kind of hugging. i want that for them maybe one day. >> thanks, guys. we will catch you on the big saturday show next week. right now "the fox report" with jon scott starts. >> jon: the jury in the trial of kyle rittenhouse set to begin deliberations tomorrow as the city of kenosha, wisconsin, prepares for potential unrest. good evening. i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, accused of shooting three people, killing two, and wounding one during protests last summer, after the police shooting of jacob blake. rittenhouse could face up to life in prison. wisconsin's governor has activated 500 national gua


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