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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  November 14, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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to set your dvr and judge jeanine thanks for watching i'm jeanine advocating for justice an the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: black lives matters is threatening violence even bloodshed new york city mayoral elect brings back anticrime police units. after this viewing the war join me for a special rebuttal and country economy spiraling out of control and ron desantis here with an exclusive interview to offer common sense to the big mess. all star legal panel formaller judge former prosecutor and defense attorney helps me dig
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into how the explosionive rittenhouse trial went off the rail in prosecution. also the machines -- slowly taken over the threat of artificial intelligence and impact every aspect of your life. eric edams fighting crime and law anded or with a big plank in his campaign he committed part of his campaign platform to bring back plifs something i know a little bit about. here's how hawk newsome cofounder of greater new york responded. >> if they think they're going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we're going taken to streets again there will be riots. there will be fire, and there will be bloodshed. dan: joining me now for the rebuttal is man in that clip greater new york city black lives matter chapter cofounder hawk newsome thank for join me appreciate it. >> not a problem thank you for having me.
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dan: sure so hawk mayor-elect responded to what you said ept to play this clip and get your reaction. check this out. >> new yorkers are not going to live in fear and we're not going to be intimidated by anyone. this city is not going to be a city of riots it is not going to be a city of burning if they want to hurl rhetoric like that, that's to new yorkers -- >> hawk your thoughts and your response to mayoral elect eric adams. >> i'm thankful for this opportunity. what we have here is some activist he wants to call us fringe but let's face facts we open our own school and set 25,000 people last year we provide christmas gifts we even paid funeral expenses with a lot of great work in city of new york so much so that last year he called me personally and asked me for political endorsement for his mayoral
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campaign but this isn't about me and eric adams. this is about black new york. we went into his office with issues -- and we presented these issues and very intelligent and arctic articulate way and to hold you accountable he said don't hold me accountable i'm holding you accountable so here you have this politician who everybody voted for who ran on a campaign saying hold me accountable and now he doesn't want to be held accountable. i just -- i just really don't get it. right now, he's if in the media and there's a circus that's not who i am. i'm not a politician. i'm one of the people with the people need are opportunities, the bronx needs schools that don't have a 60.high school dropout rate. we need housing projects that me and my organization don't have to go and clean urine and defecation out of personally we
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shouldn't have to pick up gar tbraj my children's playgrounds and sterilize commitment ourselves. >> ask you a question i don't understand how rioting, though, and imply there's going to be bloodshed will, you know, give those places more schools and better schools and -- how it will fix the problem. i mean, you clearly said that. i heard you why would you say something like that? >> let's call it fore shadowing. the unit that he wants to bring back the style of policing that he's promising knock is responsible for the death of eric garner and all of the protester follow. sean bell murdered on his wed night in all of the proud protest that follow, and i'll do immigrant who was shot 41 times by same unit for reaching for his quality. dan, i was a kid who was gnome from college driving through the bronx of good kid who was snatched out of his car in search frequently. we're talking about sitting on
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your stoop eating sunflower seeds drinks a quarter water or cheap juice in hood as a teenager just being a kid and this same unit would jump out and frifng and harass us. we're in 2021. there's so much technology out there. there's so much research and data out there. that wednesday find new ways to keep our community safe. we challenge -- dan:s i a cop, though. we did hawk we tried this. i was a cop in a very busy precinct east new york brooklyn i can tell you for every distinct you site there's 50 to 100 to a thousand other incidents where plain close police officers are pulling drug dealer off the street slinging crack and had a gun on him who wanted to kill an innocent victim why do you leave all of that out? ofng there's negative public police interactions there's million a year but sites six or five bad incidents as a reason to get rid of plain close policing strikes me as
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ridiculous and then implying somehow there's going to be, you know, riots they bring back these plain close police officers. i don't understand how any of that helps. >> okay. i want to communicate with you but i want to take the emotion out of it. i want to speak logically. all right -- what i did was foreshadow and told you what would happen told america what would happen if these police go out and eventually kill someone and that will happen now on the other hand if you want to throw out fourth ea. constitution, for the sake of safety then you do that. me personally, i believe in the constitution. i don't to bring back unconstitutional practices to keep people safe. that i think we can work within the constitution -- >> hawk that's not accurate man. you speak logically. but you -- but -- >> stop and -- i'm losing you maybe because you're yelling.
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but not unconstitutional. dan: suggesting you're being loming call -- stop and terry based on reasonable suspicion happened literally every minute across the country right now. that is not what the -- what the court what the court decision said. you're not reading it right. you're not allowing police officers right now to frisk someone if you don't have reasonable suspension. >> i'm not sure what law school you went to but are you going to let me talk bro i'm exhausted i'm out here working trying to do this interview i'm trying to do this interview -- while i'm running school while taking care of a family. i came on here because i thought i had have an opportunity to talk. but i understand what you're saying about case law but courts in new york -- in new york city in new york state found this to be unconstitutional. what i'm saying to you is -- we are so smart. you're talking about terry and
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that was last century. can we think of a new way of policing? can we introduce some new ideas? can we start talking about what dr. king was fighting against before he left which is fighting poverty. because poverty is the mother of all crime people commit crimes out of desperation. so this -- and being fox news in a conservative news outlet, should allow me to say the following what we're presenting with black opportunities what we're proposing place where kids can go and learn job skills. can learn how to met today and have activities to do to empower them for the future. we can give them that -- dan: in fear -- some of them here. >> we can take people from housing projects who are caught up in the public assistance system and we can give these people jobs right -- >> you don't want riots correct
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and violence i want to get you on the record here. hawk, no let me get you on the record you don't want violence -- you condemn it -- >> oned record right now as dr. king said riots are the voice of the unheard. it is a natural occurrence that people can continue to be oppressed, they will lash out. that's it. dan: do you condemn violence or shouldn't lash out correct? >> dan what i'm telling you is -- right -- what i'm telling you is -- the boston tea party a riot fed up took to the streets to dice. >> what you're talking to me about is -- it is amazing this is veterans day and the first man to die in the fight for this country was a black man named adams. >> condemn vims? how -- >> how could i condemn violence? i believe in self-defense.
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that i believe if someone -- dan: nobody is talking about self-defense. all right let me make it simple forget this is clearly a little bit over the head here. do you condemn rioting and burning down building? you're not answering the question. do you condemn riots and burning down buildings after a police force distinct you don't like? >> no what i'll say is i understand when a police officer unjustifiably kills someone why people lash out. i understand that completely. >> why can't you answer the question? >> i'm not going to condemn nor am i going to condone it. see here's the thing. dan: cowardly wasn't that cowardly not going to condemn or condone it so i don't to take a stand. listen, man -- >> you have a show you talk as much as you want. ening on the spot you won't answer a damn question. >> i'm answering the question. >> all over the place. the violence and borning
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buildings down how hard is this? >> okay. so when osama bin laden talked world trade center did you say -- america should deal with it peacefully? >> not answering -- that is nothing to do with people burning down businesses in new york city. you're not going to answer the question hawk but listen. i appreciate you giving time. >> i'll give you this. >> i asked question three times. >> i don't promote but but i don't condemn it. >> cowardly. >> you're a coward -- god bless you man i'm out of here. >> yeah, yeah you are out of here you're right. coming up on unfiltered star-studded legal panel joins me to break down critical moment that destroyed for the prosecution. plus -- america's governor ron desantis joins unfiltered for an exclusive interview enough with the crazy answer especially when if comes to shipping illegal immigrants to sunshine.
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is called unfiltered for a reason things are rough right now but we can turn thing around and won't unless we know what problems are. problem number one inflation is surging consumer prices are through the roof. they're up more than 6%. the worst we've seen in 30 years. and it does not a coincidence that inflation is worse in red states where people ironically are moving to escape the blue state mess in a mass exodus. folks the coastal elite and d.c. cocktail party crew don't give a damn about middle america they never did and call flyover country this is the middle class that is you ever ising the most. check this out. 23 states have an inflation rate of more than 6.5%. here's the founder of home depot with a warning to the american people. check this out. >> let me give you a warning. this inflation is a lot divorce than people think it is not transitory, and trust me, the little people they're going to suffer because it is a --
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inflation is a regressive tack. hits poor peel hardest of all we have serious problems in america. you don't believe them. here's what the poor and urban areas have to pay just to eat. you know like nutrition, calories to stay alive and stuff. problem number two, even if we get the massive back log of cargo ships fixed now we still need another 80,000 not 8,00080,000 truckers to drive the products to your town. how do they get them there? you know star trek and transportation doesn't work that way what's administration solution to all of this? well transportation secretary buttigieg there's not a hule being on planet earth by the way who says less by saying more than buttigieg he thinks supply crisis if workers have child care. >> some of those issues might have to do with the availability of truck ergs a thousand miles inlangsd if now or there a lot of things contradicting one is child care issue is not new but
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it is a greater crunch than ever compared to a year or two ago. >> folks this child care talking point is already been debunked not by me but by era jason who told politico this. school closures and lack of child care are not holding back the recovery. they did a study on this. listen these aren't serious people. all of these problems are sadly tied together like a ocean of bad stuff mixed together. nevermind they're not actively working to solve the problem and they're making things worse. and the cryptic secrecy isn't helping. why won't government tell our own how many in the government are defining their dopey mandate because they want you to think you're alone in this fight? florida administration that calls itself most transparent in history it is not. every federal agency bill that we asked refused to tell us how many of their employees were vaccinated or how many requested
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an exception? pretty simple something they've been preaching. and they won't reveal. >> join meganow for an exclusionive interview is florida governor ron desantis governor thanks for taking the time we appreciate it. >> always great to be with you, dan. dan: this inflation crisis governor is very real it is a tax on our citizens and a state like florida where i lived there's a lot of people seniors here. you know they're on fixed income. this is a really devastating tax you know what, done about it? >> well i think biden has to reverse this policy. i mean, you have inflation they tried to deny it six months ago. they said there's no serious person thinks we're going to have a sustained inflation. now everybody understands that that's the case and yet what did they do? sign a bill or precinct another 1.1 trillion and so their potses are not addressing the problems that are happening and indeed exacerbating you look at gas prices biden came in and he
1:20 am
basically reversed the trump era policies which made us energy independent for first tile in my lifetime so he needs to reverse course i'm not betting that he will do that. and so i think unfortunately the result is people are going to be paying more at the pump under biden for foreseeable future, and i do think you're going to see a sustain inflation now owe see these problems with the supply chain all of these ships setting off coasts we said in florida we've invested in our ports we always run 24/7 that's not anything new for us. we have capacity. and we will accept ships jacksonville accepted a ship that was idolled off savannah we're working our ports with other companies to do it and we're going to do our part in state of florida to try to alleviate this but i think ultimately you would need biden to reverse course and he's not shown the capacity to do that. >> governor, you know, the media sees you convenient they attack you. yes you've become a target
1:21 am
whether it is because of your popularity and can the down future political aspiration whatever it may be. i don't know. i want to not speculate but interesting when we have a problem down here in florida with coronavirus, which we have last year during this summer when people are indoors, you said listen it is a seasonal thing in florida. i wish it weren't but it is. now you're seeing you're being vindicated up north people go indoors and out you know midwest up north there. you're seeing some seasonality there and cases spike which we find they were but i find it fascinating those governors under attack like by the media like you are it is deadly in some cases. >> i think in some respects dan it has been deadly to people how media say for example about when we had our summer spike. i rolled out 25 monocolonial antibody clinicses these are effective early treatment it has kept tens of thousands of people in florida out of the hospital and saved thousands of lives yet
1:22 am
when i did that, the media attacked me. they attacked the treatment because they were trying to score political points so it is all about their partisan narratives now you see it spiking. in the north and unfortunately i think it is a massive weren't wave i hope i'm wrong but i think that's likely to happen and they're basically going to ab solve lock down government so all pleks but i'll tell you dan i'm glad that i'm a target. because if you're doing the right things, if you're standing for the principles that made this country great, they are beginning to attack you for it. so i view it as positive feed bab in a way if i'm over the targets and getting things done for any constituents if i'm leading on difficult issues, and they're attack me that means i'm right if they never attack me, you know as a republican governor, they don't attack you, then that probably means you ain't doing very much. dan: stick around governor more of our exclusionive interview
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♪ ♪ dan: we're back with florida governor ron desantis governor thanks for taking time. the secret flights of illegal immigrants to florida thafn reveal thed this week through various reports 70 plus flights, late night flights, apparently without your administration being notified. this was a real breach of public safety in state of florida i'm a resident here you're any governor was there anything that can be done about this? >> well i hope so. one we have sued the biden administration over his immigration policies and catch and release policies two we're looking at historically people have said courts have said immigration is the federal government soul responsibility states can't get involved but now we have a situation where the federal government defaulting on that responsibility. so we think we can reevaluate some of the things that they've said you continue do in the past. we're also looking at how to penalize contractors are who are facilitating the movement of the
1:29 am
illegal my graduates at the federal government so we're going to have some proposals on that very soon and i'll be meeting with both mayor sheriff all of the people locally in northeast, florida what about what we can do and problem with flights as you know is that's federal kind of air space. they control the flights. they give us zero notification so this happens and then we find out about it after the fact a lot of time we find out through different sources and bureaucracy that we get we've gotten members of congress to give it and intelligence on ground and fact is biden brought people here and we have a murder committed by one of the illegal aliens that biden brought and other folks who have committed crimes also on these flights and so you never want to see any crime but these are crimes that would absolutely not have occurred but for biden recklessness and so he's absolutely putting people at risk. >> governor, your quick thoughts
1:30 am
on collapsing of the rule of law in the united states we saw lows learner charge with contempt of congress. excuse me, contempt of congress and eric holder same thing charge with that and yet didn't see any indictment with steve bannon insider in trump circle we saw indictment come down almost immediately. if justice is not lying it is not justice at all you're an attorney your thoughtings on that. >> there's a different standard of justice in this country if you're apartment of that d.c. ruling class, you will not be held accountable unfortunately that's what we've seen i was lois lerner they didn't do anything to her and cross fire hurricane, maybe they'll be something. but how the heck do you have a manufacture collusion conspiracy theory which sought to drive a duly elected president out of the office and you have not had any of the particulars get indicted. the comey maine or brennans with yeast on outside of that, if
1:31 am
you're somebody that is -- challenging the regime, then if you jaywalk they're going come an drop hammer on you and i think that's been exacerbated over last five years. and i think it is dangerous for our country dan these agencies are almost becoming the enforcement arm of democrat party that is not a good position to be in. for a country that's supposed to be dedicated to the rule of law. >> that's right governor ron desantis thank you for your time have fun with your family. >> thank you. j coming up unfiltered explosion ive rittenhouse trial and our legal panel will break down the critical courtroom ruling.
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dan: , obviously, folks prosecutors they're just people too. subject to same temptations as you and i i say that because there is a former federal agent
1:36 am
and cop i work with a lot of prosecutors they're generally, you know, pretty decent good people and notoriety feels good and they took case because they knew it would be in the paper with it. that was behind rittenhouse trial in this disastrous prosecution and prosecutor want to get his name in the paper to be an easy play and kaings hero of the let and it is not working out that way. here's some of the highlights or low lights of the trial. >> astonished when you began your examination by commenting on defendants post arrest silence. that is basic law -- j it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him that your gun now your hand pointed at him then he fired, right. >> correct. he's no threat to you at this moment is he? >> he's a threat he has a gun in
1:37 am
his hand. >> you saw that gun? we asked if you knew anything yongsd that statement. >> correct. we didn't ask you to change it. >> yes, you did. >> put together an all star panel here is prosecutor from wisconsin sean duffy criminal defense attorney chris, and judge jog brown you may recognize from hit show judge joe brown shawn i would like to go to you first check this out. this is gauge -- i would say his name wrong admitting that this didn't turn out the way he said it turned out initially. check this out. >> with your arms up in the air he never fired? right. >> correct. >> it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him advanced to him that your gun now your hand down pointed at him -- then he fired, right? >> correct. dan: shawn then he turns around put his name before and changes his story to this.
1:38 am
>> my arm was being vaporized as i was allegedly pointing my weapon at the defendant. >> hear you're allowed to say whatever you feel you need to say so you weren't pointed your gun at him is that what you're saying? >> that is absolutely what i'm saying, yes. >> former prosecutor seems to be impeaching himself. >> he disease dan here's the issue on the stand he was under oath testifying. and in other interview when he was saying something different he wasn't under oath so what version do you take i'll take one where he's under oath but dan this prosecutor i love proximate results, and a lot of prosecutors in wisconsin close nit group good people, this is an embarrassment what this prosecutor did even by charging in the case. yeah, so -- unbelievable. dan: yeah. mark listen i alwaysing enjoy your commentary and perfect for this panel. i want to show you this brief clip this is kyle rittenhouse on
1:39 am
the stand he breaks down. check this out. [crying] >> there was people right there. dan: as defense attorney mark professional opinion here how do you think rittenhouse presented himself? >> wonderfully this comes from a lawyer who probably wouldn't even put him on if i was representing hem. the defense was way ahead after the prosecution rested their case. and it is always risky you do not control what comes out of your clients mouth. and things like yeah i think owning an ar-15 is really cool those are things that are cringey. so you don't want to put them on because you never know what
1:40 am
would happen but his effect team match someone who really went through a scenario where he was forced to kill and i didn't know about this kid before. i'm watching him i said wow. this is a quick acquittal. dan: yeah. judge thanks for coming on former judge yourself you're, obviously, professionals but you know you're only human. i'm guessing i was not a judge, obviously, but having testified in front of them it probably not a good idea as a prosecutor to upset judge i want you to take a look at this. >> was astonished when you began your examination but commenting on defendant post arrest, that is basic law and been basic law in this country for 40, 50 years i have no idea why you would do something like that so i don't know what you're up to but -- >> brazen with me you know an attorney can't when the judge has ruled. dan: judge your thoughts on that having served yourself in a
1:41 am
position like that. j well let's see i have elected to two eight year terms as a state judge i was the public defendant chief for city of memphis i was also a prosecutor and i tried i don't know how many murder cases in my career as a private attorney that's before i got the show. but let me say this. this judge is on top of his game and he's controlling the case. one thing that struck me about this -- is why the prosecution did not charge some of the survivors with murder in the perpetration of a felony. and in other words the felony is arson committed by the mob on multiple occasions. it is a mob they're rioters committing what amounts to an aggravated assault or attempt thereto on rittenhouse allows him to use deadly force. an ordinary person is allowed to go immediately to deadly force even if the mob is unarmed because that many people can
1:42 am
overpower even strongest man and kill him with no weaponry so he can go there. murder in the perpetration of a felony is like an armed robbery or robbery that goes bad or an arson that goes bad if somebody dies, who is shot? by accident let's say by a shop keep or trying to resist murder is not a sign to shopkeeper it goes to the perpetrators. so the judge was quite proper when he forbid the prosecution to address the persons who got shot as victim its because they were perpetrating felon i-in or multiple felonies in rittenhouse -- dan: really sorry we're running out of time i really apologize but thank you very much for your commentary all of you judge, john, shawn i really appreciate it. >> all right well -- dan: unfiltered folks why lord fauci wants to admit it or not
1:43 am
but we have proof that cdc isn't studying it and we have the hot seat coming up next.
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welcome back to unfiltered time for hot takes outrageous stories you may miss this week and need to hear about and here to give us hot tacks is weekend co-host pete thanks again for joining me you know i always appreciate it. >> always. dan: pete cdc got a request if a letter and they said hey listen, we would like to know if you remember studying whole natural immunity people rocovered from covid and them spreading or not spreading covid-19 potentially getting reinvented or not you would think that would be a thing cdc would be interested and they're not like no i'm not collecting that kind of stuff. your thoughts on that. >> no took us two months to answer the question and after two months we reveal zero idea absolutely none. we're not even looking into natural immunity one bit at all. yet we all know how many people in this country have gotten covid naturally and you could test that and intlook that if you really care dan if you really cared -- about whether this virus spread.
1:48 am
and who is spreading if you get the vaccine or you have natural immunity you would study this. but if you're obsessed with the vaccine only then you would ignore it and you know cdc did do a little check on that from a study israel says that 13 times more robust and israeli study it was ten times larger than cdc study and who did they use in their trial pfizer, of course. pfizer not have an interest and others have interest in ensuring natural immunity is not touted this is nothing to do with science and those who have have covid are grateful that we have robust natural immunity and not counted and it is never considered and it is a sin. dan: pete it is a narrative buster you and i both know it so moving on pete one thing i love about you is rules whatever on tv. you don't eat on tv or do that, you know and i don't give a dam about rules anyway.
1:49 am
but brought this to you nobody loves eating than the great pete hegseth more evidence violating golden rule of television right here. check this out. >> this is a breakfast pie go to cracker barrel get a -- cinnamon roll breakfast pie. 618 washington street. j mint i don't know if i would order two -- feels like bread. >> tell you i love bread. and so i'm going to know picky been eating unhealthy. >> i'm going to continue. >> you know what -- it is up in the air. you and i decided when you start eating healthier you said no interest -- >> should eat more vegetables. dan: you're a natural brother. 50s, 60s tv roles you rock-and-roll do your own thing. >> that was last two weeks, dan. that was last two weeks on fox and friends.
1:50 am
dan: i watch your show, brother. i watch your show in the morning and i said to sabrina we have to do pete eating on tv again and i swear said she's nodding her head right now i said you don't need a lot of footage last two weeks as you said. hey one quick qe though will you be eating at the patriot awards backstage when i see you there this week as well? >> dan my man i will be and i'm so psyched. folks love you love hearing from you. they're going love the protoawards this is a fast file down the middle of loving america still a few tickets available meet dan and folks on your serene and see award show that america is worthy of come join us down hollywood florida. awesome i can't wait to see you and i will -- i'll see sabrina there too to pay for this at the patriot awards. dan: she will it is coming. appreciate it. coming up, on unfiltered artificial intelligence fantasy and sofi movie it is real
1:51 am
and might be scarier than the movie. we have that in our lightning round coming up next. watch: serena williams... wonder woman.... serena... wonder woman... serena... ace. ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream.
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dan: what i want people to know is that everything they're doing online is being watched. is being tracked, is being measured. every single action you take is carefully monitored and recorded. ening they know when people are lonely and they know when people are depressed and looking at photos of your ex-romantic partners and doing late at night they know entire thing. dan: welcome back to unfiltered that was from the film social dilemma becoming reality. use of art official intelligence is rapidly rising in our society from health care to warfare. merge of changing our live it is forever for good, and maybe bad as well join meganow is author of woke -- thanks a lot for joining me i really appreciate it. >> good to see you dan, how are
1:56 am
you doing? dan: great good to see you as well very concerned about one thing for particular that's the global race for a.i. supremacy and beats us to punch on a.i. you know is it game over for us? >> so i think that would be gameover yongts think that much ahead of the curve and here's tension dan on one hand we need guardrails here at home that respect our system of respecting liberty here at the same time this is happening whether we want it to happen in america or not. and we want america to be a place of competitive on the global stage. so that's the struggle. when you look at thengs like health care, discovering drugs, i see no controversy with respect to using a.i. to cut time and cost of getting effective medicine to market for example, so ting there's certain area where is this is not controversial at all but talking about a.i. to address human behavior influence human behavior that's where you run into that because if we're not
1:57 am
doing it china will do it and as we do it we need to in a way that respects individual liberty in way that we do here in the united states. dan: all right. you know power of big tech is growing gee met geometrically if they were to get their hands on it through them as a vehicle. >> i think dan actually a.i. is a little bit of a smoke screen i think main threat with big tech today is the way that it has merged with state power with government power to allow governments to do through the back door what government cannot do directly through the front door under constitution. you think that is what big story of censorship is all about can a.i. make this problem worse sure it can. but that's just an amplifier of the underlying problem that we need to fox on here in this country. which is way that big tech power and power in silicon valley merge with estate power to become the fourth branch of government operating out of the west coast and that's true with
1:58 am
or without a.i. it becomes smo screen. >> i couldn't agree with you more thanks a lot for your time really appreciate it. >> all right thank you. dan: now it is time for our lightning round, woke story number one kamala harris can't seem to stop humiliating herself and country here she is in paris patronizing group scientists with terrible french accent. >> the government -- the campaign would be bland -- upper case c and the environment is expected to defend the plan. [laughter] dan: prompter says ad lib reaction. that's my reaction. [laughter] story number two -- we all know youtube is a total mess and joke we know censorship
1:59 am
that's their thing. but how about this? youtube wants to remove the dislike button? do you think dislike button is anything to do with the fact that the white house gets slammed with dislike buttons and race into phantom zone every time they put a video up no worries there. here's story number three you know coffee boy that's coffee in between shows. ryan -- well ratings have hit a humiliating new low and not only reliable sources have reliably low ratings but smallest audience of the year people who would prefer to watch anything elsing on tv other than brian take a look at shows that outperform fresh prince of bel-air martin, paw patrol and good job brian tbreng it home for cnn.
2:00 am
[laughter] before we go, remember you can stream dan bongino show on fox nation and don't forget to follow facebook and enis it a grandmother at unfacility erdz on fox that does it for us here tonight joining us for unfiltered see you back here 10 p.m. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the truth about joe biden, that's the subject of tonight's watters word. i'm sick of beating around the bush. time to call a spade a spade. joe biden is a horrible president. on pace to be one of the worst of all times. most of the country thinks he's incompetent. dwem kratz don't want him to run again. everything he says he's going to do, he doesn't


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