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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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rittenhouse trial. joe biden and the premier of china will be meeting. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and t t t s my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. a deep dive on the rittenhouse murder trial, but first my open. take it until you make it. that's the new motto of the left wing of america. in 2021 if you dare to disagree with liberals and speak out about the rise of lawlessness in
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america beware. we saw it with the fake rush to judgment prosecution of rittenhouse. he was brazenly mistreated by the mainstream media, the left-wing media, and and the president of the united states. this 18-year-old was harassed and abused. a prosecutor who called into question this innocence in front of the jury because he exercised his constitutional right to remain silent before trial. >> this is the first time you have told your story. since august 25, 2020, you have had the benefit of watching countless videos of your actions that night. and you had the opportunity to listen to the testimony of all
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30-some witnesses who testified in this trial. after all of that you are telling us your side of the story. after hearing everything in the case now he's tailoring his story to what has already been produced. >> this is a violation of the constitution for you to talk about the defendant's right to silence. you are right on the borderline. judge jeanine: what was the motivation of the prosecutor? why was the district attorney so quick to indict. a complicated case where three individuals were show the at night in the middle of a riot. hundreds of witnesses and videos. how can they be so sure it was intentional versus reckless or even self defense.
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how is it this young man who immediately tried to turn himself in was portrayed as a murderer who crossed state lines to kill? the motivation in the crowd needed a villain. it was a give us a rabbit moment. the mob wanted blood. giving them a 17-year-old without a real investigation. liberals are emboldened, and their fake it until they make it strategy has kicked into my gear. you could quickly find yourself on the democrats enemy list. remember the fake trump dossier, the afake dossier. the intelligence community, the
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intelligence community backed by their allies in the mainstream media claimed the dossier was authentic. >> it maybe dirty but it ain't fake. >> is there anything in the dossier that has been disproven? >> no. judge jeanine: we always knew it was fake but leave it to the left to devised and lie and turn us against each other. another fake narrative is that people actually support the reckless biden agenda and spending spree. by the way, according to stumbling joe, if you don't agree with his fake agenda, you are simply too stupid to appreciate the wisdom of his epic leadership. >> you hear a lot about the supply chain in the news.
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but not a lot of people whether they have a ph.d or didn't go to school to understand how the supply chain works. judge jeanine: only 38% approve of the job you are doing. consumer prices surged over 6% in october alone. and as temperatures start dropping from coast to coast we are learning that year over year propane prices are up 54%. heating oil up 53%. natural gas 33%, and electricity, 3%. 3%. 3% -- 36%. last week washington pushed through a $1.2 trillion so-called infrastructure bill with 13 republicans willing to sell their souls and their party
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down the river. take a look on your screen. the democrats fake it til they take it can't always do it alone. these are the republicans who supported a trillion dollar piece of legislation that not even aoc herself could support. they could have stopped it and started from scratch. they don't deserve to be re-elected next term. sadly, the spending spree is only the beginning. up next, the climate bill that's likely to be voted on this week. according to former head of the dnc ed rendell wasting tax dollars at a rapid pace. >> i will tell you when the new year strikes, when we turn to
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2022. we'll have a president who did more in his first term in office than anybody in my lifetime. you will have to go back to fdr to find anyone who achieved anything greater. judge jeanine: laughter seems to be the administration's go-to strategy. >> what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america. >> that is hilarious. would that i had the magic wand on this. >> are you planning to visit the border? >> not today, but i have before and i'm sure i will again. judge jeanine: there is nothing funny about the energy crisis or the supply chain crisis or the border crisis. but stick your fake it until you
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make it strategy and we'll see who is laughing in november 2020 when americans put an end to the fake it until you make it strategy. joining me now with reaction, author of "how i saved the world," co-host of "the five," and "watters' world," jesse watters. >> i fake it until i make it so i can't hit them that hard. biden ran his whole campaign based off charlottesville. it was basically i'm running against a white supremacist in the white house. they sparked these riots. these riots are not supposed to be messed with. they are supposed to burn and go
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crazy. kyle rittenhouse got in the way of that. and they wanted mob justice. so they had to slander him as a white supremacist. despite the clear video evidence, they wanted to cook this guy. judge jeanine: if you watch the prosecution case case, maybe you do have a right to defend yourself. let's talk about joe biden. then he still wants to do his build back better, i think. he keeps thinking the more we have to pay for food, the more our standard of living goes down, the consumer price index goes up, the better off we'll be. he says you people are too side to understand the supply chain. jesse: he's side, that's clear.
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we spent $10 trillion in the fiscal year. the fed is going to have to raise rates. he will beg them not to do it before the mid-term. people are going to stop hiring, then he's got nothing. he has got no recovering economy, he has jack. judge jeanine: people don't understand on the left, the guy keeps make more money and he keeps putting more money into the economy, and i realize my dollar isn't worth as much as it was when there were fewer dollars out there. you have a weak dollar and that's sending oil prices through the roof. all those costs get passed on back to the consumer which again inflates prices. it's a vicious cycle. >> the best path part of it, joe biden says i don't know what to
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do about that. jesse: no plans for gas prices or inflation. kamala comes out overseas and says we are focused on inflation, it's our highest priority. jesse: joe has never had a job in his whole life. judge jeanine: and hunter the 10% guy. how do you think it rittenhouse case is going to end? jesse: i believe he will be acquitted on the murder charges. he will probably be convicted on the carrying charge. judge jeanine: he spent time in jail before they had him bailed out. i am curious whether the judge will dismiss some of the counts. it will be an interesting week
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next week. jesse: it is. judge jeanine: i will see you on "the five" next week. just ahead, kyle rittenhouse's mom speaks exclusively to our own sean hannity. her message to the biden administration. sean is here to talk about what is next in this trial. eye was so angry for a -- i was so angry for a while what he did to my son. to my son. he constipated? set yourself free with fleet. gentle constipation relief in minutes. little fleet. big relief.
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well, i can bust curfew-breakers in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. >> i was angry. president biden don't know my son. whatsoever. and he's not a white supremacist. he's not a racist. and he did that for the votes. and i was so angry for a while at him in what he did to my son, he defamed him. judge jeanine: kyle rittenhouse's mother emotional
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in her interest spriewp. the host of hannity, my friend sean hannity joins me now. thanks so much for being on with me. sean: i love the new graphics. i love the new studio. rinse, sean, you had kyle's mother on. broke my heart when she said the president of the united states defamed my son. he is calling him a white supremacist. you had her on your show. she seems as credible as anyone. sean: this is a pattern. they got trump russia collusion wrong. even "the washington post" acknowledging that their reporting on the steele dossier was wrong. we covered that for three years
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and we were right. we were right on the cambridge police case, the ferguson missouri case and the freddie gray case. there is a fundamental break down with the media and the democrats. they publicize these cases without due process. the results are horrific. they create a massive expectation of a result that is never going to occur. when the ferguson case happened with officer darren wilson, i had my source that i won't reveal telling me there were -- therewere numerous eyewitne.
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but the expectation was hands up, don't shoot. similarly look at the duke lacrosse case. how do i get this case right and you get those case right. i went out to their homes and met the kids and met their families. i knew exculpatory evidence would emerge and they could prove they were not there at the time of the incident. judge jeanine: there is a rush to judgment. in the dark at night with hundreds of witness, fires all over the place. drones, videos. you don't have time to look at it and they say we got our man, we'll charge this man with murder. i never like to predict jury
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outcomes because you don't know what's in their minds. but if you look at the evidence in the rittenhouse case it's compelling and overwhelming. you have the star witness for the prosecution admitting he pointed a loaded gun -- judge jeanine: directly at his head. sean: and we have video showing one person grabbing kyle's gun. he's being chased by a mob. he got his hat kicked off. and there is someone ready to push his head into the pavement. if you are in fear of your life or severe bodily harm you have the right to self-defense. judge jeanine: the gun charge is 9 months. to everybody who is listening.
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he can't cross state lines with the gun. it was already in the state. his father lived there. he went there all the time, he worked there. it was 10 minutes away. sean: whether it's obama * and the trayvon martin case, or hands up, don't shoot, it never happened. the rush to judgment, prominent politicians, activists, the media fueling the fire. they create an atmosphere where a town, a city that a certain result is expected based on their reckless irresponsible comments. and based on the fact they never allow simple -- simple due process and presumption of innocence.
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judge jeanine: everybody is white. the possible crucial cuter is white. judge is white, the defense is the white. sean: where is the liz cheney commission on the 534 riots where we mad dozen of americans die, thousands of police officers injured. pelted with bricks, bottles, rocks, molotov cocktails. where is your lecture on the constitution there. judge jeanine: the left is always faking it, then they end up make it. they fact it, they lie to the mainstream media agrees with them and then they win. now. jon: will put in a few trillion
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more and leferg be fine for all you side people who don't understand the supply chain. sean: it will cost you nothing, pay your fair share. we have a president, unfortunately in my humble opinion half the time he don't know what date week it is. look at the aggression with ukraine and china. if it's the economy, go back to the trump policies, less tax and less regulation. if it's high energy prices, adopt trump's energy policies and get rid of opec. judge jeanine: when he stopped the xl pipeline and gave the pipeline to europe --
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sean: he gave it to vladimir. it's humiliating. abandoning americans in afghanistan is humiliating. it will get worse. i hope i'm wrong. i love your show. sometimes you scare me a little bit in the open. judge jeanine: all the evidence in the rittenhouse case points to one conclusion.
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ashley: welcome to fox news live i'm ashley strohmier. long-time trump ally steve bannon is expected to turn himself in to authorities on monday. the charges stem from his refusal to respond to a subpoena from congress investigators. people who live in rural areas of our country might soon have easier access to wi-fi. spacex launched 15 star link satellites into orbit.
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it will bring internet access to underserved areas of the world. they plan on launching as many as 10,000 more. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "justice with judge jeanine."nc i'm ashley strohmier. >> i was cornered from in front of me from mr. zaminski, and there were ... there were people right there. judge jeanine: an emotional week for kyle rittenhouse as the 18-year-old broke down on the
9:30 pm
stand jake happened from his point of view. joining us defense attorney brian claypool. there were three people who were shot. one is rosenbaum, the other is hire and the other is grosskreutz who is still alive. >> rosenbaum was attempting to push a burning dumpster into police vehicles occupied by human beings. as soon as they put that dumpster out he began to get confrontational. judge jeanine: there you have a witness as to what was going on between kyle and rosenbaum that night. a witness said rosenbaum tried to reach toward kyle and grab his gun.
9:31 pm
would kyle be justified in that situation of using deadly physical force? >> my answer is question. self-defense is a reasonable belief that you are in harm's way. here rittenhouse is based rosenbaum lunging at him and grabbing for a gun. rittenhouse heard zaminski say get him and kill him. rosenbaum is the aggressor. in -- in rittenhouse's mind he thinks he's going to kill me. judge jeanine: this is huber. he struck kyle in the neck with a skateboard using it like you would a baseball bat. and he also grabbed kyle's gun
9:32 pm
and kyle said he felt the gun strap pulling away from him. would kyle be justified in resisting that with deadly physical force? >> in huber's situation, rittenhouse is legally entitled to exercise self-defense. a skateboard can be construed as a deadly weapon. you hit somebody in the head with a skateboard, that can kill you. clearly rittenhouse is in harm's way, he feels like he might die and he can use deadly force. judge jeanine: finally gross fiy finalfinally gaige grosskreutz.
9:33 pm
>> the grosskreutz case is laughable. he points a gun at rittenhouse. why would you charge rittenhouse with any crime? rittenhouse has every right to shoot and save his own life. the common thread with these three victims is they were all three aggressors. they were chasing after rittenhouse and they wering about the aggressive ones and that's what led to what happened. judge jeanine: thank you very much for being with us tonight. my next guest, a civil rights attorney, fox news contributor, leo terrell. let's talk about what's going on in this country. the use of deadly physical force by kyle rittenhouse i believe has been established in this case, but of course it's always
9:34 pm
up to the jury. but there has bean vacuum created with the police standing down. police are not there. there is rioting, businesses being burned. when there is a vacuum keep tend to take arms and try to protect themselves. what do you see going into the future with this kind of activity? >> as long as the democrats are in power a continuation. this is the george floyd effect. the burning and rioting of these democratic cities. and you had a rush to judgment on this case. they filed these charges within days. judge jeanine: less than 48 hours. >> right. it's a political prop.
9:35 pm
politically motivated to please the left. to please the left wing narrative. it's a crime for the d.a. to follow these charges -- file these charges because this young man was trying to save his life. he was justifiably using force to prevent losing his life. judge jeanine: the more the prosecution case is deteriorating, the more the defendant is proving he had the right to use deadly physical force, the more the left is going ballistic calling him a white supremacist to terrorist. it's even getting worse now. why is the left so hateful about this young man? >> he has a great defamation lawsuit against crazy joe biden. and all these other individuals.
9:36 pm
you can't figure out the logic of the left. they will lie and create a false narrative. they are ignoring what the facts are. there has been ample evidence of an affirmative defense. but the left, they don't care. they want this to be a continuation of attacking law enforcement and the criminal justice system. the whole game of the left is to destroy this country into something 99% of this country do not want. >> next. if you dare to disagree with the left you will be targeted by cnn, the ladies of the view and msnbc. we call out the mainstream media for their lies next.
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>> it's not good that a 17-year-old vigilante, arguably a domestic terrorist picked up a rifle and drove to a different state to shoot people. judge jeanine: the mainstream media was wrong and deceitful. but the lies didn't end in 2020, they continued this week. >> that is one of the worst
9:42 pm
acting jobs i have ever seen. >> this judge is an absolute joke. >> this is white privilege on steroids. what kinds of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot. he has no license, he has no training. he thinks he's going to scrub graffiti off with his ar-15? the stupidity of this. what could possibly go wrong. judge jeanine: joining me tomi lahren and joe concha. tomi, i will start with you. >> they don't talk about the stupidity of rioting in the first place. but the media runs its news rooms based on a false notion of rampant white supremacy. and kyle rittenhouse fit their
9:43 pm
narrative. their precious mostly peaceful protesters. without this narrative of widespread white supremacy, they have nothing. and that goes for the media and the democrat party as a whole. unfortunately -- kyle rittenhouse is caught in the cross-hairs. judge jeanine: in the indictment in terms of what he did and who is. but the main real media is doubling down. they don't care what the facts are. i loved the montage. especially yes are you toobin calling kyle
9:44 pm
rittenhouse an idiot. only can a white guy shoot athleter white guys and race is made an issue in the case. it could be because the president of the united states once called rittenhouse a racist. done lemon is suggesting that the judge may be a racist. i also said rittenhouse is the wannabe white vigilantism. maybe the story is how inept the prosecution is. eyewitnesses testified rittenhouse was act in self-defense. maybe they should do their jobs and just report the facts. judge jeanine: nobody is talking about the fact they were taking
9:45 pm
garbage cans and filling them with all kinds of items so they can set them on fire and sending them down towards police cars. either they were told to and down or they had their hands tied laind behind their back. nobody cares about the burning, the businesses, the rioting. these aren't locals. these are people who came in to make trouble. they are worried about rittenhouse. he visits his far it and work there. he lives 10 miles from there. >> that summer riot season cost the country billions of dollars and cost lives. we have the leaders of blm threatening that i with more riots and bloodshed. though the media didn't cause
9:46 pm
this, they have stoked the fire by turning the other cheek to the rioters. just to make the public perception the one they need. judge jeanine: joe, because the media is your thing. let's assume right requires acquitted and the murder charges are knocked out, they won't admit they were wrong, will they? >> of course not. in virginia, the people making these charges against rittenhouse were the same people who claimed winsome sears won because she supports white supremacy. judge jeanine: up next, the black lives matter co-founder says there will be blood on the streets if the next new york city mayor tries to restore law and order in the city.
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>> ::they think they are going back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the treats again. there will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be blood
9:51 pm
shed. judge jeanine: outrage as black lives matter threaten another one of america's cities with violence and riots. but mayor-elect adams has something to say. >> we are going to hold them accountable to do their jobs. if fringe elements want to hurl rhetoric like that. new york is not going to be the i of burning. judge jeanine: author of the new book "black and blue," good evening, it's great to see you again chief. i understand you are in the midst of your great book "black and blue" and you are in the
9:52 pm
running to be one of the police chiefs in new york city. i'll k how that's going a little later. but what do you think of hawk newsome threatening the city with riots and violence. >> thank you for having me. it's always a pleasure to talk to you. i think it's fair to acknowledge the concerns of social justice advocacy and black lives matter. but there has to be as mayor-elect adams was putting forward, a comprehensive public safety plan. it has to include strategy to bring down the increase in violence and shots fired that we have seen lately. i think it's an opportunity to put a structure to place to help reduce the level of crime you are seeing in the city.
9:53 pm
i will full confidence that will be going in new york and across the nation as agencies couple with strategies to reduce crime. judge jeanine: you are an example of someone who was in law enforcement. fought the good fight. there were precincts burned. officers brought out of the precincts and they kept defunding your department. you know better than anyone, if you don't have plainclothes officers, is that something important to do in this day and age? >> we have officers out in the field doing surveillance, you know, contacting gang members, stopping the flow of guns.
9:54 pm
it has been beneficial. often believe it or not, many of those officers because they are work so closely. they can help prevent and curtail some folks getting involved in nefarious acts by adding in interrupters. there is a lot of good that can come from this as well it's an important part of the strategy to bring down violence. judge jeanine: what do you think of hawk newsome. do you see that as incitement to riot? that's very frightening for people not just in new york, but in big cities around the country. >> i don't know mr. newsome, i am sure he was feeling emotional at the time. we have all gone through a lot of ups and downs.
9:55 pm
the last thing any of us want to see is more violence the streets. we want to see just the opposite. there is an opportunity for calmer minds to prevail and work together to figure out ways to stop the shots fired we are seeing all over the country. judge jeanine: we'll see what the new mayor does, and carmen best, thanks for being us. judge jeanine: next the fox event of the year. event of the year. i have all the when we started our business
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judge jeanine: finally tonight fox nation's patriot awards is this coming wednesday november 17th at the hard rock live theater in hollywood florida get your tickets before it sells out. i'll be there and favorite fox stars will be there you won't want to miss it and don't forget
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to set your dvr and judge jeanine thanks for watching i'm jeanine advocating for justice an the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ dan: black lives matters is threatening violence even bloodshed new york city mayoral elect brings back anticrime police units. after this viewing the war join me for a special rebuttal and country economy spiraling out of control and ron desantis here with an exclusive interview to offer common sense to the big mess. all star legal panel formaller judge former prosecutor and


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