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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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eight daylight savings time. >> that does it for us. we will see you back here tomorrow 5:00 eastern for the big sunday shall. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ jon: federal appeals court upholds stay on president biden's vaccine mandate for large u.s. companies. the president wanted to require u.s. workers and businesses with 100 or more employees to be vaccinated by january 4 or be tested weekly. amid another challenge for the biden administration inflation
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which sorted to its highest level in more than 30 years. americans are feeling the effects of the search as food and gas prices continue to rise nationwide with less than two weeks to go until thanksgiving. national republican congressional committee chair, tom and/or is here with his reaction but we begin with lucas tomlinson live at the white house. >> inflation in this country is the highest it's been in three decades. across the united states from college football, the dinner table, americans are feeling the squeeze. lawmakers from both parties admitted inflation is a big problem. >> of course inflation israel. i'm back home and prices have gone up at the gas pump. i was at the grocery store, meet cost more and cost more, we have to acknowledge the problem. >> inflation spring the everyday. energy prices have gone through the roof. the american public is going to feel this at every level in the
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biden administration caused every bit of it. >> is not just the thanksgiving table where americans are feeling the effects of inflation. driving to the feast will be costing a lot more. gas prices houston to new york to l.a. spiking 40 to 60%, even president biden appearing surprised. >> pain for this much. gallon of gas, some parts of california are paying $4.50 a gallon. >> much more than last year for thanks giving your. last year boasting 16 cents on the lookout today the highest 1m $11.2018 to $21 this year. the highest in decades, 25% jump in the past year not just inflation causing heartburn here, federal appeals court extending block the president biden's vaccine mandate. vaccine mandate is being rejected in the u.s. military.
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oklahoma national guard said it will not mandate the vaccine. coronavirus inflation and trade might be some of the topics we will hear from president biden's with xi jinping monday night. jon: lucas, since, thank you. national republican congressional committee chair and minnesota republican congressman joins us now, he's a member of the house committee on financial services. as a congressman from are you hearing inflation complaints from people in your district? >> i am thanks for having me. have to say it, president biden and the socialist democrats controlling congress are completely incompetent. big government spending policies are driving the inflation we haven't seen and fekete, not since president jimmy carter have we seen it this bad. their answer is to double down and do $4.5 trillion spending
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bill. it really is incompetent hurting struggling americans all over america. jon: as you know, there are a great number of people on the democratic side say we have to have that spending bill, would got to have this, the big multitrillion dollar spending. >> let's face it, they learn solutely nothing from the elections in virginia and across the country, a little less than two weeks ago, voters told them they want less spending, less government and what their answer is to double down on the get big government spending spree they want to go on. by the way, don't expect vulnerable democrats, democrat at risk of losing their election year from now, don't expect any of them to stand up to nancy pelosi because they proven to us time and time again they are nothing more than formats for the speaker. jon: in your position, your partly responsible for trying to
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get more republicans elected, is the glen youngkin strategy something you're going to take a look at, encouraging republican personal candidates to ambulate? >> voters are smart across this country as they showed us a little less than two weeks ago. they understand these democrats are completely out of touch with main street usa. they will hold them accountable. we understand this is not just going to happen because we say it's going to happen. it's going to be a dogfight and we will have to run hard for the next year but we will hold them accountable and make sure the voters know the democrats policies, their incompetence are responsible for higher prices and lower, smaller paychecks, more expensive everything. they are responsible for the open border that wasn't a problem 11 months ago. we have a crime wave, national
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crime wave, a direct result of not only their rhetoric but their insane the front police policies. voters will hold them accountable a year from now. jon: there's also a report that taxes are going to go up, middle class under the build back better plan. twenty to 30% of middle income households out of the plan would pay more in 2022, low and middle class households would pay roughly $100 more on average while 66% of people making over $1 million to 16000 -- tax cut in 70% in between i've hundred thousand intimately 8000, almost $500 tax cut. that's a little strange, isn't it? >> why should we be surprised the hypocrisy of the left? they caught the bill back better plan, building back better for their elites they take care of
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whether the intellectual elites they represent or the political elites in this country. for the rest of us, it should be called the bill back broke pan. these guys talk about raising taxes on those who can afford the most when what they are doing is there policies are hitting every middle-class american where it hurts. in the pocketbook and it's affecting their kitchen table, their mortgages, it's affecting everything we do and voters are smart, they will hold them accountable in the end. jon: there are people who think all of this is a good thing. bloomberg news tweeted today inflation might not be a bad thing saying suddenly americans can't spend like they used to. store shelves are empty, it could take months to kind of car, refrigerator or sofa. if this continues, we may need to -- like the europeans, that actually might not be a bad thing.
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how do you respond to that? >> it is a bad thing. this is the problem with the left, they don't celebrate american exceptionalism, they don't celebrate the fact that you and i, we can self determine and be the best we want to be or not without our government standing in the way. they prefer to have us emulate places like perhaps europe. what about venezuela, cuba? they think those are a better way for americans future. republicans do not, this is where the democrat party is today. that's why year from now we will have a new republican majority in the u.s. house of representatives. jon: kevin mccarthy said much the same thing, let me play a clip from him, house republican leader. >> if you are a democrat, president biden won by 16 points, that's a competitive race next year. are you going to bring president biden in to defend you? you want to bring the vice
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president, terry mcauliffe did in the book what happened to him. jon: is that the playbook for the congressional elections to come? >> we've expanded our targeted racist 270, we look at it this way, this political environment, they are doubling down on these insane policies and driving inflation and driving crime from opening up the border, every democrat in the seat joe biden might have one by ten points or maybe even a little more is audible, take two seats in virginia with a clipped 12.5 points more than 14 points in a year, that was the last governors race, those democrat representatives and all the others, they've got a choice to make over thanksgiving. you got to go home and think about one, are you going to retire or stick around and explore? jon: a fascinating 2022. national republican congressional committee chair, congressman, thanks.
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>> thank you. jon: new details making the national or parts association to the d.o.j. weeks before the release of a controversial letter i called parents domestic terrorists despite repeated denials from the attorney general about the administration's involvement, a newly released memo details the organizations work with the department of justice and even appears to brag about it. alexandria has more. >> the white house concerned confirmed they did indeed contact the department of justice to discuss scoreboard interactions but the d.o.j. took enforcement actions on their own. the action at the biden administration dismissing itself from the memo released by eric garland announcing fbi involvement in school work disputes. nashville scoreboard association documents obtained by fox news show the group met with the white house earlier september 14 discussing concern over the
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current climate for school board members. he association was actively engaged with the department of justice. they also took credit for the october 4 d.o.j. memo after ending a letter to the president five days prior likening some parents domestic terrorists. >> the national scoreboard association put together a letter. >> i've had no such conversations, i'd be surprised if that happened but i don't know. >> we know someone was in the d.o.j. in the loop after being contacted by the white house. here's matt whitaker earlier today. >> those are serious tools enforcement has to stick the on parent merely voicing their concerns about critical race theory and other things being taught in schools should never have happened but which it happened shows the department of justice was clearly coordinating. >> they apologized for the wording used in their letter to
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the president. the d.o.j. has not rescinded their memo by his testimony. jon: alexandria, thank you. the creator of a controversial 1619 project, nicole hannah jones is coming out with a new book next week expanding on her earlier work. the book is 1619 project, new origin story. double sound on the argument that slavery was at the center of the nation's founding. that idea received immense criticism and inspired legal action but despite the pushback, she's pushing her narrative even further releasing an additional 1619 project designed for children. the other hoping it will become a staple in classrooms across the country. it's been a shocking week in wisconsin from a murder trial of kyle rittenhouse the defendant major clashes between the judge and for prosecution. the trial is almost over but
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tensions are still running high wisconsin national guard has been put on standby ahead of monday's closing arguments. alexis is live in kenosha, wisconsin with the latest. >> good evening. we are hearing from the state of wisconsin there are about 500 national guardsmen on standby it just in case and possible cases of unrest here in the area. business owners and locals we talked to hear are still not overly unrest saluting the riots that happened just in august. here are reminders you can see these areas are still boarded up in the downtown kenosha area, boards up in august and never took them down and never reopened their doors. right now we are waiting on the judge to issue a final ruling on which lesser charges the jury can consider in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. judge ruling yesterday he will allow jurors to consider some lesser charges in the case but also deny one of the requests.
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legal experts tell fox the trade-off could help get a conviction in the investigation but the move would ensure rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. his mom tells me she's happy with the direction of the trial right now. >> they are taking notes, my son's life is in their hands fa. reporter: the area was hit hard during the following days of the police shooting of jacob blake shooting here. more than 100 businesses were either badly damaged or destroyed during the unrest at that time and the trial wrapping up, business owners are on edge.
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>> probably a little more prepared this time. before, i came out of nowhere. >> never ever in my lifetime what i expect to experience anything like that but to roll up and see the years of work, years of memories, years of connections just gone in an instant. >> that business owner you heard from there, her shop here on this block, burned down, to a different part of town and she's just trying to move on but a trigger for all of these people who live in the area knowing the trial is wrapping up. they are waiting for the judge's decision to start monday but the sheriff's office said they are in touch with the state international card, preparing they have not had any unrest planned at this time. jon: so sad so many small businesses or just snuffed out.
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tune into fox news tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern for the nancy grace special of kyle rittenhouse investigation. new york city's incoming mayor eric adams is not backing away from his decision to reinstate police unit to focus on guns and drugs. atoms touching with his policing plan despite dire warning from a black activist in new york. the back-and-forth, mayor elect is preparing to name a new top cop for the city's police department soon. live in new york city with all about. reporter: mayor elect eric adams pledged to hire the first female new york city police commissioner and according to new york post, the top potential candidates are females. former seattle police chief carmen from a former work police chief roman in philadelphia first black female commissioner, daniel outlaw.
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following the protest and riots in new york city, adams promised to be tough on crime while at the same time holding police officers accountable. he wants to bring back nypd anti-crime unit to bring down shootings. the unit will be reinvented by recruiting less aggressive ops, making them wear body cameras. local black activist newsom told me it's not enough. >> the body cameras are not preventing cops from brutalizing people. what will prevent cops brutalizing people is sending cops who harm people to jail. as it stands, police don't stop other police officers from harming people. if they did, there would be no eric garner. reporter: he had a contentious meeting with adams on instagram wednesday, promised after the meeting there would be riots,
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fires and bloodshed, plain clothes police officers come back. atoms calling him or democrats to condemn the comments. >> i believe you should stand up and say we will never allow anyone to say there will be blood industry. we have to be honest about that. reporter: despite pressure adams promises he will bring back undercover anti-crime heaters disbanded in 2020 parties a tight rope, second black mayor elect of new york city, getting pressure from black progressives. jon: thanks. severe thunderstorms bringing hail, strong winds and possibility of tornadoes in the
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northeast. his video of the storm as it moves to not want driving to new york this afternoon. storm system moving northeast and parts of connecticut and rhode island. several downed trees and power lines reported throughout the region, went top with a light post in new york city sending it crashing down onto a bus no injuries reported there. download the fox whether app for the latest. coming up, we head to the southern border smugglers have become more brazen with no fears of being caught. ♪♪
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the surge of illegal immigrants continues to flow into the u.s. at the southern border. as a coming from a officials sure concerned about human trafficking and reported second migrant caravan poised to bring in thousands more illegal immigrants. president biden scheduled to meet with mexican president next week at the white house. bill melugin has that story from the water. reporter: border patrol here tell us in a span of 14 hours they arrested for confirmed members of the ms 13 gang. on top of that, dhs source is telling us here in the valley sector in the last 24 hours there have been 262 known getaways is activity here continues to crank up. >> illegal immigrant hides in a tree hoping to innate capture but a trooper no space to keep his eyes in the dark of night.
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seems like this play uprightly here in the why of texas where law enforcement hunts for runners who refuse to turn themselves in. hours later, the light of day reveals huge groups of migrant crossing during the overnight hours. this group is about 200 strong. most the families and young children. over the past month, fox news repeatedly has gone and shown constant stream of smugglers bringing migrants across the rio grande. they've been brazen with no fear of being caught. tuesday night, for the very first time, texas and the texas national guard captured a smuggler as he brought seven illegal immigrants across the river. one of the men in the raft was a 45-year-old from el salvador, a previously deported felon for sexual assault. the 17-year-old smuggler assaulted troopers as they
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arrested him and he'd already had two previous arrests for human smuggling. in a statement of the operation, texas dps says texas dps international card are taking star combating human smugglers deterring mass migration and stand ready to protect the people and property of texas. all year long we've been showing images of thousands of migrant crossing illegally here but never before have we been able to show you this location. this is a hotspot with the migrants like to cross illegally the middle of the night. this is federal land you cannot get down here without law enforcement escort dps tells us the activity here is picking up so much, they are planning more resource to help out already overwhelmed border patrol. jon: bill, thank you. president biden met with his cabinet yesterday with each major official bringing his or her own crisis to the table. if the administration losing the
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public's trust in his ability to fix them? will ask tom, next. ♪♪
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i am jon scott and this was the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, if you're just joining us, has a look at the top stories. longtime trump ally steve bannon facing to counsel criminal contempt after refusing to obey a subpoena related to the house investigation for january 6 right. he is expected to him himself over to police and they money. jeffrey epstein accused elaine maxwell, another series of complaints about the jail. an interview with the daily mail, are so often full of rats and the guards are quote creepy. interview set to be published tomorrow, the day before the trial begins and faces eight
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counts including trafficking. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is off the teams covid reserve list after a ten day quarantine. u.s. finds more than $14000 for attending a halloween party with more than three players were popping vaccinated, is expected to suit up for tomorrow's game against the seattle seahawks. for more on these and other stories, down most the fox news app, scan the quote on your screen over to after an update in the virginia governor's race, closer than expected results in the new jersey contest, democrats are working to fine-tune their strategy ahead of next year's midterm. party lawmakers work toward passing president biden's economic agenda. congressional correspondent chad program has details. >> a push by democrats to recalibrate what they expect to compete in the midterms.
3:34 pm
>> you can't look like you are in disarray. it makes independent voters say they can't shoot straight. >> trying to sell people on bread-and-butter issues. >> good paying union jobs, who can build the metaclass out. reporter: democrats remain determined to pass this package. consumers fret about inflation. >> political medication is a strong of the democratic party, selling policy and legislative achievements has been something the modern democratic party failed at most of the time. reporter: democrats help to temper their message to capture swing voters and nancy pelosi has been in scotland talking climate change. >> 222 billion for environmental justice as part of president biden's authority pledge long overdue and for those who have
3:35 pm
suffered from environmental injustice. reporter: cory bush was one of locals who voted infrastructure because democrats hadn't yet popped up money for the social spending plan. >> my no vote was not on infrastructure. my vote was to keep leverage, to make sure we can deliver the fulfilled blackberry agenda. my vote was a guest. reporter: soaring prices could jeopardize passage of the democrats big bill. >> to get the economy with one more on the bill. [inaudible] reporter: democrats want convinced supercharge their political process. they worry they've veered too far left. jon:
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>> in particular, working people and working families and i'll go back to my previous piece, that's why we've been pushing hard from the beginning for build back better because it's almost weekly designed to do that. rise in gas prices over the long-term makes a stronger case for doubling down investment in our focus on green energy. jon: we missed the audio of vice president harris of the top. she was taking we need to bring down prices for the american prices. mixed messaging out of the white house. vice president harris and jen psaki doing a 180 acknowledging american consumers are facing a dramatic rise in prices months of deny inflation is an issue. the cofounder and president of politics and referred president biden thing price spikes are temporary. so what is the white house position on inflation?
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>> they acknowledge real problem, the line artist transitory issues, not just going to be long-term but gas prices an example of this administration on one hand we cancel the keystone pipeline and learned last week they were reviewing and possibly going to cancel another pipeline in michigan when biden's asked about gas prices they say we are monitoring that closely and there's not a lot we can do, basically it's up to the saudi's to pump more oil. the administration begged them, they are not going to do it so you've got mixed messaging from an incoherent policy from the a ministration on gas prices and they are faking opec to pump gas and lower prices, that's not something that's going to go with the american people so until they can handle on this issue in a concrete way that delivers results, they will continue to suffer politically. jon: your real clear politics
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average of the presidential approval pool, we want to put that up on the screen right now. november 1 through the 11th, 42.4% of voters approve of a job that joe biden is doing. 52.2% disapprove. how does a president turner around? >> that's a good question, we don't know. he's got a couple of issues. number one if you look at the numbers, three poles have come out since the infrastructure bill passed. democrats were basically saying we can just get these bills passed, that will improve our political situation. two of the three poles released from of the presence job has gone down, not up so it remains an open question whether it will improve. i think the reason is, you look at these intangibles, is the president honest, to be a strong leader, is he competent? on all those questions, he
3:39 pm
suffered among republicans but particularly among independent so there's a large section that has lost trust in joe biden and his administration's ability to handle these crisis that's one thing he promised during the campaign, he's going to restore normalcy from the chaos, they have this experience, all of these plans and it hasn't worked out that way. once the trust is gone, it is tough to recover so it will be an uphill battle for the president to get his approval ratings back near 50% which is where the democrats need them for next year's midterms. jon: as you well know, he when the presidential election among independent. republicans vote for hawkins, democrats vote for democrats. independents are where you went. in the latest polls of independence when asked whether the president has done better or worse than expected, 44% say
3:40 pm
he's done worse than they thought he would do. 6% better and that's a usa today poll. that is not a good number if you want to retain the white house. >> that is a shocking number in the sense that half of independent think he's doing worse job than they thought he would do when he took office. other metrics, is the honest? this was shocking as well, this was joe biden, one of the cornerstones of his campaign, he's a working-class guy. jesse feel for people like you? he's lost ground with independent, 35. reporter: 40-point since he took office and so he's got to recover that number among the working-class voters which is where democrats suffer a couple weeks ago in new jersey and elsewhere around the country. jon: founder or cofounder of real clear politics. thank you. >> thanks. jon: britney spears enjoying her first we can free from her
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father's 13 year conservatorship. the process is not over including legal action she might take against girl back. we'll explain, next. ♪♪
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what he called a toxic conservatorship is finally over. britney spears is free. her legal battle with her father, she has control over her own finances five a. that might not be the end of the story. christina coleman has the latest from los angeles. reporter: yesterday felt like a super bowl win for bernie's fans, they were waiting outside of the courthouse like they have during other hearings but this time they got the news they wanted to hear for years. britney is free.
3:46 pm
>> i'm shaking, i was so relieved to hear those words. her conservative conservatorship has been entered. >> so excited. it doesn't feel real. >> it was a big moment. she tweeted this, 3.2 million views, she said i love my fans so much, it's crazy. i think i'm going to cry the rest of the day, best day ever, praise the lord. can i get an amen? # great britain. the 14 year conservatorship gain major momentum the summer after her emotional june testimony when she accused her father conservatorship abuse. she told a judge she was traumatized by the arrangement and she wanted her life back. keep in mind the 39-year-old mother of two has not been able to control her personal affairs and finances for more than a quarter of her life but her
3:47 pm
father agreed to step down as conservator of her estate in august after her attorney ramped up efforts to end the legal arrangement. her lawyer says her testimony shined a light on conservatorship abuse. >> she helped shined a light not only on this conservatorship which was corrupt by her father, james spears but she helped shined a light on conservatorship in guardianships coast to coast and that took a tremendous amount of insight, courage and grace. >> her lawyers says he plans to investigate her claims of abuse and a cpa will stay on as a safety net to oversee the transition of bernie's $60 million fortune and the hearing on the matter is scheduled for december 8. jon: thank you. a member of the blue origin spaceflight with william shatner a month ago today is dead.
3:48 pm
a small plane crashed in northern new jersey thursday, he is 49 years old. the crash kills another man in the plane, thomas fisher. the cofounder of a tech company and traveled interstates a bit amid the spacecraft with william shatner october 13. next, we will go around the globe including an attack in afghanistan that could escalate to a civil war. ♪♪
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your other headlines from around the globe. in france, vice president kamala harris visiting to mark six years since the terror attacks there are 215, islamic state terrorists killed 130 people at a rock concert, soccer match and restaurant. in scotland, nearly 200 nations signed on to acclimate optimize at the gop producing summit. keep survive goals to limit warming but removes key language about reducing will use. in italy, officials allowing chinese art exhibit critical to the country, despite china's opposition.
3:53 pm
as a look at stories from around the globe an explosion on a bus in the afghanistan capitol problem reportedly killed a journalist and injured at least five other people. just one day after a bombing out of afghan boss let several people hurt. terror attacks ramp up after america's departure. >> another horrendous attack the number of victims is likely to rise victims and what a series of attacks throughout afghanistan the last several weeks. taliban officials speaking to the associated press and says the blast happened in a small passenger bus in a couple new but heavily populated by shiites who have been the target of repeated attacks by islamic state militants. islamic state is sunni group that considers shiite muslims to be heretics. yesterday there was an attack on
3:54 pm
a sunni mosque in eastern afghanistan that sent at least after 15 afghans to the hospital. third, interest over a month from all of these attacks are worrying signs private, muslim versus muslim promise, promise between different sects of islam persistent afghanistan and could prompt something or can to a civil war, the kind of civil war rooted sectarianism we saw in iraq in 2006. afghanistan had its own civil war in the 1980s. of course the taliban is now the government afghanistan charged with providing security for all afghan irrespective of their religious meaning. ever since united states and allies pulled out some of the new government of afghanistan, the taliban tried to keep a lid on islamic state and get islamic state time and time again has been able to attack not just tolerant targets but civilians
3:55 pm
as well. jon: thank you. coming up, and award ceremony for police officer turns into the surprise of a lifetime. we'll explain, next. ♪♪
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durocher helped retired sgt. whole office price proposal for his girlfriend sought active duty. >> here's a challenge, i usually give but that would be a waste of time. [applause] >> hold on, we need an answer. jon: obviously she said yes. commissioner shea called her into his office to receive an
4:00 pm
award but she probably wasn't expecting it to be a diamond ring. she said her boyfriend doesn't often think outside the box but he proved her wrong in the biggest most beautiful way. that is how box reports this saturday november 13, 2021. i am jon scott, thank you for watching, see you again tomorrow. ♪♪ ♪♪


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