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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  November 13, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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he tested positive for coronavirus on november 3. rogers faced a lot of heavy criticism after it was revealed that he was unvaccinated. despite an august that he was immunized. those comments were misleading. it should be quite a game tomorrow russell wilson back for the seahawks, how about the saints. ♪♪ >> hi everyone i am aishah hasnie along with joey jones, emily copan jo and sean duffy, welcome to the big saturday show, here's what's on tap tonight. >> your pain more from everything from groceries to gas, what is president biden's fix, spend more of your money and go green.
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>> it ramps up as the white house tries to distance itself from the domestic terrorist letter parents fight back against the school board member that exposes their personal info. >> joey. >> what does it really mean to be a veteran. >> do something for supper yells. >> coming up i sit down with an amazing group of veterans and we will have a conversation about service and sacrifice and honor. aishah: i can't wait for that but first hundreds of wisconsin national guard troops are activated ahead of the expected verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial next week. as the judge ruled that the jury will be able consider lesser charges, there are reports that he is getting death threats. one of them reads enjoy your term, it's going to be her last. if i ever meet you in person, i fully intend to spit directly into your face regardless the cost, you are disgusting. rittenhouse's mother is coming to the judge's defense.
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>> judge schroeder is a fair judge, he does not like the nonsense of the courtroom. anybody that lives in kenosha or kenosha county knows that. he is a fair judge. i have respect for that. aishah: emily, i want to come to you first. i want to talk about the lesser charges. this reads to me like prosecutors feel like they will not get this guy on the murder charge so they will try for someone else. emily: i think that's a good overarching take away from this. keep in mind the more charges that are thrown at the jury, the more explanations and collocated that it becomes the more confused they are and the harder it is to come to a seamless consensus decision for kyle rittenhouse. this is what i want viewers to understand, prosecutors seek the lesser convictions than a life sentence is off the table. what was going back and forth between the judge and prosecution are lower charges on
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the initial murder from intentional homicide down to a lower degree meaning that he feared his life was in danger but it was unreasonable use of force. the second decrease was in regards to the endangered, reckless endangerment homicide and all the homicide, was a shooting. and regarding the reporter that was tainted by the victim there was a lot to go into the streets, what remains to be unseen is how the prosecution will seek these actual charges. remember there is a chance that they might throw in a provocation instruction which means regardless if the jury thinks that he feared for his life and he use reasonable force for the self-defense argument, throws it off the table as if it was he who provoked the men that night. >> we will see what happens in the next 48 hours if he should come out with something on monday, there has been so many
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outside opinions on this case. people like lebron james got a lot of heat, he was pretty much making fun of kyle rittenhouse saying he was being fake on the stand when he was crying. don lemon thinks the judges being biased saying he is treating kyle rittenhouse as if he's his grandson. then there's this the media slamming the judge. >> i've never seen anything like this before where a judge yelled the behavior very least unusual. and it's concerning treating kyle rittenhouse as a faces grandson. just prorating the prosecution, nobody needs to be rated like that in the courtroom. >> is made a series of decision, each one may be individually indefensible but in totality leads to a biased, racist judge. aishah: there are people who
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have known this judge for years and they completely disagree with this. meanwhile he is getting threats. what is happening here? sean: let's take a step back for a moment. for emily's analysis, when you look at the fact that the prosecutor you want to make it as simple as possible for the jury to understand. kyle rittenhouse is there and maybe he should not of been there, he had a gun, they think he should have a gun. when he did not prompt or instigate anything with the protesters and when he came into conflict he tried to get away, he ran away until his life was in danger any fell and 70 pointed a gun at him, did he fire when someone was swinging a skateboard at his neck. or, behind a dumpster. when you simplify it this is a really easy case of self-defense but this is my concern, if you have liberals on the jury -- elicited liberals across the country they are not looking at
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facts, the just about emotion. emotion is very real for them and if you get 12 liberals on the jury, they may very well convict him. has to be any ominous so all 12 have to agree to guilt or innocence and if anyone disagrees in a be a hung jury. on that point, i think this prosecutor was horrible prosecutor and the defense on the prosecution, they're not the evidence, the witnesses and the videotapes but both lawyers present the case to the jury. it matters how believable you are, if the jury doesn't like the prosecution they will not side with their theories. a whole bunch of factors in play. aishah: we see that in cases in the past, what's happening inside the courtroom in the court of public opinion. last year more than 100 businesses just destroyed by protesting kenosha, people are nervous and national guard is ready to go. how do you think this ends if kyle rittenhouse is acquitted of
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murder. when getting in trouble for lesser charges, would that matter or do you foresee of more of what we saw last your? >> the fact that the people that died in this incident are white are the only saving grace from brian's happening. race has played a big issue in the riots and is been something that people jump on top of and say their racist insight people's passions that way. it is going to be a lot harder to use the same line of thought of kyle rittenhouse found not guilty outside of that the one thing people need to understand that every states determine the self-defense laws and big part based on what the state constitution allows, every state has the opportunity to decide what is admissible into court like this, i think at the end of the day what people need to do, what i most worried about is kyle rittenhouse is found guilty on a provocation because in this court case, what the judge is trying to do is to or three
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split seconds the actions happen. were they justified in that moment, what the prosecution is doing their conceding and they probably were justified in the split second and that's why they're going to intent and provocation and everything that led up to that moment, what i don't want to happen is for the people in that state to lose her self-defense riots based on precedents because this is become a big deal in the jurors may be influenced by outside media like don lemon or the president of the united states calling this manna racist before everyone on trial, he made a lot of stupid decisions as a second amendment supporter i don't want leading up to that moment but everything that i've seen in the second amendment self-defense and every opportunity that i have hadn't been able to, i see someone that used the gun in self-defense justifiably even if they did not do common sense things leading up to that. like the judge said he's not on trial for having common sense, he sat on trial for using illegally and every other
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resident of that state. i hope self-defense is held up in this trial. aishah: is before one last point, the governor said he'll call the national guard, that's a good thing so we don't have writing. what happened in wisconsin kenosha was burning for days and the governor didn't do anything. he was talking to his team to begging to send the national guard. if he had done his job there would be no riots in no case and no death. frankly he should be on trial. >> i think it's going to be for one of the lesser charges i foresee cookie and a misdemeanor in the nine months you will serve a lot less. >> coming up next you are paying more for gas and the white house is that means it's time to go green. stay with us.
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♪ >> welcome back to the big saturday show your paying more for everything a dozen eggs and a pack of bacon 30% more than last year. beef, porkchops, sugar, all double digits. what is the administration solution, spend more. >> prices have run up. families and individual are dealing with the reality that
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bread cost more and gas cost more, that is a heavy weight to carry. build back better is not going to cost anything, we are paying for it. >> what about rising gas prices, obviously go green. >> the rising gas prices over the long-term makes a stronger case for doubling down our investments in our focus on clean energy. >> i want to come to you first, inflation you can have an up balance with supply and demand but when our government prints and borrows and spends money in the money supply is increased by 36% in the last two years alone, that will cause inflation. does it make sense that we spend more money when we see inflation rise right now? >> the person we need asset to is joe manchin, it'll all fall
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on his shoulders. the people of west virginia do what is he that happened. i come from a pretty small town and it's not easy, it's not easy when the money you have the bank is less and you don't have a lot there to begin with. that is the part that people gloss over. i am learning this myself, i'm not an economist the last time i had math involved, i keep it where i know what to do. what i'll tell you people sitting at home maybe only have a thousand dollars in the big or couple thousand dollars in the bank. every single day that couple thousand dollars stretches less and worth less, that is concerning. when you vice president the united states can't answer a simple question without looking incredibly uncomfortable, it's not so much how did we get here, the iraqi people sitting at home asking, it's what are you going to do and how are you going to fix it. it looks like this administration doesn't have answers. that is scary when people get scared they pulled their money back in there worth less money back.
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everything then crumbles. were sitting on a housing bubble or building a thousand homes between my house and interstate. things like that are worrying people and they deserve answers. and if it's possible, action i don't know a $3 trillion were portraying a dollar or one half trillion dollar plan is the answer they're looking for. sean: that is interesting, they say the answer to everything is government. when you have rising prices, they have no solutions. i want to go to you, it is fascinating. rising energy prices and everyone is starting to travel for the holiday season. the answer to that is green energy, not drilling more in america or open them up more pipelines. green energy, when we produce more american energy and oil and gas. emily: the problem is how you feel politically numbers don't lie, this administration has yet to learn, to your point you don't invest in green energy without showing existing energy that is the backbone of our current economics first. to joey's point about the value
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plummeting of the dollar, every american feels that the kitchen table when the dollar is strong and inflation is low average hourly wages has plummeted one point to percent, 1.6 if you take into account the decrease in workweek hours. under the prior administration, poverty was at its lowest since 1959 and the first time in a long time americans with low education, with middle and low-income are finally sharing in the country's growth. we achieved more in the median income, we achieve more growth, 50% more in one year than we did in all eight years of the obama administration. that's what the american people feel. they see when the heat bill increases by $700. they see when gas prices increase 700%. this administration needs to understand how to realize reality and the average american before they get in and promise us a green future.
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sean: that is right. kamala harris was asked about rising prices, let's take a listen to what she had to say. >> this'll be the most expensive christmas after the most expensive thanksgiving in history. >> we fully appreciate the significance of things costing more. it is a big deal. sean: it is a big deal but there's no solution for it. i want to get your take on it, it is interesting that you have democrats in the house not wanting to vote. moderate democrats not wanting to vote on this massive inflation, there waiting for the c.b.o. to, and score this bill because they're concerned about inflation. they must not trust abiding administration to say this is going to cost nothing. aishah: i love that joey no senator manchin following him closely that is a guide to everyone's been paying attention too, i'm surprised that joe manchin wasn't like the halloween costume of the year because he is a man of the hour. you're right, he's not the only
2:20 pm
one him and kyrsten sinema are not the only ones there is a bunch of house moderates dragging their heels and you ask yourself, why did they not vote for both of the bills, the bipartisan infrastructure bill along with build back better at the same time. why are they dragging their feet. they don't trust the white house was, they want to wait for the congressional budget office to come out with their analysis. that is the gold standard. i want to bring up there are other analysis out there including the penn warden budget model which is nonpartisan and it found nearly 2 trillion-dollar plan the white house is putting out over ten years, actually closer to $4 trillion. there are doubts of what the c.b.o. score is going to come back at. don't underestimate the fact that house speaker nancy pelosi has to decouple the two bills which is really the only reason it was taking so long to get
2:21 pm
anything done because they coupled the two bills the fact that she decouple these two bills, really speaks for itself, moderates are pretty much holding this bill hostage until they get the c.b.o. score. we will have to see how they respond with it comes out. emily: may i make a final point. just a reminder something that the democrat party doesn't realize, every dollar of the government is ours, is our tax dollars are paid for this. when the vp says this will cost anything, costs are absorbed somewhere. there never extinguish fully it's our tax dollars to pay for this. that's the issue with the democrat party. sean: the decoupling means the socialist left wing of the party has lost leverage to get this done. >> they know what is before the war on appearances ramping up remember the compared parents to domestic. untrue terrorist. the white house is playing the blame game. that is coming up next.
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♪ ♪ liquidated with white house. white house official told fox news the d.o.j. chose to take this approach on their own. meanwhile parents in scottsdale arizona gripped the school board member caught creating a detailed database that they say is used to intimidate parents. >> we the parents are the people and they are the government in the constitution and laws are there to protect us against what they're doing in trying to accuse us of doing.
2:27 pm
>> this latest scandal in scottsville shows proof who the label of domestic terrorists really belongs to. is not the terrorist. emily: going back to the white house which is now saying, we had nothing to do with this, the d.o.j. had gone rogue, your thoughts? aishah: this is a big messaging problem for the white house, this is just the latest in the saga that is not going to go away for very long time. definitely not until the midterms come around. in loudoun county parents got fed up with what was going on and they put the entire school board on notice physically telling them we have enough signatures to recall at least for official notice of recall. the whole petition actually started because there was reports that there was a facebook group of private facebook group will of allegedly teachers and parents in school board members that were compiling a list of components of critical race theory.
2:28 pm
they were going to intimidate these people and dock them. what did you expect parents to do. they were pretty ticked off of what was going on not only in the district for how allegedly the school board members are reacting. i also want to pay attention to the problem for the white house another democrats. this is a topic that is not going away anytime soon. pay attention to what their messaging is. there is a discrepancy between progressives feeling and what moderates feel as to how they move forward as we get closer to the midterms. what that message is going to be when it comes to schools and parents. emily: as a dad of nine and a former prosecutor, what do you say about the date entry database that the parents in scottsdale arizona say the school boards are weaponizing against parents. sean: i agree with the parents, where the domestic. untrue terrorist? you were compiling a database on
2:29 pm
us and try to intimidate us to silence us and we have a constitutional right to speak out against the policy. maybe the actions point, i look at what happened inside the white house. it is true, people come in and sit down and out conversations. what doesn't happen you don't have a plan that this covid association send you a letter. within five days of getting the letter is off to the department of justice and the fbi going after parents for standing up in a microphone or holding up signs outside of the school board meeting. it's absolutely outrageous. just know the government doesn't move at lightning speed is very slow. this was lightning fast, the white house has his pants on fire because of flying. emily: that's a great point when i was a federal attorney i could not get a new pin without being signed off by 50 people and taken me a week. going back to the scottsdale school district. they're doubling down they released this letter and said the existence of a google drive
2:30 pm
in the public record may raise concern. such activities are not within the purview of scottsdale unified school district to control. they are effectively arguing, our hands are tied. this happens anyway. your thoughts? sean: the reason it has swept the country, no form of government can control our daily lives as easily and quickly in hard handedly as local government. now were talking about her most notable citizens, our kids. that's why people are so upset about this. the federal government like sean said, the government moves slowly but local government doesn't always move slowly. when you come in and change something like how your kids are not just taught but indoctrinated. of course you get a raise passions. and it can't be i'm going to move to a school district that i agree with having her talk about dividing our country, there has to be a forum for parents to express her concerns and their local representatives to listen and make changes accordingly.
2:31 pm
the fact that were getting this wrong is what makes me worry about her country. i don't trust any of those politicians. sean you would be excluded if you are still active. people on a local school board, that's what matters. our local government is the most representative of who we are. we should be able to have conversations, that's what makes this whole thing so disheartening and make parents feel passionate. emily: that is exactly right. why the new governor of virginia, youngkin, part of his platform, the reason he was so successful because he ran on a platform of listening to parents. you won't want to miss this, joey jones sits down with other veterans to talk about what it means to serve. >> i have a responsibility to you to do something more. >> be something be of service, do something for somebody else. ♪
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♪ ♪.
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joey: this year i went to help veterans with ptsd to talk to them about what it means to serve ♪ ♪ >> i tell people the u.s. navy made the demand that i have. our mantra is come home from war and be the productive member of society here. be something, be of service, do something for somebody else, don't sit on your couch and be a victim. that's what i think about. >> is the title of the veteran responsibility. >> i would say responsibility. >> i join the military because i'm selfish. i'm selfish about being self loved. >> great happiness and serving other people. i think that's when were the most happy in life, we help people become the best version of themselves. i have the responsibility to you to do something more. >> giving back a cause greater than yourself. that is not an easy task. that is something that is special. that person is different.
2:38 pm
joey: you joined in 1986. that was a good year i was born that year. >> i served in the 82nd airborne when i got home from college i did not have the money that i needed to support myself between classes. ♪ >> i walked into recruiting office and joined the reserves. i never looked back after that. >> all my childhood memories was military. when i thought about the positive things in my life that i kept coming back to the military. my dad was in the army and got out of the army and became a cop in d.c. that's how we did appear as a family. i thought the military was a good thing. my mother said show me your friends all show you your future
2:39 pm
leadership. >> some of the nuances that can in jason i had the opportunity to experience with leadership from watching and learning, it went away because we was in this regimen of train, deploy, redeploy we no longer were taught how to teach. leadership now at the level that could create the impact of change, they are out of touch.
2:40 pm
>> it sounds like you're saying we were so busy fighting a war we forgot to teach people how to fight it. >> i would say that in the shorter terms. that is what we did. >> everybody that is a leader in the military have been counted several several, several times. i would say why would i follow you. because of your scars, show me your scars, i don't care about your rank or your deployment, show me your scars. if you can show me that i will follow you anywhere. if you do not have that, i am out. joey: let me tell you those three men are absolute heroes. i knew two of them pretty well going into that conversation. one of the mind that that day. they set me back and reminded me why i enjoyed serving so much and how important it was that good leaders read aishah i want to come to you, one thing that kept being talked about, they
2:41 pm
had concern and with service come sacrifice. each of them had their own story of sacrifice. all they wanted to talk about was gratitude. urine indiana girl but your family fled to get here. it was not easy to become an indiana girl for you and your family. here we are with these people that certain sacrifice of the grateful. why should people be so grateful about this country specifically in the fact that we have a military to keep it safe and free. aishah: first of all i want to say, i don't thank you enough for my friends who served enough, i don't think my uncle who is serving in the u.s. navy enough. but i do feel grateful for heart when i do go abroad. i hope that americans feel that way too when they leave this country. i'll give you an example, we talk about and give them grief, at least some people do. while there could be things that could be better, there are countries my own, pakistan where the police don't target people
2:42 pm
for their race, they target young males, single males that are driving and they pulled them over so they can bribe them. as a family you have to think about my own brother when he goes out for a drive, when we go to visit pakistan, we have to think about let's put a female passenger in the car with him so he doesn't get pulled over and god for bid anything bad happen to him. those are the kinds of things that we have to think about. of course nothing is going to happen to those police officers if nobody is going to do anything about it. every time i go abroad or think about how other countries function. there are pieces that they are looking at america and trying to copy them because there are 70 wonderful special things about this country. thank you joey. joey: absolutely, my honor. sean, you served in congress, i don't know the politics but i know the character not to vote
2:43 pm
for them. what is it so important to get veterans in congress and leadership. sean: i think that perspective truly matters. i'm grateful not just because you did that special but we have a country that raises amazing men and women in the military the trains them to be warriors. my concern, maybe this is more in the special, are we concerned about woke fight military where people are more concerned about race and gender in sexual preference then we are about created a fighting machine to keep us safe. i'm so grateful that we sleep well at night because men and women are well trained to protect their freedom and liberty here at home. that's what we have the safety and security integrate economy. joey: absolutely. emily you support military veteran charities. often those men working that, why should other people do that. >> i come from a very strong military family, my family served in every conflict essentially all over this world. in europe, everywhere. i think it's because i'm a patriot. i appreciate the freedoms and, colleagues called months on the piano. the service continues throughout
2:44 pm
a lifetime. i consider it my honor to serve as a messenger for the good works that these veterans in the angels that are executing these nonprofits on behalf of veterans are doing. i see myself only as an amplifier, it is my honor. to all the veterans watching right now, happy veterans day and thank you to each and every one of you. joey: it another big blow for bite and joe biden vaccine mandates. stay with us. ♪ ♪♪ fresh flavors... classic dishes... ♪♪ and a new seat at the table. ♪♪
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♪ ♪. aishah: welcome back to the big saturday show. a federal appeals court a severe blow to the abiding demonstration upholding an original ruling that block the president vaccine mandate. the appeals court judge calling the mandate staggeringly overboard and a sledgehammer. the court says the mandate would be financial burden on businesses and threatens to decimate their workforces. they are not mincing words. we know the american trucking association and the national
2:49 pm
retail federation, the national federation of independent business came together to file a lawsuit this week. warning this is only going to make the supply chain crisis a whole lot worse. at what point does the white house say we hear you got it. joey: look at a trucker he spends his whole job by himself or a computer programmer that works from home, people in a big group that does not make sense. by the way osha, business owners don't like osha but a lot of employees like osha but it keeps them safe, this is an idiotic mandate, you asked about the white house, and the way the white house comes out and says that businesses should implement the mandate. and this is disregarded that still enforces it. aishah: the white house said that, you still need to get ready for the mandate. i want to bring up the d.o.j.
2:50 pm
statement. this is so interesting. the decision is just the beginning and the department will continue to vigorously defend the standard and look forward to obtaining a defendant resolution. how long does this last. you expect this recent ruling to be temporary some legal experts id with the white house. businesses should prepare for the internal dumpster fire that this of illustration to continue until the out of office. let me break it down for viewers. this is what were dealing with osha has the authority to issue temporary emergency mandate danger and if the role necessary for them to address it. it also has to be feasible for employers to facilitate. that is part of the issue. this is why it's unconstitutional for the beginning of the ruling saying
2:51 pm
this is a sledgehammer, analogy to the way that this administration is handled the pandemic the entire time, yes there was an emergency in the beginning but they had sought to stretch it out to maintain their banking people that we are being faced with the big meteor because legally speaking there are constraints to allow an account with his emergency situation not to extended to the detriment of our liberty and freedom in any chance of economic success. i see the court continuing to thrive differently in the administration and a showdown between the judiciary and the executive branch and the one and will continue to do so. aishah: this is escaping opinion i have to read a little bit more as a mandate fails and much of this reality in the year of this
2:52 pm
pandemic. why are leaders not addressing this with a more common sense. joey: you're asking me why politicians are making sense. listen, here's the real world experience. i live in a small town my family is in a different small town when i talk to these people, how dare you not give me a choice. the majority i talked to people who say this is not whether i want to take the vaccine is whether you can mandate me too do it. it's causing poor people exercise their stubbornness because of the virus has it hit their lives closely, they don't feel the effects that they see on television. the vaccine is a necessity and you tell them that they have to and they say wait your dr. to make me do something in your sewing doubt, why are you making
2:53 pm
do this i'm not making my own life at a catastrophic thing. i haven't seen it that way and i know them personally for that reason. i got the vaccine when it made sense for me too get it, not with a buddy told me i had to that's where a lot of americans are with you and i don't have the federal government doesn't see that. i don't understand and personally. aishah: talk to your doctor and make your decision. aishah: your favorite part of your weekend your saturday fluff is coming up next. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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2:58 pm
motorcade? there was 400 private jet the fluid in the big gip liberals like jeff bezos, they say or do by carbon credit which is our total scam, i'm going to plant trees and energy projects somewhere else and i can fly my private jet. it is an absolute joke. emily. >> this week britney spears death, the conservative put to an end, she's finally free after a 31 minute series. for the first time in over a decade it will just be britney it will be decisions on her behalf financially and personally and she said can i get an amen? yes, britney, amen. [cheering] be free. >> shackles are off. >> what you got for us. [laughter]
2:59 pm
>> transportation secretary pete buttigieg called roast racist. essentially he said roads built between white and black neighborhoods or even building bridges to low, the buses couldn't get under them, i guess my question is, what exactly does that matter? are you not aware of georgetown in the cities you live in? they won't let the metro come there. they don't want poor people around their houses, they tried to kick me out of the. so i think pete needs to worry less about more about that and what the country actually needs as far as infrastructure. >> daylight savings time is killing me. i think it's killing everybody. right now it's about 6:00 and it's pitch black outside. when i go home, i don't know if i should put my pjs on or have an evening, i have no idea anymore. when can this stop? [laughter] >> when i was on the campaign
3:00 pm
trail this came up all the time. eight daylight savings time. >> that does it for us. we will see you back here tomorrow 5:00 eastern for the big sunday shall. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ jon: federal appeals court upholds stay on president biden's vaccine mandate for large u.s. companies. the president wanted to require u.s. workers and businesses with 100 or more employees to be vaccinated by january 4 or be tested weekly.


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