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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  November 13, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hall of fame happening today at the kennedy space station complex in florida. michael lopez and scott kelly, former astronaut arizona senator mark kelly, 102 star in the hall of fame. how do you get voted? like the baseball hall of fame? arthel: i don't know but it's awesome. ♪♪ >> welcome to the journal editorial, i am paul gigot. continuing to crime in october with consumer prices rising 6.2% from a year ago. fastest since 1990 with gasoline almost 50% over the last 12 months. prices of 20% and as prices soar, wages are flowing falling with an average hourly earnings fell after inflation 0.5% in
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october 22% since january. the biden administration scrambling to respond to the bad economic news, more spending is the answer. here's white house chief of staff. >> the build back better bill to bring the cost down. also without adding a penny to the federal date without raising a penny on families making less than $400,000 a year. >> let's bring in our panel, wall street journals columnist. kim strassel. bill, they said it was transitory after five months in a row of 5% or more inflation. is this going to extend into next year? >> i think it is. you see the biden administration on this, first they were saying it not real words only transitory and now joe biden says did you ever gas prices
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would be this high? one of the problems is, you can't spin inflation. ordinary americans feel it. my daughter feels it when they got to the gas pump. i went to the grocery store and got a bag of groceries, $55. people see it and feel it. what's interesting to me is the people who tell us this isn't really a problem or it's going to go away. they are the same people who told us he wouldn't be a problem now, it would go away and we go back to work, i don't know why we should believe them. paul: the responsibility, the policies of the administration for the price search. >> they bear entire responsibility and that's why it's not likely to be transitory because it's policy fuel. we are having is classic supply
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demand mismatch which is why prices are going up. command has been fueled by giant payments that washington spent out from a $6 trillion over the last year, other more than a year. at the same time, supply has curtailed because you've got a labor shortage, transfer payments are going into homes and people refused to go back to work so it's a labor supply shortage and you have an administration with regulatory policies designed to impose cost and regulatory on companies which is crimping supply especially in the areas of energy so must you change some of these policies, inflation is likely here to stay for you at and other actors like the federal reserve. paul: the real robin here politically for the administration real wages aft inflation rate.
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wages are going up and people are getting nice raises but a lot of it is wiped out by inflation. how big a problem is that? >> we've had this narrative throughout the entire wave of inflation going back to last year were a lot of democrats are saying some of the labor conditions right now are going to be positive for workers because a lot of businesses are shortstaffed, people hold out for raises getting raises on paper month over month and get we are seeing paychecks stretching nearly as far as they might have in ordinary circumstances, people really are noticing so it's already played out electorally, the elections we saw in virginia and new jersey with republicans over performing probably have a lot to do with people looking at their monthly expenses and realizing they are hurting in their bank accounts more than they used to and they know the reason is because the amount of spending we see from the biden
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administration going back this last year how emergency stimulus bills framed as necessary despite the fact that growth is returning and now we are seeing the infrastructure bill and potentially an additional trillion dollars in the reconciliation bill so voters are going to hold democrats accountable for adding money to already over supplied money supply. paul: joe manchin warned months ago about inflation and spending, is he going to take action now do something to defeat the new bill? >> i hope so, he has every reason. not a likely complaint, he suggested this, look how the democrats are responding, they want to pass spending with no scoring to give an honest assessment of what it would cost because they don't want to know how much it would cost. people talk about what joe biden
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would take with this build back better bill clearly if your signature domestic agenda legislation failed, it's a hit but i think democrats might take a bigger hit if they put it through, inflation continues to rage in a year from now before the midterms we are even in worse shape. i think joe manchin would do his party a favor if he hangs in there. paul: where you think manchin will come out on this? >> he's been ready clear all the way from the start of these discussions, one of the biggest concerns was inflation and as we know, he has a lot of concern with the product going into the house bill at the moment. he's not even working off that bill, i definitely see him pushing his party to delay this but it will matter how strong he is because there is no appetite for that anywhere including the white house.
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paul: they will be fascinating to watch. when we come back, all members for the party are facing an uphill battle in control of congress next year. mark penn, whether we will take a midterm shellacking to move to the senate, next. ♪♪
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. >> amid surging and inflation and sagging poll numbers, president biden facing an uphill battle and slim congressional majority last year. my next guest says without a major course correction, 2022 could be devastatingly bad for the president and democrats. patrick's results in virginia and new jersey be a wake-up call for the party or will it take back midterm? mark penn, chairman of the pole
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and chairman and ceo of the stay well group. good to see you. i guess the question is, why has the public turned so quickly against joe biden? >> it's been a pretty dramatic turn since middle of the summer. it obviously really stepped up when he pulled troops out of afghanistan and left americans behind. only 33% approved of his afghanistan policy but on top of that, the economy which was received positively into the summer is perceived negatively now and 60% blame the administration for inflation. also the administration is negative on immigration, the top issues are really the economy now, fire second, immigration third so it's a tough spot for
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anybody. paul: some republicans say the big issue was culture, identity politics culture war, critical race theory, the schools but how much in your mind, phrygia and probably across the country, what is the culture and how much was the economy in the election? >> i think when you look at virginia and new jersey, you see a similar result even though candidates talk about different issues. that says to me that it suburban voters in these serving state who really switched, they switched on a combination of education, inflation, gas prices, dissatisfaction with the old democratic formulas peddled by the candidates so i think a little less about culture and more about economics. you look at the suburbs and
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virginia, they went basically 56% for five they set about those owners, and across. paul: voters have decided that spending plans relate to the inflation that is the reason the democrats are blaming the democratic party crisis. >> i think ron claims analysis says don't worry, who kat this couple truly know if bill, we are going to tax people for it it's going to be paid for. that does not reassure people, people understand the government expenditures in the middle of inflationary spiral can be forming gasoline on an economic higher. paul: is that the reason democrats after spending all this money, they say they passed
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1.9 trillion in march, partyline vote, child tax credit, unemployment benefit, who benefits food stamp benefits and all that and they say why are they getting credit for this? they're getting all of these freebies they seem puzzled by it, is a larger problem? >> it's linked to the client and administration at the same time the virus seems to receive the economy instead of taking off was perceived going into the tank. immigration is a pretty big issue, to the administration has a 35% approval on its immigration policy so there's a whole group of issues, all negative and the administration doesn't seem to want to address it and turn it around, they don't want to do what bill clinton did come up with the the center and save the presidency.
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it was too late for bill clinton to save congress, there wake-up call came after the midterms of the wake-up call is now but they are not waking up. paul: your description, your advice when you say move to the center, how? >> moved to the center, have to do something about gas prices and that means reversing some of the policies you put into effect, do something about the border so real policy changes, not just changes in rhetoric. you have to look at the bill to avoid inflationary pressures you might put the climate change up on a marked technology but, slower tax based incentive spaces which is now about its hundred billion dollars or $550 billion and he's already the richest person in the world. [laughter] paul: pare back the spending bill, 4 trillion and maybe try to see if you can put together a smaller bill more focused and go
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ahead with that. >> absolutely and i think manchin in the moderates have been angling for that, 53% of democrats are moderates. the party is genuinely split, 25% of the country is liberal. the expectation that the aoc and bernie sanders coming from vermont and the bronx represent the country was always a nonstarter. paul: thank you, good to see her. when we come back, black lives matter, eric adams. police activist friend new york's mayor elect restoring law and order.
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he he
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. if they think they are going to go back to policing the old way,
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they are going to take to the streets again. there will be fired and bloodshed. paul: running from black lives matter activist this week new york city mayor elect eric adams sing there will be riots, and bloodshed. his proposal to reinstate police units amid spike in violent crimes. adams not backing down on his promise to restore law and order. >> the city is not going to the city of riots or bernie. it's going to be a city we are going to the state or hold them accountable to do their job so the french development rhetoric like that. paul: we are back with bill mcgurn and kim strassel kim strassel. one of these activists trying to
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do with eric adams? >> basically, they know eric adams was elected on a platform of restoring public order to new york city. we seen historic spike in crime since last summer after wave of protests falling following the giving of torchlight. adams wishes and to invite them for sitdown meeting to hear their agenda and the meeting became contentious almost immediately they are talking about how they don't believe there's anything such as a good cop. as we saw in the clip, the explosion came afterward for they follow through to bring back the anti-gun units and officers they would basically encourage the members of black lives matter to take to the streets and riots and we seen they are able to marshal people
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to their supports and they have a lot of supporters in a broad left-wing coalition throughout the country so not an empty threat whatsoever but eric adams did the right thing basically by coming out and following and saying he's committed to revising anti-gun units and he's going to make sure he follows through on his campaign promise to restore the city. paul: so what did these anti-gun units do why does the left take them so much? >> they hate them because they are successful taking down crime. there is no question nypd knows how to take on crime and reduce violent crime. they did it for two decades, there's no question about that at all. the question is, will you have a mayor who backs his police force when they tried to keep the city safe? anything defective like that anti-crime unit, it's a
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fundamental part nypd going after bad guys. they are going to attack, they are going to do all these things, therefore to threaten a more modest version of bill clinton's. eric adams not only campaigned on public order, that's why he was selected over all the other democrats in the primary so he knows this so far, it doesn't seemed like he's going to give into the people trying to bully him if he can't. paul: if he does, they were broken on every hartford camp, the message that voters sent in the election last week about policing, defunding police and crime control. >> eric adams and his victory was hardly alone. minneapolis where there was an initiative on the ballot to
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essentially get rid of police department in the city and that failed by a large large margin. cities around the country for there were mayoral races, in particular seattle's for the candidate promising law and order, we saw that in different cities around the country. in a couple of interesting ones because of the side piece to this issue about defunding the police, one of the problems went say it's not just having enough money but the fact that they have these district attorneys who put them right back out on the street, no bail and etc. so long island there were a couple of d.a. races where republican candidates, democrat specifically over this issue of bail reform and returning repeat offenders to the streets, people are speaking up loudly that they want changes in policy. paul: are the national democrats party itself getting this
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message signed changing? >> you did see a little bit of awareness that the message of abolish police departments, defunct the police which a lot of democrats adopted immediately in the wake of protests last summer running out of gas. even by the time of the democratic convention last act g we want to reform police departments and fan police from using chokehold and other tactics essential to them to apprehend criminals but they have to turn around and use general election contests, you see them sometimes trying to back away so they are torn between that and the demands of voters. paul: still ahead, cancel culture alive and well chicago.
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the ceo of mcdonald's speaking out about murders.
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under pressure from the left, chris is apologizing last spring chicago mayor shootings and mass murder in the city. her visit to the fast food company's headquarters in april,
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address the killing of a 7-year-old adams at a mcdonald's drive-through shootout the 13-year-old kathy shot by police, only get tragic but adding parents failed to those kids, always something you can't say. we are back with bill mcgurn, kim strassel. tell us why people want the ceo to apologize and whether he has anything to really apologize for. >> it's part of what culture, we seen everywhere whether it's pressuring companies to take a stand on george's voting reform or anything else, ceos in the line of progressive politics maybe become a target to demand a resignation and he has nothing to apologize for simply suggests parents have some role in the
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fate of the children, outrageous or even crazy thing to say it's a normal thing to say and it goes to the root of the policies we are going to need to address to fix some of these issues that lead to these homicides in these urban districts so unfortunately, is apparently apologizing and that's how it seems to go these days. we need more ceos with more backbone. paul: it shows how deep the wall culture embedded itself in corporate america. >> that's right the mcdonald's ceo of all people has nothing to apologize for in this case. mcdonald's for the companies invest regularly in poor communities, it creates a path to the upper-middle-class and successful black people in particular and open up franchises there. the ceo is doing what he should do i talking about the shooting that took place at one of their
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restaurants. not only is it a general appointing responsibility to the parents, the shooting of the 7-year-old killed there with her father whose gang affiliated and he was killed apparently by a rival he was very responsible for the fate of his daughter appearing in public with her so the ceo of mcdonald's was talking to the mayor about solutions to improve public safety at the restaurants throughout the city in general is a wonderful thing. he put his finger on the problem exactly but that's exactly what the will? to do, they collapsed every single instance into a narrative of oppression, they don't care about the details in the attack merely to flex their muscles and show they can take down another target. paul: bill, more broadly, james, for the democratic strategist, democrat need to get away from this identity politics stuff but
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a lot of democrats are saying, accusing republicans in the election, a phony culture war, he wrote about that, why don't you elaborate on that and whether or not he's right. >> i think he's right, he said the democrats need to go to a woke detox center to get this out of them and he cited taking abraham lincoln's name off the building and all the white supremacist. the, about culture work with barack obama in virginia using plan youngkin, raising these issues, that was on top of a lot of between criticism including terry mcauliffe thing glenn youngkin was running a race campaign from the lincoln project as a white supremacist and i think this james was leading to ridiculous things in los angeles. larry elder, african-american radio commentator hailed as a
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candidate white supremacy. same thing in virginia, the, first african-american woman to win a statewide office, she's hailed as an advocate for white supremacy. it shows more they don't have an argument and they want to bully people into silence and i think the public is responding. i think most of the public that saw the mcdonald's ceo statement would have the reaction that monai and kim had talking about responsibility and also saying you can't say that and i think most people sympathize with that and they see the people bully offstage. paul: kim, any signs the democrats will move off of this? >> the fact that they are actively saying we are not really engaged in critical race theory and oh, we are not woke and this is phony, it goes to
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show they understand how dangerous this is and there is backlash but it doesn't stop them from taking direction from the liberal wing of their party feel committed to these policies we were talking about to define that work agenda. paul: still ahead, growing concerns amid signs of the military buildup on the ukraine border. general jack keane what the latter miracle is up to next. ♪♪ >> it's not clear with the russian intentions are and we don't want to see further destabilizing, already a very tense part of the world. ♪♪
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we don't have moscow's intentions we do know it playbook. our concern is russia they make a serious mistake of attempting to rehash to back in 2014, forces along the border crossing to sovereign ukrainian territory did so maybe falsely provoked. paul: antony blinken warning moscow making a serious mistake, they could be trying to repeat 2014 invasion of ukraine. ukraine's defense ministry said 90000 russian troops are positioned along the border raising alarms in washington of just what is not me putting up
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to? let's ask general jack keane, fox news senior strategic. highly unusual for an american official ranking to warn europeans about something like this how concerned should we be? >> it's very curious what's taking place. a fair amount of misreporting and a faulty analysis by the administration. simply those who say this nothing to be concerned about you said, 90000 troops in the vicinity ukraine so we are always going to have concern we should always be watching in terms of what's taking place but here's what's happening. three things that drive me to the conclusion that our military offensive is not eminent. number one, the 41st combined army which people are tracking the elements of moving away from
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ukraine closer to belarus and they are doing that to move temporary facing a more permanent heart stand which are facing so seasonal thing. elements of which are conducting the training exercise not moving closer to ukraine. secondly, politically if offensive was coming, the rhetorical escalation would be dramatic and significant inside of russia targeted ukraine in the region. while there is some element of rhetorical escalation, it minor and more normal before the norway format meetings over the issue of ukraine. the third thing is strategically thought it makes no sense. here's why.
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the coverage push out of ukraine, russia in 2014 by their own people on the heels of the winter olympics, food was not about to suffer the humiliation and embarrassment defeat particularly with domestic audience here in ukraine. he moved in the eastern ukraine for a different reason. he wanted to make certain ukraine did not moving to nato it did not closer to the european union. both of those objectives is achieved. it doesn't make any strategic sense for him to conduct a military offense of operation to ukraine. one of the things we are looking at in the study of war which i chair, he may however be setting the stage to move forces into belarus, more permanent basis. obviously undermine the european union, that is a possibility and
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bears watching. paul: talk about belarus because the dictator there close to putting sending refugees from the middle east across the border much to : dismay and the dictator said if you complain about this post sanctions, i might cut off gas supply through belarus from russia to europe so he would have done that without consent i assume? >> you are right, it's hand in glove while they were opposed at one time lyrically, he was so independent. once the people died in the streets after the election, it looks like they could possibly push him out of belarus. putin wasn't about to have a incident on his hands like ukraine so he's stepping he spent his body kat troops out on
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the guise of training to solidify that relationship yes, what's actually happening here, this is about undermining friends and creating division using gas to do it, whether arising the program out of the middle east. they are in belarus pushing them in to poland to help the "wall street journal" report destabilize that region so those are the objectives here. long-term, they will continue to use natural gas as a political weapon and why we ever committed to the pipeline deal to go through, here is another graphic example of what a strategic failure it is in the long-term dealing with russia and european friends. paul: it seems to me -- we have about a minute left but the
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russians feel they kat do leverage now, we got an energy crisis in europe this winter the gasoline threat is very potent. >> putin will take any issue and he if he can weaponize and politicize it and undermine the transatlantic alliance in europe, he's going to do it. has it now and he's got the resources in terms of his hand on the lever of the gas and he's going to. paul: good to see her. still ahead, not guilty plea this week for the steel dossier. john durham continues to unravel the case. what we have learned from the probe so far and where the investigation goes next week i'm back. ♪♪
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i'm not guilty, russia analyst source for the steel dossier. charged with five counts of lying to the fbi about providing information from a british spy christopher field for the democratic document. the case against him as part of special counsel john brown's investigation into the origins of the fbi 2016 trump russia probe into march 3 so what have we learned so far from those who have been charged? we are back with hilfiger kim strassel kim, you've been following this closely. from all these indictments, brought together for our audience. >> i think two main things. we are now finding out dossier
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which we referred to for so long as the steel dossier has clinton's campaign fingerprints all over from the beginning to the end not only the democratic national clinton campaign, commissioner, a law firm and research outfit but now it turns out we know one of the characters named in the most recent indictment was a clinton campaign surrogate giving some of the information to mr. van which led into the dossier so they are providing information on back and purchasing things on the front and. i think it i think we are learning is this narrative over the years that the trump campaign or in bed with the russians, it was the clinton campaign working with various russians, not only the russian national provide most of the
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most scandalous claims into the dossier, who is speaking to other russians who gave information, executive in the united states, tied up with russians and it brings up questions of how many people knew about this and whether or not there was opportunity to get information into thereby foreign intelligence. paul: bill, where is this going? so far the indictments are lying to the fbi so far. he hasn't put together a conspiracy charge yet and i wonder if there is something like that on the horizon or if it might be left stitching it together for the people and what it meant in a report because it's hard to bring against the indictment. >> -one of the big factors there, you may not be able to
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prove liability by the people involved but i think they may give us something more important, and in-depth look at what actually happened. kim is right, this is clinton, and attempt, one of the biggest dirty tricks in american history to get the fbi to investigate the arrival and it wasn't just the clinton campaign from the fbi went along with it. one of the questions we have at the end of the durham report, the fbi or were they willing? doesn't speak to their credentials. most of the investigation is to focus on the front and questions from how it started, who came up with the dossier, i think there are a lot of backend questions, some of this ended up on the application before the court basically alleging an agent of a
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foreign power and some of us false information was sent in there so there are a lot of questions, i'm hoping in the end i think special counsel, durham has to write a report, it doesn't have to be made public but i'm hoping they will make a public. paul: where you think this is going in terms of possible indictment? >> it all comes back to how you frame this, what is john durham trying to do here? were not in his mind, he has two choices. he can go out try to maybe three conspiracy indictments and can certainly make that case that there is conspiratorial aspects but the legal part for that is quite high. he's known for being a guy who likes to get in so if that is a risk he might not want to go there. as of the indictments have been
12:54 pm
suggesting, inclination right now to get the people, fundamentally misleading duping the fbi as the fbi players were use the indictments to tell the true story to the american people. we are already seeing movement as a result, it's astonishing, there has been a few press outlets willing to admit they might have a problem with past reporting. >> i'm still waiting for a lot of those, kim. there's a lot more that deserves to be made an apology is accepted by the way for the criticism of us along the way. one for break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. ♪♪
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[engine humming] [clapping]
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“we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class. ♪ yeah, it rocks. >> time for hits and misses of the week. kim, first to you. >> a hit to the oklahoma supreme court for tossing out $465 million judgment against johnson & johnson for making opioids. drugmakers and pharmacies have been the latest windfall target you are trying to claim that they are responsible for the entire opioid crisis in reality they did nothing more than make legal prescription drugs. this court ruling which find
12:59 pm
that they can't be held liable under public nuisance laws is a small step at a courageous one for other courts. >> a big hit the father to rico, he is retiring two decades after he founded it. into his mission to defend the moral basis of free markets. he in his merry band have been doing that for years often on the editorial pages of the wall street journal. after retirement father's best wishes for a brighter future for the institute. >> givenness to a longtime and outgoing senate president of new jersey steve sweeney. viewers may have seen that he was defeated in a big upset by a truck driver who spent very little on his campaign. sweeney conceded the race this week and he defended his record of keeping costs low for new
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jersey that he was tossed out for the record of tax increases. >> thank you all if you have your own hit or miss be sure to treat at je are on fnc. that is it for this week's show, take you to my panel and thank you for all of you for watching. i can't wait to see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪. arthel: new york city mayor elect eric adams standing firm on his decision to bring back the controversial police unit to deal with the city surgeon gun violence. this despite the black activist in new york, he said the welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news live, i am arthel neville untenable. eric: thank you for joining us i am eric shawn. the mayor elect adams who has retired nypd captain who one law and order, he's doubling down on his campaign


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