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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 13, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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major stories we are following up as our here on fox news live, kyle rittenhouse trial hearing its conclusion, the judge expected to issue final rulings today on charges. the jury may consider if it acquits him of murder. today his mother in the jury ahead of monday's moving arguments. >> it's in the hands of the jury and watching them, i've been taking notes, listening to the
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truth and i hope they take that into what the outcomes going to be. arthel: welcome to fox news live, i am arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: thank you for joining us here at the fox news channel. i am eric shawn. the three other stories where color following closely, president biden addressing inflation, he says the infrastructure bill will help bring prices of everything we've been paying for go down. critics are saying the president's policies in the crisis, who will take a look. reaction to the newly released e-mail to show national school board association what the white house and department of justice, the letter comparing the threats from some angry parents to domestic terrorism. the humanitarian crisis of the southern border getting worse by the day. migrants keep coming in the
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caravan with what we are told up to 10000 more people taking shape in mexico headed to our country. live team fox coverage for you, bill melugin has more on the border. explicit e-mails from lucas tomlinson and the fight against inflation. live in kenosha, wisconsin with the trial, they expect the rulings from the judge today. reporter: good afternoon, people are on edge here in the community in kenosha county as a brace for possible unrest and the judge is closer to figuring out exactly what charges kyle rittenhouse will be facing as everything begins monday. some of this area here in downtown kenosha, people never took their boards down off their businesses. areas hit hard during unrest following the police shooting of
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jacob blake, more than 100 businesses for either family damage during the unrest from one of those were burned to the ground. watching the chaos unfold on social media at night in august. these videos of the scene when she showed up that night. >> i can't describe the feeling, a feeling of oh my god. they are really going to do this. then they approached and i remember hearing the words, no, no, not the mattress shop. they are so nice. i remember that. reporter: by the said time she said she got to her shop, it was gone. we're waiting on the judge to issue a final ruling on charges security can consider in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the judge ruling yesterday it will allow jurors to consider some lesser charges but also deny one of those requests.
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legal experts tell us the trade-off that could help get a conviction in this case but the move would ensure kyle rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. you can see here some of the boards remain up. the sheriff's department figuring out other businesses in the area bracing for potential unrest in their preparing and having the national guard out here on standby communicating to make sure everybody is safe but a trigger for the business members and local community members ready for the trial to wrap up. eric: thanks so much. arthel: president biden says $2.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill by monday will help bring down runaway inflation, president biden speaking at a cabinet meeting yesterday and growing pressure with inflation at a 30 year high. lucas tomlinson is live at the white house with the latest. reporter: inflation is at the
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highest since three decades. americans crossed the country and they are feeling the squeeze. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle admit is a big problem. >> of course inflation is real and back home prices have gone up at the gas pump in the grocery store, milk cost more, we have to acknowledge the problem. >> inflation is being felt everyday. the energy crisis has gone through the roof. the american public will feel best at every level. the biden administration policies because every bit of this spiritless not just of thanksgiving american dinner table for they are feeling it, gas prices from houston to new york to l.a., 59% spike nearly 40% from a year ago. >> every one has been pains this much gas, some parts california are paying a dollar 50 cents.
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gallon. >> the price of a 15-pound turkey has skyrocketed from $11.2018 to $21 today. thus the highest decades amid 25% jump in the last year. that's not just inflation causing heartburn. federal courts with the mandates and parts of the u.s. military as well. oklahoma national guard they will not mandate the vaccine. covid are two of the topics president biden will have from a communist chinese leader xi jinping when he speaks to him at the white house here. arthel: physically for the president next week. he will meet with the mexican president as well. lucas tomlinson live at the white house, thank you. eric. eric: attorney general eric garland directing fbi to look at threats of violence contentious school board phoenix.
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the national school boards association preparing for thoughts to some parents to domestic terrorism. officials confirming the fox news they did peak with an fda and justice department before the letter was sent to the president. live in washington with mark on this circular route. alexandria. reporter: does a lot of timing issues here people are looking closely at. right now the white house is trying to distance itself from the attorney general's office telling fox news contacts was made with the justice department, d.o.j. took enforcement action on its own. it was outlined in the memo released by merrick garland, federal law enforcement, school boards. national school work association documents obtained by fox news shows they met with white house as early as september 14 and the association was actively engaged in the department of justice as
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well. the association also takes credit from the october 4 d.o.j. memo after sending a letter to the president five days prior. merrick garland maintained he was not part of any kind of coordinated political effort. here's former acting attorney general. >> those are serious tools law enforcement has an stick that on parents merely voicing their concerns about critical race theory and other things taught at school. they should never have happened but it shows the department of justice was clearly coordinating at the time. >> last month national court association apologized for the warning used in their letter to the president. d.o.j. has not rescinded their memo. eric: thanks. arthel: thank you. president biden will be set to meet with mexico's president at the white house next week another sizable migrant caravan
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could be heading toward the u.s. concerns are growing over human smuggling at the border. bill melugin is live in the joya texas with the latest. reporter: good afternoon. things here are really starting to heat up. here right now are drawn will give you a look but concerning information, border patrol telling us in 14 hour span, for confirmed members of the ms 13 gang here in this sector alone in less than one day. his reports of more caravans headed our way, take a look at this video. the original caravan that left last month and this heading north, it's only down to about 1000 people not. the leader of that caravan is now planning to join another caravan in sarah cruz november 18, the second caravan reports
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are up to 10000 people. they want to emerge the caravans headed north to the mexican city of sonora across from arizona. president biden is set to meet with the mexican president next week. we talked about the activity here in the rio grande valley, look at this video we recently shot. went inthe brush looking. we saw two guys hiding in a bush right in front of us difficult to see at first, they were dark clothing, they don't want to be caught. texas national guard after above us. eventually you will see what patrol agents on scene. they took them away and likely will be title 42 fax to mexico. look at this video, we shot here in la jolla, large groups in the middle of the night. this was a group of about 150 people cross illegally into la jolla. they were mostly family units looking to give themselves up to border patrol because they know they can get here and because
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they are family, they will likely be released in the country with the future court date. earlier this week tuesday, for the very first time texas national guard were able to take down one of the human smugglers in texas. this was the first time the defendant operation like this. they got wrapped and smugglers, seven illegal immigrants inside of the raft with them. one of the people previously deported fell and with conviction for sexual assault. the smuggler himself was a 17-year-old mexican national assault troopers when they try to arrest them. more concerning information we are learning from dhs source here in the rio grande valley sector in the last 24 hours. there are 262 no getaways, illegal immigrants they saw crossing on cameras, but they don't have the manpower to get to. 262 people have gone through here in one day in one sector
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and that doesn't even count the ones they don't know about. arthel: bill melugin, liz, thanks. we will have more of the border crisis ahead when the mayor of rio grande city texas, joel joins us later this hour. stick around for that. eric: former president trump's ally criminal contempt of congress the house january 6 committee. refused to turn over documents, critics say investigators need to find out what role they played in the attack in our democracy at the capitol part of the so-called trump hotel or room seeking to challenge the election results. it should come as a surprise former trump administration acting attorney general, no fan of this. >> it makes the department of justice very political exactly the wrong place to be. the department of justice needs
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to do some soul-searching as to what their job is and truly justices, there just a partisan apparatus for congress and the white house. >> the attorney general says the law is being followed properly and they will aggressively deal with that. former white house chief of staff mark meadows failed to appear for deposition before the january 6 panel. he could face similar charges, general michael flynn though he says he will cooperate. arthel: the trial of ahmaud arbery wrapping up testimony from different officers in the initial investigation. a 25-year-old unarmed black man was killed after three white men chased him a neighborhood in georgia. february of 2020 home under construction's he heard from a police officer testified he fled
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trenton passing morning. see here on trial for murder, aggravated assault and imprisonment. eric: thanksgiving plans from a big gigantic turkey on the table? is going to cost more. the supply chain, more expensive and some say are a lot harder to find. will this continue through thanksgiving? will take a look what's up for the holidays. lydia continues. talks news live
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one of the victims of the astro world possible my 16-year-old
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was one of the nine people killed in houston. when fans rushed the stage, travis scott performed. victims ranged from only 14 years old to 27. friends and family were rihanna's favorite colors, pink and white. the service this morning, they say she left been part of her school's dance team, the youngest victim's father was only 19 years old, his son is currently on life support. organs are damaged and he's suffering from brain swelling. arthel: that's really sad. it seems that nothing is off-limits for the supply chain crisis, including thanksgiving dinner. stores are running low on staples so what is running low? more with john from chairman and ceo of red apple, lots of supermarkets. thanks for joining us. americans are experiencing pain
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at the pump and grocery store prices, you say they are related. tell us how. >> the price of gasoline and food went up the last six months from 45000-barrel all the way up to 88 a barrel and even tried to shut down another canadian pipeline and i asked why one tenth about a barrel. the cost of trucking is going up in the products of the grocery stores and there's a shortage of truckers. if you have a shortage of truckers, you have a shortage of gasoline, i product you are shipping to the grocery stores on the east or west coast costs more.
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some of the manufacturers have cut back and there's a problem getting all the products in. there are cuts on rationing products like some of the manufacturers in our advice to consumers was we have everything right now. shop early and you'll get everything you need. if you wait until the last minute and we rent out, you might not be able to get it in time for the holiday and that's good advice, plain good advice to the consumer. arthel: sure. everybody wants to know how we fix this how do you take the air out of the inflation balloon? how long will the inflated prices last? >> the price of gasoline and food rises, it's creating the
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rise. arthel: but how long -- we get the problem, how do we fix it? how long do you think the prices will last? >> i think the president and white house turn on the pumps in the united states, 100 years worth of gasoline and oil in the united states, let the people pump and canada ship it down to us, turn on the pumps in america will survive this crisis instead of begging the russians to sell it to us, we have it in america. arthel: tap into the reserve is white rose but listen, when i go to grocery stores to shop for my thanksgiving, i want to look at what we are going to find. turkeys, very low in stock. two weeks ago, turkeys were 60%
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out of talk. cranberry sauce low, sweet petito's low in stock. stuffing, low in stock but apparently there are more of those than last year. refrigerated pies people like are low in stock. as the owner of a chain of these grocery stores, can you help consumers by her hops telling the products at cost or a bit above cost? >> in new york city we are seeing where the only ones left alive. many have gone bankrupt and it's not fair for us to select cost invite employees have worked 365 days a year and they from their paychecks. arthel: i wasn't implying you have to bear the brunt, i just thought it was a fair question to ask.
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do you find food banks are feeling this as well? >> i think it's been felt by all because the products coming in and the east coast area are coming into the same places. it doesn't affect that. arthel: those of us fortunate, we have to remember those depending on food banks especially this time of year we want to make sure we support them. >> we are working with food banks and next week we are giving 10000 turkeys to the needy. arthel: wonderful. john, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. eric: asking you to donate to the food bank about the cashier when you check out and they've got pumpkin turkey thing you put your name on texas joins us to k
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about security challenges and what he thinks the president should tell the mexican counterparts. ♪♪
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fox news bill melugin reported earlier, border patrol agents arrested for members in the ms 13 gang. previous arrest records for previous crimes trying to cross the border. president biden said to meet next thursday with mexican president on these issues in the middle of office is rio grande city with the mayor, he joins us now. mr. mayor, chris dozier.
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>> good afternoon mark. eric: the president will meet with his counterpart, what you think the president should say and can they achieve anything concrete? >> on behalf of the great city, thank you for having me on your show. these level of apprehensions, rio grande valley for decades we've endured these level of apprehensions we are talking about ms 13 gang members, cartel operatives, individuals with ties to the organization, that's independent of which political party has been in power. this must be a national solution and we need to meet with mexico and address these issues out there southern border but yes, these are issues that must be addressed with a solution just like we need a solution here in
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the u.s. without national leaders doing the same thing because these issues continue to arise and we are having this conversation before, if we don't address it, ten years today we will be still having this conversation so kudos to law enforcement, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies that work together and collaborate to safeguard the public and secure the border and they are doing a tremendous job. however, we need our lack national leaders to address this with bipartisan, financial solutions that will have conceivable consequences and longevity with solutions. eric: we are looking at video shot wednesday in mexico, we hear there is another caravan coming, 10000 herself. what would you tell authorities to try to stop this? what concrete measures do you say and what you think officials should take now to get a handle on this?
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>> let's start with the southern border, mexico seven border. this is something that can provide resources as well as intelligence to address this at that level. before they come to new mexico and our southern border, definitely plus keep in mind we need to address the issues that lead americans to leave their home countries. what are some of the issues? i know they've been addressed before but haven't really solidified any solutions? i don't think we have. going back to immigration reform, with not addressed this in decades. i'm sure people are tired of this but it's the same concept, we have not prioritized immigration reform haven't had the political will to address this so are we going to do this? matches having this conversation, it's great to meet and i hope this is not a conversation but just taking
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photographs and not really dealing with resolutions but it must be done and some of this is addressing it at the southern border and in some cases, are they going to allow individuals and mexico as well? some of these individuals want to work and that's part of the process of pursuing the american dream but also some of these central americans live in mexico as well and spend their time in mexico and not just the u.s. was a binational issue we need to address and hopefully we have the political will to address it. and very soon. if not, we will have these conversations 20 years from today. eric: how does this affect your community? >> we continually coordinate with local law enforcement and federal law enforcement and entities to make sure we are prepared and we don't have the
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resources especially when it comes to medical necessities, we don't have them especially if we have 14000 people at our front door, who might be equipped to address that level of influx of migrants but we continually work with federal partners collaboratively and i cannot say enough about our law enforcement, local, state and federal because they do a tremendous job day in and day out in spite of what happens around them. keep in mind and i've said this before, i cannot say this enough, independent of which political party has been in power, this has been an issue. are we going to address it as a country? hopefully we are in the near future, addressing these matters because communities are affected whether it's providing medical resources or law enforcement
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officers to address or help with some of these potential risk factors that come in to play when it comes to the criminal element. not everyone is criminal, we know that, sometime this way that are not coming for any crime but nonetheless we need to address it. eric: you feel on the front line, you feel at first, you have a wonderful community. >> yes, we do. eric: we thank you and we will keep having you on to spread the message. thank you, mayor. >> appreciate your time. arthel: at least one person killed and several others wounded in an explosion in afghanistan. emergency workers say a bomb was attached to a minivan when it detonated on a busy street initiate neighborhood of kabul.
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brian is live in london. >> on of horrendous attack, casualties is likely to rise as dust settles and the picture becomes more clear. the most recent casualties of just the latest attack and a series of attacks right across afghanistan over recent weeks. officials talking to the associated rest saying the blast occurred on express in a kabul neighborhood heavily populated by shiites who have been the target of repeated attacks like islamic state militants. islamic state is group that considers shiite muslims to be heretics. yesterday there was a sunni mosque in eastern afghanistan, 15 afghans in the hospital, the third bombing in just over a month. all of these attack, muslim
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versus muslim violence, violence between different sects of islam persistent afghanistan and could prompt something again to the kind of civil war rudy and what we saw tragically in iraq in 2006. afghanistan had its own civil war in the 1980s. of course the taliban is now the government in afghanistan edits charged as such with providing security for all afghanistan's irrespective of their religious meanings. i have to say, ever since the taliban took control and allies have pulled out, we have seen islamic state again and again almost with impunity going after not just taliban targets but civilians as well. arthel: live in london, thanks, brian. eric: we just heard report, an
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auto company and gas station, pump, pump, pump. the prices are going up, up, up. where will it start? "wall street journal" global economics contributor, john is straight ahead. ♪♪
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welcome back, white house press secretary john starkey said the biden administration is looking at every school in our arsenal. from gas to heating oil, prices on everything are growing up according to the labor department fuel cost in october from six to 12% higher than a year ago. will bring in john now, a global commerce economic contributor to the "wall street journal" and fox news dendritic.
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john, based on oil and gas, how can president biden tackle these soaring prices? >> i think one of the risks is the government get too involved, one of the lessons we had from the 1970s was the government, it's painful when gas prices go up and food prices go up in the government made a lot of bad decisions putting in price caps, price controls and they made a bad situation worse so the issue of inflation should be in the hands of the federal reserve which manages the money supply into many cases, the government should just get out of the way and that some of the problems plaguing the market sort themselves out. arthel: what about the idea of dipping into oil reserves? i would lower the prices of a negative effect as well that goes with it.
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>> that is one way to tap into the supply right now. we have a large fracking industry in the united states is marketplaces at play and burn more money by turning on pumps more aggressively so you have to ask, should the government get in the middle of this or should it just to stay out of the way? we were through this dramatic. with covid where the economy shut down, it's opening up and there are a lot of disruptions, not just in the energy market but markets and restaurants and supply chains that bring christmas presents to our children and it taking time to work out all of these bottlenecks in one of the risks we learned in the 1970s when the government starts meddling in these markets aggressively, it makes a bad problem even worse. arthel: how is the government doing that?
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>> one of the issues right now i think the biden administration and congress needs to consider is how much stimulus they've pumped in to the economy. it's also an issue for the federal reserve which ultimately is responsible for managing brought inflation, not just gas or food prices but inflation across the board. in response to covid, there was a huge amount of money pumped into the economy, the economy is bring out now reopening, it might be time to stop doing the public and the feds started to wind down some of its stimulus with some of its bond buying programs. they've got some heart calculations to make. arthel: let me look at the energy, propane up 50%, natural gas 30%, electric heating up 6%.
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people need to heat their homes, how much time you think the biden demonstration has to do something? >> there's a midterm election in the year so i would say they have a year. before people start taking out whatever frustration they've got on the politicians back here in congress or in the white house. that's about the right amount of time, it's going to take time for these sort themselves out. they haven't sorted themselves out within a year, we might have this problem. with the fed and treasury department and white house are saying, these are temporary disruptions, be patient. they have it work themselves out in your thin the politicians have a problem on their hands. arthel: the white house is also saying layers in wall street and the federal reserve who agree with our assessment inflation is
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expected to substantially decelerate next year so let's hope for the psaki of consumers americans are bearing the brunt of this. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. eric: new york city's mayor pushing or refusing to back down. eric adams, former police captain himself has officers to fight gun violence despite a shocking morning from a black lives activist who says the undercover police units are back on the streets, it will unleash new rights. >> eric adams pledged he would hire the first new york city commissioner and the top essential candidates are former seattle police chief carmen, former newark police chief roman and philadelphia's first black female commissioner, danielle
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outlaw following last summer's protests and riots in new york city, adams promised to be tough on crime while at the same time holding police officers accountable. he wants to bring back nypd's anti-crime unit, to bring down shootings. he says the units will be reinvented by recruiting less aggressive crops and making them wear body cameras, black lives matter leader told me it's not enough. >> the fact that body cameras are not preventing crops from brutalizing people. what will prevent cops brutalizing people is sending cops who harm people to jail. as it stands, police don't stop other police officers from harming people. if they did, there would be no eric carter. reporter: a contentious meeting this week promised after there would be riots, fires and
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bloodshed police officers come back. adams is calling on more democrats to condemn comments like that. >> national, state and city should stand up and say we will never allow anyone that there would be blood in our streets. we have to be honest about that. >> despite pressure, he promises to bring back anti-crime units which were disbanded in 2020. eric: thanks so much. arthel: after nearly 14 years, britney spears conservatorship, the battle has ended. what next for the popstar? ♪♪
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popstar britney spears thank you have fans and supporters around the world after california judge dissolved the conservatorship that has control of her life, her finances for more than 13 years, victory yesterday after a very public and rocky legal battle with her own father who is suspended as her conservator
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in september. christina coleman is following this from los angeles and joins us now. >> after nearly 14 years of living under a conservatorship britney spears called abusive and traumatizing, she is free. her fans and her fight were inspiring. >> words can't describe how disabled woman who's a fan of britney -- i can't describe this moment. >> clearly a big day for britney and her fans. she put out this tweetdeck not more than 2.6 million views, she said good god, i love my pants so much, i think i am going to cry the rest of the day, best day ever. praise the lord, can i get an amen? britney's father jamie spears had control of britney's estate since 2008, he already agreed to step down from the role in
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august following intense media and legal scrutiny following britney's very emotional testimony when she accused her father of mistreating her. he denies the can happen to anybody so i want to thank britney first and foremost. [cheering] i want to thank all of you. reporter: britney's attorney said he will investigate her length of abuse and a safety net to oversee the transition of her estate. another hearing on this matter is scheduled for december 8. arthel: that is great news. thank you.
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nasa inducting three new
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members of the u.s. national hall of fame happening today at the kennedy space station complex in florida. michael lopez and scott kelly, former astronaut arizona senator mark kelly, 102 star in the hall of fame. how do you get voted? like the baseball hall of fame? arthel: i don't know but it's awesome. ♪♪ >> welcome to the journal editorial, i am paul gigot. continuing to crime in october with consumer prices rising 6.2% from a year ago. fastest since 1990 with gasoline almost 50% over the last 12 months. prices of 20% and as prices soar, wages are flowing falling with an average hourly earnings fell after inflation 0.5% in


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