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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 13, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PST

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get access to space for everybody, and how we can democratize space and space technology as a paying customer. >> glen de vries dead at age 49. >> fallout over newly released internal e-mails between the national school board's association, and the white house and the department of justice. the e-mails appear to show coordination that compared parents to domestic terrorists. i'm griff jenkins. >> i'm jacqui heinrich. and there were directed threats to school boards. >> the white house is pointing
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the finger at the justice department and an official told fox news, the white house with an in contact with the doj, but only with regards to policy. what the biden administration is distancing from, the notorious memo from merrick garland with the fbi in school board disputes. documents obtained by fox news shows that the group met with the white house as early as september 14th, discussing concern over the climate for school board members and the association was activity engaged with the department of justice, in that document they also took credit for the act 4th doj memo after sending a letter to the president five days prior, likening some to domestic terrorists. he maintains he was not part of a coordinated political effort. >> prior to the letter, did you help the national school board association put together the letter? >> not -- i have had no such conversations.
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i would be surprised if that happened, but i don't know. >> at least 11 states have severed ties with the national school board association which last month apologized for the wording used in their letter to the president. the doj has not rescinded their memo and standard by garland's testimony. >> alexandria hoff live with the latest, thank you so much. griff: joining us now with reaction to the controversy over schools. i want to ask you as once the acting attorney general, what does the timing of this streak you as unusual? >> well, a lot about this strikes me as unusual, griff. it's good to be with you today. knowing how that building works at the department of justice and the way they've turned around that memo within four or five days of the white house receiving the original letter from the national school board
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association, tells me that doj was at the table and obviously, merrick garland must be surprised today to have learned that this happened, but it's very concerning because if you remember, the memo that was sent out to the u.s. attorneys to the fbi, it was circulated broadly through the building at the department of justice, including the national security division, those are serious tools that law enforcement has and to sic that on parents, merely voicing concerns about critical race theory and others in schools should never have happened, but the speed with which it happened shows the department of justice is clearly coordinating at the time. griff: to your point, not only the timing, but september 29th labeling parents as domestic terrorists goes out five days later on october 4th. this heavy-handed, forceful response from the doj happens, but they have not rescinded it,
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matt. the nsba apologized, but the doj has not rescinded and has not apologized. we asked for comment and he say they standby the attorney general's controversial memo. >> that's outrageous, the original memo from the national school board association suggested using the patriot act all of its tools and no-knock several warrants and other things used for terrorists against parents. obviously, we have to agree that political violence is never appropriate -- no matter what is at stake in our country, but the department of justice, this is too thuggish and it brings too much law enforcement tools and a purely political issue to moles of these school boards. griff: so is it your view, matt, do you believe that the white house told the doj, pushed the doj to do this?
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we asked the white house about that, my colleague jacqui heinrich got response for me moments before i went on the air last night. and they simply seemed to throw garland under the bus, sure, we had conversation with the doj about not policy enforcement and doj essentially did this themselves washing their hands of it. >> the doj aware this letter was coming and what it was asking for and a response required quickly, so, it makes merrick garland look clueless, aloof or, you know, just not in charge of the department of justice which is a dangerous place to be as attorney general. i was engaged at every level while i was in that seat. griff: and mart matt, a lot of news breaking, steve bannon two con tempts of congress and
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wondering mr. mark meadows. >> i think it's a serious abuse of justice, these are misdemeanors under the section they're charged. remember that eric holder was held in contempt. the obama department of justice didn't charge him. lois lerner in the irs tax targeting of conservative groups was not charged. this makes it look very political and the wrong place you need to be. you combine what we're talking about earlier with this and i think the department of justice needs to do some soul searching as to what their job is and it's truly justice is blind or if they're a partisan apparatus for congress and the white house. griff: and lastly, with someone with your experience, does this tell us short of the direction that things could be going in terms of the january 6th select committee looking into this? >> i don't think you can read
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anything into it. each case has its unique set of facts and obviously the january 6th committee has a limited scope that has to be relate today its congressional duties. you know, and it can't be a partisan operation. griff: former acting attorney general matt whitaker, thank you for your time today. have a great saturday. great to see you, griff. >> president biden is battling inflation fears as americans grapple with rising food and gas prices. the president now saying his infrastructure bill will relieve some of that pressure. lucas tomlinson is live with the latest at the white house. >> not often we get to talk turkey, but with inflation, the cost of the bird is highest in this century and americans are feeling the squeeze at the pump and president biden announcing yesterday. >> paying this much for a gallon of gas, in some parts of california paying $4.50 a gallon. >> the price of a 15-pound turkey surged from $11 in 2018
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to $21, the j ump in the past year and just been everything that you need to make your meal complete. eggnog, eggs up 30%, dessert, sugar up 12%, a far cry from the summer when the white house boasted the cost after july fourth cookout would be cheaper. >> the american people amidst the economic crisis, not to them, looking out there from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more, and we face challenges and tackle them head-on. >> it's not just heartburn over the inflation issue, it's over the president's vaccine mandate. and a court is upholding the mandate. the oklahoma national guard says it will not enforce the
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mandate. >> thanks, griff. griff: the judge in the kyle rittenhouse trial is deciding today which lesser charges the jury can consider, this as closing arguments are set for monday. alexa is on the ground for us in kenosha. >> that's right, they're waiting to hear, griff, at this point if the kenosha county judge will consider lesser charges in the kyle rittenhouse trial in the area. anxiously awaiting the verdict at this point. now, we're expecting for the judge to give that information on his final ruling in which lesser charges the jury will be able to consider in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the judge ruling yesterday that he will allow jurors to consider some lesser charges, but also denying one of the requests, that legal experts say this trade-off could really help get a conviction and ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. the judge did say that he would
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issue his final rulings some point today so we're keeping a close eye on the court. rittenhouse's mom. >> the judge is a fair judge and does not like the nonsense in the courtroom. anyone who lives in kenosha or kenosha county knows that. >> now, in anticipation of the trial wrapping up here, the governor tony evers with 500 national guardsmen in kenosha. this area was hit hard following the shooting of jacob blake. and more than 100 businesses were badly damaged or destroyed, one of those a mattress shop, it was completely destroyed rnths never ever in my lifetime would
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i expect to experience something like that to roll up and see years of work, years of memories, years of connections just gone in an instant. >> and here behind me, as you can see that empty lot, that's where the mattress shop once stood last summer. we've talked with the business owner and she's been rebuilding, but hearing more and more of the verdict coming and the trial, it's been a trigger for her and many in the community are bracing for possible unrest. we checked with the kenosha police department, they're preparing, but not expecting anything to happen, but keeping a close eye on it with an eye on social media. we'll keep an eye on that and the judge with specific charges, back to you. griff: alexis, thank you. >> today is a new beginning for
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britney spears and the conservatorship. >> yesterday felt like a super bowl win for britney fans. they've been waiting outside of the courthouse like they have. this time they got the news they've want today hear for years, that britney is free. >> you know, we basically set up a freedom party. we've got balloons, which says free britney, britney music playing all night long and having a good time. britney silent and we helped to give her a voice and it's amazing to be where we are now and we're excited to celebrate. >> it was a big moment for the pop star and she tweeted good god, i love my fans so much, it's crazy. i think i am a ' going to cry the rest of the day. praise the lord, can i get an amen? #freed britney. >> and bombshell testimony, she
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accused her father of abuse and that she was traumatized and want the her life back. the 40-year-old mother of two has not had control of her life. her new attorney ramped up efforts to end this arrangement. >> what's next for britney and this is the first time that this could be said for about a decade. is up to one person. britney. >> britney's lawyer says he will still investigate her claims of conservatorship abuse and a c.p.a. will stay on as a quote, safety net, to oversee the transmission of the pop star's roughly $60 million fortune. another hearing is set for december 8th. >> thank you so much.
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griff. griff: you're looking at live images from the southern border, that is, of course, our fox flight drone team. it's looking over la joya, texas in the rio grande valley sector in the last 24 hours, 1,909 apprehensions and that sector up 161,000 as a new caravan with some 10,000 migrants is set to head to the u.s. border next week, in addition to the one underway and it comes and texas border patrol agents arrest four ms-13 gang members in a 14-hour span just yesterday. our own bill melugin doing amazing work at the border. awen i have worked at the border when it's hot and cold and it sure seems hot again. >> good afternoon to you, that's right, it's heating up down here. when we're talking about the apprehension numbers and what
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we're seeing on the ground in la joya. it looks like activity is spiking toward what we saw in the middle of the summer months. the numbers you mentioned off the top with apprehensions here, it sounds accurate to us and this is happening hat president biden is going to be meeting with the mexican president next week, if we can pull up photos of that. he will be meeting on november 18th with mexican president andre manuel obrador. and and justin trudeau of canada. and what's interesting about the 18th, if we can pull up the video. that's the same date that the current caravan leader is leading caravan with another one of 10,000. the smaller caravan is planning to go to veracruz and link up with 10,000 more migrants and the plan being they want to
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move to the northern state of sonora directly south of our state of arizona. whether they plan on crossing in yuma or tucson we'll have to see, but the caravans are planning to merge and linkup at some point as president biden is meeting with the mexican president. we talked about the increasing. this is video at la joya. we went out with dps to find runners. we found one in a tree trying to get away. and these are runners, people who do not turn themselves in and do not want to be caught. sometimes they have criminal records and others know they'll be sent back from title 42. not all runners. a group of about 200 migrants crossed illegal into la joya, the family units, griff, we see them all the time and actively
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seek out border patrol willing to turn themselves in, they know under the biden administration's catch and release policy, step foot in the u.s. and if they're a family unit likely be released into the united states with a future court date and back out here live, it's worth repeating, you mentioned it off the top, concerning information just in the rio grande valley section alone in 14 hours border patrol picked up ms-13 gang members and that continues with the trend of what we've seen down here in the rio grande valley sector in fiscal year 2021 alone picked up almost 2,000 criminal aliens here, more than 180 sex offenders and more than 160 gang members, there's constantly a criminal element trying to work the borders and slip through the cracks. the question is how many of them end up getting through? that's a question we'll likely never know, griff. griff: and certainly on the minds of the border patrol agents and dps agents down there. quickly follow up, what is the
9:18 am
on the ground feel about the brazenness of the crossings, whether it's the families or the runners, your video very compelling, it seems like they're getting more confident. >> they have. and they have all year long. you know what it really seemed like there with an as lull the last couple of months when that federal court ruled that remain in mexico had to come back, and we talked to border agents on the ground here and they felt that kind of spooked a lot of migrants and decreased activity and thought if they got caught they'd be sent back to mexico. the biden administration never really implemented it and signaled if they implement it looking for ways to get rid of it as soon as possible and those migrants no longer have the fear that they're going to be sent back to mexico so that's why agents believe they're starting to see these huge family units starting to cross once again and again the runners are always brazen. they come over whenever they want and like to take advantage when the families come across, you know, border patrol resources get sucked up and
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they try to make a run elsewhere on the border and many times they get through. we've heard it from former border patrol chief rodney scott, he estimates more than 400,000 known got-aways so far. griff: bill melugin, thank you. >> our political panel weighs in as they look at bloodshed and key anti-crimes units next. , with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. >> the next mayor of new york city is sticking to his plan. eric adams wants to bring back a plain clothed police force and set to name the next
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commissioner of the n.y.p.d. and the changes to the largest police force. hi. >> hi elect eric adams pledged he would hire first female new york city police commissioner. former seattle police chief carmen best, former newark police chief yvonne rowman and first black commissioner. and following the riots, adams promised to be tough on crime amid a surge in crime while at the same time holding police officers accountable. he wants to bring back the n.y.p.d. plain-clothed anti-crime unit to bring down the shootings. he says it would be reinvented by recruiting less aggressive cops and making them wear body cameras. local black lives matter leader newsom told me that's not
9:25 am
enough. >> let's face the fact, the body cams are not preventing cops from brutalizing people. what will prevent cops from brutalizing people is sending cops who harm people to jail, and as it stands, police don't stop other police officers from harming people. it they did, there would be no eric garner. >> he warned there would be riots, fires and bloodshed if plain-clothed police officers come back. adams is calling on more democrats to condemn those comments. >> i believe that national state and city elected should stand up and say we will never allow to make anyone make the comments that there would be blood in the streets? you know where the blood ends up? in the streets of our community and we have to be honest about that. >> adams initially called the
9:26 am
comments silly and fringe. adam is the second black player elected in new york, and he's facing black activists, quite the tightrope for him. griff: bryan lennas in new york. jacqui: and thank you both for joining us and appreciate your time. and appreciate your time and i want your reaction to the messaging from the black lives matter leader there in new york. christopher, i'll go to you first. what did you think when you heard riots and fires and bloodshed? >> yeah, you know, it's the job of leaders to discourage and dissuade violence in the streets and riots from occurring, you cannot call yourself a leader in america, and be an american leader if you are suggesting that that is what's going to occur. you should be against it and fighting to stop it and
9:27 am
convincing people that's know the answer. i support eric adams. i think that every democrat should speak out against violence whether it's from a decision made on policing or whether people are violent because of the results of an election they don't like. i think it's important that we speak out. this is america. we solve our problems through political discourse and elections and we do not solve our problems by burning down buildings and killing people. jacqui: nicole, do you think that more democrats should be speaking out? >> definitely, more democrats should be speaking out against that language. i give eric adams credit for standing up and basically saying that the blm offspring groups, that the comments were silly and divisive, and i give him credit for showing new york city and the rest of the world,
9:28 am
that with getting the plain-clothed cops getting back out there. >> do you think that the blm leader should be taking cues from the fact that eric adams won this campaign. it's a deep blue city, new york. people want to feel safe in their neighborhoods, especially in the areas of highest crime, it seems like there's a bit of a disconnect there. what do you think, christopher? >> absolutely, look. eric adams got 80% of the vote. it's a mandate among mandates in a red wave year he got 80% of the vote. he's never hidden what he feels about law enforcement in new york city. he's been completely upfront and honest about it. newsome is a splinter group of the movement. and he makes sense when it
9:29 am
comes to violence against people. and they're looking for ways to end that in new york city. we have to give eric adams the benefit of the doubt. he won his campaign and won handily. new york city has issues to deal with when it comes to crime and i fully eric adams to follow through on his pledge to get this city humming like it never has before and i wish him the best. >> and nicole, your response to that and then we'll go to a second topic. >> i think that eric adams wishes him the best. >> we want to move to the growing movement of parents against mandates and critical race theory. going to the governor's race in virginia, the elections, and the reality of how people are feeling in their communities, rather than sticking with their messaging. nicole, your answer first. >> yeah, you know, one of the things that i've noticed is
9:30 am
first of all, when you're dealing with education, when you're dealing with people's children, people will actually flip parties. they want what is best for their children, and you're talking about a lot of issues that have parents really up in arms. critical race theory, you know, the fact that kids have been out of school in different parts of the state so long, the mask mandates, the vaccine. you're now getting politics, politicians versus parents. parents are always going to do what they can to protect their children regardless of what political party. so i think that the republican party is viewing this as a real gold mine to back up the parents. >> apologize, i called you nicole before. and christopher your response to that, do you think that democrats need to step back and reevaluate things? >> i think that the democrats need to understand that republicans are beating them on messaging, critical race theory
9:31 am
is taught at a law school not at elementary schools. what democrats need to remind that they don't want kids to learn the way that we did, no take out bad parts-- democrats have to understand that republicans have been better at messaging this and causing fear among parents and fear is a powerful emotion in elections, especially if it's fear for your children, so democrats have to take it seriously going forward and find a way to combat it. jacqui: i appreciate the time with you both. and christopher and noelle, i apologize for calling you nicole earlier. griff: jacqui, small business owners are about to speak out about high prices, inflation and a lack of workers are threatening their livelihoods next. kids can change minds. they can even change the world around us.
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>> as we head into the holiday shopping season, many small businesses continue to feel the impact of the supply chain crisis and inflation more than ever. joining us today is miranda burlingame, and joe deal, burger bar owner. thank you for taking time and i want to put on the screen for our viewers to see where the 30-year inflation spike is hitting americans. take a look, it's the entire country essentially. miranda, you're in minnesota, you're hit. and joe, you're in virginia, hit as well. let's talk about specifically how you're being impacted. miranda, we'll start with you, you're just in front of the holiday shopping season and you still have toys, that's going to be popular. how are you doing? how are you being impacted? >> thanks for asking, early in the year we heard from many of our vendors and our reps things would come slow and late and
9:37 am
advised us wisely to order a lot, order often and early. and we've done that and we feel confident going into the holiday season that our shelves are stocked with good stuff. some things we're out of. people are being creative. griff: and specifically the supply chain, i know ahead of the holiday season like this, this is the super bowl time for you, if you will, christmas. are you having trouble with the supply chain specifically? >> there are areas in our store, we have a smaller selection of dolls this year, but grateful for the russian nesting dolls and our train sets are backed up, somewhere yet to come. griff: joe, let's talk about food prices, we've seen food prices crushing food and you look at the grocery store
9:38 am
prices, eggs up, bacon almost 28%, ground beef for a burger bar owner itself, 17.7%. how are these inflation prices affecting you in your restaurant? >> well, you have really only one choice and that's to raise your prices. our margins are pretty tight right now. covid was rough, but getting product in in 25 years i've been a chef, i've never seen the shortages that we're having and my suppliers are telling me it's from the manufacturer. they're trying to reassure me it's not the fact they're not buying it, they're running low. it's the fact that they can't get the product to get it to me. griff: so from the farm and field to your dinner plate, where is the biggest problem for you? >> it's actually packaging side of things. our tubs of ice cream, we can't
9:39 am
get ice cream. the ice cream products there, but they can't get the metal ring that goes around the tub. so i think the product in the field is going to the farmer, it's from the farmer to the processing section is what's really hurting us the worst. griff: debra-- miranda, let me ask you specifically about that we hear from the fed chairman that this could well go into next summer. how will that impact the longevity of your business? >> well, we're grateful that our business has been here for 30 years. we've had a bangup year. people after covid wanted experiences and to get things for their kids. although we anticipate this lasting into the next year, companies, manufacturers, reps are working as hard as they can with limited resources. sometimes people aren't in the warehouses and they're still working from home and doing their best. griff: okay. question for both of you and that is how is staffing going?
9:40 am
are you having trouble, joe, getting the assistant chefs and waiters? >> oh, yes, it's really, really tough to find labor. the market is, it's unbelievable. we've actually shaved a day off our work week due to not being able to find labor, and it isn't about what you'll pay, we've always paid more than minimum wage and it's just, i'm not having anyone walking in my door looking for the job. griff: you're shaving a day off, you're closing the restaurant for a day? >> yes, sir, we started closing on monday, we're open five days a week and closed on sunday and monday due i was working my guys to death. so we've shaved a day off and everyone works every day now. griff: miranda, how is it impacting you from the staff perspective? >> we are struggling. there are days we're working in our cafe or behind the register. it's a tough time to find great staff, grateful for the ones that we have. griff: listen, my hats go off
9:41 am
to small business owners struggling, hope things will be better for you throughout the holiday season. miranda, joe, thank you very much. please keep us posted how things fare. >> thank you. griff: jacqui disturbing new details on a jogger stabbed in piedmont park.
9:42 am
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9:46 am
janness was stabbed 50 times, according to the report obtained by our atlanta affiliate and janness was stabbed in her hands, neck and back and s-a-t carved into her chest and torso. and they ruled it a homicide and said the 40-year-old died due to sharp force that caused the injury of blood vessels. janness and her dog bowie were in the park. her long time partner emma clark was worried and tracked them up to the gruesome murder scene. here is clark's call to 911 moments later. >> what's the emergency? >> at piedmont park i just was
9:47 am
looking for my girlfriend, i couldn't find her, she's dead at piedmont park. >> you said somebody's dead at piedmont park? >> yes. please send help. >> now, in the days following the brutal murder, atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms tried to disspell fears that a serial killer was on the loose saying there was no evidence of that or of a hate crime. now, atlanta police and the fbi continue their investigation, but up until this point, griff. no arrests have been made. back to you. griff: all right, charles watson keeping an eye on it for us down in atlanta. thank you. jacqui: griff, russia is once again building up its forces on the ukrainian border. how should the u.s. respond? we'll ask a commander general from the united states army in europe. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2,
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♪ ♪ enjoy rewards like movie night specials. xfinity mobile benefits. exclusive experiences, like the chance to win tickets to see watch what happens live. andy cohen: hey! it's me! and tasty recipes from bravo's top chef cheftestants that'll have you cooking like a pro. the longer you've been with us... the more rewards you can get. join for free on the xfinity app our thanks. your rewards. >> a renewed buildup of russian troops near the ukrainian border is raising concerns in the united states and in europe. we take a look at what secretary of state antony blinken said earlier this week, listen. >> we don't have clarity into moscow's intentions, but we do know its playbook and our concern is that russia may make the serious mistake of attempting to rehash what it undertook back in 2014. jacqui: joining us now from
9:52 am
germany is retired lieutenant general ben hodges, united states army in europe. thank you for being with us today. >> thanks for the privilege, jacqui. jacqui: so secretary blinken is not parsing words there, expressing concerns that russia may try to rehash 2014. but looking at the border, there are increase in tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, sophisticated teams coming in. what does that tell you just how soon they make take some action? >> well, look, this is a serious situation and what we're seeing is actually not something new, it's a continuation of what started back in april. they never really went back to their barracks, even though the minister of defense said that he were, and so, this is just a continuation, almost the next phase. now, this doesn't mean that
9:53 am
it's inevitable, but everything is in place, if they were to decide to do something. jacqui: what is the level of what they have there tell you about how quickly something could happen? >> that's a key point, the ability for them to move quickly is there and they've got a lot of capability. of course, our alliance is also well-equipped and well-trained, the united states army and yur and other forces that are there, people are paying attention. we're being levelheaded and doing professional things, but we're paying attention and of course, the russian way of war, the first thing that happens, if something happens, may not be tanks, but it will be a cyber strike or maybe turning off the gas or something to create more disruption inside europe. jacqui: so the secretary of defense went to ukraine last month and did not pledge
9:54 am
additional support and house republicans are calling for the president to consider an appropriate u.s. military presence and posture in the region. in your opinion, does the u.s. need to send troops, intelligence resources, weapons? what should be happening right now? >> well, look, ukraine is an important friend to the united states, but the most important thing that we can do, number one, make sure that our alliance is ready, that we have got the strongest possible relationship with our n.a.t.o. allies, that we have to develop a strategy for the black sea region. ukraine is not an island. it's important because of where it sits on the map and we need to work very hard at normalizing the relationship that we have with ukraine. the ukraine stopped the russian troops the last several years, but we need to remove all doubt that they can count on us as russia continues to build pressure here. jacqui: real quickly, just with respect to how this looks to
9:55 am
china, you know, china has a greater claim in some way to taiwan than russia would have to ukraine, given the treaty that they have there, the budapest agreement agreeing sovereignty. there's no such agreement for china to invade taiwan. so if russia takes action here without intervention by the u.s., is there a concern that china could take taiwan and run with it? >> that's an important point. of course, i want to clarify, russia has zero claim to anything of ukraine. ukraine is a sovereign country and russia has violated ukrainian sovereignty time and again and continues to do so, but your point is a good one that the chinese are watching, how does the west react. how unified are we in our actions in the diplomatic and economic domain as well as in the military domain. and of course, the nightmare scenario for me and many others, would be that if we got
9:56 am
into a conflict in europe, that the chinese communist party might take advantage of that and vice versa. if we got into a conflict with the chinese, that the kremlin might take advantage. jacqui: sir, we're returning out of time. appreciate you being with us. retired lieutenant general ben hodges, thank you for your time. we'll be right back. hirty gra. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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jacqui: record number of containerships that cannot unload cargo adding to economic crisis. griff: inflation for consumer prices going up, lucas tomlinson has more on what the biden administration is trying to do to turn the situation around. it's a big problem, lucas.
10:01 am
lucas: that's right, griff, from across the united states from college football tailgate, dinner table, americans feeling effects of 30-year high inflation, bill places blame here at the white house. >> if you look at what is happening in the economy, the inflation is being belt every day. the energy prices have gone through the roof. wait for a hard-cold winter here. american public is going to feel this at every level and the biden administration policies have caused every bit of this. >> not just thanksgiving table where americans are feeling the squeeze, getting there will cost more, houston to new york to la raging 59% to 40% spikes over a year ago. thanksgiving meal costing much more, price of 15-pound bird skyrocketed from $11 in 2018, with 20% jump in the past year. president biden admit that is the effects on americans is
10:02 am
worrisome. >> recovery is showing strong results but still looking out there. everything from a gallon a gas to local breast cost more and as far as even though wages are going up we still face challenges and we have to tackle them and head on. lucas: containers come from china where president will speak to beijing communist leader monday night and federal appeals in new orleans keeping block on president biden's covid vaccine mandate. griff: i'm still stuck on how much i'm going to pay for a turkey thanksgiving. jacqui: we are joined by democratic congressman from pennsylvania, member of the house appropriations committee matt cartwright, cochair of communications committee. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. congressman: nice to be with you, jacqui, how are you?
10:03 am
jacqui: does this administration have a communication problem and labor shortage to improve when kids went back to school in september and now that didn't happen and the spending will ease supply chain problems and bring prices down, it's months before we see the money moving and the reconciliation package hasn't gotten a vote in the house yet. >> well, the answer is no. i don't think the white house has a messaging problem. you just heard president biden talk about his concern and deep concern for american who is are dealing with the inflationary pressures right now. and, yes, they are doing something about it. as you just mentioned, the build back better act will ease inflationary pressures. there are 15 nobel prize winning economists in the united states who analyzed the build back
10:04 am
better act and it would ease pressures and it's easy to why, beef up to put up more supply and more supply means lower plans and that's the plan. in the short-term, jacqui, remember, we are good at -- at throttling inflation in this country. we have an effective federal reserve system and jarome powell has the full range of tools at his disposal. remember, we've had record low interest rates for years and years and people wonder why am i not getting any interest out of my savings account. well, he can take that up a little bit and tinker. jackie: there's probably reasons why he hasn't done that yet. that's another topic. the president, though, you refer today his comments this week, it was really the first time that we heard him address this head on and he said it once, the
10:05 am
economy is doing well, pointing to things like lower unemployment but he also did acknowledge that we have a problem with inflation, it's eating americans' paychecks. we can pull up on the screen a graph showing that people wages are not going up as quickly as inflation, so basically you've got inflation up higher than the increased in wages, real wages are down. even democrats asking to take action to mitigate high gas prices, does he need to do something now assuming that you're of the mind that big spend asking the solution, can americans actually wait for that go to the go out and start working, that could be months or more? congressman: well, jacqui, being caused by reopening after the
10:06 am
pandemic and, you know, the horrible bottlenecks at long beach and los angeles and those ports. i will say in our bipartisan infrastructure deal which i was glad that we passed includes $17 billion more for port infrastructure and those are the kinds of things that will ease off the pressure eventually but, you know, we are kind of doing on the job training here. nobody went to school for how to go into a pandemic and how to come out of one. jackie: that's a good point, we hear the administration talk about reconciliation bill quite a bit and how the child care portion is a key piece of turning around the crisis and getting people back to work. i want you opinion, it's not like those programs existed before this crisis and then went away, so why are democrats so confident that the reconciliation bill specifically the child care portion is going to turn things around in this significant way? congressman: well, jacqui, if you take both of the bills
10:07 am
together, the bipartisan and build back better act, if you look at what they do for american companies all of us agree, democrats and republicans, we agree that we have to beef up the ability of american companies to compete. the build back better act, that includes taking care of child care options. we have so many retail and restaurant and entry-level jobs that are going begging right now. they can't sell the jobs, here in pennsylvania the changer of commerce did a study and 54% of the respondent employers said they're having a hard time filling those jobs because moms and dads mostly moms are at home watching children because of the scarcity of child care options. that's one of the things that the build back better act addresses. >> when do you see that bill getting a vote because it was quite -- quite an inevent getting the bif voted on and there's a rift in your party
10:08 am
between progressives and moderates and when we left off after the bipartisan infrastructure vote it was expected that the build back better could get a vote as soon as next week but it looks like they are trying to add some portions back into it, so where do things stand and how does that affect the timeline for this? congressman: it's hard to predict these things, jacqui, you're talking about the process and the sausage making making laws and there's a lot of back and forth, what does senator manchin want and what does senator sinema want and all of that. you will see more of that. in the end, i think we will come together because, you know, in congress we understand that we've got to come out of this pandemic, we've got to make america's option stronger and we have to make american companies more competitive because we have to compete with companies in europe and china and russia. we have to set up american
10:09 am
companies for success. jacqui: all right, congressman matt cartwright, appreciate for your time. hope to have you soon. >> see you. griff: jacqui, let's get the other side of the aisle's view, we would like to bring republican congressman and member of the house financial services committee ted budd. congressman, thank you for taking the time. you may have just heard your colleague matt cartwright making the case that build back better will ease inflationary pressures, what say you? >> it's trying to fix problems that aren't real problems but, look, what we need is real infrastructure, not what the democrats did last week which only 9% of it was about real roads and bridges. this is essentially about more of the groan new deal and it's completely out of touch with
10:10 am
regular working americans. it's one of the things that's driving up the cost of life right now for people on fixed incomes. look, i was with president trump last week and he said that jimmy carter is ecstatic right now because joe biden has made him the second worst president in history. the cost of living is out of hand and it's all because of what the biden administration is doing and the build back better next week is going to make it worse. griff: you mention the pain americans are feeling to grocery to gas pump, it's obvious everything is causing more, inflation up 30-year high but let me ask you since you mentioned the infrastructure bill, why not vote for it, why not get the roads and bridges and get people back to job building things and put them in jobs? congressman: if you are a regular hard-working american or just a regular person, you want real infrastructure. it doesn't matter if you're a democrat or a republican. but why spend $1.3 trillion and
10:11 am
only 9% has anything to do with roads and bridges which help real americans out there. it's out of touch with regular americans and that was a gateway drug to the green new deal. griff: congressman, your colleague cartwright, no one goes to school for how to go into a pandemic and come out and that's a valid point but in terms of going to school you dropped a bill just 48 hours ago about the education, what is that bill? >> we are seeing comments come of the white house, high gas prices are good for america. that's completely out of touch. i was on the phone with a constituent and she's on a fixed income and doesn't know how she's going to make it because people figured out how to do it on fixed income but you can't
10:12 am
when inflation is worse in 40 years. i think the biden administration needs to go back to school to study inflation and that's what my bill does. it's out of touch with regular america and it's hurting folks day in and day out. griff: your bill, you're proposing requiring every member of the biden white house to complete an inflation education course, but would that really change things and is it your view then that this administration's policies are putting on path that we will not recover any time soon? congressman: what you're seeing an administration that's completely out of touch. they don't understand the cost of inflation for real folks and we saw that out of jen psaki's mouth this week. absolutely tragic when she says something like high gas prices are good for america. i don't know what she's been smoking or where she's been but this is absolutely out of touch. what they need is real education. i mean, if they want free education, absolutely. we are going to give them the
10:13 am
education that says they need to study inflation and how it's absolutely theft for regular hard-working americans. griff: let me play devil's advocate with you and that is the american people spoke loudly in the virginia and new jersey election and one of the things that voters were upset with was that nothing is getting done in washington. so as we look at obviously democrats taking control of the white house, senate and house, how much responsibility do republicans like yourself have to help ease the pain americans are feeling? congressman: well, griff, yeah. look, i think stopping a lot of the bad ideas is a lot of what republicans need to be doing right now. look, we want to get things done for america and we want to be a stronger country because the world is a better place when america is a strong country. but everything that the left is doing, everything that the democrats and the biden administration are doing right now hurts america. they are trying to cram an agenda down, down parents'
10:14 am
throats and they are trying to criminalize parents who are stepping up and speaking out at -- first amendment rights at school meetings. stopping their agenda is absolutely good for folks right now. we need to win in 2022, but we really need to go back to what made america great and the democrats aren't doing that right now. it's not necessarily republican or democrat issues. it's the principles, timeless principles that made our country great and the principles are embedded in the constitution and the declaration and we -- we have to get back to that right now because it's -- it's tragic what the democrats are doing. griff: it's going to be an interesting midterms next november. congressman ted budd from north carolina. congressman: thanks, griff. griff: tomorrow be sure to tune in, chris wallace will have exclusive interview with texas attorney general ken paxton on fox news sunday. check your local listings for time and channel.
10:15 am
jacqui: newly released emails, internal emails show apparently some level of coordination between the national school board association at the white house ahead of their letter to president biden in which they compared parents to domestic terrorists. alexandria hoff has this story for us, hey, alex. alex: they did, indeed, contact the department of justice to discuss parent school boards interactions and doj took enforcement action all on their own and the action that the biden administration is distancing itself from the letter from merrick garland announcing fbi involvement in schools and documents obtained by fox news the group met with the white house as early as september 14th discussing, quote, concern of climate for school board members. in that document they also take credit for the october 4th, doj
10:16 am
memo after sending a letter to the president 5 days prior likening some parents to domestic terrorists. attorney general merrick garland maintains he was not part of any coordinated political effort and former acting attorney general mat whitaker finds the whole thing unusual. >> knowing how that building works at the department of justice and -- and the way they turned around that memo within 4, 5 days of the white house receiving the original letter from the national school board association tells me that doj was at the table. alex: last month the national school board association apologized for the wording used in their letter to the president. the doj has not rescinded their memo and stands by garland's testimony. jacqui. jacqui: alex hoff, thank you so much. griff. griff: nancy, closing arguments for kyle rittenhouse trial on monday and which of the lesser charges can be considered for
10:17 am
rittenhouse. hi, alexis. reporter: griff, good afternoon, the judge in this case kenosha county is thinking about the charges and as the city anxiously awaits repairing for more unrest. tony evers authorized 500 national wisconsin guardsman just in case. the area was hit hard during the unrest following the shooting of jacob blake. more than 100 businesses were either badly damaged or destroyed during the unrest over the summer specifically in august, one of those local businesses was the mattress shop who had been here for quite a while. it was burned to the ground. >> it was devastating to the people who actually live there.
10:18 am
and devastating to the business owners who didn't have a dog in that fight. none of us did anything to perpetuate what happened. reporter: and those businesses prepare, they said trigger more about the verdict coming in this case, right now we are waiting on the judge to issue final ruling of lesser charges the juror would be able to consider. he would allow gursors to consider some lesser charges but denied one of the requests, legal experts tell us that the trade-off could help get a conviction but would ensure that rittenhouse would not receive a life sentence. the judge said he would issue his final rulings at some point here on saturday. rittenhouse mom telling fox news she's optimistic about the outcome and at this point she's pretty pleased with the judge. >> i'm hoping that the outcome is what i expect, a not guilty
10:19 am
verdict, but i know there's a lot of people out there wants my son to be guilty. it's in the hands of the jury. reporter: as we wait for the judge's decision, county sheriff's department has put on a statement saying that they are preparing for an unrest and having people on standby because they want to be compared and some of the buildings in the area have continued to have their boards up and haven't taken then do you mean and the mattress shop i talked to which was right here behind me in empty lot but people preparing for the verdict to come here in the next few days, back to you. griff: hoping for best, alexis in kenosha for us. thank you, alexis. the border patrol bust at least four ms13 gang members in just 14 hours and one day, we are live from the texas border next.
10:20 am
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jacqui: live images from the southern border. some 10,000 migrants are expected to start walking north toward the border as part of a new caravan coming out of mexico. the departure datelines up with the plan meeting between president biden and his mexican counterpart next week. live with the latest for us from the southern border, hey, bill. bill: hey, jacqui, good afternoon to you. that's exactly right. we heart from dhs source that just here in the rio grand valley sector in the last 24 hours alone there were 262 known got away, illegal immigrants that they see on cameras and censors but don't have the manpower to get to. 262 in one sector of the border,
10:25 am
very concerning and there's caravans on the way. there's the smaller caravan that started off in tapachula, a thousand left there. they have been moving north and currently in the state of oaxaca and the leader plans to move to veracruz to link up with another caravan group, about 10,000 strong. he wants to link them up together on november 18th, then head north to northern mexico to the state of sonora, that's his plans. while that's happening if we can pull up the photos here, president biden is going to be meeting with the mexican president next week on november 18th, so they are planning to link those caravans up, the exact same day that president biden is going to be meeting with the mexican president. they are going to be talking about immigration so we will obviously be keeping taps to see comes out of those meetings and all of this as activities are starting to pick up on the ground in the rio grand valley. if we can pull up the video. we went out to the brush looking for runners and take a look at this, we found two guys hiding
10:26 am
in the bush, difficult to see at first. no agents around us for the time being, there was a national guard helicopter above us looking for runners but those two guys just hiding in the brush right there eventually agents did show up, they put those two guys in handcuffs and they did arrest them and took them into custody. two guy wills likely be titled 42 back to mexico because they were single adult men and they also tried to cross in the night. take a look at video we shot. overnight in la joya, a group of 150 family units crossed illegally. they like to cross in the middle of the morning and we will see them and mostly the family unit who is are crossing in the middle of the night in these big groups. they show up and give themselves up to border patrol hoping that they would be released into the country and back out here live again, i really want to mention that the activity out here in la ohioa really starting to pick up. griff jenkins reporting that in 24 hours they apprehended more than 1400 migrants and texas dps
10:27 am
tells thaw noticed activity picking up in la ohioa as well. they are telling us they plan to send resources to help border patrol and keeping an eye on the approaching caravans and places like eagle pass, del rio and bringing out the national guard, barb wires, shipping containers, they are keeping an eye on thing so it's a wait-and-see approach right now as to when the caravans get here. we will send it back to you. jacqui: bill, thank you so much. griff. griff: jacqui for more details on this we are joined by lieutenant rivera with the texas department of public safety. we see you there, chris n front of the helicopter. i'm guessing you will be putting gas in that, having to get out on the border. you heard bill melugin, he alluded to the got aways and i want to talk about that because it doesn't get quite enough attention. this fiscal year which just began on october 1st, there was
10:28 am
6,542 known got aways just in the rgv sector. the total number of apprehensions is 65,450. so essentially 10% of what's coming across the border is getting away. >> right, griff. first of all, thanks for having me on and i appreciate it. so that's one thing that the american people need to understand is the got-aways. the single adults that are coming through our border and the ones that are getting away that we do not know who they are and what their intentions are and i can tell you from the experience from the men and women from texas dps and the del rio sector we have been apprehending single adults and some are criminal gang members, ms13, cartel members and individuals tied and try to avoid apprehension either by making the journey through ranches or on trains so, again, those got aways, it's very key
10:29 am
to border security because, again, as i mentioned, you mentioned before as well is that these individuals, we do not know who they are and what their criminal backgrounds are until you actually apprehend them. griff: you mention the gang members as you heard from bill's report, 4ms gang members in a 14-hour span, have you ever seen anything like this and what does that tell you? >> no, you know, i haven't and also with speaking with federal partners on the ground and also our men and women of texas dps. we have never seen that influx of criminals gang members coming across our borders especially ms13. we know how violent they are and the acts they commit and we are not only seeing in the rgv sector but the del rio sector as well. the criminal gang members are continue to go come across and keep in mind four ms13 in 14-hour span, that's what they were able to catch and that's not talking about the got-aways
10:30 am
and how many are getting across the border that are criminal gang members. griff: lieutenant when i have covered the border and at one point i went into the middle to have rio grande and confronted a smuggler, many of the viewers said, why won't the u.s. authorities go in that river and get that smuggler, but you guys actually just this week did apprehend a smuggler, tell us? >> that's correct, griff. so it's always been challenging to try to apprehend the human smugglers that are bringing illegal immigrants across the river one because it's a disadvantage to our law enforcement. these smugglers know the area, they know the river and not only that but they use men and women and children as barrier to separate themselves from law enforcement. so we -- it's not as easy to apprehend the individuals. national guard saw the perfect opportunity to apprehend two human smugglers that were transporting or smuggling single adults, these are the runners, these are not family groups, these are not asylum seekers and
10:31 am
were trying to make landfall and it was successful and what we did, one of them was a deported flown for sexual assault, the other a 17-year-old fought law enforcement assaulted one of our troopers and had been arrested for several charges of human smuggling. so, again, these are not jury typical asylum seekers, these are criminals that are coming across and bringing illegal immigrants across. griff: lieutenant olivarez. stay safe out there. jacqui: across the country they are worried that they'll see exodus of workers than they've already have.
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jacqui: just last hour we heard from former acting general mat whitaker about yesterday former trump adviser steve bannon was indicted after refusing to respond to subpoena after house committee investigating the
10:36 am
january 6th insurrection. matt whitaker says it is time for his old agency, department of justice, to do some soul searching. listen. >> this makes the department of justice look very political and it's exactly the wrong place they need to be and you combine what we were talking about earlier with this and, i think, the department of justice needs to do some soul searching to what their job is and if truly justice is blind or if they are just a partisan apparatus for congress and the white house. jacqui: steve bannon is expected to turn himself in and appear in federal court on monday. griff: well, today is a new beginning for britney spears, she's taking to social media to thank her fans for their support during the legal battle of conservatorship that was used to control her life for almost a decade and a half. let's go to christina coleman out in california, hi, christina. christina: hi, griff, many of britney's fans wanted her free from the conservatorship by her 40th birthday on december 2nd and they got their wish after a
10:37 am
brief hearing yesterday a california judge terminated this legal arrangement and was a big moment for the pop star. she tweeted good god, i love my fans so much. it's crazy. i think i'm going to cry the rest of the day. best day ever. praise the lord, can i get an amen, #freedbritney. yeah, she wrote freed britney, not free britney like her fans had posted all year long. they were very excited yesterday, they wanted the 39-year-old mom of two to be allowed to control her own personal affairs in roughly 60 million-dollar fortune and britney's father had controlled estate since 2008. he had already agreed to step down in role in august following intense media and legal scrutiny following britney's emotional testimony in june. that's when she told the judge that her father should be in jail for his role in the legal arrangement. she said she was traumatized, depressed and in shock.
10:38 am
>> california has passed legislation to try to ensure that conservatorships like this by father do not happen again. [cheers and applause] christina: jamie spears denies allegations of abuse but britney's attorney will investigate her claims. also cpa will stay on as, quote, safety net to oversee the transition of britney's estate and another hearing on the matter is scheduled for decembe. griff: christina coleman live for us covering all things britney, stay tuned. one of the two hungled anchors has a lot to say about this just a little bit later. christina, thank you very much. jacques jack i will give you a preview, it was not me. despite ongoing labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, osha enforced vaccine mandates are adding more pressure to businesses forcing employers to consider laying off some of their employees. joining us now to discuss
10:39 am
jonathan berry, lead attorney for the job creators network and james, president and founder of hog technologies, thank you very much for joining us. thank you for your time. >> thank you. jacqui: there was an interesting article i noticed in "the new york times" that spotlighted one company that has 98 employees and says they are trying to fill a handful of positions but if they did that it would put them over the 100 threshold that the biden administration set for vaccine mandates. james do you first, how does the mandate affect small businesses? >> jacqui, thanks for having me on. the democratic congressman from pennsylvania saying tinkering with interest rate that and free child care, that alone with free health care and free education, at least he did admit that democrats did on the job
10:40 am
training. a number of my business associates in the area have suggested that we split the company and put 99 with one company and the other 90-some with another company and, you know, i'm just not going to do that. i'm going to stand where we stand and fight this mandate. one of the things i thought, you know, to put the cookies on the bottom shelf. i hear you all day talking about inflation pressures and the price of steel is up 400% and i think that this mandate could easily be the straw that breaks the camel's back. yes, that's a camel and that's the straw. you know, it's interesting that whoever came up with that many years, the straw is perhaps the lightest thing, it's not the heaviest thing, it's not the first thing, it's not the most significant thing by any stretch but it's the last thing and small businesses are stretched to the end degree. i started the business when i was 18 with a pressure washer i
10:41 am
bought for $1,200 and in 32 years we have just never seen the kind of pressures that we are seeing now and i think it's ludicrous, radical misplacement of authority to be adding mandate. we will lose 20, 40% of the workers if we were to implement the mandate. jacqui: i think karl rove is somewhere smiling. i had to mention that. the white house defends the action by saying that inaction on vaccines could be worse. i want to play you some sound from dr. fauci and get your reaction. >> the biggest disruption of the workplace is when people get covid and that's the reason why we want to do everything we can to keep the workplace flow as its normal level by preventing disease and it's for that reason why it's so important to get the workers as well as everybody else vaccinated.
10:42 am
jacqui: jonathan, i want to go to you now, is there not some truth to that? >> so legally jacqui, the biden administration is crashing into the supreme court's warning to osha that they can't go around asserting sweeping power over huge swaths of american business. osha's traditional role is that of workplace safety, wear a hard hat, that kind of thing and now they are claiming this untold authority to vaccinate or demand weekly testing for over 30 million americans who have declined for personal, religious or medical reasons to get vaccinated. i think the administration knows that they're going to lose in court, frankly, and so what they are trying to do is scare as many businesses and workers in the submission as they can before the supreme court steps in and shuts this down. jacqui: to your point job creator's network, the billboard
10:43 am
that you guys have in times square, i believe, it reads, oh, joe, say it ain't so, we will see you in court. jonathan, sounds like you guys are pretty confident in your case from what you were just saying that you believe that the biden administration is basically trying to scare people into submission knowing that this can't stand? >> that's right. what's maybe the worst thing about this is that osha is using dicey emergency powers and what that means is courts have thrown emergency rules out of osha five out of six times and you go to bat and strike out five out of six times and you don't belong in the majors. jacqui: jonathan -- excuse me, james, one last word, i want to get back to on the lawsuit. >> well, you know, i started this business when i was 18 and the thing that made it a wow
10:44 am
wonderful business environment is limited government. stop the tinkering, get out and don't get in and i would really invite dr. fauci to come down here and try to do all it takes to run this business and just do it for one month and then tell me that the vaccine mandate is the biggest issue facing our small businesses. he's out of touch. >> thank you both so much for your time. we have run out of time, jonathan berry, and james crocker, hope to talk to you soon. griff. griff: remembering one of the blue origin astronauts, william who lost his life back here on earth next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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jacqui: flying to space was the most incredible thing he'd ever done and tragically one to have last things he's done. just a month ago devry was one of the passengers with star trek but yesterday he crashed along
10:49 am
with another man an investigation ongoing what caused the crash. griff: another horrendous attack in afghanistan, a blast on the bus kills at least 1 person in kabul. ryan live with the latest, reporter: hi, griff, at least one person killed in that attack. several wounded. that information coming to us by way of the associated press which has been speaking with the taliban official, the same official saying that the number could, indeed, rise. we are, in fact, getting conflicting reports right now but at least one killed in that attack. most recent victims in attack that is we have seen in afghanistan over the last several weeks, that official saying that the blast was caused by a car bomb. this was in kabul as you said, no immediate claim of responsibility but it occurred in a neighborhood in the afghan
10:50 am
capital that is heavily populated by shiites who have been the target of repeated attacks by islamic state militants, sunni group which considers shiites muslims to be heretics and yesterday attack that sent 15 afghans to the hospital. that bombing was the third bombing in a mosque in just over a month. all of these attacks worrying signs that violence, muslim versus muslim violence, violence between different secs of islam persist in afghanistan and in theory could prompt something akin to the civil war that was rooted that we saw erupt in iraq in 2006. i should add, of course, afghanistan had its own civil war in 1980's. of course, the taliban is the government in afghanistan and has been for the last couple of months and it's charged for security of all afghans
10:51 am
irrespective of religious leanings. ever since the united states pulled out i have to say, griff, the government of afghanistan, the taliban had been trying to keep a lid on islamic state and time and time again islamic state has been able to strike both at taliban targets and civilians, griff. griff: ryan chiltote. britney unbound, what does that mean for the icon's future next.
10:52 am
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>> this is the first time this can be set for a decade. one person, britney. [cheers and applause] >> britney as of today is a free woman and she's an independent woman. griff: she's free. that was britney spears attorney declaring that the pop star is finally freed from her 13-year conservatorship, november 12th, a date marked in history as the #freedbritneyday. jacqui, i think november 12th will go down as britney independence day. this is amazing. who knows what is going to happen now. she turns 40 in 19 days on december 2nd and chapter 2.0 for britney, she did do a lot of crazy things on instagram and we
10:56 am
are all following her. jacqui: did you just reveal that you know britney spears' birthday? griff: december 2nd, i looked it up. jacqui: griff is a resident expert in all thicks britney, i'm happy to hear him talk about it again. griff: jacqui, great to be with you. fox news continues with eric and arthel. i'm griff jenkins.
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major stories we are following up as our here on fox news live, kyle rittenhouse trial hearing its conclusion, the judge expected to issue final rulings today on charges. the jury may consider if it acquits him of murder. today his mother in the jury ahead of monday's moving arguments. >> it's in the hands of the jury and watching them, i've been taking not


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