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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 13, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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the laura ingraham angles next. thanks for being with us, have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this laura: i am lauren in super graham. shocking story out of arizona where school board members are creating secret files on outspoken parents. we will speak to one of those targeted in a story you have to see to believe. president biden's racially awkward obsession with a former baseball great plus what is kamala up to now.
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but first, the four sees of the apocalypse is the focus of the angle. the car i drive is 12 years old so i am in the market for a new car. my advice, i call a buddy of mine who works for a firm in georgia, the purpose is to buy and sell cars and do it for profits. what an education i got about the biden economy in a 15 minute conversation. turns out people aren't just flipping houses these days, they are flipping cars. prices are rising so fast it is hard to keep up with demand, people are selling cars they bought two years ago for a return of 25% to 30% more than they paid for when they first purchased it. we've never seen this ever, my friend told me. for 100 years used cars lost
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immediate value when they left a lot. by a car new, dropped the price, but no longer. it is good for my pal's business but a huge warning sign for consumers who are paying for the nose for everything. the biggest problem right now, costs and all of this is on democrats who refused to return to the trump policies that worked, reopened the economy, remove regulatory shackles, hands-off oil and gas, dropped the mandates and stop the spending. democrats think you can spend and tax and spend your way out of inflation. >> reporter: it is a political cudgel and it shouldn't be. >> everyone from the federal reserve to wall street agree with our assessment that inflation is expected to be substantially disintegrated next year. the bills back better bill we are working to move forward will not add to deflationary pressure.
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this makes a strong case, this is a strong case for moving forward because we are talking is costs to american families. that something but if we don't act now we can't address a short-term either. >> got to spend more money to get out of inflation. there is 0 historical or economic justification for this. flooding the market with trillions of dollars you print and borrow or take from other people is only going to deflate the dollar. they have been wrong on everything they have said like paying people to stay out of the workforce and the number of americans quitting their jobs hit a record high in september. the middle class which according to the nonpartisan tax policy center, higher taxes and the bills back better bill. the middle class will suffer the most. the second drag on america is covid which biden handled as badly as everything else.
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despite having a vaccine available more people died with covid in 2021 then died in 2020 under trump when we had a vaccine. let that sink in for a moment. the angle said in the early spring of 2020 you are never going to beat this virus through closures or lockdowns. there is no precedent justifying any of them. the who pandemic guidelines from 2019 did not support stay-at-home orders except for high risk individuals and now we see the devastation across the labor market with inflation, education, debt and even national security weaknesses a result of those closures in the devastation lasting decades. the data is undeniable. highly vaccinated countries like spain and portugal suffering major upticks in the spread of
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covid right now and last week the who chief was caught on tape in a surprising moment of candor. >> vaccination rates in many countries. laura: unbelievable. meanwhile the elites are still covering up there lies on natural immunity. the cdc had to admit it has no record of previously exposed covid patient being reinfected with covid because it doesn't collect the data and why not. you know why. look for coverage of cases going up in the winter. it's going to happen.
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it is a virus and if biden tries more mandates and closures he will further sink the economy. i don't put anything past him or fauci at this point. crime, if people don't feel safe on the streets then everything else eventually is going to break down. in new york the blm monster bill deblasio for is coming back to eat the democrats, turns out allowing looters free rent a rampage night after night is not a winning strategy. neither is attacking the police or disbanding effective policing units are painting black lives matter across city blocks. they indulge chaos and criminals
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took note. things are out of control but democrats default initial reaction to any problem is to deny it is a problem. >> piercing headlines about percentage increases. i want to make sure this hysteria doesn't drive hysteria and look at these numbers in context. >> media outlets like nbc question the popular consensus the crime is getting worse by setting a democrat group's analysis of crime rate in 2020. millions of people in 2020 were under strict stay-at-home orders so that might have affected that number. as is so often the case democrats and the media act like serious problems can be solved through different messaging and effective spin, but it doesn't work that way and people are telling us this loud and clear. right now the gop has a 22 point trust advantage on the democrats on the issue of crime. the fourth is crt, that is apocalyptic and as with rising inflation and crime the democrats first reaction is always denial. >> it is not in the schools in virginia. >> it is trump dog whistling.
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>> critical race theory magically appears when kids went back to class, it's a lie. >> critical race theory the bogeyman, the new front on the culture war, that is all. >> very 1860s. >> antiracist books and lectures have become a mainstay in schools across america. propaganda is being directed at younger and younger kids as well. got to get a little set them against their parents. admit your white privilege or be shamed. look for words like allyship and equity and educational videos that push race activism. >> it is an active, consistent and lifelong practice of unlearning and the learning in which a person in a position of privilege and power seeks to operate in solidarity with a marginalized group, transfer the benefits of their privilege to those who lack it. >> driving the most extreme
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elements in education today, they built themselves as ddi experts, cleaning up the consultancy fees and often getting lucrative administrative roles as well so as classics are being shunted aside schools are embracing a new focus on the evils of america. kids know more about george floyd than they do george washington. it is absolutely important and it is not popular among parents, look what happened in virginia so in the end things haven't been called down host trump. americans are poorer than they were the day biden became president. covid fears haven't subsided because of fauci's misinformation, crime is raging in blm is threatening new york and teachers unions are running schools into the ground, is that success? i would hate to see failure and that is the angle. >> joining me is the federalist
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publisher and fox news contributor harmeet dhillon, attorney and committee woman for california and matt schlapp of the american conservative union. after i think it was a week they were celebrating infrastructure they are back to having nothing to celebrate given the numbers we saw this weekend the record number of people quitting their jobs in september, stunning. >> we've seen the the american people have forgot what is going on in the country, they are very much aware of how much this president who promised a return to normalcy, bringing together of the country, unity in the wake of all those terrible tweets, he turned out to be a phenomenal disaster who has led our country into the ditch faster than i think anybody thought anyone was capable of. everything from the ideological
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side of things to practical handling of affairs in our country, the inability to handle anything put on his plate as the chief executive and what we see now is someone who is out of his depth in every respect and engaged i think in a real attempt to lie to the american people about the causes of everything especially when it comes to what we are looking down the barrel of when it comes to thanksgiving of not being able to get a turkey or a pie or cranberry sauce. did we lose a war? we did but it is a situation you have to recognize this is a is president who is out of his depth. that's not something any american should want regardless of party. laura: according to e mccaskill biden is doing a bang
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up job on the economy. >> joe biden has done a great job on the economy with the times around inflation. if gas prices level down, the inflationary index calms down you are going to have a amazing job creation. laura: i guess hoping gas prices go down is a plan, that is a plan. if they go down it is going to be great. >> jennifer granholm laughing about gas prices is an example of inside the beltway capture, gas lighting the american people is disturbing on one level but as a republican activist i see a tremendous advantage because sitting in san francisco in the most liberal cities of america the natives are restless. we are moving forward to recalling our disastrous district attorney, there's democratic support for recalling the school board of san
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francisco, paying hundred dollars to fill up their gas tanks in california and people are beginning to look around and see this is not working so we can democrats are upset here on the left coast. a great opportunity. laura: the new some recall was a vote for economic suicide but there's a lot involved in that one. at msnbc john heilman had a very interesting take. >> the polling on what people think about this economy compared to where it really is those are things democrat should be freaking out about because if they can't make the sale the the american economy has turned the corner and his steaming ahead which it is on many fronts, if they can't make that sale they are going to get crushed in 2022. laura: this is a messaging problem. people aren't really in trouble, prices are high, cars aren't 40% more than they were last year, steaming ahead likely titanic. >> just shut up, pipe down and
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listen to us, everything is fine but it's not all the economic problems and costs. i love claire mccaskill saying everything is great except the fact that everyone is going broke because they can't afford anything but if you look at questions about our hometown heroes, the cops, moms and dads, this great - regular american people who are not the political are saying don't propagandize my children or sexualize them and let me go to work and why are you making everything more difficult? the big warning sign from election day is not just ruby red voters turned out in record numbers but america is saying wait a minute, this socialism stuff you are pushing is making my life more dangerous and much more difficult and i don't want it.
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laura: what you see is the left spinning their wheels after the election throwing everything against the wall to see if it will stick so randi weingarten let it all slip saying first and foremost we must listen to parents. they are our partners. culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race or dissemination as crts to make it toxic and try to stop us teaching students accurate history. she has found her new straw man. no one is trying to stop the teaching of slavery and difficult painful lessons from our past, total straw man. >> total straw man but the other thing about crt, when you hear the media official, propagandist say something like we are not actually teaching crt in schools it is as ludicrous as saying we don't teach the bible, we just build the entire curriculum around the 10 commandments and
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the commandments of cic run through everything we are seeing coming out of public schools and public education across the country. a signal aspect of this is the cancellation of gifted programs in math and other areas across the country as being racist establishments because so many kids qualify for don't run in the direction they would like to see when it comes to demographics. it's a sign but rather than try to correct the flaws in the education - that failed for so long, hispanic and black students across the country they would rather call the whole system racist as opposed to being good at their jobs and correcting the problem. laura: after announcing the us cooperate with china on climate here is how john kerry reacted to a question about china's human rights abuses. >> how in several months of meetings did you bring up those
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contentious issues such as the use of forced labor for building solar panels? >> that is not my main here. my job is be the climate guy. laura: how worried should we be about this monday bilateral meeting, they are going to sell us out totally, are they not? >> completely. as we know, they started to water down all the trade policies we saw that were successful under donald trump and here's the thing that is scary a climate question i think the biden administration would sign away anything, american sovereignty, human rights, the moral authority of our country, anything to get a deal on climate which will only make energy more expensive for the forgotten men and women, this is a tragic mistake for america. laura: republicans should demand a full briefing as to what is
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said between xi and biden. don't believe anything they spend on this meeting. thank you. a shocking story out of arizona. the school board member has been caught compiling secret files on parents who complain and criticize, from social security numbers to financial records this is insane and in moments we will hear from two of the mothers who have been targeted. stay there.
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♪ ♪ 19 turned of school boards acting the fbi to target parents is particularly the iceberg when it comes to corruption in education today. concerned parents just caught the top school board official in scottsdale, arizona and gauged in something really sinister. scoreboard president jan michael greenberg had access to a google drive of secret dossiers compiled against outspoken parents that included the social security numbers, social media posts, financial records and even divorce proceedings. it gets even worse, the google drive also includes body can footage of parents and their kids covertly taken by the school board. and one video the father named
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mark greenberg trashing the parents who surreptitiously supported. >> they don't like having their pictures taken. i will tell you that. it's not about that. that could be the end. it is a little risqué, showing a little back cleavage. >> i'm always here to entertain the masses. >> somewhere around here we have to find an investigator - >> that you hired? >> i did. >> they hired a private detective to spy on parents. learning is amy carney who was targeted in those dirty dossiers and eventually brought them to light. also with me as michelle dillard, arizona parent who said she was targeted by school board in arizona. your one of the parents targeted in this google drive incident. how did you find out about this?
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>> thankfully our board president had sent an email to me and another mom and included some screenshots he was trying to approve one of his points with and sent a screenshot of his desktop and i noticed there was a google drive address theretofore with mom's names on it so one of the moms input that address and got right into their public drive. laura: your sleeping yourself, something wasn't adding up here. this is really step too far. the goal is to intimidate parents, to scare them, to brand them as something they aren't? >> absolutely correct. this behavior while it is
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shocking is not surprising at all. we've been seeing over the past few years we've been active in going to school board meetings in arizona, to where they are using law enforcement to investigate, follow us on social media groups in an effort to intimidate, harass us and silence us. laura: they tried to do that in other cases, we saw what they did and loud and county, virginia and that led to the election of glenn youngkim in the governor's race but there's a letter the school district sent to parents on wednesday and agreed the existence of the google drive and its public record content may raise concerns such activities are not within the purview of the district to control. what? how is this not within their purview if one of their members is the one compiling this
12:27 am
dossier, all this private information, hiring a private detective and assembling it all. how is it possible for them to try this explanation? >> parents are so disappointed by the district trying to deflect what is going on. that was for damage control but we really need the district to step up and send an apology and let us know they are investigating this and we are calling for the resignation of the school board president because parents felt threatened, endangered and this is not something the district can brush to the side. laura: the facts involved different players and there was a racial element involved here, you would be hearing from the governor who is a republican, all the national players speaking out and the school
12:28 am
board and district head as well. this is like trying to kick the can down the road. will you let this continue? >> the school boards are elected officials. they are the government. if they were elected the school district does not have power to fire them. they should be forced land call for resignations but as you mentioned in the beginning the federal government is forming a special task force to investigate us and one of the laws they are saying parents could be charged with is conspiracy against our rights and thing is we are we the people, we the parents are the people and they are the government and the constitution is there to protect us against the very things they are doing and trying to accuse us of
12:29 am
doing. >> parents who are complaining about the schools are being branded as extremists or even domestic terrorists. merrick garland gets involved, justice mom gets involved but they are compiling dossiers on people and fox is reporting the new email shows the national school board association coordinated with the white house and the doj before sending the letter that likened parents to domestic terrorists. the emails confirm there's a lot of collaboration going on here but no one to stand up for the average parents. >> the latest scandal shows, proves who the label domestic terrorist really belongs to, not the parents. >> this is like an authoritarian regime, like something going on in scottsdale, arizona, politicians better pay attention
12:30 am
and recall petitions should be undertaken. great to see you tonight. still had biden's most shocking racial gas yet and ryan jerry of disappointing performance, raymond way oh is next. (tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. ♪
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"i will save a life today". please call or go online now and say, "i will bless his people israel". >> welcome to fox news live, the governor of wisconsin appointing hundreds of national guard troops to kenosha with the kyle rittenhouse verdict, he charged with two men during a turbulent protest against racial injustice last year. the defense that he acted in self-defense. closing arguments are expected monday. the pilot who flew to space with william shatner was killed in a small plane crash. and grimes was traveling with another man when their plane went down in new jersey. he brought so much life and
12:36 am
energy to the blue origin team, the right spent 10 minutes in space with shatner. back to the ingraham angle, logon to laura: it is friday, time for friday follies and what if we brought friday follies on and it wasn't raymond? it is raymond arroyo. if there's one thing we can't count on with president biden, we can count on him saying totally inappropriate things. >> inappropriate is expected but he has reverted to saying racially insensitive fingers. >> i have adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time
12:37 am
who went to a great picture in the pros in baseball after jackie robinson. >> that was at a veterans day event. he had a strange obsession with actual page, likely will age but keeps repeating himself even though it doesn't get reporter. he brought up page to the pope a few weeks ago. >> famous african-american baseball player named satchel paige, no one has ever pitched a win at age 47. how do you feel about pitching women your birthday? that is not how i look at age. >> at least he said african-american but they are running around with this headline no, he did not refer to settle page as a negro during veterans day speech. >> i adopted the the great negro
12:38 am
at the time - >> biden has a history of racially insensitive comments in that particular quote appears in the official white house transcript so i don't know why there trying to cover this up. >> is there anything the press won't tried to symbol on or cover up, they tried to do it with inflation and that didn't work and they are trying it again. >> this was so obvious, this is blatant -- you got the tape, the transcript, no running from it. >> raymond is not wearing a striped tie, he's not wearing one. >> don't believe your eyes. christmas is coming and it is looking like a tough yuletide for some seasonal icons. mariah carey's career hit the skids when this is her latest christmas project. >> all i want for christmas is
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all of you to try mcdonald's. i got my holiday wish this year, my own menu. >> who knew all she wanted for christmas was a quarter pounder. this is unbelievable. >> he has made so much money on one song and one of the biggest recording artists of the last 25 years but maybe she really likes mcdonald's. >> this is like a cardiac care advent calendar because you get a different item each day once you download the mcdonald's apps so lady gaga has a deal with don. young, adam driver has fancy watches, she has got quarter pounder's and mc ribs. take what you can get. as mariah becomes mcdonald's's mimi another christmas outlaw.
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♪♪ the night before christmas really is a year i won't forget ♪♪ >> a good night and goodbye to the else on a shelf, georgia judges banished the health from his county in a gift to what he calls tired parents. this is the elf who watches over kids, moves around the house, requires a lot of parental involvement. robert leonard, a chief judge in superior court writing his orders the undersigned recalls a horrific incident in his own home where three children were sent to school in tears, with one child labeled an elf murderer and accused of making the elf loses magic because they moved it around the house and you just can't do that. >> let me just say i second this emotion. i concur in the judgment and
12:41 am
underlying open you. first, they scare me, the faces of those things they could attack you at night. >> i don't like the way they look at me but i shouldn't be reporting this story but 19 million of these sweet little elves are all over the country and they do drive parents crazy and -- >> they look demonic. my kids -- >> they may be coming -- they are going your way. i'm very concerned. they are coming your way. i think many parents would be willing to join the injunctive order. this may go to the supreme court. laura: my kids still fight about the elf on the shelf, you touched it, no, you did, stop staring at me. it is the same kind of argument. why is that elf in a black-tie? that - >> dressed for your show.
12:42 am
>> we have exhausted this topic, beaten the elf into the ground. thank you i guess. near the two months ago the ingraham angle brought you an investigation about veterans left to die outside a va hospital outside the most liberal enclaves but what we didn't realize is the reporting we did would lead to a stream of liberal politicians being forced to confront the crisis and show up on the scene. you don't want to miss the update we have for you in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: a few weeks ago laura: the ingraham angle exposed to the veterans were living intents outside property owned by the us veterans administration. raymond arroyo visited the site. what he felt was shocking. >> a unique homeless encampment. tents emblazoned with american flag. it is a camp made entirely of veterans which they run it like a military outpost complete with drop off locations but these threads are here fighting a new
12:48 am
battle. welcome to veterans world. in 1887 this 388 acres behind me was donated to the federal government to house disabled veterans of the heart of brentwood. during the korean war, 4000 vets call this place home. since then it hosted a ucla baseball diamond and a dog park. today the veterans can't get in. they are out here. >> robert reynolds is an iraqi war vet who came here in 2018 with ptsd treatment but the va wouldn't let him in. >> on the sidewalk i couldn't believe what i was seeing. wire these veterans camped outside the va? since i have been involved in this i have known six veterans, dying intents, it is unacceptable what is happening.
12:49 am
>> scotty served in vietnam and his been here for two years. he was hit by a drunk driver while sleeping in his van. >> what do you think outside these games, property intended for veterans, you can't get to the other side? >> i want to break out of flamethrowers how i feel and i will tell you why. that is our land. it was given to us. a big plaque dedicated for disabled and homeless veterans, not veterans administration. >> some progress has been made getting those vets off the street but many promises remain unfulfilled. since our story put a spotlight on this the va secretary, governor gavin newsom and even arnold schwarzenegger have come to visit our next guest said the
12:50 am
politicians are lying about the amount of relief they are seeing on the ground. joining me as robert reynolds, veteran advocate, former homeless that himself. it is wonderful to see you tonight. tell us what changes it since we visited you a few months back. >> we get all the veterans to move in a group to the other side of the fence so they are safely on the va. they moved tents to a new location, the same tents on the sidewalks with american flags on them which they did not go into housing. we have been asking for over a year to get veterans off the street and onto the property so i'm thankful that is happening. laura: a lot of americans watching tonight are truly shocked by what they see and at the same time we have word that families separated at the border who came in legally are going to
12:51 am
get 450,$000 as recompense for what they had to endure, illegal immigrants getting 450,$000 and veterans dying on the streets after being hit by oncoming cars. something about this doesn't seem right to say the least. >> it is disgusting what is going on. los angeles is the nation's capital for veteran homelessness and 388 acres of land donated to house the man they spent years of broken promises and housing is not done yet and they shouldn't be living in tents on the field. laura: congressman ted the's reaction to veterans continuing to be homeless. the majority of vets residing at the encampment, in hotels or housing, a notable step forward, we will fight to make sure all the veterans experiencing homelessness in la county have access to resources and care
12:52 am
they deserve. nice words. your reaction? >> congressman ted to has in the last two years since i've been involved, he has yet to send an internal return are messages requesting a meeting to figure out a way to get through the situation and get veterans off the street. it has been frustrating, his field office is located a mile from this encampment and just the fact that ted who is a veteran would ignore such a situation like this is the most unethical and immoral thing i have ever seen. laura: we reached out to his office, he did not reach back to us for a comment but when americans see the federal government wasting billions of dollars on failed programs and
12:53 am
people who don't belong here or undocumented and our veterans who serve the country to protect freedom are out on the streets, it boils the blood, the average american watching this i was angry in august, now i am even angrier because the politicians are putting a band-aid on it. >> this problem, they could fix this problem as easy as signing a piece of paper. not that hard especially congressman ted lou is appeasing illegal land users more than working with veterans which anything built on that property and related to veteran housing goes up. anytime we talk about building better housing, awaiting infrastructure upgrades, environmental impact report, excuse after excuse, and severely violating with all veterans.
12:54 am
laura: you continue to be a warrior and angel for doing what you do on a daily basis. thank you very much. a big mystery surrounding president biden, the last bite explains.
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(tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. ♪ ♪
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>> we have the ingraham angle has been asking about the physical, white house press secretary jen psaki casually plaited off. >> it does enjoy a good ride on his bike. he is fit and healthy except for the occasional ice cream and as someone asked earlier the president will receive a physical soon and we were pleased details to you. we will release the details to you as soon as that happens. laura: at some point, a busy schedule, freedom matters. all the great year,
1:00 am all proceeds go to charity. it is unconventional rescue in arkansas, get some good year for christmas. it is america now and forever. . [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy friendly friday, we are so happy you're here with us. as you might not know already, we are number one and late night again. beating everyone from colbert to brian williams and we did faster than than it takes a far to fill in


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