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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 12, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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wow, fantastic. you have a new book congressman. >> i'm down to 11 days, do what you said you would do and take your viewers behind the scene. i wrote every word and you can order it now appears before i will deftly check that out. all right, everybody set your dvrs so you never miss bret baier. our studio audience, shannon bream with "fox news @ night" come america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" come i'm shannon bream from washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, six circuit, sixth circuit court of appeals ripping the biden administration's vaccine mandate calling it "is that overdrawn" the court ordering not to take a single step forward to enforce the mandate. and despite the mandates lineup
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at the supreme court camara legal legal is standing by to weigh in and in a minute. also breaking celebrations and the street, britney spear is finally free of the 13 year long conservatorship. calling it the best day ever, but are there still challenges on the horizon for the icon? also tonight the kyle kyle rittenhouse trail in media coverage covers the story from the beginning. fox news analyst to take a look back. we begin with new information with the controversy over school board officials with concerned parents to domestic terrorists. as the white house coordinating with this group all along? well, in advance with the doj focus on angry parents. white house correspondent kevin corke tracking that that forest, good evening, kevin. >> there are 20 questions tonight about whether or not the white house help to coordinate the letter that he claimed was the impetus to ramp up the doj's effort to target parents or
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those that believe threatening the school board members. wealthy attorney general denies any such coordination, the material uptake by fox news is a reason for many to wonder if, in fact, that is true. >> did not speak anyone from the white house. that would be they attorney general in october denying any accusations his memo was politically motivated, but a newly released memo obtained by fox news led by the national school board association shows the group meeting with white house staff as early as september 14th discussing "concern over the current climate for school board members" adding "in sp eight actively engage with the white house white house, department of justice, department of homeland security." that was written around the time folks around the country expressing concerns at public school meetings over masks and
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vaccine policies. in response to the letter sent by an sba october 4, 2021's of the organization of the attorney general was ordering all u.s. attorney offices and local fbi offices to reach out to local and state law and officials to coordinate efforts on the problem. under oath general garland denied knowledge of any coordination, but the new revelations have some lawmakers seeing red. the biden administration coordinated with national school board activists to go after parents with arkansas senator tom cotton. i said it before, merrick garland should resign in disgrace. the white house for its part called it standard practice to meet with outside stakeholders on a range of issues. it also admitted it contacted doj after being notified about threats of violence. as for those talks commit the administration insists, we discussed policy, not enforcement.
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the white house continues to struggle with unsettled economic news. the latest the labor department reports 4.4 million people quit their jobs in september or about 3% of the nation's workforce are above the prepandemic level of 3.6 million. as the debate whether or not that it has more to do with mandates and people leaving positions, some at the white house would say that is just the labor market more beneficial to those out there looking for work. however, there is some other bad news, senator sinema said filled to the lowest level in decades. concern over high inflation, supply chain problems and previously mention widespread labor market disruptions. and very quick, like an illustration for you tonight, shanna, "the wall street journal" suggested there may be a santa shortage come december, shannon. >> shannon: say it isn't so,
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kevin. >> i wouldn't have believed it but apparently that might be the case. >> shannon: we might have some weekend gigs coming. >> darken a little thin but i could pull it off. >> shannon: i will be mrs. claus. we will give people a disk count rate 2 for 1. i will see in a few. more than 600 in arizona are demanding the resignation of the school board president: claims keeping his dossier on parents who spoke out against his policy at school board meetings. michael greenberger or possibly his father kept files complete with social security numbers, background checks, divorce records, mortgage documents, even street shots of facebook posts. parents are speaking out tonight. >> we really need to step up and to send out an apology and let us know they are investigating this. you know, we are calling for the resignation of the president
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because parents feel threatened. they feel endangered. this is not something the district can brush to the side. >> shannon: greenberger has denied having anything to do with any so-called dossier. britney spears dissolve most but not all of the conservatorship of hot star britney spears. correspondent marianne rafferty with the legal battle with pop-culture headlines, good evening, marion. >> good evening, shannon. britney has been freed. thanks to a california judge who says she's capable of handling her own affairs. judge brenda penny saying today all parties in agreement that spears does not capacity and making her own decisions and doing a conservatorship that lasted 14 years. this anger publicly spoke out against the conservatorship during a lengthy testimony in june calling it abusing and demoralizing to say her father, jamie, in charge of her estate and personal life and anyone
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else involved in the arrangement should be jailed, adding "spent 13 years and it's been enough. i want to be able to be heard." the pop star was not present in court to hear the decision today. she thanked her fans via twitter unable to contain her excitement. "good god come i love my fans so much, it's crazy. i think i will cry the rest of the day. best day ever, praise the lord. can i get an amen? #britney he said he was proud of her courage and police and efforts to take control of her own life. >> she helped shine a light from conservatorship and guardianship coast-to-coast, california to new york. and that took tremendous amount of insight, courage and grace. >> spears father jamie suspended of conservatorship since september went to his attorney
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and said he supports ending the conservatorship here or there is one caveat to the news today, he will stay on as a safety net to oversee the transition of spears estate. but britney's future is up to her. >> what is next for britney and this is the first time things could be said for about a decade, it is up to one person, britney. >> another hearing on the matter is scheduled for december 8th, shannon. >> shannon: marianne, thank you so much here at kyle rittenhouse with telling television during a live broadcast as the case heading to the jury, many outlets and individuals reporting on the story have made up their minds. fox news media buzz howard kurtz. the country was riveted as the cable news show kyle rittenhouse solving on the stand when he started describing how he shot three men appeared to have them fatally during last year's ride in kenosha.
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all of them, 18-year-old said in self-defense. >> if i did not pull the trigger i thought anthony huber would kill me. speak with the wounded man gaige grosskreutz said the defendant didn't shoot until he pointed his own gun at rittenhouse. for more than a year while conservative pundits defended him, much of the media after the police shooting of jacob blake did bring an ar-15 to the wisconsin town. >> this is not good that a 17-year-old vigilante arguably a domestic terrorist picked up a rifle, drove to shoot people. kyle rittenhouse is the enemy. >> "abc news" article called him an alleged white supremacist despite the fact rittenhouse and the three people he shot were all white. now the travel has prompted critics to revise their views. >> what kind of idiot i'm a 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot. this is a tough case for the
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prosecution because it does seem like he has a plausible case of self-defense. speak with the media have admitted that prosecutors stumbled badly, even getting schooled by the judge. >> don't get brazen with me. >> that hasn't dissuaded in msnbc joy reid and the slavery and lynching. >> the 17-year-old pro boys fan to cross the statements and protect with aar 15 because it thought it was cold. >> meanwhile the washington post with the steele dossier in the russia probe here this is highly unusual move for the newspaper to go back and remove war to large portions and the trump administration, i was triggered by the indictment of igor, the primary source for the steele dossier for lying to the fbi. the post pulitzer prize with "the new york times" with russia relatable reporting that included the dossier identified
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an american businessman served a million as a source by christopher steele's dossier. that accusation has been removed with the dossier's most salacious and unproven claim attributed to him that the kremlin had evidence of donald trump once being with a at a hotel. he denied a a source for compromising information on the former president. one question opposed to stepping up to correct the record but will other news outlets do the same? shannon. >> shannon: howie kurtz, thank you so much. former advisor president trump steve bannon has been indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of congress for refusing to appear with documents to the house investigation of the events january 6. each count carries 30 days and a maximum of one year in jail as well as a fine up to $100,000 or $1,000. an arraignment date has not yet been set. in a lawsuit former las vegas
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raiders head coach john brennan alleging nfl and commissioner roger caddell eight private emails that forced the super bowl champion coach to resign last month. he added treatment was a soviet style character assassination and the nfl calling the allegations in terrell in terrell emeritus. the supreme court asking that the religious exemption claims for the state vaccine mandate be upheld. a temporary injunction she can act alone or refer to the full court for a vote in an earlier request for similar legal belief is still pending at the courts. and the fifth circuit is doubling down on a previous order to temporary total implementation of president biden's vaccine mandate tonight. the employers of more than 100 workers to require other vaccinations where weekly test or face crippling fines and put them out of business. "night court" with staggering broad. let's discuss.
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hot legal topics tonight with the legal eagle, former u.s. attorney and president of article three project mike davis, welcome back the both of you. >> hi sheena, hi mike. speak with circuit tonight demanded upon with ploy by deputizing oceans regulatory scheme with severe financial risk if they refuse or fail to apply and decimate workforce wih business prospects by forcing an unwilling employees to take a shot, take a test or hit the road. harry, this is not too impressive this mandate. >> that is why they call it a mandate to come of course. it does have an else. if you don't take the shot, you can be tested all the time. so this will have to go up to the supreme court. other courts have already gone more or less the other direction. it is a big issue the administration has to fight through the program here it's mike and the lightning round but the comment based on what you
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think the decision to last year from the core on coronavirus related things. how you see this going down. >> this decision by the fifth circuit is big trouble for big government because it says there are serious constitutional concerns with a federal agency osha trying to impose a vaccine mandate on employers. so it is not a good sign for big government. >> shannon: okay, because you are good at everything we will ask about britney spears and spears conservatorship. it is fully terminated but an account to replace her father and he will have limited administrative power as part of the determination plan and personal conservator will continue to work with spears. the exact details of the relationship not revealed but the attorney said miss montgomery will be there for her and spears can have a safe, fulfilling life after conservatorship. mike, what do you think about this case capturing and knowing britney spears and loyal fans but shiny a spot on
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conservatorship and other big cases starting to get attention, too, and whether they were good for someone. >> it is a tragic case. we believe individual autonomy in this country. people have their own legal autonomy, but then the issue of mental health. what do you do with people who don't have the mental capacity to make their own legal decisions? you have to appoint conservatorship for a guardian to help them. but if the courts don't carefully monitor the illegal arrangements, the conservatorships, there is a lot of abuse that can happen. so these courts ruling to supervise will appoint conservators for people. >> shannon: it sounds like britney spears attorney sounds potentially hinting at legal action against her father, who was a key member of keeping the conservatorships going for more than a decade. he said he was worried about his daughter and trying to protect her. maybe he is facing that too. >> my best guess that she will
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cut the cord and go on with her life. some conservatorship can be abuse but not this one. she's been ready to run her life for many years. >> shannon: now for the kyle rittenhouse trial, they are going to closing arguments on monday. it sounds like the prosecution has got a bit of a win because of a struggle because of lesser included offenses potentially presented to the jury. terry, what does that mean for kyle rittenhouse or prosecutors that lesser charges may be available for up for debate? >> it means they might be able to rest a small victory from the jaws of defeat. it was going very poorly for them, the prosecution had really bumbled in a lot of ways, and this gives the jury a chance to do something in between not based on a depraved target but recklessness. that is a good sign for the prosecution. this does feel like a case that some middle ground ought to be achievable. but just in general, it's become
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a big national cultural tone, and that is always bad for a individual trial on the ground. >> shannon: nick amo what do you make the fact the people are going after the judge and throwing this so there will be an acquittal and he hasn't been fair and weighing the scales in the favor of the defendant? >> his job is to make sure that the defendant has due process. in this case. and with this kyle rittenhouse case i think it is a grotesque of misuse of prosecutorial power appear they were going after this kid charging him with murder when he was clearly acting in self-defense. so the prosecutors are doing with lesser included charges is they are trying to get more bites of the apple and tried to get the jury more opportunities to find him guilty. >> shannon: manslaughter or something else or even murder, big difference. very quickly want you to weigh in on john coach is over the release of emails that were not just flattering but he says basically a hit job on him.
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will he have success over that? my, close us out. >> well, under the battle of law he can bring a claim for tortuous interference with contracts. he would have to show roger good dell in the nfl knew he had his contract and tried to breach th. it is a tough case for him. i think if i were roger or the nfl i would raise the fact they did not have legal obligation to keep these emails confidential so even if these allegations are true, there is no legal playground. >> shannon: harry, does he have any chance? >> stone cold loser and he will never be able to show it anyway. he's being stupid. he really needs to lick his wounds, withdrawal for a while, and hope to rehabilitate himself later. this makes him look like, you know, a sore loser. >> shannon: gentlemen, thank you for the legal lightning round. i feel like we got several hours of doable content from the two
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of you. thanks, enjoy your weekend and we will see you soon. >> think you. >> shannon: thanks. rifle throwing down no holds barred melee. we got the tape and protesters take a blood bath in name of claimant. what the heck is this all about? this video, we have some cute stuff too. i promise. that's next. ordinary tissues burn when theo blows. so dad bought puffs plus lotion, and rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion puffs bring soothing softness and relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: might as well change the name to ufc after all out brawl with a nasty tailgate. three fraternities calling this incident it started one man with a shove. then things got ugly. he was trying to keep people away from a hot grill. the crowd was backing into it
9:25 pm
and getting burnt in the process. no arrests after the fight. after this unhappy with cop 26 climate summit they were at it again yesterday. dumping outside of the office today and performing a bloodbath at the entrance to the event gladstone. they claimed cop 26 is a crime scene. an activist blasting for some up for what they are calling "lack of results." now this, traffic on a freeway in south carolina coming to a whole because of this huge hog purity is kind of cute name to pop a pig. the new york county sheriff issuing a warning about the large big causing delays and shifts deposit said showed up to take mr. pig home he broke their trailer and the sheriff's department had to use a horse trailer to take the pig home safely. next up, the deep red and orange use, no filters here captivating all across central colorado. many folks checked it out
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online. when painted it. just for our amusement. and finally, the restless cub going viral. this is a cute video and the large cub with a cute adorable wiggles. if you have kids and they like to sleep with you you understand the struggle. super cute. if you have a video, hit us up at fox "fox news @ night" on social media. ♪ ♪ recent events indicate the influx of illegal immigration along the southern border is ramping up yet again. correspondent vilma lucian reports tonight in texas. an illegal immigrant hides in a tree hoping to evade capture but a texas dps trooper knows to keep his eyes up in the dark of night and it seems like this play out in texas for law enforcement holds for runners who refused to turn themselves in. hours later the line reveals a
9:27 pm
huge group of migrants crossed illegally in la jolla over the overnight hours. this group 200 strong and mostly and young children. over the past month, fox news has repeatedly gone to roman, texas with the constant stream of smugglers bringing migrants across the rio grande. they have been brazen with no fear of being caught, but on tuesday night enrollment, for the very first time, texas dps in the texas national guard caught a smuggler as he brought several immigrants across the river. one of the men in the raft was a 45-year-old from el salvador who was previously deported fill in for sexual assault. dps said, the 17-year-old smugglers sold to troopers as they arrested him, and he already had two previous arrests for human smuggling. in a statement about the operation, texas dps tells fox news "texas dps and national guard are taking action in combating human smugglers and
9:28 pm
detouring mass migration and stand ready to protect the people and property of taxes." earlier this evening border patrol reported just this year and the rio grande valley sector in the last 14 hours alone, they arrested for confirmed members of the ms-13 gang, shannon, back to you. >> shannon: bill melugin at the borders, thank you for excellent reporting. by the way, kevin is back because he is a great human being that i can comment to try -- there is a report that we started with. introducing french fried flavored vodka's. they have curly fries and regular french fries. it will come out and limited edition but you can only buy online, you cannot have curly fries plus vodka head, no but online and flavored so if anyone tries it, let us know and just get online. now, nonalcoholic, it is time for the friday night western
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vixens enter knights of labor is, kevin, buffalo wings soda. you will get your fix end. [laughter] these are so scary. that is the first part. i love the creativity side so i did get a little time and i don't know, are you ready? >> shannon: yeah. i'm scared. >> here it goes, buffalo wings soda. all right. >> shannon: i would not recommend. [laughter] >> it's bad. >> shannon: so bad. sorry, lester. but we will pass on this one. i don't know with people would try this. the last time i looked at -- by the way it says it does not have the daily nutrients values. >> what is that? >> shannon: what would it take you to drink this whole thing
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which might being on a deserted island and this is only thing left? rico well met! >> shannon: what is in here? >> you know, i don't know, a little citrusy, orangey, kind of little orangey finish. >> shannon: i'm looking at the label and there was no chicken. >> no chicken. so i know buffalo in here. >> that's good. you know what though, not sure about this for me but i just heard one of my followers on twitter say there is actually a buffalo ranch. you know, some people have buffalo wings and they will have ranch dressing. there was apparently a ranch dressing soda too. >> shannon: oh, we've got that. standby. >> stop! >> shannon: i have it in my office, and we are going to try it. >> this is what i have to deal with. [laughter] >> shannon: okay, coming up next we will have some news. in the meantime back to the news the author of controversial 6019
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find your fitscore and get your answers today to get the most out of medicare! call this number now or go online today ♪ ♪ >> shannon: the number of controversy or was the old 16 night team project nicole hannah jones facing backlash. this time for comments about in the event that led to the end of world war ii. jones tweeting when i had to the peace memorial museum about the atomic bomb come as an american i felt shame. adding in a deleted tweet, they dropped the bomb when they knew surrender was coming because they spent the money developing it into prove it was worth it. propaganda is not history my friend. to discuss this and other topics and the lightning round, the professor and author of hate crime, professor, welcome back. >> glad to be here.
9:37 pm
>> shannon: rich lowry tweeting about these series of tweets that the problem isn't nicole hannah jones was poorly informed opinions but presents them as established unquestionable history and so many people believe her, but there are a lot of people that didn't believe her and really pushed back on her characterization of history. >> yeah, the joking one line would be "i wonder if we have a 1945 project to look to." more seriously nicole hannah jones with trinity left scholars seem to get their historical facts almost totally from one o. people history of the united states is not every turtledove fantasy writer. she's done this several times, not just saying revolutionary war was bought by slavery but everything unique in the united states came out of slavery in past race war. now the reason for the use of the atom bomb was we spent money on it and wanted to see if it
9:38 pm
worked. the japanese were about to make peace. the reality there for those watching might be confused about this is probably 90% of academic historians think the alternative to bombing hiroshima invading the heartland japanese home island. hundreds of thousands would have died. there is a book "thank god for the atom bomb" by a veteran who laid out the details. so this kind of thing, the french position is incredibly true. we see it on the left and it is problematic. >> shannon: she did take back that one tweet so there must be enough growing opposition that she also did say if you can take things in pride that you'd were possibly involved within the past you have to feel shame because you did night take part in. you are wanting the glory of our history but not a burden. we will continue to track her post. meanwhile, i want to go to the university of maryland and there was a presentation talking about
9:39 pm
new freshman admissions and the breakdown of the class. some noted they separated students of color minus asian with one category and the other one was white or asian students. a lot of folks, especially asian students, professor and other people at the school had a real problem with that delineation that asian students are not people of color, at least not for this categorization. >> well, asian seem to be shortening people of color where they are when it's useful. they aren't when it's not. this is one of those things that is hilariously funny but at the same time totally amoral from education business perspective. we have seen this several times. i wrote a column for "spike" and a major oregon district. basically a some minority groups outpace white, we are seeing them redefine as white. this has already happened with east asians, mina individuals, arabs, jewish americans. we have seen it at least discussed if i recall correctly
9:40 pm
east indiana and west africa. i see the graphic on the screen, yes, people of color and asian. on the plus side, this puts leftist chatter or political chatter in general about white supremacy and context. that obviously has a totally different meaning if you can just redefine all the asian and nigerian kids as white whenever you want to. we may be -- whiteness may mean middle-class in the near future. >> shannon: and consideration students of color and they were trying to explain the categories. really quickly, apparently blocking users from using #let'sgobrandon but this one did not meet the criteria. >> well, this to me the least important of these stories, but it does reveal the level of power that i think a lot of us are noting noticing big tech have right now. the readers on the right and the black community are very worried about. so, my fiancee, upper-middle-class woman is a
9:41 pm
palatine-the art and they did this with trump as well. they blocked a major hashtag after the 1/6 riots and a bicycle riding app for business women and think how little of the google or the twitter trend probably have to do with the most popular things going on in reality. there are people processing this information and there are human beings that the manager level at tech companies and that is problematic to use a popular word to. >> shannon: well we will check it and keep up with what you are doing and always on the cutting-edge of interesting conversations. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> shannon: u.s. official with a vandalism problem and number of anticatholic hate crimes on the rise. chief religion correspondent ora brings the story tonight, good evening, lauren. >> good evening, shannon capitol official say vandalism is
9:42 pm
applied but a spiritual issue of a culture that is in deep need of healing. in brooklyn, a large crucifix is roman catholic church and lay in the dirt and a suspect captured a week later but they struggle to understand why he lingers. >> i thought the wife in the scripture father, forgive them they know not what they do. the parish was deeply hurt. it was really an offense to the church. an offense to the catholic faith. no matter how sick this person might be, it really was offensive. >> since may 2020, the united states catholic bishops have tracked 111 incidents of vandalism against catholic churches and 29 states. and the number continues to rise. incidents include an arson fire that heavily damaged 250-year-old church in california. and also statues beheaded, limbs cut, and graffiti. >> and we are trying to get a handle on it and achieve a
9:43 pm
better understanding of what is going on so that we might be able to achieve some sort of feeling here. >> the fbi stats show there are actually ten times more hate crimes against than catholics. nearly twice as many against muslims. but those numbers show a decrease between 2019-2020. while religious-based hate crimes against catholics increased during the same period. >> i've never seen anything quite like if the evidence we have been able to see. >> the catholic phil donahue claims political forces. >> the left is angry at america, angry at western civilization, and clearly, that means you have to be angry at the catholic church because it's one of the pinnacles of western civilization. speak with the catholic bishop is joining other faith groups to lobby lawmakers asking them to make houses of worship eligible for government grants to help pay for the increased security. shannon. >> shannon: lauren green,
9:44 pm
thank you so much. no indications of more coordination between the national school board association, the white house and the doj in the effort to target angry parents. where we misled what led up to the justice department memo and warning? the green team dives in next align. fast acting biotic gummies helps soothes occasional abdominal discomfort, gas, and bloating and it works fast. in as little as 7 days try fast acting biotic gummies from align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world
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>> shannon: time for analysis of tonight's top stories have newly released emails between the school board association at the justice department ahead of the nsba letter with comparing parents to terrorists. the panel to react caroline levitz, republican candidate for congress in new hampshire. great to have you with us. >> great to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: okay, fox news summed up what we found in the emails newly released internal emails announced the national school board association coordinated with the white house and department of justice before sending president biden a notorious letter. comparing parents to terrorist. nsba coordinated with the white house for weeks before hand. david, does that matter? >> it totally does. it shows how political the justice department has become. in this case, in an outrageous
9:50 pm
letter comparing parents who care about their students and their children to domestic terrorists when they don't agree with the radical woke agenda about critical race theory. the worst part about it is it shows the white house was right in the middle of it interfering with the justice department. what it is supposed to do is enforce the law. >> shannon: senator josh hawley tweets this "wait a minute the nsba was actively with department of justice with letter calling parents terrorist? that is not what merrick garland called congress. does he have explaining to do? >> of course he does and joe biden does as well because they blatantly lied to the american people. the writing has been on the wall since the beginning and of course they coordinated on this memo. they saw the outrage, rightfully so, so they are trying to walk it back. this is just another egregious example of federal overreach of the biden administration. i believe we need to abolish the department of education because
9:51 pm
the bureau bureaucrats with the american people, they are trying to slam radical agenda down the throats of the american people. we will not stand for that. that is why i'm running for congress. an issue on my campaign, we need state and local control and the education system. parents are waking up and they are not domestic terrorist at all. they are concerned citizens and i stand with them at school board meetings as they relate against mask mandates. they deserve a vested interest in the parents education so yes, a.j. garland, joe biden, jen psaki and every player in the biden administration has a lot of explaining to do and parents will not put up to this heading into 2022. >> shannon: they have a question and targeted about focusing going to the leaders to try to get answers. so we will check that. i want to talk to you about inflation and the trouble that this means for the biden administration, which is struggling with a number of crises and new administrations often do. it is been a tough year.
9:52 pm
"the washington post" says this "democrats ignore the inflation numbers. wages are rising but not to keep pace with prices. adjusting to the overlay fell 1.2% from october 2022 october 2021 not good. david this is something that showed up recent elections as well and people are worried about the economy and inflation. can the administration turned that around? >> well, frankly, the policies have teed this up. they are asking for more. they just passed $1.6 trillion boondoggle last friday and now pushing for another one that recalculates probably another $4 trillion. every bit of that debt has inflation. the american families are paying for it, higher gas prices, food prices, higher heating prices. we at the club for growth just launched ads urging constituents to call their democratic members of congress and say, enough is enough. don't vote for this big new spending bill that joe biden and
9:53 pm
pelosi and schumer are trying to cram down their throats. inflation, like you pointed out will take away everything from their pocketbook. >> shannon: this administration has said passing these measures is actually going to help with job creation and lowering inflation. quick, schumer said the best way to address this is to -- and it's paid for by making sure the wealthiest pay their fair share. carolyn, quick line of word from you. >> it is absolutely pathetic. they are gaslighting the american people. this is hitting the american people at the grocery store, pump. the spending is personal for me. a young candidate for congress we need people to understand nothing is free. if i am elected to congress i will not vote to raise debt ceiling. we have to make sure america's fiscally responsible again. and we should only elect leaders willing to do that and stand by their word. we are feeling it here in new hampshire and across the country. the american people are suffering and the democrats. he may had been a socialist agenda.
9:54 pm
they want us to be dependent on the government but i don't think the american people will stand for that in the election next year. >> shannon: to american people get mad when republicans and democrats overspend. whoever is in control needs to answer to them. thank you for joining us and have a great weekend. >> thank you, shannon, you too. >> shannon: goodness before we say good night, better known as mother randall celebrating her 100th and seventh birthday. she is one of the last three known survivors of the 1921 massacre and drove by the community centric waving to celebrate with her and some got out of the car to wish her good wishes those who could not attend make sure she felt the love with tons of birthday cards online. we are told she is still here for the grace of god and because she needs to share her story. happy birthday mother randall to you. >> that is incredible. now, there is nothing like pursuing your dreams. i want you to meet someone special for good news good night, matthew steiner, 89 years old and he wanted nothing
9:55 pm
more than to get his phd in physics. now, he can finally say mission accomplished. he did that at brown university and steiner a successful career as a doctor but he felt like something was missing. he finally pulled it off after all of the degrees he said this is his favorite. >> shannon: i love that and it's never too late to pursue yourfa dream. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> shannon: have a great weekend. i'm shannon bream. relief without the water. people, with quickbooks live someone else will do your books for you. they'll even pair you with an expert bookkeeper like me, who knows your business. knows... your... business! expert bookkeepers who understand your business. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping. [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role
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