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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 12, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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available at it makes the perfect and easiest christmas book, christmas gift. brian: you've squeezed in three of my stories, i said pick one, you put in all three. that's how special my stories are and my chapter. rachel: all right goodbye, guys. >> president biden about to convene his first cabinet
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meeting since july. hello on friday, i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. they have not held a be cabinet meeting since july. we'll see how they do,
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>> everything costs more because they have the dumbest economic plan in history. their plan is basically lock down the economy, spend like crazy, pay people not to work. what do they do in the next bill for people that have been
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working? raise their taxes and spend more money. >> officials are starting to argue the best way to bring pricess down is to pass their social spending bill. some democrats are unsure. the democratic white house does not have the votes in democratic house or senate to pass the build back better plan. >> bill: jen psaki is back in the office today, is that right, peter? >> peter: that is right. 15 days sibs she dropped off the trip. family members were covid positive. she will be back in the briefing room before the cabinet meeting. >> bill: glad to know she is healthy and so is her family. the plan, dana, what is the plan? >> dana: you mentioned the problems the cabinet members have, they have a collective one, inflation. i don't know if they have specifics to deal with it.
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the thing most on their mind is probably gas prices, that is what everyone feels increases cost of everything. last year this time gas was $2.13, this year $3.42, that adds up, bill. >> bill: quite the mark up, bill. that will be on the agenda. so will countless other things. what larry summer his to say, we'll share his comments. democrats saying you are behind the eight ball. >> dana: can't say you didn't warn them. and there is this, both cases resting their casess in the kyle rittenhouse case. he maintains it was self-defense, closing arguments are set for monday. dave hancock is a spokesfortune kyle rittenhouse, we'll hear from him in a moment. we are reporting live from kenosha.
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hi, alexus. >> we are waiting to hear what will unfold later this morning in court here today. we sat down with kyle rittenhouse's mom in wisconsin last night to talk how she feels things are going inside the courtroom. she has been in there every single day and watched her son take the stand and testify. she feels optimistic about the outcome of this trial. wendy rittenhouse talking to fox news telling us her son was in kenosha last summer to help protect in the shootings. she didn't know her son was going to take the stand, finding out while she was sitting in the courtroom. she says the judge has been closely watching, even with everything that happened, his mom tells us rittenhouse would go back again to do what he thought was helping the community. >> he would go back to help people because that is in his
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nature. when he was a little boy, that is all he wanted to do, help people. i taught my kids, treat people how you want to be treated, show respect and help people. and kyle helps people. >> one day after kyle rittenhouse took the stand, the defense resting its case. rittenhouse facing five felonies and up to life in prison in this case. authorities say he shot and killed two men, wounding a third. rittenhouse opened fire with an ar-15, following the police shooting of jacob blake. prosecutors are arguing that rittenhouse was an instigator and should have never been out there with a gun in the first place. after closing arguments, names will be drawn to decide which 12 will be in there for deliberation, we are waiting to see what unfolds in the courtroom throughout the day in kenosha. back to you.
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>> dana: thank you. >> bill: dave hancock, spokesfortune kyle rittenhouse. did rittenhouse say he wanted to go on the stand or did he have to be talked into it by his attorneys? how did that go? >> thank you for having me this morning. first, i would like to thank the supporters who have supported kyle and his family. i think kyle wanted to get his story out, he wanted to go on the stand and his lawyers wanted to put him on the stand. the truth and facts, they sit with kyle. >> dana: a lot of people have been commenting, people here on television and on twitter. lebron james tweeted this, what tears, i didn't see one, knock it off, that boy ate lemon heads before walking into court. joy baher said this.
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>> that acting job, i can't even look at it, that is one of the worst acting jobs i've seen. crocodile tears are going to get him off, i bet. >> dana: you know him, i did not take the crying to be insincere at all, let's get your take on it. >> absolutely it was not. he is an empathetic and caring young man. to lebron, i would say, he should be paying more attention to the lakers, but if he would like to have a sitdown at some point in time, i'm sure he and kyle can talk about how to change the system that allows prosecutors to do what they are doing to kyle right now. it is abhorrent. >> bill: a lot of celebrities have weighed in. weeks of anxiety to push the tears out and you come up empty, on and on and goes from there. dave, back to the trial, been reported prosecution will ask for lesser charges, what do you
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know about that possibly today? >> well, we know that the jury instructions will happen today. i don't want to speak to that particularly, we feel confident the truth has come out over the past two weeks and we feel confident that there is an acquittal coming. >> dana: how do you think, get your take on the media coverage of this case. all the coverage at the beginning, when the incident first happened and over the course of this week. from your perspective, i love to get a pr perspective, this is part of your job. >> from the very beginning, all media reporting, most of it, was completely untrue. over the past year, that just continued to happen. this week i've seen several media reports that get the same
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false information. this case is not about race, this case is about self defense and that is all that needs to be handled in that -- at the end of the day. i thought the media reporting since last year has been absolutely abhorrent. >> bill: sir, thank you for your time, we're waiting for court to resume an hour from now and we get closing arguments on monday. thank you, dave hancock. if you're a juror, you want this to go, i don't know why you take the weekend and come back on monday. you're a juror, get through it and the get it done. >> dana: been a long week for everybody, i guess the weekend will take place and the jury will come back and see if people who demand that we have more trust in our judicial system respect the jury's outcome in this case, as well. >> bill: we're watching that, stay tuned.
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11 past the hour on friday morning. we push forward with this now. watch. >> they think they are going to go back to the old ways of policing, we'll take to the streets again. there will be riotss. there will be fire. there will be bloodshed. >> bill: this is getting a lot of attention, that is a warning for blood in the streets from a black lives matters activist and former cop, who will be new york city's next mayor come first of january. why did he say that and what did the mayor say in response? mayor-elect? that is next, dana. >> dana: what e-mails say about the white house coordinating with national school board association over fired up parents. >> bill: white house national security advisor jake sullivan is referred to in an indictment. could the durham probe shift the focus to the biden
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>> dana: new york city mayor elect eric adams refusing to back down after threats. black lives matters says there will be riots, fire and bloodshed if the city goess back to old ways of policing. today's front page of "new york post" summoned up adams response, "not in my city." brian newsome spoke to the founder of black lives matters, he said, i'm not advocating or
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personally threatening violence, he was talking about the fact he was making point if new york city mayor elect eric adams brings back the plain-clothes police units that were dismantled, riotss will be inevitable. >> the fact of the matter is, when eric adams allows these police to go out into our city and crack heads and racially profile individuals, there will be instances of police brutality and only a matter of time before someone dies and that will be a trigger and we know what happens when that trigger is pulled. >> brian: newsome met with adams and it was live streamed. newsome's group demanded adams be more -- nonplan from the
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former nypd. >> they think they are going back to the old ways of policing, we will take to the streets again, there will be riots, there will be fire and there will be bloodshed. adams, who has appeared with newsome in protests in the past, he called those comments silly and called his organization fringe and yesterday during a press conference, adams said, look, this is not going to happen in my city. listen. >> this city is not going to be a city of riots, not going to be a city of burning. this is going to be a city where we're going to be safe, have effective policing that is not heavy-handed. >> adams promised he's going to bring back plain-clothed police officers. crime has surged and nypd is looking for this man after a woman in her 20s was sexually
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assaulted here in central park while walking at 7 a.m., less than an hour later a 54-year-old jogger was allegedly sexually assaulted by man identified as howard shaw, who was released from prison on tuesday and has since been re-arrested. dana. >> dana: thank you for the upset. former seattle police chief knows about dealing with protest, her new book is called "black in blue," nice to see you, good morning. former new york city police commissioner ray kelly, he was a big part of this program. you go into neighborhoods, you're plain clothes and you try to root out the violence. he said it was effective, it was then labeled racist and the program was stopped. was that is the right call? >> i would not want to second guess commissioner ray kelly. i will tell you this, i have
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heard mayor adams layout a plan for public safety to be affect the whole city of new york. i don't think anyone is looking for any instances or cases police officers violating anyone's rights, utilizing police brutality. i think the vision is to go forward in way that provides public safety for everyone involved and i think that will be good for all of us. i believe people are looking forward, not back, no one wants to see violence or bloodshed, there has to be a plan to protect people, especially in the surge of violent crime we're seeing. >> bill: the country is going to be watching this. this is their piece today, anti-police activist test the mayor elect's resolve, this is "wall street journal." if someone threatened riots and
6:22 am
bloodshed, what would you think or do? >> well, i think mayor elect has responded to that and we recognize there have been violations of the past and no one wants to repeat violations that have occurred, but we do have to have a plan. every city needs a plan to move forward and provide public safety for everyone that is fair and just as we're dealing with violent crime, shots fired and other serious felonious incidents delineated here. there has to be a plan moving forward. >> bill: when you think about police in your community, think about this story now, they're going to give, they will provide escort for security going into the courthouse in seattle. here is a quote, king county is laufrping walking bus pilot program, where county employees can join their colleagues in a
6:23 am
facility management division, escort each evening walking to the station from the downtown. why is that necessary? is that another argument why you need police in your town? >> carmen: i am advocate of having more cops and more safety measures and other ways of protecting the public. i think it is not a secret, there has been a rise in violent crime in many cities across the country. it is really important people who work, particularly public servants in courthouses and whatnot can feel comfortable going to and from work. this is another option, it is not a new or unique idea, several college campuses provide the same services for kids going to school. >> bill: you see no big deal, is that right? >> carmen: go ahead. what do you mean no big deal? >> bill: no big deal on the escorts? >> carmen: no, i think it is a good idea to provide extra layer
6:24 am
of safety for people to feel safe going to and from work. >> bill: wanted a clarification. carmen best, good luck with the book. thank you. >> dana: big loss for seattle. >> bill: with her? no doubt about it. we were watching veterans day yesterday keenly all over the country, remarkable day. we had our eyes on lincoln national cemetery and the commander-in-chief makes a speech there. beautiful theater made of marble, a cool sight. the president got to this point in his remarks and we'll play it for you and let you decide on how you react here from yesterday. >> president biden: i've adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, pitcher in the negro league, went on to become a great pitcher in the pros, major league baseball after jackie robinon, his name was
6:25 am
satchel page. >> bill: make your own judgment, gipping of the phrase went out of favor about 40 years ago and a bit later today we'll get more reaction to that coming up here. >> dana: was a good pitcher. >> bill: great pitcher. no doubt about that, satchel page. 25 past. >> dana: the white house circling the wagon standing by controversial treasury nominee as both sides speak out on her far left comments like, wanting oil and coal industry to go bankrupt and ending banking as we know it, you won't believe it. today could mark a turning point for britney spears and her conservatorship. ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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previously served as commissioner about a year during the second obama term, if confirmed by the u.s. senate, covid would be at the top of his agenda. watch that space, as we say. dana. >> dana: speaking of naminations, president biden refusing to back away from -- saule omarova qualified despite her coming under fire for comments like this one about the energy industry. >> travel industry in transitioning and coal industry and oil and gas industry, a lot of small players in the industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right? >> dana: okay, when i first
6:32 am
heard about her in "wall street journal" editorial, i thought, this can't be true, she wants to end banking as we know it, the white house is sticking with her, john tester, senator from montana told fox business on tuesday that her past statements raise real concerns and he's looking forward to meeting with her to discuss them, that usually signals he's not necessarily going to vote yes. >> when you read her record, it almost seems like a parody of a left wing activist, a moscow state university student -- >> dana: literally. >> as you said wanting to end banking as we know it, she has not fully repudiated these things, she is giving kinder, gentler language now, but very recently put out a plan to bring private bank deposits to the fed. she wants central bank to
6:33 am
allocate resources in the united states. this is a huge anti-market shift and so people know, this is not just an office at the treasury, this is powerful banking regulator that oversees $14 trillion, two-thirds of banking assets in this country would come under her control. she wants to end banking as we know it. >> bill: james, she went to school in moscow, this was in 2009 or 1999, this is 1989, when the soviet union was roaring at the time and she's talked down capitalism at that time. >> this is not someone who fled communism seeing how awful it was and took another path here, she happened to be in the united states when the soviet union ended, she was stuck at university of wisconsin at madison, where faculty had views in common with what she had heard at home.
6:34 am
even in recent writings, she is talking about very radical changes and as you recall, you mentioned 2009, this was ground zero, this was the core of the nuclear reactor of the financial crisis. many of the biggest disasters were regulated by the occ, i know a lot of beltway agencys and people don't necessarily follow them day-to-day. this is a critical job. banks are not destroyed as opposed to advocating. >> bill: does she believe in our system or not? >> dana: her hear suggest next thursday, the white house says they support her, they said that about two others, director of office of budget. they did withdraw those, there wasn't enough support. they have thin margin in the senate. another one is fcc nominee gigi sone. lindsey graham says this is not a nominee he can support, it is
6:35 am
ideologue, would be a nightmare for the country when it comes to mandating public airwaves. she tweeted about brett kavanaugh, angry white man issue not a good look, brett kavanaugh. >> bill: who is she? >> that tweet is nasty, she is normally not that nasty. i have found her personable, but in terms of views, this is a concern for people who have enjoyed the freedom of the internet and what it has given and it is really a basically the big issue here, couple big issues, one big one is regulating telecom companies like the old phone system, are we going to have that or have what we've had, growth and vitality and creativity? big users like youtube, netflix, do not want to pay market rates, they do not want to pay for the traffic they are pushing over the network. they got the obama administration to try and change
6:36 am
the rules and regulate and tell telecom companies what to charge, investment went down. she is saying she's not going back to that, but i think you got to be concerned. >> bill: james in a sentence, what do these nominations suggest about this administration? >> this is, i would say, pushing forward ignores recent lessons of the election. if people in different places of the country were sending a message they don't want a move to the hard left, don't want bernie sanders agenda, these are not the nominees. >> bill: nominees came out before the vote a week and a half ago. great to see you in person. it's been two years, james freeman. >> dana: i did see him over the summer. >> bill: come back. national school board association coordinated with the
6:37 am
white house and doj before it sent a letter from the president likening the action of angry parents to domestic terrorism? questions about the ag merrick garland testimony about a month ago. griff jenkins in d.c. good morning. >> it is eye opening, we've been led to believe there is no coordination between the white house and attorney general garland acted independently, both may be false in newly released conversations, timeline is showing members in the white house meeting for weeks in september before sending that letter to the president comparing parents to domestic terrorists and it was before the doj took action in early october. nsba president confirms in mid-october memo saying nsba has been actively engaged with the white house, department of justice, department of homeland security, department of education, surgeon general on
6:38 am
pandemic related issues. when garland was pressed under oath in late october about coordination with the nsba, he denied being influenced. watch. >> the letter that we -- that was subsequently sent does not change the association's concern about violence or threats of violence. it alters some language in the letter, language in the letter that we did not rely on and is not contained in my own memorandum. >> those words are now contradicted as nsba president painted a different account, writing in response to letter sent by nsba on october 4, 2020, the attorney general announced in memorandum shared throughout the department of justice he was ordering all attorney offices and fbi offices to reach out to local and state law enforcement to coordinate efforts on this problem within 30 days of the memorandum and questions are
6:39 am
being raised over whether the white house has been fully forthcoming when asked about it in october. jen psaki said she doesn't speak on behalf of the nsba, adding school board is not part of the u.s. government, but in jen psaki's press conference today, returning from covid, see if she takes questions on it. >> bill: thank you, griff jenkins in washington. >> dana: new reality for women in afghanistan, decades of gains wiped out since the taliban took over. the women of the senate are calling for president biden to take action, will he? small business questioning. kennedy is why they are so upset. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road.
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>> dana: three months after the taliban seized power in afghanistan any progress made in regard to women's rights has been wiped out. afghan women have been banned from school or jobs and now reports of girls being sold to feed their families. last week all 24 u.s. female senators wrote the president asking him to do something. former senior advisor to the representative for afghanistan and pakistan, i know this is an issue that you track -- protect
6:46 am
rights of women and girls and other minorities, religious minorities. they had not been doing that in reality. appears the taliban is split from those who made the promise to those on the ground. those on the ground are indoctrinating them with this form of islam, which does not give women their rights. girls in primary school and 40% of schoolchildren were girls before, they are gone, primary school girls can still go, but intermediate middle school, they are gone and college, as well, huge step backward, women have been demonstrating and been met with violence from the taliban when they have demonstrated, so that is a bit different. they are not just holding, they are trying to fight for their right.
6:47 am
the dilemma is what do you do, safrngszs on the pressure you can possibly put on the taliban isn't going to work because already there is humanitarian crisis caused by the fact that so many have pulled out, so many have pulled out funding, aid organizations feel it is too dangerous to go in and deliver the aid. how do you put more pressure on the taliban without actually putting more pressure on the people and particularly women. >> dana: united nations world food program said 22.8 million afghans, more than half the country's population, be face hunger right now. 24 senate women in the sant on afghanistan, they got together and sent a letter to the president asking for help. is there anything president biden can do right now that make a difference? >> i think one thing that has to happen is pressure the other countries like pakistan.
6:48 am
pakistan harbored the taliban for years, even while we gave pakistan aid and assistance and the pakistanis do have influence over the taliban and need to start speaking up and they need to start taking pressure. pakistan at times i've been told has not allowed refugees back into pakistan despite the fact they allowed them before the taliban was there. when the taliban was in pakistan. so we need to have actually enable countries and some women to leave the country, if they want to. we have to put pressure on the taliban to live up to their promises and potentially you might want to put sanctions, potentially may need to put a carrot rather than the stick and say give you assistance if you go back and honor your commitment. the problem is that the deal that was struck in previous administration has left little maneuver by decoupling
6:49 am
negotiations with the taliban with negotiations with the afghan government and saying we negotiate withdrawal and then negotiate how we abide by the constitution or by the rights of women and minorities. we didn't have leverage anymore is the problem. >> dana: and now because of president biden's decisions, we have no people there to help figure it out. eileen o'connor, thank you. >> bill: a sticky wicket, look at summertime and poling numbers for the president, june, july, blame on covid or the economy, when he got in mid-august, it was afghanistan and marker shows on the polling, the moment kabul fell, the bombing, last troops to leave august 30, etcetera, it runs down. that will come up during the cabinet meeting that we marked everybody has something on the list. >> dana: a lot, so much on the
6:50 am
list. i think president biden had choices to make, he had the ability to change decisions, if he didn't like the previous administration's. coupling is the problem, president biden didn't have to do that, he made decisions and now this is fully in his court. >> bill: fair. this cabinet is in crisis mode. will growing uncertainty sink the agenda? look at the categories, dana. we'll get to that in a moment and calling all swifties today, grammy winner back with big new release, come and get it, won't you. ♪ veteran homeowners, if you're ever going to use your va home loan benefit to get cash, now is the time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more.
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the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest in their history. two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. save thousands a year. ♪ ♪ swift swift /* /* >> dana: it is a big day for taylor swift fans, i'm one of them, released "red," this is branded taylor's version, swift vowed to rerecord in part of effort to regain control of her master recording. 30 tracks, so it is worth it. big fan? >> bill: yeah, you know -- >> dana: so talented. >> bill: saw her in concert at giant stadium, the u.s. women's soccer team came out with the world cup trophy, it was an awesome night. good show. >> dana: did you take anyone to
6:57 am
the concert? >> bill: a big crowd there, the weekend came out before it went big, good show. >> dana: the weekend, now in my phone, when i invite weekend, it sweechs to weekend the singer and it is annoying. >> bill: on spotifiy, you will see taylor's version, she's there. after taking beating for pandemic, small businesses have a new concern, president biden's plan to give irs power to snoop on your bank account. douglas, what did you find out? good morning. >> this plan would give the irs access to banking information, leaving many with more questions than answers. >> why should they have access to any of our banking actions without proper cause? >> hvarkc contractor in st. paul, minnesota, is part of growing number of small business owners outraged by a proposal to
6:58 am
empower the irs, to track banking accounts with more than $10,000 in transactions per year. he sells furnaces and ac units, sales that would be aggregated and part of a government record. >> it is same thing as the government being able to walk into your house any time the day or night. >> originally the proposal set $600 trigger, after some blowback, janet yellen raised threshold to 10 k, increase that would include almost all small businesses and most american taxpayers, giving the government summations of millions of accounts previously hidden from view. last week treasury official told the panel at center for american progress, she was hopeful the plan would "get across the finish line in the next few
6:59 am
weeks." >> there are ways we can get there. >> treasury department says they lose $600 billion in unpaid taxes, you believe this new accounting will help make up some of that? >> no question. there are certain types of income the irs does not have enough information about, they have w-2 forms, they don't have certain information on business income. >> chuck marr, from the center on budget and policy priorities, calls the plan imperative to ensure everyone pays what they owe. he says irs enforcement has been gutted in previous years, pointing out audits on millionaires are down 70% since 2010 and auditors have been cut to levels not seen since 1954. >> you contend this new accounting won't affect small businesses or regular people at all? >> no, it's good for regular
7:00 am
taxpayers, honest taxpayers and business owners who compete with businesses that cheat. >> he is not buying it, early 2000, he was a state rep and shared the tax committee in the minnesota house of representatives. he says giving government access to this amount of information means making human beings less than human. >> to you, this is another step toward total surveillance society. >> big brother interference watching every transaction, every action that an individual or corporation makes. >> still it is the watching treasury officials contend will make unfair tax system more fair. that is it from here. >> bill: stay on it, nice to see you douglas, here in new york. thanks. >> dana: president biden meeting with his cabinet for first time since july, as soaring gas prices and worst inflation in years spell danger ahead of the
7:01 am
mid-term election. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: and i'm bill hemmer. the president will be meeting with his cabinet, first meeting since what, july? four months. he is pushing his team to get moving on infrastructure bill passed last week, which he plans to sign into law on monday. >> dana: vulnerable democrats are having second thoughts about the social spending and climate bill and how big it should be, painful inflation hits americans, republicans are warning prices will jump higher if the president's build back better plan moves forward. >> biden is threatening the biggest i guess supply side tax hike in history, something that would devastate supply and make inflation go through the roof. build back better plan fails, that is a step in the right direction in terms of fighting inflation. >> bill: hillary, what are you hearing on the hill? good morning.
7:02 am
>> good morning, bill, republicans are trying to make rising inflation and rising cost a winning issue in the midterm so they are using that issue to target vulnerable democrats up for real election in 2022. an op ed in the "washington post" is warning democrats about taking inflation lightly and not talking about the rising cost for everything from gas to groceries saying it will be a bad strategy. when democrats tell voters to stop whining about inflation, such worries are imagined, they do themselves no favor. they must head into the midterm with clear-eyed view of the economy as it is, not as they wish it to be. vice president kamala harris says inflation is serious and the answer is more government spending. >> so it is something we take very seriously. very seriously. but there is also a point that is important to make on the build back better framework. one, it is designed to make it
7:03 am
less expensive for working people to live. >> conservative group launched a six-figure digital ad targeting house democrats in their home district, they think are on the fence about backing the build back better social spending package in the house trying to flip them against biden's big social and climate agenda. another conservative group is targeting four democratic senators up for re-election in 2022, the four senators with digital ads on inflation that read, "skyrocketing inflation, empty shelves, surging gas prices," now is not the time to raise taxes. voters are complaining about inflation on social media, the democratic senators are not talking about it on social media. we scrubbed through their
7:04 am
personal twitter accounts, their public twitter account to see if the word inflation ever popped up, it did not. a lot of americans are tweeting about rising cost and inflation, those senators are not. bill. >> bill: interesting, thanks, hillary, nice to see you from the hill. >> the policymakers in washington unfortunately have almost every month been behind the curve. they said it was transitory, doesn't look transitory. >> bill: former economic advisor slamming the administration and hammering the economy. another advisor saying the biden team poured kerosene on the fire. chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. good morning, back in the share, congratulations on the big award last weekend, we are proud of you, sir, welcome back here. summer is not holding back, you're behind the curveball here and so long as you are, it will
7:05 am
take longer to catch up, what is your view of his comments and more? >> chris: he's been saying this a long time, ever since the president and democrats passed that $1.9 billion covid relief in the spring, he said it would overheat the economy and create inflation and we started hearing this word last spring, transitory. that had some impact or relevance back then, see increases 6.2% october over october transitory seems -- life is transitory, that is not much explanation for this. it is a serious problem. there are a lot of issues we deal with on fox, on the news, that are important, but don't affect people's daily lives, when you go to fill up your car and it costs you $20 or $30 more than it used to or you go to get groceries, groceries and gas really affect people's lives and
7:06 am
it is called inflation, the cruellest tax, because of the fact it is regressive and hits people at the bottom of the income scale more severely than at the top of the income scale. it is a big political problem for biden and democrats. >> dana: president will call together his cabinet for the first time since july. they have so many issues on their plate from immigration and labor shortage, you mention gas prices, how about the supply chain, in fact, education and looking at them a year before the midterm, we have approval ratings of clinton, obama and biden at this point in their presidency, biden is way down at 42% and wants to pass this really big bill, build back better. how do you think he's positioned on that? >> chris: i think he is in trouble, now larry summers was again the covid relief bill and is in favor of the build back
7:07 am
better plan and thinks it will not be hugely inflationary, that is tough argument to make now. in the end, it comes down to individuals. joe manchin, 50th senator, he's great concern about whether they should pause in spending all this federal money. there is talk it is paid for, dana, it really isn't, let's be real. washington budget gimmicks, we will do this program for a year or two with full expectation it will become so popular it will end up like increased tax child credit, it will be instituted for 10 years. it is not nearly paid for, in addition, spending happens more than the tax revenue comes in. there is reason to think some democrats, doesn't take many in the senate, it only takes one to say, let's take our foot off the gas pedal for a moment. >> dana: do you happening it is strange they are having this
7:08 am
meeting when vice president harris is out of town? >> chris: i don't know. i hadn't thought of it, i didn't know until this morning they were having a cabinet meeting. look, you were in the bush white house, i covered the reagan white house, i do not know that cabinet meetings mean that much. so often, this is pretty important cabinet and you see people like buttigieg taking a forward position, jennifer grandam, i don't know if cabinet meetings are that important, not much gets covered by the cabinet, it is president and staff dealing with individual cabinet members or people in particular domestic or international sector. >> bill: based on the list on the wall, chris, this cabinet meeting could go for days. one more thing i want to add, late last night, the tax policy center, they put out a number on whether or not you would get a
7:09 am
tax cut on the build back better plan. "taking into account all major tax provisions roughly 20 to 30% of middle income households would pay more in taxes come year 2022," that is part of this discussion. see you on sunday. >> chris: are you going to tell who is on the show? >> bill: dr. vivek murthy and texas ag ken paxton. >> chris: see you then, guy. >> dana: biden administration is looking to give terry mcauliffe a new job. it is not clear what position he might hold, according to punch bowl news mcauliffe is not seeking a position within the administration, terry mcauliffe has lots of options, he's a
7:10 am
a businessman. he would be a good asset for them, i think. >> bill: one thing before we let it go here, on the discussion on the administration and inflation. i thought the president gave a bit this week, he mentioned inflation and mentioned yesterday the stimulus checks may have contributed in part to this. talking to mark about the thing compared to bill clinton and maybe there is truth to that. to the border we go now. figures for october, stand by on that, texas department of public safety arrested cartel smuggler and convicted felon in the town of roma, near rio grande. bill is in la joya, what did you find? >> bill: good morning. we have had a massive group cross in la joya this morning.
7:11 am
they are getting processed by border patrol. live drone video we shot in the last hour, take a look. this is a huge group of 200 that acrossed into la joya early this morning, mostly family units, moms and dads, kids, toddlers and activity i mentioned yesterday, starting to pick up again. these are numbers we were seeing during peak months over the summer. it is starting up again. most family units under biden, will be released into the country with a future court date. it is not just families coming across, there are runners. take a look at this video, we went out with texas dps, people like to cross in the middle of the night. we found one guy hiding inside of a tree. found another guy running who was caught, as well. this is constant game of cat and mouse played with local law enforcement and illegal
7:12 am
immigrants who do not want to be captured. this third element is a big deal, this is the very first time during the border crisis, you are looking at texas national guard and dps ran a operation and were able to arrest one of those human smugglers using rafts in roma, texas. we've been showing videos of them laughing and bringing people to the shore banks. tuesday night dps and national guard ran a operation and caught seven illegal immigrants and the smuggler with them. here is one of the illegal immigrants in the raft, a 45-year-old from el salvador. he is a previously deported felon for sexual assault, he resisted arrest, he has charges coming down on him. this is 17-year-old human smuggler who was in the raft, we are blurring his face because of his age. he was arrested twice before for human smuggling. he fought troopers, and will be
7:13 am
charged with resisting arrest, assault on public servant and human smuggling. it is a big deal, first time they have been able to take down one of these raft smugglers, trying to send a message it will not be tolerated. back to you. >> bill: good to have you back on the job at the border there, thank you, bill 6789 >> dana: i read this article today written by governor of arizona, i thought was interesting. biden wins arizona and turns on it from the border to the schools, administration is hostile to the state elite. this column is worth a read. it is remarkable. you go through the effort to win arizona and flip a red state blue and you ignore them and the forest issue is unbelievable. seems like biden administration didn't have any idea they screwed up and now they will try to fix it in terms of clearing brush to help them. the border issue is obvious and schools. very interesting, how do you try to keep state like that in your column if you are ignoring them?
7:14 am
>> bill: great point. i did a podcast yesterday with chairperson of the rnc, they have 47 house seats in their target as of today for the midterms a year from now. maybe that list gets longer, maybe it gets shorter. as of now, that is their target, 47. not to pick up 47, they will compete in 47. >> dana: that is hemmertime. with synthetic opioid deaths on the rise, wanting to stiffen punishment. we will discuss that next. >> bill: new york city mayor elect will be the talk of america on the issue of crime. after a black lives matter activist warns there could be blood in the streets over a new policing policy, we'll get arkinal sis, lawrence jones coming up shortly. stay tuned for that. >> this city is not a city of
7:15 am
riotss or burning, this is a city where we're going to be safe. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love. talk to a financial professional about pacific life. what's strong with me? what's strong with me? professional what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? me? with me!
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so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. >> hunter biden left town after an art gallery cancelled plans to allow the public to see his art. he and his family appeared on wednesday at the gallery, his paintings are going for their 500,000 a piece. the remainder of the exhibit will be shown by appointment only. >> dana: going this afternoon? >> bill: i've got other things. >> dana: communities across the nation struggle to address the opioid crisis. bring in our panel, former dea
7:21 am
special ops agent and former district attorney. put this up here, fentanyl deaths 2019 to 2021, look at the number from 32,000 in 2019, 40,000 in 2020, 61,000 in 2021. it shows no sign of abating, but you are saying something needs to be done. >> yes, thank you for having me. i applaud the efforts of the da in california supporting families because they are suffering around america, not just california. deaths are escalating. cdc latest stats reveal 99,000 based on provisional debt data. we have families suffering and mexican cartel business is booming. look at the lab seized in mexico october 28th, the ap reported the mexican cartels were
7:22 am
producing 70 million fake pills a month and those pills are hitting the streets at record levels and kids are being deceived and dying all over. we need to get more aggressive and the da in california, outstanding work, i appreciate that and families do, as well. >> dana: todd now, put up for everybody to see photographss of the victims of these poisoning, fentanyl deaths. if we can pull those up on the screen for everyone to see. these are people talking about, fellow americans, these are brothers and sisters, daughters, mothers and fathers. todd, fentanyl seizuress at border 2021, 11,000. if you're transporting pills, they are easy to get through, what are you trying to do now? >> what i'm trying to do is send a strong message, i'm holding up this penny, dana, it takes two
7:23 am
grains of sand. look at abe lincoln, two of fentanyl on abe's nose is enough to kill. rn increase in deaths in california. a thousand percent in my county. i announced this week, i will be charging drug dealers with murder. i will not let drug dealers, manufacturers, peddlers, get away with murder. we're going to, we have somebody we convict for possession of sale of any drug, we are see thanksgiving come in through all kinds of drugs, cocaine and methamphetamine, russian roulette, no one knows when they pull the trigger and take that pill or snort that cocaine if it has fentanyl. i'm doing advisement in court, when we catch them again and we will, we will charge them with
7:24 am
murder. when someone drinks and drive, you can kill somebody, that is what we get when we have somebody for driving under the influence. if they do it again and we have that admonishment that we read on another conviction, we can admit that in front of the jury. i will have a written form or have it on camera from the police, we will tell drug dealers when we book them and when we convict them, they know that dealing fentanyl can kill. we will throw it up to the jury, we know drinking and driving can kill. we know that intuitively, i have to prove that in court and prove it with the scores of the earth, horrible drug dealers. we will do that to the best of
7:25 am
our ability. >> dana: this is a very important issue. we'll follow it because as derek said, todd, this is bold and ambitious and we want to see how this goes. thank you, both. >> bill: not right when it double necessary two year's time. indictment of clinton lawyer raising doubt about one of the president's top advisors. >> we have no idea that sullivan is being investigated for a crime. what we are seeing is multi-layer connection between the clinton campaign and this scandal. >> bill: history of controversy, is it catching up with the national security advisor jake sullivan and year long fight to free britney may come to an end, why emancipation may be only hours away. ♪
7:26 am
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>> dana: jersey republican jack will concede the very close new jersey governor's race this afternoon, to incumbent democrat jim murphy. trails murphy by three points. his campaign hoped remaining ballots would warrant a recount, it was close. >> bill: a story that went under the radar. monmouth university put a poll out, he had this race toward double digitss and put out massive statement that he got wrong. this is very important, you know in politics, campaigns make decisions based on polling, voters make decisions, political groups, these candidates make decisions based on what polls
7:32 am
tell them. 10 points, i think it is a wipe out. >> dana: conceding this afternoon. >> bill: we got this earlier in the week fox news national security advisor jack sullivan is mentioned in the durham probe of hillary clinton -- he was clinton's deputy chief of staff during benghazi. author of the book "revolution, trump, washington and we the people," you believe this screams conflict of interest, you have the floor, how come? >> all right, first of all, the attorney general's council, special assistant overseeing the investigation durham is making is jake sullivan's wife. the wife is overseeing the
7:33 am
investigation of her husband. jake sullivan has known, open secret that sullivan was the one in the campaign and after the 2016 election who was feeding the media, all sorts of information about donald trump collusion, steele dossier, donald trump never won the election without help from the russians. he was feeding what we now know was a big lie. he would have known it was a big lie. >> bill: if this was an open secret, did mueller interview him? do we know the answer? >> this is a key question, bill, was he interviewed? was he interviewed during the hillary e-mail scandal and during russia-gate with mueller? two times he would be on record. anybody can lie to the press, that is not a crime d. he lie to the f.b.i.? if they have texts and e-mails that go between the man who has just been indicted for lying to the f.b.i. about russia-gate and the steele dossier, if there is
7:34 am
e-mail proof jake sullivan knew the steele dossier was a lie, maybe he was an architect of the steele dossier on which the mueller investigation and russia-gate and things that destroyed people's lives and tried to sabotage the trump presidency, was he in on it? >> bill: let me come back to that, i watched you with martha the other day. you are a passionate person, the passion was coming off the screen in a way, we seldom see. this russia hoax cost you your job, cost you your livelihood and it cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. now it looks like there is a few indictments, few charges here and there, everything else, i don't know, kt, looks like a lot of people will skate on this, how do you feel about that? >> well, you know, it is really hard, bill.
7:35 am
it is hard personally baz as you say, my career was destroyed. hundreds of thousands in legal fees. my rep -- reputation was in tatters, i wanted to be national security advisor and that was ripped up because of a big lie. it hurts on a personal level that these guys get away with it. it hurts on a national level. who are they to take a president and organize a coup against them and work with washington establishment and insiders in washington, people whose names you don't know, bureaucrats and media and get away with it. how dare they take democracy and toss it around like a toy and something that perpetuates their own importance, that is what hurts. >> bill: well stated, that is washington, d.c. for you. kt, thank you for your time. thanks, nice to see you. >> dana: kim has her op ed every friday, today she writes about
7:36 am
russia-gate situation and says we can't know what the kremlin's goal was in 2016 or how much it accomplished, the shifrng /* shenko indictment, mrs. clinton's campaign carries own russian baggage and that gets closer to their door step and i don't think they can ark void talking about it. >> bill: who was in cahoots with moscow in the end? we have 36 minutes now past the hour. >> dana: it looked like dictator was on the way out after atrocities against his own people. years later, bashar is regaining, what will the biden administration do about that? plus dire warning from black lives matter -- says about that. >> it will be riots, there will be fire and there will be
7:37 am
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>> bill: new foreign policy, bashar al-assad is returning back to the world stage after a decade of brutality during syria's civil war.
7:43 am
rehab is underway and benjamin hall has the story. good morning. >> we just got out of a meeting with blinken. u.s. allies are reaching out to syria, white wash crimes to move forward and normalize relations. the foreign minister met with bashar al-assad this weekend, it was full of smiles, everything a positive meeting would be. we have seen the kuwaitees and saudis welcome syria back in. ignoring fact 400,000 people have been killed during the syrian civil war and the u.s. has tried hard to keep them isolated. there has been anger on the hill, senators tweeting this, it is shameful growing number of countries are open to normalize relations with bashar al-assad and ignoring violence against
7:44 am
civilians that should work toward implementing 255 before taking steps toward normalization. we spoke with secretary blinken about this. if you are pressuring regional allies not to normalize relations, surely they are not listening to you. here is one thing the secretaries. >> we are concerned about signals some visits and engagements are sending and i would simply urge all of our partners to remember the crimes that the bashar al-assad regime committed and continues to commit. >> one of the other interesting things, experts have told us, the u.s. may have given the green light to countries to do so by allowing a pipeline to be built through syria to lebanon. expertss tell us that may have been the thing that opened the
7:45 am
door for other countries to go in and normalize relations with syria or start to despite atrocities committed by the bashar al-assad regime. >> bill: thank you at the u.s. state department. >> we are going to have the backs of our police officers and hold them accountable to do their jobs. if fringe elements want to hurl rhetoric like that, that is silly to new yorkers. >> dana: new york mayor eric adams after black lives matters activist warns there could be riots, fire and bloodshed in new york city saying adams would allow the police to return to old waysss of policing. lawrence jones, reporter and fox nation host. i want to play for you sound from brian ennis, who interviewed newsome. watch this. >> when plain-clothes police officers come back into the streets with the mentality they are going to eradicate crime,
7:46 am
they will make a mistake and kill someone. when that happens, when eric adams allows these police to go out into our city and crack heads and racially profile individuals, there is going to be instances of police brutality and it is only a matter of time before someone dies and that will be a trigger. we all know what happens when that trigger is pulled. >> dana: not in my city, that is what the mayor said. >> benjamin: that is not what the mayor said, the mayor said we will have backs of the cops. if they do something wrong, we will hold them accountable. that is a balanced message for me. i want to like hawk, i saw the protests he did against the vaccine mandates, i was standing with him on that. my question is whose blood is going to be on the street? there is blood on the streets of new york, crime is all over, pushing people into trains,
7:47 am
shootings, rape, happening every single week. what is this threat? who is it going to serve? seems like to me, the underserved are going to be hurt the most like they are being hurt right now. >> bill: riots, fire and bloodshed, how do you get away with saying that? lawrence, what i think, the country will be watching in new york city, we have issues and we'll have a new mayor come in and he's a former cop and he's african american, he's got a big job to do, we will see how well this goes. >> lawrence: i think he's up for the task, he has balance right now. we have to see how he's going to govern, the cops need someone to have their back. hawk said they will go and eradicate crime. do we want crime all over the streets? that seems to be the new progressive world view, no one should be behind bars and so i like what the mayor is doing right now. will he talk with the da's, they
7:48 am
put criminals back on the streets. >> bill: that is another problem. if you have someone of influence saying there will be riots and fire and bloodshed, you can label that insightment, go ahead, dana. >> dana: where does this go from here in terms of black lives matters in the city and across the country? we are waiting for the closing arguments in the rittenhouse trial on monday and we know what happened leading up to that. >> lawrence: i think people should be prepared for kenosha, i think it will not go in the way the media amped it up, politicians that wanted this to serve a purpose. they didn't look at evidence and didn't look at the trial to take place. the judge is upset, they tried to go against constitutional rights. talk to public officials and media, they have amped the crowd up and i think they will try to set the city on fire. >> bill: hope not. >> lawrence: this is biden's
7:49 am
america now, will he lean on this issue? will democrats lean on the cities that stock up the flame? we'll see. >> bill: back to new york, "wall street journal" headline, black lives matters versus eric adams, activist will test mayor's resolve. watch that story. i was on the subway going home last night, pretty crowded, post-pandemic, pretty good. the amount of weed in one subway, i couldn't believe it. it was everywhere, twos ago. you had to go back inside the building and four people were smoking -- >> lawrence: they are raping people, beating the hell out of people in the subways. crime is allowed. >> bill: my point is this, i don't know what is going on in portland, i know what is going on in new york city.
7:50 am
>> dana: see you 7 p.m. tonight. >> lawrence: yes, ma'am. a lot to cover and covering this case. >> dana: you know who will be watch something me and percy. >> lawrence: percy is my new bud buddy. >> bill: we will battle over that. >> lawrence: have you held him yet? >> bill: the race is on, we will see over time. this is true, you have an edge on that. thank you, buddy, see you tonight. in a moment, could be a big day for britney spears, pop star going to get a resolve here? officially end a decade-long conservatorship? details on this afternoon's hearing straight ahead, as we roll on next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, home values just keep going up. now's the time to refi and take out cash.
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7:57 am
personal and financial freedoms she hasn't in 14 years. the father was suspended from the conservatorship. he made it public he wants off. britney spears posted an instagram it will be interesting. she said she hasn't prayed for something more in her life than for this to end. conservatorship was control over britney spears as a person and the other over her finances. some legal minds say it could come down to britney spears' mental health. >> what got into britney spears in this mess was an alleged mental health issue. what will get britney spears out of this mess and terminate the conservatorship is a report from a psychologist stating that britney spears's mental health is okay. >> britney spears says that she
7:58 am
does not want a mental health evaluation for the conservatorship to send. we will see what the judge decides today. bill, this will likely stay in the courts for sometime because britney spears's lawyer says long after the conservatorship is done with or not, he will have her father investigated. >> bill: wow, okay. pins and needles. >> dana: scientists say an asteroid near earth could be a fragment of the moon. it matches lunar rocks from the nasa apollo mission and it may have broken off 500 to 10,000 years ago. how do they know that? a ferris wheel size. in the white house i called in
7:59 am
with all of these terrible stories were going on. i was told there was an asteroid headed to earth. great! >> bill: i am not qualified. before we get out of here, dana and i talk about music a lot during the commercial break. back in august, we were talking about summer songs. >> dana: what is your favorite summer song? >> bill: august 6th. >> dana: today he said what is your summer song? i gave him my answer and i said what is yours. carlie, guess what it is. >> bill: that wasn't how it was framed. you were looking for all time classic summer song. >> dana: no. >> bill: i said frank sinatra summer wind. you gave me a hard time. we came across this clip the other day. roll this. here we go. >> to listen to for the rest of
8:00 am
your life what is it? >> summer wind frank sinatra. >> [laughing]. >> dana: i would say that's not like your go-to summer song. it doesn't get you hyped but you love that song. >> bill: it's a classic. >> dana: and you sing it well. >> bill: a couple of things before we get out of here. check out hemmer time and a prediction on the mid-terms. i have a birthday this weekend. i won't be here on monday. >> dana: happy birthday. >> bill: hold the fort down and have a great weekend. >> dana: here's the "faulkner focus." >> harris: pressure from americans on president biden to pull the country out of an economic crisis that exploded under his watch. you are watching the "faulkner focus." i am julie in for harris. it could cost democrats the majority in congress:


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