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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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for real protection, ask your doctor about breztri. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." gas prices are up and what is interesting is how the press covers rising gas prices. if you look it is clear they are not interested in the topic, they don't find it compelling. in fact, they may be a little bored by it. that shouldn't surprise you. there is no greater divide in american life than the gap between people who care about what gas cost and the people who don't care. it is a cultural divide, obviously, a chasm of class, economics, and geography. those who take a uber versus
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those who drive their own car. on some level, the divide is about usefulness. split the country to two groups: people who worry about the price of gasoline and people who worry about the fact that gasoline is still legal. and ask yourself, which of these groups is more important to the functioning of the united states? hm, let's see. on one side, your lawyers, hr directors, executives at climate change nonprofits, gender studies administrators, finance moguls, brain-dead senators, commonness for the "atlantic" magazine, highly paid netflix producers like michelle and barack obama, and yes, prime time to cable news anchors. this would be the grifter class. they do little but benefit greatly. as a practical matter, they are useless and have no skills. most of the time, they are a drain on the actual economy and poise into the culture. the rest of us might be happier and more prosperous if they became truck drivers are moved to paraguay. that's true, and on some level, everyone knows it is true, and because it is true, that is why these very same people spend so much time screaming about how essential they are, because it
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is so obvious that they aren't. things worked perfectly well before we had hr departments. on the other side of the gas price divide, you have everybody else. this group includes the people who possess about 95% of the relative skills you would need to keep a civilization going. lose these people, and it is the dark ages, literally dark, your power grids shuts down. as it happens, these are the very people who have noticed and winced at the price of filling a tank. these are the peoples being being hurt by rising gas prices. the ones who deserve it the least. the most galling part of all of this is none of this is an accident. america has more than enough energy to keep gas prices low. so why is this happening? well, it is being done on purpose by the party that hates gasoline. gas engines are bad for the climate, democrats tell us. they appear to believe that. but they also understand something else about gas. cars mean autonomy. if you've got a car, you can go
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wherever you want. they cannot control you, they hate that they are at this point, they cannot express a thought like that out loud because it is too scary, so instead, they call you a racist. watch. >> for years, promote fossil fuels despite knowing that promoting them means promoting environmental racism and violence to black and brown communities. still promoting and selling fossil fuels that are killing millions of people. a striking example of white supremacy. >> tucker: so, fossil fuels are a "striking example of white supremacy." that is the latest thought bubble from prominent democratic party intellectual, congressman cori bush of st. louis. you have to wonder what the world's many nonwhite opec countries think of that. they must be thoroughly confused by it. but cori bush doesn't know it. she has never heard of opec. she just prattles on, thoughtless little moron that she is, denouncing this or that as a striking example of white supremacy. that is what she does. what is interesting is not a single prominent democrat will tell cori bush to shut up and sit down.
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they are not allowed to do that. so overtime, cori bush's ravings become official government policy. why shouldn't we shutdown energy pipelines in the middle of an energy crisis? pipelines are racist. and having done that, which in fact they are now doing at this moment, why wouldn't we shut down the energy companies themselves? if energy is a racist, so are the corporations that sell it, so burn it all down and wait for utopia. that is what they are concluding. here's a top biden nominee, someone who could very soon supervise every financial institution in the country, explaining that we should root for the destruction of the most robust economic sector in the united states. watch. >> here, what i am thinking about is primarily coal and oil and gas industry. a lot of the smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order. at least, we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle
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climate change, right? >> tucker: we should want them to go bankrupt. who is she talking about? she is talking to people who make it possible to have, say, airplanes, asphalt, automobiles, farm equipment, fertilizer, steel, plastic, golf balls, antihistamines, aspirin, soap, electricity, virtually every other feature of modern civilization comes from fossil fuels. let's shut them all down and then a plot as we do. the future will be much better than, we promise. that is with the democratic party is as of tonight. you can see clearly why they are not too concerned by the fact you are going broke filling up your car. going broke is the whole point of the exercise. here's joe biden's new commerce secretary, gina raimondo. >> if you are still governor of rhode island, i understand you are not, would you be hoping were asking for the president to open up the petroleum reserve? >> again, i think it is premature to say. what i would be saying to the president's i would just ask them to keep doing what he is doing.
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>> tucker: yeah. just keep doing what you're doing, joe biden! crushing the middle class with complete the out-of-control energy costs. if we can hike gas by another $20 a tank or make it impossible to heat your home in january, we will have won. a desperate and population will welcome whatever we give them. that is what they are thinking. watch the presidents flack from last month before she disappeared explaining that shut up, stop your whining, we have bigger problems than your household budget. >> the climate crisis, one of the greatest national security crises the presidencies, a number of world leaders agree on that front. certainly we want to keep gasoline prices low, but the threat of the crisis, the climate crisis certainly can't wait any longer. >> tucker: yeah, we just can't wait any longer, says the single most entitled person in the district of columbia. nothing is more important than "the climate crisis," and of course she is saying that because it is easy for her to say but what if you want to drag your kids to school for less than $5 a gallon? what if you just realized you actually can't take that family trip next summer because you
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can't afford it anymore? well, the self-righteous coeds like jen psaki, these are not real concerns, they are just more bitching from a peasant class that does not know what is good for them. they have to except it just as they accept inflation as a permanent feature of the u.s. economy which by the way, news flash, it is. inflation is real, it is not transitory like they told us. here is one way to describe what that means. according to the official numbers, unless you got a 6.2% pay raise this year, you probably didn't, but let's say you did, you lost money. thanks to inflation, you got a pay cut, because that is how much inflation has risen. you see around you, the price of hammered out by nearly a dollar, pound of bacon goes from $5.70 to $7, et cetera, et cetera, across every class and consumer products. real estate is worse, try to buy a house or a used car. bottom line, economists have not measured but inflation like what we are seeing now in decades. so the question is, why is it happening? lots of obfuscation on that question. but it is pretty obvious. like rising energy crisis,
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inflation is not an act of god. have inflation because the geniuses in charge have put too much money into circulation. it is that simple. for more u.s. dollars floating around, the less those dollars are worth. that's the whole story. anyone can understand it. larry summers is the former treasury secretary. he spelled it out back in february when joe biden's last trillion dollar spending bill passed. watch. >> i think there is a real possibility that within the year, we are going to be dealing with the most serious, incipient inflation problem that we have faced in the last 40 years. >> tucker: that doesn't sound good. they wanted to ignore him, but they can't. with larry summers, he went to harvard, a liberal democrat. instead, they attacked him. declared that larry summers was "flat out wrong." but that settled, flat-out wrong!
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the administration just kept printing money. how much? according to numbers from the federal reserve, between march of 2020 and last month, the total amount of u.s. dollars increased by 36%. 36%. it is hard to find a precedent for that. a moment ago, we told you the official inflation rate was just over 6%, 6.2%. but if the money supply had increased by 36%, cannot really be true? do the math, no, of course it is not true. every sophisticated person knows it is not true. the actual inflation rate is much, much higher than 6.2%. why do you think so many rich people are buying cryptocurrency? because they know what inflation means. why are equities up so high? inflation. by the way, not to wreck -- we will stop after this but consider one last number. if you can't just the u.s. dollars in active circulation and sitting in checking accounts, our money supply has increased by 336% in the last year and a half.
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is that sustainable? come on. no. it's not. look at the effects of it. inflation is not spread evenly across the country. notice the coastal areas. on the map. that is where the biden voters live. those areas are yellow. that means less inflation for them. but the middle of the country, bright red. that means costs are going up much faster there. that means people who can least afford it are getting hit the hardest. what does that look like in political terms? well, this is what it looks like they are quite total of 23 states have official inflation rates over 6.5%. of those 23, 18 of them voted for donald trump in the last election. wonder why the white house is not worried about inflation? that is why. here's joe biden's chief of staff explaining that, actually, if we want to beat inflation, what we really need to do is print a lot more money. >> the build back better bill is the best answer we have to bring those costs down. by the way, it also does it without adding a penny to the federal debt. it is fully paid for. and without raising a penny of taxes on families making less
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than $400,000 a year. >> tucker: has there ever been a stupider person? that is a metaphysical question, we cannot answer it within the confines of a cable news so show, we just assess the text of what he said purely administration posts it will spend $1.75 trillion and will do so without raising taxes. how do you do that? it sounds like magic. they print the money out of nothing. that means $1.75 trillion new dollars dumped into the system. that new money dilutes the value of every existing dollar, including dollars you own because you earned them. that is called inflation. can i go on forever? well, there is a limit to how long any government can do this. at some point, maybe sooner than you think, the currency collapses. the build back better people will have wreck to the u.s. dollar. and that will be their crowning achievement. ned ryun is the ceo of america majority, he joins us tonight. ned, thank you so much for coming on. >> absolutely. >> tucker: whatever you think
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of the people now running the government, i have never seen politicians in either party so cavalierly dismissed inflation and gas prices, which are really the two things your average person making $40,000 feels immediately. what is your explanation for this? they clearly don't care. why? >> well, of course they don't care. some of this is idiocy. it appears none of them seem to understand basic monetary policy, which as friedman said, inflation is always and everywhere a monetary problem, when you flood the market with money, this is what happens. but it is also with intent. i mean, i am still staggered by biden's nominee for control of the currency saying the quiet part out loud when she said we basically have to bankrupt the oil, coal, and gas if we are to tackle climate change. this blend of idiocy and intent is devastating to the country, but tucker, the part on the energy policy, how do you not know this is going to happen when you're shutting out
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pipelines almost from day one trend in this administration? of course prices are going to rise. now we are seeing 30%-50% increase in heating prices for this winter and of course gas prices are exploding through the ceiling, but i keep going back to the intent. they want to use the green new deal policies to restructure our economy, and thereby restructure our society to achieve their twisted worldview in which the state and its elites are everything, and the dirty little peasants serve the state and the elites, and i think this is the one thing people have to wake up and understand, if we continue down this path much longer, and i don't know how much longer we actually have on this path, there is a certain point of no return, because i would remind people that you study history, go back and look at the 1920s and '30s in germany where inflation exploded overnight and people were buying loaves of bread with wheelbarrows full of
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money. >> tucker: right. yeah. it is always the same course. you get -- you can't afford, you have currency collapses, you have a revolution. the center of a really interesting story. a truck driver for a furniture country. most people had not heard of him outside of his immediate friends and family. then just the other day it came out of nowhere to beat one of the most powerful politicians in the state of new jersey. that would be the president of the new jersey senate, steve sweeney. spent $153 on his primary campaign. now, he's going to represent new jersey's third. we are honored to have you on tonight. i have to ask you, how much are you motivated to run for office by concerns like inflation and gas prices. is that meaningful to you? >> everything is meaningful to me but it just became, as i keep telling people, a perfect storm.
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you not only had high cost of living in the states, worst tax rate, worst business tax rate, people being told i couldn't live, couldn't go to stores, couldn't go to church. you had nursing home deaths. just became a combination of everything, and i got fed up with it and i said "i'm not leaving the state, i'm going to fix the state." and that's what i chose to do. >> tucker: i mean, that is a triumph of democracy, you know? a citizen who decides he wants a hand in running his country. you are not congratulated by media outlets, they immediately attack you for saying naughty things on twitter or whatever. are you surprised you weren't the subject of a feature film after this triumph? >> [laughs] no, no, this is all a surprise. i knew it was a major thing to beat the senate president. he had been in there a long time. but everybody else has kind of made it a big deal.
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you know, i had a lot of great people around me. i had my county chair and my political director leading. i have to get it out there, tucker, there was a lot of people who won, not just myself. my two running mates, and then you had nick desilvio and chris who won county commissioner, and the first african-american sheriff in our county. these people work hard and all mock stores. >> tucker: have you talked to sweeney since you dethrone him? how baffled is he? >> yes, yes, we had a phone conversation yesterday after he had given his press conference to the media and he congratulated me and just wished me luck, do well for south jersey. >> tucker: so he was a gentleman about it? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, he was a gentleman. >> tucker: good for him.
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>> you know, like i told him, you know, if he ever needed anything, just give me a call. i'm his representative now. >> tucker: [laughs] that's so great. mr. durr, congratulations, great to talk to you. >> well, i just want to let everybody know, if they ever want to look me up, just go to you can find out more about me and help me out. >> tucker: i think many will. good to see you, edward durr. >> thank you very much, tucker. have a good night. >> tucker: so, the kyle rittenhouse trial resumes today, and a friend of this show took the stand to testify. drew hernandez was there in kenosha reporting on the protest, the riots. when he watched all this. he joins us next. by the way, a new trailer for "patriot purge" up on social media. they didn't like the last one so we made a new one. get free access to that documentary and all of our documentaries for free, go to
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: drew hernandez is a journalist who discovered the riots in kenosha, wisconsin, last summer. today, he testified in the kyle rittenhouse trial. he said he saw joseph rosenbaum, the convicted child rapist, charging toward kyle rittenhouse. now, hernandez is telling the truth about what he saw and is getting death threats from the left-wing militias that control our cities. he joins us now. thank you so much for coming on. so, tell us about the reaction. i think a lot of our viewers may have seen testimony and followed your reporting since the start.
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tell us the reaction that you s got to telling the truth in court. >> i immediately started getting messages on social media, people telling me to kill myself because i "defended a murderer." here is the thing, tucker. people are accusing me of being biased. even the prosecution and strength to paint this picture i came in with some kind of bias. my only bias is one thing. the truth. that is what i was doing today in that courtroom. i was not there to give a political opinion. i was not there to put a spin on anything. i was there because i was an eyewitness and i also have body cam footage of the entire night.t. which i submitted to the defense after the prosecution for the state as a whole. i was not there at all to have any kind of opinion to be stated. i was there to simply one thing, and that is to tell the truth. because he who speaks the truth declares righteousness, and that is a lost art in the united states of america right now, and i knew i had to do the right thing so that the jury
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could know, the state could no, america could know, and that the world could know the truth. >> tucker: amen. i think that is the highest virtue. your impression as an eyewitness, this rosenbaum, the convicted child rapist, i don't know if we say that enough, was the aggressor. >> absolutely. rosenbaum was attempting to push a burning dumpster into police vehicles that were occupied by police officers. human beings. and once someone put that dumpster out, he immediately started to get confrontational with people at a gas station, to the point of requesting to be shot by them. and after that skirmish took place, he retreated to the street, covered his face, began to burn trash cans in the middle of the street, and then 2 minutes later, he made his way to car source and began to charge kyle rittenhouse from behind. and the rest is history. >> tucker: really quick, why do you think so many media luminaries are defending this
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guy, rosenbaum? >> i think because it fits some kind of narrative that they were trying to paint from the very beginning. they were trying to say that kyle was an active shooter. they were trying to say he was a white supremacist. i can't speak to the actual intentions of why they are doing this. all i can speak is the truth on what i saw and what i recorded and documented. what people need to understand, for all of you, you know, woke supremacist out there that live in woke world and clown world, i documented this. none of this today was my opinion. i watched this, and i have it all on film and it was submitted. and i have to state that to the world because people are not getting it, tucker. >> tucker: people who have seen your video understanding what you're drew hernandez, i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: in this country from its inception, you are innocent until proved guilty by a judge or jury. that means that every american citizen has a right to support the legal defense of anybody on
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trial, period. that is an absolute right, it is your birthright. with that in mind, a police lieutenant in virginia donated $25 anonymously to kyle rittenhouse's legal defense fund last spring. there was a data breach and his identity was revealed. the norfolk police department fired him for that. william kelly had been on that force for 19 years. he lost his pension. then he challenged his dismissal on first amendment grounds. he joins us tonight. mr. kelly, thanks so much for coming on tonight. one of the reasons i am so glad that you are here is reading your story, it is hard to believe it actually happened, but it did. on what grounds with the police department fire you? >> well, tucker, they mentioned several things that they thoughn were policy violations. the first thing that they thought that i broke, the first policy they thought i broke was that i was acting as a spokesperson for the city of norfolk, when i anonymously donated -- anonymously -- to the rittenhouse fund.
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they also said that i broke ape policy about social media, even though the website i donated to is not a social media platform. they said i broke policy and i acted in a manner inconsistent with the city's values. finally, they said i engage in conduct unbecoming a police officer. >> tucker: so the city's values would include judging people guilty before they go on trial? i mean, you are a police officer. you have an understanding of the law. is that the police department's position now? joe scarborough says you are guilty, you are guilty? >> i just speak for myself. i saw the same video that everybody else saw, and my personal opinion was that there is a strong case for self-defense, so i made that donation with that in mind. >> tucker: well, you are certainly right.on you obvious that a practiced eye for this kind of thing and you have been vindicated by this trial. i hope you sue the crap out of these people. are you doing that? >> it's coming.
10:29 pm
grievance going through. i'm still trying to get my job back. there is a grievance process that we have to go through, but separate from that grievance, we are intending on filing a lawsuit. >> tucker: boy, if anybody deserves to come i'm not one for lawsuits but you really do deserve -- this is one of the worst things i've ever seen. william kelly, thank you so much for coming on. sorry? >> i said not only does it affect me, but i'm also doing this for the other policee officers in norfolk, to make sure they don't have to go through the same process and that they can enjoy their freedoms to express their opinions, as well. >> tucker: yes. you have the right to have an opinion. sorry, that is absolute. it is guaranteed. so thank you for standing up for it. william kelly, appreciate it. so you may have noticed that the kyle rittenhouse story from day one has been used as yet another opportunity to divide americans against each other.
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you are watching the media calling him a domestic terrorist before even knowing the facts. they told you glenn youngkin won and virginia because racism. our next guest makes a very insightful point, that a lot of these claims are a diversion designed to get you not to notice the income inequality that is actually dividing the country to the benefit of the few and the suffering of many. that is next. ♪ ♪al plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> tucker: here's an interesting story. bill stepian was donald trump's campaign manager in the 2020 election. now he is helping to run the campaign of a woman who is challenging liz cheney and the republican primary in wyoming. that is democracy, of course, but not the kind of democracy liz cheney approves of, the kinn of democracy that challenges her, so she has decided to use her power to crush bill stepian. cheney's january 6th committee has just subpoenaed stepian under threat of contempt. he did not break a single law,.
10:36 pm
but did something even worse, he tried to unseat liz cheney in a fair and democratic election. we call that insurrection. it is not allowed, just so you know. so as we have told you many times before, as soonest the economy crashed to the benefit of the big banks, "the new york times,"ef "washington post," et cetera, et cetera, started throwing the word "racist" around with increasing volume. it was almost like they were working on behalf of the oligarchs to divide the rest of us against each other so we wouldn't notice the small group getting super, super almost nobody in journalism ever mentions this. batya ungar-sargon is one of the few who does. she just went on cnn -- i feel guilty playing a clip from a rival network, but here it is. >> the media's response to youngkin's victory is the reason he won. >> there are hundred reactions, you are generalizing.
10:37 pm
>> let me get more specific. i have to admit, watching cnn all week, there have been a lot of very, very, very good genuflection on this front. but what happened right after the election was you saw a host after host after host on msnbc saying "oh, this is a victory for whites to privacy," right? whites affirm as he wins again, racism wins again, when the lieutenant governor that youngkin won with will be the first black woman to hold that job, when glenn youngkin managed to flip majority blackr districts.t >> tucker: batya ungar-sargon is the deputy opinion editor of "newsweek." she joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. sorry to embarrass you with that clip. >> oh, my gosh, tucker, thank you so much for having me. >> tucker: oh, of course! you state is undermining democracy. i think is your take on a deeper level, more than just annoying, there is a deeper purpose to it. what do you think is the deeper
10:38 pm
purpose? >> i think you nailed it in your opening, tucker. you started out by saying we have this deep class divide in y america that separates people that are really feeling the inflation at the gas pump from the people who live in coastal cities, who may be don't drive, maybe they take ubers, take the subway. the history of journalism in the 20th century in america is a history of a class of people moving from one of those classes to the other, right? journalism used to be a working-class trade, and throughout the 20th century, journalism became -- they abandoned the class of all races. with local media it is just the latest stage of that abandonment. >> tucker: i have seen it up close. i think you are exactly right. the composition of newsrooms i completely different. that is a perversion -- 30 years ago when i started, it is to afflict the comfortable and
10:39 pm
comfort the afflicted, to hold the powerful to account, be the eyes and ears of your readersth and viewers. it does seem like airy praetorian guard for the billionaire class. i'm sorry to say it but it feels that way. >> yeah, you really see a lot of class solidarity among liberal elites. i'm saying this as a lefty,pr tucker. how did we abandon the working class? again, of all races. how did we become the side thata comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted? >> tucker: so where does this go? we need a working media, we need a few media people trust, a essential ingredient in democracy, no one trust the media anymore, so what is the next phase in this evolution, do you think? >> honestly, tucker, i think every american has to relearn the work of learning to respect people we disagree with. h you are seeing a huge boycott of mainstream media, corporate media, and have to learn how to get our trust back and in the meantime, we need to start stitching back together the
10:40 pm
fabric of american society by respecting people we disagree with. that is all we can do. >> tucker: i just have to ask, since you are on the left that i think you are articulating traditional, left-wing concerns about economics, what do people on your side think of what you are saying right now? >> you know, honestly, the fact that i was on cnn, i take that as a really good sign. my book opens with a scene from cnn of two of their host, who are both millionaires, calling every single person who voted for donald trump racist, when we know that donald trump won the vast majority of people without a college degree, right? to me, that was the primal scene of these people who had won by every metric smearing and smearing the people who had lost, right? so i think it is a really good sign that cnn had me on to talk about my work. >> tucker: i could not have put it as well as you just did.
10:41 pm
i appreciate you coming on tonight, batya ungar-sargon. thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: it is veterans dayr: today, armistice day, we wanted to take a moment to highlight an organization that has done a loo for veterans and their families, and we will after the break. ♪ ♪ plus, a new store up at, you can head there, just click shop. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: there are so many groups out there that report to be helping veterans beer for the impulses honorable. and of course, not all the groups are great, however. we wanted to highlight the work of a group we think is great and a man who has devoted his life to helping the military and their families. frank siller is the founder of the tunnel to towers foundation, provides mortgage free homes for the families of combat veterans
10:47 pm
who died fighting the country as well as fiercely injured. thanks so much for coming on. this has totally taken over your time and your life. tell us what you have decided to do this. and thank you, by the way. >> thanks for having me on. listen, my whole family decided to do this because years ago, my youngest brother gave up his life, he ran through the brooklyn battery tunnel with 60 pounds of fire gear on his back to get to the towers, going up the stairs, saving other people, and while doing so, he gave of his life, and we made a promise as a family to make sure we never forgot. since that day, we have lost 7,070 men and women in uniform who have been protecting us here on our homeland, and we better never forget those great heroes. and today we are so proud that we read all of those names, 7,070, at the lincoln memorial, reading their loved ones names out, and it was very, very moving and very necessary, the right thing to do, so we are very proud.
10:48 pm
>> tucker: 7,070. i don't think most americans understand the magnitude of that. so part of what you do is give homes to the families of servicemen killed in action. what is the response to that? that is such a response remarkable thing to do. >> we gave out 45 mortgage free homes today to 35 families. this year alone we are doing -- if you can do the math, that is a big number. fox viewers have been helping us for years, thank goodness, and we have been able to accomplish this because of the generosity of great americans. look, it is something -- the reaction is thank god, they thank us because they can stay
10:49 pm
in their homes, that they were making their dreams with their loved ones. a lot of service members go base to base i don't have one, so we build them a mortgage free home. they are so grateful because everyone we do it for has a young family left behind, and i think it is the least we can do as a country, to take care of these families that put it all on the line for us and so many times, they don't come home. they are willing to die for you and i every day, tucker, and so many times, they do, and we better take care of them as a nation. let tunnel to towers foundation, we just want to be that conduit to bring americans together to take care of his families. >> tucker: i agree with that completely. final question i have to ask, does it wear you out emotionally? no, he doesn't? >> no, it is so uplifting, so gratifying, and i love these families, they love our foundation, we bring them in -- we just love them. if you are with us, you would see what is happening from all these families that get these homes, they join us, they want to pay it forward. it is quite remarkable. it is something that is divine intervention, we can't do it without the generosity of americans, and we know we are
10:50 pm
the land of the free because of the brave but we better take care of the brave when they don't come home and at least take care of their families that are left behind. that is our promise forever at tunnel to towers foundation. >> tucker: we ask an awful lot of these people. frank siller, thank you so much. tunnel to towers. so "the new york times" has done something shocking even for them. it has published private legal documents that belong to project veritas, just days after project veritas was raided by joe biden's justice department for political reasons. "just a coincidence." we've got details, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we will get to the bottom of what happened on january 6th. an exclusive first look. >> [shouting]. >> tucker: how much of what we were told about that day is a lie? >> if that was an insurrection it was the most poorly conducted insurrection ever. >> streaming now on fox news.
10:55 pm
>> tucker: we put a trailer up for our documentary. it was not popular on the other chance. we made a new trailer. we think it's pretty good. an interesting story. during the final days of the last election >> tucker: we put a trailer up for our documentary. it was not popular on the other chance. we made a new trailer. we think it's pretty good. an interesting story. during the final days of the last election project veritas look into the story of the missing diary of ashley they didn't run anything on it. today the "new york times" publishes a bunch of secret, private legal documents from project veritas. amazing how that works.. this is a famous civil rights attorney and she joins us tonight with the latest. i don't know what to say about it. is the obvious connection real? what is this?
10:56 pm
>> well, our client james o'keefe's home was raided on saturday morning by the fbi. they had a battering ram. they threw him out in the hallway and took him in hand cuffs and took his phone. a lot of privileged information was on his phone and communications with 4 different lawyers over the years. i can't say how the "new york times" got this information but they got it in a way that is illegal and unethical. we have to ask that question. we have a disturbing situation of the u.s. attorneys or the fbi tipping off the "new york times" to the raids of project veritas current and former employees. the "new york times" were the own ones that knew about it and published this hit piece today. all it proves is that project veritas is an honest and thoughtful journalistic organization that sought legal
10:57 pm
advice before making various publications. that's what fox news does. i don't know what they think they were doing there. they criticized project veritas for their tactics and yet they sink so low. >> tucker: the biden administration leaks information. they did it to me any way to catch them in the act of doing this? which i think would be a crime. >> the first thing we did with seizing our client's telephone, with confidential source information in the biden administration and in corporate america and donor information protected by the first amendment. we asked the court to order
10:58 pm
a master to review this information and not let the prosecutors and fbi look at it. the government would not do that voluntarily. but we went to court and the judge ordered them to stop looking at these phones. the government hasn't admited in your situation they did something illegal. i think they did. the doj has special regulations to protect journalists from this thuggish behavior. they have blown federal law and the constitution and due process and civil rights.
10:59 pm
they are communicating with the "new york times."" this is a scandal of epic proportions. every journalist who is not worried about this should hang up their journalism card and als first amendment lawyers as well. >> tucker: here's the "new york times" participating in the defense of the regime it's supposed to be covering. thank you. we are not in the habit of browbeatingri people into exercising their constitutional rights. if you are in dallas, texas, on saturday you can support the southwest airlines at 10 a.m. there is a freedom rally at the entrance to love field. you will meet nice people.e. you can watch all of our documentaries and be certain we will be back every weeknight at
11:00 pm
8 p.m., the show that is the enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. the great sean hannity. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert. day 8 of the kyle rittenhouse trial is in the books. only closing arguments remain and then the jury will deliberate. the case could be thrown out. the prosecutor's case is weak. wendy rittenhouse's kyle's mother will join us tonight. many question why this case made it into a courtroom at all. was there over-charging involved. and the behavior of the prosecution.


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