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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 11, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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and greg and i. make chemo your cause. he is named for a world war i vet named percy that peter knew in england. this is a guy that used to come and clean the table each day. we thought that was a fitting tribute for a new pub don't pop. here's the faulkner >> harris: with what is unfolding, democrats in key swing districts may choose to keep their distance from president biden. things have gotten more expensive. president has a growing crisis now. i'm harris faulkner, you're in the "faulkner focus." progressives don't care, they are persisting to push biden and his agenda further left.
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moderate democrats say their voters don't want to see taxpayer dollars in big spending. tom cotton says the biden economy is only working for the wealthy. >> i understand limousine liberals living in new york or washington may not worry about these things, but for working class americans having to pay extra $1 or $1.50 per gallon. it is going to drive up costs each further. >> harris: president biden concentrating on one win with the house passing his bipartisan infrastructure deal. check out this op ed headline. white house starts infrastructure victory lap by biden explaining supply chain in baltimore.
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here is biden explaining. >> you hear a lot about supply chains in the news, frankly not a lot of people have a clear understanding whether they have a phd or didn't go to school about how supply chain works. supply chain is journey a product takes to get to your door step. raw material plus labor, ark sem blee, shipping, everything it takes to create the finished product. >> harris: as if the american people don't understand what it means to see empty shelves. peter doocy live outside the white house. peter. >> pete: economic indicators change, the white house messaging is changing. officials here and we are seeing the president and will talk about this later. >> harris: the national cemetery, arlington national cemetery, the president of the united states getting ready to lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier on this veterans day, let's watch today.
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>> the president moves to the tomb of the unknown soldier to place the wreath.
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>> harris: we are waiting, a very quiet moment for the president to arrive and lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the motorcade has just pulled up. i'll put back peter doocy into focus here. talking about the challenges for the president today, this is one moment that unites the nation, something that is not happen nothing droves either outside of his party or in right now. we'll focus today on veterans day and you were able to know the president had left, you are there at the white house. give us a layout of his day today. >> peter: his day started two hours ago with a private meeting with veterans and the motorcade ride from the white house to arlington national cemetery to the tomb of the unknown soldier
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and less than 10 minutes. he spent the morning meeting with vets, away from camera, this is something he tries to do. this is a president, because of covid and world events, he's not been able to travel overseas to visit any places of conflict. he did visit a base when he was at the g-7 summit in england. so far, veteran events are things like this. we expect to see him there. we expect to hear him and man, you talk about what a difference a couple months makes or a year makes for the few years prior to this, while he was former vice president and then president elect, he was doing events like this at veterans memorial near the bridge that spans the delaware water gap from delaware to new jersey and now he's the president and we expect to see him here following in the
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footsteps of many presidents before him for the last 100 years. >> harris: i don't want to belabor the point, i want to try to understand because decisions are so important. people look at this, it comes with what unfolded in afghanistan and when you say a president due to covid hasn't gone overseas, he has, he was in glasgow for a summit. it hurts, what happened in afghanistan, americans still talking about it. the white house doesn't talk about it, but the rest of america does and focus on leadership from the commander-in-chief and today is a unifying moment and we respect that. this comes with heavy hearts after we lost 13 people in an ill-advised, chaotic, deadly pull-out from a 20-year war america was part of, that the
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president decided. the president of the united states approaches to lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he follows first lady jill biden. we will watch this unfold. peter doocy is with me until he walks up to the wreath, peter, i'll chat with you more. >> peter: president biden does try to relate to military families, talks about how his son bo was deployed to iraq, his service and trying to understand the sacrifice of military families by mentioning that quite a bit. you're right, his relationship with military families was strained for a time this summer as there was confusion and doubt during the afghan pullout. today there is not a ton of talk about that, it might be on the family's minds. we expect him to focus on the sacrifice that families make
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whether their loved one comes home or not. >> harris: we commemorate the decades of service by veterans on this day through many wars, peter. the nation is forever grateful for their service and for their sacrifice among some. it was ultimate sacrifice, the families are as much a part of that service, too. that is more than a compromise, if you will, that is sacrifice in terms of how they live their lives and having someone, a dad, mom, a grandparent missing from the table for periods of time, as they are off serving our nation many times overseas. >> peter: yes, again, we are now hearing, i believe this is music, i'll pause for that. >> harris: see if we can hear it.
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♪ >> harris: i want to bring in ari fleischer, former white house press secretary, as we await the arrival of the president of the united states. the moments with the previous presidents have been part of your guidance and leadership from the perspective of communication in the white house in the past. take us back and forward, if you would, and welcome to the "faulkner focus." >> ari: day like today, when you go to arlington, it is uplifting. you are surrounded by people in the military, that is always a moment for people in the white
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house, civilians to say how fortunate are we to look at these people who do so much for our country. these national holidays, americans take them for granted, we live our lives and go on and we're happy. the white house is ceremonial place where we stop and say thank you and days like this make it special. >> harris: let's watch and listen together.
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>> harris: we are watching this together, a couple things that make this year very different. 1921 was the beginning of the recognition and honor of the tomb of the unknown soldier.
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it's the resting place of three unknown service members. for the first time in 96 years, visitorss will be allowed to approach the tomb. this is historic, a once in a lifetime opportunity and that will be allowed during this 100th anniversary for recognition of the tomb of the unknown soldier. it is special for military families to understand the support and love of visitors being able to do it. we haven't seen it in 96 years, we've seen a lot of war, peacetime, ebbss and flows of being a great nation. i want to bring in someone who served this nation, you may have seen her for a host of a lot of different reasons, virginia's next lieutenant governor. she enlisted in the marines at the age of 19 and served as
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corporate responsible for quality control and was a journeyman electrician, first female to be elected lieutenant governor of virginia. we welcome her in focus. good to see you. >> thank you, harris, good afternoon. >> harris: i want to get your thoughts on where the country is right now. i talked about the 100-year anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier, america's great upons is wrapped up in the challenges in the military journey to get us here fighting for freedom. >> well, this is it, we have a constitution, but if you don't have good defense force to defend your country, then the constitution isn't going to matter because if you're overrun by the enemy, the enemy simply rips up our constitution and that's it. so that is why we need a good
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defense force, we need the money, the budget. we have to make sure we maintain our equipment. we have to invest in new technology. you saw that china just sent up that hyper sonic missile, that shocked our armed forces. it shocked general miley. how did that happen, you wonder. we should never be shocked or taken off guard. we have to invest in our country to be america. >> harris: these are bigger issues that flow across our country. you just won election and now are lieutenant governor elect of the great commonwealth of virginia. military is a part of your background. i've heard you reference it on the campaign trail and reference it since. can you talk to us about why that is important for people to know and the example it sets to
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have been in a position to lead and fight for the country? >> well, the marine corps saved me literally, when my grandmother died, i was floundering, she was my world, my fraternal grandmother. i was supposed to go to college that august and she died that july. i needed a reason to live, being a marine corps did that for me, gave me discipline to continue and taught me about leadership. you have to earn leadership. you heard, maybe, if you are thinking you are the leader, but nobody is following you, then you are just taking a walk. i saw leaders in action when, for example, one day we were having an ig inspection, a huge inspection, you always want to pass it. it is massive, the whole base. we were working such long hours and the warrant officer came out and encouraged us to continue issue but he got more out of us
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that night than before, because he took off his uniform, put on his utilities and got to work, got dirty. i learned so much about leadership there. i'm a small woman, but when you have rank, then you move in that authority. with authority comes responsibility. you have to take care of your troops. you just learn so much. not just the marine corps, it is all of our services. >> harris: amazing wisdom there and you shared on the campaign trail. it comes into focus so much more, leadership is something people struggle with right now and understanding perhaps there are gaps sometimes. i may take some flack today and i'm ready for it, i grew up military and i understand there are times when decisions are made and they are tough and they put our loved ones, people like you in harm's way, and we struggle with that. i will not gloss over what we
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went through at the end of august in afghanistan and i don't think anybody should. in looking at that and hearing what you're saying, if you don't have leadership in mind with those that follow you, you are just taking a walk, you are not being followed and you are not guiding. talk to me about where military families might be. before we get into that, lieutenant governor sears, time magazine with this headline today, a spike in calls for the veteran crisis hotline could signal trouble for the president of the united states. it comes after veteran affairs secretary admit thered has been an uptick in vets reaching out for help and the distract rus afghanistan withdrawal could be behind it. i am not the only one noticing this, it is reality. let's pause and listen and i'll come back to you. >> if you think of the crisis we're dealing with out of the summer in afghanistan, the
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images from afghanistan, the stories from afghanistan, we did see an uptick in concern from veterans. the best way to measure that is we had a 7% increase in the number of calls, texts, chats into the veteran crisis line. >> harris: virginia's next lieutenant governor is with me now, winsome sears. your thoughts on this? >> my husband and i, we are both marines. when we saw the pullout from afghanistan, no rhyme, no reason, and you just say to yourself, who's in charge, where is our commander-in-chief? that would be president biden. and he took no responsibility for any of it. and that's not what a leader does. a leader acknowledges that they
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made a mistake, you can follow someone like that because you know they have your back, you know they learned from the mistake and they will try their very best to make sure it doesn't happen again. you're putting your life on the line. you're giving your all to the country and you expect it won't be taken lightly. your life, your sacrifice issue the sacrifice your family back home is making so that you don't have to come back in a box because of somebody making a mistake, making a political decision, making a decision to fulfill a promise where there was no effort in it, you see. this is why you saw such an uptick, the men and women who fought these wars say to themselves, to what end did i fight? for what purpose? they're using our equipment against us. they're using our technology
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against us. they're walking in our boots, in our uniforms. this is -- what does our commander-in-chief say? it is somebody else's fault. you got to have the people who have put their lives on the line for the country, you have got to care about them and we did not see that. and even though we are not in the marine corps anymore, in the military anymore, you always feel that, because you just know the service that you have given, that your family has given and you want them to care. remember, we always think about vietnam. i was not during the vietnam era, but you always think about how the men and women were treated when they came back from vietnam, they were spat on. there was no respect for their lives, the limbs that they gave, you saw someone's head blown off, you saw bodies blown to bits in front of you. we used to call that in my
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grandfather's day, shell shock, we didn't understand it, but we do now. the fact we are still suffering from agent orange issues, the fact we have water issues we found at camp, babies have been born possibly with birth defects because of that, you know. you want to be taken care of. you want to take care of the country yourself, that is why you join and serve. >> harris: you have such rich detail because it matters to you. you know, in the last few weeks, as the nation has gotten to know you because there was this big election in the commonwealth of virginia, glenn youngkin and yourself and the nation getting to meet you and understand the ideas you have in mind for virginia, but these are ideas that are bigger. we put the crisis hotlineup and it helps to have you, lieutenant governor elect sears talk about
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the sacrifice and these are difficult things to have on veterans day, our veterans understand and in fact, you may be reading, as i am, and know people as i do, those vietnam veterans are part of and i watched my dad for many years, as those who served in iraq and afghanistan would come home in between deployments sometimes, he would reach out and let them know that they were loved and appreciated in a different way soldier to soldier. i think marine to marine, you would understand that. we have that crisis line information up. i thank you so very much for your time today. i wanted to feature you as a veteran today and get to know you a little bit and next time we'll talk politics, which i know you reach to do. thanks for being here in focus, god bless. >> thank you. >> harris: all right, again, we'll keep up the crisis information during this, we want to mention, there are a lot of
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ways our veterans are being seen more than ever, that is in the employment sphere, a passion in my life and maybe in some of the small businesses issue mid-sized businesses we have to fight to protect as we're still in a pandemic and restrictions and so on and so forth, protect those, they are hiring many veterans of the united states military. all right, let's move on to this. the president plans to sign his massive infrastructure into law on monday, and a recent monmouth university poll found 62% of adults believe president biden has not been able to deliver on his promise to get washington, d.c. working. that same poll puts the president job approval rating at 42%, disapproval at 50. we are taking a look, they are hovering between 37 and 42-43. they are low. let's bring back ari fleischer, fox news contributor, former white house press secretary and get into the nitty-gritty of how you go forth as the president of
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the united states when you're about to get your first win and your progressives are saying, don't pay any attention to that shiny object, they didn't get what they wanted. >> ari: the infrastructure bill the president will sign is thought to be a win. it's not. it is business as usual. building highways and roads and bridges and construction projects is taken for granted. this is what the american people expect their government to do. you can go back in time, you will not find previous presidents who signed major legislation like this that politically boosted them. it is taken for granted by the country, people in washington engage in wishful thinking and think this is a political boost for the president, it will not translate that way. >> harris: that is interesting, nor will the fact that the president keeps saying that you'll feel something immediate if bigger spending bill pass,
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legislative agenda passes because when you look at inflation, that doesn't sound like that would be true, either. >> ari: i do think from democratic point of view, the president's spending spree, redistribution of income scheme with corporate welfare, if that passes, it will mean money goes to a lot of different people for different reasons, will that politically benefit the president? it likely will, it is progressive dream come true, philosophical part of taking over people's lives and having them do things. if that passes, that would be a boost for the president -- >> harris: what about the rest of us issue the price of stuff, that is what i'm talking about. >> ari: you get into everything else that is going on and why the president's numbers are so low. the american people are judging him, things are going badly in the united states of america. it is a terrible double whammy hitting him now. if you look at it, harris issue
8:32 am
the president said inflation was transitory issue but it is not. he said illegal immigration was seasonal, it isn't. the president said he would bring home all americans from afghanistan, but he didn't. the president says things that turn out to be false. he said it is garbage we are paying illegal immigrants issue but we are. time after time after time he says things that turn out not to be true as if he has no command of the facts that his government is doing all at time things are getting worse and worse for the american people in terms of inflation and direction of the country, that is the double whammy. >> harris: he may find himself at a stand still, we've seen what that looks like. majority in one party and president in the other, if he thinks it is difficult now, if you can't rangel the cats in his own herd of cats, if you will, democrats fighting each other, let's get into that quickly as
8:33 am
we can. the president is due to give remarks after visiting the tomb of the unknown soldier after veterans day. we will take that as it happens. move to this quickly. democrat divide on full display. moderate democrats have given themselves a new label, they are the normal democrats. pennsylvania congressman connor lamb tweeted i'm a normal democrat who supports jobs and wins elections, virginia's spanberger said nobody elected approximate the to be fdr, they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos. progressives are abnormal, gosh, that is not breaking news if you are talking to ari fleischer, what is going on here? >> ari: yeah, when you have to call yourself normal, we are in abnormal times aren't we? this demonstrates the fissure, the split is between old classic liberals and your progressive movement and the progressive move cemetery ruining the democratic party. it is intolerant, it is
8:34 am
anti-free speech, it is author tearian and whacky. add it up, that is what moderates like to say they are normal, they represent what a democratic party, blue collar party used to be, democrats are no longer blue collar party, they are phds, rich and columning graduates issue the woke. >> harris: interesting, i took it in a different way, i thought they meant by normal, they were used to winning in places it was pretty blue. that has to be an out of body experience to lose what they just did in virginia and i don't know if you caught it moments ago, the brand-new lieutenant governor elect sears on with me and her perspective as a former marine, although always a marine. what we saw was abnormal for that party to be in that place and that state and get it just, i mean, taken from them. >> ari: i think normal democrats
8:35 am
are trying to say the democratic party is out of touch, they are in touch, rest of the democrats are out of touch, that is driving them to say that. >> harris: quickly, i want to get to the vice president abroad, kamala harris, moment that was really embarrassing for her, i don't know if it is embarrassing for the rest of the country. take a peek at this, she comes forth with an accent talking to french scientists at a place where they're talking science like it is not a stand-up comedian zone. let's watch. >> we campaign with the plans, upper case p and t, defend the plan. >> harris: what was that? [laughter] >> ari: oh, my. i'm a french minor, i love the french language, but that was weird. if you can't speak french, don't
8:36 am
try. maybe she was trying to be in touch. >> harris: with what? >> ari: with the foreign accent? i don't know. >> harris: former secretary of state mike pompeo called it humiliating. >> this clip is more than embarrassing on the world stage, our adversaries watch that and see weakness, they see people who are not serious and determined, opposite of what we did for four years. >> harris: well, online was really, really tough, one dubbed kamala harris cringe and another said i love this episode of vipe. joe concha tweeted, there really are no words anymore, hashtag law. >> ari: i don't want to overstate it, it wasn't that -- of a moment, her popularity is so low, you don't do things that are weird or odd to coin a phrase we just talked about,
8:37 am
better if she was just normal. >> harris: wow. that is interesting because when you begin to define the boundaries outside of normal, you use words like whacky and weird and people caught up in that are well-known democrats like the vice president. how do you go forth with a narrative that sits alongside the action that you aren't accomplishing? >> ari: this is fundamental flaw of the biden ppresidency, he ha a mandate, state of the union he was for unity, he engaged in polarization by trying to jam it down everybody's throats and he's struggle to get even his own party onboard. he's misread the country and he has been unsuccessful president and that happens when you misread the mood of the country and members of your own party start to say we're normal because the rest of our party is
8:38 am
not. that is where the democrats and joe biden are right now. >> harris: who is running the white house, in your estimation? you have been inside, is it fair to continue to question that? >> ari: it is joe biden 6789 >> harris: you think it is? >> ari: absolutely. >> harris: why does he turn his back to the media most of the time when he's with us? >> ari: because he is running the show and doesn't want to talk to the media. presidents make the call. presidents make the decision. joe biden is well enough he is making those decisions. it is joe biden, he's just making the wrong decisions. >> harris: all right. ari fleischer issue great to have you in focus, thank you. threats of violence and bloodshed if new york's new mayor brings back tougher policing and it has black lives matter movement perhaps going too far. we'll get into it, plus the president's national security advisor under scrutiny as he's kicked out for his alleged role
8:39 am
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>> harris: well, glory be, hunter biden's art show is kicking off today, the new york city gallery opened to the public and you can choose one of his masterpieces. you still have to make an appointment, we know, we called, we tried to get in. if you have $75,000 laying around the house or pricier one for a half million, one can be yourss. "new york post" tore into the first son with this cover. hunter biden's corrupt art show opens in nyc. with that, comes major ethics concerns. manhattan art dealer who owns the gallery said he had no talks with the white house and told the "new york times," who is buying and who is not is solely
8:45 am
on my shoulders, that's a quote. the white house dodged questions when asked about this very topic. >> we still do not know and will not know who purchases any paintings and the president remains proud of his son. we've spoken to the gallerist and hunter biden's representatives that the white house provided suggestions for, i refer you to the gallery about questions about the event. we've spoken to the -- not white house arrangements, they are between hunter biden's representatives and ones we were made aware of. i don't think i have anything to add in that regard, we won't know who they are, they can't provide influence. >> harris: i could have gone as a gallerist for halloween. fox, this headline to look out for. americans deserve to know the full story behind hunter biden's
8:46 am
overpriced arts. congressman in kentucky, ranking member of the house oversight and reform committee is in focus, great to see you, congressman. all of this is very serious, when you create a situation with conflict of interest, a lot of cash and a sitting president, you keep an eye out for that, what are you looking for? >> well, look at hunter biden, he has a past of dealing with foreign nationals and selling influence to his father, so this is not an unusual suspect here. the fact joe biden campaigned and said he would have the most ethical white house and be transparent with the press and american people on any type of outside dealings with his office is a complete lie. when asked by republicans on the house oversight committee what measures the white house is taking to ensure no conflicts of interest, jen psaki said white house council would work on
8:47 am
guidelines with the art gallery owner and they would be very specific guidelines, but guidelines said they could reject offers out of the ordinary. these are very vague guidelines, the gallery said we've had no communication with the white house. hunter biden is a national security threat and will be pressing until we find out who is buying that overpriced art. >> harris: get into how hunter biden is a national security threat. we don't say the quiet part out loud and that has to do with leveraging, vulnerability and access to the sitting president. >> that's right. look at what he did in ukraine. he's done the same thing in china. this art gallery owner has publicly said he wants to be the main united states art dealer with china. there is another suspicious activity statement from the art gallery owner.
8:48 am
throw in the fact, what we've done with our research with art, art has become mechanism for the chinese to launder money to the united states. it is not traceable, it is not suspicious up until now. all sorts of red flags with artwork with china and take hunter biden's past and the fact that the white house won't say who is buying the art is trouble some. i've offered to say, if you tell me in classified setting who bought that artwork, i will drop this investigation, they won't do that. there is suspicious activity from a bad actor, hunter biden, and it is disappointing joe biden won't disclose who is buying that art thework. >> harris: you offered to look at this in a classified fashion, much like you do any other type of investigation to protect the nation and sovereignty here and crickets basically. they are not participating. i really appreciate you being in
8:49 am
focus, please come back and keep us updated and of course, nyc, any of us can go now, congressman, i'll let you know what colors are in play at the art show. good to see you, thank you. all right. this is kenosha county. you know how emotional kyle rittenhouse was yesterday, he recomposed himself and able to answer every question last night. 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse was grilled on cross-examination by the prosecution. on this day, the defense will have eight witnesses, among them is who is on the stand right now. and dr. john black is a self-defense expert. remember that is the defense for kyle rittenhouse at that rioting, chaotic situation in the city of kenosha august 25,
8:50 am
2020. he shot three people and he says leaning on that wisconsin law that allows this, it was in self-defense and he had every right to use deadly force to protect himself and now dr. john black, a self-defense expert, is on the stand for the defense. let's watch. >> approximately -- about two and three quarters seconds. again, i can look at the exact, if you want, i just don't have that in front of me. going down to screen 15, we labeled a1ft, can you find that, please? now is this still shot or video?
8:51 am
>> this is a marked frame within the video stream. backed up say three seconds. >> that is approximately 2-1/2 -- >> go back a little bit more. that's good. >> okay. >> would you play that? [yelling on video] >> now that observation, according to exhibit 142, took place 28 seconds after the
8:52 am
beginning of mr. rittenhouse leaving. >> that is correct. there is an assumed time in there also. >> tell the jury about assumed time. >> so when looking at these videos, i have no continuous video stream that takes me from event one into the front end of what we're calling event two. there's a gap. so what i did was i took a look on the video, two that we're looking at now, you see as bgo video. and i measured a distance at the pace that kyle rittenhouse was running, jogging, whatever you refer to it. i have a known distance and i have a time it took him to run
8:53 am
that known distance. because i also have another known distance, where he came from in the prior, what i did was applied basic math, took him this long to run this, i will just take that same time of running over here. what i did, i put that in as the gap to fill it in. it does not address if he may have stopped, simply addresses if it was a constant state of motion. >> now what was your general -- i don't want to say deviation, but what number did you come up with for that? >> basically i used 9.05, or nine seconds, nine seconds between first part and that is what is in the calculations. >> again, calculations are to add to total time, calculations would not be time between shots
8:54 am
or events on the same video stream, those are known frames per second times certain time equals certain time. >> so basically your calculation was that to run the distance of 150 feet, it took kyle approximately nine seconds. >> correct. >> now what we labeled the beginning of event number two was screen 15, which we just played and that is depicting an individual onscreen where mr. rittenhouse's hat is knocked off, is that fair? >> yes, sir. >> and the next event, which is screen 16, which we had labeled a2ft, could you go 10 seconds before that and show that? >> screen 16 is here, you notice it says 11:50, i will try to get approximately 10 seconds earlier.
8:55 am
>> that is plenty far back. you want me to play at this point? >> please. [video playing] >> now. did you do any slowing down of that -- this observation? >> yes, i did. >> could you please show me that? what you played for the jury was realtime? >> yes, sir. >> and the slow motion version? >> yes, much like where you saw armstrong, about to be played.
8:56 am
[video playing] >> stop. >> slow motion screen 16. is this the one you're referring to, sir? >> yes. >> can you go back --
8:57 am
>> sure. [indiscernible] >> it's a long one. >> harris: we are navigating a lot of breaking news right now. the self-defense expert in the trial for kyle rittenhouse is on the stand giving testimony right now. we're going to step away briefly from kenosha, illinois -- wisconsin, rather, inside the courtroom and go to the president of the united states, who has left the tomb of the unknown soldier, now prepared to make remarks on this veterans
8:58 am
day. let's listen. >> president biden: admiration for the american people, i must say to you, that the single greatest honor i have been afforded as president is to stand before so many of you, medal of honor winners out there, talk about veterans day and veterans. want to welcome all the cabinet members who join us today, including the father of our secretary of state who served in army air corps, ambassador donald blinken, whose birthday is today. happy birthday. [applause] >> president biden: thank you for your service to our country and i just want to tell you, i
8:59 am
know you're younger than i am, but i adopted attitude of the great preacher in the negro league who went on to become a pitcher in the pros in major league baseball, jacky robinson, satchel page, who on his 37th birthday, pitched a win against chicago. all the press went in and said, satch, amazing, 47 years old, no one ever pitched at age frech, how do you feel about being 47? boys, that is not how i look at it, how do you look at it? i look at it this way, not how old would you be, how old you were. i'm 50 years old and
9:00 am
ambassador is 47, all kidding ark side, thank you for your service during world war ii, as well as your service as an ambassador and thank you for raising such a fine man, tony blinke -- state. all our veterans, past and present, we thank you, we honor you and we remember always what you have done for us. i like to recognize one of our national heroes who is here today, medal of honor recipient mr. brian beckett. during the vietnam war, then first lieutenant thacker put safety of his troops before his own and calling artillery fire on his own position so our forces had a better chance to withdraw. wounded, unable to leave the area, he evaded captu


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