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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 11, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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affecting folks here and across the country as well. it's veterans day. todd: thank the veterans in your lives and all across america that allowed us to be where we are today with the freedoms that we have. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ carley: president biden 31 year high inflation crisis is hitting hardest in america's heartland. >> not transitory getting worse. >> looking like the 1970s. i actually think it could be worse. >> kyle rittenhouse breaks down on the witness stand. >> the judge slamming the prosecutor. >> don't get brazen with me. that's basic law. it's been basic law in this country for 40 years. >> that's why the prosecution is desperate right now. they are on the ropes. >> governor ron desantis promising to push back against biden's agenda. >> i will delaware
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♪ going to support the border be secured. he should have everyone there. >> vice president harris made it to europe and somehow picked up a french accent. >> we campaign with the plan. upper case t, upper case p the plan. >> entertainer of the year goes to mr. leukemia colmes. -- mr. luke combs.>> i don't di thank you. i love you so much. ♪ ♪ ♪ is ♪ ♪
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♪ when the army goes rolling along ♪ ♪ ainsley: beautiful way to wake up on this veterans day. it's november 11th. you are listening to the 78th army band brass quintet. they're performing outside the army service song on our fox square. brian: why would that be? why today? ainsley: veterans day. brian: yeah. steve: easiest day to write a check it's 11-11. we are a premium partner with u.s. is this year it's make your cause. they are trying to end veteran
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homelessness. they are will make camo your cause. make a statement. show approach united nations and gratitude. all sorts of stuff you can wear. honor vets. ainsley: honor u.s. vets. steve: here is fox because we are a premium partner. perfect size, i think. my dad was in the army so i really like that. ainsley: my dad was, too. that's great. steve: if you would like to get some of the merchandise. it's available at u.s. and if you want to just buy the stuff, u.s. ainsley: help get our veterans off the street. many come back and they have a hard time assimilating back into society many are homeless. what the pin you are wearing. brian: will war we won 1776. glad we did. will cain live from orlando with the honor folds of honor cup. will, another plumb assignment. tell us where you are.
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[laughter] will: that's right, brian, i'm at lake nona golf club in orlando, florida. it is as you mentioned the folds of honor inaugural cup. celebrate and veteran golf cup winning for folds of honor. john goodson here and i can only sail this myself when i say this. auction last night bigger celebrities when you meet the air force pilot and seal team members all participating today as well. and, of course, the veteran families who are the recipients in most cases of a folds of honor scholarship to set up their children for their future. it will be an incredible day. it was an incredible day last night, guys. there will also be another celebrity appearance. fox news own bret baier teeing off with the group. a wonderful day to celebrate, to honor veterans day. to say show everyone how grateful we are. look, i want to say this and i probably will throughout the morning. everyone watching can participate the. just likes you laid out, steve. there are many ways you can participate today. one of them give back to folds
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of honor. you can join squadron. cricket on a monthly basis. you get a free t-shirt if you do. so it will be a wonderful day today. we will be here all morning long. we will take you through it as "fox & friends" progresses. and maybe i will be joined by a few of those celebrities. ainsley: will, i saw your interview on "fox & friends first" with mom with daughter. three children all in private schools and all of that sunday ifed through folds of honor. steve: that's great. brian: you know, get on a monthly thing. it's so much easier, right? rather than worry about a check every month that automatically comes out of your account that you can afford. you don't have to think about it and feel great at the end of the year. will, thanks, appreciate. it is it true that bret has to play with his panel in his four some? steve: we're going to find out when he shows up. something new today. if you noticed right here. we are very red, white, and blue channel. today the logo, the fox logo is in camo. make camo your cause. ainsley: everyone at home can see it. we can't see it right now many
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camouflage. steve: exactly. play along. ainsley: fox logo that gets burned into your screen? brian: started rotating the square so it doesn't happen a little bit. steve: after we wrecked a lot of tvs. ainsley: turn tv off still see the logo. brian: craziest thing in steve did don't change your channel, send in your remotes. steve: i got thousands of televisions stuck on the fox news channel. they love it we have been the number one channel for about -- wait a minute, it started that day. people couldn't change. ainsley: i pay that cable bill every month for one reason to watch fox news continuously. brian: and the cartoon network. ainsley: no, i make her watch fox now. steve: got watch momma, come on. ainsley: just kidding. dramatic day in court for kyle rittenhouse as he truly breaks down sobbing while he was testifying in his own defense. steve: this, as his attorneys
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request a mistrial accusing prosecutors of misconduct. brian: mistrial lead to a retrial? todd piro is here with the latest as we await the decision -- the ask judge's decision on that. >> steve, ainsley and brian good morning. such an emotion day of testimony. kyle rittenhouse taking the stand in his own defense saying he did nothing wrong and only fired in self-defense after being attacked and ambushed. >> describe what happens. >> i was cornered from in front of me with mr. saminsky. and there were -- [crying] there were people right there. that's why i run. todd: a spokesperson for rittenhouse says he had no doubt about testifying.
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truth in his carp and you can't go wrong when every single camp, so he wanted to get on the stand lead prosecutor reprimanded by the judge for raising admissible evidence, listen judge already ruled judge might consider a mistrial. steve, ainsley and brian, if that is a mistrial with prejudice. that means rittenhouse could not be retried. if it's without prejudice, then different situation arises. but, the twist and turns in this case not ending any time soon. back to you. steve: todd, you are an attorney, let me ask you this. in watching the prosecutor violate that pre-trial order by the judge, so obviously, was he
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trying to do something? was the prosecutor trying to get a mistrial? todd: that is the speculation. because, again, you have heard lawyers say you learn this day one of law school. you sort of do. this is one of the under pinnings of our judicial system. for an experienced prosecutor like that to do what he did, there may be something else afoot. but, if he was trying to go for a mistrial realize that this case was not going his way. >> we have risky strategy. if the judge does declare this with prejudice that's game, set, ma'am and we are done. ainsley: rittenhouse said he was there to defend businesses during the riots. will. brian: no question he was doing that because, for a couple days, we watched every business, burned down, cops being sidelined. the war on cops was taking root on months before in minneapolis after the shooting of jacob blake in this situation. so it led to vigilante justice. the fact the teenager went down to try to protect businesses.
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good news is so many people took video. not so much it removed a lot of the opinion from this case, you sought raw emotion, shot four people, killing two, wounding one. and the prosecution witnesses were the best defense witnesses. it's bizarre. steve: they could explain what was going on in each of those images. clearly it's a self-defense defense. and ultimately it comes down to with the jury-if it goes to the jury -- did the prosecution prove heir case yard? there was a lot of reasonable doubt yesterday. here's judge jeanine. listen to this. >> judge jeanine: what you had was a rush to judgment in august of 2020. we are in the post george floyd world, jacob blake had just been shot. everybody wanted to make sure that, you know, that everyone was prosecuted. this kid was prosecuted when the evidence was clear that he was defending himself. now, once the burden of proof
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has shifted, once he claimed self-defense, the prosecution has to disprove that yard. that's why the prosecution is desperate right now. they are on the ropes. steve: right. after seeing the video and hearing his very emotional testimony. i'm sure a lot of people in the jury box was thinking it sounded like he was trying to protect himself. he was cornered and he had to shoot, he says. ainsley: he went through all the different situations with all the people that were shot and what they were doing to him and how he was trying to protect himself. we will continue to follow that in the meantime. brian: one thing i think is unbelievable. once again the president -- we thought it was big when barack obama said the police acted stupidly when the professor went to his house and -- controversy first year in the office. what about the fact that the president, again, biden called him a white supremacist. steve: tweeted out a video that branded people in the video including him a white
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supremacist. brian: think about how this whole case was skewed. how hard it is to sit a jury and how everyone rushed to this conclusion exfor the people that actually saw the video and thought i hope cooler heads would prevail. whole picture, this is exactly right defunding and changing political science result you had in. the police were there. they kept their hands off. they have been told they are the problem. that's what led to all this chaos. ainsley: takes us back to a tough time in our country. steve: city leaders in kenosha said let it burn, essentially. let it burn. ainsley: friends of ours sent us video who live in manhattan all those riots taking place. live in apartment buildings and businesses on the main floor that were getting looted and there were flames, being burned. it was awful. just a year ago. steve: it was. what a year it's been. let's talk a little bit about bidenflation as we are now calling it joe biden went to the
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port of baltimore yesterday which ironically is one of the best functioning ports in the united states he said i know you are worried about the supply chain but supply chain issues are so complicated you probably don't understand them. brian: you are so dumb. steve: also admitted the $1,400 stimulus checks contributed to the higher inflation now at 30 year high as it was announced yesterday but he said, you know, the good news is, this is only temporary. but then again the white house the fed, economists all said it was temporary in the month of march. ainsley: overall prices for goods that you are buying every single day have climbed 6.2%. that san additional tax. that's a tax even above what you pay at the register which you pay a tax there. this is an additional silent tax. steve: look at gas. brian: listening on the radio. the numbers used used cars up 26%. gas almost doubled. more than doubled.
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so you are seeing all these things. furniture up 12%. laundry, sporting goods. you don't need donald trump. you don't need joe biden. you don't need governor elect youngkin to come up with the decision on who is actually putting this country in a better stead. you just look around everywhere you go your life has changed for the worse unless your goal is to have less money and have less goods. here's the president pretending to address our concerns. >> today i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of the american people, and it's real, and this is getting prices down, number one. number two, making sure our stores are fully stocked. and, number three of, getting a lot of people back to work while tracking and tackling these two above challenges i mentioned. today's economic report showing unemployment continued to fall but consumer prices remain too high. tell us -- the american people
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[inaudible] economic crisis everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more it's worse even though wages are going up. we still face challenges. we have to tackle them. we have to tackle them head on. brian: tackle them by spending more money we don't have that programs in the big picture we can't afford. steve: i was going to say some things that he didn't rattle off right there, hourly wages fell .05%. real wages down 2.2% since janget keep in mind when we say that the inflation rate is 6%. that means if you don't get an increase of at least 6% in your paycheck, that means every day you fall behind. if your level -- if you are making the same money this year that you have made last year. you are actually making 6.2% less. what's interesting is that's the national average. in atlanta, the rate of inflation is 8%. in st. louis it's 7.5. in phoenix it's 7. in large liberal cities, like
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new york and san francisco. the inflation rate is actually lower because people move out of those cities into conservative states. ainsley: look at that. brian: their cities and move to others. ainsley: what's the other phoenix? steve: atlanta. ainsley: atlanta 7.9. you are right. brian: leak what he has done with energy. and look at what he has done with shutting down pipelines and drilling on private lands. look what he has done losing leverage with saudi arabia and russia. okay. i have a way to solve it let's put in 1.8 trillion in new spending are a you just got 1.2 trillion in bipartisan so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill and prior to that, 1.9 trillion. one month after getting out of office. that doesn't make sense, thankfully to joe manchin. here's what he tweeted out. by all accounts, the threat posed by record inflation to the american people is not transitory as we were told by the biden administration and, instead, getting worse. from the grocery store to the gas pump, americans know the
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inflation tax is real and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day. joe manchin a democrat without him, you have nothing we don't have to play victim to be ruled by the squad. if manchin and/or sinema or senator warner any so-called moderate stands strong in the senate. ainsley: joe manchin referred to what joe biden said back in july these are just transitory effects of covid-19 and long term inflation. if you talk to economists they say it is long term it will last through next year. steve: what joe manchin tweet says i told you so. he has been warning for a long time about the impact of inflation. so much federal money now in the system. and given the number yesterday. he is using that as a reason that he will block the build
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back better until next year because we cannot afford it right now. the people of his state of west virginia, where they are trying to pull the plug on coal anyway, this administration. they are already -- look at that 6% in the hole every month year over year just given inflation. carley: pulling the plug on coal. steve: can't put more money in the system. he says we cannot afford it. brian: i was in west virginia. governor justice extremely popular. when i mentioned joe manchin, everyone record with approval. ainsley: they love him. brian: mostly a conservative audience. meanwhile 18 minutes after the hour. the biden administration relying on americans totality? i never saw that in the prompter before. tattle on employers who don't enforce the president's vax seen mandate. what does pete hegseth think about that? we supplied that question to his staff earlier. hopefully he will answer it. ainsley: say this next word for me. brian: plus. ainsley: country music's biggest
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heavy winds and hail knocking out power for thousands of our friends out there. tornado warnings also being issued in northern texas. the severe weather taking down these trees, leaving homes damaged. thankfully no injuries have been reported. and vice president kamala harris facing backlash for appearing to use a french accent while touring a covid lab in paris. watch this. >> we campaign the plan. upper case t, upper case p, the plan. we are expected to defend the plan. ainsley: harris appearing to change her dialect when saying the plan. the moment going viral online when many calling it, quote, cringe. the biggest names in country music coming together with the cma awards luke bryan poking fun at quarterback aaron rodgers. >> it is so great to be here with all of my fellow artists, tested and together. [cheers] >> or immunized?
3:25 am
>> look at carry underwood skydive after husband supported roger's decision not to get vaccinated. six albums including album of the year. ♪ ♪ ainsley: that's beautiful. brian: that's blues. ainsley: they can kind of interchange. luke colmes the big winner taking home entertainer of the year. brian: 25 minutes after the hour. backlash over president biden's vaccine mandate the labor department admits it's going to need lots of help to enforce it. >> where we target our focus and our effort are on those workplaces where workers need assistance to have a safe and
3:26 am
helpful workplace that comes in the form of a complaint. duration. ainsley: the administration relying on whistleblowers to report companies the mandate. suingover biden's order calling it a clear and administrative overreach. steve: "fox & friends weekend" co-host peeg pete hegseth joins us with reaction. >> good morning. steve: because they don't have enough inspectors to control big business, it sounds like the government wants people to squeal on the people they work with. brian: or tattle. ainsley: or snitch. steve: a study says over half of employees would report a worker. ainsley: what percentage? steve: according to kamala that is the plan to do it. pete: what a great plan. you are going to have -- you are right inside the workforce snitches and businesses are going to have to be enforcers. all the while growing government. now osha is going to become this massive. it already does provide fines, i
3:27 am
get it nothing along this scale where you are using personal, private health information that companies are now forced to collect and forced ton their employees. and then you call the government to enforce it if one person decides it's not being enforced properly? remember ronald reagan's phrase i'm from the government the scariest words from the english language. i'm from the government, i'm here to help. this is i'm from the government i'm here to shut down. i'm here to tell you how to live. that's why it's never been more important where you live. my wife and i are here in sioux falls, south dakota, we were here with governor noem for law enforcement appreciation dinner, amazing. 2,000 cops, it's fantastic. those people grateful to live in south dakota. they made a choice to live there they will be protected or at least they many fight back against da krohnian stuff from the federal government. where you live matters more than ever. lawsuits have real merit. there is no way this is
3:28 am
constitutional to force people to take a vaccine when they can prove they already had covid or they want a religious exemption. this is going to pit americans against each other, force employers to enforce it and what's so magic about 100? who made that number up? why not 98? what about 102? all arbitrary like 6 feet apart from the beginning and everything else. people aren't buying it and you have to fight back against it you absolutely do. don't comply. brian: if they didn't stay this order osha would be well into taking their own action. pete, what's your veterans day action. i know you are not traditionally a veteran because you are still in the guard. what else your message out there for today? pete: you know, it's a different one, right? guys, after what happened in afghanistan, and, first of all, to everybody out there that's worn the uniform, thank you, i'm grateful. we stand on the shoulders of previous generations. don't think for one moment to afghanistan veterans to iraq
3:29 am
veterans that what did you was in vain. it was not. you fought and won every single. so the politicians and generals messed it up. i had my same gut reaction with what happened in afghanistan. stand tall for what you did. remember this is the greatest country on earth. we have the best war fighters on earth. and i salute them and i thank them today. and i'm honored to be able to give voice to what they represent. happy veterans day, everybody. god bless you and thank you for everything you have done. steve: modern warriors, pete's show we were soldiers hairs this sunday on "fox news sunday." it's also on fox nation. pete, thank you very much if from joining us from sioux falls, where i don't know the name of that hotel they have got fireplaces. pete: great fireplace and a jacuzzi. ainsley: thank you, pete. brian: i didn't think hot tub but i do now. ainsley: he will be hosting the
3:30 am
patriot awards next week. steve: all being down there a week from today doing the show. alarming reports the pentagon still rescuing americans from afghanistan. still, months later. we have reaction from army vet and congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. plus -- ainsley: oil refinery workers on edge as the line 5 pipeline could be in jeopardy. carley shimkus talks to the union president coming up. ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief.
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voltaren, the joy of movement. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. my patients are able to have that quality of life back. i recommend sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. still stranded in afghanistan. >> the withdrawal august 30th and today is november 10th. i mean, how is it possible that the department doesn't know how many immediate family members are still left. >> i don't have a number for you. we believe it's certainly, most likely in the dozens. but one of the reasons we put the memo out last week is to encourage service members to
3:35 am
come forward. brian: i continue to be astounded by these press conferences. iowa congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks is an army veteran spent decades in the myrtle and helping us out in washington. congresswoman, we need people like to you help get people like you, stuck in afghanistan out. why doesn't this administration seem to care? why is the pentagon rounding off numbers? >> you know, we have asked that question numerous times. there is a bipartisan group of veterans, myself included. that has tried to work with the administration and push them since april to get out americans and get out afghan interpreters because we knew it was critical to remove these individuals because they would be executed and targeted by the taliban. indeed we have seen that happen. we have never gotten a clearer number from the administration on how many were in afghanistan and how many have been left behind. we know it's vastly more than what the administration admits. brian: between the state department, the white house and the pentagon, who is most
3:36 am
focused on getting people out? because i heard you are not even allowed to mention afghanistan in the white house because the president doesn't want to hear it. >> i any poem that are most focused out individual groups, farmer service members. they have continued to be active since, you know, the administration likes to say since the war ended. the war didn't end. we are in a global war on terror. we just ended a strategic post in afghanistan or the administration did. so i think private groups, individual groups, we're working with people trying to get both americans and afghan interpreters and their families out of average. we have been successful in doing that. but, really, private people, private groups like pineapple express, like you mentioned, are getting people out of afghanistan to this day. brian: it's sad they had to do that. a lot of them gave up livelihoods and jobs just to get people out. now they are facing huge deficits, mortgage payments they can't make and haven't had time
3:37 am
to set up a foundation. we will talk about that again. for you serving the years that you did. and still serving in a way now, what is your message to veterans and what are your thoughts today? >> well, i just want to thank everyone who has served in the military. i come from a long family. military members. you can see the photograph behind me. and i just want to say thank you to service. and those who served in iraq and afghanistan since brought up the global war on terror, i just want them to know their service was not in vain. despite what this administration has done. these military veterans and military members have kept this country safe for over 20 years. we have not had a terrorist attack in the united states to the level of 9/11. they kept us safe. thank you so much for your service and your service to our country. brian: i would put this generation of war fighters with any generation that has fought for us in over 200 years. they are that good. and the conditions were that bad. and the way they ajusted on the fly, with the equipment, and courage and tactics is
3:38 am
phenomenal. and i think that's getting plowed over because our politicians screw this up so much. not you. congresswoman, thanks so much. >> you are so welcome. thank you so much and happy veterans day to all our veterans and service members. brian: absolutely. thank you. meanwhile, come up straight ahead, an arizona school board under fire after allegedly keeping tabs on parents which includes their social security numbers. 10 hours from now the inaugural folds of honor kaepernick cup. hitting the links of celebrities including ken griffey jr. here is one of the best things you will ever hear the 78th army band brass quintet the service song on this veterans day ♪ tripoli ♪ we fight our country's battles ♪ from the air, on land and sea ♪ fight for rights and freedom ♪ and to keep honor clean
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derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but new preparation h soothing relief spray is the 21st century way to do all three. even touch free. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ ♪ steve: it is veterans day folds of honor make sure our heros are never forgotten and never left behind. brian: they never stop that mission. toted the nonprofit veterans day by hosting first folds of honor cup. ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain joins us with dan reason j and professional golfer and air force veteran kyle westerland. good morning, gentlemen. it's sunny and beautiful down there. >> good morning, ainsley. you are right. you just introduced everyone here on set in orlando, florida
3:44 am
inaugural folds of honor cup, an amazing event. you guys are familiar with dan what he has done. get to dan in just one moment. being. will: he is good. is he a professional golfer. a professional golf are, brian, ainsley. how about this? made the cut at the u.s. open. only air force academy grad to make the cut this year. you have a unique perspective. veterans, professional golfer. tell me about this event and veterans day what it all means. >> oh, man, thanks to dan for putting this all together and allowing me to be here. golf is great. there is so much more to golf. this celebrates it more than anything else. giving an opportunity to come together to help others on the golf course is everything i could ever ask for and, you know, from that transition to active duty to playing full time. service is the goal. if that's the motto you live by you are doing something right. will: that's a motto this guy lives by. i said this earlier. last night a charity auction
3:45 am
this going to be full of celebrities. was last night. nothing like the veterans and then of course -- tell us what you said last night. you talked about story and families. >> it's veterans day and this the is day we recognize all who serve we have had 3 million veterans serve in iraq and afghanistan. historically 41 million veterans that serve this country. and we want to say thank you. we still come together around our veterans but the folds of honor mission is a great way to say thank you. got 2.5 million depen dents killed in iraq and afghanistan. nine out of 10 get no federal education assistance. so we are asking people to join our squadron today. if you do that $13 a month. you can honor a family member, a loved one who has served in folds of and we will send you the awesome t-shirt that the captain over there makes it look a lot better than me, he fills it out.
3:46 am
join our squadron today. no better way to recognize veterans and to say thank you to their families and give them the gift of an education. will: no doubt. is he embarrassing both by the way. professional athlete. what are we going to do. stand tall as best we can. before we go so that's how everyone at home can help out. they can join the squadron give on a monthly basis. they get the t-shirt what you said last night it resonated with me power of story. we can talk about numbers. 35,000 scholarships throughout the history of folds. 160 million. it's the stories. it's the people like we spoke with julie who lost her husband. that's the story feel need to know about. >> it absolutely is. these are families who have had someone killed or disabled. defending our freedoms. and our mission is unwavering, will, an honor sacrifice it legacy. taking care of someone's family. especially these military families who have given so much. will: will we are grateful to you folds of honor and grateful
3:47 am
to you as well thank you for your supervisors. we'll be with you all morning long, brian, ainsley, steve, back to you. steve: at some point, will, you will have to pick up the golf club and swing it at a ball. you have to do it. will: i don't golf but i heard brian set a very low bar. brian: not true. dan, tell them about my drive. stick up for me. >> a shot not heard around the world, brian, but thank you guys for supporting folds. ainsley: we need to see video. steve: absolutely. we're not great golfers but we love absolutely that charity. brian: and dan's too. i don't know about will i think he is okay. check in with janice dean more than okay. she has the fox weather forecast. janice: good morning. a great for the veterans day parade in new york city. kicks off at noon. take a look. low 60's. you know, today is a good day. tomorrow we are going to see some rain in the forecast. so the forecast worked out.
3:48 am
63 is going to be your daytime high and that parade kicks off at noon. here is your national forecast for this veterans day. we will see some rain along the ohio, tennessee and mississippi river valley. a new storm moving into the northwest, and then we have a blizzard, my friends. our first of the season across the upper midwest and the northern plains where we have blizzard warnings in effect for today. and all of this is going to move into the northeast on friday into saturday. so, good news is, it's going to be dry today for the veterans day parade. all right, steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: have to live it up today. j.d., thank you. ainsley: thank you, janice. today president biden again claims that americans really don't understand the supply chain crisis. steve: too complicated. brian: talk slower please. ainsley: latest remarks at the top of the hour. brian: new common tia coin recognizing our nation's 180 million -- ainsley: 1.8. brian: i hate when people write the words. i need to see the numbers.
3:49 am
1.8 million purple heart recipients. ♪ ♪ st drug free relief vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. and try vicks sinex children's saline. safe and gentle relief for children's noses. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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3:53 am
steve: on this veterans day tonight golden corral is hosting annual military appreciation night. all active duty military personnel can enjoy a free dinner buffet and beverage it runs tonight from 5:00 to 9 this evening. through the years golden corral has served 6 million and nearly $17 million has been raised for disabled american veterans. for more information head on over to golden free food tonight. ainsley. ainsley: that is great. thank you so much, steve. for the first time ever, the u.s. mint and the national purple heart mission have come together to honor our nation's 1.8 million purple heart recipients in a very special way. here now to unveil their commemorative coin series. of the acting director of the u.s. mint. we have gibson and we also have the national purple heart executive director russ vernon standing next to her along with
3:54 am
edie meeks and army combat nurse over here in the red who served in vietnam and several other purple heart recipients who we will talk to and find out your ranks and where you served. god bless you all. thank you for being here and happy veterans day. >> thank you. ainsley: such an honor to have you here. tell me what you are unveiling and how it came to be. >> it all came to be first and for most by an act of congress which is phenomenal event and secondly by pulling together our citizen join advisory committee, the purple heart community. organizations like what russ represents and many others. our artist depicts in drawing and through sculpting and through artistic infusion which is a way of taking someone's perspective and bringing it to life. and then just through all the 1700 mint employees that really take this to heart of what they do. so that's how this has come to fruition and thanks to secretary yellen who resued it. didn't make one change and said this is exactly.
3:55 am
more importantly, this is a culmination of all of the history of veterans that have served our country. and we are just so honored that this is the first time that it doesn't matter whether you were one of the 23,000 nurses like edie who served the army and navy. doesn't matter exactly what your service was. it's the fact that we have this opportunity. ainsley: beautiful. >> once in a lifetime. and thank you, to our purple hearts. ainsley: does this mean to you and your organization? >> this is incredible for the purple heart honor mission. allows us to honor the 1.8 million purple heart recipients and allows us to tell their stories to americans today and the generations to come. ainsley: yes, sir. >> and everyone can learn more at purple heart ainsley: should we unveil? >> let's do it. >> let's see these commemorative coins. should we do a t. at all at one time? 1, 2, 3. oh, they are beautiful to
3:56 am
special. i see this on the lapel of everyone here. >> corporal vietnam. ainsley: thank you very much for your service and what you did. ms. edie meek. first lieutenant army corps. >> senior airmen with the united states air force and irs in afghanistan when i earned my purple heart. ainsley: god bless you, ma'am? >> sharon specialist army served in iraq. ainsley: thank you for everything. more "fox & friends" straight ahead.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
supply chain disruption fueling higher prices. >> inflation now at a 30 year high. >> president biden says americans don't understand. >> frankly, not a lot of people have a clear understanding about how the supply chain works. >> kyle rittenhouse breaks down on the witness stand. >> the judge slamming the prosecutor. >> don't get brazen with me. that's basic law. it's been basic law in country for 40 years. >> biden administration was lying on americans on tattle. >> don't enforce the president's vaccine mandate. >> pit americans against each other and fight against it. >> it is veterans day and folds
4:01 am
of honor has made it their mission to make sure the families of our fallen heros are never forgotten. >> 41 million veterans that serve this country. and we want to say thank you. >> and the cma award for album of the year goes to: starting over, chris stapleton. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:02 am
♪ brian: there you go the 78 army band brass quintet performs air force service song on fox square. look, if you like that music, it's not because of the cue stick. the cue stick -- it's not -- you know how everyone sounds good in the shower? we have not helped them with the acoustics. that's just pure brilliance and excellence. sounds great because of them. it's not because we have-what do they call that not a tuning fork? what is that called? auto tune. a lot of times you can sing into auto tune and everybody sounds bike bobby sherman. steve: i'm learning a lot on veterans day that's why we have got them out there. speaking of the air force song our tech manager don purceti before he came to fox he was in the u.s. air force and we salute him and everybody who served on veterans day. [cheers and applause] ainsley: beautiful day. it's veterans day. we honor you and thank you for your service. if you look at the bottom of
4:03 am
your screen you can see that the fox emblem is in camouflage because it's camo for a cause. u.s. steve: right. ainsley: steve have some of the paraphernalia. if you donate it helps some of the 38,000 veterans homeless in our country. try to come back and s. simulate into the society and having a tough time. steve: it's great. fox is a premium partner this year. what they are doing is they say wear camo. make a statement. show your appreciation if you like more information as you can see right there go to u.s. they are asking you to donate $11 to help end veteran homelessness on this, the 11th day of the 11th month. brian: three minutes now after the hour now to a developing story which will develop today and culminate a dramatic day in the court for kyle rittenhouse as he breaks down while testifying in his own defense. ainsley: this as his attorneys
4:04 am
request a mistrial now accusing the prosecutors of misconduct. steve: todd piro is here with the latest as we await the judge's decision and more today. todd: that's right, steve, ainsley and brian, good morning. an emotional day of testimony. kyle rittenhouse taking the stand in his own defense saying did he nothing wrong and only fired in self-defense after being attacked and ambushed. listen. >> describe what happened. >> i was cornered from in front of me with mr. zaminski and there were -- [sobbing] there were people right there. that's when i run. todd: spokesperson for rittenhouse said he had no doubt about testifying. >> the truth is in his camp. and you can't go wrong when every single fact lines up in your camp, right?
4:05 am
so, he wanted to get on the stand. todd: meantime, everyone talking about in this morning, the lead prosecutor was reprimanded by the judge for raising admissible evidence. listen. >> don't get brazen with me. you know very well an attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so. so don't give me that. todd: moving forward, the judge says he might consider a mistrial based upon the actions of the prosecutor. mistrial with prejudice that means rittenhouse could not be retried. that's the end of it. if it's without prejudice there is the possibility there could be a retrial. we have a lot more to go in this case. brian: civilian question for non-law student to you, what is prejudice? i mean, what do you mean by prejudice? todd: sure, great question. prejudice means the action by the prosecutor, that led the judge to declare a mistrial were so egregious that double
4:06 am
jeopardy attaches and we will not retry kyle rittenhouse. if there is an administrative error that didn't necessarily impact the jury in a way that bothered the judge to a heightened degree, he may just start over. get a new jury, potentially get a new prosecutor and just redo the trial. but if you heard that judge, it seemed like this is going to be an implication that he was really upset with this prosecutor for potentially sullying the jury with those line of questioning. and so as a result with prejudice could be the result. steve: the judge really chewed him out. todd, thanks very much. let's bring in sean duffy. you know he is a fox news contributor. you know he was the congressman from wisconsin. he was also the former d.a. of ashland county in wisconsin? sean, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. sean: good to see you guys, thanks for having me. steve: can you explain why the prosecution did these two things? one, they brought up this tiktok video that the judge had a pre-trial order don't talk about that. and then he also the prosecutor brought up the fact that kyle
4:07 am
rittenhouse had not made any public statements, which is his constitutional right until the trial. and the prosecutor suggested he was just listening to everything to tailor a made-up story. >> you have a constitutional right to remain silent, right? but if the prosecution can comment on your silence, that right really isn't worth anything. so, the rules are clear, you can't comment on a defendant's silence pre-trial. they don't have to convict themselves. so, i think a lot of speculation that this prosecutor is trying to get a mistrial without prejudice which means they can have a do over and come back. ainsley: why we do that though? steve: what's going to be different next time? sean: i think he sees is he losing his case, right? i think something else is happening here. i think the prosecutor is pushing the envelope, trying to get more evidence in because he knows he's losing. so he is trying to save his case and he would rather have the judge mad at him, get a conviction and maybe have it
4:08 am
overturned on appeal. but this is all about saving his case. by the way, the former prosecutor, you don't do this. right in the rules are clear. the judge makes rulings. if you want the judge to reconsider that ruling based on the evidence that has been presented in court? you take the jury out and you go to the judge and say hey, judge, the facts have changed. let me now present this evidence. you don't just say it to the jury and really make the judge angry. ainsley: when you read articles about this some are saying if the judge does throw this out over and done with other articles you read they could change juries. do they change prosecutors? how do they decide which path to go? sean: this will come back to the county prosecutor. they will make the decision whether to retry. they will get a whole new jury. but they don't change their witnesses. they don't change the videos that are out there. that truly show kyle rittenhouse running away from danger. trying to get away from the mob. and that doesn't change. the witnesses don't change. and their prior statements at
4:09 am
this trial under oath don't change. so, a lot of the same evidence will still come n the second trial. i think the result will end up being the same where rittenhouse is going to get off based on the self-defense argument. brian: let's talk about something that plagues every american watching right now and is that true supply chang chain. whether it's big families like yours who want to get christmas presents in or whether there is expiring medical -- medicine on these ships. they can't get unloaded. we don't have the truck dryers. it's not working. the president doesn't think that we can understand the word and the term and the phrase and the concept of supply chain. listen to him. >> you are hearing a lot about the supply chains. in the news but, frankly. not a lot of people are clear -- have a clear understanding whether they have a ph.d. or they didn't go to school, about how a supply chain works. easy to talk about it, but what's the impact on the economy? let alone how to fix it.
4:10 am
brian: would you talk slowly please? because i don't think i could pick it up but i'm going to try anyway. sean: yeah. maybe he thought we didn't have our coffee this morning and we can't understand the supply chain. every american simply understands that when you have a produced good, how does it go from production to the marketplace? and in the path in which we move goods is our supply chain. it doesn't work right now. instead of sitting back and being a guy who says government is the answer to everything, but not the answer to supply chain, he should go how do i free my rules and regulations to make the supply chain actually work? how do i encourage more people to go back to work off their couches? maybe you stop paying them and get them back into the workforce? i have talked about this a number of times. there is three simple things you can do for truckers. you can increase the weight loads on trucks so they can haul more. increase hours of service a day even by an hour. move goods a further distance. and then let 18-year-olds drive truck, not 21-year-olds. we let them drive tanks and
4:11 am
shoot missiles. that's just trucking very simple things. the administration can do a whole bunch of things in the short-term to make goods move across the country and make voters a little less angry at him. steve: sure, speaking across the country, now go down to florida. ron desantis yesterday said joe biden has got blood on his hands with the murder of that father of four or five down in jacksonville after they took in a 24-year-old honduran who had posed as a 17-year-old kid because he knew that's how you get in the country and then he was flown during one of these middle of the night flights to jacksonville where he killed the guy. governor desantis said if they bring any more here, watch this soundbite, i'm not going to take them. i'm sending them to joe's state. watch. >> what happens with these flights, there is no notification to the state of florida. these are done mostly in the
4:12 am
middle of the night. and it's clandestine. and we really have no say into it we're going to get together and figure out what we can do in the immediate term to protect folks in florida. you know, my view would be, why don't we -- if they are going to come here, we will provide buses and provide them. i will send them toe delaware. steve: which would be hedy. look what he is doing chief executive of florida. bring thousands of people in a state who will need state programs and things like that, you should alert them. hey, by the way, we have another load coming in tonight. sean: not only that you should actually et vet the people coming into these states to make sure they are who they are, that they are not violent. and americans in these states will be protect protected. you know, people won't die from bad acts of migrants that joe biden didn't vet. that's the most simple thing that the administration should do. but, you are right. the second point is the taxpayers of florida and every other state are going to have to
4:13 am
fund these migrants that now come into their states. listen, i love ron desantis. the fact that he is like listen we're going to load them on buses and send them all to delaware or send them to california where kamala harris the border czar lives. send them there and maybe go through a different vetting process and travel throughout the country. right now unvetted individuals coming in the state doing harm to american citizens that the american citizen has to pay for? is absolute insanity. i think if you look at americans, they love ron desantis because he is clear-eyed and pushing back on bad policies on this administration. steve: sean, before did you go, you mentioned kamala harris. what do you think the fact that it sounded like she had a french accent yesterday? sean: she is out of control. supposed to be the rehabilitation tour and goes in and talks about the plan. the plan with an accent. does she not know how stupid she looks? she is not going to get ruthlessly mocked for being such an idiot?
4:14 am
we all know don't pretend to have an accent when you don't will. steve: that's our plan, watch. >> we campaign with the plan. upper case t, upper case p. the plan and then the environment is such that we are expected to defend the plan even when the first time we rule it out there may be some glitches and time to reevaluate and do it again. steve: well, well in rome. whether this france, sound like you are from france. sean: they didn't really understand the english accent of kamala harris. the american accent when she said the plan. she had to say it with a french accent the plan. and that's how they understood what she meant. brian: going to have continue better macrons today. let's see how that goes over. be. steve: hope they enjoy "the dessert." >> thanks, guys.
4:15 am
steve: make sure you check out and repreorder the did you havey's book it's the all-american christmas. it's a fox book. brian has got it right there. brian: there you go. steve: an all-american christmas. brian: bad day to fire your staff. open it up nothing but fox stories. all true stories. steve: go to fox news ainsley: we all talk about what christmas means to you. features not only the two of you lauren green, martha mccallum, sandra smith, bret baier, maria bartiromo, shannon bream and rachel obviously sean. bill hemmer, brit hume, john rich, geraldo. it's all in here. steve: order it today. time for news. ainsley: let's do headlines. newsom is threatening blood shed listen to this story after new york city mayor elect eric adams vows to bring back the crime unit. newsom warns protesters will take to the streets again if he does. in this as the nypd releases brutal footage of a man
4:16 am
repeatedly punching a woman and dragging her out of the subway elevator. police offering a reward of up to $3,500 for the early november attack. more than 100 children in loudoun county, virginia back in the news are mistakenly given full adult sizes of the pfizer covid vaccine. the children were 45 to 11 years old. pfizer's covid shot for women is only a third of the size of the adult dose i thought they were making vaccines smaller meaning the actual shot was going to be little so people didn't get mixed up. steve: i hope the kids are okay. >> i hope they are too. >> hunter biden making appearance at flashing new york city art gallery where paintings are now on displacement the "new york post" reporting they asked him if he has gotten any infamously lost laptop back to which hunter responded, quote: there is always a smart [bleep] in the bunch. today the outlets covering
4:17 am
vincent van dough over the hefty price tag hunter's price tag is being sold for now. steve: those new york writers. >> will contain joins us live. today is the inaugural folds of honor cup. it looks like it's starting the day with a little rain but it will be fine when it's time to go. >> you know florida it breezes in and breezes out. will: cleared up. beautiful down here in orlando, florida. lake nona golf club. inaugural folds of honor cup to, obviously, raise money and give back to the veterans who serve this country and for many of you those who have lost their spouses in the act of war. and supporting families with scholarships sending their kids to college. setting them up for the future. by the way, watching at home right now you can participate. great way to give back to veterans who serve this country by joining the squadron folds of honor. sign up for a monthly subscription. check it out. you can get one of these t-shirts. if you sign up right now. get one of these cool folds of
4:18 am
honor t-shirts brings out all your muscle. fits really nice. here's the deal. brian kilmeade set a low bar. what i'm told is i'm going to be hitting a golf bar in 30 minutes with on nic can a sorenson. i will do it with refreshments. one hour ken griffey jr. steve: you are no the going to do batting practice with him. will: i will do whatever you ask, steve. i told everyone you let pete hegseth hit me with giant boxing gloves last week. i will let you embarrass me. but griffey is going to hit golf balls with a baseball bat out into the lake. steve: that's going to be awesome. brian: that should go up for auction after that. ainsley: do we have the sports wrong? on the golf course with a baseball bat. brian: video of my drive come
4:19 am
back fake news of me hitting my low bar. will: i can't wait. no, no. i heard the one on camera, brian, was the only one you made contact with. brian: what kind of thing is that to say? i have proof and you go well it's the only proof you have. whoever heard of you are a lawyer. will: i will pull dan rooney over here and pull him on camera. steve: we don't want to do it. brian: the pressure, objection? ainsley: he was just saving it for the camera. steve: stay tuned for ken griffey jr. hitting golf balls with a baseball bat. when we had tiger woods on the program. i asked him to sign a golf ball. he said he doesn't sign golf balls. so instead i got a baseball. he signed the baseball. so if you have got a tiger woods signed golf ball,. brian: change his policy. ken griffey jr. and his dad significant about ken griffey jr. him and his dad played on the same team seattle mariners. steve: coming up on this veterans day.
4:20 am
five retired navy seals are on a new mission to serve our country by joining the ranks of congress. share our message to heros this veterans day. brian: first, carley shimkus is on the ground in ohio as oil refinery workers are on edge over the potential shut down of line five pipeline. carley? carley: yeah. that's right. i'm at the toledo refining company. this place price about 1200 people. it was shut down as they pull the plug on line 5. that decision would also affect you at home. so we're going to be talking about it when "fox & friends" continues after this. ♪ ♪ got to love this american ride ♪ ♪ trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. ♪...and i'm feelin' good. ♪ no once-daily copd medicine... has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy.
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4:25 am
remains unclear about its exact plans for a michigan pipeline, line 5. ainsley: "fox & friends first" co-host carley shimkus is live in toledo, ohio, talking to the oil workers there about the real cost of his agenda and how it can affect their lives. hey, carley. >> hey, yeah. that's right. i am with scott hayes of the toledo refining company, which is where we are. and justin donnelly. what is your title. >> i'm the local union president local steelworks 902 where i- ainsley: didn't want to get the number wrong because your title is important. if you remember scott was on "fox & friends" earlier this week. he was holding that big chunk of steel to prove how thick the pipeline is. because one of the issues is that michigan governor gretchen whitmer says that a portion of the pipeline is unsafe and it could cause an oil spill. you work -- regarding the safety of this pipeline. how do you feel about that. >> i think the pipeline is safe. the regulator has said it's safe. this pipeline was so robustly
4:26 am
built. it is a sensitive area. everybody knew that operates 150 p sir. allowed to operate at 600 psi when they test this pipe on a 1200 psi to prove its safety. carley: what you are saying you think it's safe. this is sort of a family affair for you. because your dad and your brother also work here. so if line 45 gets shut down whether by the biden administration or michigan governor gretchen whitmer, what would happen to your family, in the unlikely instance line 5 gets shut down, we would be hit pretty hard. this is how i support my family and my younger brother supports his and my father supported me growing up. it definitely effects my family. carley: scott, it's crazy we are talking about this right now because gas prices are so high. 1.30, 1.50 more than they were last year. if this pipeline gets shut down, what happens to gas prices?
4:27 am
>> oh, they go up. i would argue the cost of everything goes up. because when your transportation costs go up, your costs for every day products. and, by the way, we make products leaving this terminal right behind you as we speak, that are the building blocks for everything from the clothes you are wearing to medicine to my soles of my shoe. car interiors, even they are electric vehicles they are all made by petra chemicals. carley: the biden administration says we can't do anything about the gas issue because opec is to blame and they need to produce more oil. give us more gas. is that really the solution? >> well, i'm not one to speak on domestic oil policy getting it out of the ground and geo politics that surround that. i will tell you this. we cannot afford to lose pipelines. i agree with energy secretary granholm that pipelines are the safest way to transmit fuels. we need it. and if you shut down pipelines, you should down refineries. that's not good for the country. that's not good for the region.
4:28 am
we are moving production effectively from the united states to other countries. carley: yeah, if you shut down the refineries, we were talking, steve, ainsley and brian to local business owners, somebody that works at a bakery. a restaurant, what's the name of the restaurant -- he is a big fox fan and affect him as well. it's a whole community thing and it's a trickle down effect when you talk about shutting down something like a pipeline. it effects the restaurant owners and the local mom and pop shops in the community. brian: carley, we have got take action now. remember, he walked in and shut down the xl pipeline and shut out all the people upset. show enough outrage early maybe we won't have a shutdown to deal with. ainsley: carley, thank you. carley: this is why people are so concerned here. talking to a lot of really good people. ainsley: yeah. i remember you talking to that momma was holding her baby and the mom who was trying to put her kid through college and she didn't know how she was going to pay for it after shut her down.
4:29 am
thank you for telling american stories. carley: my pleasure, absolutely. steve: more with carley a little later on. meanwhile, on this veterans day. brian: up next on this show, tunnel 2 towers is honoring more than 7,000 fallen service members this morning during a special ceremony at the lincoln memorial. a very special announcement when we come back with frank stiller. ♪ ♪ that we all call home ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
steve: welcome back, tunnel 2 towers is honoring veterans day this morning starting in 26 minutes, 8:00 a.m. on the steps of the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. to pay tribute to the more than 7,000 u.s. service members who have lost their lives in the global war on terror. ceo and co-founder of tunnel 2 towers frank siller joins us from washington, d.c. where it is a beautiful morning. frank, right there last night along the reflect pool, which is
4:34 am
if there front of you, you had 7,000 luminaries it's absolutely gorgeous. >> we worked all night to make sure we had them out here this morning so when people come here and pay their respects with these beautiful memorials that we have here vietnam veteran memorial, world war ii memorial. korean war memorial and lincoln memorial and washington memorial that they see the names of the 7,070 men and women who have died since september 11th, 2001 on the war on terror. we are proud of the tunnel to towers foundation has put all those names out there and lit up. it was just so beautiful, so moving. it's a tribute to these great heros and to their families. steve: right. we should point out that the ceremony that i believe starts at 8:00 this morning is going to be live streamed on the tunnel 2 towers facebook page. and, frank, you know, one of the things about your organization is you're quietly raising money
4:35 am
every day for these families and then every once in a while you have a big announcement. and today on veterans day you have one of those announcements. >> well, we are delivering 35 mortgage free homes today to gold star families. we thought it would be fitting to do it on memorial day. as we are reading their loved ones names right here behind me at the lincoln memorial on the beautiful steps with the back drop of the 7,070 dog tags. you see that flag behind me, i think you can see it. it has the dog tags and names of every one of these great americans that gave their life for our country. to give out 35 mortgage free homes today to gold star families. many of them we built. some with mortgage payoffs. it's a tribute to your listeners and viewers who support us every single day. they can see the results of their i hate to talk about money on a day like today. but their $11 a month that they are sending in to tunnel 2 towers foundation they see where
4:36 am
their money is going. and it's important to do it on meaningful day like today. proud to deliver 35 mortgage free homes today. steve: these are 35 mortgage -- 28 mortgage payoffs. 7 new mortgage-free homes. 18 states for these gold star families. i would imagine when you present somebody with a house, free and clear, that has got to just make you feel like you -- your life's work is -- you are going down the right road. you are helping so many people. >> it is so gratifying. it is such an honor to do things like this. for me, permanently, every time i do it, i think of my brother steven who gave his life up on september 11th, 2001. i say, steve, look, for your sacrifice, look what's going on. not just his but the sacrifice of so many that day. and, look, tunnel 2 towers is a conduit of doing good. we want to bring people together.
4:37 am
we want to bring americans together. i don't care what side of the aisle you are on. to help americans, our veterans to make sure that we take care of them is so important. but, do you know what? your viewers are just second to none. they just are so generous. and that's just how we have been able to do 200 mortgage free homes this year because of the 20th anniversary. 200. so we are proud of taking on this mission. steve and on this 11th day of the 11th month, all you are asking for is $11. if folks would like to help tunnel 2 towers out, go to their website it's t 2 there it is right there. have great day in our nation's capitol. >> thanks, steve. god bless you and all our veterans. steve: indeed. thank you, frank. combat to congress. five former navy seals runging for congress join us live on this veterans day with a very special message. but, first, cue the band. here is the 78th army brass band
4:38 am
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(dramatic music) - [narrator] as the eyes of the world focus on the latest flood of calamities, the most urgent may not be the most visible to the average person. for decades, we've seen an erosion of our nation's values, but today we are experiencing a world gone mad. the country is facing an inflection point and cultural norms are turning away from traditional values. in "hope for this present crisis," dr. michael youssef presents a seven-part plan providing practical steps on how to be a godly influence in our society and how to take a stand for our values in a culture aggressively opposed to them.
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there is hope for this present crisis if we act now. a dear friend of dr. youssef so wants you to have this book that he will pay for it. all you have to do is cover the shipping and handling: $4.95. and if you order it today, we will also include the action guide, "practical questions and answers for this present crisis". call or go online today for your free copy. (dramatic music) >> august 30th. today is november 11th. how is it possible that the department doesn't know how many immediate family members are still left? in afghanistan. >> we don't have a number for you we believe it's certainly, a, -- most likely in the dozens, one of the reasons we put the memo out last week was to encourage service members to come forward. brian: embarrassing.
4:43 am
the pentagon taking heat and they should over its efforts to rescue family members or lack thereof of american troops still stranded in afghanistan and our allies. our next guest served on the front lines of the war on terror as members of the elite navy and now running for congress. retired navy seal sniper david brook. retired navy seal chief derrick van orden wants to represent wisconsin's third district. almost got it last time. he wants it this time. elon crane joins the navy days after 9/11 and running in oregon's first district very successful businessman and mark luttrell is aiming to represent texas' 18th. retired navy seal and former interior secretary ryan zinke running for montana's brand new second district. they join us now to react. first off congressman zinke, i'm going to start with you. how was that acceptable that admirable kirby a spokesperson for the -- admiral kirby
4:44 am
couldn't tell us who was left behind and doesn't a seem that interested. >> your point is excellent. where is the congressional investigation? this is a biden-created crisis that we have left our family members. we have left our allies hanging in the winds and not only has our government not been helpful of getting our people out, they have been, in many cases, the obstacles. i'm contacted every day by individuals that have interpreters, family members that need to get out of that country and, in many cases, our state department, under this administration has not only been not helpful, they are the chief obstacle of getting our people out. we should have investigations and get to the truth about what's going on. brian: eli, they said we offered 19 times to get them out. what they say is you can go but leave your family behind. what person is going to leave their family behind in that place and just get on a plane by themselves and now the
4:45 am
administration said well, we made them an offer. >> you are right. and it's just one of the -- yeah, it's just unone of the many issues that are destroying this country. that's why we all recognize it that's why you have five navy seals on the screen who are running for office because we want to serve this country again. we need your help. we need you guys to get on our website. support us. we also want you guys to go, become precinct committee members. we also want you to run for school board. if we want a government, it's of, for and by the people, we got to start acting like it. brian: enough about party and start thinking about the country. i want you to take this in, morgan. this is the pentagon spokesperson admiral kirby who i know is a good guy. i think he is subjected to bad policy. this is what he actually said when it came to threats to america. >> which is a bigger threat, the climate or china. >> both are equally important. both are challenges that the
4:46 am
secretary wants, the senior leadership the pentagon to be focused on as well as many others, too. brian: morgan, who should would he be more concerned with, the planet dropping one degree or going up one degree or china's navy which has surpassed ours and the way they plowed over hong kong? they are looking to take over central and south america economically and who knows what else? what's a bigger threat to morgan luttrell? >> obviously china. the navy is one thing but their cybersecurity threat. pumping billions of dollars into their cyber platforms which we are not looking at in my opinion. i like to add this about the afghanistan issue. if the biden administration is so concerned about saving american lives with these mask mandates and so forth. why don't they mandate we rescue our citizens and save their lives as well over in afghanistan. i was fortunate enough to run into a interpreter who served with us overseas so long in the past couple of weeks. his family is still over there.
4:47 am
he pleaded with us. he begged us. he is like who do i need to get to help me get my family over. spoke perfect english. where is that all biden has to do is say let's do this. let's mandate this. tank milley and austin get our people. if they are pumping that -- big pharma that is pumping that money into the dnc all you are hearing on the news is mandates and vaccines. why don't we get some people to say the same thing about our citizens overseas and bring them home. brian: yeah. or the allies that helped you guys for 20 years. hey, brady, if the president doesn't say that and you are austin or millie, how could you wear the uniform and just move on to something else? i know it's the commander-in-chief, but at what point is the breaking point when it comes to red, white, and blue and serving a president that's indifferent to a war he says he lost faith in? >> yeah, you know, i think it's really sad to see the leadership
4:48 am
at this point seeming to be careless about taking responsibility for what was a botched withdrawal. i think withdrawal is going too far. i think it's really just a retreat. you can't say that it's a successful when you turn your back to the enemy on the battlefield. while there are americans that we must -- we must rescue from this country. i think we have to -- we have to understand that this was a failure. that this was a failure and we cannot continue this way. deeply unamerican. brian: not fair to you guys. you deserve better. someone made the final decision while you fought for 20 years. it's just not fair. real quick, what is great for us is that you are here on veterans day and still trying to give back only in a suit instead of a uniform. let's go around, starting with you congressman zinke who served as secretary of the interior. what are your thoughts today? >> you know, the level of south africa fight that has been made. particularly, you know, if you are a veteran and the first line guys and their families. you know, the days of
4:49 am
celebration of how great the character is of our veterans, and our military, we have challenges but i think you are absolutely right. it's red, white, and blue and let's takes back this country. brian: eli crane, you want to be a congressman, your thoughts today because a lot of people are suffering because they see what happened in late august. and they know there is two weeks left in december to get people out or the winter gets too tough. what are your thoughts on veterans day? >> eli? >> my thoughts are this. freedom is always one generation away from extension. we have to act like that. these guys are willing to go serve. the time for complacency is over. and you can see how quickly this radical ideology can destroy this country if we don't do something about it. brian: derrick van orden? >> hey, listen, today is veterans day as we said i want to say thanks to every single man and woman who has served our nation. given us freedom from the
4:50 am
revolutionary war and kept this nation free. we owe a debt of gratitude to our veterans. we have had a spike in veteran suicide 41% over q 2 to q 3. we need to make sure that our veterans understand that we love and care for them and that the duty never ends. another thing today that people don't think about, all the gold star families who lost men and women serving our country deserve our eye eternal respect. that's a debt that cannot be repaid. thank them, too, if you also see them. brian: absolutely. brady duke? >> i'm proud of my service. i know many veterans are proud of their service. i want to say to those who have served before me, thank you very much. and those who have served amongst me, thank you very much. you know, i have people thanking me for my service and, you know, i thank anyone who has served in this myrtle has played a vital role in protecting our freedom and holding back the enemy. and i think, you know, we should definitely say thank you.
4:51 am
brian: morgan, what's the name of your pac. you formed a pac and your mission to win next year? >> well, before i get into that i would like to say something about veterans day, too. because you have heard everybody on the screen thanking -- you thanked the veterans and the people that are walking around that very unassuming i walk up to them all the time thank you larry and rick and thank you marcus. but i left of center say thank you to the spouses. because, without them, we wouldn't be who we are today and they made such sacrifices so when i share my emotions about veterans day. i always thank the spouses and i think that's extremely important. we should never forget that. >> and the name of your pac, ryan? >> seal and it helps we have seven seals now. three green berets, rangers, so we're supporting our patriots up front. brian: all right, guys. always great to see you. thanks so much. best of luck. and happy veterans day. all right.
4:52 am
let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather cast. janice: great interview, brian. new york city the biggest veterans day parade in this city across the nation and it's going to be a beautiful day. temperatures around 60 degrees with mostly sunny skies. tomorrow we have a storm moving. in let's take a look at it and i show you what's happening. >> 4 the in new york. cold air moving in from the wesd with a big old storm system bringing blizzard conditions to parts of north dakota, south dakota minnesota and wisconsin. and there is a blizzard warning in effect. our first official blizzard warning of the season. we will get 5 to 8 inches of snow and in some spots isolated amounts of over a foot. with blowing snow, winds in excess of 50 miles per hour that's going to cause rough travel and i'm sure we will have travel delays and travel cancellations. forecast for today across the ohio valley, mississippi valley in towards the mid south showers and thunderstorms. also have a storm system moving into the northwest. that's been ongoing for the last
4:53 am
couple of weeks. for the rockies. all right. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. ainsley: beautiful back drop. thank you, janice. folds of honor is commemorating veterans day by hosting first folds of honor cup. steve: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain joins us along with the folds of honor ceo lieutenant colonel dan rooney and a very famous golfer who, will, go ahead and introduce. i hate to steal your thunder. will: it's my honor. thank you for not stealing my thunder, steve. yes, how about a masmer, 90 worldwide wins, still the money leaders among women golfers and who just won the senior open this past summer after taking a 13-year break. stunning, onika sorenson. one of the coolest part of her story is u.s. citizen in 2006. won the u.s. open right after
4:54 am
that. also presidential he medal of freedom winner, tell me, all of this, united states of america e veterans day, what does it mean to you. >> you know, being a new american, this is a special day and i certainly want to thank all the people who have served for the freedom of this country and growing up in sweden, you know, golf is one of my passions. and then i came over here and i got a scholarship and was able to take my game to a different level. this is where i made my home. i married an american. we have kids that were born in this country and really appreciate everything that this has to offer. i'm thrilled to be here. obviously it's my home course as well i live here in lake ownna. it's a flab columbus foundation. listening to some of the speeches last night it hits your heart. i feel lucky to be able to give back some way somehow. ill will absolutely and you are doing so. lieutenant colonel, tell me how can folks at home give back if you are an can a, how can people
4:55 am
at home give back. >> 2 million veterans served just in iraq and average. 2.5 million depends dents living with someone killed or disabled. join the folds of honor squadron to say thank you for our freedoms and send you one of these folds of honor t-shirts. annika made more puts under pressure than any woman in history. all of the viewers would love a tip as we close this out. will: hopefully i do, this perform this challenge better than brian kilmeade hitting a golf ball. hitting a drive. so i'm putting. annika i have a gallery of approximately 15 and 2 million of you watching. i'm a little nervous. give me tips under pressure how to sink it pup. >> everybody knows you drive for show the and putt for -- few things to -- the driving range we hit a ball. on the course we hit a ball. in cutting we stroke it, meaning the ball is more in the way. more of a pendulum motion and
4:56 am
the last thing is the length of the back swing determines the length of the putt. if you have a shot like this about 12, 13 feet you have to feel it and accelerate through. oh, okay. here we go. >> you can't whip this putt, will. look at that look at that, oh. will: almost. that close. that lois. not quite the pressure she is used to. but, there is a lot of you watching, so i will take a little bit of credit. annika, thank you so much for everything you are doing. >> thank you. >> you are such a blessing. steve: if it were only horseshoes you would have been the winner. thank you very much, will. steve: tom cotton coming up next. ♪♪ this flag isn't backwards. it's facing this way because it's moving forward. ...
4:57 am
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>> the lead prosecuted or was reprimanded by the judge for raising inadmissible evidence. >> don't get brazen with me. >> the prosecutor is pushing the envelope because he knows he's losing. >> president biden's 31 year high inflation crisis is hitting hardest in america's heartland. >> it's not transitory it's getting worse. >> oh, it's looking like the 1970s i actually think it could be worse. >> biden's nominee to lead a branch of the treasury saying she wants to see a certain industry go bankrupt. >> the one that will go
5:01 am
bankrupt is we want to tackle climate change. >> our vice president kamala harris finally made it to europe and somehow picked up a french accent? >> the newcomb employee ratifier coin recognized in our nations 1.8 # million purple heart recipients. >> it allows us to continue to tell their stories to americans today and the generations to come. >> sure. >> ♪ >> [triumphant music]
5:02 am
steve: how great is that you got the 78th army band quintete performing the navy service song on this veteran's day, remember it was the war to end all wars it was the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month it's veterans day and today we are saluting veterans living and dead who made it all possible for us to live free. brian: steve tell everybody about what you're wearing? steve: well thank you very much, brian. this year, fox news has teamed up with u.s. for make camo for cause campaign dedicated to ending veteran homelessness and all they're asking for on this 11th day of the 11th month is $11 and make camo your cause they say so shop camo, with all sorts of stuff and brian has
5:03 am
taken a really long time to change his tie. ainsley: he's got an earpiece. brian: i waited for live television. steve: what they want you to do is go ahead and look at their shop at u.s., wear camo , make a statement, show appreciation and gratitude for our vets and their service as well. ainsley: and look at this right down here we call that the bug it's in the square down there at the end at the bottom of your screen it's in camo for this very reason. steve: some of the stuff you can get because fox is a premier partner this year, there's fox camo hat, honor vets hat, coffee muggs as well, u.s. vets, make camo your cause and look at that. you still working on that? brian: it's too short. i don't know, you know, it's funny. steve: who dresses you in the morning. brian: i have my butler. steve: mr. french? brian: no i fired him he was too into the limelight with the
5:04 am
family affair and evidently he has another family he was dealing with living with them. steve: how long does it take you to tie a tie? ainsley: are these on the website too? or you can buy one of these ties. do they sell camo dresses because i'd like one. steve: look at the website, i was looking earlier they have all sorts of memorabilia and camo gear. brian: this was gavin's idea to do this on air. but like how does he write to be an executive. he started out as just a field producer and he has better ideas to do it live on television. i was thinking of not saying this but i'm going to say it. steve: its taken you four minutes and 20 seconds to tie the tie. ainsley: anyway, happy veterans day, so many of our family members have served and we are so grateful. god bless you all, thank you for everything. we love this country. steve: make camo your cause, go
5:05 am
to u.s. meanwhile, at 8:04, here on this veterans day, kyle ritten house breaks down in tears while testifying in his own defense during a dramatic day in court. i'm sure you saw a lot of it yesterday. brian: his attorneys are accusing prosecutors of misconduct and they have a good case and asking the judge to declare a mistrial and that could happened to. aniston this was after the riots in kenosha, and three people were shot. todd piro is here with the latest as we await the judge 's decision, good morning, todd. todd: good morning, steve, ainsley and brian, kyle taking the stand in his own defense saying he did nothing wrong and only fired in self-defense. watch. >> describe what happens. >> i was cornered from in front of me with mr. zamenski and there were [crying]
5:06 am
people right there. todd: now a spokesperson for ri ttenloud slamming president joe biden forecasting him as a white supremacist in a campaign video last year. >> the candidate for the u.s. presidency himself last year, prior to the election , called kyle ritten house a white supremacist. joe biden, that is appalling. i can't even gauge how wrong that is. todd: meantime the lead prosecutor was reprimanded multiple times by the judge for improper actions like questioning rittenhouse's right to remain silent and that is a big constitutional no-no and trying to bring in evidence the judge already explicitly excluded. >> don't get brazen with me. you know very well that attorneys can't go into these types of areas when the judges already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so, so don't give me that. todd: now because of those
5:07 am
improper actions by the prosecutor the judge says he might consider a mistrial and, guys, from what i've been told, wendy rittenhouse, kyle's mother , will join hannity tonight live at 9:00 p.m. for her first television interview since kyle's trial began. back to you. steve: so emotional. all right, todd, thank you very much let's bring in arkansas republican senator tom cotton. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: one of the things -- >> happy veterans day to all of the veterans. brian: to you especially you fought in the infantry, right? >> i did, yes, thank you, brian steve: thank you for your service, sir and continued service as well. meanwhile as todd was talking a little bit about kyle rittenhouse, those images of him with the rifle on the streets of kenosha, about a year ago, everybody saw him, now he's on trial for murder, but it looked like yesterday, you know, clearly, he's got a self-defense defense and the prosecution looking at what they presented
5:08 am
yesterday. i don't know if they proved, obviously, have not proved it beyond a reasonable doubt and that's the standard. >> yeah, steve. its been a long time since i was a lawyer, and i was such a good lawyer, i had to leave the law and join the army, but it did not look like a very good day for the prosecution over the last few days when their own witnesses are in essence outlin ing and establishing the factual basis for a self- defense argument, but i want to focus on what joe biden said last year, which is calling this young man a white supremacist, based on a few seconds of video. as i often say when there's a shooting like this you shouldn't jump to conclusions based on some video circulating on social media. you should allow all the facts to be collected, and make a reasonable judgment but when joe biden called kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist last year it was really the go-to move of the democrats. they do this all the time when losing an argument on the merits
5:09 am
they don't like parents going to school boards, to protest what their kids are learning or school closures so these parent s are called racists and they don't like virginia elected republicans last week, they don't like the united states constitution or the norms and the customs, the united states senate so they call it racist. they are constantly losing arguments with the american people and then they just revert to name-calling towards their opponent it's not a sign of a party that's strong or healthy. brian: i'll add something else to that. they don't want to talk about the border unless they perceive that a border patrol agent was on a horse tweeting a haitian illegal immigrants badly, and then he condemns and wants them fully punished to the extent of the law and then that story goes away when there's no substance to it so let's move on to where there is substance affecting everybody watching right now, and that's inflation. the president could say whatever he wants. last tuesday was a disaster, he is, his bipartisan bill was a train wreck until republicans
5:10 am
rescued the bill in the house, and now, we have inflation affecting everyone, at a rate we haven't seen since 1990. are you pleased with the way he's attacking inflation? >> no, brian, of course not. the inflation we've seen is shocking. the reports this week, i think, shocked even some of those who were predicting high inflation rates even in the democratic party people like larry somers but every american knows that prices are going up, every time they go to the gas station to fill up the tank, or increasingly fill up a half tank, hoping that the prices will come down, because they can't fill up their full tank, or go to the grocery store to buy milk for their kids. i understand that much of limousine liberals living in new york or washington may not worry about these thick things but for working class americans having to pay an extra dollar or $1.50 a week per gallon for your gas it's making the budgets tougher and tougher to meet and to bring ends
5:11 am
together at the end of the month and what's joe biden want to do? just shower the economy with trillions of dollars more spending, continue to pay people not to work that's only going to drive up cost even further. ainsley: people are sick of it and spending too much money at the grocery store, too much money at the gas tank, we saw what happened last tuesday with the election and joe manchin, there's an op-ed in the wall street journal. it says inflation and building back worse, joe manchin, has ample reason to kill spending that is harming workers, and senator manchin he tweeted this out, by all accounts the threat posed by record inflation to the american people is not transitory, like biden has said, and is instead getting worse, from the grocery store to the gas pump, americans know the inflation tax is real, and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel everyday. joe biden finally, yesterday, admitted that inflation is a problem. what can be done about this somewhat can the administration do?
5:12 am
>> well ainsley, he is right to be concerned about inflation. joe and i represent states that have a lot in common, we have a lot of working folks who can't sit around their homes and zoom into work. they have to get in their pick-up truck and drive to their work site or to their farm, and they're feeling the pinch in their budget and i want to point out too that the high cost of gasoline in this country now, 3.5, 4.5 a gallon is not an un intended consequence this is what the democrats want. they want gasoline to be four or $5 a gallon to get people out of their pick-up trucks and suv 's into small, electric compact vehicles, or bicycles or scooters or subways. this is the design of joe biden and the democrats policy to shutdown oil & gas production in this country. the simplest thing we can do is to encourage oil & gas production. we can encourage america to continue to be the world's dominant oil & gas producer. that will help bring down prices at the pump. steve: senator thank you very much we know you're busy today thanks for joining us on this
5:13 am
veterans day. ainsley: and his treasury secretary has said she wants these oil & gas companies to go bankrupt. brian: she said that in the past. she's a nominee and basically loves the soviet union. if you want to put a resume out that should not be in our treasury department it it is her resume and she's pro-soviet even the russians aren't pro-soviet, so i don't know how she even got the nomination. ainsley: it's 8:13 on the east coast let's talk about headlines , the son of basketball legend pleads guilty to stabbing a neighbor, the court sentencing his son to six months in jail, and two years probation, authorities say his son, adam, stabbed his neighbor multiple times back in 2020 outside of his california home over a trash candice mute. that neighbor suffered a fractured skull but has recovered. >> also a warning this next video might be considered graphic. a teenage girl leaves her school basketball game after being
5:14 am
attacked by a player on the other team. video shows the 15-year-old getting sucker punched, look at that, after defending her opponent's jump shot. her mother says she's still recovering and has since filed a police report, arguing that these, the attack rises to the level of a salt, the family of the girl, who threw the punch, has reportedly hired an attorney whoa. >> a group of arizona parents are outraged after discovering what they are calling a dossier full of their private information. the parents say the leader of the scottsdale unified school board, school district board is targeting them because they have been protesting progressive policies. they claim the file labels them as " waccos, psychos and anti- mask lunatics" and the school board head is denying involvement. >> tunnel to towers is hosting a veterans day ceremony at lincoln memorial and they will read the names of more than 7,000 american service members who lost their lives on 9/11. the ceo, frank siller, joined us
5:15 am
in the last hour to talk about the ceremony. >> tunnel to towers foundation has put all those names out there and they are lit up, it was just so beautiful and moving it's a tribute to these great heros and their families. ainsley: what a great organization. they are paying off mortgages for 35 gold star families. and those are your headlines. steve: that's right. more information t let's check in with will cain live in orlando for the inaugural folds of honor cup, he's at a golf course but we don't think he's going to golf as a public verse. will: [laughter] as a public service, how about a little credit for that, i understand it's not horseshoes, it's very close put, on par with one of the greatest women golfer s along with nancy lopez along with ken griffie jr. , charles woodson, johnny damon, and many more, but i've been in sports for a while. i get star struck when i see people like the navy seal
5:16 am
teams that are here, the fighter pilots like lt. colonel dan roon ey, human beings operating at the highest level of proficiency and they are here as well because we're honoring veterans on this day helping raise money for folds of honor which supports veterans families helps put their children through college giving away 35,000 scholarships through its 14 years of existence and you could help as well at home, you can help contribute on this veterans day join the squadron of folds and honor, get a free t-shirt if you do it right now and you'll be hanging out with us a little bit later because i think this time, instead of putting, i'll bring in ken griffey jr. and we'll take a baseball bat hopefully to see if we can launch a few golf balls out at the lake. steve: just aim at the lake and not the houses around the golf course. will: doesn't matter where i aim , don't worry about it. ainsley: thanks, will great to see you. we'll check back in with you. also coming up country music singer darryl worley is performing for us live, in honor
5:17 am
of veterans day. brian: but first, guess whose here, emily campagnio is live with us because she went to law school and is up early, studio m . >> ♪
5:18 am
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
it's pretrial motions they settle this and decide which things they can talk about in front of the jury and the prosecutor ignored that and started going down a line of questioning the judge had to excuse the jury and then say what are you doing we already talked about this we decided this nothing has changed to which the prosecutor pushed back , and what we're also seeing if i can talk about strategy just for a moment is the prosecutor is trying to paint a whole picture for the jury that kyle rittenhouse was a sort of calculated killer and came in
5:23 am
aggressively the whole broad picture and the defense is drill ing down just to those meme entertainments because that's what the charges are about is in those moments, did he act criminally or did he act reasonably in self-defense. ainsley: you have a new season of your show on fox nation called "hero dogs" tell us about it. >> i do thank you so much so it's hero dogs season four air ing right now on fox nation, and we tell the stories of four amazing courageous canines, everything from taking four shots on the battlefield in afghanistan to save american soldiers lives, to police dogs working canines that also saved and protected citizens and their handlers, police officers and also a firefighting arson dog, the first pitbull of its kind in the whole country so we tell these exciting stories along with incredible body cam footage and through the lens, the actual narration of their happened eler s. ainsley: so special, such amazing creatures how long are they usually in service? >> it depends actually if they are medically retired but anywhere from three to six years , six years be a very long
5:24 am
time generally speaking they are retired early and generally speaking they do go home with their handlers and join their families. ainsley: i shouldn't say cute. they are fierce dogs that tackle crime. let's watch a little clip of it. >> thank you. >> she had a willingness to learn, and she had a really calm , clear head about her, and she could be vicious when needed to be. i knew she had been shot just by the way she sounded. in my head, i don't know if she's going to make it yet. that's absolutely huge. she did something to where somebody's family doesn't have to be called to be told the unthinkable. >> guns, knives, whatever the case is the guys punching him, fighting him, the dog does his job and never gives up. ainsley: wow. all right where can we find it. >> on fox nation right now, watch the new season, season four, and you can watch all four episodes now streaming on fox ainsley: thank you so much. >> thank you so much. ainsley: we thank all of you who
5:25 am
served our country fox nation is offering all of our veterans and active duty military members a free one year subscription go to to sign up. 8:24 on the east coast coming up next, the inaugural folds of honor cup today is teeing off down in orlando to honor and recognize our veterans, will cain is live alongside lt. colonel dan rooney, bret baier and ken griffey jr. but first case stapleton winning big last night at the cma awards here he is performing "cold." >> ♪ ♪ ack there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
5:26 am
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brian: folds of honor made it their mission to guarantee families of our fallen heros are never left behind today the non-profit is commemorating veterans day by hosting its first folds of honor cup. steve: fox & friends weekend co- host will cain joins us along with very famous people some particularly the guy in the right, who we don't think normally wears that color, screen right, wears that color pants at 6:00 p.m. eastern time.
5:30 am
ainsley: i love the pink pants, brett. >> you don't know. i could be wearing these every night. brian: [laughter] >> folds on the bottom. welcome back here in orlando, it's inaugural folds of honor cup raising money for veterans we have of course bret baier with us and his pants he's playing throughout the day, and obviously, over here to my right your left, hall of famer one of the greatest ken griffey jr. , whose also playing today, ken great to meet you, great to have you out here today. why is this important for you, why did you want to take part? >> it's all about giving back. you have an opportunity to and responsibility to give back, for me, i've got a chance to play, and follow my career, and follow my dream, and it's time that we give other people a chance. will: and you're the son of, i mean, you followed in your father's footsteps here we are today helping other children move forward, scholarships for children, and folds of honor
5:31 am
is a charity you've chosen to be a part of. >> yeah, my grandfather was a vet, and my dad was in the reserves, so i've got a lot of family members who have seen some things that i don't care to see. will: lt. colonel rooney, it's veterans day everyone wants to give back and take part how can they do so. >> it's less than 1% of this country that wake up and puts on another uniform not this one willing to give their lives for our freedoms we encourage everyone to join our squadron which is $13 a month and make it a tribute to someone who served a family member and we'll send you an awesome folds of honor t-shirt and i can't thank ken and brett and everybody for being out here supporting this great cause on veterans day. will: and brett has been a part of this charity given back for quite sometime. he flew in on a red eye last night from arizona. it shows how important it is to you. >> it is, i did not wear the
5:32 am
pants on the plane but it is very important i covered the pentagon for six and a half years and traveled the world with the military and i came to really respect and honor the service and sacrifice not only for the military members but also their families and this organization does amazing stuff, like changes lives, so that's why i want to support it. will: i think we should hit a shot. all right, kilmeade you've been the talk of the morning i thought i would avoid this potentially embarrassment, thought ken was going to bail me out with the baseball bat but they signed me up for here is a drive. steve: let's see it. will: let's see if we can do this. >> on behalf of the 35,000 folds of honor recipients -- will: i do not golf. >> and the official start of the inaugural patriot invitation al. will: here we go. 3-2-1. >> ready? steve: okay, everybody made contact. >> i think it's in the water. will: i had contact!
5:33 am
brian, i made contact. brian: that's great distance. that's the wrong direction. ainsley: okay, will? will: mine didn't skip across the water. >> i'm really good. i can not mess up my golf swing with my baseball swing. you know the rules i used to do that. i had it the other way like 20 years ago. will: it's going to be a great day, its been a great morning we appreciate you being with us all morning long and back to you guys in new york we'll play some golf. ainsley: okay so i understand you keep bringing up this video of brian playing golf i understand you missed the ball like 20 times but when we said live action go, when you were on camera -- brian: that was it. that went 5,000 yards. steve: 11 years ago. brian: that was with george w. bush. then i had to finish up 18 holes all right, guys thanks so much. appreciate it.
5:34 am
steve: all right major dan, bret baier, ken griffey jr. , and will cain, if you would like to join folds of honor squadron, it's $13 a month, you'll get that free t-shirt visit on this veterans day perfect day to do just that. brian: also the president freedom fighter is out and it's number three in the new york times list thanks to everybody [applause] that actually supported it. my long time enemy paul mccartney is number one, it's a book of lyrics if you don't know paul mccartney's lyrics why do you need a book that means you don't like him. steve: brian don't sound bitter. brian: all right i'm sorry, tonight and by the way everyone came out at madison, wisconsin, madison, connecticut was fantastic last night. we have some pictures, but tonight i'll be in doylestown, pennsylvania and albany, new york i'll meet the girls first, my girls and signing up there and then elkart, indiana on
5:35 am
saturday, the biggest story and there is some of the pictures from last night, a lot of ainsley and doocy fans showed up the place went around couldn't really speak but we're able to go around this beautiful town. if you want to relocate, go to madison, connecticut. it is beautiful. it looks like it's the turn of the century america. steve: standing room only. ainsley: i love the old bookstores too. so quaint. brian: i'll be signing in hollywood we have the patriot awards november 21 in orlando there's still tickets left that's the whole thing we'll talk about the books steve: congratulations. brian: thanks to all our fans. appreciate it. steve: all right, go to brian for more information about tickets meanwhile we are making camo our cause in hopes of ending veteran homelessness how you can make a difference this morning coming up. ainsley: but first, here's the 78th army band brass quintet performing the coast guard service song on fox square for veterans day.
5:36 am
>> ♪ >> ♪
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obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network, to find out if you can save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> enlisted to bravely serve our country but life is challenging and sometimes we need a shoulder for support. steve: absolutely. u.s. is on a mission to end veteran homelessness a terrible problem and a crisis impacting nearly 38,000 american veterans. on this veterans day, you can make a difference by joining their "make camo" your cause, campaign. here with more is u.s. vets chief operating officer, and marine corps vet, darryl vincent who joins us from hawaii good morning to you. >> good morning.
5:41 am
thank you for having us. pleasure to be here and happy veterans day to everyone. steve: indeed. this year, fox is one of your premium partners here is one of the things that's available with the fox logo. you know, traditionally, people wear red, white, and blue on veterans day but today you're saying wear camo. why? >> make camo your cause is our campaign this year. the same way other colors represent other causes we want to make it this veterans day and every veterans day it's symbolic that camouflage takes care of soldiers when they are overseas to camouflage them from harm so why not when you come home, experiencing hard times let's use camo to help them and say that we support you, we're going to continue to support you because no veteran, female or male, should be sleeping on the same streets he or she was once at and we want to continue to honor those who served us. steve: absolutely and that's one of the reasons why today our logo, the fox news logo, is in camo. how big a problem is veterans out on the street, darryl?
5:42 am
>> it is a problem that we've been steadily chipping away with for years. i've been with the organization for 18 years and help we first started they quoted numbers of 250,000 veterans across the country and now the number is close to 38-40,000 and due to all of the programs across the nation that can bring veterans literally off the streets put them in a bed, help them, rehabilitate and get back on to the road to recovery so it's a problem that's plaguing the united states in general, but homeless veterans seem to be a higher propensity to the homelessness for very reasons and our job is to treat them holistically and get the services they need to return home and have a fruitful life. steve: sure speaking of treating them let's bring in psychologist and vets director dr. miata sne tor joins us today from los angeles. doctor, he was just talking about treating the vets. it's important to get them off the streets but we have to take
5:43 am
care of the problem as well. >> yes, absolutely and that's one of the opportunities that u.s. vets have the ability to do we have clinicians, licensed clinicians, we also have interns , doctoral level, master level interns, i myself am a licensed clinical psychologist working with veterans for about 17 years so we provide direct mental health free and confidential mental health services and of course you all know we partner with the va, however there are a lot of veterans who feel more comfortable with an organization outside of the va, so u.s. vets have the opportunity to provide those direct confidential mental health services and case management, as we've mentioned, housing is a difficulty, substance abuse is a difficulty for veterans, and if they are combat or non-combat veterans, ptsd, anxiety, depression so we deal with those kinds of challenges to help prevent homelessness. steve: we thank you both for joining us on this very
5:44 am
important day, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: to help the vets and their program, and wear camo, obviously, visit u.s. shop to join the make camo your cause campaign. perfect day to do that. all right, meanwhile, let's find out what kind of a day we've got ahead of us with janice dean in front of the red, white and blue >> isn't it beautiful i'm so proud to be an american and i love that fox & friends honors our veterans on this wonderful veterans day. it's going to be a beautiful day here in new york city. we have the biggest veterans day parade that happens here in new york, it starts at 12:00 on fifth avenue, just a hop, skip and a jump away from sixth avenue let's take a look at the maps and i'll show you what's happening 63 as the daytime high this is great news because we have a storm system that's going to move in overnight tonight into tomorrow, so we're going to get the benefit of the warmer than average temperatures, and no rain in the forecast the rest of the country i can't promise as much.
5:45 am
ohio valley, tennessee river valley, the mississippi river valley as well as the southeast, the potential for heavy rain, as well as the northwest, otherwise a really good looking forecast for the central u.s. , we'll watch the potential though for a winter storm and a blizzard for parts of the upper midwest our first official blizzard warning of the season for south dakota in towards minnesota so travel is going to be difficult if not impossible in some of these areas fox weather is on the scene and of course we'll keep you up-to-date for now it is a spectacular day and i just wish every day i had all these beautiful flags in back of me, steve. steve: no kidding. beautiful day and janice it sounded like you were a little out of breath. >> i did run out and i was trying to keep it at bay, but i'm out of breath there's no question. steve: there you go, all right got a commercial to do some breathing. also we're going outside because coming up next country music singer darryl worley is here to perform his hit song "have you forgotten" in honor of veterans
5:46 am
day but first let's check in with the man on the 12th floor of our sky escaper. >> steve, good morning to you, great show today, remembering our veterans got a really special ceremony coming up in a moment here, live from arlington cemetery they will commemorate 100 years at the tomb of the unknowns, it's going to be remarkable so stay tuned with us for that also big morning of news kyle rittenhouse trial continues in one hour, he will be back there on the stand. we will be there when that happens. inflation sure is a sticky wicked can the biden team deal with it? big issue, big question, big show, join dana and me at the top of the hour, see you then. this is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last.
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this veteran's day save 10% on eargo 5. veterans and military members save 20%. call or go online now and get eargo 5 with financing as low as $86 per month. act now. steve: all right, ainsley. >> look what he gave us, leatherwood distillery in tennessee is dedicated to honoring the american spirit. brian: let's listen. >> we salute those that secure our freedom, both present and past. distilling the new while respect ing the old. steve: how much do you like that now the distillery is teaming up with country music singer darryl
5:51 am
worley. brian: here with more on their mission and limited edition whiskey, and leatherwood distillery founder and retired gen beret sergeant himself, master sergeant, andy lang. what makes that stuff special? >> we make it in tennessee so that's special enough. steve: that's the national law. >> it is. >> it's a limited edition. >> it is we're just doing these bottles between darryl and i, trying to raise some money for three foundations doing the special operator's transition foundation, charlie daniels journey home project, i just won a patriot award from those guys last week. steve: now, darryl when you were in the business of trying to help andy come up with a whiskey , you know, because you're aligned with him, what is important to you and a whiskey other than it being free? >> its got to be good. so we definitely want to let people know that you go to
5:52 am
darryl worley whiskey and leatherwood distillery and it's unbelievable what we can do for these veteran organizations and our thing was all about trying to help the vets and it was wonderful you let utility come on to talk about it. >> you have made this , this is what you want to do is you want to help veterans along with what you do as a singer. >> absolutely. we've been doing it for years and hooking up with these guys was just an amazing thing, and the whole idea to do it with spirits, relabeled a bunch of their brands and got the commemoration thing. steve: all right, so he's in charge of the whiskey, you're in charge of the singing, how would you like to do "have you forgotten" for us on veterans day. >> i'd be more than happy to do that. >> ♪ i hear people saying, we don't need this war, i say there's some things worth
5:53 am
fighting for , what about our freedom and this piece of ground , we didn't get to keep them by backing down. they say we don't realize the mess we're getting in, before you start your preaching, let me ask you this my friend ♪ ♪ have you forgotten, how it felt that day, to see your home land under fire, and her people blown away, have you forgotten, when those towers fell, we had neighbors still inside, going through a living hell, and you say we shouldn't worry about bid laden, have you
5:54 am
forgotten ♪ ♪ they took all the footage off my tv, said it's too disturbing for you and me, it'll just breed anger, that's what the experts say, if it was up to me i'd show it everyday. some say this country's just out looking for a fight, after 9/11, man i'd have to say that's right ♪ ♪ have you forgotten, how it felt that day, to see your home land under fire, and her people blown away, have you forgotten, when those towers fell, we had neighbors still
5:55 am
inside, going through a living hell, and you have the ones against bid laden, have you forgotten ♪ ♪ i've been there with the soldiers who have gone away to war, and you can bet that they remember, just what they're fighting for ♪ ♪ have you forgotten, all the people killed, some went down like heros in that pennsylvania field, have you forgotten about our pentagon, all the loved ones that we lost, and those left to carry on, now, we don't have to worry about bin
5:56 am
laden, have you forgotten ♪ ♪ have you forgotten ♪ >> [applause]
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>> bill: good morning, everybody. i want to show you live see now. a live look at arlington national cemetery. a beautiful day. the third u.s. infantry unit i'm reading the anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier commemorating bat 21921. this is should be an emotional veterans day as we say good morning on 11/11. speech on dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." it is a salute to veterans and it is a somber day, this memorial marks the first veterans day and 20


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