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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 11, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> sean: the amazing thing is your president would bow before the altar of climate change and support higher gas prices and the energy secretary laughs at the idea they will do anything about it. the people hurt the most are poor and middle-class. that's your modern socialist party. let not your heart be troubled. there she is. hi. >> laura: that's our economic growth. zero! >> sean: you're absolutely right. it looks like a gift to give dana perino for her new puppy. >> laura: this is my hand therapy for my thumb. i hurt my thump. >> sean: are you going to show the operation on tv? >> laura: no, i decided not to.
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i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. you have seen some of this. the developments in the kyle rittenhouse trial today. they were staggeringly outrageous. emotional defendant taking the stand and a rogue prosecution team. tonight we will hear exclusively from the spokesperson for kyle rittenhouse. first always wrong and never in doubt. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." >> i see important influences at work and you don't anticipate that it will be permanent. we see inflation expectations being well anchored. >> most of the price increases were expected and are expected to be temporary. >> hot, hot, hot.
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even the headline is hot. the cpi 6.2%. that's the highest since october of 1990. the 6th month of a row. call it temporary but it doesn't appear that way in the real world. >> laura: the real world. joe biden promised us competence and experience. with this this vice of inflation tightening around american families. the people he put in charge are really dumb. during trump's presidency before the pandemic 164 million and 579,000 americans were working. under biden 3 million and 121,000 fewer americans are in the work force. one would think that a former rhodes scholar would have
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insight. >> why are people not going back to work? >> i would not ignore the issue ever child care or safety about returning during the course of the pandemic. >> laura: if people are still afraid of covid that's on the democrats. they poured cold water on hydroxychloroquine and i love seeing the fully vaccinated obama. everybody wearing a mask and taking it off when he spoke. it makes zero sense. the child care issue, during the pre-pandemic issues during the trump issues did not prevent the lowest unemployment for women and rising wages. neither biden nor his energy or treasury secretary have a clue about how to get people back to
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work and fix the supply chain issue. it's not just the inflation question. they have been wrong on every major issue. on the afghanistan withdrawal. >> there will be no circumstance where you will see people lifted off the roof of an embassy from the united states from afghanistan. >> laura: and on the need for us to mask for only 100 days. >> it's a great milestone. a great day. if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. >> you said if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. >> that was true at the time. what happened a new variant came along. >> laura: of course there a zero scientific basis for concluding that masks made any difference in the spread of covid.
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doesn't matter. ask sweden. they never had a mask mandate and life returned to normal. on the vaccine mandates president-elect biden said they would not be necessary. >> i would do everything in my power as president of the united states to encourage people to do the right thing. >> laura: we know what happened last week. now ten states are suing to top biden citing an abuse of federal power against healthcare workers. why should we believe anything they say about the number 1 issue worrying americans, the economy? >> senator manchin is of the opinion that at a time of inflation like now, more money into the economy could have a harmful effect and have inflation increase.
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>> jake, the bill doesn't put any more money into the economy by taking 1.8-trillion dollars out of the economy from big corporations who pay no taxes, the richest americans will see their taxes go up. >> laura: these are not serious people. they would invite larry summers to the white house to give the cabinet and senior staff a tutorial in basic economics. last week the "new york times" described the build back better as filled with budget gimmicks and the price tag is closer to 4 trillion dollars. it's simple. printing and borrowing money and flooding the economy with it will guarantee that inflation only gets worse. biden's team don't care. they are not interested in solving problems. to them it's always about controlling the narrative. in the hill today quoted
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a democratic donor telling the white house to get if front of the issue and don't let republicans run this narrative and the white house launched a media blitz to stem the political bleeding but again get it wrong. biden and his team don't have a political problem. they don't have a narrative problem. they have a substantative problem. their policy are not working -- people are incapable of predicting how the u.s. works. the voters, they seem to understand. because they live in the real world that rick mentioned earlier in the "angle." they have to pay actual bills. bills that come due. they don't just roll them over year after year like the federal government. families understand that because of biden's energy policies. they could be forced to choose
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between heating their homes or feeding their kids this winter. they feel less hopeful and feel less safe on the streets. and not just in urban america but the suburbs as well are waking up. a new poll explains why. the survey found that subureanites trust republicans more. on national security by 19 points. that's devastating. suburban voters are not stupid. rural voters are not stupid and urban voters are not stupid but democrats treat them as if they are. atlanta is suffering the worst ever all major u.s. cities. prices up 7.9% over a year ago. in st. louis and phoenix prices
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jumped 7%. the press covers for these people. indisputable facts were dismissed as right wing fiction. >> the talking points on the right and the trump right that there is a biden inflation situation happening in the country. >> right wing parties scaremongering about inflation and wages going up. >> so many on the right are playing up fears about inflation. >> laura: now things are so bad that they have been shamed into covering the real world effects of biden's economic policies. >> everyone price of gas costing more than a dollar more than per gallon. >> we are trying to curve spending in other areas. >> last week a spent $80 on gas
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which is ridiculous. >> the worry is intense. >> the cost of any bill going up is alarming. >> if it continues we will have to pick up an extra job. >> laura: the people are freaking out. there is a report tonight that joe manchin could use inflation to kill biden's build back better spending. i will believe that when i see it. the fact is we are out of time. we don't have any time for manchin or sinema to be coy on this issue. the negotiations should be over. they need to put an end to this inflation exploding disaster before things spiral more out of control. before americans die from these irresponsible missile. -- policies. that's the "angle." this is the author of the drift
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stopping america's slide to socialism. kevin, explain to the audience what trillion dollars in spending will do to inflation which is at a 31 year high. >> everybody is telling you these problems are transitor. the selves are empty but it's not. when inflation gets it high it keeps going up. i am trying to think of the right word for biden is doing. he has a demand stimulus as big as we have ever seen and whacking the heck out of supply. promising big tax hikes. all of that is chasing supply. people say it looks like the
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1970s. it could be worse than the 1970s. where are the economists is this the academy is silent about this. the biden administration right now is committing economic-icide. >> laura: the white house has a new scapegoat for inflation. >> the president understands what a squeeze it is when families see their prices rise. think about the progress we made for the mess we inherited from the previous president. >> laura: i love how she is reading that. is any of this due to record low unemployment and rising wages pre-pandemic. how do you blame trump? that's a devastating chart about what biden has done. >> it reminds me of obama who
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blamed bush for 8 years. president trump kept looking during the covid pandemic with me and larry kudlow at the white house, what will it take to make it another couple of months? we didn't do a giant stimulus. we filled the holes. by the end of the year we had just about levelled it off. the growth was about level for the year because president trump saw it correctly. joe biden comes in and creates the biggest stimulus ever attacking the supplies. it's inflation right now is going to go up. there is no sign at all it's temporary. >> laura: and the administration signed a joint statement with china today on climate committing to establishing a working group enhancing
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climate actions. kevin, i am seeing down the road with the biden and she, do you think this is all a roll up to removing the trump tariffs to make it easier for people to buy more junk from china during this inflationary period? >> i do. they just removed the steel tariffs on europe. if it's just removing the tariffs on china we will get off easy. china will be able to grab whatever it wants and biden will cave. we have to hope that china doesn't grab taiwan and promise not to burn coal. >> laura: obama promised to bankrupt the coal industry in
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2008. biden's personnel wants to take it further. >> i am thinking about the coal and oil and gas industry. a lot of the smaller players are going to go bankrupt in short order. we want them to go to bankrupt to tackle climate change. >> laura: here to respond from texas. lt. col. governor dan patrick. this woman is a complete radical. what does this mean for the price of oil and gas with someone like that with any influence in this administration? >> so, for the people who don't know. she was a graduate of moscow state university. her thesis was on carl marx
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economic analysis and the theory of revolution. 65 years ago next week, november 18th, is the anniversary of khruhchev saying we will bury you. if she gets the appoint. as the regloyaltyor of all banks she will bury us. we will be left cold in the winter and sweating in the summer. you can't run america on grown energy. renewables are fine. but we have to have thermal gas and coal and have nuclear. we saw it in our freeze last year in texas it. we needed more thermal gas and not more green card. -- green new deal. she would drive the price up on the way to destroying it. how can you destroy someone if
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you are driving the price up and profits are going up. under her ideas of carl marxism, she will destroy the oil and gas energy. we will lose our independence and it's not coming back. in texas it cost us 400,000 jobs and 14 billion dollars a year in state and local taxes. >> laura: this is tied to the conversation. biden's pentagon made a stunning admission today. >> which is a bigger threat the climate or china? >> i think we get paid to examine all of the threats to national security. both are equally important. >> climator china? >> i answered your question. >> laura: that's funning in the briefing broom. -- room. your reaction?
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>> we were an example last year in the freeze. when we needed to rely on renewables and they were not there. what if you go all green and destroy the gas and coal industry. you can't rely on the wind to always blow or the sun to be out. you are left in the dark and the cold. we have to have natural gas. >> laura: it's a natural security matter, is it not. china is not stopping. >> we cleaned our air more than any other country in the world. we have some of the cleanest air and made more strides than any other country. her remarks on joe manchin last week. she said he has to come along. he is one of us comrade. she learned at moscow state university. we all must be on the same page or we will send joe manchin to
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siberia. >> laura: we could have a lot of people freezing this winter like in europe. thank you. the prosecutor's case in the kyle rittenhouse trial fell apart today. the lead prosecutor's conduct was ridiculed by the judge. we will break it down. the wild day in the courtroom and speak with the spokesperson for kyle rittenhouse himself. you don't want to miss this. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> people are saying cranium him. kill him. people were screaming. i just was trying to get to the police running down sheridan road. >> trying to get to the police, why? >> i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. >> laura: kyle rittenhouse taking the stand in his murder trial today. he broke down in tears when he described events on the night he claimed he was fighting for his life. what really defined today's courtroom battle was the egregious behavior from the prosecution. the jury looked annoyed by the prosecution's antics, but the judge scolded the lead prosecutor for constitutional
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violations. >> i was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post-arrest silence. that's basic law in this country for 40 or 50 years. i have no idea why you would do something like that. >> laura: that's not all. the judge had to correct the prosecutor for his embarrassing lack of understanding about various ammunition types. >> hollow point bullets hit a deer and explode inside that body, correct? >> no, i don't think so. >> when you say explode, are you saying expand or explode? from are surf things as exploding bullets. >> laura: what an idiot. the prosecution revealed their
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utter incompetence. >> he has a pistol and you have an ar-15, why is he more a threat to you? >> he was moving at me with a gun in his hand. >> mr. rosenbaum was running ahead of you? >> i don't believe so. >> you ran because of the fire? why? >> it was a fire. >> laura: rittenhouse is already a better lawyer than that guy. in all of my years of law practice, i don't think i have ever seen a more pathetic display from a prosecutor ever. the defense is asking for a mistrial. joining me now is david hancock the spokesperson for kyle rittenhouse. you were with kyle all day today. how was he after what was an emotional day? >> he was doing well.
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he is confident about his testimony today. thanks for having me on. that was just an utter embarrassment for the pros cution. it is clear this district attorney's office should have never brought charges. they did without any meaningful investigation. what the nation learned was the state still doesn't know what version of events they want to go with. >> laura: i want to play a moment from a cnn legal analyst. watch. >> remember the publicity surrounding this trial there was a lot of sympathetic media towards him thinking of him as a martyr on the racism tension in america. >> laura: that was the reality. >> rittenhouse is what you would have in a school shooter. a 17-year-old kid.
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he should have have a gun and crossed state lines to protect property? no, he was going out to shoot people. a 17-year-old domestic terrorists picked up a rifle and drove to a different state to shoot people. >> the violence in kenosha came from a trump supporter kyle rittenhouse. the armed vigilante. >> laura: the media has been spinning this. as we saw with what nick sandman did suing various media outlets. they are in legal jeopardy here. is your client considering any lawsuits after this trial? >> we are not looking at that right now. we are focussing on getting through this particular trial. the media has been absolutely irresponsible and purely abhorrent with this entire
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situation. they are parroting the same false information time after time. they even do it to this day. no, he didn't cross state lines with a weapon. that was known last year. apparently the media doesn't care for accurate information. it's appalling. >> laura: do you think they knew and just refused to report it or do you think they don't do any cursory work on an issue or a case like this? they just go on and blather. >> how you can not know. any journalist shall be capable of using google. it takes the smallest amount of research to get the facts, period. it's almost if they don't want to know the facts. then they will have to stay the truth. >> laura: it's not just the media. last summer congresswoman omar
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and pressly called your client a domestic terrorists and one of the most popular democrats said lock up kyle rittenhouse and throw away the key. these are sitting congressmen verbally assaulting a 17-year-old before a jury has delivered a verdict. what happened to their fairness under the law? i thought they believed in that. >> those are city members of congress. but don't forget. the candidate for the u.s. presidency himself last year prior to the election called kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. joe biden called him a white supremacist. that's appalling. i can't gauge how wrong that is. >> laura: what is kyle's state
12:31 am
of mind seeing how so many different forces set upon him? obviously anyone using a firearm against another human being in self-defense or in war, it's traumatic. the loss of a human life under any circumstances. how is he doing? he broke down today. >> yes, he is doing okay. he is an unbelievably strong young man. he is ready to get this over with. he got a chance to finally say his story today. i thought he did a fantastic job. we are all just so proud of him. he is ready to move to the next chapter of this life and put this insanity behind him. >> laura: was there ever any
12:32 am
doubt in his mind he would take the standpoint? >> i don't believe so. he has a story. the facts are entirely if his camp. the truth is in his camp. you can't go wrong when every single fact lines up in your camp. he wanted to get on the stand and he wanted that. i thought he did a fantastic job. >> laura: david, i appreciate your coming on. i know it was exhausting for all of you today. really appreciate it. thank you very much. and pfizer launches a vax ad aimed at children and kamala harris has a new accents. raymond arroyo with "seen and unseen" next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for "seen and unseen" where we expose the big culture stories and we turn
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to author of the spider who saved christmas, raymond arroyo. you came across a new vaccine ad that is troubling. >> laura, i don't know why this is not getting more play. bear in mind the cdc just approved shots for 5 to 11 years old this week. pfizer just released this ad on their social media page. you decide who it is directed at. >> to all of the kids who volunteer, we would like to say. >> thank you! >> thank you for sharing your super powers of trying new things. >> the ability to save people. >> the power to help people. >> helping not just yourself but many other kids. >> [inaudible]. >> bravery and courage. >> thank you, super heroes. >> laura, pfizer made 24 billion
12:39 am
dollars on this covid vaccine and spent 24 cents on this ad. pfizer is targeting children here. promising them taking the vaccine makes them super heroes. a covid vaccine didn't make you a member of the justice league and parents should be incensed they are trying to convince cuds the shot is not only good but contains some mirraculous power. >> laura: cynical doesn't describe it. disgusting doesn't describe it -- but what do we expect from pfizer? none of this surprises me at all. >> so obvious they are targeting kids. why only 27% of parents of 5 to 11-year-old kids are either to get them vaccine mandate. -- vaccinated. in memphis a 17-year-old got the
12:40 am
vax and lost feeling in her olympic -- limps and suffering from her immune system attacking her nerves and another ended up in a wheelchair. >> laura: dollar -- there is a dereliction of duty by the members of the press. with kids the cost benefit analysis is obviously. >> this would just be a company trying to grab dollars if the biden administration is not send letters to superintendents and elementary school principals asking them to host a pop-up
12:41 am
clinic at vaccinations. >> laura: they are trying to go around the parents. didn't you have that situation in newsroom -- new orleans? >> yes, a student presented a fake authorization of hiss mother. but kamala harris visited the border in paris. she was sounded very parisian. >> we campaign with these [inaudible]. >> before you cruelly rush to judgment, condemning her and her new found acent. she has a long history of this. >> tell everybody you know to vote tomorrow. nothing like saying do you want to meet me tomorrow?
12:42 am
possibilities are immense. georgia, columbus, 2020 ain't over until january 5th. >> not since hillary clinton has there been a politician less liked. she is at 28 percent approval and dropping. >> laura: her stock dropped faster than a john kerry botox injection. [laughing]. >> she's got a back up plan. when the vice-president thing goes down she can be a voice over artist. with the supply chain difficulties and biden's plunging poll abs. numbers. the president called up the president of target and fed-ex. here's the white house video. >> the bottom line is all of the focus i spoke with on the east coast and west coast are confident that things will be
12:43 am
much different thanksgiving and christmas this year. you will be able to get to the store and get to the outlets and get the products you need and the gifts you want. >> laura: you will be able to get to the store? i don't know with the price of the gas. what? [laughing]. >> none of this makes sense. he is very confused. now we have a santa shortage i read today. santas are charging $300 an hour to show up. they can't find the guys to come to parties and malls. when santa doesn't show up at christmas what is the chance of your amazon package lands on time. >> laura: we will be raining masks from the sky. this christmas my kids who don't believe in santa are going to be looking for masks on the roof and not hoof prints?
12:44 am
>> i hope not. they should believe in santa. santa is real. >> laura: if you don't believe in santa you don't get anything. where are you headed this weekend? >> well, santa may not be coming to town but i am. the spider who saved christmas book tour kicks off this saturday at 5 p.m. in tampa, florida. all of the details are on my website and with you at the patriots wednesday in hollywood florida, that's when you will be wearing the spider costume? >> laura: a never ending book plug. the show will highlight candidates looking to flip congress back to republicans next year. tonight's target the so-called moderate new jersey congressman josh. during the negotiations of the sham infrastructure build he worked with a progressive
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>> ♪ ♪ >> laura: democratic governor
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phil murphy's slim margin ever victory should be a warning to all democrats especially josh gottheimer representing the district that the republican challenger won by 13,000 votes. he did not listen. the marine vet launched a campaign to send gottheimer packing. >> i was 16 on 9-11 when the terrorists attacked the world trade center. i needed to take action and to serve my country in uniform. >> washington is run by radicals. i score an oath and this is not what i thought for. >> laura: joining me is that man. nick, why is now the right thyme
12:51 am
to try to unseat a powerful incumbent like gottheimer? >> it was surprising nationwide that new jersey rose up with a great election last november second. but it was not surprising in engineer. -- new jersey. what sealed the deal for me and brought me over the edge is what happened on august 17th with this disastrous afghanistan evacuation. >> laura: gas prices, moving to another issue that people face every day in new jersey, in 4 counties that makeup the fifth district the prices sky rocketed 62% almost over last year up to $3.4 a gallon. it's over $4 where i am. this issue will explode.
12:52 am
it will get worse we all know. >> no question in my mind. when you go from a year going for gas in the 2's and now pushing $4 a gallon. that's leading regular people to decide if they will fill their tank up or go with $20 for the week. that's unacceptable. >> laura: gottheimer claimed with the infrastructure vote that this will bring lots of growth to new jersey and lots of bridges will get repaired. it's only because of people like him this is happening. your response would be? >> infrastructure is great. in new jersey bridges and roads and tunnels are a critical element of our nationwide economy. imagine new jersey and new york city not having serviceable roads. if this is the best bill put
12:53 am
forward by congress, that's a great reason to run for congress. this is a terrible bill. filed with green initiatives that don't service our economy. we need to think about bridges, rails, roads and tunnel. >> laura: people will say you have never done this before. you don't know what washington is like. you are an outsider. works in a few cases, it's 8 rarity. no big thing. >> good. i don't want to be a washington insider. that's why i am doing this. josh gottheimer in his 20s was an intern for the clintons and became their speech writer. in my 20s i was fighting in iraq and afghanistan. i score an oath to defend the constitution. i will put my record up against gottheimer's any day. >> laura: this will be fun to watch. i have to make it over there and see how this plays out. thanks for joining us.
12:54 am
we will check back. why is hunter biden on the cover of the "new york post" right now? "the last bite" will show you.
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>> a gallery down the block is selling this work of art for a half a million dollars. >> my mom could make that. >> that looks like something my daughter used to make. >> laura: the art show that no one asked for is opening tomorrow and in anticipation according to "new york post," hunter biden acted like a full-fledged member of the new york art scene tonight making a flashy appearance of the gallery where his surprisingly pricey paintings are being displayed. let me get this straight after
1:00 am
saying he wouldn't be hobnobbing with potential buyers, he feels completely comfortable being open about it. "the new york post" has an amazing commemorative cover, vincent van gogh. vincent van gogh. ♪ born in the usa. ♪ i was born in the usa. ♪ born in the usa. carley: it is thursday, november 11th. a very happy veterans day to all the men and women who served our country. you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro. fox news teamed up with u.s. mets for a make cam


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