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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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completely comfortable being open about it. "the new york post" has an amazing commemorative cover, vincent van gogh. don't forget to set your dvr every night, remember america now and forever and "gutfeld!" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: what a show, happy wednesday. here he is getting food from the same place he gets his clothes.
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[laughter] the only thing worse is when he's not wearing any. and i know. the judge has joined us. just made it here in time, here she is arriving at the studio. [tires screeching] when we say here comes the judge, it's a warning. sadly we have some breaking news, our 11:00 p.m. competition over at msnbc is quitting. stop it! sad time, judge. after being regularly shellacked by this juggernaut of a show,
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brian williams announced he got tired of losing and announced he's leaving the network. the more you clap, the less i talk. who knew he was still employed? let's be honest, he's not leaving without racking up some key achievements. he was known to fabricate stuff but in the writing world it's known as poetic license. in the news world it's known as being a dishonest sack of [bleep]. him he had quite the resume especially when you hear it from him. >> i had an illustrious career, voted "people" magazine's sexiest man alive from 1980 to 1990, all while leading the pittsburgh steelers to four straight super bowls. i couldn't have done it without my wife angelina jolie and my other wife, cleopatra. who i married in a secret seance in the lost city of atlantis. i'll finish my memoirs which will focus on my discovery of the polio vaccine and the
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charity work reading orphans inside a volcano i made out of pillows. good night, good luck. by the way, edward r. murrow stole that from me. >> greg: as you know there's a trial going on for kyle rittenhouse and it seems to be collapsing like brian stelter after doing two jumping jacks. a quick recap, it began with the police shooting of a pilot knife wielding felon in kenosha, wisconsin, following three days of riots and property destruction or what's he and i would call peaceful protest, he traveled to kenosha armed with a rifle publicly stating his mission was to protect businesses and victims. in the ensuing melee he shot and killed two people and wounded a third part of the state of wisconsin alleges he's a murderer, his defenders and anybody with an iq over 15 describe it as a self-defense. if you listen to the clueless prosecution, they are proving it was self-defense too.
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i haven't seen someone this inept in court since michael avenatti. legal expert points out a video from the scene, murder remains an impossible charge to prove. i haven't watched the show, but let's see how the media portrays rittenhouse. >> kyle rittenhouse, the 17-year-old vigilante. >> kyle rittenhouse of vigilante. >> the armed teenage vigilante. he's basically what you would've had as any school shooter, he was going out to shoot people. >> running around shooting and killing protesters. >> a 17-year-old vigilante arguably a domestic terrorist. a white from supporting -- >> he was radicalized by trump
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is, took his ar-15 to kenosha and became a killer. >> greg: it's amazing how they can sound exactly the same but uniquely stupid in their own way, especially that last guy, there's something wrong with him. if i didn't know any better i would think they were all actors working from the same script, one when they started with the ending and changed every other word to racist, more predictable than a threes company marathon. here's something from my favorite cnn legal analyst. >> what kind of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot, he has no license, he has no training, he thinks he's going to scrub graffiti off with his ar-15? stupidity of this. what could possibly go wrong? a lot went wrong. >> greg: that's a kick. you have to be more responsible before you whip something out. he should know if you point something that people is a chance it will go off.
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meanwhile, "abc news" summary focused on the lone survivor of rittenhouse's actions like he was some navy seal hunted by the taliban rather than pursuing rittenhouse. it was a great narrative until you get to the last few graphs of abcs coverage and you find this. >> it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him that he fired. >> correct. >> greg: the guy wounded by rittenhouse admits he was pointing his gun at rittenhouse when he was shot. that's no tiny detail. if someone walks towards me with a gun drawn it's either a threat or i have wandered into dana perino's yard. look at the prosecutors when the story didn't go as planned, the same reaction my doctor has when i remove my pants.
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this trial blew up in their faces like antifa pipe bomb. forget the laughable prosecution, what's concerning is how the media portrays the actual facts. they lied about having a gun, then admits he pointed a loaded gun at rittenhouse -- gauge, which is a bad name in the firearms case -- it's like being named alec baldwin -- turned out to be a terrible witness for the prosecution but that's on the media's covering it back out them it's not self defense at all, it's got to be murder, open and shut. they are as crooked as in auntie anne's pretzel with scoliosis. rittenhouse is found not guilty, how will the activist class react? home depot's might have a run on plywood for small business owners. it's almost as if the media wants to prime the writers to
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think rittenhouse got away with murder and why? it keeps them from ever admitting they are wrong, they run from facts like hunter biden runs for a baby mama but it guarantees more violence which they see as restorative justice and ratings too. brian williams picked the wrong time to retire. it was the media's embrace of the riots while condemning the police that led to more unbridled violence. when there is no law enforcement, who feels that gap? i'll give you a hint it's not social workers or mental health experts, it's people like kyle rittenhouse. it was the media's emboldening of criminality they deemed necessary to punish our evil, racist society and cowardly politicians responded with policies that sponsored this unsafe world. why wouldn't some citizens a step up to protect others? who else if not you? rittenhouse and others like him. when you leave people with no options, this is what you're going to get. may be rittenhouse acted in self-defense but how did the media act? they are not on trial but if they were it would take a jury t
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of guilty. let's welcome tonight's guests! she bought an encyclopedia just to throw at people. host of judge jeanine, judge jeanine pirro! more bubbly than a bottle of champagne shaking in a paint mixer, fox business correspondent susan li! he's got something to say and it's probably i didn't bathe today, michael lawson. her cat is tired of cleaning her litter box, fox news contributor kat timpf! i meant to say you brought an encyclopedia because you like throwing the book at people but it came out of my mouth garbled
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much like the prosecutor, what did you make of the prosecutor today? >> the prosecutor was so damaged by rittenhouse taking the stand and the prosecutor was in fact damaged before even took the stand because the main prosecution witness, understand two people are dead, one person was shot at and injured by rittenhouse who said i had a loaded gun and i was actually going towards kyle which is a classic scenario where you actually say i'm entitled to use deadly physical force went deadly physical force is confronting me. it's a case with the d.a. indicted this kid 48 hours after the crime. that means they did no investigation. this is in the aftermath of george floyd, it's in the aftermath of jacob blake shooting. it's in the middle of a riots, when the police are standing down and you have this kid the police explorer, he's trying to
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do some good things. >> greg: i tell people i am a cpr instructor but i've never taken the course. >> and you practice it on them? >> greg: i do it when i can, i'm not picky. susan good to see you, how are you doing? >> you never practice cpr on me, that god. >> greg: not that you're aware of. i don't even know what that means. have you been watching this? the prosecution is trying to say he had no right to self-defense even though he was beaten with a skateboard, he had a gun pointed at him and the prosecutor actually said they never shot you. you have to be shot in order to fight back. >> all true, he shouldn't be transporting firearms across state lines, he shouldn't of been there in the first place but i think you're right. all this lawlessness and chaos motivates vigilantes like kyle
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rittenhouse, what was he supposed to do? >> greg: i was thinking about this, going across state lines it sounds like he took amtrak but it's where he works, it's where his dad lives, it's close. >> he was there every day, that's where he works. >> greg: i'm thinking okay if i were 17 and i realized my city was going to hell and i was a good kid trying to do good things. >> know you would not, absolutely not, you don't like going out in public, you're not going to go as a child and get an ar-15. that's good. obviously this was self-defense it was ridiculous to say it's anything but self-defense you can also say being a 17-year-old kid, school is out i know what i'm doing on tuesday. i'm going to go get an ar-15 ar5 [bleep]. i'm not a mom but i would not want my kid playing with that
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kid to. >> greg: if my kid had an ar-15 -- i'll buy you some chick-fil-a, will not watch baywatch. >> that doesn't mean he's a murderer. >> greg: if he was truly earnest and believed he was trying to help people, right? >> i don't think he has to be a hero in order for it to be self-defense. i think that's an important point. >> greg: so many voices in your head telling you -- >> the constitution is there for a reason, you don't have to be an upstanding person in order to be able to defend yourself against somebody that is literally in the act of trying to shoot you. >> greg: that's a good point. good to see you stopped by goodwill on the way over here. >> i'm getting the deals.
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i'm like a seal in a dumpster up in this bitch. >> greg: year enclose a transient could have worn. >> after the transients are done with them. >> all the clothes you wear belong to people no longer living. >> and it throws the search dogs off, everybody wins. >> greg: what's your take on this? >> i love this kid come of this is what happens when those lawlessness. credit where credit is due, when you don't have police stepping up and everybody is watching things burn, citizens aren't going to step forward? >> greg: at the last refuge, the second amendment. >> shame on the fbi, they had footage that exonerated this kid they mysteriously found. >> that is the point of what they are doing when you politicize the criminal justice system, when you don't even want to find out what the facts are, what the evidence is so you can
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indict this person and everyone on the left is saying he's a member of the militia, he's not a vigilante, we got him on video he's actually cleaning curse words on a wall and they saw video of him. he had body armor when he got to a police force and he gave it to his friend. he didn't go there to kill anybody. >> the fbi could come forward with that video quicker! to busy tracking down parents at a pta meeting? >> they said he was a domestic terrorist soap they're both domestic terrorists. >> that is a tough gig right now you're an operator at the fbi. what you got, fentanyl, please hold. we have a missing diary from a vitamin girl, send everyone. >> i want to know what's in that
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diary. i bet there's some dream journaling. something about a kid in chemistry class, admitted that stuff. where my going? i should probably go to a commercial. >> i like it when you narrate your own life. >> greg: it even disturbs me when i say my thoughts out loud. up next he's older than dirt but the rules say she loves the skirt.
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>> greg: thank you, she takes our military to task than parties without a mask. she jet sets on fossil fuels while nagging us to follow the rules. i speak of house speaker and antique wax figure nancy pelosi. who agreed it during u.n.
8:21 pm
climate conference in scotland that the u.s. military is one of the world's worst polluters. >> you just presided over a large increase in the pentagon budget, it's already massive. the pentagon is a larger polluter than 140 countries combined. >> we recognize that as well and there have been many initiatives over time, more successful with more technology to convert from fossil fuels to other sources of fuel to run the military. >> greg: god help us. the first thing you can do is cut down on his carbon heavy drone strike but waited offend the red, white, and blue. the attendees forgot our military once littered europe with dead but she's right, bombs are bad for the environment but
8:22 pm
that's kind of the point, you. the carbon footprint is secondary to its deadly footprint. this is from the same person who jetted to scotland after spending a weekend officiating a lavish wedding for a billionaire heiress in san francisco. maybe her broom was in the shop. at the wedding, everyone partied to mask list which would be fine if not children her state were forced to wear a mask in school. there are multiple layers of plastic before you reach your actual face but still, california mayor gavin newsom was also at the wedding, the same guy who put the mandate in place. the most hypocritical wedding since dennis rodman wore white. i'll never forget that. we asked speaker pelosi herself for comment. >> it was a set up. i don't need a mask, i didn't
8:23 pm
need one or 1918 and the spanish flu during my eighth term in congress. i'm not invulnerable to anything except sunlight, garlic and holy water. i am a mother in california and jeremy, my sweet dragon baby jeremy. there there, jeremy >> greg: that person playing nancy pelosi needs a lot of help. >> it's more true than you know. >> greg: aren't they kind of forgetting with the military actually does? we aren't interested in conserving energy. speak out the military is a killing machine. i think that if you're going to try to make a killing machine
8:24 pm
woke up, you're going to fail. >> greg: i think so. >> there's nothing woke about it and it's not supposed to be woke. i also don't think i would you environmentally friendly kill someone? >> greg: and what that make -- >> what they care? >> greg: we're going to kill you using solar powered drones. >> if you get the bad guy ready to kill him but we forgot to charge the drone. >> greg: if we go electric come of this good to lot of extension cords. >> nuclear! >> greg: i don't know if you want to go there. >> nuclear power, that's the way to go, boom, boom. set it and forget it. nancy was quick on the buzzer agreeing with this, what are the 140 countries combined? are we counting albania, estonia, because then we can get
8:25 pm
into how much does nancy drink? i guarantee she drinks more than 140 countries combined. i like to start my day with some lemonade and some tito's vodka and i'm going to retire once my belly button is on my chin, just keep lifting it up. you know what else we do more than 140 countries? gender transition surgeries. how about we kill the -- we were eating a lot of green energy when we lost in afghanistan, dudes and pickup trucks and flip-flops, that was a green war. >> greg: you can't fight war and fight climate change, at the same time. >> total nerd here -- i kind of like being a total nerd. >> greg: 80%. >> 140 countries means the military is equivalent to the
8:26 pm
47th country in the world, that is peru or portugal, that sounds like a huge climate emitter? it's not like china or india. >> greg: more ways than one, had some wild times. >> he enjoyed the food. >> greg: i love the food. what about the hypocrisy of her, it gets so cliched. we have to keep talking about it. >> i'm so tired of talking about it. >> greg: i'm tired of him telling me what to do and not do it, them saying children five years old have to wear a mask that we don't have to wear a mask, it's almost like we are up. we are going to make sure the rest of you are down here for the rest of your lives. they want to make two classes, the ability of the people at the top to make the rules and all the rest of you peons are down there and that includes your kids and everybody else.
8:27 pm
>> they should have thought about it when they decided to not be billionaires. >> greg: that's a good point! what you're talking about is true, that is why the race card is played to hide the class card, you can't notice the differences in classes if you're constantly being pitted against different races. >> it is about creating two classes in this country. >> greg: this party was a getty offspring, they make their billions off of oil. she takes her private jet to party with an oil baron. >> look at the 400 jets that were in glasgow when they had their climate meeting. >> greg: old man, can you imagine being there wearing a kilt? imagine. the breeze must be insane.
8:28 pm
i got to say this -- a quick reminder you can come see me on tour in support of my book, i'll be in birmingham, alabama, this saturday and in lovely newark, new jersey, on december 12th, will to up next, if crt isn't real, why are doctors pushing >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust.
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8:33 pm
focusing only on individuals, their behavior or their biology. you know, that crazy stuff we used to call health care. if you are obese, predisposed to heart disease and have gout to the first thing the doctor should do is stereotype you by race, that is great news for the underserved communities. we have a narrative to counter. like all effective crt propaganda, no guidebook would be complete without a section on word choice, by choice, the mean censorship. instead of doctors saying vulnerable groups, they are no groups that have been economically and socially marginalized. that's a lot, especially if you are in pain. instead of the homeless, there are people who are experiencing homelessness, how passive is that? no more ex-felons, they are formerly incarcerated or returning citizens or formally worked with hillary 2016. [laughter] we are at a stage, the ama which
8:34 pm
is supposedly made up of doctors -- i know what kind of doctors, the right pronoun is more important than finding the right cancer treatment. it takes energy from one area and puts it toward something else. you don't have endless amount of time or energy. speak it with the most ridiculous place to find critical race theory, is that the whole thing everyone is the same inside? what are we doing talking about -- you're a person of color. sim an end there's an ice pick in my neck. can we get a tourniquet working over here? we got to go. >> greg: think about gender, no doctor is going to say -- they're going to ask what is your biological gender, i'm not telling you. let's say you have prostate cancer! we have to check for prostate cancer, we need to know if you are a male or female. >> race should have nothing to
8:35 pm
do with it and they are talking about your ethnic background and what's your income, growing up as a poor person, i don't want to divulge our medical secrets. my mom would prescribe seven up for everything. you have a third-degree burn, get some seven up. >> greg: whenever you are sick it was always seven up. >> i also had seven up. >> greg: because it worked! >> now they're going to find out. >> greg: that's weird, i had no idea there was a whole cult of seven up. >> my mom didn't seven up with ginger. >> that's how you make crystal meth. i was a wake up baby. >> greg: how long will your
8:36 pm
parents in the drug trade? >> quite a long time. they were banning meritocracy, free market, and individualism. but isn't free market the reason why health care is a multitrillion dollar industry. if you want to inject crt in free health care, i'm happy with that in a free market economy. >> greg: you know these doctors aren't going to go with this. >> i don't know anymore, i think everybody has flipped there lived. here's the thing, it's not fair to call someone a diabetic, that the diagnosis. what's unfair about that? there's no race, nothing in there. they are saying referring to someone living with diabetes as a diabetic, they are labeling them as vulnerable. will maybe they are vulnerable! >> greg: i like being called
8:37 pm
vulnerable, it sounds kind of romantic. >> they will come take you away, prince charming. >> greg: close, i'm not that picky. i don't see gender. you've got some big biceps, by the way. >> you like my biceps? >> she works out. >> greg: armed and dangerous. people who are getting into med school don't think like this. they think biology, they don't think -- how to be pc. >> i am sick to my mother doctor, i'm talking about the doctor, it's going to have to be about me. him it's going to have to be about me specifically in that moment. everyone as an individual does have an individual medical history and individual issues. this is the one place where it should be about that.
8:38 pm
>> greg: unless! prescriptions. >> something about you getting opiates. >> greg: if you're going to think of me as a group, let's get prescribed as a group. >> that doesn't even make sense, there's so many good arguments for why you should be able to legally have opiates and that one not so much. >> greg: i know, but i'm trying every avenue. except sixth. patient had their after work, you want to join me? you can hold me. coming up, are you a fan of the man? we discussed.
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welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> greg: paul rudd wins the award and i need to know how
8:43 pm
this contest was scored. "people" magazine, the number one magazine for cannibals -- people named the actor the 2021 sexiest man alive, as for sexiest man dead for the 97th year in a row, vladimir lenin. that has not changed a bit. i didn't win again, i guess they must've accidentally tossed out my application with the bed bath & beyond coupons. joking that he will have business cards made, what is the business card to? he also said that so many other people should have been named the sexiest man alive before him and we couldn't agree more. here are our top picks for sexiest man alive. >> stuart varney? how about steve doocy?
8:44 pm
may be john roberts. could be bill hemmer? its harold ford, jr., take that paul rudd. >> very nice. >> greg: we should all admit that harold ford is too good looking for fox. >> shouldn't admit that at all. >> greg: i'm talking about dudes, not women. susan, how do you feel about the choice? >> dear member clueless? he hasn't really aged that much. >> greg: he's in his 50s now. >> wise and there a woman alive? i would like to see nominees, j.lo, jennifer aniston, the judge.
8:45 pm
>> greg: she's only 59. >> she's got some arms, right? >> greg: speaking of the judge, you did not know who paul rudd is. >> i recognized his face. >> greg: he doesn't make you hot? >> not at all. >> greg: would be your choice? harold ford jr.? >> kevin costner. >> greg: he's quite the charmer. he's also over 50. >> works for me. >> greg: you were actually named sexiest homeless man. we're going to have a party later. >> light a fire in that garbage
8:46 pm
can, there's going to be a harmonica playing. it's going to be good to come until one of you gets too drunk and murderous somebody who gets too chatty. don't look at joe now, his mom used to boil coca-cola and they would feed it to him. this is the end of times, he's a talented actor, he's not the sexiest man alive. >> greg: he's not nonbinary, where are the pregnant men? >> this might be the last one of these we ever get, people are going to get upset, it's going to be the sexiest thing that identifies as a thing. does any lady -- are you paul rudd at night? i just had a paul rudd dream again! it doesn't happen. >> greg: i don't think paul rudd's wife has paul rudd
8:47 pm
dreams. nobody has celebrity dreams anyway, and people like people around them, isn't that how it goes? like harold ford jr.. >> i think -- paul rudd is good-looking but he's not hot. he's not sexy, there's a difference and i knew that even when i was little. >> greg: really? >> one your little and you have celebrity crushes, when i was little, mine were kurt cobain, steve iser men from the red wings and dennis rodman. good-looking does not mean hot. i don't know if i can tell if someone is hot or not. >> there is zero danger to that guy. >> everyone is hot, there has to be an element of danger. >> greg: like harold ford jr.. harold ford jr. seems dangerous,
8:48 pm
right? >> to? no. >> maybe you can call him. >> greg: i'm saying he's not on the list, it's kind of unfair. >> you kind of need bit biceps, like chris hemsworth. >> there's a guy. >> greg: we touched the thor button. >> he looks like he would ignore me for the gym. >> greg: we got to move on. >> you know hemsworth is real good to. >> greg: we have a topic that goes even worse into this topic come up next, did covid make men so afraid that they no longer care about getting laid? what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: did covid make men less likely to look for a little little -- 85% of men say it's less important to them than it was before the pandemic. 81%, i wonder how many of those men were just saying that an
8:53 pm
attempt to have sex with someone. one doctor said it this way, the more sex you have, the more you want, the less sex you have, the less you want to. it's like my therapist once told me, it isn't what happens between the sheets come at what happened between the ears. turns out she loved to bang in a cornfield. have you given up on young men? >> don't come to me with that! >> greg: what are your thoughts? >> i have no thoughts. >> greg: yes you do. >> oh, i do. that's enough, move on. [laughter] >> i hate to break it to you but we are heading into the meta-verse where nobody is going to be having sex. they're going to be wearing goggles sitting at home on their couch. >> greg: has exceeded the
8:54 pm
attractiveness level of models, women or men aren't going to be able to compete with what is out there in the meta-verse, that is what is in my notes, you crazy lady. the meta-verse is going to make this all irrelevant. what do you say to this? >> it's not true. it was written by a penis trying to convince someone he was a nice guy. 81%? it was by, people want relationships now, pay for our online dating community. no. i met my husband on an app but i'm not better than anything bad. >> greg: that's a nice thing for a t-shirt. i'm not better than anything bad, somebody at home should print that up and send it to us. >> the problem with this -- i didn't hear the narrator going,
8:55 pm
what happened with tobit is covs everyone was locked into the relationship, a whole game of musical chairs everyone found out you have to bang the person you're with right now. him >> greg: i wish there was a game like that! >> there is, it's called marriage. everyone was in lockdown, they found out how much the partner was probably lying. that thing she said i love doing that we are going to do that all the time, all of a sudden, she's like i think my jaw hurts. >> greg: i don't know what he's talking about! judge? i'm absolutely gob smacked. >> so i might come i'm not talking, that's enough. don't go away, we'll be right back.
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>> greg: we are out of time, thanks to judge jeanine pirro, susan li, kat timpf, our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with shannon bream's next. i am oprah. love you america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, kyle rittenhouse on trial for killing two people and wounding another amid protests and destruction in kenosha, wisconsin, breaks down on the witness stand as he testifies in his own defense. and we are digging into the hundreds of pages of newly released interview transcript


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