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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the more nervous he genchts all right, panel, thank you very much. honoring the nation's heroes on veterans day i objectflation on your wallet snanks for watching "special report" "fox news primetime" hoferszedded by lawrence jones starts right now. lawrence, take it away. lawrence lawrence thank you, mike. great show. >> lawrence: the country was literally falling apart. most of you were mandated to wear a mask and stay inside. the rioters got away with looting businesses and burning down buildings. curfews were ignored. ing stores major cities boarded up. democrats seeds the moment claiming all the violence on the
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streets was caused by trump supporters, not the rioters that did it in fact when one protest broke out in kenosha joe biden went there and gave a grand speech blaming trump for all the division in the country. >> the idea that this president continues to try to divide us, give -- to the white supremacists talks about how there is really good people on both sides, it legitimizes, it legit nices the dark side of human nature. and what it did though, it also exposed what had not been paid enough attention to, the underlying racism that is institutionalized in the united states. if we end up in a circumstance like you had here in kenosha and have here in kenosha. >> lawrence: racism. but if democrats were really going to sell the case that trump is a dangerous man with loyal extremist followers they needed a poster boy.
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enter kyle rittenhouse. who cares if he was a kid. who cares about the presumption of innocence. it's a heated election and trump has go. >> the 17-year-old accused of committing those two murders was a trump supporter. >> it's a tragedy. >> do you condemn that. >> it's a tragedy. >> you condemn it? >> it's a tragedy. it's a tragedy. >> it's a tragedy but do you condemn it? >> the entire situation is a tragedy. >> lawrence: the journalists at cnn condemn it it's a tragedy. no, no. condemn it don't wait for the facts. ron johnson and people like you have been dragged through the mud ever since for simply wanting justice to take its course. now that the election is over, the case has been made its way through the system. and it turns out that democrats and the meeting couldn't have mediacouldn't have been more wrg about rittenhouse. take the murder charge for example the accusation a was that he was part of the militia and went to kenosha on that august night to kill people. there was no other possibility.
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he couldn't have acted in self-defense. that wouldn't fit the narrative. but the argument fell apart this week on monday, one of the witnesses admitted he pointed a gun at rittenhouse first. and then today there was this. rittenhouse struggling to tell the events that happened that night. watch. >> once i take that step back, i look over my shoulder and mr. rosen balm my right side. mr. siminsky. and there were people right there. is it he had been steady the
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entire testimony. clear and concise. in that moment he broke down him taking someone's life. to you? let's be honest. the prosecution knows he is not not guilty. today they got desperate though and they tried every dirty trick in the book constitutional right against him i'm astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's pest arrest silence. that's basic law. it's been basic law in this country why you would do something like that. >> they managed to particular off the judge. the prosecution knows better. they don't care. while we wait for a verdict tonight with an 18-year-old freedom on the line it we have
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to talk about accountability. regardless of the outcome, there should be consequences for these people who manufactured this hoax. it was clear disinformation. no, it was misinformation. the people who colluded with the media to push this fake news, just to win an election, i just hope it was worth it. here response dan bongino host of unfiltered on saturday night. i'm fired up about this, because this is a state abusing their power. they saw the video, they questioned these witnesses, yet they brought this case before a judge and it seems like set only one that's pushing back on the rights of citizens. >> yeah. they don't even -- you don't even have to get to law school to know that this prosecutor has made a defendant for exercising their constitutional right against self-incrimination, lawrence, that's not even like law school, that's like law
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school orientation, it makes you wonder is the prosecutor at this point this incompetent, i mean, this is serious question, which he could be, he could just be incompetent and secondly this prosecutor intentionally throwing this trial and looking for a mistrial knowing at this point that he has no case. if this is not a case of self-defense, just listen to me in the audience for a moment. you know, having been a part of a lot of trials other a decade in law enforcement as the city and federal level. if this isn't a case of self-defense, what is? i mean, did you hear some of the questions today from the prosecutor? they were. >> lawrence: out of control. >> border line absurd. one of them was he was sticking the gun in your face but he hadn't fired yet when you shot him? what the -- i mean, this is 7:00 can't drop an f bomb here. are you serious that's a question? just to be clear, the standard
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for self-defense now is man sticks pistol in your face and until he pulls the trigger and expels a round you got to let him shoot you first? >> lawrence: you got to let them shoot you first. >> but, wait, hold on, lawrence, at close range. you got to let them shoot you at close range? he is right there. i mean, is this for real? it's not like the guy was 25 yards away. he is looking at a guy on the ground sitting there, trying to defend himself with a gun in his melon, right in his face, ready to shoot him and the prosecutor is like well, he didn't pull the trigger yet. >> lawrence: dan, you are taking this too fast. we got to go the original question is why did he have the gun? roll the tape what the prosecution did to the defendant. >> no one else was there to protect me as i was going there. so, that's why i brought it. >> for protection? >> yes. >> you brought it along down
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there because you felt like you would need to protect yourself against someone else harming you? , correct? >> if that would have happened, i would have protected myself but i didn't think i was going to be attacked and ambushed. >> but you just said you had it for protection. what were you expecting you would need protection from? >> this guy is not just clueless. this is the position of the left. you shouldn't have guns to protect you. if you are carrying a gun, then you are premeditating that you are going to kill someone. this is a logic that is going in a criminal prosecution. >> yeah, you are right. it's totally illogical. the word logic, i guess you use thrown out. certain of the new standard for the left is you know we see an incident that goes widely condemned, right? incident that engendered a lot of the violence. the left then engages in street violence. peaceful protest, burn down
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businesses, police defund them set up chop zones then when you go out and dry to defend yourself, your family, whatever it may be, you are the one put on trial. i mean, do you understand like we live in like bizarre wrote superman world. everything is upside down. and nothing is working out right now. what did you expect this kid to do? you know, listen, audience, you got to read a book by lieutenant colonel dave grossman called on killing. a military man. it goes into what the military has to do to teach people to kill. the book is powerful because you know what, lawrence? do you know what the conclusion of the book is? it's really hard to do that. and thank god it is. it's not easy to etch too people. to teachpeople. when you see that kid break down on the stand if you think that's an act you haven't been in the military or law enforcement. have you been the around people who had engage others with deadly force. you have no idea what you are talking about. this kid, listen, a guy died a couple of guys it's a tragedy.
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no doubt about it if you think this guy dealt with that and celebrating that for the rest of his life and that was an act? you are out of your mind. you have no idea what you are talking about. >> lawrence: not about the kid. the kid something used as sacrificial lamb. about the agenda of the democrats. it was about the moment it was used in a presidential race. and then you have the now commander-in-chief during that moment say that words matter they matter. defame this guy. >> they called him a tears a bright supremacist, lawrence, said nothing about the people setting up a chop zone in seattle and burning down a courthouse in portland. this is as much an indictment of the liberal left in america as it is the media putting us in this spot where their absurd narrative. >> lawrence: my question is who is next? if we allow the state to get away with this, this is clear corruption. they know this is not a case. who is next? young brother on the south side? from where i am from dallas,
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texas? you? dragging the fbi to parents' homes. when you allow other people's civil liberties to be violated, then you set yourself up for the same thing to happen to you. >> you know, lawrence, the constitution was never meant to be a suggestion. you know. if we're going to have a law for thee but not for me and we are not going to have if i total higher principles embodied in this piece of parchment called the constitution, i have got to tell you man, all is for not, buddy. who is next? you? your kid? if you not safe to defend yourself in your own country guy has a pistol three feet from your face ready to blow your head off, then you are right, who is next? the answer any of us. and we don't have a country anymore. >> lawrence: or you just let them shoot you first which is unacceptable. i would not comply with that if this is the new standard, i'm out. i'm checking out. anyway, dan, thanks so much for joining the program. dan bongino 9:00 p.m. on
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♪ ♪ lawrence welcome back to prime time. we just finished telling you that the summer of 2020 was a tumultuous time for our country as protests turned into riots aamerica. police became the main target of the outrage the defund the police movement led to a mass exodus of officers across the nation as well as major rise in crime. just look at the surge in shootings in democratic run cities in 2021. chicago has seen a 10% jump. atlanta up 18%.
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los angeles a 22% rise. but, perhaps no, city has been more impacted than seattle where shootings are up 35%. and june 2020, protesters overran the seattle police department east precinct. rioters would established an autonomous zone. seattle's police chief carmen best could not sit by as her fellow cops lost her livelihoods and under served people of color she swore to protect were left without protection. so, chiever best, did the honorable thing. she resigned from her post in august 2020. but she is now speaking out with her new book titled "black and blue" detailing her experience and chief best joins me now. thank you so much for your service not only because your country but to the citizens of
4:19 pm
seattle. i cover story. you were known to a cop's cop. but you were also known to have the support of the community when you stood up for both of those people. they decided to cut your salary. why? >> well, i felt like it was a personal, you know, sorpts of attack on me personally because i was disagreeing with the policies that they were putting out about defunding the department, laying off officers so arbitrary just out of nowhere there was a suggestion that they cut my salary. while i didn't like that suggestion, that's not the reason i ultimately left. it was, i just couldn't stay there in an organization where they were going to, you know, strip some officers of their jobs. and, of course, all the things that you mentioned in the rise of crime and the things occurred subsequent to that. were totally predictable and
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foreseeable. >> lawrence: chief, you saw this coming and as a result it didn't just happen in seattle but as you know across the country they use seattle as a model to establish their own autonomous zone and use it to defund the police. my question to you is how do we get a handle on this? >> that's a great question. i think that the pandora swinging more to moderate and centrist position. as a number of places, you know, you don't hear it as much about defunding the police department. because people want safety. it doesn't matter what race they are, they want to be able to call 911 and know if they're a victim of a crime that someone is going to show up and try to resolve it of course, you need to work out some of the issues and make sure that a fair and just response for everybody. but people do want to have police response. so i think now we are looking at how we can utilize other services to help augment maybe
4:21 pm
some of the issues that are happening. but certainly not defunding the police department. >> lawrence: yeah. chief, in your book you go through what you experienced as a black woman as well as being a woman in the police department, but you were able to rise through the ranks and become a chief, you have so many accolades and some awards. i guess my question to you is, how do we thread that needle? how do we fight the injustices that may be there but still realize that we need our cops? >> of course we need our cops. but we can acknowledge you and i both can acknowledge the transgressions of the past past history acknowledging steps moving forward. we know happened and now it's time to look at policies and procedures and practices that help us to make sure that we have fair and just practices for everybody. and having more people who represent the communities that we're serving, engaged and involved in policing and letting
4:22 pm
people know that it's an honorable profession and we want honorable people in this profession, i think it's going to move us a long way. i was a police officer, i should say for almost 30 years. and i was very proud to have served in that capacity. but i also was an advocate for fairness and justice for all of our communities as well. >> lawrence: chief, so often the job of polices is all what you do in your career doesn't matter. it's about if you are caught on that tape during a police shooting. can you walk us through what those split second decisions are like? what is it like putting that vest on, approaching a suspect and having to make that decision? >> yeah, well that's the reason that we have so much training involved in policing. obviously, we know that there are going to be times you are going to confront people who are intent on doing harm, some people are afraid, you know, you don't know what you are facing. every single day every traffic
4:23 pm
stop could be nothing. could be somebody who just made a minor infraction and warning or citation involved. or it could be somebody who is bent on doing something evil or, you know, hurting the officers. so we give a lot of training to officers about what to look for. things to ask people to do. often you know, you want to see people's hands and people will ask why do you want to see my hands? we want to make sure that there isn't a potential threat there. and so we really go through a lot of training to minimize the potential for officer to have to use deadly force. that being said, there will be instances where a person's life is threatened or whether the officer or someone else and deadly force is the appropriate solution. clearly we try to minimize that as much as possible. >> lawrence: you know, chief, you get one second to make these decisions. but then there is eight months of criticism. and as someone that grew up wanting to be a cop, and, you
4:24 pm
know, have gone through all these police simulation systems and i can't imagine being there on the job. >> yeah, well that's part of the job. you know, is being able to make those split second decisions when you have to, being comfortable in knowing that you have had all the training that's necessary, no one wants to take someone else's life, you know, typically and so i think the training matters a lot for officers when they are approaching. i'm real advocate. it's a split second training and people will quarterback and look at it for days and months to come. but if you have done it rightly and you have done it justifiably, you know, then the truth will come out. >> lawrence: you know, chief, we need more leaders like you. i hope you don't become a stranger. i think the nation needs your voice. i think policing needs your voice. i think the country needs your voice. thank you so much for joining us
4:25 pm
on prime time today. >> thank you. >> lawrence: he already ruined the economy, the border and afghanistan. now joe biden says he is focusing on fixing christmas. oh great, that's going to go well. byron donalds and charlie hurt are here to react. that's next. ♪
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>> lawrence: remember when joe biden's fixed the supply chain crisis months ago and saved christmas? neither do i. but once again, the president is living in an alternative universe. one where the economy is surging. his approval rating isn't circling the drain. >> i know a lot of americans are worried whether or not there is going to be enough stock on the shelves for thanksgiving and for christmas. we're going to be able to get what you need because there was a short supply last year. one of the things i did several months ago was speed up the operation in the ports and moved them way, way along in terms of
4:31 pm
getting mother products in and letting people know that they are going to be available. and the bottom line is all the folks i spoke with, just all are confident that things are going to be much d different thanksgiving and much different christmas this year. >> lawrence: okay. that settles it christmas is saved. unfortunately cookies arer joe. running out of stock and the milk is more expensive than ever. joining me now to react is joe concha and byron donalds and fox news contributor charlie hurt. congressman, it seems like the president doesn't get it, americans are hurting. they can't get the supplies they need. prices are going up but is he releasing these videos. >> listen, i don't expect the president to get anything. he is an economic imrit. he doesn't know what he is doing. he is incompetent. the rest of the country knows this already. here's the problem. our supply chain is broken because of his reckless economic policy and bad environmental and labor policy in the state of california. that's what's happened to our country. what we have to have is simple
4:32 pm
and sane economic policies that get people to work so our country can thrive and prosper. we all work together in this economy. it's not one vs. the others no matter what joe biden or bernie sanders want to tell you. >> lawrence: charlie, what confuses me is democrats normally pay attention to the poll. bill clinton makes the pivot. barack obama made the pivot. even jimmy carter attempted to make the pivot. this administration is stuck on stupid. [laughter] >> no, they really are. i think that at some point they realized that it's kind of hopeless so they don't care anymore and they are just going to get done what they want to get done. quite frankly what's most terrifying about this administration is that whether we like it or not, they are going to be around for another three years. and as desperate as they are, what more kind of damage with they do? but that video, i have to say, is sort of like the perfect encapsulation of the entire biden presidency. he starts off by talking about
4:33 pm
how terrible last christmas was and how that was -- he doesn't -- amazingly he doesn't use donald trump's name. but he clearly is talking about donald trump when he talks about all of the reasons why last christmas was so terrible. and then he pivots at the end and he starts talking about how his infrastructure bill is going to solve all of the remaining problems that he hasn't already served two months ago or whatever he was talking about. and the interesting thing about this is joe biden has been in washington for 50 years. he has spent trillions and trillions of dollars of your money over that period of time doing supposedly important infrastructure projects and we still have to pass another $1.2 trillion to fix the mess that he has made over the past 50 years. >> lawrence: you know, congressman, you are your own man and didn't vote for the bill. but you had some of your republican colleagues that did vote for it. what is the calculation of why a
4:34 pm
republican would vote for such a bill? >> i have no earthly idea. it never made any sense to me. i mean, look, there are some members who are going to get some projects back in their district. what have you done with that vote is that you have opened up this budget reconciliation bill. you know nancy pelosi and kamala jayapal and the left are not going to give up on the massive spending. they don't care about the economy. they don't care about what actually helps all americans strive. they care about their agenda that vote made no sense for me. we are we are right now -- republicans need to stand together and hold the line and not get bought off by simple projects. >> you know, charlie, what about it they are not being a supply chain issue last year? and the biden administration continued to pretend like there was? >> right. yeah, we didn't even know a supply chain -- a broken supply chain was even a possible
4:35 pm
political scandal before joe biden arrived and managed to break the supply chain. the good congressman, i think you are exactly right about this, also. that's why those republicans voted for this thing. it's because they got paid off with pork back home. and on the one hand it's kind of hard to blame them for want a feather in their own nest, it's still pretty disgusting. >> lawrence: i think one congresswoman malliotakis said that we didn't know what was actually in the bill that the republicans haven't read the bill. i would be interested to have her on prime time to actually make that case to this audience after being on here numerous amount of times promising to be a strong conservative. that was not a conservative position, congresswoman. thank you all so much for joining us on this program. if you thought the biden administration was already pretty radical, wait until they get their way with fossil fuel industry. john kerry is already declaring. >> radical nominee yet into a prominent treasury position and
4:36 pm
she has one goal to bankrupt the whole fossil fuel industry for the sake of climate change. joining me. >> thinking about is primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry. smaller players in that industry are going to struggle or go bankrupt in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right? >> joining me now vivek ramaswamy, vivek why should would he be concerned. >> i think there are a lot of myths that need to be exposed around even the scientific understanding of what justifies these policies, lawrence. i will give you a couple facts. speaking to harvard trained scientists a lot of peers don't like to speak of these fact. 8 times as many die from cold related than heat related temperatures it may be true that surface temperatures rise actually the question is whether that's a bad thing for saving human lives and here's the thing, the best answer to all temperature related deaths around the world is actually
4:37 pm
cheaper, more equitable access to energy and, yes, that means coal and yes, that means other fossil fuels. that's a reality that the climate change movement has not woken up to. those are facts that we need to be talking about in the open cost benefit analysis. tank the u.s. economy that drive consumer and energy prices up but for gains in return that are highly uncertain as to what we are going to get out of this. that's just beginning, lawrence, we need to have a conversation where we are able to debate those facts in the open without people feeling like their credibility is going to be undermined because they're a climate denier or whatever label they are going to put on you. >> lawrence: vivek, i would be interested in hearing that if we are going to buy it from another country anyway and we clearly need the energy, why not just do it here at home? my state of texas we have a lot waiting for in the country. >> you make a great point, lawrence, actually, in the climate change negotiations globally, guess what? china gets to claim developing nation status. that is actually laughable. this is the world's second
4:38 pm
largest economy, a military power that is pushing us every day, every way they know how, and, yet, when it comes to climate change negotiations, suddenly they get to be the developing nation. we need to be debating these facts out in the open, a, fact underpinning whether or not certain forms of climate change are really as bad as people say. i know that's considered uncouth thing. carbon is plant food and definitely true that the earth is more green in surface area coverage today than it was 60 years ago in part because of more carbon and yes in part because of global surface temperatures are a little bit higher. those are hard facts to contend with if you are part of the climate change religion. those are facts that you have to weigh in cost benefit analysis. by the way if you really did care about it, if it wasn't just about driving power and governmental intrusion here at home then you would be fixing the problem here in china rather than wearing it on your sleeve as a source of moral superiority here at home. that's what we need to be talking about. >> lawrence: so the biden administration is planning to hire you as a consultant, right?
4:39 pm
i'm just kidding. >> i think i just lost that job. >> lawrence: exactly. vivek, thank you so much for joining the program. when we come back, kamala harris teaches foreigners how to lose elections. >> we campaign with the plan you were case c you were case p. the plan. we are expected to defend the plan. ♪ ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪
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lawrence watching kamala harris for the last 10 month you know she has been a stacyer. she has failed miserably on the border crisis. she even ruined other own surprise birthday party. >> surprise. [laughter] [cheers] >> lawrence: surprise to me. every public appearance is a new opportunity for her to embarrass herself. herself. [laughter] [laughter] [laughter] >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe.
4:45 pm
>> lawrence: wow. so vice president giggles, great news, she finally made it to europe. she is in paris and where she managed to pick up some strange accent while speaking to french scientists, watch. >> we campaign with the plan. upper case t, upper case p. the plan. we are expected to defend the plan. >> lawrence: the plan even though her approval rating is abysmal 28%. anybody who dares criticize her racist and sexist. don't take my word for it though, here is jimmy kimmel. >> americans aren't happy with kamala harris. i think i know why kamala's ratings are low besides sexism and racism which are the obvious ones. >> lawrence: joining me now is clay and co-host of the clay travis and buck sexton show and director of economic education. thank you so much for joining me. livey, i have got to go to you first. why do they still have her out there on the campaign trail or
4:46 pm
just representing the country? seems like a bad strategy. >> well the democrat strategy is just to give them a nice face to look at. for them that means a woman and a woman of color. they think that's going to protect them from criticism so they can wave their hands off and say oh, well if they credited size her it's racist and sexist. but the truth is and i'm not afraid to say it the only reason she is even the nominee that she was even the nominee in the first place is because of her race and sex. >> lawrence: i mean, joe biden said that to begin with i mean, that was criteria. but, clay, she has become a liability. it's bad for the -- i mean, the president's approval rating is bad enough. but you can't give rid of him. he's the man. when do they pull her off because it's not helping them at all? >> couple of things. one, was it racist and sexist for the democratic primary electorate to overwhelmingly reject kamala harris because that's what they did.
4:47 pm
she ended her campaign and democrats like to think that they are beacons of civility and truth and justice. they were not in any way impressed by kamala harris. and i don't think it was racism or sexism on their part just like it's not racism and sexism now on behalf of the rest of the country. the only thing that is going well for joe biden right now is that his vice president has a lot lower approval rating because, if she didn't, there would already be talk about biden stepping down and allowing her to assume the role of presidency president in the weeks, months and years ahead. right now democrats are terrified she may be the only politician in america who has worse approval ratings than joe biden. so the only positive for joe is that kamala is a lot less popular than he is. >> lawrence: she couldn't even defeat sleepy joe. kind of sad when you think about it olivia, i have got to ask you this, why do they do this accent thing. kind of insulting. hillary clinton goes in the black church saying i ain't
4:48 pm
feeling no way tired. aoc saying ain't nothing wrong. all of a sudden they feel like if they talk like us -- ain't even talking like us. all of a sudden make them relatable. is it desperation. >> are you implying that hillary clinton doesn't normally say i have hot sauce in my bag when she is just around anyone? [laughter] >> lawrence: isn't working. >> it's so clear to me, lawrence. it's so absurd that nobody else sees that this code switching, this pandering, it's just plain offensive. and it doesn't matter that kamala harris is a woman of color. we all know that she doesn't talk like that when she is around you know white people. she talks to black people certain way and talks to white people a certain way and that's what democratic politicians do. they pander. now the thing is see if continue to fall for it i can see through the phoniness. let's see if everybody else can too. >> lawrence: claire, i have to end with you. you are not in the political space. you were eye do you think there is a little bit of buyer's
4:49 pm
remorse? do you think they will double down and vote for this administration again? >> i think there is a monster amount of buyer's remorse in particular in the independents in this country, lawrence. when you look at the data and saw what happened in virginia last week, the people who are running the fastest from the democratic party from joe biden and kamala harris are the people who came to them the last, right? independent voters, suburban moms and dads, they were the people trying to decide trump or biden. they made a bad choice. i think there is a great deal of buyer's remorse which is why i think the democrats got their ass kicked last tuesday and why they will get even more of an ass-kicking ena year from now in 202. >> lawrence: emotion can't work when they can't get basic food items and presents for christmas. >> no doubt. >> lawrence: clay thank you so much. olivia, this is your day' you are on prime time. >> thank you. >> lawrence: next kat timpf sexiest man alive and curly
4:50 pm
fries. i hope you are hungry. ♪ ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. flexible cancellation. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: all right, there's a few minutes left in the show, so let's put my friend kat timpf on the clock. four topics, 60 seconds. first off i want to get so drunk that you actually want to eat arby's?
4:56 pm
well, you are in luck. the fast food chain is launching curly fries that allegedly takes like signature french fries. available for limited time only for low price of $59.99. you in? >> depends. >> lawrence: don't be judging. >> depends on how much i've had to drink already. actually -- no, i would drink it. i'd give it a try. i would give it a try right here. >> lawrence: you don't like the curly fries? >> i love their curly fries. >> lawrence: i don't like the beef. i don't trust the beef. >> i'll eat it. >> lawrence: if they pay me for an endorsement, then i made change my opinion. >> i'll eat it. i think you should just try anything. if a friend has a birthday party and you're not sure if you want to go, you should try going, unlike lawrence, who missed my birthday party. >> lawrence: okay, we said we weren't going to talk about that. i feel judged. but to you put catch up in the shots? >> i like pickle shots. whiskey and pickle, i would die
4:57 pm
for a pickle back shot. let's go. >> lawrence: next up, 40% of children interview for a new research project -- if you think that's but, 46% thought french fries were a type of and 41 percent didn't realize bacon came from an animal. we are screwed. we are screwed. >> we are really screwed and we are focused on the wrong things when it comes to school, i guess. i mean, i don't know, how old are the kids? spirit i don't know. 4-7. that's what the producers said. >> yeah, you should know what a vegetable's but if i was a kid i was doing a pole -- >> lawrence: take it off the screen, it's nasty. >> if i was kid trying to appall in their liquor you go, answer these questions, i would try to answer them wrong to try to be funny. i would troll it so i don't think we can trust these 4-7-year-old kids. >> lawrence: i think these kids have been failed by the education system. >> that might be had. >> lawrence: i don't want to say it's the parents. you're not teaching them good bacon? are you turning your kids into
4:58 pm
vegans? >> i don't know. >> lawrence: up next, "people" magazine has named paul rudd 2021 sexiest man alive. the 52-year-old actor says he's having a hard time accepting the new title. are you buying that? the humble break. i mean, come on. >> this is a very -- i'm very passionate about this topic because it's a very important distinction. he is good looking, right? but there's a huge difference between good looking and being hot. >> lawrence: there's levels to this. >> you can be good looking but there's no way the antman is the man that this country has to offer. >> lawrence: give me a replacement. >> anyone. it like i -- anyone. anybody hot. i don't care. hot is like -- isn't physical. i don't know if i can tell someone is conventionally hot or not, there've been guys with no teeth i have found being very hot. >> lawrence: he is short. the short guys shouldn't get it. everyone knows about tall, chocolate, and handsome. >> i'm glad that you -- you
4:59 pm
know, you're confident buried >> lawrence: i wasn't talking about me. >> good looking at hot are different. it's not true. >> lawrence: i think it's fake news and we need a recount. election was stolen stolen for me. anyway,'s cnn's legal analyst jeffrey tuma known for his unfortunate zoom video mishap, y'all remember that, went on air today for kyle rittenhouse being an idiot. look at the sky. >> what kind of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gone and goes to a riot. he has no license, no training. the good news for carl rittenhouse is that he's not on trial for being an idiot. if it were illegal to be an idiot, the jails would be even more crowded than they are now. >> because he would be in there. >> did you see his colleagues, how they're looking at him? they all know that he shouldn't be doing it. >> look, carl rittenhouse, hobbies they think -- that's -- crazy stuff that he did to go there. i think it's all clearly
5:00 pm
self-defense, but yeah, he made a lot of dumb choices and going there. but for jeffrey toobin, to be the idiot police. >> lawrence: yes! >> when he may be the biggest idiot of all time. >> lawrence: you dumb dumb, you showing your business. >> that would be like i get on tv and be like hair extensions are bad. >> lawrence: i got to let you go, i will be back here tomorrow, tucker carlson is up next. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." going to bring you in this evening alive picture coming to us from washington, this is your new boss. it is china's biggest retailer, it is the man who will soon be in charge of you, your family coming future, it is mr. jeff bezos speaking, for some reason, from the national cathedral in washington. before long, pictures like this will be mandatory of our dear leader, we should do you, we are telling you tonight's, voluntarily in preparation for the coming future for the years we will spend toiling cheerfully in the sugar caves. but we also wanted to point out a striking


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