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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 10, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> happy birthday to the marine corps. >> have a good day. >> bill: thanks, good morning. more bad news for the bottom line. i know you love to wake up and hear that. inflation hitting a 30-year high last month. you know at home americans will be hurting because of it. new numbers 30 minutes ago. welcome to our program today. >> dana: the numbers were higher than expected. dana perino, "america's newsroom." prices are up 6% since last year. the biggest surge since 1990. >> it's driving up the price of everything, energy, electronics, groceries, a price of a steak up 24%.
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>> dana: cars, everything, televisions are up across the board. >> bill: you wonder now we're watching pete buttigieg earlier today. transportation secretary. we've asked why isn't he at the port of l.a. trying to figure it out? he was in glascow scotland. he was hammered why people and going back to job and the workforce. his answers were pretty average. >> dana: yesterday the white house press secretary said she didn't have specifics on what they could do. >> bill: this is a real good example of why you need a president who has had business experience at some point in his life to try to give us ideas. >> dana: also what the voters said last week you are not paying attention to the issues that we care about. glascow and climate has been on their minds 100%. this is an issue that permeates everything. it affects every american in a good way and they don't have a
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way to get out of it. >> bill: so you've got this fueling that inflation rate now. supply chain crisis appears to be getting worse. white house vowed to ease the bottlenecks a month ago. the ports of l.a. and long beach have a giant backlog. ships unable to dock. >> dana: president biden a trying to project confidence giving a speech this afternoon touting his recently passed infrastructure bill as a way to fix it. >> bill: the port of baltimore is smaller than the ports in california and nowhere near the same volume. >> dana: william la jeunesse is at a rail yard in carson, california. let's check in at the white house with peter doocy. not a number they wanted to see today. >> definitely not. this is a president who keeps talking how he wants to build the economy from the bottom up and middle out. now he is admitting it is not working. >> president biden: i know a lot of folks don't feel the
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progress we're making. i get it. i know the cost of gas, groceries, and rent seem to be harder and harder to handle. that's one more reason why we need to pass my build back better. >> this summer they celebrated that the cost of a fourth of july barbecue had fallen 16 cents. meat is now one of the items driving prices way up ahead of the holidays. >> what's on people's minds are the fact they may not be able to get the things they need for thanksgiving. if they do it will cost more. if they travel it will cost more. this infrastructure bill, the one the president still hopes congress passes will do nothing except make those problems worse. >> warehouses are already empty. an extraordinary stat from the index. americans shopping online got 2 billion out of stock messages
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in october alone. up 250% compared to january with electronics as the leading item that people can't get. not a surprise to the biden administration who have been joking about shortages for weeks. >> i think there has always been two kinds of christmas shoppers. the ones who have all their list completed by halloween and people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve. if you're in the latter bucket there is going to be more challenges. >> white house officials don't always put president biden in problem spots. he still has never been to the border in his life. so sending him to the port of baltimore today amid a supply chain crisis is an admission that officials here appreciate the save -- severity of the problem now. >> bill: william la jeunesse back at the rail yard in carson, california today. what's happening there?
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>> baltimore handles 1% of container traffic. l.a. long beach 40% consumer goods. we set a record of 111 container ships in port. of course, the challenge is moving those containers out of the port as quickly as possible when you have a shortage of trucks and truck drivers. increasingly the ports are turning to rail. we're just a few miles off the port in something known as the it bypasses 200 street crossings. this link is one solution the ports are using to reduce by 56% the number of containers piling up six days or more in the last month. >> the only way that those boxes will get to the heartland and midwest where the larger markets are are via train. rail is extremely critical for
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the supply chain. >> long beach is now joined with union pacific to run a high speed non-stop express train from here to salt lake city where those containers are then offloaded to trains going east or trucks going north or to the midwest. >> they don't have to stop at the port and put their loads on trucks. they can just go right via train. >> you can only put so much stuff through a particular pipe. here is a different pipe. let's use this different pipe to try to get things out of the system more effectively. >> so each train eliminates 700 trucks from leaving or showing up at the port. that is reducing costs and travel time to stores by several days and it is important to home builders like trevor parks in cedar rapids, iowa. >> we are having issues of more double, triple lead times for materials. a four-week lead time item
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between 16 and 22 weeks for us to receive it from time of order to reception of product. >> right now park said he is seeing shortages in everything from paint, flooring, steel, shingles, that kind of thing. the same thing consumers are seeing around the country with many of the things they're looking for. >> bill: nice to see you in california today. thank you for that. >> dana: energy costs is what eats up a lot of this. everything requires energy. we all need it for our daily lives. the lights here, at your home and place of business and gas prices in particular. gas prices today versus last year $3.42 today. a year ago $2.11. it does start to affect people. rice university has predicted that average household in america will spend $1,000 more on gas this year than last year. $1,000 more. >> bill: the thing about gas prices is the most obvious and if you are paying that much
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more as opposed to a year ago you start to feel it. i think at a presidential leadership position we're about to see whether or not joe biden can manage this effectively or not. and you look at his career and you ask yourself what has he managed throughout his professional political life? he has been in the senate since the age of 29. how much of that senate foreign policy committee and senate judiciary committee from the 1990s, how much of that is a management role? i would argue a lot of it is just a position you fill and use that position to travel across the country and around the world. what has he managed in his professional life that would suggest that he would be effective on issues like these now? >> dana: this affects the entire cabinet. they haven't had a cabinet meeting since july. i would imagine that's something they might want to consider doing. >> bill: why would they not do that? >> dana: i don't know. i think it's craziness. >> bill: you were in the white
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house. >> dana: we had a cabinet meeting every six weeks. i don't know why they wouldn't. in this case you have, of course, the interior department where a lot of energy, right? what was one of the first things they did? restrict drilling on federal lands and also they killed the keystone pipeline on the first day. they have done a lot of things to restrict supply heading into the winter months. when you restrict supply and demand holds steady prices will go up. that's basic economic law. and so i don't know what they are going to do about it. the president will give a speech about it. give speeches isn't enough. it is a poll see issue. >> bill: a week ago he was talking about opec and russia not pumping enough oil for the world. here at home we're limiting our supply as opposed to gunning it forward. >> dana: it affects everyone. we'll stay on top of it and give you more information. who better to react than larry kudlow. he is coming up in a few
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moments. patrol agents along the southern border tell us they found an 8-year-old boy from guatemala abandoned there. the child was told to keep walking until he would find someone in uniform. the latest in a long series of heartbreaking images of children left behind in a dangerous terrain along the border. bill is back in la joya, texas. good morning, bill. >> good morning. that's exactly right. the group is behind us as we speak now. this is a large group of illegal immigrants that crossed the border illegally at 2:00 in the morning last night and walked across the rio grande and being processed by border patrol now. a mixture of family units and runners. more on them in a second. we want the talk about the young boy you referenced. this is an 8-year-old guatemalan boy found abandoned by border patrol officials in el paso on monday. he was dropped off near a
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bridge by unknown individuals and basically told just walk in a straight line until you find somebody wearing a uniform. thankfully border officials found that little boy in good health and good condition. they believe they found a woman in virginia who was that boy's mother and given to hhs and will then likely be placed with her if it ends up being his mother. more on the group we were telling you about. if you can pull up the video we shot this morning. the biggest hot spot along the border. la jolla, in this spot alone border patrol reports they apprehended 549,000 illegal immigrants. this group you're seeing again a mixture of runners and family units here to give themselves up. kind of a lull in the past few months. border officials tell us recently it is starting to tick up again possibly because the temperatures are cooling down. there is a criminal element mixed into this as well. pull up this photo here. a mexican national border patrol in the rio grande valley
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caught this guy last week trying to cross. he is convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child out of the houston area. previously sentenced to three years and was deported. he decided the try to come back to the united states this last week. thankfully he was caught here by these border agents. back out here live this is the sort of thing that happens here every single week. just in the last fiscal year alone border agents tell us they've captured more than 2,000 criminals actively trying to cross the border. the question is how many slipped through the cracks. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: an untold number. thank you. >> bill: parents pushing back again in loudon county, virginia last night. a recall effort against the school board chair gains more
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support. why the board's chair could soon be out of a job if successful. >> dana: a u.s. envoy meeting with the taliban's foreign minister. is it too late to repair the damage? senator lindsey graham will weigh in. >> bill: the russia matter is reportedly getting closer to a key member of the president's inner circle. what we're learning as a prime contributor to the steele dossier appears in court today. stay tuned for that. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. ♪♪
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>> dana: a new twist in the trump/russia investigation. rush news confirmed that national security advisor jake sullivan is the unnamed foreign policy official in the durham indictment. all this as the researcher for the now discredited steele dossier is in court this morning for lying to the f.b.i.
6:19 am
about his connection to a clinton associate. david spunt is live outside the courthouse in alexandria, virginia covering the twists and turns. good morning. >> good morning. that researcher's name is igor danchenko getting ready to leave the courthouse and why you see a little crowd behind me of cameras. he pleaded not guilty five minutes ago to charges, five counts of lying to the f.b.i., five counts according to special counsel john durham, danchenko is a russian national living in northern virginia. video of him arriving at the courthouse this morning. i asked him if he had comment. he said no comment. his attorney said these were false allegations. according to durham danchenko was the primary source for christopher steele who compiled the steele dossier full of accusations about former president donald trump. it alleges that danchenko lied
6:20 am
to the f.b.i. as working with steele as his primary source of information. danchenko is leaving court now and not saying anything to the cameras, which is not surprising. we've confirmed that he was in contact with someone, dana, listed as p.r. executive one. a man named chuck dolan. a long-time confidant of bill and hillary clinton. dolan is a witness in the danchenko case. john durham's investigation into the trump/russia probe made its way into the biden white house, jake sullivan national security advisor was the foreign policy advisor mentioned in the indictment of another one of durham's suspect former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman. he was charged in september for lying to the f.b.i. for failing to disclose his work for hillary clinton's campaign when he delivered information about alleged connections between donald trump and the kremlin. the information was false.
6:21 am
according to the indictment another campaign attorney exchanged emails with that foreign policy advisor, sullivan, concerning the russian bank allegations. i reached out to the national security advisor's office, jake sullivan several times yesterday to see if there is any comment. no comment from the nsa or white house. we know igor danchenko gave no comment. his trial is expected to begin in april. >> bill: thank you. kash patel is with us now and chief of staff to the department of defense and national security council. you know this thing well. two sound bites we want to play to get you to react. adam schiff was on the view yesterday. morgan or tage yes, sir had him on the hot seat. >> you made -- for years by promoting this.
6:22 am
people who entrusted you as the intel committee chair are so confused about your culpability in all this. >> i completely disagree with your premise. it is one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they were. another to say that we should have foreseen in advance that some people were lying to christopher steele which is impossible. >> bill: he laid it on christopher steele but yet he went on tv over 200 times and called donald trump the puppet of vladimir putin among many, many other things. >> adam schiff's credibility is where it should be. it's been called out. a guy that read the steele dossier in front of the world and called christopher steele one of the greatest intelligence assets of all time and held up a manila envelope and said i've seen trump/russia collusion. that was probably empty. the only people that colluded with the russians are the hillary clinton campaign, dnc and their attorneys and durham
6:23 am
is finally getting to the bottom of it. >> dana: also listen to t.k. mcfarland. she was very passionate yesterday. >> my career was destroyed over this, over the mueller investigation. my life was just put in a very different direction. i had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend myself against crimes i didn't commit. >> dana: how do you think about that? >> zbl* she is not the only one. >> they are issuing vendetta subpoenas across the hill if you were involved in the russia gate hoax they are coming after you and coming after me. i feel bad for her. the target of the investigation is important for durham. jake sullivan earlier in the hour we were talking about. i deposed him and michael sussman. my deposition is in the durham indictment. sullivan testified under oath to congress he had no idea what
6:24 am
sussman was saying. yet the indictment shows communications between jake sullivan and michael sussman about the russia gate hoax. either he lied to congress or he is lying in the indictment. >> dana: when he had that conversation was that during the campaign or after the president was in office? >> it was -- that conversation was during the campaign. he testified in 2017. >> bill: how much money did you pay for lawyers? >> going over $100,000 right now and it's just keeps going. i had to fight with and try to get the money. >> bill: andy mccarthy was on with us yesterday and appeared with the clip yesterday and you just feel the angst k.t. had in her voice. she made a commitment to move to washington, d.c. and work in the house and she had to go underground for about three years. it is quite the price to pay. andy mccarthy argued that it looks bad. it looks really bad but it is not criminal.
6:25 am
>> what's that? >> dana: lying about the dossier. >> andy mccarthy and i used to be federal prosecutors. i think the durham indictment is a larger conspiracy. it doesn't just look bad. you don't take 40 pages to indict someone. you don't identify 10 people including fusion gps. clinton cronies and we investigated russia gate so thoroughly we had never heard of charles dolan. the department of justice and rod rosenstein withheld documents. >> bill: what happens with jake sullivan? >> there was a former national security advisor under president trump convicted while evidence was withheld in michael flynn. now you have a current national security advisor who actually lied and should be convicted and there is no exculpatory evidence and see if the justice department acts.
6:26 am
that hypocrisy is what makes americans angry. >> dana: thanks so much for coming in. new developments on the house investigation into the events of january 6. a judgjudge ruling president tr can't block them from seeing certain things. seeking testimony from 10 white house officials former senior advisor stephen miller and former press secretary kayleigh mcenany who works now at fox news. >> bill: a tough confirmation battle. lindsey graham calls this woman a complete nightmare. wow, senator joins us to explain that in a moment. and the presidential nominee to become controller of the
6:27 am
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>> dana: it's been three months since the last u.s. military plane left kabul marking a chaotic exit to america's longest war. now a u.s. envoy is heading to pakistan to pick up the pieces and meeting with the taliban foreign minister as the group returns to its old and brutal ways. lindsey graham is a member of the senate judiciary committee. one of the people warning everyone this would be the outcome. >> yeah. it was a logical outcome if we left the taliban take over. the taliban takes over. al qaeda has safe haven. attacked us on 9/11. isis is a big threat to the world now out of afghanistan. so to believe that our withdrawal would not lead to
6:33 am
this was fantasy. to believe we can protect america through an over the horizon counter terrorism capability is a joke. afghanistan is hell on earth for those living there. to the veterans who fought in afghanistan tomorrow is veteran's day. i'm mourning with you. we betrayed our allies in afghanistan. the biden administration withdrew all our forces in a dishonor able way. the likelihood of another 9/11 is great. to the veterans who served there you did your job and protected the homeland. be proud of your service and let's not forget those we left behind in afghanistan. i will never forget and fight to my last day as a senator to make sure all of them can get out of that hellhole run by the taliban. >> bill: this comment about things getting worse is probably beyond the imagination of a lot of people. you firmly are in that camp. you've also known joe biden for a number of years.
6:34 am
i'm going to guess and say it's two decades, perhaps longer than that. i want to take you back 14 years ago to a comment he made then about afghanistan, its future and u.s. involvement in 2007. watch. >> the order goes out. i'm president of the united states. end the war today, begin to withdrawal american troops. it will take a year to get the american troops out and you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind i promise they'll be used against your grandchild and mine someday. >> bill: 14 years later how do you view that comment? >> he is the same guy that advocated for withdrawing from iraq. the military told the obama administration if you go to zero, radical islam will fill the void. it was called isis. isis wreaked havoc on the world for years until trump destroyed the caliphate. the military said if you withdraw our forces and leave
6:35 am
bagram air base we can't defend what is left and the place will collapse. joe biden has been the most incompetent president in my lifetime on foreign policy. worse than jimmy carter. he doesn't understand the war an terrorism and believes we can withdraw from these regions and we'll be safe. i've been saying for years along with senator mccain and others we need some of our troops in the backyard of our enemy. president trump got it down to 2500 troops at bagram. that was enough to hold the place together for a long time. president biden withdrawal of our forces, the taliban have taken over 20 years after 9/11. young girls are being sold because families can't afford to pay for the food. they have refused to help us when it comes to regulating and policing al qaeda. they told us to our face, the biden administration, they will not work with us when it comes to dealing with the al qaeda
6:36 am
terrorist threat in afghanistan. if we give them one dime of aid it would be the ultimate betrayal of all the people who have been harmed by the taliban and threatened by al qaeda. we have to some way find a way to help the people who are starving but not through the taliban and finally we aren't doing a damn thing to help the resistance. there is an opposition in and out of afghanistan that we could live in peace with and we need to help these folks take their country back. >> dana: senator biden's approval rating on foreign policy is 29%. a poll we can put up for everybody to see. that's pretty a business mall. a postmortem on the virginia governor race afghanistan, that was first and only shift in our internal polling from 4 to 5 points about even and there it remained for the rest of the race. the white house continued to say anonymously they believe this issue would stay to the
6:37 am
background and nobody would remember it by election day in november of 2021. i have a feeling it might last all the way through the presidency and beyond. >> not only will it stick for the long time because it was a dishonor able thing to do. all the military advisors told president biden that if you pull the plug completely, if you withdrawal of our forces, the country will collapse, taliban will take back over, al qaeda will have safe haven to strike our own nation. but the dishonor able aspect was to abandon the thousands who fought along our side. the entrance policy against another 9/11 by biden was canceled with the withdrawal. again it's the most incompetent decision made since 9/11. this paving the way for another 9/11 against our homeland and our allies and it was all so preventable. i have known joe biden for a long time. i had a good personal relationship with him.
6:38 am
he is a decent man but what he did in afghanistan i will never forgive him for. he has blood on his hands. he has made america less safe and he has been the most consistently wrong man on foreign policy in my lifetime and i can't wait until the next election to stop this socialist train on the domestic side and have a chance to get a commander-in-chief that knows how to keep this country safe. when it comes to joe biden, he has made america less safe. he has acted in a very dishonorable way. to all the veterans who served in afghanistan, i know you are hurting and you have a reason to be hurting. but keep your chin up. it wasn't your fault. >> bill: senator, i know you can be emotional at times but not like this. your language is quite stern and it is very direct. where is that coming from? >> i feel so bad. i feel so bad for our nation. i feel so bad. everybody in the world thinks we're weak. all the people who count on us
6:39 am
now are wondering should you be aligned with america. this decision in afghanistan not only will it stay around politically from a national security point of view we're in a world of hurt. >> dana: thank you, senator. appreciate you coming on this morning. >> bill: we'll speak again soon, all right? lindsey graham, republican from south carolina. china still stonewalling. where is beijing for a covid summit hosted by secretary of state antony blinken. inflation will get worse. the cost of heating your home this winter set to skyrocket. who are you going to call? we call larry kudlow. he is live coming up right after this. it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays, with no obligation. if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan
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>> bill: you've seen gas prices skyrocketing. get ready for your wallet to take another hit. heating your home will cost you big time. we're looking at it from a refinery in indiana. grady, good morning to you. >> the outlook is bleak no matter how you heat your home. here are the numbers. home heating with propane expected to skyrocket 54% compared to last winter. heating oil expected to skyrocket 43%. natural gas up 30%.
6:45 am
home heating with electricity up 6% from a year ago. these numbers could get even higher if it's a colder winter than expected. part of what is driving up prices is the mismatch between supply and demand as we await concrete steps energy secretary jennifer granholm will take to lower fuel cost. many republicans are blaming the biden administration's anti-fossil fuel pro-renewable energy policies and attitude but you said it, bill. americans are used to paying more for gas already and as winter sets it it will spell out challenging times ahead. we should mention the consumer price index out this morning shows energy prices up 30% from just a year ago. that is the biggest year-over-year increase since 2005, bill. >> bill: it won't get it done. grady trimble in indiana. >> dana: let's bring in larry
6:46 am
kudlow. good to have you. the cost of energy and home heating put it on the board for everyone to see. this really eats into a family's budget. 54% increase for heating oil. 43% for natural gas. 30% for electricity. -- natural gas at 30%. does the administration have any tools in order to deal with this? >> no. i mean, they have actually let me change that. there are tools, they just don't want to use them. they don't even want to take it seriously. let's not make this any harder than it needs to be. if you have an imbalance of supply and demand as grady just reported, then you increase supply. america is the largest producer of energy in the world if the administration would let america produce, okay? that includes oil, that includes natural gas. heck, it even includes coal. coal has been the biggest
6:47 am
gainer. i don't think that's what they wanted. people are desperate and coal has become our great export. open the spigot, dana, open the spigot and stop closing pipelines in michigan. stop closing anwar, stop closing the xl pipeline. produce more. we're 2 million barrels short, okay? 18 months ago, 20 months ago we were generating 13 million barrels of oil per day. during the pandemic it fell to 11 and hasn't recovered yet because of the biden policies that are suppressing, regulating, taxing and imposing fees. these producers don't want to invest. this is not hard. if you add two million barrels a day to the world market crude oil falls, gasoline prices fall. it's the easiest solution in the world. >> bill: they aren't willing to do it and you know it. they have a tunnel vision here on climate change, okay? john kerry an bloomberg just this week.
6:48 am
>> by 2030 in the united states we will not have coal plants. by 2035 president biden has set a target that we will be in our power sector carbon-free. >> bill: might be great in 2030, not so great in the winter of 2021 and 2022. you ticked off a lot. at the same time you've got the president was in scotland and he was asked a question about this. inflation, gas prices. and i said opec is not pumping enough and russia is not pumping enough. if you believe in climate change and that we're all interconnected around the world it doesn't matter where it's pumped. but right now it is not happening here. continue. >> well, i don't know if his advisors have told him that we have oil here in the u.s. that may be a revelation. i think a lot of people know. this statement by john kerry is
6:49 am
typical of the glib reaction your energy sector breaks out in raucous laughter who confronted with jumping oil prices. mr. kerry says no coal by 2035, no carbon by 2035. bill, there isn't a legitimate analyst of energy or climate who would actually believe or actually promote no carbon by 2030 or 2035. that's the most ridiculous statement i have ever heard and in fact the state department had to walk it back. it is unserious and it is silly. by the by on coal we have 100 years of coal reserves at least. but we are loaded with natural gas. we are loaded with oil. we also have the lowest carbon emissions of any big country in the world. they are strangling this and consumers are going to get killed. families are going to get killed. businesses are going to get
6:50 am
killed. this throws a wet blanket over the entire economy. we're already seeing the results of it. it is a crazy policy. >> dana: larry, they will have a cabinet meeting finally. haven't had one since july. they'll have one on friday of this week and see if they bring any of those tools. >> bill: i love your speech at the police athletic league earlier in the league. you were all about energy. give us more and we'll do more with it. message received. >> i was hoping. thank you, you are wonderful. i was hoping to be invited to the cabinet meeting but i'm still waiting for my invitation. >> dana: just wait and see what happens. thanks, also wanted to show you this. we talked about the nominee that president biden has put forward to be the comp troller in america. here is what she says what we should want for oil and gas companies. watch. >> industries are transitioning. what i'm thinking about is primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry. a lieutenant of the smaller
6:51 am
players in the industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right? >> dana: does this sound like somebody who should be a senate-confirmed government official in the united states? i ask you. >> bill: will she get a majority of democratic senators to vote yes? >> dana: i'm sure there is one that won't. >> bill: we will let you fill in the blank on that. it sounds like west virginia. >> dana: i would think it rhymes with west virginia. california school children have to wear masks. pelosi and newsom, where has newsom been? more on that coming up. veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, home values just keep going up.
6:52 am
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>> bill: now a top democratic lawmaker in california is going to a wedding without a mask. house speaker pelosi and governor gavin newsom and london breed attended a very packed lavish wedding. speaker pelosi was maskless. jimmy failla joins us to talk about this. hello. >> good to be with the tag team champ. >> bill: that's a getty wedding. no small matter. oil dollars. >> i want to weigh in on that. everybody planning a wedding at home. you don't want to have too nice a wedding. most people you know where the groom swings in like tarzan and she gets out of a cannon. i'm surprised democrats, the way they are polling right now, surprised they don't want to cover their faces in public for that alone. this shouldn't surprise you in
6:58 am
terms of hypocrisy. we've seen it in breed and violate their own social distancing guidelines. when democrats say we're all in this together by this they mean the cocktail lounge. here it's packed. >> bill: so this is what the city says, san francisco. people in these settings may remove masks for the employer or host of the gathering can control access to the setting and verify 100% full vaccination of everyone in the setting. >> what does that mean to a kid sitting in a classroom right now who can't get a smile from a teacher which is such a tell in terms of the learning experience and facial engagement they're being denied. in their bubble they think the indifference to children doesn't matter because they don't hear about it in the bubble. did virginia not tell us it does matter? it matters to me as a parent. i have one kid. we decided to stop breeding after the first report card. you know what? maybe we send him -- get another dog. i don't know what to do here. as a parent there is no world
6:59 am
where it is a political issue. the left thinks upset parents is a thing of the right. no, upset parents is a thing of the human condition. >> dana: if you look at youngkin's exit polls in virginia parents with children of school age k-12 went for him by almost 3-1. an incredible number. it's not just republican. wanted to ask you about this. governor newsom out of sight for 13 days. where is he? here is where he says he was. >> the kids, literally, they kind of had an intervention and said they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween. i had no damn choice, i had to cancel that trip. >> bill: the trip was to scotland, by the way. >> dana: everybody else is there. >> that's what i was going to say. maybe he couldn't go to scotland because all the private jets were booked up. if you open your climate conference with 30,000 people
7:00 am
on private jets. there is absurd tee there. to newsom's point he says his kids wanted him to go trick-or-treating. taking him at face value, and i don't. he doesn't take climate change that seriously. if it is a threat, milky way and snickers bar can wait a day. >> dana: if you ask children would your dad go to halloween or climate change. please go to climate change. i'm not buying it. >> bill: he got a booster shot two weeks ago and he was on camera for the booster shot and disappeared for two weeks and we don't know why. it was the first rationale we were given. halloween. milk duds for you. thank you, jimmie. >> dana: parents in virginia escalating the fight against the loudon county school board filing recall petitions to have the school board chair and three other members removed from office. welcome to a new hour of
7:01 am
"america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. he is great. >> bill: loudon county ground zero in the battle for parental rights in school. the latest salvo. parents want a say in their kids' education and what happens inside their schools. parents in loudon county confronting the school board again last night. >> that board is overseeing the worst example of education leadership in the history of this country. >> i told you this wasn't about an election and we're still here. i said we would see you in court. as of 3:30 today we are now in court. thank you. >> bill: we pick up the story in d.c. again. aishah hosni. >> things got heated again last night as angry parents showed up, shouted and informed the school board that they have now collected enough signatures to file a legal petition to recall the remaining school board members over a quote breakdown
7:02 am
in trust. >> when you are recalled and removed from office it will be much more satisfying. see you in court. >> county public school board meeting since youngkin won the governor race. it also comes just as a district hired a law firm to conduct an independent review of student sexual misconduct at two schools. the superintendent, if you recall, originally denied reports that a 15-year-old boy wearing a skirt raped a female student in a school bathroom but later admitted to it. the district denies a cover-up. parents began collecting signatures long ago after reports first surfaced a private facebook group called anti-racist parents of loudon county was compiling a list of opponents of critical race theory to try and dock these
7:03 am
parents. now according to local reports chairwoman brenda sheridan responding to that petition by saying that she will see this process through. >> bill: not going to go over well. aishah hosni in washington >> dana: the revolt against school boards. even san francisco's democratic mayor said she is supporting the recall of city school board members. "new york post" columnist carl markowitz joins us now. she said sadly our school board's priorities have been severely misplaced during such a difficult time the decisions we make for our children will have long-term impacts and why it is important to have leadership to tackle the challenges head on. our kids must come first. what is going on there? >> you know, the democrats have spent a week calling parents racist who had any problems with their schools and the problems with the schools extend far beyond just crt. the loudon county issue has
7:04 am
almost nothing to do with crt. they are concerned about crt practices in their schools but it was a covered up sexual assault. it was about not taking parents seriously. had a lot of different aspects that had nothing to do with crt. i think we'll see this across the country. i think parents have woken up and realize what is happening in their schools. they had a close view when the kids were home and i think we'll be seeing this kind of tumultuous activities at school boards across the country. >> bill: one of the big points you make is that the teachers union was calling not all the shots but a lot of them, were they not? >> that's really it. the other thing take really is -- doesn't get mentioned as often as it should is that schools were just straight up closed in areas where teachers unions had a lot of control. there was no science behind it. it was like randi weingarten said they should close. weak politicians agreed and parents are mad and angry
7:05 am
what's been done to their kids and they are absolutely right. again we'll see this in many places where schools were closed for over a year, which is in blue cities predominantly that are controlled by teachers unions. >> dana: "fox & friends" had these two moms on. moms for liberty co-founders talking about the overall issue. watch them here. >> parents are paying attention to elections and getting involved and this is just the beginning of parents' voices being heard in their children's education in our country. >> parents are ready to reclaim parental rights at the level of education. we see that across america. >> dana: you write in the "new york post" i follow michelle goldberg's work. "new york times" a liberal columnist. she wrote yesterday democrats better wake up. parents across the country are serious. she said they want to dismantle the public school system. i think that the reverberations not just from virginia but across the country there are
7:06 am
school boards where you had people running for the first time in their lives throwing their hat in the ring to get in the arena. >> again, so she is not wrong because i think that a lot of parents who saw schools close needlessly for over a year are ready to dismantle the system. if you look at gavin newsom we were talking about earlier. his kids are in private schools that opened. other schools in california didn't. terry mccauliffe's kids are in private schools but pushes for the public school system to be the only system to parents who can't afford otherwise. parents have realized what the game is here and they are ready to dismantle the system and they should absolutely be given the right and the privilege same as terry mccauliffe and gavin newsom to make school choice for their kids and fund students, not systems. >> bill: great to see you again. maybe this mayor in san francisco is actually pretty
7:07 am
smart if you are listening to the results from virginia and possibly new jersey from the last tuesday you want to get ahead of it. i tell you, remember we talked about it was march or april of last year when a voter said i voted for joe biden but i didn't vote for this. a wake-up call, right? i think that panel that pete hegseth had at that diner in southern new jersey was another moment. around 8:45 he went around the table. 10 or 12 voters there. mostly republicans, a few democrats. dana, they had 10 different reasons for why they voted. one was taxes, one was vaccine mandates, one was schools, one was gas prices, inflation, two people said guns. i had heard that. i don't think we should lose sight of that as we go to the mid-terms. we're in a very dynamic political and economic time. we are emerging from a
7:08 am
pandemic, global pandemic for the first time in 101 years. who knows which way this will turn out? i think a lot of that uncertainty is what you feel and what was reflected not only in the polling last week but also at that small little diner in southwestern new jersey just yesterday. >> dana: grist for the mill. you've been doing a lot of thinking. >> bill: i like my grits with sugar and butter. >> dana: but it is grist for the mill. >> bill: president biden wants to start campaigning for the mid-terms. fellow democrats may not welcome him with his approve all rating at all-time lows. griff jenkins on that. >> good morning. the president is wondering whether his party is with him a year out from the mid-terms. for a president who remind you pledged on january 20th to unite a fractured country.
7:09 am
a year into his presidency his own party is more divided than ever. start in the power struggle between progressives and moderate. moderates are rebranding themselves as quote normal democrats. last night president biden sought to bridge the gap. >> president biden: we need to remember what got us to the white house in the first place. we won in 2020 as a unified party. maybe more unified than ever. now looking at 2022 we need to stay unified and remember that the american people sent us here to deliver and make their lives better. >> delivering the problem. the infrastructure bill got across the finish line thanks to the republicans as six members of the progressive squad voted against it. build back better is stalled in the house. democrats are trying to interpret the red wave that swept virginia debating if they went too far or not far enough.
7:10 am
moderate democrats like one from virginia is worried saying nobody elected biden to be fdr. which the president was asked about. watch. >> president biden: we had a long talk. she joked and said i have a picture of roosevelt hanging in her office. i don't intend to be anybody by joe biden. >> later today we'll find out what the president has to say in baltimore as he hits the road to sell the build back better agenda. >> bill: watching that. nice to see you, griff jenkins in washington >> dana: a new report shows inflation keeps rising burning a bigger hole in american pocket books. why joe biden is placing the blame on energy prices and how he plans to cut costs. >> bill: it comes as the president heads to baltimore to tout infrastructure. the problem is why isn't he in california instead? we'll check back on that coming up.
7:11 am
>> half of the infrastructure builds we passed. that's the half we normally pass for roads, bridges. the other half is for things that just don't make sense. money that could be much better spent, for instance, in refunding the police in places like baltimore. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. ♪♪ because life isn't about what tomorrow brings. it's what you do with it. ask a financial professional about pacific life. what's strong with me?
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7:17 am
baltimore. the bipartisan infrastructure will go to raise the height of train tunnels to they can be stacked two high towards the midwest. the economic advisor said the $17 billion to invest will help unclog the supply chain but no date when it will happen. they want people to know the president is doing something about supply chains. >> we are moving record amounts of goods through the ports to our shelves and the frustrations american feels like back logs lead to high prices. it builds on the steps we've taken to address the supply chain challenges we've seen because of the pandemic. >> the backlog is driving inflation. a study found that the out of stock message comes up for
7:18 am
shoppers 172% more in january 2020 and 300% more than january of 2019. >> what's on people's minds they may not be able to get the things they need for thanksgiving. if they do it will cost more. if they travel it will cost more. this infrastructure bill again especially the one the president still hopes that congress passes will do nothing except make those problems worse. >> representative andy harris from the maryland area from a district representative from maryland says the president will be safe when he is here. but the crime, the people in baltimore are having to deal with that rising crime. the city is on pace for 300 homicides for the seventh year in a row. back to you guys. >> dana: edward lawrence in baltimore. >> bill: that supply crisis coming in time for christmas day around the corner. thank giving. "wall street journal" reports many stores are running low in
7:19 am
staples for your dinner table. 60% were out of turkey at the end of last month. 20% had no more cranberry sauce. as for the yams and sweet potatoes and some stores were out of refrigerated pies. >> dana: who doesn't make their own pies? >> bill: do you eat turkey, white or dark meat? >> dana: white always. >> bill: dark meat. cranberry sauce. >> dana: geraldo said the only way to eat cranberries is ocean spray out of a can. >> bill: as a kid i ate a can a day. for thanksgiving you have to go by the berries at the store and pop them and boil them and they're dynamite with sugar on top. yams and sweet potatoes you can have them. >> dana: even with marshmallows on top? >> bill: no. what is your favorite pie?
7:20 am
>> dana: this is interesting. i love a cherry pie. >> bill: for thanksgiving? >> dana: everyone makes fun of me. >> bill: i'm not here to make fun. >> dana: you aren't judging me, good. i like cherry pie. >> bill: i go apple and pumpkin for sure. on thanksgiving you have to have a supplies of pumpkin pie or else you aren't living. >> dana: we are lightening the mood. >> bill: a little bit. serious stuff out there and a lot of people feeling the pain. joe manchin sent out a tweet. this whole inflation thing. >> dana: the one or two senators holding things back for the build back better plan. he says by all accounts the threat posed by record inflation is not transitory and getting worse from the grocery store to gas pump americans know the inflation tax is real and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day.
7:21 am
it is a signal to me that he will be a continued thorn in the side of the president's build back better plan. manchin is saying you add more money from the government into the economy it will only get worse. >> bill: biden put out a statement about inflation today, too. competing message now. i think he is a no on bbb. i continue to think about the letter he wrote a month and a half ago we can't take care of social security and medicare at the moment. why take on new programs? unless the bill is radically changed he is still a no and still goes down. that's my prognostication. >> dana: you have a lot of thoughts today and i love it. more than 10 1/2 million jobs available in the united states but the labor department says nearly 7 1/2 million americans are still unemployed. many of those job seekers say they're submitting their resumes but struggling to get hired. for more let's bring in ken
7:22 am
coleman and syndicated host of the ken coleman show. thank you for coming on. i know a few people in the situation where you look around and all the headlines are that we have a worker shortage but they've been trying repeatedly to get jobs. maybe they are at a higher level and they can't get calls back, they start to have some depression and something wrong with them. what is going on and what can be done? >> thanks for having me and first i have to tell you southern pecan pie you need to add to the list. congratulations on sweet percy coming to your family. two things happening that are really the source of this problem. i hear it every day. a lot of people still don't want to go back to the office. they want to stay in that remote work from home setting. i have no problem with that but the reality is there is unlimited supplies of those type of jobs. a lot of companies are saying we want you coming back and open to a hybrid model. work some from home and some in
7:23 am
the office. a lot of people are limiting their opportunities. the second issue that's happening is we saw last year that 10 million qualified candidates were actually filtered out by artificial intelligence software, ought madeed software companies are using to be more efficient in the resume gathering process. you are playing the job lottery if you just apply, apply, apply and you are getting thrown out many times. the automated softwares are looking for perfect resumes. i write about this in my new book. you need to use the human connection. get opportunities to be seen. those are two things that will help people dealing with that frustration. >> dana: what about some of these people are going to six, seven, eight interviews at these companies and at the end told we'll hire from within. it seems wrong to me that you shouldn't have to have
7:24 am
basically a second part-time job applying for another job that's not going to go anywhere. why has the interview process become so arduous if people need workers so much? >> a good point. an adjustment that companies have to make. they are looking sometimes for the perfect candidate. here is the job situation. this is the marketplace we're dealing with now. you have more and more companies like google who are training people for the jobs they want on site. they go if you've got the raw talent you don't have to have a bunch of experience. just three or four days ago the "wall street journal" ran a headline that said help really wanted and cited that companies are dropping back ground checks, education requirements and even experience. this is a problem. companies will have to get to the point they realize we have to develop people and listen, the new job seeker as we've seen this shift from the pandemic and millennials in particular. the largest demographic in the american workforce are looking for values, connections and they want to be valued.
7:25 am
are you just going to hire me and pay me or will you train me and develop me and give me a ladder? that's an adjustment that companies need to make. >> dana: what about people who are maybe in their early 60s who have somehow found themselves forced early retirement. should companies rethink and maybe try to look at some of those people who want to work and are good employees? >> absolutely. you know why? tons of skill and experience. who cares that they are 60. for heaven sake. having some veterans in the locker room to use a sports metaphor. they have a lot to bring beyond skill and experience. i would absolutely be doing it if i was a leader in today's world. >> dana: i need you on my podcast. you might be a guest for november. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> bill: thanks, ken. 25 past the hour. u.s. holding a summit on covid today two years after the virus emerged in wuhan.
7:26 am
beijing is not there. will the biden administration get to the bottom of what happened? a wake-up call after the republican victories in virginia. strategists warn biden's support for far left policies could affect next year's mid-terms. that's coming up next. the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash. you could take out $50,000 or more because the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. use that cash to pay high rate credit card debt or plan for retirement. the newday 100 va loan.
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> bill: top advisor to president clinton sounding the alarm on democrats' election losses in virginia and elsewhere across the country. mark penn told fox digital the biden administration has been seen as too far to the left. unless the democrats change course here and move toward the center these trends indicate a devastatingly bad mid-term election for democrats. good morning. he also writes it took the 94 congressional elections to
7:32 am
serve as a wake-up call and president clinton moved from working with the left to working with the center. i don't think we'll see that come out of president biden right now. it may like president clinton take a strong message in the mid-terms for that to happen. the question would be why was last week not enough for a wake-up call now? >> well within the democratic party the results from last week mean very different things to very different people. if you're a progressive in the democratic party you look at last week's results and say this is just because we didn't pass these big spending bills in congress. we haven't gotten things done. our base was not motivated. i think that's a questionable conclusion if you look at who did and didn't vote in a place like virginia or new jersey but nevertheless progressives are saying this is what happens when we fail to deliver on a progressive agenda. moderates are saying wait a minute. this is the american people pumping the brakes and saying whoa. we may have given the keys to the car to joe biden but
7:33 am
doesn't mean we want everyone speeding down the highway at a million miles an hour. let's calm things down. democrats division internally now over what happened to them last week. until they come to some kind of conclusion they won't have a unified way forward. >> dana: i don't think they are going to any time soon. some moderate democrats using the word normal democrat to define themselves. conor lamb's tweet. if you want a senator who runs at a socialist and didn't help with infrastructure i'm not your guy. he says i'm a normal democrat who supports jobs and wins elections. spang berger says nobody elected biden to be fdr. they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos. i think about the word and how incendiary it might be within the democratic caucus. >> if it's implying someone like an aoc is an abnormal democrat it could be a divisive way to present yourself. one thing that sticks out when i think about the word normal
7:34 am
in a way the argument that you mentioned earlier from mark penn is this about moving to the left or moving to the center, in some ways i think there is an ideological component. if you move too far to the left you have lost a lot of voters in the middle but you have some voters who is not necessarily about left or right for them. they want to see competence. they want to see things getting done and they want normalcy. they want calm, they want peace and things to not seem chaotic. if that's what they voted for biden and the democrats to bring you can argue they didn't make good on that promise. it may not be about left or right but can you prove you can competently govern. the inflation, what happened in afghanistan, there has been a lot of things that have brofsh proven the biden administration wasn't up to the task. >> bill: maybe they won't take the time for internal review.
7:35 am
they passed infrastructure last weekend. a lot of those issues in virginia and new jersey and the rest of the country were swept away. let me come back to that moment. "new york times" talks about heavily hispanic san antonio, suburbs of virginia, new jersey and new york. that's blue america in this truck driver who is now going on to victory beating a 30-year democrat in the state senate there in new jersey by the name of steve sweeney. he will concede at the end of this week here now and if you don't pause for reflection about results like these because of the victory last weekend, the internal reflection will not happen. what do you think of that, kristin? >> i think you are absolutely right. a big question democrats should be contemplating. is it anti-incumbent or anti-democrat? people even in blue or purple opposing parts of our agenda or what we stand for or just people really mad and if they
7:36 am
deliver for them they won't be as mad anymore. you hear congressional democrats from the middle say as their justification why they might support this build back better plan. the idea of well, maybe those folks will come back to us if we invested in childcare, etc., etc. when you have inflation as high as it is and in my polling i see people connecting that between lots of government spending and prices going up on the things they're buying everyday. if they think the government is pushing the economy out of whack and having the government spend trillions more on other things may not be what the democrats think it is. >> dana: see hi to wally your great golden retriever. search for answers into the origins of covid drags on two years after it first emerged in wuhan. anthony blinken hosting a major summit on the virus today. the big question will we get closer to knowing how this started? state department correspondent
7:37 am
benjamin hall has more. >> for a number of days we've been asking whether or not the chinese would attend the meeting. we didn't get an answer. we saw on the virtual meeting they are attending. what won't be on the agenda is the origins of covid. blinken talked about vaccine equity. talked about getting vaccines to people stuck in war zones and new initiative to track all vaccines given worldwide. >> for the first time the latest information on covid worldwide will be gathered in one place from vaccination rates to icu admissions to doses pledged and doses delivered. the tracker is launching today. >> still the question of covid origins goes unanswered. connections with the wuhan lab and gain-of-function research. cheri markson who wrote the book what happened in wuhan the reasons appear political. >> once trump and mike pompeo
7:38 am
said there was evidence of a lab leak because there was, a large part of the media didn't want to believe that was true and they treated it as some crack pot theory instead of the most likely explanation. >> still two very different voices on this. state department looking forward making vaccine equity and making sure the world is vaccinated number one priority. bipartisan push looking back and saying only by finding out where it came from we will prevent another pandemic from happening again. >> dana: it was two years ago. a lot has happened since then and we still don't know. >> bill: last hour here on our program we spoke to senator lindsey graham about the afghanistan exit. and about the rule of the commander-in-chief. president biden and he was about as candid on this issue and the commander-in-chief as we have ever heard him. here is a sample. >> joe biden has been the most
7:39 am
incompetent president in my lifetime on foreign policy. worse than jimmy carter. he doesn't understand the nature on the war on terrorism. the taliban have taken over 20 years after 9/11. young girls are being sold because families can't afford to pay for the food. they have refused to help us when it comes to regulating and policing al qaeda. they told us to our face, the biden administration, they will not work with us when it comes to dealing with the al qaeda terrorist threat in afghanistan. if we give them one dime of aid it would be the ultimate betrayal of all the people who have been harmed by the taliban and threatened by al qaeda. when it comes to joe biden, he has made america less safe and he has acted in a very dishonorable way. to all the veterans who served in afghanistan i know you are hurting, and you have a reason to be hurting. but keep your chin up. it wasn't your fault. >> dana: that message coming right before veterans day tomorrow. >> bill: it wasn't something we
7:40 am
were expecting, would you agree? lindsey graham and joe biden have known each other for decades. >> dana: they talked about that for sure. >> bill: breaking news in kenosha, wisconsin. kyle rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense. drop inside the courtroom now. >> may i just have a moment? >> sure. >> bill: timing is everything. >> dana: this just happened. kyle rittenhouse has taken the stand and the gentleman that
7:41 am
was at the dias there can i have two minutes? i have to run back to my office. the judge granted the request. we're waiting until it gets back underway. the trial has moved faster than some people thought that it would. kyle rittenhouse now going to testify in his own defense. >> some witnesses for the prosecution that wrapped at the end of the day yesterday i do believe, they were not a great help to the prosecution's case. >> dana: they were not. >> bill: there were some questions and some answers from the witnesses that really make you take a double take as to what the case can ultimately conclude as to guilt or innocence on behalf of this young man who got in his car and drove to kenosha, wisconsin during the black lives matter protest of last year and let's just say the riots were nasty and there were a lot of guns on the streets and rittenhouse got into an altercation with several others and he is on trial for that case at the moment.
7:42 am
there are many people who thought well, maybe this was a case that should end after the witnesses did not go the way the prosecution had expected. >> dana: because one of the things that it showed is that the gun was pointed at him so then rittenhouse's claim of self-defense would logically apparently you would imagine to the jury that's in their minds. they will hear from him this morning in kenosha, wisconsin as this trial is underway trying to wrap it up after the prosecution went forward. geraldo said something interesting on "the five" yesterday. i don't think i'm breaking a confidence. he was just explaining how in this situation because the prosecution went the way it did, this defense presentation could be quite short. >> bill: wow. some would wonder why you put the defendant on the stand and that is a decision his lawyers make. obviously they feel they have a very strong case. >> dana: the gentleman who went
7:43 am
to his office that is him just returning. we'll listen in to see how this goes. >> hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. [no audio at the moment]
7:44 am
>> stand and raise your right hand. do you swear the testimony you are about the give in this matter will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> yes. >> you may be seated. >> would you please state your name and spell your last name for the record? >> kyle rittenhouse, r-i-t-t-e-n-h-o-u-s-e. >> where do you reside? >> walworth county. >> on august 25th, 2020 did you come to downtown kenosha to look for trouble? >> no. >> would you have shot joseph rosenbaum if he hadn't chased you trying to take your firearm? >> objection.
7:45 am
leading. >> sustained. >> are you a high school graduate? >> yes. >> what high school? >> penn foster online high school. >> are you currently enrolled in further studies? >> i'm a college student studying nursing at arizona state university. >> who do you currently live with? >> my mom and two sisters. >> directing your attention to august 25, 2020 where did you reside? >> antioch, illinois. 286 anita terrace, apartment 104, antioch, illinois. >> who did you live with there? >> my not and two sisters. >> what is your father's name? >> michael. >> back on august 25, 2020, where did he reside? >> he lived in kenosha, in the city of kenosha in the apartments behind the pick and save. >> do you have any other family from kenosha? >> yes. >> what?
7:46 am
>> my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle and cousins all live in the city of kenosha. >> there has been testimony in this trial about the firearm in question which has been marked -- exhibit 28. you have seen that gun? >> yes. >> before august 25 of 2020, had that gun ever left the state of wisconsin? >> no. >> now, before this event happened on august 25th of 2020, did you have any hobbies? >> yes. >> tell the jury what you liked to do. >> i was a swimmer. i enjoyed working. i was a lifeguard, hanging out with friends, going to the beach. just normal teenage stuff. >> were you a member of any groups, organized groups? >> yes. >> what? >> i was a police explorer and
7:47 am
a firefighter and cadet for antioch fire department. >> do you have any training in lifesaving, anything like that? >> yes. >> what? >> i was a certified lifeguard. i was a certified -- i am a certified lifeguard and swim instructor. i am certified in stop the bleed cpr, automatic external defibrillator and basic life support. >> okay. on august 25 of 2020, where were you employed? >> i was furloughed at the ymca in illinois because of the covid-19 pandemic and i was working at the recplex in pleasant prairie. >> here in kenosha county? >> yes. >> on the night of the 24th did you come to downtown kenosha? >> not downtown but i came to
7:48 am
kenosha for work. >> after your shift at work completed, where did you go >> i went to dominic black's father's house. i believe his name is scott dick hart. it has been a while since i saw him. >> who is dominic black in relationship to you? >> dominic black and my sister used to date. >> and on the night of the 24th, were you aware of anything going on in kenosha? >> i knew there was protests, demonstrations and riots going on in the later evening. >> how were you aware of that? >> i saw videos on social media, on facebook live streams, tik tok. i saw the car source one burning down. i saw a police officer get assaulted. he had a brick thrown at his head and i saw the mattress
7:49 am
store owner get knocked out and i believe his jaw was open and had to be wired shut or something. >> you saw all of that on the 24th. >> yes. >> did you go to downtown kenosha at that time and try to do anything about it? >> no, i did not. >> directing your attention to the late morning of august 25th, 2020, did you have occasion to go downtown? >> i did go to downtown in the morning of august 25th. >> who did you go there with? >> dominic black, my sister and ray dick heart. we walked around for a little bit and around 11:30 or noon we ended up at the central high school and cleaned graffiti for an hour and a half to two hours. >> showing you what's been
7:50 am
previously marked as exhibit 131, do you recognize that? >> i do. >> could you describe what you see in that photo? >> towards the left in the olive green shirt that's me and then to my left that's ray dick hart and to my right is my sister mckenzie rittenhouse. we're cleaning graffiti off the high school. >> were you getting paid to do this? >> no, i was not. >> and you see what the graffiti says? >> yes. >> did you know what it said as you were cleaning it off? >> yes. >> i won't repeat it. after you were done doing that what did you do? >> we were walking and we went to the car source lot the first location, and we were looking at the destruction of the burnt cars and we saw the owner sam and sally believe that's what they told us their names were. >> and you saw when we say car
7:51 am
source, the one you met sam and sal at is car source number one and the one we played a video of all the burnt out cars. >> yes. >> did you have any discussion with sam and sal? >> briefly. i offered my condolences and said if there is anything i can do, please reach out to me. he gave me his number. i gave him my number. and -- >> you were with dominic black at that time? >> i was. >> and your sister. >> yes. >> and what did you do after that? >> after that we walked back to -- i believe we parked our car by -- you see those parking lots? we parked our car right in this parking lot on that corner over there. >> you are referring to the
7:52 am
parking lot which is at the corner of 59th and sheridan. it would be the southeast corner, correct? >> correct. >> you are pointing the dot. you parked closer to eighth street, correct? >> yes. >> bill: you can put the pointer down. >> who car did you get there in? >> dominic black's. >> when you left, where did you go? >> once we left that parking lot we went to dominic black's father's house again and hung out there for a little bit. >> and do you know who nick smith is? >> i do. >> did you have any contact with nick smith that afternoon? >> later in the evening around 3:30, 4:00 he called me. >> when he called you, what was the nature of the call? >> at first nick smith wanted us to drive him to chicago -- not chicago, by o'hare airport, the suburbs of chicago because
7:53 am
he wanted to buy a bullet proof vest and dominic said okay, we'll drive him and then he said okay, i need you to pick me up at 3:30 or 4:00. >> did you go and pick him up eventually? >> yes. we actually -- before we picked him up with went to gel inski's. dominic wanted me to buy two rifle slings. >> you did? >> one was for my rifle and the other for dominic's rifle. >> why did you care about your rifle that evening? >> the reason for the slings were just so it is like a retainer so if i'm helping somebody with first-aid i can just dangle my rifle behind me and i don't have to worry about
7:54 am
somebody randomly picking it off the ground so it won't be taken from the ground. >> what time did you go to gill inski's? >> 2:30 but i don't know for sure. >> when did you first have contact with nick smith? >> 3:30 -- 3:15, 3:30. >> was there any discussion regarding car source at that time? >> yes. nick smith once we picked him up wanted to go to a back to withdraw money. the bank was closed and he was like hey, would you guys like to come with me and help watch over the car source to make sure there are no fires or anything and dominic said yes. i agreed. i said okay. and then i said here, nick, i don't really need my bullet proof vest. i will help people with first-aid and i gave him my bullet proof vest. >> by giving him your bullet
7:55 am
proof vest that stopped the need to go to o'hare airport? >> yes. >> why does a 17-year-old kid have a bullet proof vest? >> issued to me by the police department. >> you didn't purchase it? >> no, i did not. >> and after you gave him your bullet proof vest where did you go? >> we went back to nick smith's house where we parked dominic black's car. >> and then what did you do? >> we walked from mr. smith's house -- once we parked at nick smith's house we walked from his house to the car source one, cutting through the ruther central back side parking lot because nick smith lives on the same street -- >> he lives within walking distance from here? >> yes. >> so you go to car source one, the burnt out one?
7:56 am
>> no, car source two across the street. >> at car source two is where you spent most of the evening? >> yes. >> when you first got to car source two, the one at 59th and sheridan, what happened? >> the owners were there, sam, sa*l and his father and i believe -- i think it was his uncle there also driving a van of some sort. >> and what was the discussion? >> sam and sal were coming out to help. and then he said -- sal said why don't you guys hop in my car. if i remember correctly it was either a white or black bmw or mercedes. i don't recall exactly. >> why did he want you to get in his car? >> he was going to drive us down to car source lot number three. >> did you agree to get in his car? >> i did. >> who went to car source number three? >> me, dominic black, and nick
7:57 am
smith. >> and who was driving? >> sal. >> and when you got there, what happened? >> we got out and we hung around for a couple minutes and then some people showed up. i now know who they are but at the time i didn't. >> show you what's been marked as exhibit 30, do you recognize that exhibit? >> i do. >> and can you -- your honor, can you go up there and point out -- can you point out the people who you knew before that picture was taken and name them? >> yes.
7:58 am
this is -- this is sal, the owner. the is brian, this is joe an and justin hamilton. this is dustin kolett and nicholas met. i don't recall his name, this is me and this is dominic black. >> you can have a seat. we've heard testimony about you, nick and dominic. you knew those individuals before august 25th of 2020? >> i knew nicholas smith and dominic black. >> okay. you did not know the owner of car source previously? >> i did not.
7:59 am
>> was he being nice to you guys? was he happy you were there, was he mad at you for being there, describe it? >> he was happy we were there. >> you heard their testimony, the two owners i believe on friday afternoon? >> i did. >> and did they give you permission to be there? >> they did. >> and the other individuals in this photograph, some of whom have testified in this trial, 10 minutes before this photograph was taken, did you know any of them? >> i did not. >> had you ever spoken to any of them? >> no. >> and when you were there, what was the idea? was there a plan? what was going to happen? >> yes, the plan was to -- i went down there to provide first-aid and i brought my orange first-aid kit fanny pack and i also brought my pelican box which was filled with first-aid stuff by my feet to
8:00 am
provide first-aid. >> the orange box by your feet you referred to as the pelican box. >> yes. >> do you have that before the 25th? >> was it stuffed with things you had bought and brought? >> yes. >> and do you go with that every day or is that because of the situation? >> it was in the trunk of my car. >> the fanny pack, what's the situation with that? >> it was my work bag. i brought it to work with me and put it under my lifeguard book. >> it had first-aid supplies? >> yes. >> after the meeting here at 63rd and sheridan road at car source three what happened? >> after the photograph, i believe -- i don't recall exactly but there was about two or three vans that pulled up. big vans with people inside of them. >> okay. what was their role in this evening? >> well, they showed up and they wanted to protect the


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