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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 10, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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onlyservice founded in a bar. carley: i love the bar story with the marine corps. thank you so much for waking up and joining us this morning. we appreciate it. todd: appreciate you, joey. with that a big show coming up on "fox & friends." do you not want to miss it especially what's coming up right at the top. carley: that's right. starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the president will head to baltimore today to push his massive social spending bill. >> infrastructure plan things are only going to get worse and it doesn't help the middle class who is dying right now in america. >> a parents organization announcing it has obtained the signatures needed to challenge the loudoun county school board members. >> laughed at in this country because of our school board. >> school board belongs to us not you. >> the connection between the infamous dossier and a member of the current biden administration. >> information yourself for
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years by promoting. >> i completely disagree. >> it ditched biggest climate summit in the world to celebrate halloween. >> the kids couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween. i had no choice. i had to cancel that trip. >> today the marine corps is celebrating its 246th birthday. ♪ ♪ [battle hymn of the republic] ♪ [battle hymn of the republic]
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♪ [battle hymn of the republic] steve: live from new york city, ladies and gentlemen this on the 246th anniversary of the birth of the marine corps. that is live in front of our world headquarters as we wake up the neighborhood with the president's own u.s. marine band playing battle hymn of the republic as we listen ♪ ainsley: beautiful. [applause] brian: fantastic. i didn't think anyone in the neighborhood is going to complain do you? steve: we are in the middle of new york city. ainsley: by the way no one lives around here. these are all businesses. we are all wearing the pin this morning. yours suspect there. mine is here. brian: salute to the marines. steve: they will be with us all
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week long. brian: point out in the past when we have had the band out there on the birthday of the marines so terrible because it's so cold. today it is beautiful. ainsley: going to get cold next week. we are enjoying it while we can. brian: we will be in florida. ainsley: that's true. we checked. 75 degrees can down there in hollywood, florida next tuesday when we are there and leaves the day we leave. steve. steve: everybody who served in the marine corps hats off today. talk a little bit about the president of the united states going to be going to the port of baltimore later today. essentially what he is going to do he is going to do a p.r. job. he did pass that big infrastructure bill. the bipartisan one but his poll numbers are in the toilet. he has to show people how he and the white house are helping people across the country even though at 8:30 morning we will get a big number a little later out today that shows just how
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bad inflation is and the forecast is close to an historic 6%. ainsley: expected to have risen 6% in the month of october. likely to show prices have surged at fastest pace in 30 years. what are americans concerned about? they are concerned about inflation and the economy. brian: and supply chain, even though we are too dumb to understand how supply chain works. i wish the president would talk slower to us. i know this the shelves are empties, the barges are follow full and so are the ports of ships. now when we do unload the ships with containers we have nowhere to put them. got to find a place to do that because we are 60 to 80,000 truck drivers down. but the president says everything is going just fine. which is something you are not buying. look at some of the things affecting your lives. like inflation, these products are so commonplace it's hard to go anywhere in this country and say it doesn't affect me. del month at a sauce my mom aree
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would not make a sauce without del monte. kraft hynes, ikea make everything. mondlez and proctor and gamble. ainsley: all of our meats have gone up. bone in ribeyes have doubled since last november. last november you paid 8.71 per pound. this year you will pay 16.99 a pound. bacon, beef chuck steaks highest price in a decade. meat packers are blaming this on supply chain crisis. they have to pay people $20 an hour now. steve: since joe biden is going to the port of baltimore, he should know this. if he is watching, good morning, mr. president. you know one of the problems right now the ports are congested. the big shipping container companies. we get everything here from over there. those things, what is happening right now is because the shipping companies know that it's much more lucrative to
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bring stuff from china to the united states, so they're not doing any -- they are not doing as many contracts from the united states shipping the meat over seas. and so, in other words, the meat packers are having a real -- they are in a pickle, which also are up about 25%. they are in a pickle over trying to get stuff from the united states over there. that's one of the reasons why, ainsley, exactly right. never in history to cost as much to put a bone-in rib roast on christmas table. steaks are a dollar a pound more for the strip steaks. i looked at a chart and bacon is two bucks more a pound than it was last year. i went and bought my beloved cream of mushroom soup yesterday. my jaw dropped. it was $2 a can. a can of campbell's soup $2. brian: put it on layaway. pick it every every month.
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steve: christmas club. ainsley: smart to shop early. two weeks we have thanksgiving. look what the we are experiencing shortage wise. there isn't enough turkey out there. cranberry sauce. yams. sweet potatoes and refrigerated pies. brian: do you think the president won't pardon the turkeys? ainsley: we need them. steve: they never eat those turkeys. they release them into the wild or kids do or something like that. brian: one administration's turkeys meet with the other or keep them separate. ainsley: wherever release them go there and grab them. steve: turkeys are 60% sold out. ainsley: that was in october. steve: buying the expensive soup yesterday. and bob, the butcher said hey, pick up your turkey now. the problem is who has room for a 16-pound turkey right now unless you are one of the people who bought the big freezer last yearenned a lot of people did. that's one of the reasons why there were meat shortages people were hoarding stuff. unless you buy it right now you
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might not have the space. ainsley: put in t. in a relative's freezer. brian: i don't know if i applebying the butcher story everyone knows sam with the butcher. you have bob? ainsley: sam from the brady bunch dating alice. brian: they never got alice. steve: was that on abc. ainsley: i don't remember what network. brian: always a syndication. steve: i lived in the country. we only got cbs. i don't know any shows from the 60's and 70s. brian: when the phone rang had you to climb the pole? steve: we only could see the cbs affiliate out of topeka. i had no idea who was on abc or nbc. ainsley: did you grow up watching. steve: mary tyler moore and walter cronkite. real news and fake news. there were no uhf stations in kansas. brian: i'm surprised it didn't take off. i think it will make a comeback.
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if charles payne is watching put your money in uhf. ainsley: did they say do you realize you are on tv right now. back to the news. brian: do you know what joe biden is doing by going to baltimore? act like you care. there is something about the american people. ainsley: we need unify. our party needs to unify. brian: his party needs to unify. what about the country? that was the goal. you go to the ports. i say from day one as soon as donald trump supply chain. he would have been on the phone with the 74 barge captains to say why are you still out there? what's it going to take to get to you port? here is a bull horn. hired somebody and fired somebody in the meantime. total different approach to do it. three weeks later joe biden is going to make his way to the port and pretend to be solving a problem in a jean shirt and hat. ainsley: what are they going to say are you better off today than yesterday. we are worse off today than yesterday. brian: literally yesterday. ainsley: exactly the prices are going up.
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steve: if joe biden cared he would get on air force 1 and go to the port of los angeles. he is going to baltimore. brian: baby steps. steve: as we have heard from shippers, one of the problem is the unions out in los angeles and long beach. because, do you know what? as we had darrell issa on about 10 days ago he said do you know what? as soon as president said everybody is going to work 24/7 the longshoremen said we will take our time. in fact, fewer ships unloaded. brian: long shoreman cinderella man. depression because it was the depression. ainsley: the way tended up such a great story. brian: don't give it away. brian: new revelations into the investigation of the durham probe. pay attention to this. find out which member of biden's cabinet was named in the latest indictment. ainsley: plus, rules for thee but not for me. speaker nancy pelosi spotted without a mask at a billionaire's wedding as kids all across her state are forced to mask up even on the
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rogers signed $14,000 and the team was hit with $300,000 fine. rogers revealing last week he tested positive for covid. the quarterback and teammate lazarro attended a team halloween party which violates the nfl restrictions for unvaccinated players. schoolless in seattle. canceled classes friday due to a teacher shortage. sending a letter to parents a larger than normal number of staff requested leave on friday. the school district blamed fatigue among student and staff but is offering the long weekend as a solution. schools were already scheduled to be closed tomorrow for veterans day. tourists are ready to take a bite out of the big apple again. new york city reclaiming its title as the number one travel destination. travelers from all over the globe are flooding the city after the 20-month travel ban was finally lifted. the increase in foreign
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travelers could help the city regain the $80 billion in lost tourism revenue throughout the pandemic. so, if you own a restaurant in the city, i'm sure you are very happy about that. steve: absolutely. just make sure you bring your vaccination card because they are not going to let you in. carley: got to bring the card. steve: when you leave, please take a garbage bag. ainsley: even if you sit outside and have to run inside to go to the restroom you have to show the vaccination card at the door. steve: bring it. brian: soon 5 to 11-year-olds will have to bring their own i.d. and provide their own transportation. ainsley: what happens if you lose your vaccination card. you should see mine. it's like the edges are tainted and gross. brian: i downloaded the card. steve: take a picture of it. ainsley: i do have that and save it in favorites. easier than scrolling all the way back. steve: let me go into that album. you know the russian collusion hoax, right? you know the main source for the
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dossier was just indicted. before that john durham also indicted the dnc lawyer by the name of michael sussmann. he was charged with lying to the fbi. in mr. sussmann's indictment, it's interesting, because a foreign policy adviser was listed. it said -- it detailed how hillary rodham clinton campaign lawyer exchanged email with a campaign energy and the communications director and a foreign policy adviser. as it turns out, fox news, through two sources, has learned that that foreign policy adviser is joe biden's national security adviser jake sullivan. that's the guy in the lawsuit or in the indictment. ainsley: he's in the indictment. he is one of joe biden's cabinet members now. and what's significant about this? it shows the first connection to the biden administration. but there is no indictment that jake sullivan is the target of the durham investigation. steve: that we know of. ainsley: he received information from the campaign lawyer.
3:19 am
sussmann, the man who was indicted who was hillary clinton's lawyer. he told the fbi he wasn't doing any work for a client when he held this meeting about trump and russia. then he later sent hillary clinton's campaign a bill for that meeting. steve: he is working as a clinton campaign adviser when he tipped off the feds about this electronic communications between a russian bank and the trump campaign. that's the problem for him. brian: which was just a marketing line. there was no real link between this bank of trump and russia. so do you understand what's going on here? they are saying this is russian collusion going on. they are building up this story line. they are hiring someone to come up with information. that person got information from this russian danchenko and it was all faulty, unverified. that's called the dossier. and what's astounding at the top of the pyramid is this guy chuck dole dolan jr. chuck he worked for tall better.
3:20 am
they were dealing with boris yelton. he had impeccable contacts in russia. could the american linked give the russian information to give the steele dossier that was the bailiffs for this whole probe? and, remember, christopher steele was so motivated by this faulty information he came do the u.s. and started lobbying writers. and saying write this story. write this story. and then he gives it to mother jones. and mother jones starts it and they blow it up. do you believe this guy, keep your eye on chuck dolan jr. so morgan ortagus had a chance to fill in on "the view" and worked for state department spokesperson under mike pompeo. great friend of this show. who knows this information and knows how distracted the trump team had to be because of this russian probe. listen to how he confronts adam schiff who just wants to sell a book. see if adam schiff blinks at all. watch at home. >> you defended, promoted, you
3:21 am
even read into the congressional record the steele dossier. we know last week the main source of the dossier was indicted by the fbi for lying about most of the key claims in a dossier. >> first of all, whoever lied to the fbi or lied to christopher steele should be prosecuted. >> but you made of this information yourself for years by promoting this i think that's what republicans and people who entrusted you as the intel committee chair are so confused about your culpability in all of. this i completely disagree with your premise. it's one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they were. it's another to say that we should have foreseen advance that some people were lying to christopher steele. but let's not use that as a smoke screen to somehow shield donald trump's cull packet for inviting russia to help him in the election, which they did. for trying to force ukraine to helping in the next election. none of that is undercut. none of that serious misconduct has any way diminished by the fact that people lied to
3:22 am
christopher steele. >> no, i think just your credibility is. ainsley: remember back then it was shifty schiff he pushed and pushed this dossier. steve: while she had him, was grilling him yesterday, let's return to jake sullivan who sits in the white house. he works for joe biden. he has a connection now to the russia hoax. and, ainsley, you are absolutely right. there is no indicates he is the target of a probe that we know of. but, the "new york post" details how he may have committed perjury during a closed door congressional hearing in 2017 because sullivan denied knowing any specific details about hillary clinton's it oppo research efforts or that sussmann's law firm was working for the campaign until october that year. that is not true. it appears. given the fact that they were, as i mentioned, a moment ago, they were all talking to each other. so, then he tells the congress, yeah, i don't know anything about this. it looks like he knew about it. would that be perjury? it might. brian: put it this way, not
3:23 am
good. joe biden what did he know? and number two is, it's also clear that barack obama was briefed that the hillary clinton campaign was looking to distract from her email probe by trumping up a connection between russia and trump. do you understand what's going on here? this keeps going back to hillary clinton's campaign. and what is really insidious and sinister, is that she kept it going after she lost. and it hurt this country. forget about president trump. really hurt trump but it hurt our country for the next three and a half years and cost us millions of dollars. and made us look like the laughing stock of the world. and vladimir putin might have given dolan this information to danchenko to steele to us. that's why he is playing it. and that's why trump was sitting there saying are you kidding me? what about my russian links. what adam schiff just showed you how distracted he is. he said the ukraine, he asked russia to help. the ukrainian probe, trying to
3:24 am
get stuff -- had nothing to do with the question. what happened with russia, one day he made a comment hey, russia, if you have any more emails, bring it forward. have you met donald trump? that was a sarcastic comment like he made throughout his public life. ainsley: let's change topics here and talk about masks. out in california all the kids have to wear masks to school. many of them have to wear masks outside. it's happening here in new york, too. parents can go to a billy joel concert on friday. everyone inside madison square garden no masks at all. had you to show vaccination card. our kids are on the playground with masks. you hear constantly people saying we are so sick of wearing these masks and our kids are trying to learn to read and they can't because the teachers can't even see their mouths, the kids can't see the teacher's mouths. they don't know what they completely look like. if you go tout to california, nancy pelosi and all these liberal democrats have given us all these rules. yet, they are not following them. and it just broke that nancy pelosi was at this lavish wedy at the getty mansion.
3:25 am
she was city hall first in san francisco officiating the wedding and go over to the getty mansion where the celebration continues. more than 100 people. supposed to wear a mask more than 100 people in california and she is seen without a mask. >> that's the wedding with the getty billionaire heiress ivy gety. sounds like a fantastic party. earth, wind and fire performed. brian: did we go? steve: we were not invited we had that meeting with sam the butcher. kids in california have to wear masks in will school. keep in mind, in san francisco, where this happened. they relaxed the indoor mask mandates for religious gatherings if everybody is vaccinated and that was a requirement. but only for groups less than 100. in a couple of these wide shots, people from the press counted and they saw at least, i think that's the wide shot. at least 60 people right there. so were there more than 100 people? ainsley: they counted more than 100 chairs. steve: okay. don't know that chairs count.
3:26 am
but you have got to figure a getty wedding is going to be more than a 100 people. it goes to show you once again the hypocrisy. and that's one of the -- that's reopen california schools put out this tweet. why were guests able to do this maskless indoor when school dances across california are canceled and kids must keep masks on seven hours a day, including outlines at recess in many parts of california. including san francisco. brian: when are people in california going to get fed up with this and make a change in the only thing worse than the hypocrisy there is the homeless situation that she perpetuates. remember the outdoor fundraiser that she had was maskless. remember her at the beauty parlor maskless. again, how long are people -- ainsley: gavin newsom was at the wedding too and remember when he went to that swanky restaurant. steve: so was the mayor of san francisco where they know the rules but they don't necessarily follow them. ainsley: but you should. brian: meanwhile up next part
3:27 am
one interview with south carolina senator tim scott. >> i'm not called to serve black penal. people. it says a lot about south carolina that they chose me and elected me to be their senator. brian: his vision to unite the country thrill and presidential hopeful. is he? we'll talk about it. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities.
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i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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carley: good morning back with your headlines. a illegal immigrant pleading guilty. accused of murdering two people in douglas county. police didn't say how or when guzman arrived in the united states. prosecutors sought the death penalty but it was dropped as part of his plea agreement. tmz is reporting rapper travis scott was seen partying with dave and buckers with drake after performing at the astroworld festival. scott was reportedly unaware of what happened but left after hearing of the tragedy. the rapper and concert organizers are facing dozens of lawsuits from those in attendance. 8 people died and hundreds of others were injured at friday night's show. california governor gavin newsom
3:32 am
reemerging tuesday after disappearing from the public eye for nearly two weeks. newsom blaming a canceled appearance at the top 26 climate summit on family halloween plans. >> kids had intervention they couldn't believe i was going to miss halloween. i had no choice i had to san sell that trip. >> bowing out of the can setter. reportedly making an appearance with other california dems at a lavish wedding of oil heiress ivy gety. look at that those your headlines, guys. steve: i see a couple of masks in the background. brian: you write that on your taxes oil heiress. carley: some democrats caught at lavish weghts. steve: when your name is getty at the getty mansion. brian: come to my lavish wedding because i'm an oil heiress.
3:33 am
ainsley: who were the photographers? here on the east coast tim scott from the great state of south carolina getting successful fundraising for 2022 re-election campaign. fueling speculation that a presidential bid might be in his future. brian: on monday i had a chance to visit with the senator, spend a day with him. home state of south carolina and talk to him about his political future. here's part one of our five part series. >> >> senator, i want to talk politics. >> yes. first off. you got into it because you wanted to give back startersed on local level. >> 100 percent. county council. went to the school boards two years in the state house is a very short amount of time in the state house. i realized very quickly that while that was a great experience, i wanted to do something different. so irs can going to run for lieutenant governor. every place i went around the state they said you shouldn't run for lieutenant governor. you should run for congress. everything you are speaking about is a federal issue not a
3:34 am
state issue. brian: you were there a couple of years and then all of a sudden senator jim da mint says i'm going to retire right away. governor nikki haley has to quickly fill that spot. >> i found myself in a position i had never even dreamt of being becoming a united states senator of south carolina. never dreamed that was possible. brian: historic nature of you being named african-american in south carolina. what role does that have in you saying i have to make the most of this? >> well, i think i'm burdened by history in many ways meaning that so many times the conversation starts off about the first african-american senator from the south. blessing and curse at the same time. my theory is i'm not called to serve black people. i'm just called to serve americans. i think it says a lot about our country and says a lot about south carolina that they chose me and then elected me to be their senator.
3:35 am
i like talking about the evolution of the southern heart. because the state i live in is not the state that my grandfather was born. in not the state that my mother was born in, even though both are called south carolina. this south carolina is different. we have evolved so much in so little time. brian: right. >> access to real opportunity, being judged by your character and not your color is my reality. brian: you will talk about race. you would rather not. >> absolutely. brian: you would rather not. even though it's necessary. but you would rather talk about the issues in your party and the country. >> i prefer just to be one of 100 to be one person representing a state and the nation, not the black guy. but just a guy. but that's not my plight. and i'm okay with that i have embraced but i also like talking about people who have been marginalized and disproportionately a lot of african-americans have that experience. but, in south carolina, that's true for my rural folks as well.
3:36 am
rural south carolina has been without representation. rural america has been without representation. brian: what did you and what did republicans learn, if anything from now governor elect youngkin's campaign? >> well, i have been trying to say it for a long time and he just did it. happy warriors attract bigger crowds. that politics is a game of addition. that talking about education is something that we, as republicans, should always focus on. having parental involvement is key. i have talked about the importance of school choice and education equality for a long time. he has run on those issues that resonate with the average person in this country. if we were to win in 2022 and beyond, we have to talk plain english for our folks, when we do and champ i don't understand causes they believe in the most we will be okay. brian: senator, when you look at your career, one thing that stands out that people took notice when you had the rebuttal
3:37 am
to the state of the union address. what was it about that speech and your delivery that worked? >> i think it was just being authentically and sincerely myself. i think america is hungry for some good news. i think america is hungry to hear the truth that while we have an original sin, we are not a racist country. that fighting discrimination with discrimination is wrong. i think america wants to remember that the greatest dreams of our people doesn't happen in washington. it happens in every day places all over the country on both sides of the proverbial track. i think just sharing that truth of who we are and the progress we have made and the hurdles that remain, i think it was at the right time. brian: and counter to what the president was saying. the president has a totally different message. >> absolutely his is a collectiveness somehow if we
3:38 am
redivide all of our resources you will get your fair share. that's just wrong. that somehow that, i mean, president trump did a good job when he said america will never be a socialist country. brian: right. >> biden has been leading in the opposite direction. this is the divide where people like me can step in and it fill. because i have seen the government come in with good intentions to help people but it just made you a little more comfortable in your poverty. never an escape route. we on the right provide escape route. brian: since that time a buzz about tim scott not only running for senate re-election but the presidency. a lot of people say seau see that in you what do you say when people say that. >> a never think about what's next. fight for what's now. a lot of folks have been waiting for their chance to running for president. i'm waiting for another chance to represent people. i'm not as interested in titles
3:39 am
as i am in representing the people that i love. and that's this country and that's my state. wherever the good lord takes me i will go. steve: i believe that. ainsley: i mean, amazing. every single thing he said was beautiful. brian: it's natural. it's not rehearsed. i would say this. i wouldn't say you rule it out. he doesn't need to be president. a lot of people you meet who need it. other thing is he will not run if president trump runs. he will make that clear. steve: a lot of people would like to see him on the g.o.p. ticket in 2024. ainsley: what incredible message evolution ever the southern heart and that's so true. gosh, he's great. steve: there is more tomorrow, right? brian: more friday. >> steve: good reason to come back friday. brian: you see him out in the street talking with the people. king street. ainsley: walking on king street a lot of people coming up to him and shaking hands. brian: reminded me of trump a lot of people in cars. ainsley: thought they were screaming at you. brian: it really hurt.
3:40 am
steve: that's why you were on king street. ainsley: if it makes you feel any better you did an excellent job. brian: thanks. ainsley: ignore us at your peril. two moms put elected officials on notice and they set the record straight on the role that parents play in their kids' education. steve: still ahead president biden's ftc nominee wants more control of the airways, joe concha on that what it means for conservative media straight ahead on this wednesday. ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling.
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3:45 am
one where parents played a crucial role and probably won't be the last. "the washington post" detailed what school board moms really want and why candidates ignore it at their peril. the co-founders of mom for liberty tiffany justice and tina join us now live from older. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: tiffany, what was the message last week with the youngkin win? >> >> parents are paying attention to elections and getting involved. this is just the beginning of parents' voices being heard in their children's education in our country. steve: absolutely. tina, you guys write in your op-ed, the three groups that define education today teachers unions, school boards, often hand picked by the unions, and big business, and none of them put students' interest first. and that's where the parents come, in right? >> absolutely. parents are ready to reclaim their parental rights, especially at the level of education, we are seeing that
3:46 am
across america. steve: tiffany, what exactly got this started? was it covid where so many parents were looking over the soldiers shoulders of their kids saying hey this isn't right. it's not just about mouth and it's not just about crt. it's about transportation and a lot of things that impact our kids. we feel like the school board isn't paying attention. >> well, as a former school board members tina and i both served on florida school boards from 2016 to 2020. we saw behind the education curtain. i think what covid did was really let all of america see behind the education curtain and what parents saw, they were not happy about. steve: absolutely. tina, you say we continue to hold our elected officials accountable and if they ignore our input, we will vote them out. and that's actually kind of what we saw last night in loudoun county. we will show some video of that in about 15 minutes. you have started with right now you have got 60,000 members, extraordinarily. in 33 states and 150 chapters. but you want to make this bigger, don't you?
3:47 am
>> >> absolutely. our goal is to have a mom's liberty chapter in every country in the country. over 3,000 chapters and long term to have a moms for liberty member and moms for liberty shirt at every school board meeting now until the end of time. keeping an eye and watching over those school districts. steve: tiffany, this is different than belonging to the pta, the parent teacher association. this is just mainly the parent part. >> well, we encourage our moms to build relationships with all levels of government, whether that's your school district, your -- the teachers in your school. whether that's your county commission. we are about building relationships so that moms can make positive change. on times when parents engage with their school district it's at a moment of crisis. what we are hoping to do help these moms to be effective advocates so their voices can be heard in their kids' education. steve: in the coming months and years you would like to get 3,000 chapters across the country. tina, what's your website if people are interested in more
3:48 am
information. >> please visit us for moms for steve: easy enough. moms for thank you for joining us live from orlando. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. steve: all right. let's hit the streets. janice dean, fox senior meteorologist is outside and there's a big picture of some guy behind you. what's going on out there? janice: i don't know. we will go chat with them in just a second. first, i want to talk about the weather here in new york city. it's going to be beautiful. we do have a storm system that's going to track across the midwest and the northern plains. and that's going to bring the potential for maybe some blizzard conditions. so i want to make people aware now because wednesday into thursday, the first big snow of the season is going to happen and then we have the potential for very gusty winds that could bring those blizzard conditions. keep that in mind. it's going to be dangerous to travel. we will keep you up to date with fox weather, of course. then look at the snow forecast. over a foot for parts of minnesota back through the dakotas and that is going to be a big deal as we get into
3:49 am
wednesday. now, on the warmer side of this, we could see the threat for severe storms, including large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. we can keep an eye on that and there is your forecast today. beautiful 65 degrees in new york city. real quick, no. we are going to go back inside to steve. steve: all right, janice, thank you very much. janice: you bet. steve: blizzard, i can't believe that's coming. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. meet the teenager patriot award from his own home. the president's own u.s. marine band performs "this is my country" on fox square as we celebrate the marine corps' 246th birthday ♪ ♪ [this is my country] ♪ ♪ voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel
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♪ ainsley: a long island teenager wants to deliver a message of unity across the country as he turns patriotic passion for making wooden american flags into a business. his name is bulb rioter. he has made over 100 hand crafted american flags. creating the awards for the winners of next week's fox nation patriot awards. the founder of long island flags
3:54 am
bobby rioter joins us now. hey, bobby. >> hello. >> good morning. how old are you. >> i'm 17 years old. senior in high school. ainsley: it is so impressive. how did you start this company? >> so, i started the company during the quarantine last year when all the covid restrictions hit. i had a lot of free time on my hands. my mom told me to go and get a hobby. so i got a hobby but as you have probably seen it's grown a little bit bigger than that now. ainsley: i know. we got in touch with you and said will you make the awards for the patriot awards for all of our hometown heroes. how many are you making? >> yeah. so i am making nine total awards for the show next week. ainsley: have you already done it? >> yeah. i have. ainsley: that's great. this is a symbol that should not divide our country but in many cases it does. what's your message to the folks who are using this for division? >> so, i think when we look at the american flag, we can look at it in a way where we don't really think much about it we see it as a piece of cloth just
3:55 am
hanging on a flag pole or we can look at it as something that divides our country and embodies everything that's wrong with it but what i think is the right way to look at the flag and minnesota beneficial for us is to see it as a symbol of unity and basically i see the american flag as a symbol of the ideals that we strive for in this country which most people can agree with politically, which is a rare sentence to hear but a lot of times people value things like human rights, freedom, equal opportunity. i think if we can see those things represented in the american flag, then when we look at it, when we see it like on our commute to work, to school, then those things are brought to the forefront of our minds and if everyone can begin to see the flag like that, i think it has a unifying power. and it becomes a beacon to strive towards or a goal hit instead of a representation of our faults or inability. and i think when we see it from that point, it becomes a building block on which to improve things and to grow. yeah. that's the message of my
3:56 am
business. ainsley: i know you live out on long island. there was a big red wave last week. you are offering free flags to everyone in congress to create national unity. god bless you. thank you for what you are doing. i look forward to seeing them next week. >> thank you. i look forward to seeing you. ainsley: to purchase one of bobby's flags, go to long island and tune into the fox nation patriot awards if you north going to be there in person next wednesday on november 17th. it's 6:56 here on the east coast. still to come, tom brady is calling out the nfl. the mistake he says the league made. ♪ ♪ give me one reason to stay here ♪ and i'll turn it back around ♪ ♪ give me one reason to stay here women are living longer than ever before with kisqali
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gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. massive social spending bill. >> a lot of billionaires pockets will be lined which doesn't help the middle class which is i doing. >> threaten to butcher holiday plans across the country. >> bone in ribeye 16.99 a pound. some of the highest prices we have seen in a decade. >> matthew mcconaughey sharing his thoughts on vaccine mandates: >> i couldn't mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. i still want to find out more information. >> ignore us at your peril. two moms put elected officials
4:01 am
on notice. parents are paying attention there is just the beginning of parents' voices being heard in their children's education in the country. >> today the marine corps is celebrating its 246th birthday. >> oo-rah hean to the only service founded inside of a bar for a reason. that's part of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: that's the president's own u.s. marine band. they are playing semper fidelis
4:02 am
on fox square in honor of the marine corps' 246th birthday. some of them are in our green room right now. when i was talking to them how big of a deal is this within the organization in your branch? they said it is such a big celebration. one lady said i celebrate this day more than my own physical birthday, the day i was born. steve: really? and and coming up in half an hour we will go outside and cut the cake. the tradition you have seen for over 20 years here on "fox & friends" the oldest marine gets the first piece of cake and then he serves the youngest marine. the oldest marine is from the bronx, actually. and the youngest is from hayes, texas. brian: just like you, we cut the cake with a sword. right? just like they do it. steve: if we need to. ainsley: it's this long. steve: we're boy scouts, be prepared. brian: in case the chainsaw is temperamental use a sword. ainsley: usually have a plastic
4:03 am
knife when we are on set for our birthdays. steve: for all the marines out there watching today happy birthday. ainsley: god bless you. the. steve: the chief is heading to the port of baltimore today amid the supply chain nightmare to sound like they're doing a lot. ainsley: build back better plan would increase the u.s. income tax rate to the highest in the developed world. brian: fantastic. peter doocy is live from the white house with the details. we don't know everything about what the build back better plan would do right, peter? pete: no, still waiting on that. the president for the last couple of months has had a slogan of build back better but he admitted last night that he knows not a lot of people -- not everybody in this country who he is trying to help is feeling it. >> i know a lot of folks don't feel the progress we are making to the economy. i get it. i know the cost of gas, groceries and rent seems to be harder and harder to handle. more reasons why we should pass
4:04 am
my build back better bill. pete: which what he means is he thinks that's more reason taxes should go up on high earners to pay for his plan. because, if the president gets his way, look at this graphic, top earners in this country would pay a whopping 57.4% income tax, highest anywhere above japan, denmark, france, austria and greece. it's unclear whether or not these tax hikes on the rich are going to pay for the new social programs he wants though as the congressional budget office still hasn't finished reviewing the bill and there's a good chance they are not going to finish doing that by next week either when speaker pelosi says she is going to vote on it. a member of the so-called squad in congress ilhan omar says translation, build back better agent is not going to happen next week and everyone should have seen that coming when we decoupled the bills. we are also expecting later on today a key report on how bad inflation has gotten. the president is going to take a
4:05 am
short helicopter ride away today from the port of baltimore supply chain crisis firsthand threatening the very delicate progress he thinks the economy is making. back to you. steve: peter, that 8:30 number about inflation the white house has got to be freaked about that between that and gas going up 1.30 in the last year all bad news on joe biden's watch. >> well, particularly because this is a president who says he doesn't want to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year but ultimately, if there is high inflation, if prices are going up on things like gas and food, then that is effectively a tax on everyone. including those making under $400,000 a year. so, we will see. steve: impacts people making less than $20,000 a year. ainsley: never seen anything like this though where you can't get items that you are ordering. it's taking months and months and months where everything has gone up in price? brian: what about lowering your expectations and stop ordering stuff. why be so lazy you?
4:06 am
don't want the economy humming? it's my fault for trying to have commerce. steve: pete buttigieg a couple of days ago said the problem with the supply chain is everybody is ordering online, go to the stores. you go to the stores. ainsley: shelves have empty. steve: you go to the stores. for instance as is the tradition at our house my wife makes a bone-in beef roast for christmas. now we use marcus luttrell's mom's recipe it's great it's in our cookbook. have to take out a loan. the price of a bone-in ribeye roast has doubled. it's now 17 bucks per pound. the usda looked at prices at 80 different stores across the country bone-in roasts went up 95% in the last year. ainsley: how much would that cost you if you went to a restaurant if you ordered that. $17 at a grocery store? steve: that's just one roast 16 bucks. ainsley: one pound.
4:07 am
steve: exactly. look at bacon. it's gone up, what, 1.75 something like that. fillet minion not that much. skirt steak. ainsley: adds up. steve: close to 3 bucks a pound for skirt steak. ainsley: if you go to the grocery store a list of 20 items. chances are at least two of those items will not be available in the grocery store. steve: the problem is turkey. 60% of the turkeys are out of stock. and that's going to be a problem for turkey day. just saying. brian: if you kept your leftovers from last year you were smart. steve: how would you keep those? ainsley: in the freezer. brian: carefully. other thing i would say what part of the cow is the skirt? like skirt steak? ainsley: never thought about it. brian: nice way of saying way in the back not a rump roast. ainsley: we know what part the boston butt is what part is the skirt? good question. brian: i likening in a question
4:08 am
that's socratic way of talking about meat. ainsley: have to ask sam, the butcher. steve: maybe you shouldn't write a cookbook. [mooing] ainsley: islamic and saw what happened in fairfax county and what happened in the elections last tuesday. last night they had loudoun county school board meeting and it erupted in disruption listen to this. steve: it was loud in lowden. >> finished collecting signatures for your removal petition. i used to think there was no point speaking at these meetings because you never seem to listen anyway. i had it all wrong. it wasn't you who needed to hear our voices. it was all of the parents, grandparents, and neighbors listening at home horrified by your actions and inactions. >> you have lost the trust of this county, all of you, especially you ziggler. and you have been the laughing stock of the country when it comes to school boards. i told you this wasn't about an election. and we are still here.
4:09 am
and we are here for the removal of -- it's not the old petition. this is a new petition, drafted about two and a half weeks ago. we completed this in 13 days. i said we would see you in court. as of 3:30 today we are now in court. thank you. steve: that was not as loud as i thought it was going to be. in reading the depictions of it and we apologize for the sound. but what was happening was they had -- the parents confronted the members of the school board. fight for schools had filed 2,000 signatures on a petition to recall the chairman of the school board. and so that's what they were doing. but they also have gotten together enough signatures apparently to have recalls on the other members of the school board who were part of that facebook group, supposedly, that launched a campaign against parents who opposed. crt and who were conservative. they were all there saying hey, you didn't listen to us, and now
4:10 am
we are doing -- we're following the rules, and we are going to recall all of you. brian: right. i thought it was also interesting to hear, the sincerity in which they say this wasn't about an election. that's what ian prior said at the end. you guys think it is about getting someone elected. it's about removing you guys, school board members because of the curriculum and the way they were attacked. i think they poked the wrong bear so to speak. i also thought it was. steve: mama bear and papa bear. brian: i thought it was interesting that kamala harris, once again, delivered prerecorded remarks to a virtual summit on the democracy alliance. that alliance is a network of liberal funded by george soros talking about the need for critical race theory. total opposite. the one they say doesn't exist. ainsley: party of parents. not just republicans in this party. we saw a lot of independents and democrats vote for youngkin in virginia. and the question is will we see that in a year from now with the midterms? one of the parents said so i'm not going to encourage you.
4:11 am
i think this is ian prior that we heard in that sound bite but it's hard to hear. i'm not going to encourage any of to you resign when you are recalled and removed from office. it will be much more satisfying to see you in court. you interviewed two moms who are making this national. steve: absolutely. so far they have got chapters in 33 states. they have got 60,000 members. the group is called moms for liberty. tiffany justice and tina will located down in orlando. and they were on the program and talking a little bit about the glenn youngkin win really was a win for parents. because parents' voices are finally being heard. watch. >> tina and i both served on florida school boards from 2016 to 2020. we saw behind the education curtain. what covid did was really let all of america see behind the education curtain and what parents saw, they were not happy about. parents are ready to reclaim
4:12 am
their parental rights, especially at the level of education. we are seeing that across america. our goal is to have a chapter, a moms liberty chapter in every county in the country. over 3,000 chapters and long term to have a moms for liberty member and moms for liberty shirt at every school board meeting from now until the end of time. keeping an eye and watching over those school districts. ainsley: we have a teacher coming up later in this hour on the show. wrote an op-ed. i am a teacher and, yes, critical race theory is in your schools. brian: i don't know if they delivered to msnbc or cnn. because they are convinced it doesn't exist unless you are in graduate school. meanwhile, 12 minutes after the top of the hour. we called it, not that we have to be moster dom must to figure it out because we have seen the pattern before come up with vaccine not going to be a mandate. next thing a mandate. only federal workers. only local. and now all of a sudden it is private and now they are in court. then all of a sudden they come up with a child vaccine and going to be agreemented and out and about for 5 to 12-year-olds
4:13 am
in new york the mayor is thinking about it has billy got a card on him or else i can't serve him the whopper that he wanted which they should not be serving whoppers in big fancy restaurants and he can't have full access to the buffet and you and your family have to go elsewhere. matthew mcconaughey is not only endlessly sexy, he is also a parent. he weighed in on whether he is going to vaccinate his kids. >> right now i'm not vaccinating mine. i will tell you that. >> you are not. >> i'm not vaccinating mine. i have been vaccinated. my wife has been vaccinated. we have a high risk person in my household. my mother who is 90 and she is immune compromised. i couldn't mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. i still want to find out more information. steve: right. so he says he is not vaccinating his own kids even though he has it. he said do i think there is any
4:14 am
kind of a scam or conspiracy theory? hell no. i don't. and he said people need to get off the narrative there is not a conspiracy theory on vaccines. nonetheless, is he just waiting. now that pfizer has approved the vaccine for kids between 5 and 11. ainsley: i have heard both. i have a 5-year-old. one of my friends is a pediatrician. she is pro-vaccine. she says it's safe. i have another friend who i was talking to yesterday who says she is not going to vaccinate her kids because there hasn't been any testing long term. how is this going to effect them when they're ready to have children one day. brian: nobody knows anything. only been around nine months. matthew mcconaughey put on sunglasses in the middle of his interview. that's an interesting tactic. i don't know if that's psychological hiding what i'm saying. steve: could be those transition. brian: what do you mean? ainsley: transition glasses. steve: the brighter the light, the dark everywhere they get. brian: ly no idea they had this? steve: only had 'about 30 years.
4:15 am
brian: when did you find out about soft shell tacos. steve: they are tortilla. ainsley: you said the greatest invention. steve: you said whoever invented them at taco bell. i said they have been around for thousands of year? brian: did you find out of? who was right. steve: i was. they have been around for thousands of years from the my ans. regarding your question, we are up against a break yesterday regarding the supply chain thing is there a difference between yams and sweet potatoes, the answer is yes. there is a difference. the yams, you know, they have got kind of a brown exterior, they taste more like a potato inside. a sweet potato has the reddish color on the outside. and they are sweeter. that's why they call them sweet potatoes. brian: one thing have in common we don't have any left not on the shelves. steve: one other thing as we continue with the association. you mentioned matthew mcconaughey sexy. >> endlessly. steve: he was once upon a time sexiest people of the world.
4:16 am
people magazine named their new sexiest man alive yesterday. brian: who was it? steve: paul rudd. the man from the university of kansas paul rudd. ainsley: is he funny. carley: he is hilarious. ages backwards like benjamin button. hopefully he doesn't turn into a baby. that would be bad. brian: carley, halls to be your toss. carley: that's okay. i will take it and run. we do have a tragic story to get to here. crime story very important. a recent university of chicago graduate is killed just outside campus in hyde park neighborhood of the city. witnesses say the shooter in broad daylight first robbed the victim, then shot him in the chest. police say he then fled in a dark vehicle. the victim was just 24 years old. whole life ahead of him. broadening booster shot. pfizer asking the fda to all people 13 and older. right now only authorized for
4:17 am
elderly and at risk adults. this as the company ceo yearly covid shots will become the new normal sailing we need to follow up for 8 and nine months after the booster shot. california leaving the president of burger king in and out holding a phone call with florida governor desantis. this after in and out closed one of its locations in san francisco to protest vaccine mandates. the pair reportedly talked about bringing the famous restaurant chain to the sunshine state. tampa bay quarterback tom brady is slamming the nfl's decision to add a 17th game to the regular season. brady saying, quote: i think it's pointless. i thought it was a terrible decision. i think 16 is plenty. brady added while it was frustrating, the players will still play every game. this year is the first season with 17th game. tom brady doesn't like it. it's got to be tough on your body extra game. ainsley: add one more game. all about money is that why they did this?
4:18 am
carley: yeah, for sure. [laughter] ainsley: it's always money. brian: he can always retire. he is 45. carley: he said he would make it. ainsley: that's why he doesn't want to do another game. like 16 is enough for me. all right, 17 minutes after the top of the hour. president biden's fec nominee wants more government control of the airways. joe concha on what this means for conservative media next.
4:19 am
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4:23 am
affordable and democratic communication networks is that code for media censor? "wall street journal" editorial board arguing gigi want more government control of the airways and to silence conservative voices. isn't that fantastic. here to react fox news contributor and hill contributor joe. does she look good to you. >> i think lindsey graham will probably say it better than i ever could here, brian, on this nominee. quote: while i have been differential to all presidents when it comes to picking their team i have pushed back on unqualified nominees and hacks, unquote. looking up the word hack in the dictionary gigi's photo should be right next to it. she has called into hearings into fox news. she want the pull the broadcast license of this network. why? for having the audacity having some viewpoints that i have the size the party that she serves at the pleasure of, the democratic party? she has also called i hope you are sitting down for this, it looks like you are anti-conservative bias by social
4:24 am
media platforms facebook and twitter a bunch of b.s. i'm pretty sure we have unpacked that and proven that to be false. make no mistake give give will turn the fcc into the ccp. she cannot be confirmed the fcc cannot be weaponized to squash free speech and viewpoints the biden administration disagrees with. brian: unbelievable. they had to be aware of her background. gigi said this october 28th, 2020 to all your point for all my concerns about facebook i believe fox news has had the most negative impact on our democracy. state sponsored propaganda with few if any opposing views. where is the hearing about that? wow, i'm sure she is going to be fair and balanced if she ever gets the job. i'm really concerned though. >> as you should. and this hearing is tentatively set for next week. and what's everybody concentrating on? will joe biden get his build back better human infrastructure bill passed? a lot of the news coverage will
4:25 am
be focused on that while these hearings are going on kind of quietly in the background. look, it's up to moderate democrats to ensure that this does not happen, that hearing for next week is a very simple strategy for republicans. read back her own words. it's right on twitter. it's her words. it's her statements. and if you do that, and there is enough attention around this, i would think that this nomination will be beaten back but, again, it's up to, perhaps, other news organizations besides this one to say hey, wait a minute, this is a bridge even pyongyang wouldn't go over as far as appointing somebody who is saying shut down that network. shut down that network because they support or maybe at least feature views of a certain ideologying, brian. brian: unbelievable. not even subtle. not reading between the lines. it's right there and it's last year. incredible, joe. thanks for joining us. i appreciate it by the way are you going to be eating your leftovers from last year? i read in this book thoroughly there is no chapter on that. i'm not sure that's safe. brian: what is steve paying you
4:26 am
for that? there you go. going to be a new version coming out next year. all right. joe. now i'm way over, thanks. i was so good until joe whipped out steve's book. just ahead president biden hitting the road to tout the infrastructure bill. two baltimore business owners join us with what they want to hear from the president who is going to the dock today. ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual.
4:27 am
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>> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ carley: good morning we are back with your headlines, experts say kyle rittenhouse team hit it out of the ballpark during the trial proceedings. the testimony of one of the three people allegedly shot by rittenhouse may have bolstered the defendant defense argument he acted in self-defense. he testified he pointed hit gun
4:31 am
at rittenhouse before he was injured. a former aide for andrew cuomo is dissing about the disgraced former governor appalling behavior in a new book. the governor loved to tell off color jokes and no topic was 00 topic. henton said the governor would joke with the staff about infamous cigar incident between monica lewenski and president clinton. sex can a paid and even aides. ward war 2 veteran turns 100 years old today. he flew 38 missions in a b-17 bomber. the 8th air force based in england. earned the distinguished flying cross and air medal with four oak leaf clusters he and his wife shirley have been married for 74 happy years. is he a huge fox fan. happy birthday, john, and thank you so much for watching. so, steve, we are celebrating two birthdays today john's and marine corps, of course.
4:32 am
steve: that's right. we are going to go out and cut the cake for the marine corps in about five minutes. carley, thank you very much. president biden is set to visit the port of baltimore later today, hoping to convince america that he can fix the supply chain crisis while pushing his build back better agenda. so what do local baltimore business owners want to hear from the president? patrick russell is the owner of cooper's tavern irish pub and restaurant. he joins us right now from baltimore. along with claudia who recently was closed to close her toy store running for baltimore city council. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> claudia, you were, you know, our heart breaks for you after 20 years in business, you just closed your business about 60 days ago. it was a toy store that specialized in educational toys. what happened? >> well, look, i think like many small retailers, we experienced a lot of hardships during covid that were, you know, exsasser basissed the trends that were
4:33 am
coming our way anyway. dealing with bigger retailers. when we were first to close because of mandates that were well and known to everyone, small retailers were put in a position where we had to make some choices and ordering product has become a big product with the supply chain issues. being able to keep people employed. they don't want to necessarily be in these industries public facing because, of course, it creates a lot of controversy in terms of being able to enforce things that as business owners we just wanted to sell toys, right? and, look, the issue that we ran into is labor shortage, supply chain issues, and the trends of people going online. steve: absolutely. patrick, your problem being in the food service industry, is, you will know, if people can't come in to eat, you have got to fire people. that's what had you to do. you had to reopen but had to jack up prices. if joe biden was sitting across the table from you right now, patrick, what would you tell him
4:34 am
about what people in your boat need? >> firstly, thanks for having me on. the first thing i would say is, look, we need this restaurant revitalization grant put back into place. every restaurant that got it is in an unfair advantage to the folks that didn't. i'm one of the restaurants that didn't. i have several restaurants. i closed one of them down during the pandemic and i shut another one down recently as well. i had 250 employees and now i have less than 100. i don't know what else to say other than that. we have lost a tremendous amount of revenue all this has to do with the pandemic and i understand that. we have to go through growing pains, hiking will supply chain cost the goods all of those contribute to me having to make difficult choices in keeping people hired and providing their benefits and trying to keep a manageable price tag on my product. steve: yeah.
4:35 am
and, you know, joe biden has said he would not hike up anybodiens taxes if they make more than 400,000. but, when you fill up your gas tank and every gallon is 1.35 more than it was last year. patrick, that is a tax on everybody. >> it is. and joe biden know it i have two kids in college i help buy their food. buy paper towels, milk, eggs, chicken, beef. it doesn't matter what it is, everything is going up. that's a tax. whether you look at it that way or not that's a tax. steve: claudia, real quick, what would you say to joe biden? >> look, i'm hoping for practical solutions and more bipartisan efforts that actually get problems solved instead of scoring political points. that's what small businesses need. and that's what the american people need. we want solutions based politics not this political point scoring situation and extreme that we see on both ends. steve: well, we do need some answers and we need to fix this because businesses like both of yours are suffering. claudia and patrick, thank you very much for joining us today
4:36 am
from baltimore. >> thank you. >> thank you. steve: you bet. all right. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. country music icon charlie daniels was passionate about helping americans' veterans. his son and longed time manager share how continuing charlie's mission. first, president's own u.s. marine band performs marine on fox square as we celebrate the marine corps' 246th birthday. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside
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♪ ♪ ♪ steve: very nicely done. [cheers and applause] steve the president's own u.s. u.s. marine corn are core band. thank you very much. ainsley: today is the marine corps' birthday 246 years. it was founded november 10th, 1775. and when we talk to some of the marines, they say this birthday is actually celebrated more than their own birthday. congratulations. thank you. steve: joining us right now, we have got that guy right there next to janice that is colonel james ryan. is he a marine corps mission insurance officer and veteran sergeant david ebert right. >> there good morning. steve: i hate to put it this way because of the tradition. set oldest marine. [laughter] ainsley: seasoned. steve: youngest is corporal braden gonzalez. joining us here today.
4:42 am
what does the anniversary mean to folks like you who enlisted in. >> what i think it really means there is an opportunity for us to pause, which back in 1921, when general john lejeune came up with the order and told us to do it, that was the purpose for us to go back, remember all that came before us, all the things that had been done and to try to carry that onto the future. it's a wonderful time for marines to just look at one another and recognize that we have been blessed with the opportunity to serve our nation. ainsley: i love that sergeants, you are from the bronx, you served in the nypd as well as the marines. so much service given back to our community and back to our country. what does the red, white, and blue mean to you? what does the flag mean. >> my life has revolved around this grand child irish immigrant. they were extremely proud to come to this country. they worked hard. they passed that down on to us. and for me to give service to my country and my city has been phenomenal experience. and i would do it all again. brian: why did you sign up?
4:43 am
>> i wanted to do something for my country, so i graduated high school. i don't know what to do. i felt like serving. brian: nice. ainsley: i'm glad you did. janice: how are you feeling now. >> i feel great. ainsley: there is a tradition the oldest is going to cut the cake with the youngest, and the oldest serves the youngest to signify honor and respect and then the youngest symbolizes the passing of wisdom, knowledge and experience. >> that was pretty close. a little different. >> i'm going to cut the cake. [laughter] >> and as the just for this ceremony i will cut the cake and we use the man mouth sword to cut the cake. >> i love it. >> the beauty of this marines all over the world no matter where they are, i have been done this in afghanistan and iraq are going to pause and do the same thing. when we do this, we cut the first piece of cake, what we normally do with the first piece of cake is give it to the guest
4:44 am
of honor. in this scenario, the guest of honor is the american people. steve: that's nice. ♪ brian: of course that sword means what? all about tripoli? >> this sword is the officer sword. all about the battle of tripoli and the ncos have a soared as well it kind of goes to this thing where everything has meaning and history in what we do. now, with the second piece of cake. i'm going to cut the second piece of cake and give it to the oldest marine present. and as you have already identified; once i hand him that cake, as you rightfully said, this cake identifies and symbolizes the knowledge, expertise, wisdom as well as trust and confidence. brian: have you ever hosted a talk show you? are amazing. brian: that's going to be said the next generation is going to
4:45 am
carry on. steve: here is the next generation that gets a third piece of cake. >> actually, he is going to take a by the. that's okay. we got to get it right. is he going to take bite and hand it off. steve: he has a clean fork. ainsley: nothing better than a carville cake. brian: how far did the band know how to play just when you were talking. unbelievable. steve: they were marines. >> old lang syne. steve: happy new year. happy birthday, thank you very much. janice dean outside thank carville for providing the cake time for the fox staff live from new york. janice: would you like to do the weather with me? >> why not. janice: take look at it. he is going to be amazing at this. the weather in new york. what would you say the temperature is right now. >> i think the temperature is right around 59 degrees. janice: what about chicago. >> chicago looks like 40 degrees right now. janice: absolutely right. cold air moving into the
4:46 am
midwest. that's going to bring the potential for some snow. all right? but across the south and northeast, above average temperatures, got a beautiful day for the anniversary, the birthday today, wonderful marine corps. >> that's right. janice: we have showers and thunderstorms could bring some severe storms across the midwest. first snow of the season. where are you from by the way. >> i grew up in hampton, virginia. born in north carolina. janice: wonderful. have you ever experienced like a blizzard that's going to happen across the upper midwest. >> i have not necessarily in the united states. [laughter] janice: fair enough. here are your daytime temperatures and thank you so much for joining me wonderful. happy birthday, my friend. >> you too. janice: steve, ainsley, brian back to you. he is amazing. brian: thank you, j.d. more than a year since we lost music icon great friend of the show charlie daniels. but his legacy lives on. steve: ladies and gentlemen, charlie daniels. [cheers and applause] brian: pouring rain. you packed the place anyway. steve: charlie, you have been one of the best friends to "fox & friends." >> two things protect the united states and it's the grace of god
4:47 am
and the united states military. steve: charlie daniels is our all-american summer series performer. >> might be a sin ♪ i'm going to take that bet best it's ever been ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: right where we are standing right now. charlie daniels performed many times on "fox & friends" and talked about his passion to help vets. his friends and family carrying on his mission through his organization the charlie daniels journey home project. >> his son charlie daniels jr. joins us now along with charlie's long-time manager and co-founder of this wonderful organization david core lieu. good morning to both of you. >> good morning y'all. >> good morning. ainsley: tell us about the organization that you started with charlie daniels. >> the journey home project grew out of the amount of time and travel that we spent working with the entertaining the troops, being a part of the
4:48 am
community. we have, i think, during the cold war, we traveled to every military base there was around europe and and around the world. that when the trade towers came down he was one of the first artists to go down range. and so, you know, out of that connection, out of those conversations, that touch, that one-on-one, we came back and we knew that there was something we needed to do. steve: right. >> that was to raise money. brian: i know that you worked with him since you were 23 years old. knew him then. charlie, can you talk about what this organization meant to your dad? >> oh, it was one of his passions. our veterans were incredibly important to him. as it was -- he always said we owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to those that have served our nation.
4:49 am
this was his way of being able to give back. you played it in the clip earlier. he said he always said that only two things protect america the grace of almighty god and the united states military. and that, you know, it was -- definitely one of his passions and we wanted to make sure that it continued and it will continue for a long, long, long time. steve: absolutely. charlie jr. even though your father passed in the last year. on october 1st, his work continued. you had your own patriot award program. and your dad had selected all of the recipients before he died. right? >> correct. steve: how much money were you able to raise? >> i believe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of around 250,000? >> yeah. we raised over 250,000 and were able to present three patriot awards that evening. it was a wonderful evening. ainsley: we miss him. used to stand with him and i know you miss him too. thank you for sharing this and
4:50 am
carrying on his legacy i know he would be so proud of you both. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. we appreciate it so much. and anybody wants to support journey home project, reach out to us and we'll partner up with you. steve: that's right. brian: just since charlie is not here doesn't mean you can't come visit. home to see you in new york. ainsley: love to have you any time. >> we would love to. steve: go to the charlie daniels journey home brian: thanks so much. parents across the country push back against crt in schoolings. >> one teacher says it's already here. it's part of the curriculum: ♪ ♪ ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel
4:51 am
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ainsley: as the debate over crt rages on one illinois high school teacher is sounding the alarm on a controversial curriculum. his name is frank mccormick and he wrote a new op-ed, it's, "i am a teacher, and yes, critical race theory is in your school" and he joins us now to explain. good morning, frank.
4:56 am
>> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: thank you for everything that you do i come from a long history of school teachers and i know all the work you put into it with little pay, but thank you. you're making such a difference. tell us about this op-ed, why did you write it and give us examples of what you're seeing. >> sure, i felt compelled to write about this , because i felt that the public parents have been sort of gaslit into this lie that crt does not exist in education, and what i have seen is that it does, in fact, exist in education. it exists primarily as the application of theory, so it's not explicitly taught but it's used as a lens through which curriculum and lessons are filtered, and a lens that is imparted upon students that asks them to interrogate race in society based on these suppositions that race is normal in america and systemic. ainsley: it doesn't actually say
4:57 am
at the top of the page in the manual crt, but it's implied ho >> so is when students are asked to, as they use the word or the phrase "interrogate" race, they maybe lesson plans built upon these pre-suppositions that racism is systemic. i've seen lesson plans that ask students to do comparisons between apartide in south africa and the united states today or lesson plans that ask students to analyze the so-called connection between police and slave patrols, and so those are examples of where the kind of built in assumptions of critical race theory are being imparted upon students with no debate and no questions. it's presented as empirical fact ainsley: your school district released a statement. mr. mccormick is within his rights to submit opinion pieces to the local newspaper. in expressing his personal opinion, he is not speaking as a representative of any school or
4:58 am
our school district. what's the name of your school district? >> waukegan public schools. ainsley: what's your reaction to what they said? >> i'm not surprised. they are going to give a typical kind of political response. i think they are trying to figure out exactly how to handle me, but i'm not going to back down and i'm not going to be quiet about this because i think it's critically important that parents and the public understand what's going on and that we have this discussion. ainsley: are you worried about retaliation? >> i'm not really worried any more. i'm more worried about the long term consequences for kind of the social fabric of our country , if this kind of racial identity gets put into students, that scares me a lot more than the short-term consequences of a job. ainsley: what are your colleague s saying? >> i think most of them think i'm crazy. i tell teachers if you do this you kind of make yourself public enemy number one and expect to be ostracized as a result because it's the
4:59 am
political orthodoxy in education so when you speak out against this you're kind of a he ratic in that sense. ainsley: you're being very brave thank you so much for everything you do, frank. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: the 8:00 a.m. hour fox & friends, starts now. >> president biden sent to the port of baltimore today amid the supply chain nightmare. >> milk, eggs, chicken, beef, everything has gone up. >> i'm hoping to get problems solved. >> new information about the connection between the infamous steele dossier. brian: a member of president biden's cabinet was named in the latest indictment. steve: president biden wants more government control of the airways. >> she can not be confirmed because the fcc cannot be weaponized. >> california governor ditched the biggest climate summit in the world. >> the kids, they couldn't believe i was going to miss
5:00 am
halloween. i had no choice, i had to cancel that trip. >> a long island teenager turns his patriotic passion into a business. >> i see the american flag as a symbol of unity and if everyone can begin to see the flag like that i think it was a unifying power. >> ♪ >> ♪ god bless america ♪
5:01 am
brian: we heard the president was going to baltimore without his band, we asked if he could borrow them and they showed up, and the u.s. marine band of course playing "god bless america" live on fox square and the 246th birthday of the u.s. marines what a glorious history they have had, we reported on it. ainsley: the band is called the president's own that's the name of their band and we're all wearing our little pins to represent the marines and to thank you all who served. if you're a marine, god bless you, thank you so much. brian: what we're going to do, we're going to paris island after this for the next six months we'll be in basic training. steve: really, you think we can make it, brian? brian: i'm pretty sure. steve: no we couldn't. no. brian: let's bet. steve: ainsley could. anyway, to all the marines watching today thank you very much for your verse keeping all of us safe for 246 years. brian: by the way goldie haun
5:02 am
made it through it. steve: that was the army. brian: that's right. meanwhile president biden is set to head to the port of baltimore today amid the supply chain nightmare. steve: this , as an analysis finds that his build back better plan would increase the u.s. income tax rate to the highest in the developed world, and that doesn't sound great. ainsley: peter doocy joins us live from the white house with all those details, hey peter. reporter: good morning and we're now within about 30 minutes of news from the labor department about exactly how much prices have risen since last year, and if the dow jones projections are right, and they have risen the most in 30 year, then the president will be right as well, that his economic plans are not doing the trick for everybody. >> i know a lot of folks don't feel the progress we're making in the economy. i get it. i know the cost of gas, groceries, and rent seem to be harder and harder to handle.
5:03 am
more reasons why i pass my build back better bill. reporter: his solution to pay for that new plan make the top tax rate in the u.s. the top tax rate in the world, 57.4% above japan, denmark, france, austria, and greece but the progressive wish list known as the build back better plan maybe stalled yet again because the congressional budget office is signaling it may not be done reviewing this bill until after next week. that's a problem, since next week is when speaker pelosi says there's going to be a vote so one member of the so-called squad in congress, says translation, build back better act is not going to happen next week and everyone should have seen that coming when we decoupled the bills, the supply chains do remain a major issue in this country. the president later on today will visit the port of baltimore to get a firsthand look at exactly what is going on. back to you. steve: that's right, but peter, is going to go to baltimore to
5:04 am
talk about how in the bipartisan infrastructure bill, that he still has not signed extraordinarily, there's $17 billion to upgrade the ports , to make things better like to upgrade the systems there, and to hire more people for the unions, but he's missed the bunk for this christmas because it's not going to help anybody anytime soon. brian: so to speak. reporter: and you can put $17 billion to upgrade ports in there, but that doesn't happen right away, and that doesn't hire the workers that they need right now to get stuff off ships , drive it places, get it on trains, get it to store shelves and so -- steve: and under the christmas tree. reporter: but yeah might not work this christmas and people are candid about that. they've been talking for months about basically if you're christmas shopping isn't done by now, then people might not be getting gifts. brian: wow. ainsley: give them money. brian: jen psaki coming back today? reporter: no briefing on the schedule today or tomorrow for veteran's day but we do have
5:05 am
one with her on friday. ainsley: any word on when the president will sign infrastructure? reporter: sometime next week which is surprising because they've talked about the urgent need to fix these crumbling road s and bridges that could go down at any minute and then things passed for five days now. brian: maybe they had a wedding to go to. steve: peter isn't the delay because he wants certain people there for a photo? reporter: yes but when he was pitching the infrastructure bill he didn't say we need this for a photo op. he said you could be driving across a bridge and fall into a river. brian: exactly. reporter: or your train might not make it across the state line. so it is curious that's happening. brian: so far, according to reports, no bridges collapsed and nobody fell into a river. steve: no pictures taken with the president signing that bill. ainsley: i remember when that bridge did collapse in minneapolis, we were on air that morning. steve: so the president is going to baltimore, just about an hour ago we talked to two business
5:06 am
owners in baltimore, actually one woman owned a toy store that sold educational toys after 20 years in business, she had to close during the biden administration for a variety of reasons, plus we also spoke to a guy who runs a couple of restaurants. they really need answers from the president, because right now , it looks bleak. >> i had 250 employees and now i have less than 100. we've lost a tremendous amount of revenue. all this has to do with the pandemic and i understand that and we're going to go through growing pains but hiking gas prices and supply issues, the cost of goods, all those things contribute to me having to make difficult choices in keeping people hired and providing their benefits. >> i'm hoping for practical solutions and more bipartisan efforts that actually get problems solved instead of scoring political points. that's what small businesses need and that's what the american people need. brian: its been remarkable to watch these things happen.
5:07 am
people make need comments about them, the perils of the peloton that doesn't come in and we have to stop ordering so much. the washington post, we have to lower our standards and now the president realized that's not going over well. i saw what happened tuesday, so yesterday, he had ups, had fedex leaders, target. steve: they're not the problem. brian: right and just said what do you think why can't we get stuff out? walmart is an example of somebody just says i'm getting my own plane and ship and going to deliver my own stuff. ainsley: mom and pops can't afford that. brian: but the smaller businesses are paying a bigger price so the president goes out to the docks i want to see the supply chain myself. it's all reactive. it's all, just should have been done organically and sincerely weeks ago. this is the so-called photo op he won't give anybody at the border because it's a photo op. what do you think he's going to accomplish at the docks today in baltimore? ainsley: they are saying go to the grocery store now to shop
5:08 am
for your food for two weeks for thanks giving day because a lot of things are off the shelves if you go into the grocery store with a list of 20 items they say expect at least two not to be in stock. gas prices have gone up, food has gone up, used cars, hotels, they are saying plane tickets are going up so book now for christmas. rental cars if you're getting a rental car when you land, they don't have enough cars. brian: right. and they say there's 11 chips in every car, so they were having trouble rolling out new cars or replacing used cars? because they can't make any chip s. taiwan makes most the chips. we gotta start bringing it back. if i'm the president i'm talking about the manufacturing, going to legitimate plant that has the chips here the way we converted those auto plants to make ventilators, i would love to see a chip plant. why not have an emergency operation? steve: the automakers are still making lots and lots of cars but they are trying to be smart act it. if i've only got 100,000 chips i'm going to put those in the cars that i make the most money on, so it's the high end cars. if you're at the low end of the
5:09 am
car food chain, then chances are, they aren't building as many of those cars, because detroit and america's car makers are just like okay, we only can get a certain number of things. we've been talking about meat-fl ation, as it's referred to where the price of your christmas roast doubled to $17 a pound. it's interesting, joe biden and the am, they are trying to blame the high cost of meat on the meat packers, and they are saying it's because of greed. the problem is not greed. the problem is with the supply chain, because of the restrictions, you know, in the meat packing plants, you've got to be socially distanced, a number of plants have closed because of covid. there's a staff shortage, brian, because they now have to pay double to try to get anybody to come in and work at the plant. ainsley: they are paying $20 an hour now in about 20 minutes we'll get the inflation report this morning, at 8:30 they are expecting it to have risen 6% last month in october.
5:10 am
highest in 30 years. brian: it's kind of ironic they were attacking the packers quarterback and the actual packers at the same time. i didn't think that was possible meanwhile nine minutes after the hour. if you've noticed joe manchin over the last few weeks just sounded normal. he said yeah, i'm a democrat but the country center is right. i'm not going for all this spending, do you see inflation, the size of our debt? that is the echo of very few democrats today, but after tuesday, things have changed. they want to make it clear, they're not like the others and how could they possibly do that? steve: if you noticed, start noticing when a democrat is talking about look, i'm a normal democrat and what they are trying to do is trying to say normal is now a new code word, normal means moderate. i am moderate. i'm not like one of these people , so far out to the left, and brian, you're absolutely right. you know, who was it, abigail spanburger said the other drake look, joe biden, it was not elected to be fdr.
5:11 am
he was elected to be normal and to get rid of the chaos but there's the normal word, and we're starting to see more and more normal and there it is right there, we're seeing more and more of the normal word. ainsley: remember when conor lamb, the democrat from pennsylvania when he was elected to be more moderate and he started voting more? brian: because he ran into republicans. ainsley: that's right so this is what he tweeted out. if you want a senator who runs as a socialist, feeds the gop attack ads, and didn't help with infrastructure i am not your guy that is not how you beat republicans. i know because i've actually done it, and will again. i'm a normal democrat who supports jobs and wins elections brian: can i just say this as an american, i am so glad to see that they feel they have to separate themselves from the squad, and the 93 progressives, because those 93 progressives are scary, and they're scary to people like seemingly, nancy pelosi, that totally uncontrollable, and they
5:12 am
don't seem reasonable. after it fleshier has seen it all and he, of course, press secretary for president bush, watch. >> democratic party that used to be a somewhat centrist welfare reform is dead. it has no legs left. you have the woke democrats, the progressive democrats, who have really taken control of the party. it's just moved the left, but add on top of that the in competence that we see. you know, as you went through your monologue it occurred to me that we have a president of the united states who is asleep at the switch. we have a vice president of the united states whose awol from the border. we have a transportation secretary whose on leave, and we have an energy secretary who is out to lunch. brian: so for ari fleshier to say the centrist democratic party is dead essentially what he's saying is this is the last gasp of the moderate democrats to say i'm normal because what's going to p ha in the next election, are we going to see more normal democrats elected or more super-
5:13 am
progressive way to the left democrats who ultimately are unable to get a lot of stuff through congress. ainsley: or will some of the normal ones become republicans? brian: yeah. ainsley: because the party is so divided. brian: blue dog democrats used to be a category for that. blue dog democrats but it was very curious to see if there was a republican president doing things that they liked they would do what the republicans just did and that's how many, 19 just jumped on this bipartisan bill, and 13 jumped in the house on the bipartisan bill. ainsley: if you are a voter, you have to look at their records though, because many of them will say this. we're normal, but then when it comes time to take the votes in washington on the hill, they go with the progressives. brian: term is such an insult to their left. they aren't even saying, to say i'm normal, how you doing? i'm normal. i'm not sure about you. i'd like you to meet me, i'm normal. you're not. that's worse than moderate. it's such in your face.
5:14 am
steve: but during an election you don't think okay, am i going to vote for the moderate democrat or the progressive? no you think am i going to vote for the republican or the democrat. it comes down to blue and red. ainsley: well they know they have a problem. the red is becoming the party of parents. they are listening to the parent s at least that's what we saw in virginia and democrats don't want that, they even say they on national television. we're in trouble if they become the party of parents. brian: they can say it but actions speak louder than words. you talk about normal, that's how i label myself right, carlie reporter: absolutely. ainsley: totally normal. how do you label carlie? brian: above-normal? well above average. steve: you should stop while you're ahead. reporter: thank you that's very sweet let's talk about this past weekend, because we're learning about something that happened. house speaker nancy pelosi slammed for attending a lavish wedding maskless, while california children are forced to mask up. pelosi officiating the indoor wedding of ivy getty surrounded
5:15 am
by people in close proximity. children in california schools are still forced to be masked all day long while democrats again are accused of living a double standard. california governor gavin newsom reemerging tuesday after disappearing from the public eye for nearly two weeks. newsom blaming a canceled appearance at the cop-26 climate summit on family halloween plans >> the kids literally, they kind of had an intervention and said they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween and i had no damn choice i had to cancel that trip. reporter: newsom went trick or treating with his four children ages 5-12. >> well take a look at this scorching hot take, an angry customer throwing soup in the face of a texas restaurant manager. the woman was angry after finding melted plastic in her to -go meal. the restaurant offered a full refund or meal replacement but things continued to heat up. the woman now facing charges and that restaurant manager thankful
5:16 am
ly is okay with no major injuries. yikes. >> schoolless in seattle. the cities public schools canceling both remote and in- person classes friday due to a teacher shortage. the school sending a letter to parents saying a larger than normal number of staff requested leave on friday. the school district blaming fatigue among staff and students , but is offering the long weekend as a solution. schools were already closed, scheduled to be closed tomorrow for veterans day, so kids will have an extra long weekend in seattle. steve: well yeah, because so many people wanted to make it an extra long weekend. reporter: that's right. no substitute. steve: but unfortunately, they fired a bunch of teachers because of the vaccine mandate. reporter: i'm still mad there's no snow days in new york city. remember when that happened? steve: now it's all remote. study from home. brian: is that true? reporter: yes. deblasio got rid of snow days because now you can do everything on zoom. brian: we're getting rid of him ainsley: it's hard on the teachers to do the zoom
5:17 am
especially when they are teaching in the classroom. steve: but it's harder on the parents as well, but at the same time if the kids are going to be home the parents got to make plans to take care of the kid at home. ainsley: another loudoun county school board meeting erupting, fed up parents, have had enough as as they work to oust the board's chair and a few other members. >> we're still here. i said we'd see you in court as of 3:30 today, we are now in court. ainsley: douglas murray is going to join us next. brian: i'll take it from here ainsley. ainsley: thank you brian i can't handle it. brian: still ahead part of my interview with tim scott who discusses his vision to unite the country, this country and has a presidential run on the horizon. >> ♪
5:18 am
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
5:22 am
and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> this board is over seen the worst example of education leadership in the history of this country. that is not hyperbole. we've often trusted this county, all of you, and you've been the laughing stock of the country when it comes to school boards. >> told you this wasn't about an election and we're still here i said we'd see you in court as of 3:30 today, we are now in court. thank you. steve: barely a week since education took center stage in the virginia race for governor those loudoun county parents still not giving up when it comes to the fight for their kid 's education. author douglas murray joins us right now. douglas george to you. >> good morning. steve: so what was going on in
5:23 am
loudoun county was apparently, they looked the parents looked at the rules and because the school board would not listen to what, you know, their opinions made it very hard to express their first amendment rights, they figured okay, how do we get rid of these people, and so we were just hearing them talk about how they have gotten enough signatures and a petition to get rid of the chair and apparently these three other people who were part of this facebook group that allegedly targeted conservatives and people, parents who were against crt. >> yeah, you'll remember, parents in loudoun county had to put up with an extraordinary amount in recent months. they have been lied to, they have been defamed, some of them have been called domestic terrorists, some of them have been dragged out of school board meetings by police. all of this , because they are trying to stand up for their kids, and for their kids not to be indoctrinated by crt in schools, and they've also put up
5:24 am
, unfortunately, with a lot of lies, other lies about them. people have said including from the school board that crt is not being taught in the schools and then we discover of course there are things like a $300,000 gift to an organization that teaches crt in loudoun county schools, so these parents have put up with an awful lot in recent months. steve: sure. >> and now we see the success of a fight. they have gained enough signatures, a petition they've been taking around in recent weeks and gained enough signatures for a recall in the board, and this is just a tremendous sign, not just for parents in loudoun county but for parents across america. steve: and it appears that in some school boards, they forgot who they work for. they work for the parents. they work for the kids. they work for the school. >> that's right. steve: that's just gotten lost but you know, douglas, what's interesting is over the last couple of weeks, we've heard where people complain about the
5:25 am
woke curriculum and now, they're saying that, you know, woke is racist. can you explain what's going on now, how they're changing the paradigm? >> as ever, they're trying to confuse us all. they're pretending, for instance , woke doesn't exist, like they pretended that crt doesn't exist. these woke warriors and others are up to a massive deflection campaign at the moment. the american public is on to them. the american public is on to them. their theory doesn't work in theory, and it's horrible in practice, and we see in practice what it is. it's white children, it's attacking people for the color of their skin, america is on to these people, so they are deflecting saying you don't understand our theory or you're too stupid to understand our theory or our theory doesn't exist or it means something else so we're not really doing it but we should be doing it. they are doing all of this at the same time so we're on to
5:26 am
them. american parents are on to them and one of the most moving things that happened last night at the loudoun county school board meeting was a mother who said, i used to feel hopeless, i used to feel hopeless, but she doesn't feel hopeless now and she shouldn't feel hopeless now, because now, this petition has occurred, now sincere action can take place against the members of the school board. this is a sign to say not just the people in the area but people across america. you don't have to feel hopeless. you don't have to just worry about this , or be insulted. you can do something about it. steve: absolutely, don't just get angry. get involved and that's what they're doing at the school board level, douglas thank you very much for joining us from st. louis, missouri. >> it's a great pleasure. steve: all right, straight ahead coming up a key indicator of u.s. inflation is about to hit the wire in exactly four minutes and two seconds. an economist warned it could show consumer prices rising at their highest pace in nearly three decades. we'll know on the other side of
5:27 am
this timeout, but we have good news too. our fox family is growing, look at that. percy, that's right. dana perino has a new puppy and they are both live, i hope he's paper trained, at the curvy couch coming up next, good morning, dana. shhh, he's sleeping. >> ♪ you've got a friend in me ♪ constipated? set yourself free with fleet. gentle constipation relief in minutes. little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling.
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they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ b here we go. back with a fox news alert the october inflation report just released and instead of being as projected .06 is actually .9. ainsley: it was projected at .6. steve: can we run the teleprompt er back just a little bit it looked like there were numbers the producers just put into it, consumer price index jumping to 6.2% last month , up from 5.4% in september brian: that's significant. steve: a terrible number for the administration. let's talk to somebody who was in an administration, dana perino, "america's newsroom", that's a terrible number.
5:32 am
dana: it's terrible for a couple of reasons, get to the politics in a second. this affects everyone in america , everyone that's going shopping, everyone that has to put food on the table, fill up their cars with gas, buying christmas presents, getting ready for thanksgiving, all of the things that come from this , it affects everyone, all the way up, and it really just hurts the working class, and so then on the politics side of it, it doesn't matter, to me, it won't matter what the administration tries to talk about. they can try to talk about all sorts of other things. steve: they will. dana: and they will try but it won't matter and then you'll have this continued disconnect with the voters, which they just showed last tuesday, which is you're not talking about the things that we care about, this number is a big one. ainsley: we go to the register, we pay a sales tax for all of our groceries, and this is just an added tax, an additional amount. steve: joe biden said he would not raise taxes on people making less than 400,000 but every time you fill up your car with gas, it's $1.35 more a gallon than last year, and that's on him. dana: of course you have the
5:33 am
fed which has to figure out what is it going to do? some things it can do which is basically raise interest rates, there also is right now this confusion of whose going to be the leader of the fed, will it continue to be jerome powell? your consistency is very important. here's another thing. like the young people that work for us, i barely remember gas lines of the 1970s, vague memory of it but people don't remember, steve, and that how basically, it turns a nation angry, upset, mad at each other. brian: constantly having you setup a tactic or a plan to get gas at a certain time, but here's the thing the certain things that happen with an administration are out of your control, maybe 9/11 is an example, maybe sandy wipes out the east coast but there is a perception and i think it's 100% right, that this isn't being addressed, that this is within our control to a degree, and there's a sense that well the border is out of control, what can i do?
5:34 am
you could do al inflation and energy? what could you do? you could do a lot. the supply chain is gummed up, i can't explain to the american people, it's too complicated for them so i just think there's two things. things that happen to an administration and things that happen and they do nothing. i think we're in the do nothing segment. dana: or it's maybe try everything. did you see yesterday, 11 senate democrats sent a letter, a letter, to president biden saying do something about gas prices. brian: doesn't that show desperation? dana: it shows they know they have a problem. i don't know if they are desperate but they realize they have a really significant issue on their hands and it's not just on the politics, this actually affects and hurts people. ainsley: dana i remember when you lost jasper, we were all devastated but you have wonderful news. dana: yes, we have percy. peter, the most camera shy husband at fox, here he comes, yes. this is percy, and he's a hung a
5:35 am
rian puppy and we met his dad and he's got a bow tie for you guys and he's really good but thank you for your kindness at "fox & friends" it happened on a weekend when jaspe r passed and for several days wished us well and the fox audience has been so amazing and i love being able to connect with all of you through our dogs like we all have this shared experience of the great love and i remember saying it hurts so much when they pass away, but there's a great love that comes from these guys. brian: mark lavin wrote a book about it. ainsley: if you don't love dogs you don't love god. dana: i had a friend that told me that her father said one of the reasons it hurts so much when you lose one is that the love that you have with a dog is the closest you can feel as a human of what it's like for god's love for you because
5:36 am
it's so unconditional. it's hard to imagine it, right? we're constantly praying about it thinking about it but not with these guys so if you can think about that today and the great love that you have, and hold on to them tight and take care, good care of them and share them with everyone else. brian: it's always a deep appearance from dana perino, it's never just hi, how are you doing? can i make one observation? dana: yes. brian: you should not host a morning show because your dog just wants to sleep in the mornings. look, he's tired. dana: it's better than when he was sleeping now. steve: you're like the dog whisperer. can you tell us whose coming up on your show in 20 minutes? dana: well first of all bill hemmer will be there that's the most important part and then we have larry kudlow, so we'll talk about the inflation number, we also have cash patel, there to talk about some of the situations going on with afghanistan also, lindsey graham as well will be here for that and we also have kristin anderson. i mean, basically, it's like "
5:37 am
fox & friends" continues on" america's newsroom." ainsley: will he make another appearance? dana: i think he's done. ainsley: is he sleeping well at night? dana: yes, although peter has been up with him, i'm fortunate to be able to turn that over to peter. brian: we look forward to track ing his growth. ainsley: you're sleeping well, peter not so much. dana: i'm just trying to be honest because he's right here. brian: see , i thought hemmer was cute but he's cuter. it's unbelievable. ainsley: what about matthew mcconaughey, she called him hot earlier. dana: i thought matthew mcconaughey called you hot. brian: no, i'll check my text to see if he did, thank, dana. steve: percy, peter, dana. dana: thank you, fox & friends and fox news. brian: meanwhile, straight ahead, people percy the good news, south carolina first black senator, tim scott, he might be our first african american
5:38 am
president, will he run for president of the united states? dana: second. brian: he be second i should say, i'll check my stats, could it happen? we'll talk about that. >> the buzz about tim scott not only running for senate re-election which you're doing but for the presidency. a lot of people see that in you. what is your reaction when people say that to you?
5:39 am
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steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour, south carolina senator tim scott getting a lot of attention over his successful fundraising for his campaign re-election for 2022. ainsley: it is fueling speculation a presidential bid might be in his future. brian: i visited the senator in his home state of south carolina , to talk to him about his political future, and more. senator i want to talk politics. >> yes. brian: you got into it because you wanted to give back and you
5:43 am
started off at a very local level. >> 100% i started on the county council, that's as local as it gets except for the school board , went to the state house next and spent two years in the state house as a very short amount of time in the state house, i realized very quickly that while that was a great experience, i wanted to do something different. so i was going to run for lt. governor and i ran, and every place i went around the state they said you shouldn't run for lt. governor, you should run for congress everything you speak about is a federal issue not a state issue. brian: you were there a couple years and then all of a sudden senator says i'm going to retire right away. governor nikki haley has to quickly fill that spot. >> yes. i found myself in a position i had never even dreampt of being, becoming a united states senator for the great state of south carolina. i never even dreamed that was possible. brian: and the historic nature of you being named as an african american in south carolina, what does that have in you saying i have to make the most of this. >> well, i think i'm burdened
5:44 am
by history in many ways meaning that so many times the conversation starts off about the first african american senator from the south. blessing and curse at the same time. my theory is i'm not called to serve black people. i'm just called to americans. i think it is, it says a lot about our country, and it says a lot about south carolina that they chose me and then elected me to be their senator.
5:45 am
i like talking about the evolution of the southern heart, because the state i live in is not the state my grandfather was born in, even though both are called south carolina. this south carolina is different we have evolved so much in so little time to access the real opportunity being judged by your character is my reality. brian: you'll talk about race, but rather not. even though it's necessary, you'd rather talk about the issues in your party. >> i prefer to be one person representing the state and the nation, not the black guy, but just the guy, i've embraced it but i also like talking about people who have been marginalized in south carolina that's true for my rule. brian: what did you learn from governor-elect youngkin's campaign. >> i've been trying to say it for a long time and he just did it. happy war warriors attract a bigger crowd, talking about education is something that we as republicans should always focus on, having parental involvement is key.
5:46 am
i've talked about the importance of school choice and education equality for a long time, and he has run on those issues that resonate with the average person in this country. if we were to win in 2022 and beyond, rather talk plain english to our folks and when we do, when we champion the causes that they believe in the most, we're going to be okay. brian: senator when you look at your career, one thing that stands out that people took notice is when you had the rebuttal to the state of the union address. what was it about that speech and your delivery that worked? >> i think it was just being authentically and sincerely myself. i honestly think that america's hungry for some good news. i think america's hungry to hear the truth, that while we have an original sense, we are not a racist country. fighting discrimination with discrimination is wrong. i think america wants to remember that the greatest dream
5:47 am
s of our people doesn't happen in washington. it happens in everyday places all over the country on both sides of the proverbial track. i think just sharing the truth of who we are and the progress we've made, and the hurdles that we main, i think it was at the right time. brian: and was counter to what the president was saying, president had a totally different message. >> absolutely his was more of a collective it's mentality that one day somehow if we redivide all of our resources you'll get your fair share. that's just wrong, that somehow, president trump did a good job when he said america will never be a socialist country. biden has been leading in the opposite direction. this is the divide where people like me can step in and fill, because i've seen the government come in with good infections to help people but it just made you a little more comfortable in your poverty. never an escape route. we are on the right, provide an
5:48 am
escape route. brian: since that time there's a buzz about tim scott not only running for senate re-election which you're doing but for the presidency that a lot of people see that in you. what is your reaction when people say that to you? >> i'd say this. a, you never think about what's next until you fight and win what's now number one. number two, a lot of folks have been waiting for their chance to run for president. i'm waiting for another chance to represent people. i'm not as interested in titles as i am in representing the people that i love, and that's this country and that's my state and wherever the good lord takes me, i will go. brian: so, that was typical interview. i just find him very insightful and thoughtful but we spent a day that's atypical part two is on friday and maybe a part three , we walked down king street and he talks about the storefronts and what they mean and who paid their employee s not to work and then we go to rodney scott's barbecue , owned this place since
5:49 am
he was 19 and then we go to a council meeting and we see from hotel operators to small business owners, to the tourism industry construction and he does a round table on what everyone needs and what message he wants to bring back to washington so you get a real slice of who he is and you see how people react. that'll be part two and if i'm successful lobbying, we'll have a part three. steve: speaking of seeing how people react you are going to see the people react when you go to madison, connecticut later today. brian: i get to talk about frederick douglas which is tangential to what we're talking about now race in america and abraham lincoln, madison, connecticut tonight, doylesdown pennsylvania on thursday, albany i'll see my girls, elkheart, indiana on saturday, with the big noise event and vero beach on the precipice of the patriot games, will be signing there, fair hope, alabama right after and then to the villages you can not write a book and not go to the villages and everyone buy
5:50 am
tickets to orlando, florida it's the biggest venue i'll talk about all of the books at one-time on stage, all questions are answered and we'll stream that live, i think on fox nation ainsley: you are so busy thank you for that great interview from senator scott, he means a lot to me and he's a wonderful person. that was a great interview. brian: thanks i think you'll see the slice of what he's really like hanging out and where he grew up you won't believe where he grew up after his parents divorced. steve: what a story it is 10 minutes now before the top of the hour beautiful day here in new york city janice dean. >> it is a beautiful day, and, i just learned recently he has a website. brian: you've done some background checking. >> one of the most inspirational interviews i've seen with senator tim scott, i want the t-shirt let's take a look at the maps with the temperatures in new york city it's beautiful temperatures in the 60s we'll break records with those high temperatures and then yes, a storm system moving through, coming across the midwest and northern plains and that's going to bring our
5:51 am
first big snowfall of the season for parts of minnesota and wisconsin, in towards the dakotas we could see over a foot of snow and then talking about the winds which could bring blizzard conditions so just keep that in mind it's a big story, fox by the way is where you'll see that. the snow forecast over a foot in parts of the upper midwest we'll watch that and then also, the potential for showers, thunderstorms, and severe weather, so we've got a wintry part of the storm and then the severe threat which could bring tornadoes so keep that in mind. ainsley, i'll toss it back to you. ainsley: good deal thank you so much. nfl star aaron rogers firing back at critics as he doubles down on his decision not to get the covid vaccine. >> i'm an athlete, i'm not an activist, so i'm going to get back to doing what i do best and that's playing ball. i shared my opinion. it wasn't one that was come to f rivilously, it involved a
5:52 am
lot of study and what i felt like was in my best interest for my body. ainsley: outkick founder clay travis joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: thank you, he did apologize for misleading america about his vaccine status what's your reaction to what happened yesterday during that interview? >> i give credit to aaron roger s for sticking to his guns. look, there are massive numbers of athletes, coaches, officials inside of teams that agree with every single thing aaron rogers said, ainsley, and there's massive amounts of americans as well, and this things not going away. on the same day that aaron roger s spoke, nick chub, top running back for the cleveland browns, double vaccinated, tests positive for covid, they shutdown the berkeley football team ainsley, they're 99% vaccinated, yet they had an outbreak of covid. they aren't going to be able to play this weekend against southern cal. athletes are under,
5:53 am
statistically, given their age and health, virtually zero risk from covid. there are lots of players, kyrie irving among them , jonathan izaac who have spoken out so eloquently, i thought aaron rogers joined them given what's going on with the mandates his issue is one that transcends pro-athletics and certainly connects with many people out there, whether you're a truck driver, whether you stock groceries, or whether you're going into an office setting having to face this new joe biden vaccine mandate which i believe is just wrong, flat out unconstitutional. i give credit to aaron rogers for speaking out. ainsley: he was fined 17,000 and the packers fined 300,000. you have this book, this bus tour, the bus tour and huge game this weekend, it's a lot of fun, it's georgia and tennessee. >> that's right we're going to the georgia/tennessee game this weekend in knoxville you can see on the board there, we basically have been all over the south this fall, we're going to have a big fun tailgate
5:54 am
celebration on the part of the big noon kickoff show, which airs on the main fox network from 10-12 eastern and number one georgia as you know, ainsley , has been on a roll, nobody can score on their defense, we'll find out should be a heck of a game i can't wait to see everybody in knoxville and then i'll be at the big fox event with the patriot awards next week. ainsley: let's go through some of the games, oklahoma baylor. >> yeah, look i think oklahoma is trying to make a case they came out with the college football playoff ratings last night, and if oklahoma will get on a run, they've got to take down baylor, whose had a very good season so far, oklahoma needs to finish 13-0 you can see what's breaking down it's a very good game. i know the big noon kickoff crew is in waco, texas i expect there's baylor fans excited trying to ic tariff down the sooners. a lot of failure in historic years but started to win against of late. ainsley: what about maryland/
5:55 am
michigan state? >> michigan state tried to bounce back. they were undefeated ainsley and lost on the road against purdue and now they need to win this game to set the table down the stretch run to win the big 10 east and they get it done, bounce back to maryland, which had a tough loss to penn state and those games are instrumental in terms of determining who will be playing in the big 10 title and michigan state has to win this one they can't afford another upset loss. ainsley: and then at 8:00 at night it's oklahoma state and tc u. tell us about that. >> well, tcu with gary patterson has been a long time coach now on his way out, mike g undy got a long term extension at oklahoma state. oklahoma state has aspirations to win the big 12 trying to setup bedlum, the big game they have inside of the state there, against oklahoma, and mike gundy has been always a lot of fun to watch, they get it done in what should be a great big 12 battle. ainsley: well clay, thanks for coming on with us and have fun in knoxville this weekend. >> we will for sure thanks for
5:56 am
having me. ainsley: download the fox bet super 6 app and enter for a free chance to win $25,000 this weekend, all you need to do is pick six outcomes from saturday's college football games and watch and see how it plays out, it's free to play, download the fox bet super 6 app now to get started. don't forget to check out what's clicking on outkick. we have more "fox & friends" just moments away. >> ♪ ♪
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>> happy birthday to the marine corps. >> have a good day. >> bill: thanks, good morning. more bad news for the bottom line. i know you love to wake up and hear that. inflation hitting a 30-year high last month. you know at home americans will be hurting because of it. new numbers 30 minutes ago. welcome to our program today. >> dana: the numbers were higher than expected. dana perino, "america's newsroom." prices are up 6% since last year. the biggest surge since 1990. >> it's driving up the price of everything, energy, electronics, groceries, a price of a steak up 24%.


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