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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 10, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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auctions going on right now. so, what are you waiting for? >> the kids couldn't believe i was going to miss halloween. i had no damn choice, i had to cancel that trip. carley: it is wednesday, november 10. democrats continue to push spending billions of your tax dollars to combat climate change but california's governor ditched the biggest climate summit in the world to celebrate halloween and rubbed elbows with oil tycoons at an elaborate wedding. todd: so much in that story. we're learning more about exactly who is mentioned in john durham's indictment of former hillary crittenton campaign lawyer and it's the closest the
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investigation has some to the biden white house. carley: and there is this. >> they champion the causes they believe in the most of, we'll be okay. carley: republicans are weighing in on the biggest take-aways ahead of the midterms. todd: you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i am todd todd. todd piro.carley: i'm carley s. president biden is set to head to the port of baltimore today amid the supply chain nightmare. todd: as surging meat prices threaten to butcher holiday plans across the country. griff jenkins joins us live from d.c. with with the details. your story led to this interesting discussion between carley and i as to when you're talking turkey, white meat versus dark meat, regardless, it's going to talk you more this year. >> reporter: white meat all the way. it's not just turkeys, everyone is tired of paying more for stuff they can barely find on the shelves. that's why the president will
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head to the port of baltimore today to unveil a plan to break the supply chain logjam while pushing the build back better bill. >> i know a lot of folks don't feel the progress we're making in the economy. i get it. i know the cost of gas, groceries and rent seem to be harder and harder to handle. that's more reason to pass my build back better bill. >> reporter: buckle for thanksgiving. it will cost 16 cents more per gallon on the drive to grandma's house where you may find no turkey on the table. according to the wall street journal, by the end of october turkeys were over 60% out-of-stock, cranberry sauce, 20% out of stock, jams and sweet potatoes a quarter out of stock. good luck finding a refrigerated pie for desert. bone-in rib eye roast has doubled in price to $16.99 per pound and bacon and skirt steak
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all soaring in prices, no end in sight as republicans blast the president for failing to take action. >> what are we actually doing either regulation-wise or policy, legislative-wise to reduce some of the pressure we're seeing in the supply chain? we're really not doing anything at all to help alleviate some of the pain points we're seeing throughout the economy. >> reporter: and as we hear about the build back better bill from the president today in baltimore, a new tax analysis says it will hike the average income tax rate to the highest level in the developed world with new york coming in at the top, you guys will have a rate of 66%. todd and carley. carley: so i was reading yesterday that it may be tough to find smaller turkeys in particular this year, so if we had thanksgiving together, that would be great because you could take the white meat and we would take the dark meat, right. todd: win-kin. win.carley: happy a family. >> reporter: good luck finding a
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small turkey. that was a big one last year because people were having small gatherings. todd: the white house doing damage control after admitting it was weighing the consequences of shutting down yet another crucial oil pipeline. carley: this as democrats continue the global push for climate policy at the cop 26 summit. alex hogan is live in london with the story. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the white house says it's not shutting down the pipeline but there are negotiations underway with canada and the canadian government just last month invoked a treaty from 1977 with the u.s. to further this dialogue. dialogue that will continue next week when president joe biden is expected to host canadian prime minister justin trudeau and mexico's president for an in-person meeting this would be the first such meeting in half a decade. the line 5 pipeline cuts through
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michigan, transporting the majority of canadian crude exports to the u.s. which then goes onto power millions of businesses and homes across the countries. environmental activists wants the pipeline turned a off to prevent a potential spill in the great lakes. critics argue the collateral cost is too high, pointing to the skyrocketing price of gas and energy in the last year. >> the administration comes in, the first they do is cancel the keystone pipeline. second thing, no new leases on public land for energy production. the president is now begging opec to increase production to reduce our gas prices because of his own actions. it makes no sense. >> reporter: over in scotland, as cop 26 continues, climate envoy john kerry took the stable, highlighting the importance of natural gas and renewable energy.
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>> by 2030 in the united states, we won't have coal -- we will not have coal plants. we're the largest oil and gas producer in the world but we're saying we're going to be carbon-free in the power sector by 2035. >> reporter: today on the cop 26 agenda, leaders from the roughly 200 nations will sit down together and renegotiate the final text of what they will sign at the end of the week. again, those pledges to cut emissions by as early as 2030. the summit that is deemed the last best chance to fight climate change will end on friday. carley, todd. todd: the longest summit in the world. alex hogan live for us in london. alex, thanks. let's bring in representative andy harris from the great state of maryland. good to see you, sir. baltimore is in maryland. joe biden will be in baltimore today on his sort of infrastructure victory lap. what do you think of him visiting baltimore when there are other places like, oh, i
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don't know, l.a. that are really having port problems right now. >> well, the ships are backed up in baltimore also. and, look, if the president president wants to come to baltimore, why doesn't he talk about funding the police. we have one of the highest murder rates in the country and on track to set another record this year with over 300. carley: there's the issue of gas prices that everybody is so worried about and this line 5 pipeline that the biden administration has was a -- waffled on back and forth, whether they're considering shutting it down. this is happening as a group of democrats wrote the biden administration a letter saying you've got to do something about gas prices. >> the real infrastructure we need in this country is more pipelines to get our world-leading energy sector to be able to deliver product. again, pipelines are the highways for energy. and if the president were serious about infrastructure and bringing energy prices down, he wouldn't have agreed to the
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russian pipeline in the north sea. he would have agreed to the keystone pipeline here and not talk of shutting down line 5. todd: here's the explanation from the white house, saying the biden administration recognizes that the port of baltimore is the largest source of good paying blue collar jobs in the state, $17 billion for america's ports, that's an unprecedented investment. okay. i'll agree with you that maybe baltimore is not perfect when it comes to ports, maybe there's a valid reason for him doing that. should the white house be celebrating regardless any kind of victory lap when it comes to infrastructure when so many americans are going to be suffering this holiday season, already are suffering due to inflation and the aforementioned gas prices that carley just talked about. >> you're absolutely right. what's on people's minds are the fact that, again, they may not be able to get the things they need for thanksgiving, if they do it's going to cost more. if they travel, it's going to cost more. this infrastructure bill, again, especially the one that the president still hopes that congress passes will do nothing except make those problems
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worse. carley: one of the reasons that the biden administration is celebrating is because it's viewed as bipartisan. there were 13 of your republican colleagues who supported the bill. what do you make of their support and what this infrastructure bill will actually do to the country? >> well, again, half of this infrastructure bill that we passed is actually infrastructure. it's roads, bridges. that's the half we normally pass every few years. the other half is for things that just don't make sense. it's secretary buttigieg said yesterday, it's to make sure we have i guess roads that aren't racist. i don't get that. i mean, that's a billion dollars. that's a lot of money. that's money that could be much better spent as i've said, for instance, in refunding the police in places like baltimore so places are baltimore is safe. the president will have a lot of armed people around him. the average person in baltimore is very worried. todd: congressman andy harris, thank you for getting up with
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us. carley: today the u.s. marine corps celebrates its 246th birthday. marines have been bravely serving our country since 1775. todd: this year's tribute is to the brave men and women who joined after 9/11. you'll see us wearing these pins, as a way to honor those folks. carley: an illinois teacher took a stand against vaccine mandates and that got her placed on leave. there's a twist to her story. you'll hear from her next. todd: brian kilmeade talks one on one with senator tim scott shedding a light on how republicans hope to capitalize on victories in virginia. ♪
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stand up to them and fight for them, then it's hard to get your voice heard. todd: what's been the reaction in your community? >> among my friends and family and close world it's been very positive. i've had had thousands of strangers reach out to me and show support and thank me for what i'm doing. there has also obviously been some negative backlash from people that don't know me and don't understand what i'm saying. todd: i'm sure that's happened on twitter. that's where negative backlash tends to thrive. what are the mandates in general doing to our country? >> they've been awful. for the past 20 months in the state of illinois, my parents and my children have lost a year and-a-half worth of schooling, a year and-a-half worth of socialization. businesses have been closed. people have lost their livelihoods. the vaccine mandate has caused people that are pro-choice to lose their jobs or lose their
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livelihoods. it's been a problem across the board. todd: you've stated that nothing comes before your students and that is the mark of a true educator. but as a an educator, beyond the mandates, how much harm have we done to our kids throughout this covid experience? >> it's been awful. i was having a conversation with two moms yesterday that have students between late junior high and early high school and the learning that they did not get done via zoom and online, and the curriculum was not readjusted to go back and teach what was missed so the kids are trying to pay catch-up for things that they don't know. with kids in early elementary school, with the math mandates they lost the ability to learn how to appropriately speak and understand social cue as well as the reading and the sounds. todd: and your subject is math and business. if you fall behind in math and business, it's really tough to
2:17 am
catch up especially when we're in a global battle against the chinese who aren't falling behind. before we let you go, what is your message to fellow teachers out there? >> stay strong, keep teaching. this is a crazy time we're living in and we all have to be there for our students, regardless of our personal beliefs, students have to come first. todd: what's your message to parents? >> keep fighting for your kids. nobody knows what's best for your kids like the moms and the dads out there and keep standing strong, keep paying attention to what they're learning and how they're learning it and keep fighting for your kids. todd: cadence, we appreciate your time this morning. keep us posted on your fight. thank you very much. carley. carley: the time is now 17 minutes a after the hour. governor gavin newsom has been located. but where has he been for the last two weeks? that's the question. one place he was spotted was with nancy pelosi in a lavish wedding and in this case it was the masks that were missing. brian kilmeade here to he react
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about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. california governor gavin newsom reemerging tuesday after disappearing from the public eye for nearly two weeks after getting the covid booster shot. he blamed the canceled appearance at the cop 26 climate summit on halloween. >> the kids had an intervention. they couldn't believe i was going to miss halloween. i had no damn choice. i had to cancel that trip. todd: just this year, the california governor signed a $15 billion climate package for california, the largest such investment in state history and that's not all newsom's been up. while his colleagues were at cop he was rubbing elbows with oil tycoons. carley: he and speaker nancy pelosi attended the environmenta
2:23 am
environment we'd -- lavish wedding in san francisco. >> reporter: this time, pee he pelosiand the mayor were caught partying maskless at the lavish wedding. governor newsom was reportedly in attendance too. the governor reminded everyone that we're still in a pandemic, saying covid cases are beginning to rise, winter months mean people indoors and more possibilities for spread. now, this as new data shows ultra restricted california now has twice as many covid cases as florida, one of the least restrictive states. in the last seven days alone, california had more than 6300 cases and 63 deaths. that's compared to florida which saw only 1500 cases and two deaths. florida attorney general ashley moody saying the state plans to stick with the hands-off approach and fight the biden administration's vaccine mandates. >> they're using an emergency
2:24 am
rule to shove on the american people national healthcare policies when it won't even apply to specific work situations. it's unconscionable. we know biden's frustrated because his approval ratings are at an all time low but that's no reason for him to unlawfully force his will on the american workers. >> reporter: both states have nearly the same vaccination rate which stands at about 60%. carley, todd. carley: thank you, marianne. let's bring in brian kilmeade, "fox & friends" co-host waking up early for us. let's talk about governor newsom. there was speculation as to where he was after he got the covid booster shot. he wasn't seen for two weeks and hiss office said it had nothing to do with the booster shot. we find out he missed the cop 26 all-important climate conference because of halloween for his states. >> greatest state in the union and he wanted to say look how great we're doing compared to the rest of the country and the world. i find it hard to believe his
2:25 am
kids got to him for a two week stay at home. you know what it's like to have to work a lot and kids say where the hell are you. you notice he didn't say the booster shot had nothing do do with this but i did see in the wedding he was wearing a mask from what i saw. carley: the wedding was for an oil tycoon heiress amid the climate change conference talk. todd: the climate change conference is the longest conference in conference history. if he couldn't go on october 31st, there were three other weeks where he could have gone. >> basically, it is just everyone congratulates each other how green they are and pledges that they plan on having and for the most part the people that need to hear this is china and russia and they're not listening. they promise to clamp down in 5 50years, by that time the new graphics will look old on fox and first. carley: you learned a lot about
2:26 am
senator tim scott. >> i went to charleston and saw him in action. he said don't meet in me my office, i'm never there. we went to a barbecue place. we talked to him about how much harder it is to get deliveries. we walked the streets. the everyday person loves tim scott, the screams and shouts walking around was real and organic. we went back and saw a conference where he had business leaders from tourism to the local restaurants and hotel operator, talking about what they need to get tourism back up and all the other issues facing him. you'll see part one today, the sit-down. part two is friday. one day was just to realize how great the feature was. we give one day off. friday, we give you out and about on our feet moving around. carley: a lot of people talk about him in a presidential capacity. >> that's one thing i asked him. i said there was one moment and one speech that you gave that everyone is saying this guy
2:27 am
could be president. watch. >> i think america's hungry to hear the truth that while we have an original sin, we're not a racist country. i think america wants to remember that the greatest dreams of our people doesn't happen in washington. >> i should introduce that better. the turning point for him was his rebutal to president biden's first address to joint session of congress, usually it's a death nil for a politician, it was such a refreshing message that everyone said this guy could be president. he got $8 million into his coffers. he says if president trump runs, he will not. todd: the reaction to him following that speech was massive. we were talking about it for days and it wasn't just us. even other networks were talking about how profound that speech was. speaking of profound, i got a copy of it. it's brian kilmeade's book, the president and the freedom fighter book tour. i'm going to be on this camera.
2:28 am
it's very confusing, you don't know what camera to look at. what's the main take-away from the book. >> we're still debating race in the country. we want to talk about how bad it was and how it brought us to war and how the north had to gradually, even though 1% of the population was in the north. it was the number one issue. without it we don't fight, without it there was no cause but he had to do a gradual aapproach to this war. frederick douglas says are you kid ming. we have to free the enslaved people right away. when they met the criticism stopped. they hit it off on warp speed and they helped recruit african-americans into the army, helped win a war and most of importantly get lincoln reelected. if he didn't get reelected there wasn't another candidate that a wanted to finish it off. carley: i read the book.
2:29 am
i loved the book. there are a lot of books about abraham lincoln out there, but yours is different. >> he's the most written about president. the book of the year three years ago was about the book on dugs has. i thought what about the relationship between the two. carley: today you're in madison, connecticut on your book tour. november 21st you're in orlando. >> i will have a chance to talk about all the books, america, great from the start and that will stream on fox nation. todd: thoughts on bussing in people from the various disney parks to the event. >>s there's been talk. a lot of people say enough. carley: enough mickey, let's get a little book. >> i'm tired of kids happy. let's bring them to a american history live event. carley: thanks so much for being on with us. the time is now 29 minutes after
2:30 am
the hour. your thanksgiving is going to be much more expensive this year and you can thank joe biden for that. cheryl casone has a check on the prices. todd: republicans worry that biden's fcc nominee will push for a government takeover of the air waves. joe concha, he's not going to he let it happen. he's live, next. ♪ because i'm tnt. ♪ i'm dynamite. ♪
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carley: president biden's new fcc nominee is being hailed by
2:34 am
the white house as a leading advocate for open affordable and democratic communications networks, but is that just code for media censor? todd: here to react, fox news contributor joe concha. her name is gigi sloan. how petrified should every american be about her nomination. >> this is what she had to say in 2020. quote, i believe that fox news has had the most negative impact on our democracy, it's state sponsored propaganda with few if any opposing viewpoints. where's the hearing about that. someone questioned sinclair's broadcasting, quote, fitness to be a broadcast licensee. unquote. she will go after the licenses of fox news, of sinclair, of anybody who disagrees with the biden administration, she cannot be confirmed because the fcc cannot be weaponized to squash free speech and viewpoints that the biden administration just happens to disagree with and
2:35 am
it's up to moderate democrats to ensure that does not happen. had the that hearing starts i believe in about a week or so and we all should be paying attention to that because this could be mr. biden's most dangerous nominee yet. carley: lindsey graham agrees with you, he released a statement saying gigi sloan is a complete political idea log who disdain for conserve i've the. she would be a complete nightmare for the country. i will do everything in my power to convince colleagues on both sides of the ail to reject this extreme nominee. in this political climate, joe, can somebody like senator lindsey graham convince the other side of the aisle to agree with him? >> it's very difficult, right. it won't take too many democrats, though, to tip the scales, obviously, particularly when talking about a 50/50 senate. so again, you bring up the names, manchin, sinema, that's about it. but you would hope that they would say, all right, this is a bridge too far and we have to put a stop to this because,
2:36 am
again, this is somebody in gigi stone who wants to stop what some people want to say on the airwaves and that's not the role of the fcc. todd: i don't think she is going to be invited to concha's thanksgiving, regardless of white meat. carley: it's always twitter with the nominees that get them in trouble. daniel: john durham nuked the steele dossier credibility. news outlets are not issuing corrections. this is the pattern, report something that isn't true and then not walk it back. you how important is that? >> a lie can go halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on. and now with social media, a lie can go a billion times around the world before the truth can get its pants on. now the truth has its pants on and we're seeing through the durham indictments that the steele dossier is farcicle. you had other news organizations
2:37 am
win pulitzer prizes based on reporting of russia collusion, while weighing it on the dossier. kudos to morgan ortagus for actually being somebody who challenges adam schiff who broadcast the dossier more than anybody on his claims that he had hard evidence of russia collusion with trump. because remember, it was schiff who read that juicy obviously as obviousfarcicle parts of the ste dossier which was unverified at the time into the congressional record. he would go on msnbc and cnn and touted everything within the dossier and now he is writing a book. he is on a book tour. he's a best selling author. because of what was in the dossier which was all bs and that tells you where we are as far as as a country right now where adam schiff is hoisted up like rudy at the end of that great movie about notre dame football, that's who he is at
2:38 am
this point. a guy who pushes a lie and gets rewarded for it. carley: thank you so much for joining us early this morning. you were on hannity's show last night. >> you got the rudy reference. that was 1993. carley: i am a human being that walks this planet though, joe. todd: american wallets are feeling the effects of inflation especially in the meat aisle. steaks and bacon among products that surged in price amid the supply chain crisis. carley: cheryl casone is here with more on the rising cost of food. cheryl,. good morning.cheryl: i'm goingk turkey as well. white meat. todd: boo. cheryl: as the president is heading to baltimore to address the supply chain crisis, americans are seeing sticker shock. bone-in rib eye doubling in price, bacon is $7.22 a pound, skirt steak, $11.39.
2:39 am
these are some of the highest prices that we've seen in a decade. meat producers are blaming the supply chain issues and staff shortages. we are going to get october's consumer price data this morning at 8:30 eastern time on business. and that is going to be consumer prices for the month and they're going to be -- it's going to be a large jump. todd: my burrito has gone up because of the bacon. i'm not happy about it. there's that word again, equity. cheryl: this is interesting from the commerce department. the commerce secretary says that the biden administration's main goal is not inflation or business at commerce but it's equity. .>> broadband is the gateway to economic opportunity. in order to open that gateway, we're putting equity at the center of everything we do. cheryl: of course, pete buttigieg made those comments that are getting him some grief. she made those comments while talking about the recently passed infrastructure bill. secretary faces pressure to
2:40 am
address the chip shortage. maybe that's where she should put her attention. carley: there's an update on the aaron rodgers covid vaccine debacle front. cheryl: the packers and quarterback aaron rodgers getting hit with fines, the team fined 300,000. rodgers and the wide receiver got $14,000 each fines plus they attended a team party that was -- they were unvaccinated. rodgers is currently home. he's got covid. he stands by his decision, he though, not to get the vaccine. >> i'm excited about feeling better. i'm excited about moving forward and hopefully getting back with my team. hate is not going to bring us out of this pandemic. i stand by what i said and the reasons why i made the decision. cheryl: so packers' president mark murphy said we respect the league's findings and recognize adherence to covid protocols to keep the team and organization safe and healthy. the team was fined for not
2:41 am
disciplining the players. i want to add that $14,000 to aaron rodgers is lunch. you know. so whoopdi-doo. todd: no gofundme feeded for aaron rouge -- needed for aaron rodgers. california has stricter covid restrictions than florida does but the covid rate is twice as high. carley: it is all about safety or is it just about show? we're talking to dr. marty makary, coming up next. ♪ oh, sweet child of mine. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. look! oh my god... i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. ♪ we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift.
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carley: welcome back. covid cases are steadily rising in california, despite strict mask and vaccine requirements. the golden state's covid case rate is double that of florida which does not enforce widespread covid mandates. here to react, dr. marty makary. doctor, what do you make of this comparison, florida versus california, why is this happening. >> good morning, carley. so california is testing a lot more and it just goes to show, if you want to test the heck out of everybody, you can make this thing go a long time. now, both states have about 100 deaths per day. we think most of those are from covid, maybe not all. that's equal in both states. so what's happening right now is you're seeing a place with twice
2:46 am
the population california with about the same number of deaths as florida. it may be similar with regard to the actual toll on society. i think we'll learn a lot about the long-term downside consequences of substance abuse deaths, suicides and the damage from lost time in school, delayed healthcare for a lot of people. that's going to come out late. i think that will be the ultimate test in comparing the two states. carley: there is a battle over mandates, though. at the same time this is happening, pfizer came out with this pill that seems like a miracle drug that would reduce hospitalizations and deaths by 90%? >> yeah, and actually underneath the data in the more detailed report, no one who got this pill ever died in the phase 3 clinical trial, the same for the merck pill. these two drugs really truly
2:47 am
mark the end of the pandemic and the move to the phase where it circulates at low levels and we learn to live with it. pfizer and merck should immediately make their pills available on a compassionate use basis for expanded access protocol. they're not doing that right now. they may not want to jeopardize what appears to be a sure bet authorization but we could have merck's drug as soon as four weeks from now. carley: i think some people will look at the news about the pfizer drug and look at mandates and say if mandates are supposed to be the thing that prevents people from hospitalization and death, and we have this drug that does this, then why are we still implementing mandates? >> well, i think, carley, your logic is 100% reasonable. that is, this is a deduction that any honest person should make and that is that drugs that reduce the deaths to zero or near zero obviate the need for any mandate.
2:48 am
it makes them unnecessary. carley: i think the news of this drug is so exciting and thankfully is coming up pretty soon. on the pfizer front they're looking to get all adults 18 and up the covid-19 booster shot. how do you feel about boosters? there are some people that are vaccine hesitant, not everybody, but some and now we're talking about getting a third jab. >> first of all, with the new drugs out right now, no one should be dying of covid. no one should be dying of covid with rare exceptions. we've got to factor that when talking about lowering the risk with the booster from one in 3,000 to one in 30,000, which is about the reduction we may see in people over 65. now, remember, a fully vaccinated person with a booster over 65 is still going to be more at risk than a young person with no vaccine. because it's almost as if god designed kids with two doses in their system already. so the idea that we need to just have these blanket recommendations of boosters for
2:49 am
all ignores the fact that the risk is not equally distributed in the population. final point is that the second dose should have have come three months after the first dose because putting them so close together, they functioned as one dose. carley: i know you have a lot of thoughts on vaccinations for children and actor matthew mcconaughey just gave some of his thoughts on the topic as well. take a listen. >> i couldn't mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. i still want to find out, i still want to find out more information. there's going to come a time, though, and there's has already in the last two years, obviously, there will come a time when you're going to have to roll the dice one way or the other go where the numbers in my favor. carley: you're the doctor. he seemed a little vaccine hesitant for children. what's your response to that. >> well, despite him wearing sunglasses during the interview, i think what he's saying is scientifically credible. what he's saying is we've got to
2:50 am
take a look into the numbers. the risk of my owe card eye is e equal to the risk of covid death had. carley: dr. makary, you're cool enough to wear sunglasses on tv in my book as well. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, carley. todd: mcconaughey looked like he was invoking the entire outfit from tropic thunder. i don't know if you will review the tropics, i don't know if there is thunder in the forecast. you do have the fox weather forecast. you are the senior meteorologist, janice dean. >> matthew mcconaughey's future is so bright he has to wear shades. todd: is that corey hart. >> yeah, canadian, back in the '80s. sunglasses at night. let's talk about weather. because, yes, we are going to see some thunder across portions of the upper midwest.
2:51 am
now, the temperatures right now ahead of the cold front, ahead of the storm, warmer than. . we might flirt with daytime all-time -- well, daytime highs in the 60s and close to 70s. that could break some records today. so that's impressive. but we're on this roller coster where the colder air will sink southward from canada. that's going to help bring the risk for severe storms across the central u.s., hail, damaging winds, even tornado as the cold front plows through the central plains and brings that risk of severe weather so that's going to be ongoing, especially this afternoon when you get the daytime heating and a very powerful cold front. now, on the cold side of the storm, first snow of the season for parts of the northern plains and upper midwest. it had to happen. you might as well bring close to a foot or more for some of these areas and with the wind we actually could see the potential for blizzard conditions for some of these areas, 30, 40, 50-mile-an-hour winds, that's going to blow some of the snow around and it's going to be dangerous to travel, especially
2:52 am
thursday and friday. that's the big system we're watching. very warm temperatures across the south and the east coast, ahead of this cold front. we'll enjoy the 60s in new york, 76 in atlanta. look at miami, 82. loving that. carley: let's all move there. >> i wouldn't -- carley: hate it? >> i would not hate that. carley: neither would i. todd: you're obviously wearing a pin, we're wearing a pin to honor the birthday of the marines, we wouldn't have our freedom without them. and you did have a great placement of the pin on your -- >> right on my little bow. todd: smart. >> thank you. carley: 246th birthday. >> looking good, u.s. marines. carley: looking good. looking as young as ever. founded in 1775, revolutionary war and the concept was created at a pub in philadelphia. >> where most great ideas start. and we'll have a great band on "fox & friends" so please join us. it's going to be amazing.
2:53 am
we love you, u.s. marines. carley: we've been honoring the marines all morning long. time is 52 minutes after the hour. nancy pelosi endorses the idea that the military needs be playing blamed for the world's pollution while china and russia didn't even attend the climate summit. ♪ i'm chi lan, i am a mom, and a real estate agent. after having a kid, everything that you used to do for yourself goes out the window. the lines that i was seeing in my forehead were getting deeper than i was used to them being. and i realized, you know, what i can focus again on myself. so, what do you see when you look at yourself? i see someone who is growing and changing, who loves and is loved. botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing,
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speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, . virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™
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>> the pentagon is a larger polluter than 140 countries combined, how can we seriously talk about net zero if there is this bipartisan consensus to constantly expand this large contributor to climate change. >> we recognize that as well. >> house speaker nancy pelosi on the world stage agreeing with comments that the u.s. military is egregious polluter. >> here to reacted johnny jones fox news contributor and retired marine corps technician who served in afghanistan. this climate change conference, joey in scotland, it took a turn
2:58 am
towards the military and house speaker nancy pelosi appears to have endured the concept of the military going green. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i wonder if they would have said they were imperialist colon nirses if she would agree with that as well. not sure but probably. we that's disheartening. users of nucleau larr energy in the word. the biggest problem the military has is that we are so protective of nuclear technology is the military is the biggest lobbyist against allowing private citizens and private companies to advance that technology. completely understood from a sense of national security but perhaps if we had a government more efficient that maybe, you know, could protect itself from hackers, the military would feel better about the u.s. military working with private american companies to advance nuclear energy. as far as the military itself, we have been using green energy, nuclear energy for a really long time in the military and advance it more every year.
2:59 am
todd: we have a minute before we hand it off to "fox & friends." tomorrow, of course, is veterans day. you have given so much to this great country. what message do you have for the american people on this veterans day eve? >> yeah. particularly veterans, listen, if you see what's happening in government and the country and you don't like it, stand up, say something, do something about it i love every one of you. i thank you for your service. your supervisors doesn't end when you take the uniform off. still a contributing member of this society. you have tools in your toolbox most americans don't. challenge each and every one of to you use them to make this country a better place. carley: of course today we are also celebrating the marine corps birthday as well. >> that's right. carley: joey we have 20 seconds left remaining. the military has been in the news a lot lately because of the pullout in afghanistan. does this veterans day change that message to you? >> i don't think it does. i think that veterans understand we go through trials and tribulations and we love this country. for all the marines out there
3:00 am
onlyservice founded in a bar. carley: i love the bar story with the marine corps. thank you so much for waking up and joining us this morning. we appreciate it. todd: appreciate you, joey. with that a big show coming up on "fox & friends." do you not want to miss it especially what's coming up right at the top. carley: that's right. starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the president will head to baltimore today to push his massive social spending bill. >> infrastructure plan things are only going to get worse and it doesn't help the middle class who is dying right now in america. >> a parents organization announcing it has obtained the signatures needed to challenge the loudoun county school board members. >> laughed at in this country because of our school board. >> school board belongs to us not you. >> the connection between the infamous dossier and a member of the current biden administration. >> information yourself for years by


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