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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 10, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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for tonight very dead is always thank you for being with a spad we hope you dvr it's very easy deduce you never ever ever miss an episode. i have some good news. lit not your hearts be troubled? why? because laura ingraham is takin it over and apparently at some point this week she's got some prank she's about the bowl in may, so go ahead, hit me with your best shot very dermody. >>laura: i have a question for you. were you at the billy joel concert recently? >> no, why, who said that? >>laura: people like you just the way you are. >> he is one of the best performers. >>laura: someone saw you at a billy joel concert for it. >> you're interested in my life and my answer is always the same , that's none of your business. what is your status, and like what status?
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status, frustrated, determined. we are loaded up tonight i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. what happen when an stampede at houston music festival killed eight people. we speak to the police union ha who has some insight to read what the republicans gave way with the infrastructure vote an stephen miller is here with shocking amnesty details inside the democrats for trillion dollar destruction of america they want to pass. first, flunking and flailing, that is the focus of tonight's angle. you know it's bad for the democrats when they've gotten the new york times worried abou how they're handling education. liberal columnist michelle goldberg sees the sign flashing red going all the way into 2022.
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it's what we've been saying since april of 2020 here on the angle that democrats desperatel need schools to get back to normal. public schools may actually be open across the country but in many districts, things are far from normal. in fairfax county, and unvaccinated students she write identified as a close contact with someone who test positive for covid must quarantine for 1 days no matter the results of the students own covid test. and at some schools, students have been forbidden she writes to talk during lunch. that further from ms. goldberg, at her own kids school, student must be masked even during outdoor recess. she goes on to cite a different school problem in the michigan schools has been forced to clos because of staff shortages. classrooms are doubled up and principles are as thin as substitutes as pools of candidates dwindled.
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she writes this is a complicate problem, but it sums up it's up to the state's democratic governor as well as the biden administration to solve it. wow. now, this is the early days of the pandemic, the angle tried t warn democrats that locking dow schools would damage children, and the economies and states that refused to open up. it was obvious to anyone except the frankest of partisans that life would essentially return t normal in states run by more conservative governors. florida, south dakota, texas, georgia, tennessee, parents had kids in schools and they were learning last spring and even last fall. yet the democrats running these other states and the school boards that are just dominated by teachers union influence, they simply didn't care. so they ignored warnings and pleas from parents and from us, from everybody to be on the
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closures and the mask mandates, parents also began to see the garbage their kids were being taught the most depressing and racialized sexualized course content taught by generally activists who are masquerading as educators. so moms and dads described the situation kind of as a 1-2 punc to the solar plexus, but rather than getting knocked out, parents punched back hence the victory in virginia and the nailbiter in new jersey. parents began organizing and even saw some of the gains into global races in places like left-leaning, colorado,. challengers force liberal schoo board members in colorado to spend big money to defend their seats. still, conservatives picked up seats in colorado's douglas county, mesa county, colorado springs, and greeley. not bad. things went the other way with voters and some of the more liberal areas.
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denver suburbs, and guilford, connecticut just to name a few. of currently those jurisdiction can't get enough of the negativ lectures on white privilege and diversity equity inclusion. they want more of that. the decline and our public education system tracks the other parts of the country wher the democrats have dominated. so you're average city public school in baltimore is going to be as valid as well-run as the baltimore city council runs the city of baltimore. ditto for chicago, hartford, connecticut, and la. in sunrise park middle school i minnesota, rather than raising the bar for students, they decided to remove standards altogether. >> grades will not include behaviors, attitude, tardiness, whether the assignment was turned in late or on time, this is really increasing the rigor of grades. >> students are encouraged to retake quizzes, projects, paper
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fred can get the other thing yo probably noticed us for not using anything under 50 percent. want our students to know learning takes work. >> teaching actually takes work to. instead of adopting smart policies, what they're doing is pandering to the union, to the race radicals, to the gender benders today we see what 40 years of neglect and blue station has gotten us and the new york times michelle goldber and every other liberal out there should know that the reason schools haven't gotten back to normal and there doing nonsense like that is because the left doesn't want them to g back to normal bear they don't want the old standards. to them, schools are nothing bu anti-american propaganda outlet that they used to separate children from the racist, sexis traditional views of their parents. by teaching american history as many of us learned it, is out o the question now because remember, most of us grew up loving our country despite her
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flaws. the left needs an army of new recruits climate change, antiracism revolution. and the schools are there trusted source. now, they have their puppet in the white house helping them to. biden's goal is to make things easier for the teachers unions. kids and what's good for them, about 999 on his priority list. this was obvious early on in hi presidency when he backtracked on his promise that a majority of schools would be open for in person learning by spring. >> his goal that he set was to have the majority of schools, a more than 50 percent open by da 100 of his presidency. that means some teaching in classrooms, so at least one day a week. >>laura: one day a week. that was so pathetic for the union also put out a huge payou in the so-called american rescu
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plan and american parents in their kids in turn got ripped off. but the ripoff didn't begin wit covid and george floyd, the fac is conservatives have been losing ground in education for decades. remember the attacks on classes western civilization and general , the anti- new crow test on campus in the 1980s, and professors and students remembe had to take a mental health day after trump won the presidency. >> for those morning the trumpe victory, colleges are offering comfort with everything from ho chocolate to plato. >> and no speaking for myself a a man, i was concerned about th outcome of the election and wha it might mean for my own rights so i assume students would be a well. so i sent an e-mail saying if you don't feel like you want to be there, that's fine, let me know and most of the students took me up on that offer. >>laura: shocker. students with don't want to go
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to class. now parents are realizing that the radicalization isn't starting in colleges, it is starting long before that. over the past 18 months, many parents are voting with their choosing homeschooling, parochial and other religious schools are there just going to read states where their rights are protected and kids educatio priorities are put first. think about this insanity. instead of listening to the concerns of those who are payin the bills, the school boards in the blue states responded by limiting access to things like school board meetings, or just canceling the meetings altogether. they kicked out and arrested dissenting parents, and then they urged the justice department to investigate the parents as potential terrorist. the whole time, they denied tha radical racial views are even being taught in schools at all. never get in the far left way, never. and they always have the media
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to cover for them. >> parents know their kids are being indoctrinated with critical race theory in virgini and the press denied that. >> just to be clear, it's not i the curriculum in virginia. >> let me just read you a few things. in 2015, the virginia departmen of education promoted incorporating critical race theory in education page you ca still find it on the department of education's website. is still there. in promoted critical race theor and the idea of white fragility. >> it's not part of the curriculum i would like to move on with you. >> senator, senator, please don't bombard me with facts because my producer can't talk quickly enough in my area to give me a comeback. parents have always known that teachers tended to be more new liberal, we knew that, but the
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unwritten compact was always that politics would stay out of the classroom. now the school boards are violating that understanding. and this gives license to educators and officials to openly mock parents. >> if you're going to call me out i'm going to [bleep] you up. that's just me. >> they want their babysitters back. >> the meeting is open to the public right now. >> not on. >> that's what laurie just said. >> great. >>laura: and they know this will boards will always back them up. so here is my message to the school boards and the democrats who have been covering for them. you can spend your time trying to convince yourselves and us that it's not technically crt that you're using, you know dar well what you've done. for type of books on your syllabus, the language you use in class.
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the literature you aren't assigning to your students, and your attitude toward conservative students and parents. you know it. so good for the times as michelle goldberg for seeing th site writing on the wall on som of the issues, but for many people, it's too late for the public schools. it's obvious the type of education most parents want in most kids need in a competitive world is not something they are willing to provide. so the public schools will continue to lose enrollment because the left will never bac down on using the schools to push its ideology. norwell they force the teachers union to take measures that would allow the schools to return to normal. that means parents, you will have to continue to vote with your feet in your money. that is the angle. joining me now is a wisconsin teacher and editor-in-chief and the chalkboard review great and apparent fighting where it curriculum in hamden, maine. daniel, what you went viral for
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pushing back on the narrative that this trt type pedagogy is being pushed in the schools. what is the truth? >> it is so much more than just critical race theory. it's what we call critical pedagogy which is this radical and very political ties sort form of teaching that they teac in schools of education. it started with this theorist that viewers might not know, bu he is one of the most read authors and he cites the maoist culture of evolution and the leninist russian revolution as ideal that was thought and action. in this guy is the author and the theorists that our teachers are learning in schools of education. >> 's so they're playing a semantic game the whole crt or know crt is a fig leaf. john, kelsey's dental nova name 2022 teacher of the year by the main department of education
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released a reading list that included a book called middle schools drag and it concerns an enterprising boy who starts his own junior talent agency and signs a 13 -year-old aspiring drag queen is his first client. sean, how pervasive is that in our schools? >> it's very factual. i spent a lot of time on this what i call a list and really did my homework and she gets an f for this particular book list feared her book four of anti- father, transgender, lgbtq critical race theory books and sexual education. frankly, it's just sickening. >> daniel, msnbc nicole wallace has a very interesting theory a to what is driving this parenta backlash. >> the reason so many voters in virginia were so animated about education is because their kids were home all last year and the
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internet sucks in a lot of places in virginia. the white house art of see the read the country entering these massive legislative accomplishments into things tha people are looking for. >> daniel, is this the message that parents are sending to schools across the country is that they want better internet, that's why they voted the way they did? ticket no, that's not true at all. when you look at places like seattle, when they see their math curriculum, their math curriculum asked questions like how important as it to be right? when you're designing a bridge, when your kids are learning their mouth math, it's pretty important you're right. one of the themes of this math class are things like power, oppression, liberty, things you might want to learn in the intr to sociology class, not a math class when every math class i'v every book, every social studie lesson is all being pushed to advance the same ideology.
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people are frustrated by that very they want their kids to learn how to read, they want them to learn geometry and algebra, not the political view indicate assmac 12 classroom. >> back to this issue that happened in virginia. i know both of you have followe this. the election is over, but the parents are not done. this was from earlier tonight watch. >> the election is over and we are still here because despite what they stated, this was neve about politics. where here because we have we want to protect our children from the mess you've made. >> parents of america, it is time to step out from behind your keyboard, moved off of the sideline and into the fight because your voice matters. >> a lot of parents think they're about places don't matter. they will be marked and their son or daughter will be penalized, what is your message
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to them tonight given the reading list that you've exposed ? >> thank you, laura. they're are a lots of parents that are afraid of the cancel culture. essentially what's happening as the school board or these teachers unions or teachers or the superintendent are pushing back and they're doubling and tripling down, not only the cause of the problem not on thi list, not on this ideology of again liberal progressives trying to tear apart the moral fabric of america, they are jus pushing this emotional piece, and really cancel culture is real. i've been the tip of the sword here in maine, there are a lot of people behind me, but i appreciate your efforts, but i' scared to speak out so i'm asking parents, if you want me to speak for you come in maine, that's great, yet to get behind me or off the couch because you kid is suffering the consequences. >> i could not say it better myself, both of you, your voice
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tonight are so important and i will post later about this othe book called it's perfectly normal which you posted about o facebook which a friend of mine alerted me to. it is perfectly normal. wait until you see what's in here for your what, ten -year-old? >> perfectly normal to learn this before it's time, before the policy. it's almost child in these libraries in the public school. >>laura: and the parents aren't even aware of it half th time. now the republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill, they didn't just clear the way for the left dream legislation, they might have done something far worse. newt gingrich will tell us, plu stephen miller just was subpoenaed by the runaway january 6 committee. his exclusive reaction is next.
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♪ >>laura: we called out the house and senate republicans wh voted to pass the infrastructur package, it's less about the hundreds of billions those 13 gop members and at them and their cronies it's more about the disastrous bill that their votes pave the way for. over and glascow, today, old ma could barely contain her excitement.
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>> our professional delegation comes here after advancing fres from advancing legislation to build back better which represents the most ambitious and consequent clean energy legislation of all time periods our energy advances our mission to decriminalize and realign every sector of the economy. >> every sector of the economy. joining me now is newt gingrich former house speaker and fox news contributor. the 13 republicans gave biden the fig leaf of i act in a bipartisan way. but what impact did they have o the party going into the 2022 elections when it comes to spending all this money? >> i think both the senators wh voted for this bill, and the house members the republicans that voted for this bill, both of them undermined the core
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argument for a republican congress. the fact is that there is no reason to have voted for this bill. under those 13 could tell you what they got and what they're paying for. it's like sending your child ou to buy something and they put down $100 to get a 12-cent toy. the fact is that they have been manipulated by pelosi and i think that i was shocked the 13 house members would do this. they had no role in writing the bill, they had no understanding of what's in the bill, most of what's in the bill with they would oppose if it came up individually. and i think it was just very sa that and i think back home, bot the senate and house members ar going to have a hard time explaining why they did it and why they are voting with nancy pelosi. especially at a moment where pelosi is very unpopular, biden
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has a 38 percent approval, kamala harris has a 28 percent approval. we just had an 8 percent increase in the producer price index. in people feel it every day. the average american is smart enough to know you don't want t add more spending when you already have gasoline going up, food going up, et cetera. >> joe biden wants us all to believe that this massive spending is actually going to bring down inflation. watch. >> they have looked at my plans and said it will ease inflationary pressure. so for those americans focused on the cost of living, it's eve more important to pass this legislation. >> 17 no melt nobel economist, and other reasons that nobel prize means nothing, i guess. >> ronald reagan used to say, i you laid every economist in the
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country end to end, that would be a good thing. the fact is, the fact is i don' know any theory which suggests that increasing spending in the middle of an inflationary surge as a positive thing and i think that most people would agree it's going to actually increase the inflation rate. but we've been told by the government we have the most expensive thanksgiving in history. we've been told by the government people will pay up t 50 percent more to heat their houses this winter. for everybody watching us tonight, the next time you fill up your car or truck with gasoline. the prices are going up. >> for dollar 1 cent for gasoline tonight. good to see who. get some water. what else did they pave the way for? mass amnesty for illegal immigrants. including those with criminal backgrounds for the
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reconciliation bill would shiel illegals who committed heinous crimes such as manslaughter, assault, domestic violence from deportation pair tearing out is stephen miller, america first legal founder, even, so the infrastructure bill doesn't contain amnesty, but your point is because it's kind of a glide past four build back better, that's the problem. >> yes. nancy pelosi and the squad have been quite clear that the two bills are linked and speaker pelosi has said that now that the first bill has passed, they are going to try to vote next week, just days from now, days from now on what is called the build back better plan. what some have called the socialist spending scam what some have called the reconciliation bill, call it whatever you want, it's mass amnesty for illegal immigrants including criminals.
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i can tell you is someone who has worked on this for years now , it would allow people who have been convicted of serious crimes including felonies to be able to get amnesty in the united states of america to continue committing crimes against americans. inside this spending bill, it blows my mind. >> how do they justify that? >> if you may remember, a while ago there was a committee marku of the bill in the house, and they tried to offer an amendmen two at least blocked amnesty fo illegal alien drunk driver so people who wrote the wad to com into the country in them broke them again by getting behind th wheel drunk. they said what about five duis, what about seven, what about ten . this was something that was voted on in committee and they voted it all down. it's very simple. people on the left know that a large number of illegal aliens have criminal records and they' rather have a larger amnesty an keep other criminals. it's that sick, twisted, and
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true. >> a new pull is showing that this immigration provision in the build back better bill coul tank the democrats next year. finding that 53 percent of independents oppose giving lega status and work permits to illegals and 59 percent 70 percent oppose mass amnesty. they are plowing ahead anyway, steven. you and i have been around this issue now for 20 years together in washington. they are fanatics. >> and i will say this, laura, to put a finer point on it, republicans are running out of time two signed the alarm on this. that pole, and god bless tom hemmer for putting that out, that pool shows the way to kill this bill. exposed to the public and the time that we still have, days now, this isn't a social spending bill, it's a mass amnesty open borders, no green card giveaway built that would fundamentally in all immigratio
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control in america even for criminals. >> where are the republicans in the messaging. the january 6 committee subpoenaed you and some other former trumpets officials today what are you doing in response? >> i haven't received any documents or any communication at all. what i'll say is this. it's just an attempt, and you know this as well as anybody to distract from the horrific failures of the biden presidency . president trump left a secure border, a successful roaring economy, peace in the middle east, low stable inflation, everything was prime for unprecedented success, biden took a wrecking ball to it he took a wrecking ball to our country in our economy. >> so you're not going to show up to testify to the so-called select committee. >> i don't even have the documents, laura. >> judge apparently ruled today
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that some of the communications of the president can be released , which i also saw breaking late today so we will have to follow up on that. stephen, thank you. good to see you tonight. what happened at that outdoor festival in houston pair there is potential criminal wrongdoin here, so why is the county demanding outside investigators keep an eye on the police as they investigate? the houston police union head i here next on what is really going on. stay there.
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>>laura: admits the chaos last weekend, hero stepped up to try to save lives. one of them was a police office who can be seen in this video trying to help a man clearly nonresponsive. this occurred as travis bizarrely continued to perform. the houston pd is how eight people died at this concert. but now the top elected officia in harris county is calling for
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an independent investigation very joining me now is that president of the houston police officers union. officer griffith, you have questions about how and why thi concert was permitted to occur in the first place, explained that? >> we are trying to find out wh gave the authorization to have this on a county county facilit like this. i know she runs a county in commissioner ellis runs that precinct in this county, and ye we've been unable to find out who permitted that to go on. amine may be the permits are with his fancy art collection o something, but we been unable t get any of the information. the whole time they're going to throw our officers under the bu trying to say that we were responsible for that grade that's not accurate. >> so people understand what happened here and i know the investigation is ongoing including an independent investigation. when concertgoers decided to ru
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through and just burst into the barrier there, break it down. your view as it should've been stopped right there. >> correct. they should have stopped that immediately. they did the same thing at the carty be concert and they didn' have a problem stopping that. they should've been in the same manner. we had over 500 officers out there for this event and they knew it was going to be a problem from day one. why did we have 500 of our officers out there? this is a county facility. no constables officers were out there either. at the press conference, she made a comment about our policing efforts out there. our officers and the fire department did everything they could to save lives that night. they did everything they could. they were prohibited from some of it because promoters wanted their security inside the areas where they had these quote unquote mosh pits. so they are responsible for this
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. live nation has a handed it, travis scott has a hand in it and that promoter has a hand in it. >> it's impossible for 500 police officers to control a crowd of what, 100,000? good luck. >> they had well over 50,000 there. but they were expecting 100,000 pair there were more people supposed to be there. bless you that is part of the issue. we were more concerned about th second night and how that was going to go and things went ver very bad that night in our prayers go out to all the famil members because you don't expec that to happen when you send your family out to an event lik that. >> officer griffith, thank you. we're going to check back with you as the investigation unfolds . after police and firefighters declared this mass casualty event, as i said, scott continued performing. in fact, concert staff
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reportedly ignored pleas from audience members to stop the show. at least two fans climbed the camera platforms, so how does this happen and should be held accountable. one man searching for these answers is representing one of the victims of the concert. tony, so far, what have you bee able to learn and you can also react to the officers comments. >> what we know for sure is tha based on the radio traffic that at 9:00 a.m. there were concertgoers who were breaking down barriers, we're moving around described by the police department as a mom, totally overran the merchandise facilit so they had to coordinate often close it. they're we're people by noon up on top of the buildings, the point is, it continued to get worse. remember, the deaths occurred a 9:00 p.m. that night.
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this was other chaos from the moment that they went into the gates. a lot of the video that has bee seen of a large group of people running through security and running through barriers, that is into the vip area. that's at tpm in the afternoon. these same people had already busted through the entry gates to bypass completely they were supposed to do covid screening and also screening of purses an baggage commitment of that occurred. 50,000 ticketed individuals who had tickets to be there, there were many thousands who just burst through. one person was caulked with clippers cutting the chain-link fence. the police department is as bus as a one armed paper hanger if you will, and it was all day long and to suggest anybody els this could have been anybody's children.
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literally squeezed to death because of this other chaos. this as a young man they just went to have fun and died right there. >> doesn't live nation, the i mean the promoter, doesn't it have a long history of safety violations? for stampede's, we've seen the headlines, snoop dogg, live nation saved by concert collaps victims pray they have a $20 million record judgment for pain and suffering. >> they are the ones that put o the concert in las vegas where they recently settled with all the parties for $800 million. this is the same outfits, and let's not forget travis scott i been arrested on two occasions for inciting the crowd and encouraging them to burst through barriers in to run over
12:44 am
police officers and encouraging people to jump from the top deck . encouraging the crowd to beat u people. >> they're is so much negligenc to go around. please keep in touch with us without the investigation investigation goes. >> vaccine from coast-to-coast aren't just ignoring the scienc on covid, but they could be putting the kids in danger. the facts and figures the medical cartel does not want yo to see. we will show you in a a
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>> at what point will you ask restaurants, gyms, all of those organizations and institutions to also start checking vaccination cards for 5-11 -year-olds. >> it will take a number of weeks for that age group to get vaccinated. we want to get to the day where we could vaccinate new yorkers and get that rolling. >> 66 children age 5-11 have died from covid between october of 2020 and october of 2021 par of course, always tragic, but does that number justify tens o millions of kids taking an
12:50 am
experimental vaccine? doctor, that data is fairly shocking. what is the justification here? >> there isn't any justification . 66 deaths are associated with covid. they're our 20 times 600 dess a year from motor vehicle accidents and kids. in those 33 dess are all in kid with chronic conditions diabetes , obesity, cancer survivors, and so on. healthy kids do not die from this illness, there will be willie moore desk called bite caused by the vaccines. they're is no motivation, no rational reason to give this to kids that age. >> bill gates, one of the biggest vaccine promoters in th world made a stunning in missio last week. watch. gate have vaccine that block transmission. we got vaccines to help you wit
12:51 am
your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmissions. we need a new way of doing the vaccines. >> what? phil, doesn't this undermine th entire rationale of forcing these vaccines on every person out there? >> it's interesting birds if yo or i say that's on youtube, the will take it down or flag it with the information flag, but bill gates is allowed to say it. these are vaccines that are pretty effective for people at high risk of do to hospitalization her desperate they have almost no effect on infections or therefor on transmissions, so the idea that we are going to mandated prism societal benefits completely falls apart. right any benefit that might exist as a private benefit and therefore it should absolutely be the individual's own decision . they're is no case for mandates anymore given what we know abou the vaccine. >> the multibillionaire the io
12:52 am
of pfizer basically told the atlantic that the boosters are going to have to be welcome a fairly frequent. watch. >> is there going to be an annual vaccine for covid 19? a booster shot enough right now? >> it looks like this we'll be an annual vaccination. >> the nine months booster ring of people. now, why would he want that? the ceo of pfizer? it's not like he has any vested interest in saying that about every nine months, get a shot spread. >> because this debbie show the waning immunity happens at six months, correct? >> the waning immunity for symptomatic infection is at six months, a little longer for a severe infection and hospitalization, but basically every six months is when it would be needed.
12:53 am
>> phil, just because it's you, i have to share a masking combo they had over at msnbc. watch. >> i wonder, if i should be wearing a mask. >> know, even after the pandemic . >> probably. >> i'm just going to do it. it protects you from the flu an stuff. >> it's been really nice not having the flu for a couple of years. i could go another year and a half or two years without the flu, i will put the mask on on plane whether i like it or not. >> on a private plane, really? phil, your reaction to that insanity? that's why there isn't flu, it' a viral inter- fluence that is causing it. >> flu disappeared everywhere i the world at the same time including sweden word nobody ever put on a mask it completel skipped flu season. brazil where they had no interventions and once they did after the president told people to ignore they skipped two flu seasons in a row, so this reall
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was a global phenomenon where covid was just so dominant and contagious that it sort of elbowed flu out-of-the-way. lou is back in the indian subcontinent, they've had a flu eight epidemic. >> really quickly, the flu and cloth masks. not the m 95. we know that that has been proven or shown not to have muc of an effect, yes or no? >> correct. so no effect. >> but why, what the facts get in the way. good to see both of you tonight. good the new york times be right ? twice in one day?
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>>laura: we know a broken clock is right twice a day, could this lady be said about the new york times. >> the problem, blue states is where the housing crisis is located reheard weird blue
1:00 am
states are where the disparitie in education funding are the most dramatic. these dates are the places wher tens of thousands of homeless people are living on the street. blue states are the places wher economic inequality is increasing most quickly in this country. >> didn't the angle say that in >> didn't the angle say that in >> the kids, they couldn't believe they that i was going to miss halloween. i had no choice. i had to cancel that trip. todd: it is wednesday, november 10th. democrats continue pushing to spend billions of your tax dollars to combat climate change but california's governor ditched the biggest climate sum be mitt in the world to celebrate halloween and reportedly rubbed elbows with oil tycoons at a wedding. carley: we are learning more about who was mentioned in john durham's indictment of a former hillar


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