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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 9, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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on these falsehoods and they ar false. we've got a call them in a responsibility. >> for all of our six minute women need each other if one group fails everyone suffers. it's real in her were made. senator holly i appreciate your coming on tonight and for the truth that you're telling about that. >> we are completely out of tim in the meantime sean hannity takes over. >> and welcome all the hannity tonight we are tracking multipl major stories including the developments from the russian collusion hoax a top biting advisor has now been implicated in connection to the liza conspiracy theories found in hillary clinton's dirty russian paid for dossier. close america's mustiness hones congressman for the first time fohe's acing questions and by t way surrounding his deep involvement in perpetrating the great lie hoax conspiracy theor
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of the dossier. by the way not from jake capper a fake news at cnn that chuckie caught it in and bc. morgan ortega's on the view and we've got the tape.. v tonight we began it appears tha joe biden has finally realized americans are not happy with th us economy. according to joe the only fiscally responsible way to mak things better to pass a bill th back better new green deal socialism planets but a couple of trillion more dollars that w don't have and rob our kids and grandkids blind and put it on social welfare projects that ar pretty much much destined to fail. every single economist in the country not named it janet yellen is a warning that suspending would greatly accelerate accelerate inflation. at a time when inflation is already at a 30 year high, we got bad newss today wholesale prices are up a whopping 8.6 percent we already know gas prices are above average a dollar 50 a ngallon cost a lot more to fill your tank the cost
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to heat and cool your home it could be up by 100 percent by the end of the winter heating your home and you might not eve be able to find a turkey in tim for thanksgiving because of dir realist shortages that were experiencing. joe biden is fast. he's a smartest person in the room and how he believes that spending $2 trillion will magically fix inflationon and affix our supply chain crisis. after all the policies work so great to this point, right? why not take his word for it, right? >> all of it is paid for by raising taxes and big corporations who are wealthy. were not trying to punish anybody on assisting they pay their fair share. that's fiscally responsible and it's paid for. i do a lot of folks don't feel the progress we are making. another cost of gas and groceries and rent seems to be harder and harder the handle. that's we have to pass my bill
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back better bill. >> it's one of the vitamins he' really really dumb but not particularly smart or he's lyin probably both. remember of the campaign trail he vowed to punishsh the fossil fuel industry reduce america's supply on wheeling gas from americans all around the countr they want to put ceos in jail. >> would you be willing to sacrifice at some of that growt even though a potentially that it could displace that thousand may be hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greater economy? >> the answer is yes. >> we are all dead doing away with any substance for fossil fuels at number one and number two holding them liable for wha they had done particularly in those cases and that you know the deal. and by the way when they don't
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to put them in jail i'm not joking. >> let's put these guys in jail. he did keep one promise he killed the keystone xl pipeline abandoned oil exploration on federal lands and his ministration is weighing an option to kill another pipeline this one from canada to michigan . that's not all. according to the great climates are the guy with the big carbon footprint himself the us will n longer have goalry plants by 20 thanks to bill back better new green deal that will impact wes virginia in the hard-working people in your state. with gas prices are soaring biden has no intention of slowing down as green new deal agenda it's so bad t that in a letter 11 senate democrats apparently the only 11 that pai attention to what happened last tuesday. they are slamming joe biden and that the undue burden about
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rising gas prices that his policies have paused. something to laugh at like his energy secretary jennifer grant hold it.y that's get clear. this could all easily be t' resolved. we could fix all of it. except one problem, joe biden's president. joe biden apparently clearly would rather one so again that bag opec again and again and again and get rejected. again and again and again and humiliating fashion instilled keep going back. blaming the cartels of leaving opec at no jennifer i blame you. i believe joe if you want to fi the problem go back to the energy independence you inherited from donald trump who made us energy independent for the first type is 75 years and that means we can create a lot of jobs in america high paying career jobs at the energy secto and we won't have to care one whit about what happens in the middle east with the straits of hormuz will be energy
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independent. it forward in meantime we'll ga and coal are the lifeblood of the world's economy and banking the world's economy and banking we can drill for more gas right here in the us. we don't need to import any energy. it donald trump gave you energy independence and with exporter of energy. we were supplying the western european allies divided would rather give the waiver to vladimir ecoons pipeline they keep building out our own keystone xl pipeline. now he's floating the possibility of draining the national reserves. tonight our country is led by some of the dumbest people. they are more married to their ideology don't seem to care at all about who is impacted negatively the most. poor people the middle-class an build back better new green dea socialism is probably the most
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idiotic scariest piece of legislation i've seen in my 33 years in media. joe's action surrounding afghanistan are morally corrupt. his policy ludacris according t a poll from trafalgar that's ou friend robert in the convention of states 67 percent of americans oppose biden's plan t give a whopping $450,000 to illegal immigrants that didn't respect ouraw laws are border a our sovereignty. 55 percent with the southern border closed. especially in the middle of the crisis on going down there. the borders are good, harris wh has a has stair with historically low approval ratin at only 28 percent. what is she doing on the border? not going down to visiting the guys on the front lines. she's in paris and friends talking about europe's migrant crisis. how does that help us? she's not at all worried about theid 28 percent record low pol
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numbers she's pulling. >> the polls are a snapshot in time and at this time i am looking for to touching down in france and a nap. >> nap time seems to be a priority across the biden administration. only super lighting at 2022 and 2024 the american people you convoked all ofpl these people t . can say bye-bye. we can return to maybe we'll even go back and rescue the americans at joe abandoned in afghanistan. we can certainly fix the border bring back the stay in mexico policy finish building the wall in this idiocy off process and release of joe biden. and then of course we can go back to being energy independen that will help our economy as well. that will reduce the high cost of everything that we are now paying for. her long with fox news contributorf arif flesher ryans with you.
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i've never seen it that bad and the only answer that will solve joe's problems would be to return to the trump policy something we all know he's not going to do. >> he's not going to do it and quite frankly related out perfectly. this is the result of the atmosphere within in america is the direct result of the intentional conduct of joe biden . as youou laid out intentionally shut down the keystone pipeline. intentionally caused the border search to take place in our southern border. he intentionally botched and mucked up the exit in afghanistan. and what's happening politically . in one of the things we talk about politics is sometimes you can't for the atmosphere. in other words it there's no amount of money there is no of advertising is like terry mccullough found out that can change the atmosphere. two things that are killing joe biden right now.
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number one the mood is very bad. we have not seen a 75 percent wrong track poll meeting when people are on the right track o the wrong track 75 percent at matson 11 have we had a 75 percent wrong track poll in america. that's number one. number two there is no intensit for joe biden and it's also wha killed him. her people were asked do you strongly support joe biden? only 20 percent of the people said yes. the difference between chump an nobody on obama where they had polls at 40 or 42 approval but when they were asked do you strongly support trumpappr, 95 percent approval and the party. and that created an environment where there will is always abou 40 percent of the voting public for either donald trump or barack obama because they were
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delivering either a progressive liberal policy or a great america first policy. that's where were at this environment is very bad for joe biden. i guess the moment that bill clinton when newt gingrich i go to be the emcee that he became speaker. i've been at it long. i was at the emcee that night pretty incredible night for the first time in 40 years and afte that when historic went with th newt gingrich contract with america a guy by the name of bill clinton decided it was tim to change course. he said things like the era of big government. the end of welfare as we know it . with this radical group of new green deal socialists in joe biden i don't really think is calling the shots, i don't see that possibility, do you?th >> absolutely not. >> was it a joke? >> they think it is. there's not a chance in the world that party is dead.
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the democratic party that used to be somewhat centrist welfare reform he has no legs left. you have the woke democrats the progressive yodemocrats taking control of the party. it's just moved to left. and on top of that the incompetence we see. as you with your monolog it occurred to me that we have a president of the united states who is asleep at the switch a. a vice president who is awol from the border. we have a transportation secretary on leave and we have energy secretary out to lunch. across-the-board the people who are in charge of the things we need them to be in charge of with the supply chain shortage with the energy problem none of them are competent enough to do their jobs. if there is any one issue that riles up the american people it is energyri. you saw that remember actually jimmy carter was president when the gas line was doomed even more recently in france hundred
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of thousands of french citizens took to the streets of that by truckers.k to progress the climate change the green proposals that were going through in france because was was driving up the cost of energy. and that's what joe biden the what progressives are leading america into. it is politically the most risk thing they could do. they are facing the severe electoral backlash there's no way they're going to change. they will double down. they are doing what they said they were going to do they just forgot that he said he wanted t go after the ceos of oil t to them their loyalty to the new green deal socialism is greater than the loyalty to americans especially people tha are poor and middle-class to pa more money.d i don't think that works out well for any politician under any circumstances.
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>> it's not going to work out but another thing to keep in mind is when you have to evaluate where are the parties going? you look at where the money is out the big by the the democratic side of the aislend on all of the things we are talking about witches open borders. it's things like shutting down oil rigs for chasing rainbows and the paris agreement. it's on the things that soros i funding that you see happening all throughout hollywood in new york. the money that's funding the democratic party is driving the agenda. the good news is the people funding the republican party went to secure border they've actually want our kids o to hav choice in school with their learning gas prices being low. the southern border. energy independence those are the things funding the republican party. it's just squaring up with the united states elect oriole righ now and a much better way. we turn now to the the nfl and
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of the vilification of green ba packers quarterback aaron rodgers. he recently tested positive for covid 19. we wish him a speedy recovery i august he told reporters he was immunized but rodgers was never actually vaccinated for covid 19 . and now as rogers himself put i he's in the crosshair of the woke bob earlier today the packers star quarterback took responsibility for any misleading remarks. here's what he said. >> i understand people are suffering and been a difficult time for the last two years on so many people. i also know how sports can be such a connector and bring people together in times of adversity. t i do realize i may well model t a lot of people. i just want to start off the show by acknowledging that i made some comments. that people might've felt were misleading. to anybody who felt misled by those comets, i think will responsibility.
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>> here with reaction the host of unfiltered. >> i think geraldo the issue of asked and unboxed that debate i over. everyone has made up their mind. out of the google commits many people on that issuep. >> uc military nurses cops and firemen first responders-they'r willing to leave their jobs abandon their salary benefits and pensions because of what they believe inef. the question to me is why if organ apollo science and want t be safe, why is there no attemp at all to accommodate especiall nurses that were diving on covi grenades every daydi o those pe that might have natural immunit anywhere medical condition over different point of viewin why don't we--why are we given up all medical privacy freedom and doctor-patient confidentiality of this country?
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that's a high price. >> you know aaron rodgers will leave one of my favorite couple a terrific football player it's a great personality and vp but he may have cost his team for bowl last sunday against a kansas city chiefs. they lost at the green bay packers lost 13-7 because he could not play because he was positive and had lied to his teammates lied to the city of green bay lied to the people of this country. about his status. and sean i think just because he's popular and i don't want t join any. >> you not answering my question . >> are what are we giving up al medical privacy. >> and all freedom to mark woul
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you agree or disagree. i think that you cannot have a right of privacy that i'm in your room with my grandchildren who are not vaccinated because they're too young and you lied about your vaccine status and you sneeze on my grandchildren, that could be a crime. that is absolutely so selfish. and is self-involved. and they look at aaron rogers and he so charming. and again i see them a big fan of this he's a very very agreeable charismatic person an he married a great actress and wish them all the best. >> his apology was a bunch of baloney i regret that those think this way and that way he didn't say. >> fair enough you don't have t he doesn't know anyone on apology he doesn't own geraldo or anyone else check squat. aaron rodgers was giving has body by god he is word of his
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own body. whether he chooses to disclose his immunization status or not is an anyone's business. and the other point hereha abou you don't have a right soto privacy if you sneeze around someone. release overthrowing the constitution out thera window f a virus with a survivability rate of between 9899 percent? really up that isn't the road t tyranny, i don't know what is. are you going to apply the same tactics to people infected with tuberculosis? what about hiv? it's interesting that you're going to ban them from sexual contact from intravenous drug use? what about tuberculosis are the market be allowed to breathe in public ocean market you see how that simpleton views of how privacy in the constitution by the way which is not a suggestion the constitution is not a suggestion. it's our founding document see how it gets thrown out the window when we go down this paris slope? it's all based on nonsense.
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they what throughout the 1905 jacobson case which was a case based on smallpox in massachusetts and the equivalen of 125-dollar fine. it's nothing to do with coronavirus. the supreme court will soon dea with this fifth circuit case an will even it all out. not have the right- >> we don't know that yet. we will find out. there is got to be a way if i write the premise of my questio is right that everybody's decided people have made a decision. especially when we prior nurses that worked in a petri dish for two years at the worst moments
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of the pandemic many of whom go coed in they believe in natural immunity. there is some disagreement on some of these issues. where isth the flexibility why there a rigidness of? you must get the vaccine or yyou're fired. how about vaccine or will you agree to be tested so people don't lose their salary or benefits and pension. why is it there only one-size-fits-all medicine austin mark. >> in january i lost a beloved nephew. bobby read it to this disease. t we met tyler and casey who lost to this awful disease that's already claimed 750,000 america lives. can we be in the middle and fin accommodation. >> there's no accommodation. i despise vaccinated people who
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are smug in their protection wh urge unvaccinated people to exercise their freedoms. even if they got tested every day it's like the guy in the street. >> last word. it's interesting. geraldo you despises those people yet he does know them. i spoke to a guy who was fired by a company i work for who has a serious problem with blood clots is dr. told them if he gets the vaccination he could b in serious medical trouble. despises the guy he hasn't even met he painted as a reasonable rational decision. geraldo hasn't met these people he despises yet he despises i don't despise anyone. i respect your individuality an your ability to make your own decision with your dr.. it. >> i have individual rights whe it comes to the vaccine. >> when we come back straight ahead the deep state exposed once again after today's bombshell plus wait until you
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hear adam shifts a buried bazaa defense of the russia hoax who got the latest joke on judge john solomon much more straightahead. how bug
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give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. [ ♪♪♪ ] >> sean: now to night the russia hooks a dossie scheme in the medial wives are corrupt and as they've ever bee because get this had not only did we learn last week that one of christopher's deals key sources was a longtime clinton operative but we can now reportm tonight that the advisor referred to in the indictment o clinton lawyer michael sussman is a biden's own national security advisor jake sullivan got clinton fight and obama the rest of the deep state kebab they're not firmly implicated i what is the biggest abuse of
11:28 pm
power corruption scandal in our country's history that russian dossier that hillary paid for full of lies and misinformation improper again coordinated by a partisan clinton it's a hit job the bottom paid for by the clinton campaign in dnc. all sources never verifiedd but urthey didn't used to secure advisor warns against carter page two spy on a presidential candidate transition team president i think we got it right from the beginning it too us three long years the only show i know that uncovered the truth that night after night after night s. we've been vindicated and all the other media outlets have done nothing but lie and it's built and sell conspiracy theories and a hoax every singl hour of every single day and they've done it for years.nd by the way no one fueled these it made up as our conspiracy sptheories more than the compromise congenital liar himself out of ship watching
11:29 pm
from earlier today squirming when pressed by morgan ortega's on the view.qu you defended promoted even ran into the congressional record speed it we knew last week the main source was indicted by the fbi for lying about most of the key claims and that dossier. do you have any reflections on your role in promoting this to the american people. >> people lie to the fbi they should go to jail but at the beginning of the investigation said any allegations should be investigated we could not have known that people are lying in. >> it was proper to investigate them and none of it is undercut none of the serious conduct is in any way diminished by the fact that people died. >> iop think it's to your credibility. >> fox news contributor joan concha along with just the news of founder hugh broke a lot of the stories is the founder and editor. did the report also refer if yo really feels that way about people accused of lying did he
11:30 pm
refer people like jim kolby and andrewew mccain to be investigated for lying? john solomon and now that we se a little bit out getting a little glimpse into the path forward, what do you glean from all of this? >> the entire case was built upon lie upon lie upon lie. hillary clinton is lying to the american public in late october when she's peddling this. jake sullivan out there. the entire thing was a ruse fro beginning to end it is taken as a was five years to get to the bottom. the biggest losers and the investigation beyond those indicted are the hell are we getting campaign they've been exposed for what they did they ran a dirty trick and got the u intelligence committee did versus a pate the news media jo who knows more about it than i but the news media got to for a incredible ride and the fbi there's only two possibilities they were so incompetent they
11:31 pm
failed to see the dirty trick o they knew and perpetrated a lot to go on neither one is good fo the american people. >> the media now we could do hours and hours of tape of the media mob. o >> cnn fake news msnbc they perpetrated these lies along with the likes of the congenita liar adam shift. they've never retracted. they never apologized that the neighbor corrected the record. theyey never admitted they're wrong they'd never been held accountable. how do you perpetuate lies like this for three e years and it never come clean to your audience and then just move ont the next round of lies. >> because they don't care it was all a matter of a means to an end. push the narrative put out of shift on the air. dozens upon dozens. adam shift is the michael evan oddi of capitol hill basically in the cable news world and an empty suit adored by the media
11:32 pm
he didn't even get a green room and named after him and kudos t morgan ortega's for being the firstme person to actually challenge it shipped on russia claims which are the best unintentional comedy routines out there.e. it was shipped and this is what morgan pointed out before who read the gc obviously farcical parts which is completely unverified into the congressional record. the same adam shift he swore he had smoking gun evidence he saw direct evidence of collusion between tribe and russia. he pushed the steel dossiers gospel herself did the after night and for lying in for leaking and misleading the american people he gets rewarde with the book deal worth i don' know what hundred billion ruble and i'm sorry no active lawmake republican democrat notebook deals all you're supposed to be serving the american people because you may be trying to weave a narrative that might no be based in truth in order to
11:33 pm
sell books. you want to be michael welford jackie collins get out of congress and go write books instead. that's all i have to grsay. you're most like mark that's it i'm i will say this that's what he says we do not have equal justice and equal application o our laws in this country anymore . we have a politicized doj as we speak we literally have accurat democrat you get one system of justice if you're conservative or republican you get an entirely different set of justice in america. if that doesn't get solid and resolved we won't have a country . when we come back the prosecution'sck case against ky rittenhouse and his imploding before your very eyes weed to see what happened in court.
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>> right now the prosecution rested its case in the kyle rittenhouse child. her august 2020 then 17 -year-old rittenhouse fatally shot two men injured a third amid the violent rioting taken place and kenosha wisconsin. he was charged with first-degre reckless homicide first-degree stintentional homicide and othe gun related charges. video evidence showed him that being swarmed and attacked by them and he ended up in the shooting match with. and what many say was self-defense. now here's a video put out by rittenhouse's former attorney lynwood. he might remember. take a look. >> gives you running toward the flashing lights of police vehicles. armed mob is not chasing after him. >> within this context, the wor cranium on the streets which is
11:39 pm
a calling for someone to take rittenhouse out with a headshot. an unidentified protester strikes rittenhouse in the head knocking his hat off it. rittenhouse it trips and falls to the ground another protester attempts to jump on rittenhouse who then fires two shots into the air. a third protester fix as if he surrendering. then suddenly advances with a handgun aimed at rittenhouse. tingle shot strikes the man's right bicep. >> get it theres was a moment from yesterday's trial that still has everyone talking afte the prosecutor's own star witness one of them and shot by rittenhouse admitted on the stand he was pointing his own gun at rittenhouse. before he was shot. offering someff of the most persuasive testimony yet to bolster the self-defense claim. take a look at this moment.
11:40 pm
>> make it looks like my bicep to be vaporized, yeses. and vaporized your pointed the gun directly at you, yes? >> yes. >> so numerous were standing 3- up in the air, he never fired? >> correct back it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him advanced on him that you are gone night hands down pointed a him and he fired. >> be met correct here to explain greg jared and the author l of the case for vaccine mandates. determining her below professor alan dershowitz is back with us. professor i'll start with you when somebody has to admit on the stand i am pointing the gun at him before he shot me, that' a moment, is it not?
11:41 pm
>> it was classic cross-examination. a brilliant question a brillian way to formulate the question and it totally knocks out the prosecutions theory that he was firing without being put in danger. it was all home so that said with exquisite rationality is not to be expected in the presence of an uplifted knife they would have to be thrown ou because the prosecutions that name witness admitted the firin of the shot came only after he was up a gun at the sky. this week at the prosecutions case enormously. it seems like it's headed towards an acquittal. remember to presumption of innocence we have to always presume that the person is in u
11:42 pm
and a young man and so i think this is a good day. mech there's a reason and i would learn this in the richard jewell case because i said because somebody lives with their mother doesn't mean they fit the profile of the long bomber he heard me that day. it taught me a big lesson. and we didn't rush the judgment in the case in florida or what happened to him as or baltimore uba a duke lacrosse we ended up being right. look at that testimony and coupled it with that video, wha do you see and what will the jury see? >> i see that cross-examination is the engine of truth.e where deceptions are unraveled andde lives are shredded and th truth finally emerges. that's what happened here. the key prosecution witness was forged on cross-examination. to confess he advanced on the defendant and aimed his gun at
11:43 pm
him. which point in time he's entitled under the law of self-defense to shoot first the defend himself. this witness and said what i didn't intend a my gun at the defendant, irrelevant. we don't require the defendant be a mind reader i guess with the intentions of a guy aiming pistol at him. you're allowed allowed to defen yourself as long as you reasonably believe your life is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or deaf. it didn't help that this witnes lied saying he dropped his pistol would in fact the photograph emerged that showed him over rittenhouse aiming his pistol at him. and it didn't help that he also fouled a 2 million other lawsui against the city and stands it to make handsome amount of mone if rittenhouse is convicted. there was a motive to lie embellished to cover up. i agree with the professor it
11:44 pm
looks like an acquittal but it doesn't clear him of the other charges of homicide although, there are witnesses who say he acted in self-defense in those instances as well. >> what does the video show would you look at the video and all the chaotic scene? >> what it reminds me of is how important is cross-examination as. member today that to movement they would abolish cross-examination their theory of hate a woman or person of th last or protester on the right side of the protest accuses somebody that's it what you nee cross-examination as a barrier to truth. i think this case it demonstrates what we ought to know and that is that cross-examination is the greatest engine of truth ever invented. and we always have to presume innocence in every case whether you agree or disagree with the politics,ic we can't allow our criminal justice system to become politicized we can't hav
11:45 pm
people rooting for an outcome depending on whether the person is right or left. i had no dog in this fight. i just want to see the truth come out.o and the truth presumption of innocence challenges of cross-examination and let the chips fall where they may. let the jury decide based on al the evidence and that includes vigorous cross-examination. >> well said both of you. thank you both. when we come back young childre in new york city now be require to show their vaccination status ? the marehe and bill de blasio i thinking about mandating that.
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>> more evidence tonight that never covid restrictions are failing to keep blue state residents safe for example a ne datats showing that the basket mandate california has they hav a higher covid rate that's now twice that of florida'st. of parts of california are also imposing strict vaccine mandate prompting that's a demonstratio yesterday outside louisiana cit hall as the city's new vaccine rules are now in effect. new york city outgoing mare conrad bill de blasio signaling now that he once vaccine mandates and for children. >> at what point we pdo axe th to start checking for vaccine cards for 4-11 euros? >> that's a good question. honestly when we need to focus on now. we need to get to the day where we could actually vaccinate youngest new yorkers and get that rolling. >> let's look at the sign shall let's look at the signs from th cdc 1.9 million kids between th
11:51 pm
ages of five and 11 have become infected with covid. 160 have died. i always say one is too many especially your talking about children. the deaf rate is around .008 percent. the flu 2019 and 2020 kids aged 5-178000000 kids kids infected 140 deaths. at a deaf rate of .0018. just slightly than covid. with that little rate, that low impact do we really need to mak a five -year-old show vaccine proved to go to a restaurant, bowling alley, school for example? thankfully their sanity coming from the newly elected mare of new york who will soon be mare who says he is looking forward to getting rid of the mask and aids in school.
11:52 pm
when you look at the rates, the seem comparable in terms of kid who died from an average flu with kids at they get impacted by coalbed and again the scienc seems to be very clear. young kids are not impacted by this virus we older adults are. >> that's very true. and the fatality rate with covi 19 in this age bracket we are talking about 5-11 years old is exceedingly low. of course at the deaf is not th only metric, we also think abou long covid we think about and m st which is seen after covid 19 and some children however those are still exceedingly rare. when it comes to potential for vaccinating this population, they should not be one-size-fits-all. an indiscriminate vaccine mandate in this age group will have unintended consequences. the pfizer data did not power a meeting it did have enough children in the study to show some of those more rare side effects about 3100 children see
11:53 pm
the vaccine. that's not enough to see like the myocarditis which we saw with adolescents. about one in every 7,000. when it comes to vaccinating these young kids, parents need to look at whether your child had covid before because it there is it not a strong scientific argument to be vaccinating children who have already recovered from covid 19 because of their robust natural immunity. it should go further from that. it should be getting a single dose? should they have to but the two doses should be maybe six weeks or 12 weeks it because we know it has a stronger immune reaction and also decreases the side effects. again, the good news is that whether a parent decides to vaccinate or not vaccinate thei child, their risk of a severe outcome is exceedingly low. i do not think any parent shoul be forced in the mandating thei child to be vaccinated for an illness that has a very rare rare chance of causing them any harm. for the majority of children is a mild cold if they get any
11:54 pm
symptoms. >> laura, you have young kids, you see the data and at the science, as a mom how do you react to this? >> arrive at never been nervous about my kids dying of covid 19 as you just laid out, it's obviouslyph this is not a very dangerous thing for children. unfortunately the media has bee masterful f your mongering parents from day one. i think the problem of this point becomes freedom.op the american people do not take kindly to being forced to do anything. since our o country was founded we were founded upon the idea that we didn't want to be told by rollers how to live our live and we could choose what was best for us. when you look across the board these vaccine mandates, the does not have the tes, the ability or right to tell you or your children what to put in your body, to have a medical procedure, if they really cared
11:55 pm
especially about the kids maybe they should look to the city of chicago where far more kids wer shot this year alone in chicago that died of covid 19. don't worry because the mare ha just shrunk at the police even more because of that vaccine mandate which does not do anyon any good. there will be more shootings of children in chicago no doubt because of that. more kids at diane car accident and more kids drown every year the diet covid 19 but you we ar not banning cars or covering up every pull in america. at the end of the day this is about freedom. freedom will never be on the wrong side of history and some of these people should remember that that are in charge of new york city in charge of america. they have to keep that mind is about freedom for the american people to chooseeo. >> lola said. thank you.
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these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper
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get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> that's all the time we have for tonight very dead is always thank you for being with a spad we hope you dvr it's very easy deduce you never ever ever miss an episode. i have some good news. lit not your hearts be troubled? why? because laura ingraham is takin it over and apparently at some point this week she's got some prank she's about the bowl in may, so go ahead, hit me with your best shot very dermody. >>laura: i have a question for you. were you at the billy joel concert recently? >> no, why, who said that? >>laura: people like you just the way you are. >> he is one of the best performers. >>laura: someone saw you at a billy joel concert for it. >> you're interested in my life and my answer is always the same , that's none of your business. what is your status, and like what status?


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