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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> welcome to tucker carlson to my illinois teenager kyle rittenhouse is on trial right now in kenosha, wisconsin. lots of people are watching it. it's an event packed with all kinds of political and social implications. it's also a pure legal matter may be the single most bizarre court proceeding ever caught on camera. the piece itself is pretty self forward. he went to kenosha last summer armed with a rifle while he was
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there he shot three people and killed two of them. the prosecution claims that thi was murder. carl rent house that it was self-defense. it's pretty simple. here's the amazing thing. every single witness the er prosecution has called so far has wound up making carl white house's for him. what include engaged crows the avowed communist who rittenhous shawn the arm. he was supposed to be the prosecution's star witness in this trial. once he got on the stand, he admitted that carl rittenhouse shot him after he pointed a loaded gun in the boys face. it's. >> that's a photo of you, yes? >> yes. >> okay. that's mr. rittenhouse? >> a correct beam act okay. now do you agree your firearm i appointed at mr. rittenhouse, correct? >> yes. >> once your firearm is pointed
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out mr. rittenhouse, that's whe he fired? >> no. >> sir, does it look like be me that looks like my shopping vaporized, yes.ze >> has been vaporized at the point and you're gun directly a him, yes? >> yes. y >> so when you were standing 3- if feet from him with your arms up in the air, he never fired? >> a correct. >> it wasn't until you pointed him advanced at him with your gun pointed at him that he fired, right? >> >> so that's kind of it right there. pretty much the end of s the tr because when someone runs up an point a loaded gun in your face you are allowed to shoot that person. that is called self-defense. that's the rule. it has been the will throughout
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human history in every society on earth since people lived in caves. according to the prosecution's star witness that self-defense is exactly what happened here. as a matter of law, gauge just proved that carl rittenhouse acted to defend himself from harm. so we are done. but the trial kept going and as it did keep going things got weirder and it much worse over prosecution. he admitted he was carrying his gun illegally. he had been arrested for felony burglary of course he had his gun permit was invalid. they also admitted under oath that that when he shoots at the city of kenosha for $2 million which for some reason he though he was owed he failed to mentio the fact he was carrying a firearm pointing in people's faces. >> devastating. but the whole trial has been like that. disaster after disaster after disaster for the prosecution. at one point a detective a
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witness called by the prosecution advocated the prosecution in a cover-up. the detective admitted the police did not search gauge phone after the shooting even though they had a valid warrant to do it. why didn't they? they didn't because the prosecution ordered the police not to look at the phone. and that had never happened before. see why. it's baffling. why would a government lawyer want less evidence in a case? according to the detective on the stand, the prosecuted cited something called marcy's law. mewatch. >> have you ever relied on marcy's law not to execute a search were? >> we've had conversations in the aftermath, but no i don't recall not searching one sold o that >> this is one of or the only one that you recall using marcy's law? >> zubac is only when you recal
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ever getting your direction fro a proxy cuter handling the case not to do it? >> person what to marcy's law, yes. >> so you're not allowed to loo at the phone but the guy who go shot and holding a gun? so why would an honest prosecutor axe a cop to ignore that? an honest prosecutor went to see the phone? apparently the phone had video from that night and relevant text messages and atlocation da. you want to know what really happened and that night you loo at the phone. turns out the prosecutor did no want to know what happened that t wnight. he wanted to clear carl whitehouse a murder. that's exactly what he did. it goes on saying this is the how american justice is suppose to work. thankfully like most webs of deception it collapsed under scrutiny.n watch this unintentionally hilarious exchange with yet another prosecution witness. mcginnis wasn't reporting from kenosha that night and appeared
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live on the show. he was inches away when rittenhouse shot a convicted child molester colleges arose among. why is a convicted child molester on orion on behalf of blm? that's a whole another story. the prosecutor hoped to betray the shooting of the child molester. as an act of senseless violence committed by a psychopath kyle rittenhouse. here's what he saw. >> have no idea. what mr. roosevelt was ever thinking at any point in his life. never been inside his head you never met him before you don't know. >> i've never exchanged words with him if that's what your question as. >> to your interpretation of what he was trying to do or wha he was intending to do or anything along those lines is complete guesswork? >> well he said bleep you and reached for the weapon. >> will there is that. so a convicted child molester
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with a long and violent crimina history runs up to carl rittenhouse out of nowhere in the middle of a riot and tries to take his gun away. shot him. that's what happened. those are the facts according t the prosecution's own witness. and not just one. today the medical expert testified that joseph at rosenbaum appeared to be grabbing the barrel of carl rittenhouse's rifle when rittenhouse fired. then yet another prosecution witness of this one called ryan voltage testified that joseph i said out loud that he intended to kill kyle rittenhouse. >> i stepped in and told everybody to chill out comedown stop doing that. i can explain to the protester. i get it i get what you are trying to do, but not this. and when i turned around, rosenbaum but was right there i front of my face yelling and
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screaming. and i said back up chill. i don't know what your problem isis. i can catch you tonight i'm going to kill you. >> and he said that to you? >> correct. >> did he say that to the defendant to? >> yes. >> get to kill uses the child molester. it went on like this life on an on and on. at one point another prosecutio witness you will be surprised t learn at this point a chemist t cut domestic abuser was bashing carl right house in the head with a skateboard when he was shot. it's again we have the textbook definition of self-defense. not much of a prosecution. at no point did the prosecution make its own case they made kyl rittenhouse's case open and shut . but you never know any of this from watching the coverage of the trial. nbc news for example ran this thoroughly dishonest headline
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shooting victim at rittenhouse he thought he was going to die. what the article didn't mention it seems relevant that shooting victim was appointed a loaded gun at the boy who shot him. >> in this case they have to like it they didn't they be forced to admit they were wrong from the beginning in case you forgot this is what they tell you all last year about kyle rittenhouse is it basically wha you would have had in a school shooter. a 17 -year-old kid he should have had a gun he had state lines to protect property. he was going out to shoot people . >> the 17 -year-old who was radicalized by trump is him too his arkansas 15 to kenosha and became a killer is to mark. >> a 17 -year-old kid from out of state a boy from out of stat drives up to the state with an arkansas 15 around his neck. he shoots and kills a couple of people. shooting wildly running around acting like a rent a cop. >> it's not good that a 17
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-year-old vigilante arguably a domestic terrorist it picked up a rifle and drove to a differen state to shoot people. >> yet he drove to a different state tissue people. that's what happened. really. it's for summer lies and it. >> actually appoint effect kyle rittenhouse went to kenosha to cleanup the felt left by the writing by the voters. it turns out the morning of the shooting kyle rittenhouse was a videotaped cleaning bd off the walls of a local high school. it seems that good citizenship. naturally let the democrats announced as a recess. they described him as a quote right supremacist domestic terrorist echoing the msnbc morning show. elin did the same. joe biden on the basis of no evidence whatsoever called a 17 -year-old quote a white supremacist. for the record, the minute rittenhouse shot were all white. a funny kind of white supremacy. it turns out like that so much
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of the hyperventilating moral outrage we suffer through every single day the tale of kyle rittenhouse is a myth. it was concocted by the industrial media line machine purely for political effect. having her the evidence is not close call. he acted in self-defense. if you wanted a guilty verdict in this trial you will probably have to threaten thevi jury. and as it turns out some people are planning to do just that. the people there i know it something in the kenoshai and trial. it is in there. there is definitely cameras up and there are definitely people takingca pitchers. we know what was going on. we need the same results. the same results apparently the guy you saw talking was a frien of george floyd's. videotape the jurors that their afraid though do exactly what w want. that's what he's jury intimidation is a serious felony in this country. as far as we know the departmen
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of justicece isn't doing anythi to stop it. they're all busy looking for biden's diary. it looks like it's continuing today at the rittenhouse trial judge told jurors someone were taking the pitchers at a bus stop outside the courthouse tha is a threat.. see if it works. a written a new piece on the trail he joins us tonight to assess. thank you so much for coming on. you follow this from the beginning what you make of it s far? >> tucker, cowardice and fear rolls downhill just like human waste. now we have 18 jurors in the crosshair because it meant have failed in the society has faile to uphold the rule of law. we now have it thugs in control of our society. the prosecutor prosecutor with the prosecutors don't do their job but when the media doesn't
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do its job when politicians don't do their job, 18 ordinary citizens are now in the crosshairs. this is a sham prosecution. i don't believe the prosecution it its case. i don't believe they're trying to put on a great case. they are just trying to protect themselves if you don't like th verdict it's those 18 ordinary american citizens focusing thei animosity on them. we prosecuted this child for murder even though we knew ther was no chance of getting a conviction. you guys go deal with the jury. you threatened harass docs them go to their house. fear and the cowardice is rolling downhill and stomping had regular american citizens t sit here and listen to these msnbc analysts who sat around all of twentytwenty.
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you go ahead and ride you go ahead and do whatever. you're justified in all that rioting and looting and that they be surprisedju that a 17 -year-old would get out over hi skis overstep what he should be doing. look at all the chaos of. look at grown men failing to be men and it lead this country in a proper direction so a 17 -year-old kid picks up a gun an says are going to get involved it's not kyle rittenhouse's fault. it's our all. the adults. we aren't leading this country in a proper way. we allowed chaos and anarchy to take over. we've allowed thugs to run our society. and that all of the elect peopl the politicians making money th millionaires sitting on tv tsk to skiing. they're all sitting back in 18 jurors have a grenade in their lap.
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they should come back here and go to there and crosshairs ther in jeopardy. joey read morning joe, they're organized it back in their gate communities millions of dollars and talk about it isn't it sad. at all going to be safe. those 18 jurors good luck to yo guys. >> that's exactly right i wouldn't want to be one of them i think rachel's things that shouldn't be racialized a lot. in this case, it's completely baffling because everyone's a same how is there a racial element t a monochromatic event like this? >> because everything in this country is interpreted through racial lend it. it met by the mainstream media we've been trained to program a the mainstream media and social media trained us to look at everything through a racial lens . you have for white people kyle rittenhouse at the rate three victims or three people. they are all white.
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so now we are more concerned about white on white crime and somehow we racialized that but black on black crime let's ignore it and it. when that brings it up as a sellout and uncle tom a recess. but this white on white crime, it's now a national case and somehow says is a referendum on race in america it's a joke at tucker. >> i can't even keep up with yo put it like that it makes me laugh. it's much-needed. i appreciate it. evenen. >> a federal court order the biden administration to halt at least for rarely its mandate. so how did the white house respond? it completely ignoring it like they don't matter we are in charge now there's only one branch of government. we got details in a minute you asked how to watch the
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>> the occupational safety and health administration we called osha founded 50 years ago 1971 in order to prevent workplace injuries. it things like explosions acme chemical they did that again for 50 year but this summer osha submission started to change it. it became political. the agency began advancing the biden administration's agenda o universal vacs a shot for every body whether they wanted a not. first lucia announced that employers do not need to record adverse reactions from covid 19 vaccine. so when you're the safety agenc be sure that the pay attention to the safety of the drug are forcing people to take. ignore it. that's an order. osha begin studying whether covid posed a threat to america workplaces. this is significant because if it did them biden could cite osha's conclusions as a justification for his mandatory shop.
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osha's numbers proved it just the opposite. the data once collected showed outside of hospitals and clinic covid was not endangering workers in the united states. from a legal standpoint that wa the end of osha's authority. it cannot issue a universal vax at mandate on the basis of that. the agency admitted it and admitted further that mandate was not necessary. weeks later joe biden did something enthan any other mome would've been considered extraordinary and illegal. he ordered osha to ignore its own conclusions and issue the mandate anyway.ig t >> i'm announcing the departmen of labor the developing de emergency room to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated. or show a negative test at leas once a week. were going to protect the
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vaccinated workers from an vaccinated coworkers. her patience is wearing then. your refusal has caused all of us. >> everything about that was a lie and of course it does not g make sense. underneath it all is something pretty sinister. here's the president of the united states ignoring the data that his agency gathered that shows his order is unnecessary in addition to being ar unconstitutional and immoral. so several states and business owners went to the circuit cour of appeals in new orleans too challenge him. they want relief from the tearing and asking for they mad this obvious point. they said osha itself admitted to what osha was doing was illegal.wa the business owners also pointe out that no law passed by congress and the democracy has given osha the authority to issue a vax mandate or any mandate because of an infectiou disease that affects the entire country.
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congress authorized to ssprotec getting your fingers, the kid machinein. that's why foror 50 years osha never issued any kind of mandat that he must take this medicine or that medicine. through these arguments in immediately agree.di they suspended his vaccine mandate. great statutory and constitutional institutes. how do biden administration responded. how did they respond? if they call them to stop the administration ignore the court. here is a biden's aflac explaining the court orders longer applied to the him. >> we think dpeople should not wait we say do not wait to take actions that will keep your .orkplace safe it's important critical to do and waiting to get more people vaccinated will lead to more outbreaks and sickness. >> that's keeping you safe actually it's a valley in the
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constitution and pretending there's only one branch of government and you run and have all power and could make anyone do what you want them to. >> if it sounds familiar it's because you have heard it before . it's almost exactly with the white horse did when the suprem court try to stop joe biden's eviction band. maxine waters out loud effectively dam the supreme court to do so. there's nothing to do with the eviction mandateng with a vax mandate it's not about the medicine they have the power yo don't we're only the branch of government that can order you t do anything. it seems like a big change from the system we inherited, is it? think you for coming out i thin because the facts implicated this and everyone is so emotional everyone has opinions about it. we may not be seeing that the way the country runs is changing
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. >> that's an issue. but understand first of all wha exactly the case is about. this is not about whether vaccine mandates are good ideas it's never about the stager minutes of polities or counties can impose a mandate. it's not whether companies can impose a n mandate. it is simply about one thing and that is whether the federal government to the labor department and osha has of the authority under the long constitution too issue a nationwide federal mandate. and with the court stayed is it that order and what that woman who you quoted here as a spokesman said is that she was continuing to export companies and people to get vaccinated. opor get their people vaccinate. under the order issued by the court any company that decided it wanted toto cooperate with t administration or just because it wanted to for other reasons could impose a vaccine mandate. so far at least legally.
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i think what the administration is doing may seem to violate th spirit of it what the court was trying to do. i don't think it violated the letter. what i do think is that these a vaccine mandates which it could well and are likely cost a lot of people their jobs are politically insane. it's doubtful they have the authority. ron claimed the white house chief of staff is saying they'r confident they will prevail in court. it's not all clear to me. and people c lose their job as result of it that's a political dynamite. >> pilots nurses nursing home workers if you cared about the country if he cared about the health of the country, why woul you fire nurses and i also have to axe why do politicians think they know more about healthcare than nurses is to mark. >> i think what we have is a situation as ideology for sure but there's also this joe biden
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was elected on a promise he was going to beat this pandemic. he was going to end it. but it's not ended. it still going. i think it's beginning to subside but that's happened before too. i think there's a feeling that if they don't somehow bring thi thing to heal this pandemic to heal in slow it where it's not anymore, that they will be judged to have failed on a majon campaign promise and failed the american people. the political cost would be severe. they're taking the risk of doin some pretty unpopular things an inperhaps the court suggested illegal and unconstitutional things to advance at that because a. is the only thing that makes sense to me. i think it's political calculus. it's nuts but the only thing that makes sense to me. >> 's we just heard from creepy netflix from barack obama is hi name normally seaside match martha's vineyard telling young people that they had better vot
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for thim in the candidates he likes or they're going to die. if you haven't watched a patrio purge yet you can and you can d it for free.
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funny piece of the nation of argentina offered to pay its creditors with something called quotes climate action. it several years ago argentina famously default on $46 billion in debt. now the country's presidents proposed that linking the payment of that debt to quote essential investments in green infrastructure. in other words building things in their own country but for th right reason. suddenly caring about global warming is a legal tender if yo care enough you can settle your debtsl. >> number cynical viewers of yo chuckling as they hear this you
10:36 pm
may be thinking to yourself that's creative i respect your h moves. and yes it is impressive in a gypsy conmen three card money kind of way. but there's no reason that you can get in on the action to because you're not a bankrupt latin american country you can' repay your debts with virtue. how about this and the rest of us will pledge and notarized a legally binding contracts not t fly our private jets to europe for an entire calendar year. in exchange for that promise were exempt from federal taxes. it's not going to be easy like owned florence and coach on the other handle put is way ahead o joe biden jeff basis and al gor and all of the rest of them and the sacrifices were actually willingof to make the rapidly mounting planet. and that's worth real money. so barack obama went to virgini to get his old friend terry mccall elected governor.
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so he split the field of his private jet and flew to glasgow sscotland and while he was ther he immediately started slinging the clichés. rg has presidents speech and clichés which is what dumb depeople do here's what he said since were in the emerald isle is it let me quote the bard william shakespeare. >> ireland scotland in shakespeare's a national bard o england out of scotland.of but whatever more clichés the real point of obama showing up was to remind everyone that there is a silver lining that got to hear from him. >> even though i'm not required to attend some wasn't it like this anymore, old app habits di hard. and with the issue at hand is a health of our planet, and the world our children and grandchildren when it willr inherit, then you will have a hard time keeping me away.
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it comes to claimant, time really is running out. vote the issue. vote like your life depends on it because it does. new vote democrat or you will die.e. republicans on a tray that it seems to work. the upcoming book fossil future joins us. >> thank you so much for coming on. it does seem pretty simple as a matter of science i think the science settled now there's a 9 don't vote democrat we will all die. it works, right question. >> it seems to be very effective . efefwhat they're equating is th fact that there is consensus. there is a slow amount of warming in a slow amount of seasonal rise partially contributed to our co2 emission but they ignore the fact that fossil fuels make it billions o people's lives that better .oe
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>> it does not seem like any of their solutions to this problem disempower them that's the acid test of people have a solution to a problem they're telling yo to worry about. >> one thing that's conspicuous from obamama's speech he did no use at the end and i'm a nuclea if you actually care about co2 admissions can support nuclear that's the only scale to produc noncarbon energy and yet most democrats unfortunately have criminalized and what we need t do is liberate along with liberating fossil views so the whole energy can have energy like barack obama but why shouldn't the rest of us demanded they stop lecturing us until they rearrange their own lives to meet the moral standards they're studying for the rest of us why should we ever listen to anyone who flies out private plane you meant their argument is if i fly in a private plane when i get
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policies passed to prevent enough of you from flying coachc then i've done a good thing and i think it's rivers but i think the key is we should be able to fly coach. flying as great as the world is getting warmer but billions of people rising themselves out of poverty. that's a good thing and with talking about i think that's th point to. >> so they're buying indulgences . >> the last time thating happen on scale we had a reformation.lg i hope we have another. congrats on the book looks great . >> so imagine if every time you introduced yourself to someone else addition to say your name you have to state your pronouns and your ethnicity and sexualit in the describe physical appearance. all of it out loud that would b insane. it's happening a baby happening to you soon.
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>> scour the internet for weird video to show you have the othe day we came across this. it's from microsoft which at on point was a company outside of seattle now it's some kind of religious movement apparently this is from microsoft internal. >> hello and welcome to microsoft ignite. we've got a big day ahead and that lots store. first, we want to acknowledge that the land or the microsoft situation wasn't traditionally occupied by that's an image the dula measure the snoqualmie the suquamish the muckleshoot the snohomish of the two layla and other coast of lucia people since time in memorial. >> really? have you paid royalties to the muckleshoot people rebuilding her stupid campus on their land? probably not. we think of achieving their nam gets you out of the obligation. i don't think so but onto the rest of the video a got weirder
10:47 pm
than that i'll make occasion woman long blonde hair pick ove he have i'm a white woman with short brown hair wearing a navy and floral blouse and dark jean i'm a tall hispanic well wearin a burgundy shirt and bluejeans'. a white man wearingwh a polo sh blue jeans and glasses. >> of a black woman with light brown skin rocking curly hair today in redshirt and black jacket. i'm an asian white female with dark brown hair wearing a red sleeveless top to be inclusive of our whole community of the describe what i look like to help those who may have low vision or may not otherwise see me. >> okay. so we've called microsoft at their very literal they make that software for a living. and we asked of them what is this and they said were doing a the blind viewers of course they're lying
10:48 pm
. because of the guy with the mohawk which is a most interesting thing about never mentioned he had a mohawkim. so they're lying to the blind people. by the way how would someone wh can't see when a red shirt look like. this isn't some eighth-grader from one of the powerful companies in the world. so how long before they make your kids do this? chatman mars a lot about this. he's is the editor-in-chief of outspoken. we are happy to see him tonight thank you u for coming on. if you could describe yourself for the visually impaired and rin's, we'd be grateful. >> sure i think you for asking am a white male sorry i have a beard i'm about 6 feet tall i have a piercing blue eyes which if you can't see them that's really unfortunate for you. and i'm currently wearing a patterned shirt with a differen pattern, which is called power clashing.
10:49 pm
>> if you have the opportunity why not give yourself an upgrad to take your word for it i'm actually success some kind of famous triathletes. i've got hands the size of dinner plates. why not? >> that was exactly my thoughts and what's next boxers or briefs ? a come on and what the campuses how soon to we start getting into personal details like also when i was a child at christmas i really wanted a susie bake oven but got a football instead. let's go on to what we are here to talk about. i think why don't they just get the land back and everything on it if they have to name the tribes . but also what i want to know is who the hell came up with this who was demanding it? i don't think the lobbying groups for the visually impaire were something decided november 2021 is the year they want to become as aggressive an irritating and annoying as the pronoun jockeys in the gender
10:50 pm
wizards this is all about peopl who work in big tech crew reall feel like some sort of guilt an have nothing else to worry abou other than trying to tell you how virtuous and wonderful they are. because that they are driven ma by the idea that somewhere out there there might be a blind person who's dying to know what color their sweater is although the color would really mean anything that's exactly right. it's of course as usual i know couple of blind people i've never heard a blind person complain about anything. the people i knowd who are the least likely to complain are visually i don't know if there's a connection but i've noticed it. there's no lobby of blind peopl yelling there doing to know how great they are. >> that's exactly right and a good point. i would say the same thing abou every blind person i've ever met . and then once again may be what is microsoft leadership suppose to do because her wheezing with these corporations the
10:51 pm
rank-and-file that they don't dare go against them unless the have some kind of a netflix situation unfolding. that's exactly right we support power clashing thank you for describing it. >> senator john charlie in missouri gave a really interesting speech about young men and masculinity. it's worth hearing more about.
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for all the women's empowerment talk like it's 1973 the numbers are73 clear it's men who are in deep trouble by every measure. a couple of years ago we did a series named ben inn america which explained exactly how men are falling behind in this country. we found that important at the time it's t even more important now. the numbers are worse. a fine of of congress is notice and spoke. senator josh holly spoke to the national conservative conference
10:57 pm
. masculinity is under attack in this country and itmen are whet we can dying as a result. anybody can confirm that. over at msnbc they found this deeply offensive they compared josh holly to vladimir putin. the laserlike precision that honed in on the real front burner issue in america. masculinity in this country. i'm certainly not shocked he said that's wacky becausese he something like like this before. >> from a very cynical stanford educated united states senator. it's a dollop of the type of rhetoric that you may hear vladimir putin's russia. you may hear victor or bonds a hungry a fusion of these masculine notices this is why you. see putin posing with tige with his shirt off.
10:58 pm
>> at some point we will take a closer forensic look. that personalize three people you saw on the screen. a lot of happy well-balanced relationships probably not. josh holly by contracts as a center for missouri by who they were completing he joins us tonight thank you so much for coming on you felt moved to defend masculinity, how come? >> it's a crisis mentoring crisis as you pointed out have at least 16 million men in the country who are out of the labo force touches unemployed not even trying to work and i'm talking about able-bodied men prime aged men we have an epidemic of fatherlessness in the country. the left is saying that america is a a systemically oppressive place in that men are to blame. in that masculinity is to blame. if you want to be a man if you are assertive if you are independent if you display the characteristics that psychologists are associated with men for decades, then you're contributing to the oppressive place that is america . this isn't true and it's time w
10:59 pm
call it out it's time that we say to young men in particular we need you. we need youu. to be responsible and get a job and you can make this country a better place by being who you are meant to feedback i can't imagine why anyone would be anything but grateful to hear that. why do you think it triggers them so much? >> because the left that they hate this country but they also don't believe in gender. they're trying to do away with gender. and they don't believe in manhood or womanhood these are the same people try to do with women sports . this is a war on gender all the way around and i think the idea of having independent men in independent women for that matter but independent men who would actually go to work and b responsible and contribute to their families and society the left finds it scary because of those are not the kind of peopl who will be told to fall in lin by the government and do whatever the government says to do in the left doesn't want that . they don't believe inth manhood all they think it's inherently impressive got a call them out
11:00 pm
on these falsehoods and they ar false. we've got a call them in a responsibility. >> for all of our six minute women need each other if one group fails everyone suffers. it's real in her were made. senator holly i appreciate your coming on tonight and for the truth that you're telling about that. >> we are completely out of tim in the meantime sean hannity takes over. >> and welcome all the hannity tonight we are tracking multipl major stories including the developments from the russian collusion hoax a top biting advisor has now been implicated in connection to the liza conspiracy theories found in hillary clinton's dirty russian paid for dossier. close america's mustiness hones congressman for the first time fohe's acing questions and by t way surrounding his deep involvement in perpetrating the great lie hoax conspiracy theor


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