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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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in education funding are the most dramatic. these dates are the places wher tens of thousands of homeless people are living on the street. blue states are the places wher economic inequality is increasing most quickly in this country. >> didn't the angle say that in may of 2020? set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the ingraham angle." greg gutfeld takes it all from here. [cheers and applause] >> happy happy tuesday, everyone . it's also emily kat birthday. i wonder how she is going to celebrate it.
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you probably don't remember tha from last year? so glad i kept the tape. welcome to the decade of lower expectations were joe biden hears the pause when he makes i through lunch without leaving his teeth stuck in a sandwich. below expectations as the new blackberry first there was san francisco where the city paper asked should residents and businesses tolerate burglaries as part of sitting, living and focus instead on barricading homes. it's a fair question. the thing about burglars, they're probably just looking for. as aoc once said about organize retail leaders. he remember the riots? hundreds of leaders running out of stores with loads of sourdough inboxes that for some reason had nike logos on them.
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maybe that's why car theft is soaring in san francisco there might be. and there. that's why murder, people are foolishly defending. if you can't tolerate that, maybe it's you that's the problem. what you have against theft? do you have property privilege? don't you see that you having that while it lured over that man with a knife that doesn't have a wallet? but i guess that's what they mean by reimagining public safety. criminals don't rob people, people have stuff that needs robbing. meanwhile the media has taken the low expectation bar to a ne low. they point out that rising inflation is really a good thin so get used to it. it's the exact thing i used to tell myself back in college whe the rash kept occurring. msnbc tried vainly to explain why inflation is a good thing, but less people bought it then tickets to see the movie cats. they explained americans can only pay more for heating, oil, gas, and food if they first of
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course have more money except all of that printed money makes it worth less requiring you to spend more of it to get the sam stuff. the argument that americans are buying more because they have more is just like biden claimin 3.5 trillion costs zero. it doesn't add up right of only the price of peanut butter was as low as his iq. and now heating costs are like joe's approval ratings are expected to skyrocket. his own energy secretary weren' americans will have to pay more to heat their homes this winter. what does joe do? closes more pipelines because that works at the keystone, right? slapping restrictions on fracking didn't help. energy independence as overt over as mere pizza maternity leave. thank god he lost the baby wage. even amid a global energy crisis , they want to shut down the l5 pipeline from michigan t canada. when they told about the l5 he
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just yelled bingo. he is more out of the loop then kat at a convent. so why does joe biden close pipelines? because they give you gas. which is his problem, not ours. really the only pipeline he should be shutting as the one that runs from his stomach to his talk about lower intestinal expectations. you know it's bad when the british royals only take away from that climate meeting was that joe's where the longest heard in recorded history. in louder then the maiden fligh of the concorde. the duke of windsor, more like breaking windsor. eric's falwell must be green with envy. or broccoli. either way he needs to up his fire intake because while joe
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may not outsmart you, he will. what is happening to me? >> i really do think the intervention helped. what have you got against farc techs? >> what did he do to deserve this. >> that's what we're talking about. >> to interventions in two days. we went from peace in the middl east to relaxed tensions and north korea, operation works feed all from trump to this, an man who passes the buck as much as he passes the wind.
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and look at the meeting. you want low expectations, cnn happily defends joe saying there's nothing he could do to reduce the energy crisis. because increasing drilling and not blocking pipelines isn't possible. the two primetime house are accused of various things from groping to even more groping. maybe they are hard of hearing. why are the politicians breakin the expectations. it takes the pressure off them to do the actual work. we could put it on cruise control. while you're expected to lower expectations, they don't for pray they can avoid any hardship . they got hired security. they're closing the nearby walgreens chemical, my viagra
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for me. that was just an example. gas cost more, driver takes car that. makes that no longer possible. more people needing handouts means more potential democratic democratic postparade even the chief of staff admits things hope legume had. and wonder if he thinks it's been rough and tough year. >> it's been a rough and tough year and we knew it was president biden it's a year-lon effort to dig out of the holes we were left. >> yes, the holes. they are digging out of holes further they just dug them deeper and when there weren't any holes like the energy sector , they went out and dug new ones. that is the scale. run the country into the ground even under the ground because they're not affected by it. and less than we can go to the polls and treat them all like dirt.
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joining me now to discuss the current state of the biden administration the president's chief of staff ron blaine. hello, mister clean. welcome to the show. i want to get right to it. rent is really high. what is the administration plan to get them down. grade you have any? >> if electricity is included i your rent, that's no problem. rents not a problem either if you own your own mansion like i do. to get you seem to have all the answers for yourself, but it also sounds like your eyeglasse always have full kind of guy. >> actually, greg, i am at glas empty kind of guy. less have to empty was if you have less. for instance, no one ever said wish i had more diarrhea unless it's you writing your monologue jokes. >> that was it necessary.
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and it doesn't make any sense. >> iran, greg. it makes perfect sense. it depends on your outlook. you could be sitting in the beautiful mansion you own and think this sucks, or you could strictly to survive and think yourself cool, it's like i'm jo from the bible per to the next time you go to the grocery stor nuc empty shelves, instead of complaining, just thank your lucky stars we're blessed with so many shelves. >> ron, this has been eye-opening. >> thanks for having me, greg. [applause] >> the president's chief of staff ron klain. let's welcome tonight's guests, she knows how to approach and kurt will overate emily compagno . he is so bright he has to turn himself in the movie theater,
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and she is like a spiderweb, skinning, slight and full of dead insect carcasses, fox news contributor kat timpf. the tower of pisa was fine unti he leaned on it, my massive sidekick tyrus. emily, happy birthday. >> thanks for it get any plans tonight? >> this. this is great. >> yes, it's late now do not going to go after the show. it be like midnight. >> straight to bed. >> like you always do. up at the crack of dawn. good for you, psychopath. is it a terrible strategy to force americans to think about the upside of inflation rather than two try to treat it? >> absolutely. what do our tax dollars pay for let's take san francisco, one o the most expensive cities in th world to live in, it's wide
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black and brown communities hav been pushed out of it, it's why people pay property taxes alone in the millions to exist there and now there being told when their tax dollars pay for nothing so they should just barricade themselves and their. part of the argument by the mainstream media for inflation was coming out of 2020, americans were the ratios ratio they've ever been. on the backs of what administration was that because the second is this ministration took the home, things turned leap. this ministration in all of the elitism is the refusal to connect with ordinary real americans. the price of children's shoes i at the highest it's ever been. exactly. since they started keeping records. there you go. they estimated this season, these are things that they have to do with it it affects every single or american.
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they continue to tell us that w are the enemy and we should jus shut up and take it yet keep paying more taxes to pay for these crime-ridden neighborhoods . >> they're is a strategy to buy children's shoes because they are cheaper, even at the same size then the adult she was ver that's why i shop at gap for kids. what i find funny about this whole thing that jacket. >> extra-large. >> see what i mean? the left creates the policies that then they beg you to lower your expectations for, the perfect example is we're are fo defunding the police, but now you have to barricade yourselves . it's now up to you to face the consequences of their own policy . minnesota is a perfect example. i always go to gated communities . is the perfect example. so many on the left live in these gated communities in thes
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vaulted houses and until the crime actually hits them, then when it does hit them, they say donald trump, you screwed up an we have to actually put criminals in jail, but again, the left continues to put criminals in jail, lets them ou the next day in than they get out and do tragic things. it happens monthly, not to mention two -year-olds get shot in chicago, but i'm sure that's trump's fault. >> tyrus, they are counting on our and sophistication to understand what they're doing. isn't that true, they assume were all really dumb. in somebody is trying to tell you inflation is a good thing, they are calling you an idiot. >> i've kind of got to disagree with you. they didn't ask. they're not having the conversation they're not saying hey, i'd like to have your thoughts. i already now, i got you. let's police more funding thing for me and my friends and you guys will just kinda figure it out. they didn't ask anyone. i mean a poor fella can't ask a
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question anyway, you literally saw that he tried to ask a hypothetical and he ended up on an episode of gonzalez. you never know where he's going to go. the ones that do no, they are perfectly fine with it because in the way this is their way of retribution brady had for years where you kind of did what you wanted and you said what you wanted and you went out and you capitalized on capitalism and you open businesses, not on our watch, it's not going to happen. we're taking all that away. we're all going to share everything except our stuff. >> the reason they are doing that is the population is more dependent on the government. they were less dependent on the government under trump, now the have no choice because everything is expensive and you get the free money there. >> unless you don't want your house to be broken into. than you're all on your own. mean these are the same people who years ago remember the victim blaming thing, like if you said hey, maybe women you shouldn't walk around in this
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park alone at night, that was victim blaming, but now if you're like my house is broken and. >> yeah, were you barricading yourself inside of it? was there a zombie apocalypse because maybe you should have done that. that's like i want the government to do very little. i want them to do absolutely nothing almost, except two keep people from stealing my stuff and keep people from killing an raping people, and that's the part there deciding to slack. >> those are extraneous stuff that they are clinging to a. >> make sure your two-year-old has a mask on. >> they are iodine children. id children for certain indoor activities. i'm not going to take it. you can't ask for but they're going to id a kid with his papers. up next, they treat the non-
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faxed with disgust.
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>> wants a pizza with anchovies and capers? than let's see your vaccine papers. see how the restaurant breezy town pizza, which sounds like a joint owned by eric's while while, i'm not going to apologize, the intervention didn't take. this pizzerias says customers need to be vaccinated even to get takeout. remember this is seattle where
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things have strike out with a comb with side of syringes and. it this is what they're worried about. like the kardashians taking pictures of their let's, this i all done for attention. in the other signal meant to police the masters while barely needing the servants. one master, andy weingarten removed her mask while speaking at a conference in puerto rico because she said people had trouble hearing her. those that couldn't hear her where the luckiest folks in the room. she makes lessons teachers from charlie brown. that was an old joke. also a proponent for universal masking in school so it's okay for the students to be unintelligible, but not her. last but definitely not least, the biden administration is pushing businesses with 100 or more employees to prepare for the vaccine mandate despite a
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court ruling temporary halting it. not to worry, business owners i you have more than 100 employees , you won't by the time biden gets through with you. the court ordered an injunction citing grave statutory and constitutional issues. i know it's hard to understand so we translated it for joe, pink trout movie pickled. speaking of more nonsense, joe, what you have to say? >> f just about lost my patienc with this. the courts, come on, i don't need the courts. if we're going to give the courts there say, we would've given them their own separate branch of government. and don't tell me about freedom. freedom. freedom. freedom is just another word fo nothing left to lose. you know who sang that? brandywine garden back when she played guitar with quiet riot. tyrus, would you eat at that
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place? the pizza joint? >> no i would not. the fact that if i followed the on twitter i'd be mad at myself as i is. i'm not great to get my dining instructions from a tweet from pizza place. , i'm not vaccinated i can go t pizzas tonight. i guess it's twinkies at home, kids. when they do things like this there literally doing it for someone to tell them while, ma'am, thank you for your service. but i refuse. thank you for your service if you serve in the military, not going to say thank you for your service for saying wear a mask. is wearing a mask so important? if i was giving a speech right now and you couldn't hear me i would say i'm very sorry we hav to cancel its. if i take my mask off where all [bleep]. sorry. the show is canceled, masks on, we can't hear. it so important.
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>> it never occurred to her tha may be kids and teachers can't hear each other with the mask. her voice at a conference is fa more important to education tha kids and teachers being able to hear each other. >> what gets me is the only reason okay, obviously it's a for this pizza joint, but they create the most unhealthy food on earth, right, they are contributing to the leading ris factor for covid, which is obesity. it is people who are severely overweight that are dropping like flies. i blame the pizzeria. they are murderers. >> i think it's got to be more of a midlife crisis. people they wish they would hav gone into something with a little more attention involved in so they do this. >> that is an interesting point. >> thank you. i have so many of them. >> i wouldn't go that far.
8:25 pm
>> what biden is doing is unconstitutional, but you have people saying it is constitutional. how can they say forcing people businesses to do this vaccine i constitutional. it's not, it can't be. >> it's not, but they tell the media on the left to sayy it ov and over and over again. you just keep saying it over an over and over again. they're probably going to have because 50 percent of the community is going to say. his got enough problems going t bar and getting my vax card jus for bpr i want to go to pizza without my own card. this is a huge personal problem i want them to deal with. i just eat and drink at home
8:26 pm
usually in the bathtub without any water. >> with no rubber ducky's? not anymore after that. and six have insurgents. >> that thing out of me. >> helt about this. they should require people coming to their pizzeria with a printout of their cholesterol levels to make sure that pizzeria doesn't kill them on the spot with their fattening foods. >> a live that idea. to your point about eating at home. you also have to show a vaccination card to pick up a delivery. so to enjoy it at home, somebod else would have to picks it up with a vaccination card. i love your point about the obesity factor. they been trying to stretch the emergency and make this the mos paramount emergent thing for al of us. so they're relying on osha to argue that it's legal and obviously it's not.
8:27 pm
eyepoint to him because he know everything great he knows what i'm saying is true. so osha has the authority to issue a temporary authority rul if workers are facing a grave danger and if that rule is necessary to address it and it has to be feasible for employer to put it into practice. so the administration took that and that's what they're stretching out right that what makes the emergency, the emergency extinguished a long time ago but this administratio is arguing it is still the most important thing facing all of u today that's why to your point when randy took the mask off it only nonimportant in that moment . they're is always an exception that this administration makes. my point about that it dovetail in with the obesity is that the number one thing that kills workers here in this world it's car accident. in the workplace.
8:28 pm
workplace accidents in the workplace, its transportation events. >> too many points, emily. >> to be clear, his name is osha . >> for god sakes. it's your birthday, you think you can say whatever you want. you are wrong. up next the college that values free speech over left the loons who babble and preach. ld trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> find woke ms. exhaustion? check out the user versa d of austin. its a college for open mind tha leaves that left ebs behind. they announce the newly founded college named after stilled col steve austin. dedicated to the fearless pursuit of basically it's the necessarily contrast to most university left week that
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stifles free thought. they are committed to freedom and inquiry, freedom of conscious and civil discourse. today, the only thing free are the tampons in the men's bathroom. that's right. formerly of portland state university, is a founding faculty fellow, try saying that three times fast and shared mor on fox digital. >> this is not a conservative university, this has people fro all over the intellectual, political moral spectrum and it's needed because our institutions now have been hijacked by maniacs for its. >> professors from all over the intellectual, political, and moral spectrum instead of leftist losers who spew ideolog like kat coughing up last night
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food in the taco bell bathroom. >> ever called. >> that was evil. >> it sounds like what i've bee saying that you education shoul look like, it makes me think it's time for me to start my ow college to. we have steam room etiquette. towels are optional. in terms of intro to identify action figures and x-rays. it helps with the emergency room . and it's called of course actio figure orifice removal. of course these art of soundproofing your basement. and finally how to convince people you are 5'5" or a 5'4" man. obviously written by a bitter panelist. >> you're welcome. >> so it sounds like something to invest in because i looked a the names of the people here, they're all like amazing brands steven pinker, lex friedman, wh
8:35 pm
i love, this is this is what is necessary. >> two things, and i have a ful scholarship to gutfeld you, it' got to be me. too, can we make this into as d what trump did with the social media sites. you know how much money we coul make? it doesn't even have to exist. will just make it gutfeld you are gutfeld technical institute and you can raise a billion dollars fred. >> i think i got that college. in all seriousness, this is actually what people need, virginia flipped, and it flippe because parents were sick and tired of everybody else telling them what their children has to love learn and public school. so this is genius fred. >> what you think, emily? to get you nervous now.
8:36 pm
welcome it yes, this is the exact opposite for example at columbia, where. >> university or the country? >> university. where you use the wrong pronoun if you refuse to address someon by the proper pronoun you can b punished and so what is the litmus test for that? how do you know when someone is refusing? >> i can't help it. when i laugh i can't stop. >> i love everything about this but i think the bottom line is it matters where your tuition dollars go and what your electe officials are doing. the point is put your money where your mouth is, pay for these universities and not the liberal indoctrinating winds. >> put your money where your mouth is in less it's at the strip club.
8:37 pm
>> did your university have a strip club? it is called intro to table deb dancing. >> athletic scholarship. >> analytic supporter. >> this is just like my idea about palatine co-opted the gym by having charismatic trainers step up and then you could do it , this is the first step, they have they charismatic instructors and they have the tech people behind them, this i going to be like an online thin that's going to make other education unnecessary, what do you think? >> i think it's incredible that hundreds of professors have signed up to try to do this and there is no accreditation, ther is no physical location, so these people want to all quit their jobs for this new busines idea that's not fully formed an less, all of them were in the middle of a cocaine vendor then things must be really bad, the
8:38 pm
fact that this is happening shows how bad things really are. at the university's restaurant they would make some changes, but they don't. >> i hope the idea of accurate accreditation. >> it's a hard word, right? i don't know where to put the accent. they're is a spice joke somewhere in there. i don't know. >> sorry. i feel you are started by greg, the host of the show asking you a question. >> that's happened to me before. >> but geraldo, you guys just let them go. who knows where he's going to go . you know what's, i think we put a lot of weight on people who come to speak in schools becaus i can literally remember every event we went to where we had a special guest acre and it was always the same thing. the first time was kareem abdul-jabbar was coming to our
8:39 pm
college to speak in the first thing he said was don't ask me about basketball. i said well, let's go. than danny glover came he said don't ask me about acting. well, let's go. every time somebody would come in don't ask me about my personal success, i want to tal to you about life. >> there's a reason they didn't like, because we believe. so i think we put way too much emphasis on who is speaking at schools, but usually the people that stay no one likes them anyway. they stayed for three hour speech come up man i so pumped. >> it was like ginger in marianne went to speak at high school and they didn't make out. we were so bummed. sx it would say that, and i'm disgusted by that. >> i remember how upset you were . i let that person go. >> to be clear, he was offended. i have nothing, but respect for
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8:45 pm
only good things happen after midnight. reagan laid on the line. other risk factors include stress, depression, and working for cuomo. researchers were do anything to avoid telling americans to lose sleep. they are killing themselves to watch the show. we have the best fans. you'll all be dead soon, but i hope it was worth it. what do you think about this, kat. do you feel guilty? >> yes. i think it's normal, i've never been to bed before 11 without the assistance of medication. >> exactly. does anybody do that? if so how. i don't own. i don't buy it, i don't think it's real, i don't think the study is real. >> i think emily, emily, i thin that sleeping as a skill that one has to learn because if you
8:46 pm
could find the right way to sleep, your whole life changes. in my right, emily? >> that's what they say. two points, number one, i feel like the reason this works is because people who go to bed later are probably doing a higher proportion of bad things but everything they reduce it t the one data point than forget everything else. like are you doing lines in eating jake's. and then one time, i meet real nocturnal, someone whose internal body clock since forever since they were a child they became a driver because sh was basically like to my point she said i was trying to force myself against my separating rhythm or whatever and only whe i became a night driver did my world level out. it's a true story. >> where is she now? >> it's all right.
8:47 pm
it was a good story. so how important is whose leap to you? >> as an athlete, you always talk about how important it is to get your eight hours so it became really important, but we tend to stretch the eight hours like say to go i bet it three, get up it too, so as long as yo get your eight hours in your good. you have to get the full eight, but as you get older, when you're younger, you can be a little more wild but as you get older, eve got to get that, if you're going to be active you have. >> that eight hours and. it's always been a skill you just again, these studies go, there's no point to them, it's ridiculous prate i feel like this kimmel and go bear, they are like lists and come over no saying don't watch, but if you do, you'll die. >> good strategy. and then when you get charged a a serial killer, i will testify to be clear, it's not because i
8:48 pm
want you to go to jail, it's because i'm not going. >> i knew i could count on you. what you make of this? >> i feel like i was like two because basically i was told that i was going to be testing theory live during your show an i took save in ambien on the wa up here and i am really struggling. so i don't know what you just asked me. >> i test so many things, melatonin is interesting, but you get crazy nightmares. ludo sits, that stuff makes you nuts. >> beer is good. >> beer committee wake up two hours later. i go to avoid bed to avoid the conversation. literally, want to hear about m day? how many guys pretend there asleep on the couch they don't have to watch reality tv.
8:49 pm
you don't have to clap to know she's there with you. >> brave men. >> up next, is it something you prefer to forget? stor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. to make progress, we must keep taking steps forward. we believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go.
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a new survey finds people have been even more disgusting like bond reins with their pets than i imagined and i imagine a lot of things. 97 percent, that's almost 100 percent admitted that they always let their pets like them. one and five admitted to sharin their meals and one and 20 admitted they will even share the bathtub, but only if they'v had a few daiquiris first. it's like my neighbor used to say, until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un- awaken. i was the flower girl when he married his horse. >> who. in terms of dating a single woman with a cat, fine, but a single woman who pays with the cat? >> i'm a single woman whose cat
8:54 pm
has watched her base because he watches me do everything. if she could be talk i'd be leap . >> emily, you have a dog, right? >> yes to all of this and here' why. a total backman tel aviv for. the alpha male, the alpha femal than you give food to the dog. yes, i'm all about this. i'm that person i don't care, i don't care what you say. and before i get added or whatever it's called, it's not people food. like fish. meat, et cetera. that's not people food at all. >> love my animals to death, bu i draw the line at bathroom. that's my time for personal achievement. i'm not sharing it with a dog o a catch. that's where i escaped, i spend most my hours there give someon else a chance, this one is mine. the last thing i want as a dog looking at me saying you go out
8:55 pm
there i'm not going out there. you go out there. i think you can love your animals, but the bathroom is where i draw the line. >> can i tell you a laugh line dream? i always wanted it to can i guy from froot loops, but i don't have a house big enough for a. you too can only two can >> it could be that mascot at that failed you. gutfeldu >> i know a guy who kept gettin them and they kept dying and he kept getting them. >> isn't that a misdemeanor? i know i guy who knew a guy. >> don't go away, we'll be righ back.
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we are out of time happy birthday and thank you emily. our lovely studio audience. i love you america. welcome to fox news at nights and and shannon in washington. breaking tonight new informatio about the connection about the infamous seal dossier and the basis of the russia collusion investigation into the presidential campaign and now one high-ranking member of the current is administration. as john durham's investigation continues it shining a light on


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