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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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oppressive trade we have to cal them out on these falsehoods an we've got to call men to responsibility. >> for all of our sakes. men and women eat each other. of one group fails, everyone suffers. i appreciate you coming on tonight and for the truth that you are telling about that. thank you. >> thank you parrot. >> we are completely out of time . we will be back tomorrow. in the meantime sean hannity is up next for it. >> tracking multiple major stories including developments from the russia collusion hoax, a top biden advancer. in the dirty russian paid for dossier, plus america's most dishonest congressman, for the first time he is facing tough questions and by the way, surrounding his deep involvemen in perpetrating the great why . perpetrating the great why >> and by the way, not from jake
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tapper from fake news cnn, morgan ortegos on the view and we got the tape. . appears joe biden has realized americans are not happy with the u.s. economy but according to joe the only fiscal responsible way to make things better is to pass the build back better and spend a couple of more trillion more dollars that we don't have and rob our kids and grand kids blind and put it on social welfare projects that are pretty much destined to fail. everyone not named janet yellen is warning this will greatly accelerate inflation at a time when it's already at a 30 year high. wholesale prices are up a whopping 8 points and 6% and gas prices are up on average $150
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-- $1.50 a galleon. it could be up 100% by the end of winter heating your home and because of dire real shortagings because we are experiencing but joe biden knows best. he's the smartest person in the room and he believes spending 2 trillionen dollars is going to magically fix inflation and supply chain crisis. and why not just take his word for it; right? >> all this is paid for. by raising taxes on big corporations who are very wealthy. i'm not trying to punish anybody but insisting they pay their fair share. it's fiscally responsible and it's paid for. i know a lot of people don't focus on the -- i get it. i know the cost of gas and groceries and rent seems to be harder and harder to handle
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that's one of the reasons we have to pass the build back better bill. >> sean: either biden is really, really dumb, not particularly smart or he's lying or both. reduce america supply on oil and gas even if it caused economic pain and suffering for americans all around the country. he wanted to put ceos in jail. take a look. >> who you be willing to sack if i fis some of that growth knowing it could displace hundreds of thousands of blue colors workers in the interest to transferring to the green colour economy. >> the answer is us. >> if we don't stop using fossil fuels we are all dead. number one, number two, holding them liable for what they have done particularly in those cases where you are under served neighbourhoods and you know
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deal. and when they don't deliver put them in jail. i'm not joking. >> sean: not joking. let's put these guys in jail. he killed the keystone xl pipeline and ban oil exploration on federal lands and his option to kill another pipeline from canada to michigan and that's not all. according to the great climate czar, john terry the u.s. will no longer have coal plants by 2030 due to socialism. i think you may want to pay attention because that will impact west virginia and the hard working people in your state even with heating prices and gas prices soaring and biden has no intention clearly of slowing down the green new deal agenda it's so bad that in a letter sent to democrats, they are now slamming joe biden and
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the undue burden of rising gas prices and something to laugh at like the energy secretary jennifer granole did. let's get clear. this could all be resolved except we have one problem, joe biden is president. joe biden clearly would rather once again beg opec again and again and again and get rejected again and again and again and humiliating fashion and still keep going back as jennifer granholm blaming the car tells and opec. no jennifer i blame you and joe and if you want to fix the problem go back to the energy independence that you inherited from the donald trump who made us in independent for the first time in 75 years. and we create high paying career jobs in the energy sector and we don't have to care one wit about what happens in the middle east or the straights of hormoose and
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we'll be better independent. bring it forward. in the meantime oil, gas and coal and begging opec is not the answer. you know we can drill for more gas right here in the u.s. we don't need to import any energy. donald trump gave you energy independence and we were net exporter of energy. we were plying our western urine allies -- european allies. and then keep building out our own keystone xl pipeline. that's american jobs and now the possibility of draining our national reserves, okay, that's a short term solution. that's also risky. and tonight our country is literally willing led by some of the dumbest people. they are more married to their i'dology and don't seem to care at all who's impacted the most. poor people, the middle class. build back socialism and
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probably the most i'd yotic scariest piece of legislation i've seen in my 30 years of media. his southern border policy ludicrous according to a poll from tra fall governor that's our friend and the convention of states. 66% of americans oppose biden's plan to give a whopping 450,000 dollars to illegal immigrants who didn't respect our laws our border and our sovereignty. 55% want the southern border closed especially in the middle of the crisis that's ongoing there and the borders kamala harris with a low approval rate of 28%. she's not visiting on the front lines and she's in france talking about europe migrant crisis. and according to the vice president spokesperson she's not worried about the 28% record
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poll numbers she's polling. >> and the polls are a snapshot in time and at this time i'm looking forward to touching down in paris france and before that taking a nap. >> sean: now nap time seems to be a priority against the biden administration and the only silver lining in 2022, 2024 you the american people you can vote all of these people out and you can say buy by by and maybe we'll go back and rescue the americans joe abandoned in africa. we can certainly fix the border. and finish building the wall. end this idiotsy of process and release of joe biden and, of course, we can go back to being energy i went independent. that will reduce the high cost of everything that we are not paying for joining us now with reaction, former trump white house chief of staff raines
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priebus. i've never seen it that bad and the only answer to solve joe's problem is return to the trump policy something we all know he's not going to do. >> he's not going to do it. and quite frankly you laid it out perfectly. this is the result. the atmosphere we are in in american is the direct result of the contention the conduct of joe biden. as you laid out he intentionally shut down the keystone pipeline and he intentionally caused the border surge to take place in our southern border and he intentionally botched and mucked up the exit in afghanistan. one of the things we talk about in politics is sometimes you can't fool the atmosphere. there's no amount of money and advertising that can change the atmosphere. and two things that are killing joe biden right now, number one,
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the mood is very bad. we have not seen a 75% wrong track poll meaning when people are asked when the right track and wrong track, 75% not since 2011 have we had a 75% wrong track poll in america. that's number one. number two, there's no intensity for joe biden and this is also what killed him in virginia when people were asked do you strongly support joe biden only 20% of the people said yes. the difference between trump and obama were because they had polls where they were at 40, 42 approval but when asked do you strongly support trump 9 95% approval in the party and that created an environment where there was always about 40% of the voting public that would run through a brick wall for either donald trump or barack obama
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because they were delivering a progressive liberal policy or great america-first policy. that's where we are at in the environment and it's very bad for joe biden. >> sean: and i guess the moment that bill clinton, i got to be the emcee the night he became speaker. i've been at this too long. it was an incredible night for the first time in 40 years republicans won and after that historic win a guy by the name bill clinton decided it was time to change course and he said the end of welfare as we know it. with this radical group of new green deal socialists and joe biden i don't really think is calling the shots i don't see that possibility. do you. [ chuckles ] . >> absolutely, not. >> sean: was it a joke. >> yeah, they think it is. no there's not a chance in the world.
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the democratic party that used to be an extra centerist party is dead. you have no legs left. you have the woke democrats who have taken control of the party and it's just moved to left. and on top of that the incompetence that we've seen. as you went through the monologue it occurred to me we have a president of the yates who's asleep at the switch and vice president of the united states who's awol from the border and a transportation secretary on leave and an energy secretary who's out to lunch. cross the board the people who are in charge of the things that we need them to be in charge are none of them are competent enough to do their jobs and if there is any one issue that riles up the american people it is energy. you saw that? remember when jimmy carter was president, of course, and as even more recently in france, hundreds of thousands french
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citizens took to the streets led by truckers to protest the climate change and the green proposals going through in france because it was driving. the cost of energy and that's what joe biden and the woke progressives are leading america into and it is politically the most risky thing they can do and they are facing severe electoral backlash for going down this road. >> sean: so knowing this, there's no way they are going to change and they are going to double down and they are doing what they said they are going to do. we forget he said he wanted to go after the ceos of oil and energy companies so to them their loyalty to the new green deal socialism is greater than the loyalty to americans especially people that are poor and middle class to pay more money. raines priebus i don't think that works out for any politician under any circumstances. >> it's not going to work out and another thing to keep in
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mind when you have to evaluate where are the parties going. you look at where the money is at and the big money on the democrat side of the aisle is on all of the things we are talking about which is open borders and it's things like shutting down oil rigs for chasing rainbows and the paris agreement it's on the things that sorrow is funding and in hollywood and new york, the money that is funding the democratic party is driving the agenda. the good news is the people are funding the republican party they want a secure border and they want our kids to have choice in school of what they are learning, gas prices being low, the southern border, energy independence. those are things that are funding the republican party so just squaring up with the united states electric right now.
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>> sean: we turn now to the nfl and the villeification of erin anger roj. he tested positive for covid-19 and we wish him a speedy recovery. he was never immunized for covid-19 and now he's in the cross hair of the woke mob. he took responsibility for any misleading remarks here's what he said. >> i understand that people are suffering and this has been a really difficult time for the last two years on so many people and i also know how sports can be such a connecter and bring people together in times of adversity and i do realize that i mean a role model to a lot of people and so i just want to start off the show by acknowledging that you know i made some comments that people might have felt were misleading and to anybody who felt misled by those comments i take full responsibility for those comments.
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>> sean: here with reaction, the host of unfiltered. and i think the issue of vaxxed and unvaxxed that debate is over. everybody has made up their mind. i don't think you are going to convince people on that issue. you see military, nurses, cops, fireman, first responders they are willing to leave their jobs and abandon their salary benefit and pensions because of what they believe in. the question to me is why if we are going to follow science and be safe why is there no attempt at all to accommodate, especially nurses that were diving on covid grenades everyday those people who may have natural immunity, a rare medical condition or different point of view why can't we accommodate them and keep the workplace safe and give the option of being tested. why have we given up all medical privacy and freedom and doctor
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patient confidentiality in this country, that's a high price. >> you know, aaron rogers and shailene woolly, one of my favorite couples. he may have cost his team the super bowl last sunday against kansas city chiefs. they lost 13-7 because he could not play because he was positive and had lied to his teammates and lied to the city of green bay and lied to the people of this country about his status. and sean i think just because he's popular. >> sean: but geradlo. you're not answering my question. [ simultaneously speaking ]. >> let me finish, sean. >> sean: medical privacy -- and all freedom. whether you agree or disagree.
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>> i think that you cannot have a right of privacy that i'm in your room with my grandchildren who are not vaccinated because they are too young and you lie about vaccine status and you sn my grandchildren. that could be a crime. that is absolutely so selfish and self involved. and i look at aaron rogers and he's so charming and again, i say i'm a big fan of his. he's a very, very agreeable cares mastic person and his apology was a bunch of baloney. i regret if you think this way or not way. [ simultaneously speaking ]. >> sean: fair enough, you don't have to accept it. >> that wasn't an apology. >> he doesn't owe anyone an apology. he doesn't owe geraldo jack
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squat. he was given his body by god whether he chooses to disclose his immunization status isn't anyone's business and the other point that you don't have a right to privacy if you sneeze around someone. really? so we are throwing the constitution out the wind for a virus with the survivability rate of between 98 and 99%? really if that isn't the road to tyranny i don't know what is. . are you going to ply the same tactic to people with hiv are you going to ban them from sexual contact. what about tuberculosis. you see how these simpleton views by the way which is not a suggestion, the constitution is not a suggestion, it's our founding document. you see how that all gets thrown out the window when we go down this slippery slope and it's all based on nonsense.
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they will throw out the 1905 jacobson case, the equivalent of 125 dollar fine [ simultaneously speaking ]. >> there have been three supreme court cases already that gave the government the right to mandate. in maine, in indiana and in new york. the supreme court will soon deal with this fifth circuit case and will even it all out. mandates are constitutional. you do not have the right -- you do not -- >> sean: we don't know that right. the fifth circuit we will find out. here's my question. there's got to be a way, if i'm right, the premise of my question is right that everybody has decided. people have made a decision. especially when we are firing nurses who worked in a petri dish and many whom got covid and they believe in natural
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immunity. there's some disagreement on some of these issues. where is the flexibility. why is there a rigidness. you must get the vaccine or you are fired. vaccine or will you agree to be tested so people don't lose their salary and benefits and pension. why is there only one-size-fits-all medicine here? >> you know sean in january i lost a beloved ne few few to this disease. tyler and casey lost to this awful disease that has already claimed 750,000 american lives. >> sean: can we meet in the middle and find an accommodation. >> no, there's no accommodation. >> sean: none at all. >> let me be frank. i despise vaccinated people who are smug in their protection who urge unvaccinated people to
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exercise their freedoms. >> sean: even if they got tested everyday that's not good enough for you. >> it's like the guy in the street. >> sean: if they get tested everyday. >> the guy in the street to jump. >> sean: last word, dan. >> geraldo despises these people yet he doesn't know hem. i talked to a guy who was fired with a company i work for who has a serious problem with blood clots and if he gets the vaccination he could be in serious medical trouble. he despises the guy he hasn't met. he hasn't met he's people he despises yet he despises hem. i don't despise anyone i respect your individuality and your ability to make your own decision with your doctor. >> you have no individual rights when it comes to the vaccine. >> sean: all right. thank you, both. when we come back, straight ahead, the deep state exposed once again after today's bomb
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shell and wait until you hear the bizarre defence of the russia hoax. we got the very latest, much more straight ahead
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[ ♪♪♪ ] >> sean: now tonight, the russia hoax, the media mob lies are as corrupt and damming as they've ever been. not only did we learn one of chistopher steels key resources was a long time clinton open prattive an advisor of clinton lawyer is biden own national security advisor jake sullivan. clinton, biden, obama now firmly implicated in what is the
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biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in our country's history that russian dossier that hillary paid for coordinated by a partisan clinton supporter it's a hit job it's bought and paid for by the clinton campaign and the dnc all sources never verified but then used to secure pfizer warrants against carter page to spy on a presidential candidate transition team and president. i think we got it right from the beginning it took us a 3 long years. the only show to uncover the truth night after night we have been vindicated and all of these other media out lets have been selling highs and conspiracy theorys and hoax and they've done it for years. by the way, no one fuelled these made up bizarre conspiracy theorys more than the compromised liar him adam shift.
6:29 pm
watch him squirming when pressed by morgan on the view. >> you defended, promoted you even read into the congressional record the steel dossier and we know last night the main source was indicted to the fbi for lying. do you have any reflections on your role and promoting this to the american people. >> if people lie to the fbi they should go to jail. i said that any allegations should be investigated. we couldn't have known for example people were lying to chistopher steel. none of that is under cut or diminished by the fact that people lied to chistopher steel. >> no, i think just your credibility is. >> sean: here's joe concha and just the news story, john solomon. if he really feels about that way of people accused of lying
6:30 pm
did he refer jim comey and andrew mckay to be investigated for lying, john solomon and now that we see an a little bit of getting a little glimpse into durham's path forward what do you glean from all of this? >> well, reason, the entire case was built upon lie upon lie upon lie. and hillary clinton is lying to the american public in late october when pedalling this. the entire thing was a reduce rouse from beginning to end. the biggest losers are the hillary clinton campaign. they ran a dirty trick and they got the u.s. intelligence committee to participate. the news meeting i'm going to leave that to my good friend joe but the news media got taken for an incredible ride and the fbi. they failed to see the dirty
6:31 pm
trick or they knew and allowed it to go on. neither is good for the american people. >> sean: the media now, we could do hours and hours of tape of the media mob, cnn, fake news, msbnc. they perpetrated these lies. they've never retracted or apologized or corrected the record or admitted they were wrong or admit they were held accountable. how do you perp pet lies for three years and never come clean to the audience and move onto the next round of lies. >> because they don't care. matter of means to an end. push the narrative. dozens upon dozens of times. adam shift is the michael aveoti of capital hill. an empty suit adored by the
6:32 pm
media he may get a green room named after him. and the first person considered media to actually challenge shift on his russia claims which are the best unintentional comedy routines. and the steel dossier which is completely unveified into the congressional record and this is the same adam shift who swore he had smoking gun evidence from trump and russia he pushed the steel dossier the same way that the alex jones of cable news herself did night after night and for lies and leaking and for misleading the american people he gets rewarded with a book deal worth i don't know a hundred bill rubles. and no democrat and book deals serving the american people you may be trying to weave an
6:33 pm
narrative in order to sell books. get out of congress and go write books itself. >> sean: that's it. i'm done. >> i'm done. >> sean: that's what he says. we do not have equal justice and equal application of our lays. we have a politicized doj as we speak and we literally have -- if you are a democratic you get one system of justice and if you're conservative or republican you get an entirely different set of justice in merg. if that doesn't get solved or resolved we don't have a country. when we come back, the prosecutions case against kyle written house is imploding before your very eyes. wait until you see what happens in court. reactions straight ahead. [ ♪♪♪ ]
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[ ♪♪♪ ] >> sean: right now the prosecution today rested its case in the kyle written house trial. the 17 year old fatally shot two men and injured a third amidmidy yoting. and first-degree intentional homicide and other gun related charges but video evidence showed him being swarmed and attacked by the men that he ended up in the shooting match with and in what many say was self defence. now here's a video that was put out by rittenhouse former attorney. >> the mab mob is now facing after him. >> he just shot a man. >> within his context, the word
6:39 pm
cranium is a call for someone to take him out with a head shot. >> hey, what are you doing. you shot somebody? >> an unidentified protester strikes rittenhouse in the head knocking his hat off. he trips and falls to the ground and another tries to jump on him who then fires who shots in the air and a third fakes as if he is surrenders and then a single shot striked the man's buy by sepp. >> a moment from yesterday's trial, after the prosecutors own star witness, one of the men sho shot by rittenhouse admitted that he was pointing his own gun at rittenhouse before he was shot offering some of the most persuasive testimony yet to bolster the self defence claim.
6:40 pm
>> does it look like your arm is being shot. >> that looks like my by sepp being vaporized. >> and you are pointing your gun directly at him. >> yes. >> so when you were standing 3 to 5 feet from him with your arms up in the air, he never fired; right? >> correct. >> it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him with your gun, now your hands down pointed at him that he fired; right? >> correct. >> sean: here to explain and analyze fox news legal analyst jarrett and allen is back with us. professor, i'll start with you, when somebody has to admit on the stand i'm pointing the gun at him before he shot me that's
6:41 pm
a pretty damming moment was it not. >> it was classic cross examination. it was a bril yent way to -- he was putting himself in danger. and that rationality is not to be expected in the presence of an uplifted knife. obviously the presence of an unlifted gun is even more serious. so i think this case in the end certainly the assault against that man would have to be thrown out because the prosecutions may have admitted that the firing of the shot came only after he was pointing a gun at this guy so this weakens the prosecutions case enormsly and it seems like it's heading towards an acquittal. remember two, there's a presumption ofness in innocence. we have to always presume the
6:42 pm
innocence of a young man so i think there was a good day for the defence. >> sean: there's a reason and i learned this in the richard jewel case. just because they live with their mother doesn't fit the profile of a lone bomber and he heard me that day and he didn't rush to judgment in the case of florida or what happened in mi my sorei. what do you see and what will the jerry see? >> i see that cross examination is the engine of truth. where deceptions are unravelled and lies are shredded and the truth finally emerges and that's what happened here. the key prosecution witness was forced on cross examination to
6:43 pm
confess that he as advanced on the defendant and aimed his gun at him and he is entitled under the law of self defence to shoot first and shoot himselves. i didn't intend to aim my gun at the defendant. he don't require him to be a mind reader. you are allowed to defend yourself as long as you reasonably believe that your life is in i am nint danger. it didn't help this witness lied to police saying he dropped his pistol when in fact the paragraph emerged that showed him standing over rittenhouse aiming his pistol at him and he failed a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the city and stand to see make a handsome amount of money if rittenhouse is convicted so there was motive to lie and em bell-ish and cover up.
6:44 pm
i agree with the professor this looks like an acquittal but it doesn't clear him of the other charges of homicide but there is witnesses that he acted in self defence in those instances as well. >> sean: what the videos show you professor when you look at that chaotic scene and so many people armed that night. >> what it reminds me of is how important cross examination is. remember the me too movement, they would abolish cross examination. their theory is hey if a women of a person of the left or the protester on the right side of the protest accuses somebody that's it. what do you need cross examination it's a barrier to truth and this case demonstrates what we caught to know and that is cross examination is the greatest epg engine of truth ever invented. and whether you agree or disagree with the politics we can't allow our criminal justice system to become politicized. we can't have people rooting for
6:45 pm
an outcome depending on whether the person is right or left. i have no dog in this fight. i just want to see the truth come out and the truth requires presumption of innocence, challenges of cross examination and let the jury decide based on all the evidence and that includes vigous cross examination. >> sean: thank you, both. when we come back will young children in new york city now be required to show their vaccination status, the mayor is thinking about mandating that. laura trump ways in next as we continue. [ ♪♪♪ ] kidney alert for type 2 diabetes! forty percent of people with type 2 diabetes will develop chronic kidney disease, or ckd. did you know ckd can lead to kidney failure and dialysis? kidney alert! ckd often has no symptoms until it's too late!
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[ ♪♪♪ ] >> sean: now more evidence tonight that never ending covid restrictions are well, failing to keep blue state residents safe were for example new data is showing that the mass mandate california has well they have a higher covid rate that's now twice that of florida and remember parts of california are also imposing strict vaccine mandates prompting this demonstration outside la hall as the city's new vaccine rules are in effect. and the outgoing mayor signalling now he wants vaccine mandates for young children meaning 5 to 11. if you look. >> at what point will you ask them to start checking for vax cards for 5 to 11-year-olds. >> that's a very good question and honestly one we need to focus on now. we want to get to the day we can vaccinate the youngest new yorkers and get that going. >> sean: let's look at the science from the cdc.
6:51 pm
1.9 million kids have become infected with covid. 160 has death. i always say one death is too many. the death rate is about 0.008%. the flu, 2019, 2020, kids aged 5-17, 140 deaths that's a death rate of 0.0018. just slightly less than covid. now with that low rate, that low impact do we really need to make a 5-year-old show vaccine proof to go to a restaurant, a bowling ally a school for example? thankfully there's some sanity comes from the mayor elect who says he is looking forward to getting rid of the mask mandates at school. fox news medical contributor.
6:52 pm
when you look at the rates they seem pretty comparable and again the science seems to be very, very clear. young kids are not impacted by the virus the way older adults are. >> well, that's very true sean and the fatality rate with covid-19 in this age bracket that we are talking about is exceedingly low. did this is not the only metric and we think about long covid and msic which is seen after covid-19 in some children however those are still exceedingly rare when it comes to vaccinated this population, a vaccine mandate in this age group will have unintended conventions. means it doesn't have enough children in the study to show some of those more rare side
6:53 pm
effects. well that's not enough to see like the myocarditis we saw with adolescence. about one in every 7,000. parents need to look at whether their child has had covid before because there's not a strong scientist argument to be vaccinating children who recovered from covid-19 because of their robust natural immunity. should they be getting a single dose or two doses but they should be six weeks or 12 weeks and also decreases the side effects. the good news is whether a parent decides to vaccinated or not vaccinate their child they are risk of a severe outcome is exceedingly low and i do not think that any parent should be forced into mandating their child to be vaccinated for an illness that has a very, very rare of causing them any harm for the majority of children it is a mild cold if they get any
6:54 pm
symptoms. >> sean: laura, you got young kids, you see the data and you look at the science, as a mom, how do you react to this? >> well, i've never been nervous about his kids dying of covid-19 as you just laid out it is -- and dr. saphier just laid out obviously this is not a very dangerous thing for children unfortunately the media has been masterful at fear mongering parents from day one and i think the problem at this point becomes freedom and the american people do not take kindly to being forced to do anything since our country was founded. we were founded upon the idea that we didn't want to be told by rulers how to live our lives and we could choose what is best for us so when you look across the border these vaccine mandates the government does not have the ability or the right to tell you or your children what to put in your body to have a medical procedure. i mean if they really cared
6:55 pm
especially about the kids maybe they should look to i don't know, the city of chicago where far more kids were shot this year alone in chicago than died of covid-19 but don't worry because mayor lightfoot has just shrunk the police force even more because of that vaccine mandate which doesn't do anyone any good there will be more shootings of children in chicago because of that more kids die in car accidents and drown every year than die of covid-19 yet we are not banning cars or covering up every pool in america because at the end of the day this is about freedom. freedom will never be on the wrong side of history and some of these people should remember that that are in charge of new york city that in charge of america. they have to keep that in mind. this is about freedom for the american people to choose. >> sean: well said lara thank you. straight ahead. [ ♪♪♪ ]
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>> that's all the time we have for tonight very dead is always thank you for being with a spad we hope you dvr it's very easy deduce you never ever ever miss an episode. i have some good news. lit not your hearts be troubled? why? because laura ingraham is takin it over and apparently at some point this week she's got some prank she's about the bowl in may, so go ahead, hit me with your best shot very dermody. >>laura: i have a question for you. were you at the billy joel concert recently? >> no, why, who said that? >>laura: people like you just the way you are. >> he is one of the best performers. >>laura: someone saw you at a billy joel concert for it. >> you're interested in my life and my answer is always the same , that's none of your business. what is your status, and like what status?


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