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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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thank you so much, brian for coming on. >> thank you for reading the book. thank you so much for watching fox news primetime. i guess i will be back here tomorrow. ♪ >>tucker: welcome to tucker carlson tonight. an ill need teenager on trial you may have heard about it, a lot of people are watching it. it's an event packed with all kinds of political and social implications, but it's also a true legal matter, it may be th single most bizarre court proceeding ever caught on camera . it was pretty straightforward, went to the blm riots last summer armed with a rifle.
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while he was there he shot thre people and killed two of them. the prosecution claims this was murder. he says it was self-defense. it's pretty simple. here's the amazing thing. every single witness the prosecution has called so far has wound up making the defendant's case for him. that witting healing about communists who would in house shots in the arm. he was supposed to be the prosecution's star witness in this, but once he got on the stand, he admitted that cal rittenhouse only shot him after he pointed a loaded gun in the boys face. watch. >> that's a photo of you, yes? >> yes. >> that is mister rittenhouse? >> correct. >> you degree your firearm is pointed at esther mike rittenhouse, correct? >> yes.
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>> once your firearm is pointed at esther mack rittenhouse, that's when you are fired at, correct? >> no. >> does it look like right now your arm is being shot? >> that looks like my bicep being vaporized, yes. >> and is it vaporized as you are pointing your gun directly at him? yes? >> yes. >> so when you were standing 5 feet from him when your arms up in the air, he never fired, right? >> correct. >> it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him, advance advanced at him, now your gun i down pointed at him, that ye fired, correct? >> correct. >> so that's kind of it right there bird that's pretty much the end of the trial because when someone points a loaded gu in your face, you are allowed t shoot that person bird that is called self-defense, that's the rule. it has been the rule throughout
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human history in every society on earth since people lived in caves. according to the prosecution's star witness, self-defense is what happened here. so as a matter of law gauges proved that kyle rittenhouse prevented himself from harm, so verdun. but the trial kept going and as it did kept going, things got weirder and much worse for the prosecution. he admitted that he was carryin his gun illegally. he'd been arrested for felony burglary, of course he had, so his gun permit was invalid. he also admitted under oath tha when he said sued the city of kenosha for $10 million, he failed to mention the fact that he was carrying a firearm and pointing it in people's faces. devastating really. the whole trial has been like that very disaster after disaster, after disaster for th
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prosecution. at one point detective witness called by the prosecution indicated the prosecution in a cover-up. the detective said they did not search his phone after the shooting even though they had a valid warrant to do that. why didn't they? they didn't because the prosecution ordered the police not to look at the phone. that had never happened before and you can see, it is baffling really. why would a government lawyer want less evidence in a case? according to the detective on the stand the prosecutor said i something called marcy's law. watch. >> have you ever relied on marcy's law not to execute a search warrant since it's gone into effect? >> we have had conversations in the aftermath, but i don't recall not searching one solely on that basis. >> so this is this is the only one that you recall using marcy's law? as a basis for not doing it. >> correct fred.
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>> and it's the only one you recall ever getting a direction from a prosecutor handling a case not to do it. >> pursuant to marcy's law, yes. >> so you're not allowed to loo at the phone of the guy who got shot and was holding a gun. why would an honest prosecutor asked the cop to ignore that? why wouldn't an honest prosecutor want to see the phone ? the phone had video from that night. so if you want to show what really happened that night, you look at the phone. but apparently they didn't want to know what happened that night , he wanted to convict kyle rittenhouse for murder, he was under pressure to do that which is what he did. this is not home american justice is supposed to work, bu thankfully, it collapsed under scrutiny in a big way. watch this unintentionally hilarious exchange with yet another prosecution witness. this is richard mcginnis. mcginnis was reporting from
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kenosha that night. he was just inches away when rittenhouse shot vic did child molester. why was he there, that's a whol other story. but the prosecutor hoped the shooting of this child molester as an act of senseless violence committed by a psychopath kyle rittenhouse. here is what rich mcginnis said he saw. >> you have no idea what he was ever thinking at any point in his life. even never been. >> i've never exchanged words with him, if that's what your question is. >> so your interpretation of what he was trying to do or wha he was intending to do or anything along those lines is complete guesswork, isn't it? >> well he said [bleep] you and then he reached for his weapon. >> while there's that. so i convicted child molester
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with a long and violent crimina history runs up to kyle rittenhouse in the middle of a right and tries to take his gun away, so kyle shot him. that's what happens according t the prosecution's own witness. and not just one witness, today the medical expert testified that joseph rosenbaum appeared to be grabbing the barrel of th rifle when he fired. than yet another prosecution witness testified that joseph rosenbaum said out loud, he intended to kill kyle rittenhouse. >> i stepped in and told everybody to calm down. i exchanged and had one of exchange with one of the protesters and i exley to that protester hey, i get it, i get what you're trying to do, but not this and when i turned around, rosenbaum was right there in front of my face yelling and screaming and i sai
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back off. just chilled. i don't know what your problem is. he said if i catch any of you guys alone tonight i'm going to [bleep] kill you. >> he said that you? did he say that to the defendan as well? >> the defendant was there, so yes. >> i'm going to kill you said the child molester. it went on and on and on. at one point another prosecutio witness that said a convicted domestic abuser was bashing kyl rittenhouse in the head with a skateboard when he was shot. so we have a textbook definitio of self-defense. at no point did the prosecution make its own case, to make thei case, they made kyle rittenhous case. open and shut. you would never know any of thi from watching the coverage of the trial. nbc news said shooting vic tim
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said he thought he was going to die. what the article didn't mention was that shooting victim was pointing a loaded gun at the bo who shot him. so their liars. you knew that. if this case they have to lie because otherwise they'd have t admit that they were wrong from the very beginning. >> rittenhouse is basically wha you would have had in a school shooter. he's a 17 -year-old kid who shouldn't of had begun. he crossed eight lines to protect property. he was going out to shoot people . >> he was a 17 -year-old radicalized by trump -ism. he became a killer. >> a 17 -year-old kid from out of state, a boy from out of state drives up to the state within ar 15 around his neck an kills a couple of people shooting wildly, running around acting like a rent a cop.
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>> it's not good that as 17 -year-old vigilante arguably a domestic terrorist picked up a rifle and drove to another stat to shoot people. >> yeah, that's what happened. really. actually, in point of fact, kyl rittenhouse went to clean up th phil's left bite that rioting. he was cleaning anarchy off the high school. and impress they described him as a white supremacist domestic terrorists. according to the msnbc morning show. joe biden based on the of no evidence whatsoever called the teenager a white supremacist rate for the record all the men
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that we're shot were white. the story was conducted for political effect. having heard the evidence here it's not even close call. kyle rittenhouse acted in self-defense. if you wanted to guilty verdict in this trial you would have to threaten the jury. as it turns out, some people ar planning to do just that. >> the people that i know that were in the kenosha trial. but there's cameras in there. they're is definitely cameras i there. and there are people taking pictures of us. we need the same results. we need the same results. justice for dante wright. >> apparently the guy you saw talking was a friend of george floyd. videotape the jurors, though do exec and what they want. that's what they're saying. jury intimidation is a serious felony in this country, as far as we know the department of
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justice isn't doing anything to stop it in this case. so it looks like it's continuin great today at the rittenhouse trial, the judge said that some was taking pictures at a bus stop outside the courthouse. that was a threat. let's see if it works. jason whitlock has written a ne piece on this to ss. jason, thank you so much for coming on. you have followed this from the beginning, what do you make of it so far? >> tucker, cowardice and fear rolls downhill just like human waste. now we have i believe 18 jurors in the crosshair because men have failed and the society has failed to uphold the rule of law , we now have thugs in control of our society and so when the prosecutors don't do their job, when the media
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doesn't do its job, when politicians don't do their job, 18 ordinary citizens are now in the crosshairs. this is a sham prosecution. i don't believe the prosecution team even believes in the case. i don't believe they're trying to put on a great case, they ar just trying to protect themselves and point the finger at if you don't like the verdict , it's those 18 ordinary american citizens. focus your animosity on them. we prosecuted this child for murder even though we knew ther was no chance of getting the conviction, you guys go deal with a jury, you threaten, harass, fear and cowardice is rolling downhill and stomping o the head of regular american citizens. to sit here and to listen to these msnbc analyst who sat
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around all of 2020, you go ahea and riot and loot, you do whatever, your justified and al that rioting and looting, and than be surprised that a 17 -year-old would get out and overstep what he should be doing , look at all this chaos, look at grown male failed to be men, and lead this country in the proper direction, so a 17 -year-old kid except the gun an says i'm going to get involved. it's not his fault, it's our fault, the adults. we are not leading this country in a proper way. we have allowed chaos and anarchy to take over. we have allowed these thugs to run our society, and then all the elected people, the politicians that are making money, the millionaire sitting on tv tsk tsk in. they are sitting by an 18 juror have a grenade in their life. if they come back with a verdic that should come back as not
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guilty, they are in the crosshairs and they are in jeopardy. joe we read come up morning joe they're all going to sit back i their gating community and talk about it and oh my god, isn't this sad. they're all going to be safe. but the 18 jurors, good luck to you guys. >> i wouldn't want to be one of them. >> i think we have racialized things that shouldn't be racialized a lot, but in this case it's completely baffling because everybody is the same color. how is there a racial element t a monochromatic event like this? >> because everything in this country is interpreted through racial lens, led by the mainstream media, we've been trained, program, the mainstrea media in social media have trained us to look at everythin through a racial lens. you have for white people, thre victims are three people, they
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are all white, so now, we are more concerned on about white o white crime and somehow we have racialized that, but black on black crime, let's ignore it an never talk about it. anybody that brings it up is a sellout and uncle tom, racist, but this white on white crime, this is now a national case and somehow is a referendum on race in america, it's a joke, tucker. >>tucker: i can't even keep up . when you put it like that it makes me laugh. great to see you tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >>tucker: here is something interesting. a federal court ordered the biden administration to halt hi vaccine mandate. how did the white house respond? by ignoring it like there is it no matter, we are in charge now there's only one branch of government. this is a turning point in the way that the country runs. many of you ask asked how to
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>>tucker: the occupational safety and health administratio called osha was founded 50 year ago in 1971 to prevent workplac injuries things like explosions at chemical plants when you get your fingers cut in a canning machine. it did that for 50 years, but this summer the mission started to change and become political. the agency began advancing the biden administration administered up at universal vaccine. whether they wanted not where they announced that employers quote do not need to record adverse reactions from covid 19 vaccines. right, so when you're the safet agency don't pay any attention at all to the safety of the dru you're forcing people to take. ignore it. than they began studying whethe covid posed a significant threa to american workplaces. this is significant because if it did, them biden consist coul cite the conclusions as a justification for his mandatory
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shots. but the numbers in fact proved the opposite. the data, once collected tote outside of hospitals and clinics , they were not endangering workers in the united states. from a legal standpoint, that was the end of osha's authority they could not issue mandatory vaccine mandate on the basis of that and they admitted that an admitted further that at mandat was not necessary. weeks later joe biden did something that in any other moment would have been considered extraordinary and in fact illegal pride he ordered osha to ignore the own conclusions and issue that mandate anyway. >> i'm announcing the departmen of labor as the and emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers, to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated. or show any negative test at least once a week. we are going to protect
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vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers. you've been patients, but our patience is wearing thin. and your refusal has cost all o us. >> everything about that was a lie and of course it doesn't even make sense. underneath it all is something pretty sinister. here is the president of the united states ignoring the data that his agency gathered that shows his order is unnecessary in addition to being unconstitutional and unmoral. so several states and business owners went to the fifth circui court of appeals in new orleans to challenge this. they wanted relief from the tyranny in in asking for they made this obvious point. they said osha itself admitted that what osha was doing was illegal which is true they also pointed out that no bob passed by congress in this democracy has given osha the authority to issue a fax mandate or any mandate because of an infectiou disease that affects the entire country.
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instead congress from hazards that in workplaces. getting your fingers caught in candy machine and that's why fo 50 years osha has never issued any kind of mandate that you must take this medicine the fifth circuit ordered these arguments and immediately agree they suspended the vaccine mandate. the court cited and we're quoting grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate. great. so how did the biden administration respond? how did they respond? the court told them to stop the at the biden administration jus ignored the court. here is biden's flag explaining the court orders no longer apply . >> we think people should not wait. we say do not wait to take actions that will keep your workplace safe. it is important and critical to do and waiting to get more people vaccinated will lead to more outbreaks and sickness. this is about keeping people in the workplace safe. gate so actually it's violating
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the constitution and pretending there's only one branch of government and you run it and you have all power and can make anybody do whatever you feel like making them do great if this sounds familiar it's because you've heard it before it's all most exact with the white house did when the suprem court tried to stop the evictio band. maxine waters out loud effectively dared the supreme court to do so. what are you going to do about it? this is nothing to do with the eviction mandate or the vax mandate, it's not about the medicine or your landlord, it's about power. the white house is made it clear , they have the power, you don't, you must obey. we are the only branch of government they can order you t do anything. this seems like a big change from the system we inherited. is it? thank you so much for coming on. i think because the vax is implicated and everybody is so emotional about the vaccine and has opinions about it, we may not be seeing the way the
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country runs is changing. >> that certainly an issue here. understand first of all what this case is about to. it's not about whether the vaccine mandates are a good idea , or whether states or municipalities or counties can impose a mandate, it's not abou whether companies can impose a mandate, it's about one thing, that's whether the federal government through the labor department in osha has the authority under the law in constitution to issue a nationwide federal mandates. with the court stayed was that order, and what that woman who you quoted here, the spokesman said was she was simply continuing to export companies and people to get vaccinated or to get their people vaccinated. under this order, issued by the courts, any company that decide they wanted to cooperate with the administration or just because it wanted to for other reasons could impose a vaccine mandate, so far at least legally
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. so i think with the ministratio is doing, they seem to violate the spirit of what the court wa trying to do, but i don't think it violated the letter, what i think however, tucker, is these vaccine mandates could well and are likely to cost a lot of people their jobs are politically insane because it's doubtful he has the authority, the white house chief of staff is saying they are confident they will prevail in court, but it's not at all clear that they can prevail in court with his mandate and people lose their jobs as a result of it, that is political dynamite. >>tucker: pilots, nurses, nursing home workers, if you cared about the country, if you cared about the health of the country, why would you fire nurses and why do politicians think they know more about healthcare than nurses. >> i think what we have here is a situation if there is ideolog in this for sure, there's also
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this very joe biden was elected on a promise he was going to beat this pandemic. he was going to end it, but it' not ended. it's still going great i think it's beginning to subside, but think there's a feeling that if they don't somehow bring this thing to heal, this pandemic to heal and slow it to where it's not a problem anymore, that the will be the administration will be judged to have failed on a major campaign promise and failed the american people and the political cost of that will be severe so they're taking the risk of doing some pretty them popular things and perhaps even as the court suggested illegal and unconstitutional things to advance their cause. i think it's political calculus it's nuts, but that's the only thing that makes any sense to me . >> thank you so much. >> you bet. >>tucker: we heard barack
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obama telling him people at the climate summit that they better put for him and the candidates he likes or they're going to die . if you haven't watched patriot project, you can end you can do it for free. we will be right back.
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>> apparently the nation of argentina has offered to pay it creditors was something called climate action. so several years ago they were $86 billion in debt to the national monetary fund. now the country president has proposed linking repayment of that debt to essential investments in green infrastructure. building things in their own country, but for the right reasons. so suddenly caring about global warning is a legal tender if yo care enough you can sell your debts with it. now are more cynical viewers ar
5:36 pm
chuckling as they are this, argentina, that is creative, i respect your moves, and yes, it is impressive in any conman three card money kind of way. they're is no reason that you can't get in on the action to just because you're not a bankrupt latin american country doesn't mean you can't repay your debts with virtue. how about this, the rest of us will pledge and notarized legally bonding contracts not t fly our private jets to europe for an entire calendar year in change for that promise, we're exempt from federal taxes. effectively easy, it's like going to florence and coach. it will put us away ahead of jo biden and al gore, and all of the rest of them and the sacrifices we are milling to make for this rapidly melting climate. unlike our leaders week care about the climate crisis and that's worth real money, apparently. barack obama went to virginia t get his old friend elected governor and that didn't work well, so he split, he fueled up
5:37 pm
his private jet and went to glasgow, scotland. he started slinging the clichés are genius president speaks almost entirely in clichés whic is what dumb people do. here's what he said. since we're in the emerald isle 's he said, let me quote the bard, william shakespeare. first of all, emerald ireland refers to ireland it's not an aisle anyway and shakespeare is the national bard of england no scotland. the real point of obama showing up was to remind everyone that there is a silverlining they go to hear from him. jesus is here, watch. >> even though i'm not required to attend summits like this anymore, old habits die hard. and when the issue at hand as the health of our planet, in th world our children in our grandchildren will inherit commit than you will have a har
5:38 pm
time keeping me away. when it comes to climate, time really is running out boat the issue. boat like your life depends on it because it does. >> vote democrat or you will die . you democrat should try that part it seems to work. he's also author of the upcomin book, fossil future. it does seem pretty simple as a matter of science i think that science is settled, there is a 99 percent consensus if you don't vote democrat we will all die, that works, write cracks. >> it seems to be very effective . what they are equating is that there is consensus that there's a slow amount of warming and a very sealevel rise that is contributed to our co2 emissions . the fossil fuels make billions of people's lives much better.
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>> so it doesn't seem like any of their solutions to this problem disempowered them, and that is, if people have a solution to a problem that they are telling you to worry about and the solution makes you more powerful, maybe they're not being sincere. >> one thing that was conspicuous from the speech was he did not use the n-word and b the n-word i mean nuclear. if you care about co2 emissions you should care about nuclear because that's the only way to have noncarbon energy around th world, but most democrats have criminalized nuclear. we need to liberate it along with liberated fossil fuels so the whole world can have energy like rock obama and the rest of us in america enjoy pretty why wouldn't we demand that they quit lecturing us until they rearrange their own lives. why should we listen to anyone who flies in a private plane about global warming? >> their argument is if i fly o a private plane, but i get
5:40 pm
policies passed to prevent enough of you from flying coach? than i've done a good thing. i think this is perverse, but the key is we should be able to fly coach. flying is great. yes the world is getting warmer but billions of people are rising themselves out of povert and that's a good thing. what they're talking about with limiting fossil fuels would end billions of lives prematurely. that is the point to make. >> so they are buying indulgences in the last time that happened at scales, we had a reformation. i hope we have another bright congrats on the book, it looks great. >> thank you. >> imagine if every time you introduce yourself to someone else in addition to say your name you had to say your pronouns in your ethnic city in your sexuality and describe you physical appearance, all of it out loud. it's happening. it may be happening to you soon. we have that up next.
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>>tucker: weird video to show you and them he came across this , the weirdest we've seen in a wow. it was from microsoft which was a company outside seattle that made somewhat mediocre software. this was from microsoft interna parrot. >> hello, and welcome to microsoft ignite. we've got a big day ahead, and lots in store for you. first, we want to acknowledge that the land where the microsoft campus is situated wa traditionally occupied and othe coast peoples since time immemorial. >> really? have you paid royalties to them for building your stupid campus on their land? probably not frayed you think mentioning their name get you out of the obligation? i don't think so microsoft, we will talk to you later.
5:47 pm
onto the rest of the video. to got weirder than that. >> i have a conclusion woman with. >> i'm a conch asian man with a blackbeard. >> i'm a white woman with short brown hair wearing and naval an floral browse and dark jeans frisky guy wearing a burgundy shirt and some blue jeans ricky i'm a white man wearing a polo shirt, blue jeans, and glasses break again i'm black woman wit light black in. >> i will describe what i look like to help those who have low vision or may not otherwise see me. them a white woman with dark brown hair, wearing a hot pink sweater. >> okay. so we called microsoft, their very literal of course, they make bad software for a living bridge we asked them what is this. we said were helping blind
5:48 pm
viewers end of course their lying because they guy with the mohawk which is the most interesting thing about him never mentioned that he had a mohawk. so they are lying to the blind people. how would someone who can see what red shirt looks like anyway ? meanwhile this isn't some eighth-grader going crazy on ti tok, this is a choreographed presentation from one of most powerful companies in the world. how long before they make your kids do this? the editor-in-chief of outspoken , we are happy to see you tonight per think you so much for coming on great if you could just describe yourself fo the visually impaired in our audience, we'd be grateful. >> thank you for asking. i'm a white male, sorry, i have a beard, i'm about 6 feet tall. i have a piercing blue eyes which if you can't see them, that's really unfortunate for you. i'm currently wearing a patterned shirt with a differen pattern tie which is called power clashing.
5:49 pm
>> if you have the opportunity, why not give yourself an upgrad to. white say, because say it, i'm actually 6'6" i am famous triathletes, i have hands the size of dinner plates. >> why not? >> that was my thoughts. what's next, boxers or briefs? and how soon until we start getting into personal details like also, we don't do child went to christmas every i wante is easy bake oven and got a football instead. >> with the campus i think that why don't they just get the lan back and everything on it if they have to name the tribes, but also what i'm going to say is who came up with this and wh is demanding this? i don't think any lobbying groups of the visually impaired were suddenly decided november of 2021 is the year they want t become just as aggressive and irritating and annoying as the
5:50 pm
pronoun jockeys and that gender wizards. these are about the people who work in big tech who have some kind of guilt and nothing else to worry about other than tryin to tell you how virtuous and wonderful they are. because they are driven mad by the idea that somewhere out there there might be a blind person who is just dying to kno what color their sweater is although the color wouldn't mea anything to them. >> that's exec the right. of course as usual, just like blm does not help black people, i know a couple of blind people i've never heard a blind person complain about anything. the people least likely to complain about anything are visually impaired. they're is no wobble of blind people yelling at microsoft, there doing this to let you kno how great they are. >> that's exec the right and that's a good point. i would say the same thing abou every blind person i've ever met . and than once again, and may be what is microsoft leadership supposed to do because as we se
5:51 pm
with these woke corporations, the rank and file are so insane that they don't dare go against them unless they have some kind of netflix situation i'm told parrot. >> we support your power clashing, thank you for pointin it out. >> thank you. youtube. >>tucker: a really good speech about young men and masculinity. it was worth hearing more about. we will hear that when we get back from the break. do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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♪ >>tucker: for all the women's empowerment talk that continues apace like it's 1973 the number are clear it's men in this country and deep trouble by every measure. a couple of years ago we did a series called men in america which exley in exactly how men are falling behind in this country. we found that important at that time, it's even more important now that the numbers are even worse. finally and member of congress spoke to a pair that is senator josh holly.
5:57 pm
he pointed out something obvious , that masculinity is under attack in this country an men are withering and dying as result. it's not an overstatement. anybody can confirm that. so over at msnbc they found thi deeply offensive, they compared josh holly of course to vladimi putin. >> josh holly with his trademar razor like precision has honed in on the front burner issue in america parrot. >> masculinity. >> i'm not shocked that he has said something like this becaus he said that before. >> it's a couple of political extremism from a very cynical stanford educated united states senator. it's a dollop of the type of rhetoric that you may hear at a vladimir putin russia that you may hear in hungary, a fusion o these masculine notions. this is why you see putin posin with tigers with his shirt off.
5:58 pm
>>tucker: we are going to take a closer forensic look that personalizes on the screen, a happy held that well-balanced relationship. dosh holly, by contrast as the senator from missouri who joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. you felt moved to defendant masculinity, how come? to keep men are in crisis as yo pointed out. we've got at least 16 million men in this country who are out of the labor force, they're not just unemployed, they're not even trying to work i'm talking about able-bodied men, prime ag men, we have an epidemic of fatherlessness in this. they're saying it's a systemically oppressive place and that men are to blame and that masculinity is to blame. if you want to be a man, if you're assertive, if you're independent, if you display those that characteristics psychologist have associated with men for decades you are contributing to the oppressive place that is america. it's not true and it's time we
5:59 pm
call that out and we say to young men in particular, we nee you. we need you to be responsible, we need you to get a job and yo can make this country a better place by being who you were meant to be and we should calm into that. he i can't imagine why anyone would be anything, but grateful to hear that pride why do you think that triggers them so much ? >> because the left, they hate this country, but they also don't believe in gender, they'r trying to do away with gender and they don't believe in manhood or womanhood, these are the same people trying to do away with women's sports, so this is a war on gender all the way around. i think the idea of having independent men and independent women for that matter, but independent men that would go t work, it contribute to the families and contribute to society, the left finds that scary because those are not the kind of people who would just b told to fall in line by the government and do whatever the government says to do. the left doesn't want that. they don't believe in manhood a all.
6:00 pm
they think it's inherently oppressive trade we have to cal them out on these falsehoods an we've got to call men to responsibility. >> for all of our sakes. men and women eat each other. of one group fails, everyone suffers. i appreciate you coming on tonight and for the truth that you are telling about that. thank you. >> thank you parrot. >> we are completely out of time . we will be back tomorrow. in the meantime sean hannity is up next for it. >> tracking multiple major stories including developments from the russia collusion hoax, a top biden advancer. in the dirty russian paid for dossier, plus america's most dishonest congressman, for the first time he is facing tough questions and by the way, surrounding his deep involvemen in perpetrating the great why . perpetrating the great why >> and by the way,


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