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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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doughnut. >> jesse: wow, greg. you have been really mean recently. >> geraldo: tell me what the doughnut joke is. >> dana: you don't know the doughnut joke? >> geraldo: i don't know the doughnut joke. >> jesse: in the break. again, that's it for us. >> geraldo: i'm in a different generation. >> jesse: yes, you are. everybody knows it. "special report" is up next with bret baier. >> bret: looks like we are wearing the same thing. >> jesse: we are looking good. >> bret: all right. good hair. >> jesse: thank you. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are learning new information about the connection between the infamous dossier that justified the russia collusion investigation into the trump presidential campaign and one member of the current biden administration. in the words of one lawmaker following the developments, it all seems to be, quote: unraveling. all of this comes as the special prosecutor, john durham's pursuit of the facts continues to shine a light on the hillary clinton presidential campaign.
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and, raising new questions about years of grandstanding by some lawmakers on this issue. and skewed media coverage about alleged russia collusion. correspondent david spunt is at the justice department with the latest tonight and our top story. good evening, david. >> good evening to you, bret. there has been plenty of speculation for months about where this durham probe is headed. but tonight there are new indications that it's moving even higher into the ranks of the biden administration. special counsel john durham's investigation into the origins of the trump-russia probe making its way into the biden white house. fox news can confirm white house national security director jake sullivan is the foreign policy adviser mentioned in the indictment of clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann. sussmann was charged in september with lying to the fbi for failing to disclose his work for the clinton campaign. when he delivered information about alleged connections between donald trump and the kremlin via a russian bank, the
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information turned out to be false. according to the indictment, another campaign attorney exchanged emails with a foreign policy adviser. sullivan, concerning the russian bank allegations. there is no indication sullivan is a target in the durham probe. fox news reached out to his office for comment, and we have yet to hear back. durham began his probe into the origins of the russia investigation two and a half years ago but in the past two and a half months, the pace has picked up. last week durham charged igor danchenko a russian national with lying to the fbi. durham claims danchenko was a source for british spy christopher steele and his infamous dossier. >> not everything that's a political dirty trick or in the nature of abuse of power is necessarily a violation of the federal law, so it looks like what durham is honed in on here is that the trump-russia collusion narrative was a concoction of the clinton campaign. >> the indictment mentions danchenko's communications with
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pr executive 1. that executive is long-time clint adviser charles duck dollan. dollan has not been charged with a crime but is a witness in the danchenko case and his attorney tells fox news no comment. durham says dollan was in contact with danchenko who was in contact with steele onto produce damaging information about donald trump. >> igor danchenko will appear in federal court tomorrow, bret. he is expected to plead not guilty. back to you. >> bret: david spunt, thank you. former states department spokesman morgan ortagus a frequent on this show is slamming house committee chairman adam schiff over his role in procedure promoting the steele dossier. or taking discuss a special member of the "special report" panel. she confronted schiff today while appearing on "the view." >> we know last week the main source of the dossier was indicted by the fbi for lying about most of the key claims in that dossier. do you have any reflections on your role in promoting this to
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the american people. >> well, first of all, whoever lied to the fbi or lied to christopher steele should be prosecuted. and they are. >> but you made this information yourself for years by promoting this i think that's what republicans and what people who entrusted you as the intel committee chair are so confused about your culpability in all of. this i completely disagree with your premise. it's one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they were. it's another to say that we should have for seen advance some people were lying to christopher steele which is impossible, of course, to do. but, let's not use that as a smoke screen to somehow shield donald trump's culpability for inviting russia to help him in the election, which they did, for trying to coerce ukraine to help him in the next election, which he did. into inciting an erection, sur rejection, which he did. none of that is -- none of that serious misconduct is any way diminished by the way people lied to christopher steele.
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>> no, i think just your credibility is. >> bret: so let's bring in george washington university law school professor jonathan turley. thanks for being here. first let's bounce off the schiff response there. you do have to have perspective to look back at congressman schiff and what he said before. i mean, at one point he said he had seen with his own eyes more than circumstantial evidence of a trump-putin conspiracy and evidence of this collusion as is he talking about it there. jonathan? >> right. which he never produced. he said that he had this information and he has never produced it. what's also interesting is that representative schiff actually attacked the durham investigation as other democratic leaders tried to kill it. towards the end of the trump administration. so it's somewhat ironic to see him say well, it's a good thing these people are being prosecuted since if these people had their way there would knob john durham and these indictments would never have seen the light of day.
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>> bret: yeah. >> what we're seeing now is great details that we didn't have before and were not disclosed by mueller. >> bret: one of them as we just reported in david spunt's report is this foreign policy adviser who is cited in the indictment and we now know from sources that that is jake sullivan. in the email, it writes on or about december 15th, 2016 campaign lawyer one exchanged emails with the clinton campaign manager, communication director, foreign policy adviser, concerning the russian bank 1 allegations that sussmann had recently shared with the reporter. just to tie this all together, sussmann is indicted for lying to the fbi. and that this is not an accurate portrayal of what actually was happening. >> right. bret, what's interesting is that these pieces of are falling together. they are forming a rather disturbing picture. keep in mind, on july 28th, just before that, president obama was briefed by american intelligence
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that told him that there was evidence that hillary clinton was going to advance a russian collusion narrative to take away attention from the email scandal. and this was a formal briefing in the white house. three days later, the russian investigation was launched. and then in september, you have this meeting with the indicted clinton lawyer, sussmann, and jake sullivan and others. and then it was shortly after that in october that sullivan released this public statement that there was this covert serving trying trump to moscow something completely fallacious, but he put it all over the media. when he was asked later by congress sort of what's going on here, i mean, did you know the basis of this? the source of this? he said no. he even denied that sussmann,
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the roles of sussmann and clinton general counsel mark he will i can't say in creating these allegations. now, keep in mind, also, that sussmann was indicted for denying the role, his connection to the clinton campaign. mark he willous was accused by others of also denying the connection between the clinton campaign and dossier. it wasn't until after the election that they admitted that they did indeed fund the dossier. >> bret: that's a part of the problem for the republicans waiting for the durham investigation to pop before the election. let's put the politics aside here where do could this go see swlawg seen so far in this indictment and what you think john durham is heading toward? >> the only thing that seems clear is he is not done. you know this does not look like apex defendant. this looks like someone, quite frankly, that you want to turn
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our want to hoist like a twroch concentrate the mind of others but for the grace of god of john durham go i. there are people above him in the clinton campaign. what we don't know is if they are also suspected of lying. we have no evidence that sullivan is being investigated for a crime what we are seeing now is this multilayer connection between the clinton campaign and this scandal. and it seems very clear that durham believes that this basically was a campaign effort to dupe the fbi and the fbi fell for it. >> bret: jonathan, we appreciate your time. we have been following this story from the very beginning. we will continue and try to explain it the best we can to our viewers. thank you very much. fox news alert now we just learned a federal judge is ruling the committee investigating the capitol riot january 6th can access some of former president trump's white house records. also tonight, white house --
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rather, house investigators are issuing subpoenas to 10 additional former officials who worked for president trump during his term. the committee is demanding documents and foreign minister others. then press secretary current fox news analyst kayleigh mcenany senior adviser to president trump stephen miller, yesterday the panel issued subpoenas for six other former trump aides. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling for an investigation into an animated video tweeted by arizona republican congressman paul gozar which critics contend depicts violence against president biden and new york democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. those are posted 90 second video that appeared to be an altered version of japanese series. twitter says, we should say twitter is saying the officials there say it will not remove that post because it may be in the public's interest for it to
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remain accessible. ♪ also breaking tonight, growing concern over rapidly rising fuel prices. you already know how much more you're paying to put gasoline in your vehicle. well, president biden's energy secretary says it is going to cost you more to heat your home this winter. the biden administration admits it is considering a replacement of a pipeline bringing oil into the u.s. complicates matters, perhaps, even further. even senate democrats are putting the president on the spot on this issue. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich joins us from the north lawn with what the president is or is not doing about it good evening jacqui. >> the biden administration is caught between climate goals and concerns that gas prices could spike even higher. prompting concerns within the president's own party asking them at the white house to be more sensitive to americans trying to make ends meet. >> the white house says there is no plan to shut down the
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pipeline that supplies 55% of michigan statewide propane needs. >> not considering shut down. >> line 5 pipeline does need to be replaced tribal groups and environmentalists are pushing the biden administration to kill it entirely. news of an administration study on possible environmental impacts making waves among workers who could be affected. >> i invite president biden to really look at the domino effects of shutting down this line, what it would mean to our economy and do the right thing. >> white house didn't have many answers on what's ahead. >> would a possible outcome from that study be, you know, a choice that limits output and, also, what's the timeline for that study? reporting that a decision could come after the reconciliation vote and that could be as soon as next week. >> i don't have a timeline on the study. again, this is army corps of engineers who are taking this under. i don't have anything more to share. >> the administration is under pressure to address rising fuel costs after energy secretary jennifer granholm warned it will cost more to heat homes this
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winter. senate democrats, including elizabeth warren are also pushing for action on climbing gas prices. asking the white house to consider releasing the nation's emergency oil stockpile or ban oil exports. >> jacqui, two states are already surpassed that $4 per mile milestone. that's california and hawaii. there are other states nearing it all of this having impact on the american driver and changing our driving habits. in a recent survey in the american hotel and lodging association it was surveyed and shown that 52% of americans say they plan to take fewer trips this season and 53% say they plan on shortening their trips because of the increase in gas prices. jacqui? >> the white house says they are monitoring the situation. >> we have communicated with ftc to crack down on illegal pricing and are engaging with countries and entities around the -- the ope -- opec plus on increasing supply. we are looking at all the tools
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in our arsenal. >> meantime rhetoric from the administration continues to be out of soyinka with or at least challenged reality. today climate envoy john kerry says the u.s. won't have coal by 2030 and that is despite the president's plans to curtail fossil fuels being largely axed by democratic senator joe manchin, bret. >> bret: jacqui heinrich on the north lawn. thank you. the somebody stocks fell today: up next, chaos in china as the beijing government tells citizens to stock up on supplies for an unspecified emergency. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 40 in sacramento as the stock company robinhood announces an extensive data breach. unauthorized party obtained the email addresses of approximately 45 million users. further personal details of an additional 2 million users were exposed according to the company which also says it does not believe any customers' funds
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were lost. fox 32 our affiliate in chicago as widespread internet outages hit tens of thousands of residents in the midwest and east. reports of xfinity and comcast problems surfaced in several states this morning affecting internet television and phone services. this is a live look at a gloomy salt lake city from our affiliate fox 13. one of the big stories there tonight, a new study finds utah is the most charitable state in the country. the study is based on 19 key indicators from percentage of donated income to volunteer time. the top 5 include maryland, minnesota, oregon, and north dakota. the least charitable state new mexico. hmmm. that's that's don't's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ lean on me ♪ when you're not strong ♪ and i'll be your friend
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♪ >> bret: we have an example tonight of just how shaky the
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nerves are for people getting -- that they are getting over the increased tension between u.s. and china. people are worried about it. the beijing government sparked an uproar recently by telling citizens there to take serious measures without telling them why. state department correspondent benjamin hall tells us what happened. >> food shortages are sweeping across china and expected to get worse this winter as their population continues to grow extreme weather hits and supply chains falter. there was chaos last week when the government suddenly posted a mysterious bulletin instructing citizens to stock up on supplies, citing an unspecified emergency. alarm quickly spread across social media that it was because of an all-out conflict with taiwan that was coming. within hours panicked shoppers had rushed to buy food, water and survival gear, leaving shelves empty. china state media quickly jumped in to stop the rumors tweeting chinese government encouraging families to store daily necessities does not suggest an imminent outbreak of a war
3:21 pm
across the taiwan straits. others feared it could mean another draconian lock down was coming even though the country just has 50 cases it has a zero covid policy it's a state department the state department believes is plausible. >> we know the prc has enacted fairly strict measures when it comes to its attempt to contain the spread of covid-19. >> but china's food shortage is well-documented the chinese have repeatedly had to issue statements saying there was no imminent threat of supply. not only food shortages hitting china at the moment. many other domestic crises facing the country. >> not just the food shortages. it's covid-19 outbreaks accelerating around the country. we have these devastating floods occurred earlier in the year. the debt crisis, an economy which appears to be stalling, an environment which is getting worse. the rolling power outages. this is a country at a streets
3:22 pm
point. >> so severe the food shortage and expected to being worse. the china has been buying up al gri cultural companies and 190,000 acres in the u.s. now, china is definitely growing its military in a big way. we have seen them doing that over the last year or so. in an unprecedented way. but many analysts also say that domestically they are weak it's when they're weak, bret, that they're at their most dangerous. >> bret: benjamin hall live at the state department. thank you. vice president kamala harris is in paris for a four-day visit aimed at shoring up the u.s. relationship with its oldest ally. washington's relations with france hit an historic low this year after submarine agreement with australia scuttled a french deal to sell subs to the australian navy. late last month president trump told french president emmanuel macron the u.s. had been clumsy in its handling of the matter. up next the growing resistance to president biden's vaccine
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mandates and what's being done about it first, beyond our borders tonight, the european union accuses belarus of stoke ago migrant crisis with gangster style tactics. migrants have set up camps in freezing conditions on the belarusen side of the border with poland razor wire fences and polish guards have blocked their entry into the country. capitol hill's lower house of congress votes to impeach sebastian panera over the sale of a family mining project. the accusation stems from the so-called pandora papers which revealed offshore financial dealings of prominent figures around the world. the vote sets up a trial in the nation's senate. rescue teams say an explorer who lost his footing and tumbled into one of britain's deepest caves. 240 rescuers worked in shifts two days forming a human chain to get the man out. emergency service's officer says the man's injuries are not
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see blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum liquid-filled vazalore. parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum sealed tight. parodontax active gum repair toothpaste ♪ >> bret: the resistance is growing tonight to president biden's vaccine mandate for workers. lawsuits being filed in federal court and more than two dozen states are challenging the biden administration. correspondent david lee miller shows us tonight. >> on the steps of the state capitol in harrisburg,
3:28 pm
pennsylvania. opponents of vaccine mandates held what they called a medical freedom rally. >> it is incomprehensible that employers are demanding that employees inject what many feel is a risky substance inside their body that can never be removed. >> although pennsylvania is not one of the states involved in the legal challenge, 27 states are now challenging the biden administration's push to have osha, the occupational safety and health administration implement the vaccine mandate that would require all employers with at least 100 workers to either be fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. unvaccinated workers would have to wear a mask. >> we're going to fight this until the bitter end because the president does not have the authority to force people to get a vaccine and then threaten them with their jobs. >> most of the states going to court have republican governors. but kansas, kentucky and louisiana are the exception. private employers have also signed onto the anti-mandate litigation, including a religious broadcaster, a restaurant chain and the republican national committee. critics say osha is going beyond
3:29 pm
the scope of its authority enacting the mandate. some lawmakers in florida have suggested replacing osha in the state with its own regulatory agency. but any replacement would have be held to the same federal standards. >> we have a responsibility to protect floridians regardless of those mandates. >> although a three judge panel over the weekend issued a temporary stay of the federal vaccine mandate, biden administration believes it will prevail. >> you know, we are confident in our authority to protect american workers as this virus is killing 1100, approximately 1100 americans a day. >> the emergency power osha is using to enact the vaccine mandate has only been used a handful of times. in all but one instance when that authority was challenged in court, osha lost. according to one legal expert, the case will likely end up in the supreme court. bret. >> bret: david lee miller in new york. thanks. ♪ ♪ >> bret: well, since a week ago
3:30 pm
republicans rocked democrats in some places in that election day off year elections. many believe that will actually set the stage for major g.o.p. gains in next year's midterms. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel takes a look tonight. >> house republican campaign leaders are warning their democratic colleagues it is time to start considering career options. >> when you go home over thanksgiving, you got a choice to make, you have got a decision how can you either retire or lose next fall. >> leading the national republican congressional committee which is now targeting 70 vulnerable democrats. the most recent 1 representing districts from arizona to connecticut from florida to new mexico. republican leaders are also backing eight young guns running in races in maine, wisconsin, illinois, new jersey, kansas, montana, and two in texas. [gavel] >> the g.o.p. only needs a net gain of five seats to regain the majority. g.o.p. leaders argue key issues are in their favor, such as
3:31 pm
illegal immigration, crime in major cities, and inflation. >> every american is going to find out in a very short time period that their thanksgiving is going to be the most experienced, most expensive they have ever witnessed. every week they find out when they go to the gas station how much more it costs because of these policies. >> virginia democrat congresswoman spanberger told the daily quote well to be clear i'm going to have hard time getting reelected anyway. even the white house acknowledges it's a difficult environment right now. >> well, we are moving record amounts of goods through our ports to shelves we understand the frustration that americans feel when backlogs lead to higher prices or delayed goods. >> on average, over the past 50 years the president's party in first midterms loses about 23 seats. some cases like 2010 under president obama it was much worse, 63 seats. g.o.p. leader kevin mccarthy
3:32 pm
says next year should be in that range, bret? >> bret: mike, with 50/50 senate. loot of people looking at those races. today republicans dealt a bit of a blow. >> they were hoping to play offense in new hampshire and prominent senators have been courting governor chris sununu for months. polls repeal he would likely to be a favorite hasan. job approval 62 to 57% in recent months. sununu said he hasn't ruled out going to washington but does not want to go as a senator at this point. sununu said instead he plans to run as a fourth term of governor of new hampshire. those close to him say the gridlock in washington as a tough sale. former republican senator kelley ayotte is not an option telling people close to her she isn't running for anything next year, bret. >> bret: 's to go to washington not as a senator i don't think as a congressman. that leaves another job. >> first in the nation primary too, right? >> bret: interesting. all right, mike. thanks. tomorrow we debut new series
3:33 pm
"special report" spotlight midterm focus with a look at several toss-up districts in southern california for next year's midterms. plus, how the state's new congressional district maps drawn this week could come into play. up next, there is a southern border officially reopens to vaccinated individuals, look who else is coming across in violation of the law. >> to all of the members of the federal administration, thank you so much for bringing this relief to our region. >> if they're coming to cross the border illegally into the state of texas, they have picked the wrong state to come into. ♪ ♪
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season's greetings from audi.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: houston's fire chief says rap artist travis scott should have paused his performance when audience members pushed towards the stage during a music festival friday. 8 people killed hundreds injured at the astroworld event.
3:38 pm
meanwhile a 56 page operations plan for that festival did not include information on what the do in the event of a crowd surge. investigators are interviewing witnesses and plan to examine the design of safety barriers and the use of crowd control measures. meantime, the u.s. borders with canada and mexico are now open to nonessential travelers who have been vaccinated. but many people believe the southern border has already been essentially open to a mix of illegal immigrants and criminals. for weeks, if not months. correspondent steve harrigan has that story from del rio, texas. >> hey, hey,. >> it is a battle night after night along the texas border. >> .280. >> drone cameras and therm that imagery from helicopter above guide the texas public safety officers through the darkness. within two hours, 26 arrests are made. fox rode along with the brush team on the search for what they call runners who have moved deep
3:39 pm
into texas after crossing the border illegally. ranchers say their fences are cutting cut by the migrants allowing livestock to escape and they have asked for help. the response from texas governor greg abbott has been to replace catch and release with arrest and jail. using thousands of state troopers and national guard to arrest migrants for trespassing. >> our job rights now is to focus on making sure the border is as secure as possible for the caravans coming through mexico, to make sure the caravans realize that texas is the wrong place to come to. >> the progress of a caravan moving north has slowed. its numbers once estimated at 4,000 now less than half that there have been more than 1500 arrests by texas law enforcement since july. mostly single male migrants. family groups who cross the river in daytime are rarely arrested. just processed and given notice to appear in court. many are trying to escape from oppressive governments. a cuban family told us they have
3:40 pm
traveled five years through 11 countries to reach the united states. >> we left cuba because we didn't want to live under communism. >> legal border crossings for fully vaccinated travelers into the u.s. reopened monday after a 20-month wait. from the banks of real owe grand continue at record pace. >> a new suffolk university "u.s.a. today" poll show 67% of americans disapprove of the way president biden is handling immigration. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan along the border. thank you. up next the panel on the durham probe, rising fuel prices and rising opposition to president biden's vaccine mandates. but, as we go to break, former georgia democratic senator max cleland has died. cleland went into politics after losing three limbs to a vietnam war hand grenade blast. he led the veterans administration from 1977 to 181.
3:41 pm
he was elected to the united states senate in 1976 and served until 2003. he died at his home in atlanta from congestive heart failure. former senator max cleland was 79. they can even change the world around us. packed with protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals we nourish them with carnation breakfast essentials. because today could change everything.
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♪ >> it's one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they were. it's another to say that we should have foreseen advance that some people were lying to christopher steele, which is impossible, of course, to do. >> somewhat ironic to see him say well, it's a good thing these people are being prosecuted since if these people had their way there would be no john durham and these indictments would have never seen the light of day. but, what we're seeing now is great details that we didn't have before were not disclosed by mueller. >> bret: congressman adam schiff earlier in the broadcast. new indictments show that inside that indictment when it referenced a foreign policy adviser, that is, we're told, according to sources jake sullivan, the national security adviser and that brings other questions up. as well as where this is heading. we will start there with the panel, with a couple over topics. ben dom 9/11, harold ford.
3:46 pm
kimberley strassel editorial board at the "wall street journal." kimberly, you have written about this. we are learning more and more as this piecemeal comes out. your thoughts of where we are and where it's headed. >> well, of immeant importance of this latest durham indictment was just to shed more light again on the degree to which the clinton campaign's fingerprints were all over this dossier. we had already known that they had commissioned it. they had helped funnel it to the fbi. now we find out one of the main sources was actually getting some information for the dossier from someone else in the clinton orbit, this long time political crony of the clintons as it were. and so i think one of the questions we have to ask here is how much of this was just one giant political hit job? you saw adam schiff there trying to suggest that christopher steele is still innocent in all of this. but, from a lot of the information we have received from the inspector general and
3:47 pm
durham so far, you know, he has got questionable politics as well. we await and see what else he does to fill in this picture. >> bret: ben, your thoughts? >> i just feel like this is gas lighting all the way down. it's coming back to us and saying how could we have possible known that christopher steele, you know, would have anybody who would lie to him when it came to this miss mash of a dossier that had questions raised about it from the get-go in terms of its accuracy. look, i hope that these investigations continue. i think that professor turley's comments does not seem like the apex indictment. i don't think it will be. but there is so much more that we need to know about what was going on here and for adam schiff to continue to pretend that he is just this naive babe in the woods when it comes to this whole aspect, something that he pushed vociferously without being questioned as he ought to have been by major many media entities is ridiculous.
3:48 pm
>> bret: harold that is a thing when we think back and rewind the clock to all the media coverage, the nonstop talking about russia and collusion. and then we learn what we are learning, it's infuriating to some. it's also they want answered result and oftentimes in these investigations it doesn't happen. >> well, thanks for having me on. i think when you hear stories like this and the american people hear stories like this, it makes them question an array of things. and certainly coverage from networks, whether it was enough or not enough. and then whether or not -- whether who knew or when people knew and how they knew and if they knew something, why they didn't share it before. the good thing is we will get to the bottom of this. and there will be those who need to be held accountable. held accountable. i would encourage everyone to refrain from casting too many aspersions until we get to the bottom of the investigation it looks like we will now. >> bret: we will follow it.
3:49 pm
next up, pain at the pump, take a listen. >> the president does not want to see people hurt at the pump or with their home heating oil. >> shutting down line five means you are shutting down 40% of the croyle into the region. i can't imagine that the administration would want to lose good-paying union jobs. >> people are worried. >> high inflation. high gas prices. high grocery prices. everybody is just fed up. >> why is the price of agricultural products and when i go to the store why is it higher? >> people feel, you know, they want to be heard and these elections are the only way that some people feel that they can represent themselves. >> bret: and it's real. i mean, you look at the numbers. the gas averages, national average now today, 3.42. six months ago, 296. there you see one year ago 2.11. this is prompting action. the u.s. senate democrats, 11 of them sending a letter to president biden, u.s. exports
3:50 pm
and oversea supply collusion could be devastating to many in our state's contributing to higher bills for american families and businesses. we ask that you consider all tools available at your disposal to lower gasoline prices. this includes a release from the strategic petroleum reserve and a ban on croyle exports. kimberley, what about what the administration is doing and not doing? >> you know, you got to laugh at these democrats who are now suddenly saying oh, we don't have enough fossil fuels when it's been their mission to get rid of fossil fuels for more than a decade here. and they know that some of these things that they're advocating are not going to solve the immediate problem. for instance, releases from strategic petroleum reserve or even stopping exports. the real question is how do you solve this problem in the months ahead? how do you make sure it doesn't get worse? you don't do that by shutting down pipelines. you don't do that by continuing with an agenda that biden put together with bernie sanders after the primary to make global warming their top concern and
3:51 pm
all of these provisions they have in these bills, that's not the answer to this. you need to give the right signal to fossil fuel producers in the united states to continue producing. they are doing the opposite. >> bret: harold? >> look, i think kimberley is largely right here. this is not a binary choice. either you end fossil fuels and pursue a complete green energy platform. if i were in the administration tonight, i would definitely tap the strategic oil reserve. not because it solve a problem sends a message to the world that we are willing to do things to enable ourselves to be sufficient. two, he should reverse the xl pipeline decision. largely because i think it does the first thing i said that it signals to the world how serious we are and if you think about that pipeline, it's transporting that heavier crude which we can refine here down in the gulf. three, i would modernize our pipelines here in the country. we have to. again, we are not saying we don't believe green energy is the future but we have to us is stain ourselves now.
3:52 pm
and, four, i would rfp to all the major universities including carnegie mellon and major tech companies. how can we fortify and strengthen our electrical grids. it's forecast we are going to have a tough winter this year. which means electrical grids are going to be tested. we he should be able to say what's going right and wrong. politicians should be as well. we can pursue a green energy strategy and a strategy to sustain sourselves today. and we should. >> bret: ben, they are going wrong now and people are feeling it. >> you know, this white house really has this form of sadness stalgia to their agenda. sounds like alana delray song. remember the times when you could get a turkey for your thanksgiving. remember the times when your pie didn't have to be frozen. remember the times when you didn't have to choose between paying your heating bill and paying your rent. perhaps to a global multinational corporation that has seen family houses as a way of investment in terms of their profit motive. when you didn't have to have the kids and the grandkids come home
3:53 pm
and tell you what was problematic about your thanksgiving holiday. and when you had a president who you believed in when it came out to looking out for the interest of american workers and american johns. jobs. we talked about the nostalgia that motivated the election of donald trump in 2016. i think a lot of people right now are waking up to how quickly this administration has run this country in the wrong direction and is really creating a lot of things, a lot of problems that they never thought they would have to see on our shores again. >> bret: that sounds like a federalist op-ed, but it could be put to music. it could be. [laughter] >> bret: possible. all right. panel, thank you so much. when we come back, something brand new on a tuesday. ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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>> bret: finally tonight, we thought we would try something different debut a new segment sr twitter tuesday. #sr twitter tuesday. ask the viewers ask viewers anything for tonight's show received a lot of great responses, some about the news, some about me. here are a few. a first one is from dan. how do you think the upset win by youngkin in virginia and sinking approval rating of president biden will affect the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections? well, it does have an impact but it's a long way away from 2022. but what was used by youngkin there may be a blueprint for republicans, especially in suburban districts around the country. so watch that space. all right, next up we have elite scarlet dog who asks what are your thoughts on the dogs this season. i know you are a fan as am i. i am a fan of the georgia bulldogs. i have been between the hedges in athens before. i have a lot of friends there. 9-0 looks really good. tennessee this weekend i may
3:59 pm
have to have a little friendly bet with my friend peyton manning about that game. so i'm psyched this year on the dogs. all right, can a tan carr asks as a father in the public eye what are the three most important things you want your boys to always remember/learn? it's a great question. i tell them always be polite, look people in the eye, shake their hands if they are doing that in covid and never give up. no matter what's thrown your way. those are the three. this one is from p.j. you have good taste in ties. does your wife pick them out for you? 100 percent. amy picks out my ties. and i'm lucky if i can just pick the right one with the right suit. there is not too much differences between dark blue and navy and gray. lastly, steve wolf sr. asks what is your golf handy cap and how often do you get to play? well, i am a 2.8 index. but i am a walking wallet for my friends because i just hand over the money. i usually play once a week if i
4:00 pm
can in season. depends on what the news is doing and that's it. sr tuesday. we will do this every once in a while. ask for questions. tomorrow on "special report," a look at several top districts in southern california for next year's midterms. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: hey, bret. i like that news segment. you should keep it. >> bret: all right. >> lawrence: thank you so much. bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm lawrence jones. and it has now been a full week since the democrats got beat down in virginia where glenn youngkin loud a red wave across the state. the dems have had plenty of time to reflect on what happened and plenty of time to come up with a plan so they don't humiliate themselves again in the midterms. perhaps they should tweak their message god forbid move toward the center. failing economy on a winning platform. what did the democrats settle on


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