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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 9, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> harris: let's start with breaking news with what is about to hit your wallet. oil and gas prices soaring. what is the president's team doing about the energy crisis. well, his transportation secretary is tackling racist roads. that's why critics fear the biden administration could make things worth. you are watching "outnumbered." here are emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. and newly mint-co-host and
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a weekend co-host. pete. a lot of confusion surrounding the possibility of another pipeline shutting down amid warning that home heating costs could go through the roof as people are shelling out more money to fill up gas tanks. this led to questions about what the president is doing to alleviate the pain of energy in the country. the white house deputy press secretary struggled with an answer to the question. watch. >> we don't have an announcement yet on anything or anything to share at this time. we are monitoring the prices and making sure that we have tools in our tool belts that we can try to use.
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i don't have anything new to share. >> it would be cool if she walked out there with a tool belt and yesterday. transportation secretary pete buttigieg is addressing the issue of racist roads. >> can you give us how you will deconstruct the racism? >> some people were surprised when i pointed to the fact if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a white and black neighborhood, or if an underpass was constructed to carry black and puerto rico kids to a beach in new york was designed too low to pass by. that reflects racism in the design choices. >> emily compagno, we know that pete buttigieg used those words racist roadways back in april. it's not us putting words in his
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mouth. now he furthered the narrative. >> it's part of the conversation of the infrastructure bill and in particular with the airports. no one is denying that there was a lot of construction in this country made with purposes that had an impact on black and brown communities for a whole host of reasons. the point is the heart of the matter is that americans right now are feeling a lot of arm in their pocketbooks and wondering if they can afford the heating bills over the winter or whether they can afford to put food on the table when the trucking jobs -- >> [inaudible]. >> there are so many things facing americans right now. not to detract from his point. the larger point is that while this country is spending trillion dollars of our hard earn taxpayer dollars, we are
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only seeing things rise and get more expensive and people are fearing for the future and what that future looks like. it's not any type of a jovial or laughing matter. >> kelly, when you have an issue like this and someone tells you they are monitoring it, what goes through your mind? >> that means they don't have an answer. there are no solutions. if i was the deputy press secretary i would have gone to the department of energy and tell me what you are working on. you have to be doing something. she did not come prepared in the answers. these people, they need to get out of the swamp and go to scottsdale and not scotland. they would learn more going to scottsdale, arizona and talking to the people on the ground doing a town hall like you did than going to scotland for a climate change summit.
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they are wildly out of touch. you have pete buttigieg talking about racist roadways. this will have consequences politically. >> it's already happening for the president. look at those numbers. >> exactly. i talked to a man taking off a biden bumper stick at the gas pump and he said look at the prices. >> the assignment is to govern. color plays into this. the color of my dress is green. >> it sure does. that's where people are feeling the pinch. let's say the secretary went to the energy secretary and said what is our plan? the problem is we don't have
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a plan. our plan in the future you will have wind mills and solar power and electric cars and cleaner air and no pipelines and everyone will be better. get prepared for a cold wirnt. -- winter. joe biden said we are heading into a dark winter because of covid. prices are going up. nothing we can do except beg opec or lend from our oil reserves which donald trump refilled. there is no plan other than we are more virtuous than the previous administration because we want to rejoin the paris climate accord. that doesn't change the lives of people. they are moving us further away. they are not talking to regular folks. >> no. if they are, they are not listening to them. it's one thing to sit down and
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continue to build back better lingo and another thing to say what do you need? carlie, your thoughts? >> well, i think this line 5 is a big deal. i talked to a pipeline worker today. he said this pipeline is within the top 10 most important in our country. if it is shut down it will have a greater impact on gas prices. the situation surrounding line 5 is complicated. this started with the michigan governor whitmer and environmentalists wanting to shut down the pipeline. it's been in place 60 years and we rely on the oil and gas. let's just replace a second. the biden administration is doing an environmental review on the impact of that replacement. if that review shows it would
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have a negative impact on the environment, then that section might not be replaced. then the whole pipeline might be shut down. those are the details. if it happens people of lose their jobs and gas prices will go up. >> i want to follow-up. we had peter dixon in the last hour the republican candidate for the next governor of the state of michigan. it's not just michigan. a lot of states will feel this and feel this far away from the line 5 in michigan. we talked about the expedited nature of this. carlie, we know when the federal government studies something that's code for put it on the shelf and pretend it's not there. that's not what is happening here. what is happening here is that getting ready to shut it down? the question has to be followed by: what is your back up plan? we have seen afghanistan.
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we have seen the supply change crisis. we have seen when this nation was getting a million shots of arms a day and the president said he was not sure he could turn things around. that's when more vaccinated people were happening. >> the back up plan for the biden administration. president biden wants opec to produce more oil. we have the power to do that in our country. if we are talking about global warming. russia produces oil dirtier than us. that back up plan doesn't make sense. >> right. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the back up plan is what jimmy carter did in 1977. put on another sweater. turn down your thermostat.
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>> exactly. you went to new jersey and you were chatting with diners and getting their thoughts on what was most important to them. what issues were concerning them. i want to close with you sharing with us and the viewers what happened there. >> multiple people on fixed incomes said i can't afford to heat my trailer or heat my small home. talking about doubling my heating oil prices and propane doubling. it's tough enough to put food on the table. this is a real life kitchen table issue that people are facing. >> they don't have that kitchen table in the white house. >> no. >> it's our house. we could put different furniture in it for them to understand what it's like to be the people. take long tables out and put round stuff if where they have to look at each other. >> president biden in his private dining room. >> it's a fake white house.
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remember it's not even the real white house. >> there was a real one. i don't know why they needed a fake one for if administration. let's getting rolling. vice-president kamala harris is in paris today talking the body guard and immigration crisis happening in europe! in europe! america's border's czar is more concerned with what's happening overseas than back home. let's ask her. that's next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> the person tasked with fixing
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president's border crisis is in france want vice-president kamala harris rolling through paris with a 20-car motorcade. there to patch up the rocky relationship with our oldest ally. she will discuss the migrant crisis but not the one on our southern border. she is more focussed on the immigration crisis in europe. this morning the vice-president toured a covid-19 lab in paris. her third foreign trip and comes as her approval numbers took a nose dive. our border czar is in europe to discuss not our border problem but europe's? >> but to be fair the border problem in europe was created by the libyan intervention by obama and biden in 2011. migrants flooded into europe. because europe hasn't defended
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its borders it's defenseless. you wonder where her approval rating is 28%. i can handle a bad leader. don't give me somebody who refuses to lead at all. she won't even go to the border. she has no solution. she is trying to shore up her foreign policy cred because she lives under the fantasy she can live for president. do things. that will help your numbers. >> right. emily, you heard from a senior administration official what we can expect to hear from kamala harris. she will express a deep concern for human rights for migrants and protect vulnerable people. how is she living up to that? >> it's all talk for election since day 1. all talk and no action. that's the hallmark of her public service career for
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decades. those of who lived in san francisco under her watch know that. to beat's point about being in europe. across the southern border, border patrol reported illegal migrants from 120 country. she knows it's impacting our southern border. when was she in august when we had record breaking numbers of unaccompanied children? or with the 1.66 million arrests through september alone on the southern border? the press thinks of oakland as her hometown, that's 3 times that population. where she was on the 33 accounts of sexual assault this one month alone and the staggering covid-19 infection rates?
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the southern border is stressing towns through all 50 states crippled by opioid and fentanyl addiction. she is in a foreign country. we need semblance for our southern border and it's not heard. >> where was she on the illegal illegal immigrants children on suicide watch list? that's why her approval rating is so low. i thought it would be hard to find someone more unlikeable than hillary clinton, but we get this comment from our vice-president at nasa. >> [muffled audio]. part of that data you are
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referring to? [inaudible question]? >> [muffled audio]. it's profound and shocking. >> the environmental justice of trees. she is focussing on the wrong things. >> she is focussing on something politically expedient to this administration. that's a trend line. when reporters gather at the white house press briefing they can ask about. why choose this over energy issues and stuff at home? we are not looking at it and saying these things are not important. why not focus on the things that are urgent and critical to the success of the american people? that would be a fair question. i have two things i wonder about with kamala harris. one is what is it in her pedigree on her resume that says
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crisis in europe, send her? >> right! >> what is it? did i miss something? does she handle something outside of her former home state of california that i missed? the other issue with kamala harris she doesn't even do a de-brief. she doesn't tell me what i learned about the border crisis and how i might apply that here. i can take a learning curve. i am with pete. you want to be bad at your job. but what we want is somebody trying to be better. we want somebody who is trying to build back better. >> [laughing]. >> on their own resume. >> yes. >> i am curious to know why she is the person who becomes not our border czar but europe's?
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>> that's a great point. people in the west wing are noticing how ineffective she s. "washington post" with this reporting. vice-president has little role in the internal debates. two characterized her as irrelevant. these are biden officials saying this. >> yes. you hit the nail on the head, focussing on the wrong things. there is a disconnect between the biden administration and the american people. they will always have supporters of course. but even democrats are at a -- saying if this is what big government sounds like, count me out. how dare the administration tell people to inject their bodies with a vaccine they might not be comfortable with or tell moms and dads they can't be involved
9:23 am
in on what their children learn? in build back better the "usa today" poll over 60% of people said it would have no effect on their families. that's a rejection of the biden administration being more involved in their every day lives. kamala harris represents all of that and seems to be uncomfortable with the role she was given. >> she hired pr experts like jen psaki's brother in law? and coming up vaccines in the sports world and an nfl player accused of causing a deadly drunk driving crash is being treated differently by the media.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> that's some sort of anti-vax. i have an allergy to an ingredient in the mrna vaccines. you talked to medical individuals and professionals and found that there was an immunization protocols. some of the rules are not based on science. they are based in trying to out and shame people like needing to wear a mask at a podium when every person in the room is vaccinated and wearing a mask makes no sense. >> aaron rodgers explains why he did not take the covid vaccine the media is against him unlike henry ruggs arrested for a dunk driving crash that killed a young woman.
9:29 am
there was not a lot of coverage of this story. the police report found ruggs blood alcohol level was twice the league limit. pete, your thoughts? >> well, henry ruggs was going 150 miles per hour, twice over the limit and killed a woman. yet the coverage of that story as the press pointed out very trade forward. -- trade forward. straightforward. aaron rodgers violented the covid rules. he spent 15 minutes to explain why he took an alternative root and everyone in the packers organization knew it but it's about aaron rodgers because it's about covid. if you question anything even as a healthy athlete, you need to be smeared as a result. i don't know, guys.
9:30 am
i don't look at anything through the lens of race. i was not raised that way. but the standard of the left, maybe the media is racist and focussing on the white guy and not the black guy. why i am forced to look at things through it lens? because the left makes everything about that. >> carlie, we have a few examples of other things that happened in the nfl word with other crimes. we have a twitter death threat. and watson 22 sexual assault charges. if there was any mention at all, fine. it's the demonization the cancel culture with the aaron rodgers coverage that is lacking with all of these valid crime allegations. >> yes. i think that aaron rodgers is right. the biden administration and the
9:31 am
media are trying to shame people into thinking the way they do. if you don't want to get vaccinated, you are a racist anti-vaxer which is not true. vaccines work. if you are the nfl and vaccinateded. then why should you care what aaron rodgers does with his body. >> that's a good point. this is political. i don't mean the disease itself, but the power. they want the power when it comes to the economy and society. they have been able to achieve that through covid. they find it very difficult to look at america through any other lens than what happened over the course of the past year. >> kayleigh mcenany, what is so interesting is that aaron rodgers was compliant. he made the choice not to get
9:32 am
vaccinated due to an allergy. he said i am immunized during a presser. the nfl rules are slippery. i find it fascinating that the press and our society expects some type of total transparency about vaccination. remember when an nfl player's hand was destroyed in fireworks there were almost criminal charges for a journalist who released his medical records on twitter. this is where privacy should be more expected because of the cancel culture. he complied with all of the league's protocols. why the vilification? >> exactly. this is about control. i love that i saw mike fisher a former nhl player stood up for
9:33 am
aaron rodgers. he cited the reasons. this is not about health. it's about control of our lives. freedom to choose what to put in our bodies. you heard aaron rodgers say where is the science that standing at a podium without a mask and everyone is vaccinated and wearing a mask in front of me. >> harris, what i find interesting, aren't we supposed to trust the elite professional athletes in in world who are so careful with everything they put in their bodies? shouldn't we respect their ces . we base gambling industries on these leagues. it goes into a host of arguments about their choices for their bodies. here they have no autonomy over it. >> they can't control themselves
9:34 am
if watson has 22 women making allegations against him. they have compulsive issues. there is a word -- there are a couple of things that trouble me about this. they are not first responders, not police or emt's. should we trust their judgment. i trusted the police and what they are going through and them making their own choices. i am paying more attention to their cause and their rights and their arguments among the vaccine mandates than a bunch of over-paid athletes. i have a problem with the word immunized. it was not true at the time. now that he's had it -- i think i was the only one here a few days ago. i wanted to know how aaron rodgers is doing. he has covid. has anybody bothered to ask if
9:35 am
he is feeling okay? i care about that. he was not immunized and got this. i am concerned that he is okay. but his choices and all of that, that's on him. he will work it out. it's business. it's corporations. they will work it out with the companies that these athletes work for and the league. the league is a league, not a corporation. the rules they do what they need to do. i am watching that. i am invested in: is aaron rodgers okay? because he was not immunized when he got covid? will he be all right? i am concerned more about people who are outside of that elitist bubble. >> and stay tuned. we are seeing the unions fight with city officials in the first responders and law enforcement.
9:36 am
are the nfl unions fighting against the league itself. >> coming up an actress and model opens up about how she exploited her sexuality to gain control over her life and the message she has for young women.
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>> actress and model emily calling out what she described an objectifying industry. 30 years old she said she exploited herself to advance her own career but calls that misguided. >> in my early 20s i thought of myself as hustling and working with the system and saying i
9:41 am
know what i can get from becoming a model and using my body to have fame and success. i don't think exploiting myself is progress. it offered me some control. the only time i feel like i have experienced empowerment is through writing this took and telling my story. >> when asked how she can criticize the industry while still participating, she said he hopes speaking out will insight change. pete? >> good for her for speaking out. i think this through the lens of a father of two young girls who will enter a social media environment that glorifies hyper-sexualiation of young girls for power. as a parent, keep girls and boys out of that environment and
9:42 am
reenforcing them with other values so they don't go to the base level things our society celebrates. >> i could not agree more with pete. i think she wrote this book because she had a baby. when you have a baby you look at that child and reflect on all of the mistakes you made and want to protect them from making the same ones. the thing that resonated about me, when she was just starting her modelling career, she was young and had no idea what she was doing. she was put in situations that made her uncomfortable and didn't say no. she doesn't feel like she had the power to. understandable. now there is such an emphasis on social media and beauty and fame and everybody wants to be an instagram model, that could happen again.
9:43 am
this book is important. >> i will ask our team in the control room on "outnumbered" to give us more from emily. >> i even called it empowerment. i was in a break through moment. that felt like an empowering experience. but as i have gotten older, it's more complicated. i feel a responsibility to share that with girls. >> maturation brings things into clarity. >> that's in the heart of this. the 2013 music video was very revealing. she was 22. she is now 30 years old. she has a a son and that changes the way you think about things. i love that she is speaking out. she said if somebody who you can google and look at in my instagram and see this glamour and fame.
9:44 am
it's not always a beautiful pathway with flowers. it looks glamorous but there was a lot of hurt and pain. >> who is hur audience? >> a significant audience. >> what age group is watching? >> i am not sure. i know there is a celebrity influence on our youth. 100%. one thing that was fascinating about her story, she talked about the complexity of power and balance and how when she was really young, having to say yes, having no idea. and on the set she was surrounded by women in decision making capacities and alleged she was groped by robin thick. she said look where we all were. we were in positions of power and authority. and yet we were still our hands
9:45 am
were tied behind ours backs. that's important as well. within all of these industries there is a complexity. it's not just black-and-white. you have zero power or some. i think everyone in different positions feels pressures and might feel restrained in a lot of different areas. i love she found her voice now. i wish her strength. >> i wonder if she would make different choices? it's an interesting question. just ahead. columbia university could punish its employees for using the wrong pronouns even if they didn't mean to do it. that's next. >> ♪ ♪
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>> the white house back tracks after slamming pipeline reporting as inaccurate. the administration is weighing another pipeline shut down. charles payne joins us live and supply chain worries americans and president biden sinks in the
9:50 am
polls. >> a texas congressman is fighting back against vaccine mandates. we are live from new york city today. >> what is the boy doing? new york? >> we will tell top of the hour. come join us. see you then. >> columbia university said it could fire employees who use the wrong pronouns when referring to another person. the school laid it ought in a video entitled why pronouns matter. >> by refusing to the use the correct pronoun or name is a violation of the columbia university nondiscrimination policy. words matter. >> another part of the video explains this further. that some people are using different pronouns. she, her, they, them. you can't even pronounce some. i don't know what these are. how you can be faulted for not
9:51 am
using a pronoun that the average american would not know? >> well, they can't be. the take away is don't send your kids to columbia. >> [laughing]. >> don't send your money to columbia. be aware this is not just columbia. columbia is where the original marxist landed 80 years ago. this is every ivy league university. find somewhere else. send your kids somewhere else. they will only be indoctrinated. you must conform to the gender pronounce. get it right or you are out. that's not education. >> exactly. even unintentional use is be a problem. so people can be punished? >> even if you accidentally use the wrong pronounce you are a problem. you are a republican, this should be music to your ears. people look at this and go, what
9:52 am
is the heck is happening? you can't relate to it. james carville was right attacking woke culture and said progressives are not speaking to regular americans that no one can compute this language. you are losing a majority of the american people. >> there is a new university created university of austin created to free speech. here's a sound bite. >> they are desperate to get out. they can't stand the liberals and the diversity statements and pretending to believe something that they know is false. they can't do anything about it because they will receive
9:53 am
accusations of discrimination. >> that's right. to be clear about the policy. it's the refusal to address someone by their preferred pronouns that gets them in hot water. how many resources are deployed to check? in california it's a misdemeanor if you refuse to refer to somebody by their preferred pronoun. vote elected officials out and make sure they for line with your values or with liberty. >> absolutely. >> i think we are missing an opportunity to show each other the respect of learning each other's names. before i learned all of these other things about a person, i want to know their name. i am a person who prays for the people who are close to me. when you lift somebody up by
9:54 am
name you can bring grace and great things into their lives. i am less enthralled by the pronouns. i want to know the individual. why key do that or do we have to do this woke and cancel and all of that? we are missing an opportunity to know each other. >> one professor said people are fed up. a great way to mark veterans day. pete highlights service
9:55 am
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9:59 am
in we were soldiers pete told u all about it. it was a special project to put together. this is about veterans of the post- 911 generation. with what happened in afghanistan it felt like the purpose moment to bring in some nonveterans like her father was served. they had a decision when we cam home from unpopular wars they can treat us the way they were treated or they can love from u and thank us for our service. it is because of them from the beginning that we were treated differently. second was an opportunity to reflect on the way that afghanistan ended. when that war ended we talked a lot about watching the
10:00 am
withdrawal from afghanistan in vietnam god bless the vietnam veterans and let * them this veterans day. >> we can't wait to watch moder warriors. god bless our veterans. thank you to everybody for watching up next is america reports. >> a potential energy crisis threatening the us. they are now considering shutting down another oil pipeline. this is great. john roberts is live in new yor city with us and it is fantastic. we are both community live from new york city today.


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