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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 9, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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a world war i veteran named percy and he would tell them all the stories about growing up in england in the late 1800s and the war and peter loved him so we named him percy for lots of reasons. a good old english name. thanks everybody. we appreciate it. thank you, percy, for being a very good boy. >> bill: nicely done. >> harris: we'll begin with a fox news alert. americans are in store for an expensive winter as energy prices are headed sky high. and president biden's people are considering shutting down a key pipeline project in the upper midwest. wow. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the white house yesterday confirmed it is reviewing the environmental impact of a proposal to replace michigan's all-important line 5 pipeline. if president biden decides, though, to kill it, it is gone.
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where is the white house calendar? it's about to get cold. americans across the country preparing for a struggle just to keep the heat on. many say this is the worst time to mess with the nation's fuel supply. one worker says losing the michigan pipeline would have disastrous consequences. >> it would be devastating. shutting down line 5 means you are shutting down 40% of the crude oil into the region. i can't imagine that the administration would want to lose good-paying union jobs, hurt people on a precarious income. the price of everything goes up if fuel goes up and make us competitively disadvantaged to the rest of the world especially here in the midwest. >> harris: the president's own political party wants hito do something about the energy crisis. a group of 11 democrat senators wrote a letter to president biden demanding action over high gas prices. according to aaa, the national
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average price of a gallon of gasoline has shot up to $3.42. it means in many places it is well above $4 a gallon. an average that you are looking at. peter doocy is live at the white house. peter. >> good morning. some of the most progressive lawmakers in the senate have signed onto that letter to president biden. part of it says this. in light of the pressing concerns we ask that you consider all the tools available at your disposal to lower u.s. gasoline prices. this includes a release from the strategic petroleum reserve and ban on crude oil exports. we hope you will consider these tools and others to make gasoline more affordable for all americans. that's as the administration is reviewing whether or not a candidate to michigan pipeline project fits into their fight to get rid of fossil fuels. >> what they are doing is every regulation, every agency of government, every way they can to stifle and kill the fossil
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fuel industry. >> five pipeline from canada to michigan must be replaced. the replacement is what's being reviewed as potentially dangerous to the great lakes. >> the administration now considering shutting down the line 5 pipeline from canada to michigan? >> peter, that is inaccurate. that is not right. >> is it being studied right now? is the administration studying the impact of shutting down the line 5. >> yes, we are. i thought you said we were going to shut it down. that is not inaccurate. >> if the replacement goes away it will dramatically affect the supply of crude into michigan, pennsylvania, and ohio at a time heading into a season right now when the energy secretary jennifer granholm admits it will cost more this winter to heat your home than it did last winter. >> harris: if only she had said
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it that way and hadn't laughed in american's faces literally cackling maybe that would have held a little more weight. thank you for the information on this. tudor dixon is a republican candidate for michigan governor. i want to make this point. she is the daughter of a steel industry worker, group up around factories her whole life and understands the pressure on working class laborers and the people who depend on them. she is in focus now. welcome. first of all, talk to me about reviewing the impact of line 5 and the deep concern that some like yourselves have that this could lead to something more. >> this is -- people in michigan are wondering if biden will bow to the radical progressives or will he fight against the extremists and their make believe environmental issue. a lot of people aren't talking about what this means for the
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upper peninsula in michigan. these are our working class americans in the u.p. that propane, 100% of it comes from line 5. this just in time energy has got to be there for our people who live in an area that is below freezing for months out of the year and harris, we are going into those months right now. that energy secretary you spoke of is a former governor of michigan and here she is laughing about the fact that this could put people in a situation that endangers their lives. >> harris: do you think the white house sees you? >> absolutely they see michigan as a state? >> harris: what you are going through, what workers are facing right now. do you think the white house sees you and your concerns? >> no, i think the white house -- look, this is a president who just fell asleep in the climate summit. how does he even understand
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what a climate issue could be in michigan? this is a white house is only seeing this progressive agenda. we've seen that with the inflation that we are going through. we've seen it with the infrastructure bills and no, i don't think this white house sees working class americans across the country. not just in michigan. this white house has gone out and they are destroying international relationship. i'm old enough to remember when we were told donald trump was destroying international relationships and joe biden was a foreign policy expert. now not only is he not seeing americans but he has made justin trudeau man, the prince of environmentalists is angry with us to invoke a 1997 pipeline transit treaty to make sure we have the pipeline open. we aren't seeing our neighbors, we're certainly not seeing our actual citizens here in the country. >> harris: i want to get to this because we just heard that pipeline worker lay out what
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closure would mean for consumers and it would have a devastating effect on the overall economy over four states actually. so this isn't just about michigan and the upper midwest. this is about kind of a down the chain effect. look at the loss of jobs. 33,755. tudor dixon talk to me about the numbers i hope you can see on the screen and i'm sure are you familiar with. >> yes, absolutely. we are looking at losing jobs again across the midwest where we've already been hit hard. we already have -- look at michigan. you have a situation where just in michigan alone you've had our automotive makers shut down and hurting all of our suppliers because we have supply issues coming in from overseas with the chips. now we are talking about getting rid of more jobs for an environmental issue that is not there? enbridge has said we'll put $500 million into the pipeline
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to insure it is safe. this environmental issue doesn't exist and we'll put more jobs in the united states at risk to appease environmental radicals. >> harris: one last question on this. i wonder if it has been expedited. normally when the federal government studies something it is years. but this got critical quickly. your last thought on that and we'll move on. >> 100% because the governor of michigan, gretchen whitmer says this is on a michigan easement. now i will take it away just like that. no studies done. i will take it away just like that and i am going to seize any profits that the company makes if you try to continue with no plan for heating our homes. >> harris: a lot to get into. let's move on to inflation. not a cheerier subject by far. for the 12th consecutive month inflation is up. new study shows it does not look like that will change any time soon.
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americans are worried across the board. a recent fox poll finding 87% of voters are concerned about inflation topping the list of their concerns. with the 2022 mid-term elections in sight to decide who controls the senate and house senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says this issue of inflation will have a huge impact. >> i want to ask for a show of hands how many of you have been to the grocery store lately and not the price of everything is going through the roof. the american people basically said last tuesday stop. enough is enough. >> harris: this is a layering effect on people. >> yes, absolutely. they are going to the grocery store and saying enough is enough. remember the build back better plan when you had the biden administration bragging about 16 cent savings for fourth of july. how embarrassing. at that time we were saying are we being pumped by this
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administration that they're cheering on 16 cents for a meal? let's fast forward to thanksgiving. we are looking in some areas of the country at that $1.50 per pound turkey from last year going up to $3 a pound. this is hurting people across the kun -- country. i go back to the pipeline. you had your own energy sector jennifer granholm a former governor of michigan saying it will be one of the worst winters we've ever seen for heating costs and she is not stepping up and saying protect the people of my home state. >> harris: the other four states and potentially more. >> yes. >> harris: we saw this with the keystone pipeline. the president did this on one of the initial things he did was to wipe that away. so there is precedent for this administration to target something like this. that's why we pay such huge attention. tudor dixon, come back and keep us updated. biden's transportation
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secretary pete buttigieg says he is concerned that america has racist roads. what exactly is that? >> it seems obvious. pete buttigieg didn't know it. maybe he did know it but afraid to say it. >> harris: twitter on fire after a reporter asked buttigieg about the racism built into the u.s. infrastructure. you have to see it. plus wrong border. vice president kamala harris jetting off to discuss migrant issues in europe. and rolling like a baller with a 20-car motorcade, a climate summit. you know will cain has a lot to say.
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>> the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into roadways. >> i'm still surprised that people were surprised when i pointed to a fact if a highway was built for dividing a white and black neighborhood or if an underpass was constructed for a bus to the beach in new york. i don't think we have anything to lose by confronting that simple reality. >> harris: white house press briefing igniting a firestorm of mockery.
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>> maybe it's draw bridges manned by bigots with binoculars. you may laugh. in a systemically racist country it's possible. we agree with him 100% it is morally wrong. it's not who we are. thank heaven he has a trillion dollars to get to the bottom of the racist road problem. >> harris: social media got hot. cruz of texas tweeted. we hispanics are very tall and need rich woke dems to raise the bridges for us. another please make our roads thinner and less racist. this is where our media is today. will cain co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. your take, will. >> harris, i hope you give me a little runway here. i think this is actually more complicated than social media snark and mockery can hope to ever get their arms around. what i'll say is this of course
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inanimate objects can't be racist. it is laughable to suggest that they are. but as unpopular as this may be there is a hint, a kernel of truth in what they had to say. when much of the highway system was true some of it was built in eminent domain of poor black or brown neighborhoods. that's a truth. what do you do about that truth? this is the important part. if you truly care about racial equality in this country, tearing down an overpass wouldn't be in the top 20 things you would hope to accomplish but the bottom 20 things you hope to accomplish. i say this to you as someone who knows you as a person and professional speaking to the public now. i care about not racial equity but racial equality. i would suggest now how about fixing the broken school system that sets black and brown kids behind for decades and stop trying to shut down charter
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schools? how about any of the numerous things you could do like accomplishing a better crime rate inner cities and inflation that hits the poorest among us and get inflation under control. how about any of these things that would improve the lives? let's square the circle. here is the deal. those things don't help -- i'll be real about this -- the race hustlers. those that hope to profit themselves off peddling victim hood and grievance. if you give $1 billion it empowers activist and politicians to peddle things that don't help people. the same people the ones that stand in the way of measures that could and stand in the way of expansion of charter schools and expanding police department and stand in the way of things that can help minorities and focus on things like overpasses. >> harris: or taking those things apart like defunding the
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police. race hustlers that lays across all of this. inflation is one of those things that's a high tide that lifts all boats. washes all things away. what you just laid out are real dynamics of the working class and the poorer classes economically in this country. and i ask the gop candidate for governor in michigan a few minutes ago does the white house see you? does the white house see them? you are pointing out another way they just don't see people. wow. race hustlers. >> i don't use that to be inflammatory. i don't use it to be inflammatory. the point at a deeper, important level is are you here to truly help people or are you here to help yourself? if you want to model your career on al sharpton and getting rich and being a professional victim, there is a lot of money for you in that
8:22 am
and you can focus on things that don't help people like tearing down overpasses and saying roads and bridges are races and we can in turn acknowledge there has been racism in america's past and perhaps a disproportion at roll but not to help my career but help people. focus on crime, focus on schools, quit focusing on the trillion dollar infrastructure package which will used to profit you. >> harris: it is amazing to hear you say that and why you see republicans like tudor dixon and glenn youngkin in virginia having those real conversations now that might not have been possible had democrats not opened the door on these issues and made them so explosive and everything becomes about race. let's move on. president biden shrugging off his bad job approval numbers in a local interview yesterday as part of his push to sell his
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infrastructure bill. the latest usa today poll has president biden's job rating at a bleak 38%. we're starting to see a trend across polling now. that's what we look for. the president said, quote, the point is i didn't run because of the polls. a lot of people are worried. think about this. 750,000 people have died because of covid. gas prices are up exceedingly high. that's why i have the attorney general taking a look at whether or not these gas companies are gouging people. hum will cain. >> i've never been a rock star harris but i would imagine if you are standing on stage and feel the crowd turning against you, play your greatest hits. joe biden will pivot. the crowd is turning against him. play the greatest hit. play covid. play race to your point of what just happened in virginia. i guess they think the path to success is to call those who vote against them racist. double and triple down.
8:24 am
more racism, more covid. that is what joe biden will try to do as he watches the poll numbers plummet. you know what's face nateing underneath that? what do you do if you are a democrat in all seriousness. what do you do? kamala harris's are so much worse than joe biden. >> harris: she is at 28%. let me get to that. so that's biden's border czar vice president kamala harris. and now sthe is in paris where she plans to discuss europe's migrant issues as the crisis at our own southerner border is raging on. goes to france where relations are fine but won't go to the southern border where a literal invasion is occurring. another said kamala harris's expertise on u.s. foreign policy is close to zero. only slightly below her latest approval rating as vice president. the rating stands at just 28% job approval. look at that.
8:25 am
>> wow. >> harris: your thoughts. >> what do you do to my point? what do you do? joe biden is looking -- i honestly don't know. i'm glad i'm not a political advisor, spinster. what do you call a political strategy? if you are employed by the democratic party is mayor pete your answer, kamala harris isn't and joe biden isn't for the future of your party. where do you turn? all they have been able to come up with, harris, is play your greatest hit. go covid and go race. i don't know who will be the lead singer. i don't know who will be the one chanting that from the stage but i'm sure that's the song they will play. >> harris: before i let you go i want to talk about hypocrisy. it does matter as we go into the winter months and you have states, several of them depending on the midwestern pipeline michigan line 5. it is not just that state it is many others.
8:26 am
you have the keystone wiped away. got us depending on places outside our country for energy in droves now again. as we head into that i just wonder where a 20-car motorcade or 85-car motorcade is what the president had when he went to scotland. i understand security and sometimes countries will help you out with local support for security so on and so forth but somebody has to look at the optics of kamala harris rolling like a baller through europe when she hasn't done what she needs to do as the border czar in this country. and on the issue of climate, again hypocrisy. >> i think it was 80 cars for joe biden in italy when he went there for a climate summit. hypocrisy seems to be a thin with no shame these days when it comes to randi weingarten,
8:27 am
gavin newsom. every politician that preaches masks doesn't wear them and hypocrisy is something that doesn't seem to matter. let's see if we can boil it down in the time you have left. it is about elitism. they don't think the rules apply to them because they serve a nobel, greater service. they believe about themselves and in themselves. they are better than you, me and everybody watching and the rules they employ are from you, not to them. not to just repeat the cliche. watch their behavior. >> harris: watch what they do, not what they say. necessity is the mother of invention is so true. if it isn't necessary to them maybe the ideas won't come from the elitists. thank you. liberals swearing up and down that critical race theory is not happening in our schools but we have seen the receipts and shown them to you.
8:28 am
so what's the strategy behind lying about knowable information? and then there is this. >> joe biden said at the time it's garbage and not true and it is not going the happen until joe learned the reports were actually true and his administration was actually implementing those policies. now he is defending it vigorously. >> harris: president biden's flip-flopping on the massive pay-outs to illegal immigrants. he is considering how the white house is still trying to clean up the mess that he stepped into and whether it's working at all. ur hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. a veteran who may have served in my time, during the vietnam era, flexible cancellation. would be eligible today for a va home loan.
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8:34 am
governor the department of education wanted critical race theory in education. white fragility. >> it is not -- i do want to ask. >> harris: the senator brought receipts. concerns of crt raging. cnn's host there repeatedly denying critical race theory is being taught in any schools anywhere in america in the face of cold hard facts by senator scott. misleading media coverage has made critical race theory debate angrier and less honest. minnesota democrat congressman dean phillips is in interviews with cnn saying saddened by the fact we aren't able to generate a narrative that is more truthful about what's going on because critical race theory is not being taught in elementary schools or high schools but the teachers of his state disagree.
8:35 am
last summer nearly 100 minnesota teachers signed a pledge vowing to continue their commitment in teaching critical race theory. power panel, mercedes schlapp former trump white house advisor for strategic communication. kevin walling biden campaign surrogate in "focus" now. kevin, i'll start with you. when you see senator scott what i shared from our screen and our research that we've done what do you say to the democrats who deny and say that i don't know, are we lying or wrong? i don't understand what their argument is. >> let's have an open conversation what's being caught in the classroom. i believe parents should have a say in what is being taught. we saw that front and center in the election in virginia. >> harris: they should have listened to you. >> amen. crt has become a catch-all with regards to any kind of conversation about the history of race in this country,
8:36 am
slavery. we need an adequate, accurate telling of our history, not whitewash it. no child should be taught they are less than or inherently racist. i think that certainly is a problem. parents should have a say in this but we need transparency to curriculum. they shouldn't approve every line item when it comes to curriculum being caught in the classrooms but certainly have a say. >> harris: wow, that feels like a shift. what do you say, mercedes? >> kevin can be very reasonable at times, i have to say, harris. >> thank you. >> i appreciate that. i greatly appreciate that. it is why you want to have important conversation and dialogue about this issue. education week, it is one of the publications that reaches and focuses on more of a left leaning publication on education and what is happening. they had a whole article on critical race theory, not being critical about it at all. and so when you have those in the media out there trying to
8:37 am
soften critical race theory thinking that this is a good idea. we know for example virginia school district paid $30,000 to train teachers about critical race theory. so you know it's penetrating our schools. it is a conversation in our schools and the mere fact is that it's interesting to watch the liberal media saying it is not taught in the school system. what you are seeing is that it is reaching the students and this is what needs to stop. it is not a healthy way to talk about racism. it is not a healthy way to divide our students by color, by what they call white privilege and try to make children -- you've seen so many of these parents talk about it. the child comes home and says because i'm white i'm evil. that is not what we need to be teaching in our schools. >> harris: in households like mine we have an ecumenical and racial mix. my father have to pick between their white father and me or
8:38 am
half of themselves. they don't because we're teaching them but what's out there it is troubling. a virginia mom who called out her district for what she called pornographic books is now barred from her high school library. here is what she had to say. >> i have paid a heavy price because of what i said at my school board meeting. i don't know why people have a problem with what i said. i don't know who is in favor of porn in their children's skoo. it is not a political issue. even the liberals shouldn't be happy there is porn in the schools. i'm not getting a lot of sleep right now. nobody is sleeping in my house because we can't be sure we're safe. >> harris: wow. this is "washington post" op-ed by two moms warns about ignoring school board moms quote. there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your children denied the education they deserve and feeling powerless to change it. this frustration is what has mobilized parents across the
8:39 am
country. candidates looking to get ahead to next year forget this is their peril. mercedes, i'll start with you this time. >> this is the year of the parents. this is the year the parents have woken up and speaking boldly and making their voices heard and why you see shifts in the school boards in the past elections. i will say when it comes to these pornographic materials and the mere fact these schools are allowing this to be part of it. they are teaching pedophilia. one book called gender queer that is very disturbing. that is absolutely an outrage. yesterday i was talking to a parent who told me that in the school the guidelines say if your child is questioning their gender or their pronouns the school does not need to tell the parent. we are not going to be able allow these people to raise our children. it is our responsibility as parents and the schools are
8:40 am
there to support the students and the parents and that's why we have to stay very focused on what the schools are doing. >> harris: i want to do a drill down on that. i'm old enough to remember when you had to send a note home and there was a reason for that. parents do have to be involved in those types of conversations. kevin, a last thought from you on this and we'll move on. >> we're in total agreement parents should absolutely be involved in the curriculum decisions. i'm old enough to remember notes were sent home with me from school as well when it was curriculum on health, gender, sexuality. those are all important topics. kids should be in a safe environment raised with that kind. >> harris: any thoughts why that is change ?ng >> i honestly don't know. school district kids are coming out at an earlier age when it comes to gender issues and sexuality issues and schools are doing their best to support these children. >> there is huge indoctrination and huge propaganda not only
8:41 am
coming from the schools but social media causing chaos and confusion to children as young as 5 years old and it should not be allowed. parents are the ones that should have these conversations with their children about the delicate issues as opposed to the schools pushing a particular agenda. that should not be allowed. >> harris: we won't cover it up. we'll get into everything. people need to know what the options are out in the world. the white house dodging a question about payments to migrants separated during the trump administration after president biden flip-flopped on the issue. he called the report garbage last week and then defended compensation for migrants this past weekend. here is what happened yesterday. >> the president is on the record as of saturday supporting compensation for illegal immigrants who were separated from family at the border. who counts as separated? if somebody was just separated for a few hours or a few days, would they be eligible to
8:42 am
settle a suit and get this payment from d.o.j.? >> you've asked the question and we've answered it and i will defer you to the department of justice on any specifics. >> harris: "washington examiner" op-ed framed it this way. evolving migrant family's positions raises new questions whether biden is in command. who is running the white house, kevin? >> the president is fully running the white house. >> harris: give us proof. we need receipts. >> he spoke to this directly in answering questions over the weekend in the press conference. >> harris: why didn't he get it right the first time. he called it garbage and tried to put words in peter doocy's mouth saying every migrant coming across the border and peter doocy said no, those separated by the last administration. well of course those people shouldn't be getting this money and suddenly the flip-flopped. when he fixed it he said it again without the part about the separation. does he not understand, is he forgetful? it is a fair question to ask. >> i don't think he
8:43 am
misunderstood. he wanted to clarify. >> harris: is he manipulating the situation? >> i don't believe so at all. this is a critical issue stemming from the trump administration's zero tolerance policy that took children away if parents. 500 children i think that are still missing with regards to being connected to their parents. >> harris: i haven't read a number that high. they regrouped and reunited and so on and so forth. does biden understand his own policy to know when he first asked about the question. you say jen psaki style i'll circle back. why is it garbage because it's coming from the media, from a certain member of the media, the fox person? >> again, i think he clarified his remarks with regard to that. a law has been on the book since the 40s that empowers the attorney general to happen in this. it bubbled up to a question to the president.
8:44 am
he needed to clarify that response and we should compensate many of these families who will never see their children again. the nature of empathy in the country. >> harris: i wanted to concentrate with you. mercedes schlapp was along today. president biden showing us his back again. kevin i hope is still watching this. he skipped out on a question of china weeks before he is set to meet with president xi. he is just going to do the walkaway. as new sat right images show beijing is up to something very shady in the desert, new fears over china's military threat. we'll talk about that in "focus" next. high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp
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>> harris: president biden is expected to hold a virtual summit with chinese president xi before the end of this year. however, critics are worried about whether he will stand up to the communist leader. here he is yesterday dodging a reporter's question about china and covid's or ij begins? >> president biden how will you get china to be transparent
8:50 am
about covid origin? how are you going to be china to be transparent? >> harris: they tried every which way. all this as satellite pictures surfaced last week showing mock-ups of u.s. naval ships in a chinese desert reinforcing fears that beijing is beefing up its military. greg palkot is live if london with more. greg, in the desert. >> maybe they're sending a message. we got a lot of reaction since the satellite photo showing replicas of u.s. navy ships apparently according to the experts being used for target practice by the chinese. one shows a full-sized mock-up of the u.s. aircraft carrier complete with fake plains and towers at a chinese missile test site and one of our guided missile destroyers with all the
8:51 am
fake bells and whistles included and a third shows a pretend u.s. navy vessel on rails presumably according to the experts so the missiles could hit a move target as china ramps up its military. a range of anti-ship missiles they're working on. today we've just got a new satellite photo of the chinese building their own aircraft carrier. this would be their third but would be the first which would match the specks of some of ours. ready next february. and it comes as tension obviously between the u.s. and china couldn't be higher including threats to the island of taiwan. one former top navy official we spoke with said this all should be a wake-up call regarding the chinese military build-up. the pentagon just in the past 24 hours says it is more of the intimidation that they've come to expect from beijing and yes, there will be a virtual summit between president biden and president xi sometime in the
8:52 am
next few weeks. it is not clear whether he will bring up all the chinese saber rattling. there is a lot on that agenda. back to you. >> harris: it's a big saber. the size of a battle ship. thank you. let's get into it quickly. gordon chang, senior fellow author of the coming collapse of china. your take what is happening with china. what do they want? >> they want to rule the world. they have been very clear about it. xi has been talking about ancient chinese themes and all under heaven. chinese officials since 2018 have been talking about the moon and mars as sovereign chinese territory. that's the context you should look at chinese developments. >> harris: is president biden going to stand up to the chinese president? >> so far he has not. for instance, on covid-19 where you are talking about he had a two-hour phone call with him in
8:53 am
february and not once did president biden raise the issue of the origins of covid-19. he wouldn't say whether he raised the issue in a subsequent call. it is clear the chinese are working on new forms of biological weapons. we have to know what's going on. there is no indication from the white house that they are that the interested in this whole issue. >> harris: china think we're weak and is that something that's new or old? >> china thinks we're weak. they thought this for quite some time. but they've been talking about this repeatedly after the fall of kabul. there have been a number of propaganda narratives the u.s. can't stand up to china because we couldn't deal with the taliban and won't defend taiwan. this started in march when china's top two diplomats came to anchorage and hearing it repeatedly. >> harris: that's the sort of thing that is that lasting impact that you have heard
8:54 am
senators like tom cotton of arkansas talk about. afghanistan, our broken hearts, that awful way we exited that awful war. all of that. china was watching and so was iran. >> so is iran, russia and all of china's friends. this has a story because our allies were watching and they were both angry and disheartened. america's friends in new delhi were delegitimized by the way we left afghanistan. india to move closer to russia and china. india is really important to us, harris. the way the biden administration left afghanistan left our india relations in tatters. >> harris: government to government yes and huge population as well. we're yoked in a lot of ways we create technology together.
8:55 am
we're yoked to china because they hold our debt. napoleon said don't shake china, you shake the world. good to see you. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". always a pleasure to serve you. veterans day is coming up this week. we have a lot planned. "outnumbered" after the commercial break. of you here's so may who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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>> harris: let's start with breaking news with what is about to hit your wallet. oil and gas prices soaring. what is the president's team doing about the energy crisis. well, his transportation secretary is tackling racist roads. that's why critics fear the biden administration could make things worth. you are watching "outnumbered." here are emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. and newly


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