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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 9, 2021 3:00am-5:59am PST

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the american people. todd: it's the middle class and poor people that suffer. rich people are going to be able to pay these amounts no matter how high they go. sean duffy, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you, sir. carley: we appreciate it great show with you today, todd. todd: likewise. carley: right now what's going to happen? todd: i believe there is a show called "fox & frnd is going to going up. >> everything is going up. and the biden administration is causing it. >> federal appeals court putting the president's vaccine mandates workers on large u.s. companies on hold. >> the biden administration fight this in court as long as it takes. >> it's not right. it's unconstitutional. it's putting a wedge between me and my employees. >> families of the deadly astroworld speaking out.
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>> participants screaming people are dead. please stop the show. and they continued to go for at least an hour. >> what did you -- what did republicans learn from now governor elect youngkin's campaign? >> happen warriors attract a bigger crowd. that's the politics. >> comes short. and that's how this game will come to an end. ♪ ♪ ♪ it don't matter where we go ♪ we always find a way back home ♪ ♪ brian: normally i like to talk about the city that we bump in on, new york city. ainsley: new to the area. brian: tourists coming back. no room on the sidewalks forced into the street. steve: a few. i was in the nation's capitol over the weekend for the most
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part the district of columbia where people work nobody on the street. however down along the mall and at capitol a lot of people were out and about. ainsley: all the people not vaccinated they don't want to come to new york. i have friends in florida that come regularly. they say we are not coming until mandate is lifted. they want to be able to take their kids to all the christmas shows and go into at restaurant. steve: you need a pass. ainsley: show your vaccination card. brian: do you have a personal friend cat. i'm sorry, i'm sorry but. ainsley: all of long island. i have lived in a lot of cities. brian: unbelievable. ainsley: i'm very blessed. steve: she is somebody who has got a lot of friends. it's "fox & friends." ainsley: i'm a woman. we have lots of friends. we need each other. brian: women like friends. steve: our front, pete hegseth actually live this morning at the point 40 diner in monroeville, new jersey; and as you can see he was already got
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himself a cup of coffee. ainsley: cup of joe. pete: you know it. ainsley i know you have more personal friends thank i have acquaintances. ainsley: that's because i like to be social. i grew up in a very social home. that's just the way it was. brian: you keep in touch with people. you say hey, let's keep in touch. you do. that's amazing. i never do. what's that like? ainsley: pete, kind of guy so tough i don't need any more friends. brian: exactly. he sits and lets his beard grow out. pete: call me and we will talk. brian: do you do enough diner where part of the clothing deal is plaid? pete: i got this free on the show on sunday. maiden and maine veteran owned company. will and i got free swag. ainsley: looks good on you. brian: really hugs your torso. [laughter] ainsley: just move on.
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steve: i was trying to do a segue. you are in new jersey and they had one week ago today there was almost an earthquake. pete: that's right. huge election here, shocker across the country. of course virginia was a win for republicans but it came much closer than anyone expected in new jersey. there are a million more democrats registered in new jersey and republicans yet ciattarelli came this close and a lot of other upsets as well. we are here at the point 40 diner in monroeville. come on out and have breakfast with friends. hear from the folks why did they vote the way that he did? was it local covid restrictions and mask mandates from murphy or the economy at the national level. we will be asking them. countly the point 40 diner 2 percentage points higher than joe biden's approval rating and we will leave it there. back to you in new york. [laughter] steve: that's right the .38 diner apparently said no this morning so he is there at the point 40. ainsley: a lot of it had to do with parent coming out, rural
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people that go diners. you will be talking to them to find out why so many of them voted for a republican in such a blue state. steve: well, because, in the runup to the election. thank you, pete. in the run to the election so many people showed up at the door i live in new jersey by the river. school board. do you know what's going on? >> talked about inappropriate books in the school. the masking, the mandates and, of course, crt. brian: do you remember password? steve: sure. the password is. brian: ripple. steve: the wine? brian: effect. the ripple effect of energy costs. the supply chain the ripple effect the outsourcing and manufacturing. everything has come to a head. the lack of the administration to take action basically deal with it, america, i think is driving americans nuts. case in point look at some of the items that you are dealing with on a daily basis and how much more you are paying for them. if you could find a used car,
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it's up 24%. gas has almost doubled. bacon up 20%. ainsley: unleaded gas. steve: gallon of premium 5 bucks in new jersey. brian supreme and. steve: that would be premium. ainsley: and bacon, he loves his bacon. brian: how frustrated people are everywhere they go everything is costing more. and the jobs remain open. and it doesn't seem to be any urgency to act. ainsley: y'all, these are everyday items. we got a list. we got an article this morning of all the stats across the board of what's gone up. those were just a few of the larger ones. pork roasts, steaks, ribs, uncooked beef stakes, apples, lettuce, imagine if you own a restaurant. carbonated drinks, seafood, propane, firewood. tvs are up. hotels, motels, boys and girls little shoes.
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baby food up 4.4%. steve: unbelievable. here in new york city, new york city has famously famous for the $1 slice ofs pizza. here in new york city that slice of pizza is now 1.50. across the river staten island mona lisa pizzeria, the 200 things he buys every week for his store, they have gone up 50 to 200 percent. garlic is up 400 percent, which is unbelievable. and, you know, pete buttigieg was there yesterday in the briefing room the thing is it's the demand. it's because so many people are at home and they are buying things online. he said people need to go out. mr. pete buttigieg, go out to the store rather than have it delivered. so, mr. pete buttigieg, i was at a couple of stores, i had to go
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to a couple stores in new jersey yesterday because i was going to make my grandma's scotch radios. ainsley: take pictures? steve: i could not find the necessarily's morsels that had the peanut butter and chocolate. ainsley: people say buy your oil early if you do your turkeys in the fries. steve: i could not get the eggo french toast which is a doocy family favorite. asked the guy where is it? you know what we are having trouble getting that stuff. brian: how do you figure that with what he said? steve: they are spinning because they are up against the wall. the consumer brands association put out a list i saw this morning top out of stock categories and the number one thing out of stock refrigerated baked goods in the grocery stores followed by sports and energy drinks and juices all at about 20% out. which is explaining exactly why everybody across the board is feeling the pinch. ainsley: ted cruz talked about the infrastructure bill because that's more than a trillion
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dollars. how that's going to cost us all more as well and cause prices to go up. listen. >> i think it's a bad bill. i think it is really unfortunate that we saw house republicans assist the white house. they were getting their clocks cleaned. it's another $1.2 trillion in spending. it's on top of the trillions in spending we have already seen. as you noted, that is already driving inflation across the economy. the price of food is going up, the price of milk is going up. the price of gasoline is going up. the price of rent and homes and lumbers, everything is going up. and the biden administration is causing it. brian: so you got 13 republicans, that's what he is referring to that bailed out nancy pelosi. 228 to 206. six demmed volted against this. it would have fallen flat and destroyed the biden administration's agenda. they wouldn't have done the next one, which is queuing up at 1.5
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to $2 trillion if they couldn't get this one. and you have the squad basically laying out i want both. i. all or i want nothing. so if you would have had. if joe biden decided in june when the senate handed him this bill, they said he would have had between 50 and is 100 republicans as upset as senator ted cruz is on the content of that bill and at lo of republicans didn't like it even though they had some stuff that republicans wanted in it but not enough. it would be different if president trump was president it probably would have been more if president trump was president. but he waited so long that almost every republican dropped out. but 13 saved him and i'm wondering in the big picture had those 13, are they going to get primaried because of that? ainsley: on day one, joe biden got rid of the keystone pipeline and now we're hearing rumors that he is looking at getting rid of the line 5 pipeline which goes from canada, goes through michigan. and your gas prices are already through the roof. they are a dollar per gallon
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more than they were last november. steve: 1.35. ainsley: national average, a.a.a. says the national average the highest since 2014. is this the time to get rid of pipelines? not only hurts people's jobs makes gas price goes up and depend on more oil from other countries. steve: that's right. they are considering pulling the plug on another pipeline. and here's the thing. if they were to revoke the permit, it would please environmentalists and also the governor of the great state of michigan whitmer. because she campaigned on a promise to shut it down. here's the thing. brian: why? steve: the people of michigan would still wind up having to buy oil and gas but it would just be so much more expensive. this is not what the administration should be doing right now if you are worried about money. and our white house correspondent asked the deputy press secretary about that yesterday. and, you know what in she had to do some backtracking.
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watch this. >> the energy secretary says about the cost of americans heating their homes in the winter will be more expensive this year than last year. so why is the administration now considering shutting down the line five pipeline from canada to michigan? >> it is inaccurate what you just stated. >> what's inaccurate? >> the reporting, the reporting about us wanting to shut down the line 5. >> i didn't say that i said is it being studied right now? is the administration studying the impact of shutting down the line five? >> yes, yes, we are. steve: oops? brian: say it's got to be upgraded and maintenance. i have a better idea let's shut it down. any administration who cared about the people, not republicans and democrats, but the american people would not want to raise oil and gas prices. heating gas forever your home and gas for your car. you would not be doing that. why are you even considering that it seems counter intuitive. you just got hammered in an off year election. you are desperately trying to
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hold on to some congressional body in the next year election. why would you tell the american people i'm going to do something to make your life worse? ainsley: just digging a deeper hole. brian: but why though? ainsley: why don't they just fix it and make sure it doesn't break so there aren't any environmental concerns. brian: 13 democrats told him to do something, mr. president, in the senate, to get oil and gas prices down. and this jen psaki replacement deputy just came out and said we're studies taking it down. does she know what she said? ainsley: does not make sense. when you look at the border. look at paying illegal immigrants, when you look at what happened in afghanistan, when you look at crt and look at the homeless problems and gas prices going up. we can't get our items for christmas. when you order fish temperature, you don't know when you will get it maybe next year. eat on the floor of the kitchen if you can't get the kitchen table. brian: doesn't matter. ainsley: it doesn't matter. digging deeper and deer deeper
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and see what happens in virginia and they continue to make these policies, unbelievable. steve: democrats blumenthal leahyened. that comes on the heels of a dozen republican senator writing another letter in the last week saying that mr. president, if you pull the plug on that pipeline, prices are going to skyrocket. you have got to figure there's some smart people in the white house who realize, you know what? our approval rating at 38% right now and if we pull the plug, it could be 28%. do you know what? let's say we're just considering that and kick the can and not do anything until after the next elections. brian: you don't want 28%. that would be kamala harris territory. so you don't want it as low as the vice president of the united states. steve: have cop there. ainsley: heading in that direction. steve: you are right, folks, things cost more. talk to a couple of people who work on that pipeline line 5 coming in up 10 minutes. brian: that's your prediction
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say they are sobering up and studyingies. steve: they cannot do it. brian: relations with canada. steve: because when it comes to the environmentalists if they had to ship the stuff in via rail or truck, it actually clouds the sky with more carbon dioxide. brian: counter to you with glowj, they want impress the world we are going clean pleased environmentalists in glasgow. steve: nobody in glasgow is going to vote in an american election. brian: tell them that. steve: i think they know, they are realistic. brian: i hope youre right. steve: thousands protest against vaccine requirements in l.a. as the white house tells more companies to enforce mandates, please, we can't force you at this point but please do it. ainsley: yeah, plus there are two moms telling politicians they should not be ignored. why they believe they can be influential ahead the midterms.
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at carley: good morning. we are back with your headlines, the authorities confirming the identity of all 8 victims who died at the astroworld festival in houston. 21-year-old costa was the final victim to be identified. his family joined "fox & friends first" to discuss the tragedy. >> i will start with travis scott and then they put a timer, a huge timer that everyone could see and then scott got on the stage and encouraged everyone just to go absolutely crazy. >> at least 36 lawsuits are planning to be filed against travis scott and the event organizers. a 2-year-old toddler becomes the latest victim of oakland's crime crisis. family and friends gathering at the vigil to remember jasper
3:21 am
woo. he died during a shootout between vehicles on a busy california highway. >> imagine if this was your baby. imagine in this was your baby. how would you feel? >> the oakland police union is blaming liberal policies for the crime surge saying, quote: this reality was created by the defund the police majority on the city council who have abandoned public safety in oakland. so far this year oakland has reported 119 homicides. the police department currently has 681 sworn staff members. it's the lowest staffing since 2014. state farm is sticking by green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers despite facing backlash to drop the athlete after he admitted he is not vaccinated. the company saying in a statement while it does not support some of rogers' views they respect his personal decision. rogers other sponsors are facing pressure to drop the quarterback as well.
3:22 am
wisconsin health provider will cut ties with him shortly after he revealed his vaccination status last week. rogers tested positive and missed sunday's game against the kansas city chiefs. well, this morning, spacex crew 2 dragon splashing down in the gulf of mexico off the coast of florida. the four astronauts, including two americans, waiving and giving thumbs up after landing safely. the crew spent half a year on the international space station and tomorrow crew 3 will launch for the space station. they are set to arrive by thursday. but safe landing for them. how about that, guys? steve: that is so cool. ainsley: thanks, carley. carley: you bet. ainsley: white house is encouraging private businesses to ignore the freeze and move forward with implementing vaccine mandate. brian: what? steve: this comes as los angeles residents residents protesting against the strictest rule today.
3:23 am
brian: i thought all of los angeles embrace the mandate. griff jenkins joins us live. we embrace him every morning. queue up the legal battle. >> people are fighting back in the private sector after numerous lawsuits. a federal appeals court issued a stay on the administration's requirement for workers at companies with at least 100 employ ciaees to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. the doj filing a petition saying, quote, the occupational safety and health administration deal detailed analysis of the stashed's impact shows that a stay would likely cost dozens or even hundreds of lives per day. petitioners assert the injuries by contrast speculative do not outweigh employees from a dangerous virus while this case proceeds. the white house encouraging businesses to simply ignore the stay. >> we think people should not waited. the administration clearly has authority to protect workers an action announced by the president or designed to save lives and to the' spread of
3:24 am
covid-19. griff: this as thousands gather in downtown los angeles to protest a city worker vaccine mandate. >> i'm going to fight tooth and nail. this isn't right. this is unconstitutional. >> we are fighting for government intrusion someone's ability to choose whether or not they need to be vaccinated. >> we shouldn't be told we're going to lose our jobs, that we are going to lose our freedoms that our children aren't going to be able to go school. brief griff that's the state level and we covered the private sector on the federal level. federal workers could face disciplinary action starting today, guys, after yesterday's deadline to get the shot, although a lot are applying for exceptions or plan to fight that as well. brian, ainsley and steve? brian: thanks, griff. the big battle is now for those major corporation wells over 100 employees, even they are going not only are they looking at the private business, especially we know any business that does business with the federal government, but now they are looking at small business, that
3:25 am
pizza shop down the block, that department store, that private boutique, they are going to start mandating local and small business to make sure they are vaccinated. drilling down, overreach telling you what to do with your body. this is nuts. ainsley: in l.a. you have to show vax card indoor restaurant, movies, nail salon, gym, bowling alley or any performance or show. one of the ladies there in the crowd her name is cindy lazzo there protesting on behalf of her brother. electrical engineer with the transit system only provider for the entire family or his his immediate family. now is he considering moving to texas if he loses his job. steve: it's interesting, the white house says this is not a mandate because it's not a jab for a job. because ultimately, you don't have to get the shot. you can be tested once a week although joe biden himself did refer to it as the mandate about two months a shear a grocery store owner in
3:26 am
louisiana talking about is the government, are the federal government agencies going too far in mandating this? watch. >> i feel that the federal government massive overreach in this mandate. and it's putting a wedge between me and my employees to where i am forcing them to take a vaccine that for whatever their personal medical decision they decided not to take that so i'm forced to be put in a position to have to terminate employment at one of my businesses or on the flip side, have them get tested multiple times a week which is a massive financial burden on our teammates. it's not right. steve: you know, tim we are just talking about one lawsuit, one court there are 26 other lawsuits there are other states and other business groups that are all fighting this. so will it ever take effect? it could be years before this is adjudicated. and so, it looks less and less like it will be. ainsley: so we talked a lot about the elections and saw what
3:27 am
happened last tuesday in virginia. all these mama and papa bears are coming out of their suburban homes because they were inside those homes with their kids when they were zooming and watching classrooms and earshot of what their kids were learning. so many of them were raising their hands in scoreboard meeting and going to the podium and said we don't agree with teaching crt. we don't want our kids to learn about gender i'd any kindergarten. we don't want them to see explicit teeferl or read these books. some of the politicians that listened to those parents they won across the country. steve: there is a couple of women by the name of tiffany justice and tina disco vimplet ch. they have formed a group called moms for justice. over the last year, they have been watching parents all over. you know, and the focus has been on virginia and on new jersey. but it's more than that. they just wrote an op-ed for "the washington post," and they said, you know, in bucks county,
3:28 am
pennsylvania, 31 school board seats went to people and parents advocating for parental rights and education. in bedford county, virginia, the school board chair lost to a write-in candidate who was championing parental rights. so what they're looking at is, you know, different people have different issues with the school board, whether it's masking or it's crt or it's explicit books. they are just looking at everything trying to get more parents involved. that's how they can come up with this organization that has 60,000 members now in 33 different states. brian: here is an exserenity from the op-ed. we have been criticized for trying to hijack the democratic process by imposing the will of a distributive vocal minority over duly elected officials. we see it differently, we are embracing what is best about it we continue to hold our election officials accountable. if they ignore our input we booe them out. that's what's been happening on school boards and last tuesday.
3:29 am
candidates forget this at their own peril. >> in the op-ed, it's interesting, they say they are three groups that define education in america today. >> they say the teacher's unions, the school boards, often hand picked by the union and big business. and none of them put students first. they say there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your kid denied the education they deserve and feeling powerless to change it so these moms for liberty are saying if you want to impact your kids' lives. get up off the couch, go to the school board meeting. speak up, or even better, run for school board if you can. ainsley: this is what these democrats are doing, they are say would he go know better than you. increase your gas prices to force you to get electric car. open the borders to force all the illegals come to come nmentd and open up the conversation about immigration or amnesty or allow them to become citizens. when you as a union or school board start coming into our children's minds and telling us you know better than what we know, to teach our children,
3:30 am
parents will stand up. that's when they draw the line. that's when they say we have had enough and we are going to form groups like this. and we are going to go to the polls. brian: republicans feeling good about tuesday elections as they get set to look at next year's tuesday elections. i had a chance yesterday to spend a day, literally a day with tim scott. we went to king street. we went to his hometown, his house where his grandfather grew up. you have won't believe the circumstances he was in growing up. he doesn't complain but it's worth seeing. i also talked to him about what tuesday means to him and the republican party if they want to get back control at least one of the chambers. here's what he said. >> what did you and what do republicans learn, if anything, from now governor elect youngkin's campaign? >> well, i have been trying to say it for a long time and he just did it. happy warriors attract bigger crowds. politics is a game of addition. talking about education is something that we as republicans should always focus on.
3:31 am
having parental involvement is key. i have talked about the importance of school choice and education equality for a long time. he has run on those issues that resonate with the average person in this country. if we were to win in 2022 and beyond, we're going to have to talk plain english to our folks. and when we do, when we champion the causes that they believe in the most, we're going to be okay. brian: yeah. you are going to see part one of the interview tomorrow on the show. and then we are going to have part 2 the next day. i believe there is enough for part 3. if there is a groundswell of support. steve: i thought that was part 1 right there. brian: just a soundbite. steve: part one now you got the wish. >> ainsley: game of addition. brian: joel, you will sway the balance of power. ainsley: did you like king street did you get grits. brian: no. i was working. steve: i had some in washington
3:32 am
it was fantastic. ainsley: the biden administration admits considering shutting down another pipeline hear from the oil workers who fear their jobs are on the line. brian: our friend pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends and we are paying for it pete are, you have to talk to other people. we have talked to you about this. you have to be more friendly. will pete be friendly? that story when we come back. ♪ ♪ with amerisave's consistently low mortgage rates, your little girl can go wherever her dreams take her, like toward a career in the ethics of rhythm and movement.
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steve: you know this. look at the prices for the pump. they're soaring and the same for the cost to heat your home. the white house is admitting they are looking pull the plug on another pipeline in michigan. for works of enbridge line 5 this impact study could lead to them losing their job. scott hayes for the toledo refining company joins us right now along with line five worker justin plumberville. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: justin, let's start with you, you work on line 5. explain to the folks at home, if the president pulls the plug, pulls the permit on this, how is this going to impact them? >> well, it's gonna impact the workers in northern michigan. there is compressor stations all along this line that help push the gas and the oil through the line. and i represent the northern 29 and a half counties of lower peninsula, michigan. so, we typically work a couple
3:37 am
hundred thousand man hours a year on this line and compressor stations and good jobs in northern michigan clean-up it's a desolate area and vast area and good paying jobs that are hard to come by. steve: sure. so, scott, you work at a refinery, which has supplied the oil from canada which comes through line five in michigan. how would people not only in michigan but ohio and that part of the midwest be impacted? >> its would devastating, you know. shuttle down line 5 means you are shutting down 40% of the croyle into the region and from there we make the products that fuel the economy safely. we make the gasoline jet fuel diesel that everyone knows about. but we also make the building block chemicals that go into every product that you touch. your iphone, detergents, makeup, building materials, fiber glass, plastics to store your food in. the list goes on and on. and i can't imagine that the administration would want to lose good paying union jobs,
3:38 am
hurt people on a precarious income because of the price of fuel goes up, the price of everything goes up, including heating your home. and make us competitively disadvantaged to the rest of the world, especially here in the midwest. i might add something, steve, we talk about the safety of line 5. i have a section of line 5 here and you can see how think it is. for all the rhetoric that this is a old pipe that is not robust. here's the evidence here. even with these impressive biceps i have. i can't hold it for too long. this is a substantial piece of american steel. so, any argument that it's unsafe has been extinguished by the federal authorities that have ruled time and time again that the existing line is safe and by the way they are building a new tunnel beneath the lake bed which has given the rub here to house a brand new tunnel where you take the risk from very minimal to statistically zero. steve: sure, justin, didn't they
3:39 am
shut down line five for what did i read? for 30 hours back in 2018 or 2019, and what impact did that have? >> that had a huge impact. especially the upper peninsula, michigan. they rely on this line for propane transport there is a transmission statement in bark river, michigan that they load and haul propane to homes. most of the houses in northern michigan are heated with propane unless you are is it the city areas there is natural gas. but, predominantly the northern michigan uses propane to heat their homes. and i believe and i'm not exactly certain, but i believe it put them behind about three weeks for the 30-hour shut down. steve: exactly. before you go, justin, look directly in the camera, joe biden will see this video. what's your message to him on pulling the plug on this pipeline. >> my message to president biden would be to please do your due
3:40 am
diligence to investigate every option and find the safest alternative as steve has mentioned. it's already been proposed for a utility tunnel to be drilled under the straits. we feel that's the safest option. and we hope you explore all options to safely take care of and provide jobs for my working members. steve: all right. scott. final word, your message to joe biden. >> my message is like i said before. i know the administration doesn't want to disproportionately harm poor people. doesn't want to set the economy back further. i invite president biden to really look at the domino effects of shutting down this line what it would mean to our economy and do the right thing keep the line open. steve: right. we are just talking about the price of oil and the availability of heating our homes. we are not even talking about the human toll, how many jobs would be lost. that is for another day. scott and justin, guys, thank you very much. good luck. >> thank you. >> thank you.
3:41 am
steve: all right. 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. up next, democrat phil murphy barely claimed election victory in a race he was expected to win in new jersey with big margins. pete hegseth is talking to knowledge residents as he sits down for first or second breakfast. pete, you will have to go and talk to the folks in a minute. pete: eventually, steve. eventually. a huge shoutout to victor and rudy who opened up early for us at point 40 diner in monroeville. foody. phenomenal. i'm not kidding. point of view of the diners who we have been talking to all morning. give you insight into why new jersey almost went red when we come back. ♪ i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood.
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3:46 am
with a just razor thin margin. ainsley: check in with pete hegseth having breakfast with our friends point 40 diner in monroeville, new jersey. hey, pete. pete: good morning, guys. and great folks down here in south jersey. i can see the cows in the pasture through the window. beautiful and wonderful people talking about the election that was a week ago here in new jersey. huge implications statewide where the republican almost won and a lot of seats were flipped for republicans that people didn't expect here in new jersey. we're talking to marie. marie you work in public safety. >> yes. pete: a registered democrat. you voted in both directions over the course of your life. what was the deciding factor why so many people moved to republicans in this election? >> i feel for this particular area, that there is -- people are very unhappy with the handling of the pandemic. people, you know, in this country, it's the land of the free. people don't like being told what they have to do. a lot of small businesses going
3:47 am
out of business. this is a blue collar area. it was a stranglehold. people feel, you know, they want to be heard. and these elections are the only way that some people feel that they can represent themselves and be heard and have someone advocate for them. pete: lockdowns and mandates. >> yeah. mostly and now i think very recently the economy. things are so much more expensive than they were a year, two years, three years ago. the totality of everything. this is the only way people have to speak, this is the only recourse for us to vote what you think is going to help change things for you for the better. pete: thank you, marie. eleanor, i thought you did great. too. she didn't want to talk. i didn't pass to her on purpose. june and allen real quick elections, people that don't understand real quickly why did things go the way they did here? >> everybody is fed up and tired of what is going on. we are tired of the mandates. it's supposed to be a free country. doesn't seem like it is headed that way anymore.
3:48 am
>> allen? >> also the mandates. high taxes in new jersey. now it's high inflation, high gas prices, high grocery prices. everybody is just fed up. pete: thank you for your background in law enforcement alan, part time farmer now what do you raise. >> just mixed vegetables. pete: i like that. appreciate it although i should eat more vegetables and i don't. back to you in new york. it's covid and mandates and tell people what to do. freedom and the economy. all added up national. brian: make sure those cows don't procreate in glasgow they don't want any more cows because of the methane. could you please make sure nothing happens? pete: i will do what i can brian. we will see. steve: look at that thanks, pete. ainsley: that's how i learned about it national geographic. brian: and cows. ainsley: my dad. steve: pete is indoors. but janice dean is outdoors, i believe, no, inside today.
3:49 am
janice: i am here. ainsley: janice so pretty in new york today, right? janice: gorgeous, flirting with temperatures in the 70s, close to 70 degrees in new york city. if you can get outside i would highly recommend it. i will write you a note. here is the warmth that is across much of the country. especially the southeast, florida up towards the northeast. even maine is well above average 67 in boston. 75 in louisville. enjoy it today because the changes are going to start to happen certainly throughout the workweek as the storm moves into the west, more snow for the mountains and then coastal rains for the northwest. but today we will enjoy that wonderful temperature of 69 degrees here in new york city. all right. ainsley. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, cat scan miss. coming up next. a combat veteran wounded fighting in afghanistan has brand new help thanks to one
3:50 am
organization. check in with her. lee greenwood is helping her home. steve: good morning. you're next. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
steve: welcome back. corporal sue downs is an army vet who lost both legs while serving in afghanistan in 2006. this morning, she is set to receive the keys to a brand new home in cyprus, texas, thanks to the helping a hero organization. ainsley: such a wonderful organization. corporal sue downs joins us now along with helping a hero national ambassador lee greenwood. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. corporal, tell us what this means to you. >> what this means to me is a whole new life. i get to finally have a home for my child and my grandson. actually have a roof over their heads. and actually have a forever home. i don't have to worry about losing a home or anything. i just have the security of knowing that my children will always have a roof over their heads. steve: lee, she was supposed
3:55 am
to -- that house was supposed to be done a year ago. but because of coronavirus and supply chain issues and things like that, it's been delayed. but, better late than never. >> well, we are persistent about that. of course, it wasn't just about that. once corporal downs had decided where to live, the planning stages did take a little bit of time. like you just pointed out, it is worth the wait for her, 18111 is the address right here in cypress, texas we are proud to present this to her today. it's fabulous. brian: could you tell us what happened to you november 28th, 2006. >> november 2th, 2006, i was on a mission, an overnight mission in afghanistan. me and my partner got up and ready to go. i was the gunner that day. we hit a land mind under the road are. and i don't really recall a lot of it. i just remember the explosion and being knocked from the truck
3:56 am
he lost both legs and lost both of my soldiers. >> you have done so men and women done so much overseas. when you stand up and sing god bless the u.s.a. there is not a dry eye in the room. everyone stands on their feet and to honor all of the folks that you are honoring there. because of that the three of us want to make a donation to your charity. we are going to give you $10,000 out of our own bank accounts so that you bless someone else's life. >> god bless you for that. >> thank you. >> we thank you for that and covering this event as well. i wish a very happy veterans day to all of those who have served the united states. brian: all right, guys, thanks for sharing your story. helping a join in this and nominate a hero and donate to the 100 home challenge. steve: we'll be right back ...with rinvoq.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪ ainsley: the biden administration admits they are considering shutting down another pipeline. >> it woulds devastating. shutting down line 5 means you are shutting down 40% of the cruel into the region. from there we make the products that fuel the economy. >> deconstruct the racism that was built. >> everything to gain by acknowledging. >> what you are going to start tearing down bridges now. this is a job for mayor pete setting up next presidential run. >> mandate of large u.s. companies on hold. >> biden team fight this in court as long as it takes.
4:01 am
>> it's not right. it's unconstitutional and it's putting a wedge between me and my employees. >> gavin newsom has not been seen in public for nearly two weeks after getting covid booster shot. >> people have a right to wonder where he is at. after all this is a man that loves the limelight. >> spacex two drag done splashing down off the coast of florida. >> ♪ they got the beat ♪ they got the beat ♪ yeah, they got the beat ♪ ♪ ainsley: that is ocean city, it is a city on the ocean. [laughter] ainsley: appropriately named. brian: don't need wikipedia for that. steve: welcome aboard, folks. tuesday, november 9th there dave walk around camera. come on over here on the couch on the mezzanine level of studio m as in rupert murdoch renamed
4:02 am
and dedicated a couple of weeks ago in honor of our 25th anniversary on the air right here at the fox news channel. ainsley: we are two days away from veterans day, the 11th. steve: absolutely. brian: meanwhile pete hegseth not a veteran because is he still in the national guard. still active life at point had 0 diner in monroeville, new jersey. hey,. pete: pete good morning, brian. actually i'm also now in the individual ready reserve which is not quite the national guard but i'm still a major. it's complicated. i will share it with you later. we are at the -- it's all, you know, acronyms and things like that. we are at the point 40 diner in monroeville. we are in south jersey two hours from new york city. it feels like a world away. when you think of the state of new jersey and the lockdowns and the mandates that governor murphy did, the way they are viewed down here, viewed a lot differently than maybe the northern part of the state. they voted that way in a city, in a state with a million more
4:03 am
registered democrats than republicans. they almost elected a new republican governor and a lot of state senate seats and assembly seats went for republicans that hadn't gone that way for quite some time. we are talking to diners here all morning long to get the common sense wisdom, the voice of the people, what motivated their vote. i'm hearing it over and over again, guys. energy prices. heating prices. gas. inflation. covid lockdowns, masked mandates, kids in school, quality of life issues where even if you are a democrat you are feeling it shift under your feet and you are looking for a different alternative. so we will keep talking to people here. again, point 40 diner, monroeville, new jersey, all morning long. beautiful diner here surrounded by cornfields and cattle. brian: and cattle. that's right. new jersey, the garden state. pete, we have been talking about the high cost of bacon. you are essentially there at bacon central. >> bay scon! steve: have you talked to the
4:04 am
owners about how hard it is to get certain things and how prices have gone up and have they had to pass the price on to everybody who is paying in that restaurant other than you? >> no, i have not. but now i have an assignment and i will find out, steve and get back to you the cost -- i can't b.s. you here, i haven't. i will find mike. he is around here. ainsley: we know what the answer is going to be. the answer is going to be yes. steve. pete: i know. ainsley: if you look at some of the items that restaurants have to buy, apples are up. lettuce, carbonated drinks. beef steaks, pork roast, steaks, eggs, fish, seafood, not to mention the propane and the gas. and baby food is up. boys and girls shoes. hotels, motels, tvs. steve: you name it. ainsley: gas prices. steve: nothing is on sale. brian: one of the restaurants i went to you will see in tim scott's feature rodney scott barbecue place. they were saying talking about the restaurant owners they have to raise their prices on the
4:05 am
fly. they can't get their printer to redo the menu. i know that says 45.50 but it'ss really 6.6.25. steve: trust me it's $8. it was 35 month and a half ago. ainsley: a lot of people don't eat out because it's too expensive. they would rather eat at home. whatever you are kicking at home has gone up too. the biden administration is considering pulling the plug on another pipeline. brian: yup, energy costs are up. gallons prices are hitting seven year high. your home heating bill is going up. so, what would the administration do? let's make it worse. steve: they would if they pulled the plug. peter doocy live at the white house as members of the party urge him to ease the crisis there are about a dozen democrats saying don't do it, joe.
4:06 am
pete: this is happening as the energy secretary, jennifer granholm is admitting it is already going to cost more to heat your home this winter. but administration officials are still looking at another pipeline project that could get the ax. >> why is the administration now considering shutting down the line 5 pipeline from canada to michigan. >> so, peter, that sin accurate. that is not right. >> is it being studied right now, is the administration studying the impact of shutting down the line 5. >> yes, yes, we are. >> it wasn't inaccurate. >> i thought you were saying we were going to shut it down. that is not inaccurate. >> white house officials i spoke to afterwards explained the existing line 5 pipeline is not being looked at. is he a ricement line is being study deed for environmental impacts and could eventually be shut down. but a group of house republicans from the region have already written to president biden warning this could lead to fuel shortages or price hikes at a
4:07 am
very delicate time. >> what they are doing is every regulation, every agency of government, every way they can to stifle and kill the fossil fuel industry. all that is going to do is, number one, it's going to kill a lot of jobs. union jobs, for instance, that already have been lost. the price of gasoline. we haven't even seen it start to go up. pete: now 11 democrats in the senate have written to their party leader, the president of the united states, to say that they think all the talk about a carbon free future and getting rid of fossil fuels down the line is great. but that right now he needs to do more to address rising fuel costs, arguing that it is putting an undue burden on families and small businesses. back to you. steve: hey, peter, i have got a question for you. joe biden on day one, he pulls the plug on the keystone pipeline which had been a
4:08 am
campaign promise. is there any sense there at the white house that he has got to do this to appease the environmentalists or to help the governor out in michigan or what's the thinking behind doing that? >> remember something else he talked about from the beginning he wants decision made at every department to have climate change in mind. so, this fits in with something else from that first week that he talked about, which is everything, could be the transportation department, labor department, department of defense. they want climate change in mind for all of it. brian: wow, is jen psaki okay? it's been over two weeks. >> it's been less than her quarantine time. we do expect her back by the end of this week. recovering from covid at home. ainsley: didn't she say she was going to work through the year? didn't she announce through the summer. >> she will be back. within the window of a positive covid test. i believe that was last sunday.
4:09 am
not this past sunday the one before. we do think she will be back briefing by the end of this week. steve: okay, peter, thank you very much. just about 45 minutes ago. we talked to a couple of people. one guy who actually works on this line 5 up in michigan and another guy who works at a refinery in ohio and all of the oil they use comes from line 5. it's transported there. so, what would the impact be on you and me and all of them if joe biden l 5? here they are. >> it's going to impact the workers in northern michigan. there is compressor stations all along this line to help push the gas and the oil through the line. and i represent the northern 29 and a half counties lower peninsula, michigan. so, we typically work a couple hundred thousand man hours a year on this line. >> i can't imagine that the administration would want to lose good-paying union jobs, hurt people on a precarious
4:10 am
income because of the price of fuel goes up, the price of everything goes up, including heating your home, and make us competitively disadvantaged to the rest of the world. especially here in the midwest. brian: yeah, the governor whitmer has been talking about this forever. now the administration is getting behind it the secretary of energy thinks it's part of the grand scheme of things. we are on track. make oil and gas so unattennable and unaffordable we will have to go to windmills and solar. this is on path. i have never seen somebody in charge of a division of government who thought it was more humorous and detached than the secretary of energy when it comes to oil and gas in this country. now we are about to hit winter. everyone's bill is going to go up. when you drive your car, it's going to cost more. you go shopping, it's going to cost more. and she is blatantly indifferent to the entire plight. ainsley: this is their way of pushing us toward wind energy and electric cars. both of those men that steve interviewed earlier, one of them
4:11 am
held up a piece of the pipeline and he said this is robust, it's heavy. it's a substantial piece of american steel. federal authorities say that the existing line is safe. and they go on to talk about the utility tunnel that they have built underneath it. just in case there is an accident, the utility tunnel underneath it will catch any of the oil that was spill out. he says the risks are minimal to zero. brian: we just buy more oil and gas from saudi arabia and russia. every time gas and oil goes up. russia gets strorpg and more belligerent. you are seeing it what they're doing on ukrainian border. not even close to our interest. europeans have their pipeline and natural gas from russia are beginning to see a slow down and a reversal of the flow. we have l and g. we could provide it at slightly higher cost initially but be able to transport it to them and we are a friendly customer. instead, we stopped drilling on federal lands, which kills oklahoma and kills new mexico.
4:12 am
and it kills wyoming. and in turn we stop expanding. and all these questions, no one ever asks why doesn't -- why don't we drill more to get away from these people that want to wish us ill will why are we begging others. steve: the administration doesn't want us poking any more holes in the ground tapping the wind and the sun. brian: and russia. steve: unfortunately for all of us, sometimes as we saw last winter in texas, during that great big storm, that ice storm, wasn't a lot of wind, cloudy, everybody froze. ainsley: are they reliable? if we go to wind energy is it reliable? 100 percent reliable? steve: they haven't worked out all the bugs. meanwhile yesterday pete buttigieg was in the brady briefing room as well as the deputy press secretary answering questions. he was talking about supply chain issues and things like
4:13 am
that. and then, ryan had a question for him that i don't think he was ready -- he may have been ready for but i don't think it was on the top of his agenda yesterday. here's what he had to say about bridges and highways, how are they racist? here is an explanation, watch this. >> can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways. >> i'm still surprised that some people were surprised when i pointed to the fact that if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a white and a black neighborhood or if an under pass was constructed such that a bus carrying mostly black and puerto rican kids to a beach or would have been in new york was designed to low for it to pass by. that obviously reflects racism that went into those design choices. i don't think we have anything to lose by confronting that
4:14 am
simple reality. steve: ted cruz tweeted out the roads are racist. we must get rid of roads. there were a lot of tweets about it. ainsley: we need to focus on truck drivers. we need to find truck drivers because we can't get goods. we need to get all of those containers off of those barges in the middle of the pacific ocean. people -- i mean, you are just not getting your items. we don't have our everyday items in the grocery stores. you showed pictures of the empty shelves. all of you sent be in pictures of the empty shestlesz. this needs to be our focus. brian: joe concha weighed in on the priority punch list and he can't believe this is on it watch. >> you are talking about what you are going to start tearing down brings now. particularly around places where the bridge may be the main way in and out and then what do you do with traffic in the meantime? i mean, when you talk about the swap of roads, apparentfully april ryan's argument and the argument of others on the left citing the work of the architect
4:15 am
of those roads years ago talking billions of dollars. and talking about upsetting traffic which is already horrible around many metropolitan areas if you start deconstructing this stuff and reconstructing it. brian: it's amazing. i have never seen again somebody so hands off when it comes to supply chain. don't worry about it, stop ordering stuff. little by little get barges out. good problem to have. lower your expectations. some of the ridiculous retorts from the crisis cease that we are experiencing to me is shown in the 38% polling for the president. because when you have your secretary of energy laid back. secretary of labor indifferent. smiling, this is a good problem to have. ainsley: don't call us, call fedex. brian: what was she doing? how unbelievable an administration is from a crisis. a lot of times evaluate it we sit there and saying are we pulling for the same country? steve: speaking of countries, you know, over the last, i don't
4:16 am
know, 10 years on this program, we talked about how america's cleanings have continued to lurch so far to the left. that's one of the reasons why a fellow by the name of joe long dale who has been involved in a lot of tech companies. he and a lot of his like-minded friends have decided they are going to start their own university. talked a little bit about how refer when universities you used to be able to go out and you would stand in the quad and you would be able to hear every point of view? you don't hear that anymore. and so he is co-founding a new university dedicated to freedom of thought and study and it's called the university of as you citizen. ainsley: frustrated with the universities now. this is a quote from the op-ed. in the 20th century american universities attracted exceptional thinkers in every field and produced unprecedented wealth of knowledge. but today our universities are failing to live up to that legacy.
4:17 am
robust debate on important topics is increasingly rare. and uniformity of viewpoint is s increasingly demand. universities have been captured by new ideologies of intolerance, that order subserve yans and squash those that think differently. it's time to build america's next great university. brian: all right. we will see. i don't know if you want to name it after one of the most liberal cities in the country. it's crazy. here is peter a former state professor been on the show before. he said he had a big thing coming up. a big project to announce, i guess this is it. watch. >> the purpose of the university it's based upon free speech, free inquiry, the open exchange of ideas. it is an on ground campus. and right now this is seriousness in traditional academic institutions and i think it's really important to call things what it is. it's not liberals who have taken over the institutions, it's the authoritarians who have taken over the institutions.
4:18 am
traditional academic institutions. and it's needed because our institutions now have been hijacked by maniacs. steve: they say it's time to start america's next great university. they wrap up by saying this will not be done by pursuing what is popular or what is conventional and it will not happen overnight. we are challenging a jealous orthodoxy and expect to be scorned, mocked and even viciously attacked. i guess they are going to do it. brian: when you say jealous orthodoxy, i think carly shimkus. steve: you would be the one. [laughter] carley: i live my life very aggressive all the time. aggressive, jealous, dark me in a nutshell. brian: you don't mind if i do that. carley: no. people need to know. some wild video to show you. a fearless pastor tackled this gunman after he pointed his weapon at a an entire congregation in nashville. now he joined me on "fox & friends first" earlier with a
4:19 am
parishioner who witnessed the incident and served as translator. watch this. >> in my mind i was thinking that there nothing else to do there was only leave or die. >> the suspect now faces 57 counts of felony ago grey i can't vacated assault. one for every person in that church. pfizer's covid pill could reportedly be available as soon as as early next year. according to sky news, great britain has already ordered 250,000 courses of the treatment. this as the pharmaceutical giant says the pill cuts the risk of covid related hospitalizations or death pioneerly 90%. pfizer's covid shot vaccine is available for ages 5 and over. the pittsburgh steelers outlasting the chicago bears in a thriller. bears quarterback carlos santos barely missing a 65-yard field goal that would have won it for chicago.
4:20 am
pittsburgh tight end pat freyer two touchdowns in the win. chicago's almost comeback led by three touchdowns in the game's final quarter. exciting ending there. so thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. and the jury has spoken. canadyed jams is the most disliked thanksgiving dish. it received 27% of an instacart online poll. for most disliked dishes. green bean casserole came in number two followed by cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole and stuffing coming in number 5 steve, i hear you have some thoughts on this topic. steve: green bean casserole is one of the best sides. all mayonnaisey. steve: french's country onions. and the cream of mushroom soup. ainsley: reason jams didn't do well people prefer sweet potatoes. brian: there is a difference between yams.
4:21 am
i thought jams and sweet tomatoes. ainsley: i think they are in the same family. carley: i didn't know there was a difference either. brian: joel, would you look that up? >> yeah. brian: former navy seal jocko willink sharing his messages to america's heroes. don't move ♪ cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away.
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4:26 am
people saw what happened in afghanistan and they think, you know, is this generation who, like you, who fought there was it worth it? what do you say to them? >> that's one of those things a very tough answer right now. all these people made so many sacrifices two decades in that country trip and for us to leave it in a disastrous way it hurts. the thing that i try and tell people is that you did your duty. did you what the nation asked you to do. and i know that everyone feels even though it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to, we would step up and do it again if we had to. brian: what are you going to do on veterans day? what do you think about. >> well, veterans day, definitely i'm thankful for all the opportunities that we have and every opportunity we have right now we have only because people were willing to step up, hold the line, go overseas, face fear and death and do that on a daily basis while they are in the military, so i'm just grateful for all those veterans that served. brian: so now i know you have children books and you have your own books and now first novel
4:27 am
called "final spin" it is on sale today. what can we expect? >> well, you know, this book is not about the military. i think about some of the veterans that i grew up knowing, you know, guys like jimmy hendrix and johnny cash and kurt, these are people that you wouldn't think of as veterans but they served. and so this is a situation where i'm doing the same thing, this is a book that's not about the military but there is still a punch of lessons in there, lessons about how it treat other people. lessons about the pathways to happiness. the meaning of sacrifice. and really trying to give people a better understanding of human nature. brian: i know you give your leadership seminars and people call you in age in companies to talk about that. do you find the best way to get a point across is by telling a story rather than just give bullet points. >> yeah, 100 percent. make it relatable. explain to people in a way they can remember it that's what all of my books have been telling stories now. the books i have written in the past have been about stories i have lived through.
4:28 am
this is one that i made it up in my head. but there is still definitely some lessons to be learned there. brian: on sale today, the final spin, jocko, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: you got it meanwhile, election day was a wake-up call for democrats, especially in new jersey. where pete hegseth is talking to diners, one week after the democratic governor phil murphy barely beat his republican challenger. pete? pete: we are talking to a lot of great folks here, including the pharaoh family fehrman marine corps vet. they farm as well. they have been talking about how the garden state is at risk at losing its garden which something we may talk about. these two youngings shoot trap. yeah i shoot like a girl. want a lesson? i wouldn't mess with her. more "fox & friends" on the other side. ♪
4:29 am
4:30 am
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4:33 am
carley: we are back with headlines here. a georgia deputy is dead after being shot several times during a domestic dispute. the deputy lena mccoal marshall was previously listed in critical condition. authorities say homeowners were looking to remove a woman who cannot live in their residents. a 43-year-old woman allegedly shot marshall before a second deputy on scene returned fire and killed the suspect. 8 young elementary school kids suspected of eating edibles on a maryland playground. school administrators say a teacher spotted the youngsters candy edible marker. monitored before they were released to the families. ages are unknown and unclear how many kids actually ingested the candy or if it contained any cannabis. california governor gavin newsom has not been seen in public for nearly two weeks after getting a covid booster shot during a live
4:34 am
appearance. now his wife recently deflecting the notable absence saying in a now deleted tweeted quote please stop hating and get a life. fox nation host tomi lahren left california in part because of newsom's policies and weighed in on "fox & friends first." >> him not being on the stage for over 11 days, well, that's concerning. and while his wife might want us to get a life, we would like to know where the governor of that state is because he has a lot to answer for. >> newsom reportedly this week wedding ivy getty foreclosure united stated by nancy pelosi. the governor's office sets booster shot is not related to his absence. and in new york, thrill seekers can be -- will be able to scale one of the city's tallest sky scrapers. city climb is opening today at 30 hudson yards in midtown, manhattan. the 1300-foot climb gives new york thrill seekers a gorgeous view of the city. it costs $185 per person and climbers go up in groups of 8.
4:35 am
how about that for a workout, guys. ainsley: no thank you. brian: scare out. steve: 9:00, come on i will pay. ainsley: do you want to do it. do it live on tv. brian: a little windy. steve: great idea. ainsley: fall backwards and start repelling. steve: there we go brian will teach me. ainsley: a close race in new jersey dealing another blow to the democrats after democrat phil murphy won the race for governor by a very unexpected razor thin margin. steve: what do the voters think? let's go back to the diner and check in with pancake pete hegseth. is he talking to folks live over breakfast with friends at the 40 point diner in monroeville, new jersey. peter? pete: the only thing i'm thinking right now are you guys going to make me do that climate hudson yard on "fox & friends"? brian bine we will all go together. ainsley: only if you volunteer. brian: if not, rachel will do it. rachel will do it. it's okay.
4:36 am
pete: yes, you are right. you are right. maybe i will pitch it off to her. you are right, guys, we are in monroeville. we are at the point 40 diner. it's a beautiful spot here in south jersey and beautiful diner as well. steve, you asked, have you talked to the manager at the diner about food costs and product costs and what it takes to keep a business running. we have mike who owns this beautiful establishment. mike, we tried to get right back on camera to get answer because you had it right away for us. when it comes to your product for your recipes and everything, where are costs right now. >> you know, ever since the covid outbreak, it's been a very steady increase across the board in all of our food, paper, cleaning products, everything has increased to the point where our margins we have had to pass it along taken a lot to absorb the added cost. simple things like chicken, bacon, things that you assume
4:37 am
you see at the grocery store there is limited supply, the cost of everything is more expensive same thing applies here. pete: more acute recently? inflation hitting you dramatically. you said chicken almost three times normal price? >> yes. commodities like chicken, bacon, eggs, all that stuff there has been steady increase over the past year and a half trying to find products is an art. prices group and down. availability is completely, you know, the issue right now. pete: i know you are doing your best to try to not pass it along to the customer but eventually there is a point where you just can't do it anymore. >> yeah. we are a small community here. we try our best to keep things, you know, as cost effective as we can for our customers. there comes a point where labor and food costs they reach that
4:38 am
limit where we have to, you know, it has to happen. pete: well, thank you very much, mike. appreciate it. great stuff. we have got our panel of farmers here if you could, all of you, what do you farm. >> i. >> mums. >> mums. >> market potatoes. >> process tomatoes and grain. >> and corn and soybeans. >> pretty much anything you need at the grocery store can you get here. bruce, we were talking a little bit earlier. when you look at new jersey, a lot of the nation is surprised by how strong the republican vote was, the vote for ciattarelli, what do you make of that, why that happened? >> >> just people are fed up with the way things are going. it's like turned upside down. we still have probably 30 loads of potatoes that we haven't moved that normally we're wrapped up, we're done. and the chip plants, they can't get help. the canneries can't get help.
4:39 am
it's just way different. when the new regime took over, things really changed. in everything. everything we do. right? in parts for the equipment. everything is just slowed down. pete: i have heard some farmers say that, you know, this the is garden state at risk of not being the garden state if things -- you are getting products ships in internationally that you should be making from here; is that right? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> and green, too. more green to grow locally. yes. pete: rather than shipping them on giant containers using informs fuels in the process. unfortunately we will have to leave it there maybe get more from our farmer power panel later on. i do want to do a quick shameless promotion because we have a new episode of modern warriors. a lot of vets in this community as well that we have had a chance to talk. to say it's modern warriors. we were soldiers edition.
4:40 am
talking to vietnam vets. powerful discussion especially in light of what happened in afghanistan it brings you back to the images of saigon. i asked these vietnam vets in this special what's it like to see that? and how -- you know, we now who he they were treated. how does that affect how you treated generation generation when we came home. really candid conversation. it's available on fox nation right now. modern warriors and there will be a special sunday night at 10:00 p.m. as well. so i hope folk also check that out on the channel. back to you guys though from here at point 40 diner. steve: very nicely done. all right. pete. thank you very much. check that out on fox nation right now. meanwhile, from new jersey, to nebraska, businesses are up against their biggest challenge yet. and it is inflation. we are going to talk to one restaurant owner who says this could be the final straw. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust.
4:41 am
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ainsley: they survived pandemic lockdowns and staff shortages that followed. facing yet another obstacle, surging inflation. next guest fierce greatest threat to business. lisa santana co-owner of poncho villa mexican grill in nebraska. she joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning ains 80s i know you opened your restaurant 11 and a half years ago. had a heart transplant three years. covid hit. home schooling four kids. went to carry out only and now being faced with supply chain issues and inflation. how is this affecting you? >> it is financially really affecting us. the prices have stayed up for the last three or four weeks. there is always a price fluctuation but through covid it's gone slowly up and up until now we are just at the higher end of everything. and we are afraid it's going to
4:46 am
get worse before it gets better or if it just continues at these prices i think it's going to be very hard for small mom and pop shops to, you know, make it in this. ainsley: big restaurant group that have 30 restaurants, they can buy in bulk from companies bike cisco. for your company, your one business, you can't do that, can you? >> we cannot do that. we can't afford it at all. so, we have to look for thank god that we have a warehouse lehr that we can go to and we can find products a little bit less expensive but they have also gone up so much. ainsley: give me an example of something. >> everything is up about 50%. ainsley: everything is up about 50%? go ahead. i'm sorry. >> everything is up about 50% up. the onions, tomatoes, we use very basic products. and they are all up about 50%.
4:47 am
including our paper goods and our foil and our to go containers and all of that is about 25 to 30% up. ainsley: how are you making -- >> -- everything is taking a toll. i don't know we're just trying to do the best we can. we are buying maybe every two two to three days just what we need so we don't stock up on anything. we're just really pinching pennies, and running around a lot trying to get products that we really need to keep our menu going. we have not changed our menu at all. ainsley: okay. what's your message to the administration if the president is watching? >> my message is that, you know, us mom and pop shops would really, really work hard and this is our dream. and we will not be able to
4:48 am
compete with bigger corporations so then all of the small businesses might not survive it and that's what this country is based on is people like us that are trying to build a business with their family and we don't want to lose that in this country. ainsley: well, lisa, it's tuesday. everyone loves taco tuesday. if people want to come to the package choo villa. where are you. >> 56 and cornhusker like a little hidden gem i would say 56 and cornhusker and they can look us up on, you know, on social media to check us out. ainsley: all right. well, lisa, god bless you. thank you so much for coming on, i wish you all the best. >> thank you. [phone ringing] ainsley: someone is calling now to place an order.
4:49 am
ainsley: check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. thanks, j.d. janice: i love it. take a look at the current temperatures. warm air here on the east coast and that's great news for most people i would say. 54 right now in new york city. 54 in chicago. we do have some colder air on the way. we will enjoy what's happening today for two thirds of the country. you have got this cold front and, you know, associated cold air as well as some stormy weather that's going to move in from the west over the next couple of days. you can see next system moving, in cotion rain, mountain snow, some of that going to move into the midwest tomorrow. tracking that see heavy rain fall and mountain snow. pretty good for this day november 8th. or is it the 9th of november. almost 70 degrees, ainsley. back to you. ainsley: veterans day is in two days. thank you. ainsley: mission to deliver 50,000 blankets to the homeless. joining the cause. meet the brothers behind this movement coming up next.
4:50 am
♪ ♪ must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the ...
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hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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brian: in the summer of 2016, two new york city brothers quit their 9-5 jobs in search of more meaningful work, fast forward five years, what started as a small idea has grown into a big
4:54 am
business. ainsley: they started blankets of hope that is a non-profit that partners with schools to donate blankets to homeless veterans and now, fox news is joining their team to give warm th to the homeless vets this winter. steve: so let's meet these two brothers behind blankets of hope we've got co founders mike and nick fiorito. guys good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: it's such a good idea. you know, it's starting to get cold here and when you walk down the street and you see anybody who is sitting on a great and could use a blanket it's a great idea, so how do the folks watching right now how can we all help you guys? >> that's a great question and thank you for asking it. you know, so our mission with blankets of hope is to really inspire this global movement of kindness and the way we do that is by partnering with schools across the country and getting kids involved in this movement so if people at home have friends that are teachers or administrators they can get to blankets of hope and get them to sign up and bring kindness into the classroom and then also, help us donate more blankets by
4:55 am
donating towards the blankets of $7 a blanket and we'll get them to the schools. steve: so far people have donated 50,000 blankets and now, over the last five years and you've got an ambitious goal of 50,000 this year. can you do it? >> i think so. we have relied on the help of just everyone along the way. nick and i never thought we be running this non-profit but the funny thing is that we set these big goals and for some reason all these people come together and want to help us so with everyone's help including you guys here at fox, we'll hit the goal. ainsley: amazing the blankets are each $7 you don't make a penny that's your cost. >> we use 100% model as a non-profit. ainsley: what's the reaction from these veterans when you see them on the streets because you grew up in brooklyn, we see them all the time when you hand them a blanket? >> they've given so much, right to be able to give back to them a little bit is something that is awesome, but it's so easy to feel invisible when you're out there. when people are walking right by
4:56 am
you, and to feel that connection back to society is something we think is really important. brian: you need human power too to actually hand these out? >> so the way that it works is nick and i will go out on to the streets and hand them out ourselves but we also ship the blankets to schools across the country so we partner with schools in 43 states and we ship the blankets to schools, the kids participate in the kindness workshop and their blankets get delivered to local homeless shelters across the country. >> the kids make an impact. ainsley: and they write little notes to the veterans. >> those are super special. steve: indeed. >> if you have a kid you put that on your fridge, these notes are so special. steve: so many people watching that would like to help the website is blanketsofhope .com. go there, figure it all out, guys thank you very much. >> thank you so much for having us. ainsley: stick around. congressman jim jordan is coming up.
4:57 am
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my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma.
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5:01 am
soldier opens to tourists for the first time in nearly 100 years. >> we have right now, we have only because people were willing to step up facing fear and death and do that on a daily basis. >> and that's how this game will come to an end! >> ♪ if it's meant to be, it'll be, it'll be, if it's meant to be, it'll be ♪ steve: right there, it's meant to be. the time of year when the leaves start changing as you look live at asheville, north carolina, 3t hang on, folks because you're going for a daytime high of 72 room temperature, in this room, on this tuesday, november 9, 2021, it is always 72. ainsley: and the mountains of north carolina, there is nothing better. the beaches during the summer but this time of the year you
5:02 am
can go see the leaves changing, you can rent a little cabin in the woods, build a fire with your family. brian: here's the problem, i didn't see one person. ainsley: they're under there. they are under those trees. they have been there for ages. brian: would you have them wave next time? ainsley: my family we rented, asheville is so pretty, we found this one little cabin in the middle of the woods my brother had a wedding there. brian: you found it? ainsley: my brother found this on airbnb. it was beautiful looked like a ralph lauren catalog decorated. steve: and you can say thank you , america, to that particular state, because so much of our furniture is built in north carolina. ainsley: that's right. steve: the problem is, they are having supply chain issues as well. it's not that they build the stuff there, but they can't get a lot of materials and they can't get a lot of people to actually do it. brian: here's my concern, if you've seen a lot of this video of these bears they keep going into houses they are so board in the woods they keep going to
5:03 am
hang out with human beings. if you get a house in the woods you could almost expect a bear. do you want that? ainsley: so i recently went to visit a friend in cashers and she put me in a bedroom outside of her house, she has like an art studio, she's a beautiful artist and she had a bed with a bathroom and she said ainsley, you're sleeping out there. she said, and you just missed it we saw a bear this morning. i was like nancy! come on. steve: well i've got news for you. brian: friendly bears is it black bear is the friendly bear what is it the grizzly? steve: i think the panda. ainsley: the ones you want to stay away from are the momma bears when you get close to their babies. steve: stay away from the grizzly bears i'm just saying. brian: what about kodiak bears. friendly? steve: i think that's a variety of grizzly. brian: they're hairy? steve: they're all hairy. they have a lot of bear in new jersey as well. i've seen them in my backyard we've got woods back there not quite like north carolina. pete hegseth is live in money wd
5:04 am
to say. steve: it's in south jersey really close to the delaware line not far from philly. pete: yes, not far from either, indeed, but steve i was checking while you were talking about bears there might be bears up in north jersey but in south jersey not many bears right? maybe coyotes? and they said coyotes, no bears though, and i'll tell you, you talked about the mountains of north carolina, we have the fields of south jersey down here this is a farming community here, it is absolutely beautiful , the leaves are turning, and we're excited to be out here and we're talking about , of course the election that happened a week ago and that shocked the nation. stats
5:05 am
5:06 am
5:07 am
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
all algped push the gas and the oil through the line and i represent the northern 29 and a half counties in the lower peninsula michigan, so we typically work a couple hundred thousand man hours a year on this line. hours a year on this line. >> i can't imagine that the administration would want to lose good paying union jobs, hurt people on an income because if the price of fuel goes up the price of everything goes up including heating your home, and make us competitively disadvantaged to the rest of the world, especially here in the midwest. ainsley: let's bring in ohio gop congressman jim jordan to discuss this. congressman, this affects many of your constituents, the man we just heard there, he was in toledo, he's the toledo refinery
5:11 am
company and he held up a piece of what the pipe looks like, and he says it's robust, it's heavy, it's substantial piece of american steel. he said the federal authorities say that the existing line is safe and they're actually building a tunnel under it, just in case there is ag, but he saye risk because of that tunnel are minimal to zero.your consti? >> you know this is going to be safer than the one they approved in russia, the nord stream pipeline. this makes absolutely no sense, it's like one of these guys want , $8 gas? last week in the committee, democrat member of congress we had big oil company executives in there from chevron, exxon, bp , and ro khana was saying will you commit to reducing a lowering production, so joe biden begs opec to increase production, and democrat members of congress badger american companies to decrease production?
5:12 am
this makes no sense. it's like they are intentionally trying to harm american families and american workers and i don't get it. i don't think the american people get it and that's why joe biden is at 38% or whatever number he's at now. brian: congressman you know better than me but i heard that ohio began to come back economic
5:13 am
5:14 am
>> ainsley: they know better than us, they want to force us to get , you know, all these green energy cars and have wind turbines in our backyard but are they listening to the people? when we interview every single day, we interview people whose jobs are at risk from these pipelines, or , restaurant owners who say we can't stay open any longer this is our source of income and we interviewed one lady who has a mexican restaurant, listen to what she says. >> we are buying maybe every two to three days just what we need, so we don't stock up on
5:15 am
anything, or just really pinch ing pennies, and running around a lot trying to get products that we really need , us mom and pop shops would really really work hard and this is our dream, and we will not be able to compete with bigger corporations, so then all of the small businesses might not survive it, and that's what this country is based on is people like us. ainsley: now they want to spend more money on the social spending bill, trillions of dollars that we don't have. >> of course they aren't listen ing to the american people the energy secretary laughs when she gets a fundamental question about increasing production, so we can actually have the energy independence we had just 10 months ago, the democrats after glenn youngkin's big win after the truck driver beats the senate majority leader in new jersey the democrats do what just proceed with their crazy legislation and pass the next bill too so of course they don't listen to the american people, that's the unfortunate part, and
5:16 am
the last person on there, you see the response that they get and what they are having to deal with so this is all bad for american families, but this is the left, this is today 's left, they are smarter, better and they know more than all of us regular folks and keep doing crazy things and the only way you stop them is beat them at the ballot box like in virginia a week ago. brian: so congressman you have a republican governor but yet you feel as though you've been, they are trying to get you out by redistricting your district and have you go against the democratic congresswoman. what's going on here? >> well, i mean, john boehner tried this 10 years ago and it didn't work then, i think it'll work out in the end, i plan on running and we'll see how it all shakes out. these things, they take a while. we'll see how it all pans out but i plan on running for re-election and i hope that as i said before, i think we're going to take back the house and lord willing i'll get a chance to share the judiciary committee which is the committee that's supposed to protect your first
5:17 am
amendment liberty something the democrats have been attacking for almost a year now. brian: what's behind this? >> i'm not sure. i mean, we're losing the seat, there's some negotiations that takes place, so again, we'll see the republicans are in control and hopefully it'll work out just fine, but we'll have to wait and see. steve: okay, in a couple of weeks, your new book is coming out folks can pre-order it it's called "do what you said you would do" fighting for freedom in the swamp it comes out november 23. congressman, thank you very much for joining us live. >> you bet, thank you. ainsley: thank you. steve: 17 minutes after the top of the hour and carlie joins us right now with news from houston reporter: yeah, got an update on that devastating situation in texas. authorities confirming the identities of all eight victims who died at the astroworld festival in houston. 23-year-old madison debiski was the final victim to be identified. attorney for the family of 21- year-old axle acosta joined fox & friends earlier to discuss
5:18 am
the tragedy. >> it all starts with travis scott and then they put a timer, a huge timer, where everyone could see and then scott got on the stage and encouraged everyone to just go absolutely crazy. reporter: at least 36 lawsuits are expected to be filed against travis scott, and the event organizers. >> schools in new york city are seeing a huge spike in weapon seizures among students. that includes guns and tazers. students are reportedly afraid to walk to class. since july 1, 787 kids were caught carrying weapons by school officials. this , as the rate of shootings involving kids is skyrocketing. the nypd says 21 minors have been killed and 124 were shot and the first 10 months of 2021. that's up from seven deaths and 98 total victims through octobe. >> the white house is encouraging private businesses to ignore the court freeze and
5:19 am
move forward with implementing the vaccine mandates. >> you think people should not wait. the administration clearly has the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the president are designed to save lives. reporter: biden's doj filing a petition asking the court to lift the temporary block, writing, osha's detailed analysis of these standards impact shows that a state would likely cost dozens or even hundreds of lives per day. >> and in just hours, army veteran and double amputee will receive her new home in cypress, texas, through the helping hero organization. >> i finally have a home for my child and my grandson, just had that security of knowing that my children will always have a roof over their heads. reporter: downs was nominated by a patient at walter reed hospital where she recovered after a humvee she was traveling struck a group of land mines in
5:20 am
afghanistan in 2006 and that organization received a big boost from you three on the couch, right? steve: it's great to hear from them. they intended to present her with a house last year but because of covid and the supply chain it didn't work out. brian: better late than never. ainsley: partners with folds of honor, and they all kind of work together so one of them built the pool, one will build a house and one will pay for the scholarship. reporter: one incredible community. ainsley: absolutely. we get to see them on the curvy couch and it's nice to have a part of that too so it's wonderful. thank you to all of the viewers who have donated to those organizations. brian: carlie you have free time until the bottom of the hour. reporter: thank you. the world is my oyster. brian: i can not wait. that's next week, meanwhile a pair of m. i.t. graduates say they no longer support their alma mater because its gone to woke. the battle against campus cancel culture still ahead. ainsley: nascar driver kyle larson securing his first-ever
5:21 am
championship. he's going to join us, live. >> ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> reporter: henry county officer had been with the department for a little over a year. nba superstar shaquille o'neal donated $5,000 to increase the reward for information for the suspected shooter, jordan jackson. a manhunt is underway for the 22-year-old. the lapd releasing footage
5:35 am
of the break-in in hollywood, multiple suspects seen walking around the house. kensly was home at the time of the break-in. police say she was confronted by the suspects, and they threatened to kill her. she reportedly lost $1 million worth of valuables. wow. florida police officers pull a woman out from a sinking car with just seconds to spare. watch this dramatic rescue. >> is there somebody in there? >> yes. >> kick out the back, come on! >> [inaudible] >> are you okay, ma'am? >> reporter: the woman's car plunged into a canal in port orange amid a heavy downpour. the department touting the officers' willingness to put themselves many harm's way to protect strangers. that's why we love our police officers. ainsley: that dorit story, the housewives, i read this -- i
5:36 am
think she was sleeping with her kids. i'm a here, please don't hurt them or me. thank you of so much. major airline pilots nationwide are taking a stand against vaccine mandates as the industry suffers from severe staffing shortages, and this weekend the u.s. freedom fliers gathered in north carolina to protest the biden administration's strict guidance for private companies. a commercial airline pilot ask a member of the freedom fliers, and he joins us now. >> good morning, on behalf of the millions of americans who are about to lose their jobs over this holiday season, thank you for having me on. ainsley: how did it go at the airport? >> we had a great turnout, and this is onal will have oi -- rally of many we're having. american airlines headquarters on thursday, alaska headquarters next week. and so this is resonating really strongly and really well with
5:37 am
the american people, we're finding. ainsley: tell the us why your group is against the the mandates. >> we're against the mandates because this is medical tyranny. this is coercion. we're talking about millions of people across this country, specifically in our case air crews who have flown tirelessly through this pandemic. we've delivered ppe, we've delivered vaccines all over the world, and we're now going to be put on the street potentially here through the holiday season and shortly after because we're not going to violate our conscience and take a medical procedure that we otherwise would have nothing to do with. we're saying no. ainsley: our airlines are on track to hire 4200 more pilots this year and 9,000 more next year. here's the concern though, the real, experienced pilots, the ones who have so many hours in the air, the they lose their jobs because they don't want to get vaccinated, who's going to replace hem? >> you tell me, ainsley. that's a guess. that's a big one, and that's a problem, for sure. veterans in this industry who
5:38 am
have 20, 30, 40, sometimes 50 years of experience and dedication, knowledge, ability as professionals to do their job, to fly airplanes, be mechanics. and you're now potentially having new hires come in off the street. thousand that new hire -- now that new hire barrier to get in the door is not going to be degraded in any way, so you're hot going to see airplanes falling out of the skies, but we're going to be seeing passengers stuck, potentially not getting to grand that's house for turkey on thanksgiving or what happens to santa claus on the 25th of december, we don't know. ainsley: the 5th circuit court has granted an emergency stay at least for now, but what happens to you, jason, if they do say you have to be vaccinated? >> well, that one has to deal with osha, and that's good news. that's the first step in if ahead. we're filing suit here in the next short period of time against the mandate that has to do with federal contractors, and
5:39 am
that specifically is the one that airlines -- ainsley: oh, that's true. you're right. >> so what we're doing is we are filing suit because we're not taking this. we're not going to be submitting to this tyranny really. and it affects all of us on a daily basis. many of us are up at 3:00 in the morning stressing about how we're going to feed our family or pay our mortgage, and we have, you know, we're up against a very hard decision but we're all saying no to this. that's what people across the country have to realize. ainsley: jason, thank you for delivering all those supplies when we needed them most. thanks for what you do for keeping us safe in the sky. >> thank you. ames ins iowans pete hegseth is having breakfast with our friends in new jersey. you're going to hear what the locals are saying right after the break. ♪ how can i resistsome. ♪ ain't looking for nothing but a good time, and it don't get
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♪♪ >> hey, guys, i'd like to check back this with pete hegseth. ainsley: you can do anything you want to, brian. brian: how about this? he's at breakfast with friends. he's in monroeville, new jersey. pete, they're going to go along with it. >> i think so. we couldn't control you, brian, if we wanted to. we all know that. [laughter] thank you very much for if tossing it over here. it's been a fun morning. great folks down here in south jersey including melanie ask frederick. i'm going to do a bit of a lightning round. when it came to the election a week ago as america looks at new jersey, whatever the the issue or issues that most an may noted voters going to the polls? >> i believe it was the education, taxes, lockdowns, mandates for vaccines, control of the people. losing our independence. and that's just the start.
5:45 am
>> that's just the start. >> i'd say it was all of the above, but it seems like we've gotten fooled again. i think we've been fooled again, and my biggest surprise wasn't the fact that it was so close, it was that it wasn't a land slide because i've seen so many jack signs, i don't remember speaking to thin who actually admitted they would vote for murphy. and being forced with wanton marxism and mandates, we're losing freedom by the minute. >> amen, well said. thank both very much. when it came to the election a week ago, what were the biggest issues on your mind. >> taxes, mandates and gun laws. >> taxes. >> ma'am? >> food, gas and my husband, the gun laws. it's a really scary thing now. >> prices are are going up everywhere. >> the food, just to feed a family of four is what used to be, like, you could get $6 a
5:46 am
meal, now it's the, like, double that, $12 a meal, $20 a meal. >> yeah. it's a real thing. sir? >> property taxes and overly restrictive gun laws. >> there we go. sir, how about you? >> second amendment. the mandates. it's like a dictatorship, you know? all they want is power and taxes. it's the worst state in the nation for taxes, so it's crazy. >> and south jersey takes a lot sending it up to north jersey, i know that's a dynamic. >> taxes -- >> that's a fox news alert from his phone. [laughter] >> taxes and inflation. >> sir, thank you for if your service. >> thank you. property taxes is the prime and all the mandates with the schools in particular and the businesses, small businesses that were being crushed. >> being shut down. ma'am, last word. >> the price of food and everything else, you know, gas going up and everything.
5:47 am
but i'm also especially concerned that feel that a lot of power is being taken away from our local schools. they're dictating what we, you know, what we can and cannot do with our kids. >> amen. don't mess with our kids, i feel like at the end of the day. you herald it all. running the gamut, some of it's the national and what the biden administration's been doing crushing people's livelihoods, and a lot of it's the king murphy who wants to take a power and hold on to it, and there's a lot of concern about where there will go. it's been a joy to be out here in salem county. brian: ciattarelli might want a recount. i don't know if he'll get it. [applause] steve: point 40 right there on route 40. ainsley: we love them out there. steve: meanwhile, jan thinks dean joins us. janice: warm temperatures for two-thirds of the country, but that's going to change in the next 24 hours. above average temperatures, 5-15
5:48 am
degrees above what it normally is for this november 9th, and up towards the boston, even new york city flirting with 70 degrees. 77 in columbia. this is our next big system some of that energy from the west is going to move into the midwest tomorrow and bring with it not only severe weather, but, you know, the first snow of the season. so we have to be prepared for this wednesday and thursday. very cold air behind this system, so enjoy the warm air today. do what you have to do to get outside. 69 in new york city, 57 in chicago. we'll watch that next storm system move into the west, and then the midwest needs to be prepared tomorrow and thursday. we'll keep you up-to-date. back to you. steve: thanks, j.d. ainsley: nascar driver kyle larson racing toward his first ever championship, and he's going to join us next, but first check this with bill hemmer. bill: yeah. that thing with hegseth was very interesting. that was not a single issue panel.
5:49 am
they were all across the board. good show. good morning to you. on that note, is there a red wave this sight? we'll check that out for you. florida will challenge the vaccine mandate, we'll find out why today. what was the clinton connection to the dossier? we'll examine that. and why did 13 house republicans vote with democrat for a trillion dollar bill? we'll talk to one of them coming up. join dana and me and a special guest in studio coming up. see you then. car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at
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5:53 am
how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. ♪ brian: amazing finish this phoenix as kyle larson claims the 20 the 21 nascar cup series title. >> kyle larson a year ago watched the race from north carolina, today the he's a cup series champion! >> oh, my god, guys, yes! brian: the championship is larson's first, and he's credit eking his amazing pit crew. it's definitely a team sport. kyle larson joins us now. kyle, what'd you think -- i don't know if you had a monitor there, but you were able to hear your reaction of winning. what goes through your mine -- mind when you hear that again? [laughter] >> makes he laugh a little bit just seeing how, how excited i was and how much i was screaming and thinking back to me crying
5:54 am
in the helmet and stuff. just the emotion of a lot of hard work to accomplish a championship is something that i was, you know, really special to me. definitely a good day for us. brian: you credited your pit crew but especially in that race. why? >> well, we came down pit road fourth and left the leader and, you know, the final pit stop of the race such a pressure-packed moment for all of us but especially them. and for them to all through and click off one of their fastest stops of the year to really put us in position to win the championship was something i'm very, very proud of. brian: you heard the broadcast, they said last year he watched from north carolina, this year he wins it all. what was it like watching so much last year with your six months out? >> yeah, it was -- [laughter] a unique, weird experience for me to be the able to, you know, watch that championship race from our team center there to
5:55 am
get to, you know, enkind of see the inner workings behind the scenes, i guess, of how the engineers and stuff strategize the race and all the data they get to look at. getting to see chase elliott win made me really excited about this season knowing we were able to put down a solid season and win our own championship. so really, really cool to see kind of how far we've come in a year. brian: you grew professionally too being out, it sounds. >> yeah. there was a lot that i had learned on and off the racetrack last year. i think once i was, you're not rousing in nascar, i got to race a bunch in the dirt track stuff and won a ton of races, so i think just gaining that experience and running up front really helped for when i got another opportunity at the cup series level. brian: kyle larson, congratulations. what a year. >> thanks a lot.
5:56 am
brian: you got it. meanwhile, more fox and friends in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. (music) vanguard. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that connects assets and people. to deliver a cybersecure record of your entire operation. honeywell forge industrial grade software. discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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>> weren't you just in lexington, kentucky? >> they say why don't more fox people come here. i think next year you have to
6:00 am
do it. ainsley as well. >> brian, you are on the road. >> tomorrow i will be in connecticut, pennsylvania, albany new york. i'll meet the girls first. pull them out of college for a little while and vero beach, florida and on to the patriot awards and finish up in alabama and orlando live. >> be there, bye. >> bill: good morning. president biden taking a nose-dive in the polls underwater in every key issue. many americans in the polling think he is asleep at the wheel. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. tuesday. a big day today. hello there. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." yesterday on "the five" with introduced percy the newest member of the family a puppy. he wasn't that well behaved on the five.


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