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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 9, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> it's being studied right now, is the administration studying the impact of shutting down line 5. >> yes, we. todd: it is tuesday, november 9th. i'll and gas prices are surging. the biden administration admits they could shut down another u.s. pipeline as winter nears. carley: alexandria ocasio-cortez fears progressives could lose big after giving up leverage over biden's spending agenda. why she is expecting the worst as the spending spree faces hurdles in congress. todd: did you see this, a heart pounding moment caught on camera. one pastor tackling a man to the
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ground after he whipped out a gun in the middle of service. we are talking to the man who said he had god on his side. carley: you're watches "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro. carley: we begin with a live look at the white house as the biden administration admits it's considering pulling the plug on another pipeline as gas prices soar. todd: alex hogan joins us live from washington as democrats urge joe biden to take immediate action to ease the crisis the pump. alex. >> reporter: hi, carl hey and todd. there's a lot of concern over what this could mean financially when we're looking at gas prices that are already soaring compared to years past. but environmentalists say that the toll there on the great lakes is already too high. this line 5 pipeline runs from canada through michigan, transporting about 540,000 barrels of crude oil and other petroleum products every day. a leak could mean a massive and devastating impact on the great lakes. but shutting it off could cause
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prices at the pump to soar even more. the white house says it will wait on a full environmental review before making any call. back in june, the army corps of engineers announced it would begin its own environmental impact statement. biden last week during his trip to cop 26 in scotland tout's the administration's effort to lead the world in climate action, 11 t senate democrats are sending a letter to the president supporting those promises but also asking had him to use all tools available to bring down gas prices, quote, we must ensure that americans are able to afford to fill up their cars at the pump in the meantime. according to a. aaa the national average price for a gallon of gasoline is the highest since 2014. cop 26 is far from over. former president barack obama took the stage there yesterday. >> some of our progress stalled when my successor decided to
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unilaterally pull out of the paris agreement in his first year in in office. i wasn't real happy about that. >> reporter: and more speakers today, nancy pelosi will be there at cop 26 in scotland, along with 21 other congressional democrats. carley, todd. carley: alex hogan live for us. thank you. so first it was the keystone xl pipeline, that was the big news in january when president biden, one of his first orders of business was to kill the project. now everybody is hearing about line 5. here's the deal with line 5. it was built over 60 years ago. so what's happening is the company,en bridge, who built it, they want to replace a section of it because it is getting old. now, michigan governor gretchen whitmer wants to shut it down and other environmental groups want to shut it down. so it's either replace the section of the pipeline that needs to be replaced or shut it down entirely and neil crabtree,
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a pipeline worker, he was on with us last hour. he said replacing the project would employ about 1,000 people over two years and if this pipeline is shut down, he says that the effect on gas prices would be even bigger than the keystone xl pipeline. imagine that. todd: i worry what that means for the individual who is suffering already so much because of inflation. no disrespect to game of thrones but winter is coming. people, many of them struggling with finances will be faced with a choice, do i pay for food or do i pay for heat. that is a horrible choice for somebody of to have to make in our country and oftentimes it does lead to deadly consequences. that's not hyperbole. people oftentimes freeze in situations like this and that is frightening. carley: just the last thing on this, i know we have to move on, there's so many different things going in the exact opposite direction, when you have john kerry and the democrats flying around the world to talk about climate change and then you have
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president biden begging opec to increase their oil supply when we could do it here at home and then the biden administration is looking into a study about possibly considering shutting down a pipeline when there's already a gas price issue on our hands. there's such a disconnect between the administration and what americans really care about, reflected in the poll as well. numbers are bad. todd: things were going well until january. then they reversed the energy independence that trump created. carley: the justice department is demanding the federal court of appeal lift a temporary order blocking the vaccine mandate on private companies. todd: the white house urging private businesses to ignore the freeze and move forward with implementing the mandate. griff jenkins joins us with more on the legal battle. if i read that correctly, is the white house advocating for law breaking? >> reporter: well, they're certainly encouraging it, i think. todd and carley, it's game on
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after numerous lawsuits that prompted the federal appeals court to issue the stay on the administration's requirement for workers at companies with at least 100 employees to get the shot or face weekly testing. but the doj is fighting back in a filing, saying, quote, the occupational safety and health administration a's detailed analysis of the impact shows that a stay would likely cost dozens or hundreds of lives per day but by contrast it's speculative and remote and don't outweigh the interest of protecting employees from a dangerous virus, this as the white house is encouraging businesses to ignore the stay. >> we think people should not wait. the administration clearly has the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the president are designed to save lives and stop the spread of covid-19. >> reporter: but one restaurant group ceo warns this could put people out of business. >> these are unforced errors.
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restauranteurs do not want a mandate policy for their employees. we are concerned bowed losing our employ -- about losing our employees. we have huge labor shortages, coupled with inflation, these are silent killers. >> reporter: federal workers who aren't vaccinated could face disciplinary action starting today as commercial airline pilot josh yoder weighed in with you last hour and had this to say. >> we're saying to be president joe biden, we're saying no and we're telling you that the federal government doesn't have the authority, first first of all, to coerce the people, to coerce the companies into coercing their employees. we're standing up against his mandate and we're not going to take it. >> reporter: speaking of not taking it, a at the state level, thousands gathered in downtown la to protest a city worker vaccine mandate. they have to be vaccinated by december 18th. todd and carley. todd: griff jenkins live in d.c. thanks. carley: jack ciattarelli may he
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demand a recount of new jersey's gubernatorial election results. phil murphy won re-election in the state by a slim margin. right now, there are 70,000 provisional ballots still left to be counted. there are also an unknown am of mail-in ballots that need to be counted as welch ciattarelli said while the vote count is close, the campaign is not making accusations of fraud. todd: congressional republicans are preparing for a big midterm election next year as americans prove they are ready to vote out far left policy. carley: the house gop sets its sights on dozens of democrats they view as vulnerable. >> republicans are riding a new wave of confidence after resounding victories last week. the gop house fund raising team are saying they're targeting 70 democrat incumbents in the 2022 midterms. >> democrats can't protect us across the world, democrats
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can't protect our streets and democrats can't protect us in the water. >> how did president biden get this so wrong? >> tom emers' saying the weak leadership and socialist agenda led to chaos at home and abroad. he says republicans will retake the house majority and put a stop to democrats' big government policies. the gop making a push to fill seats from 13 democrats who are retiring amid crumbling party approval. president biden also facing abysmal approval numbers, dipping to 38% in a poll released this week. the president dismissing the thumb betters, saying this is -- numbers, saying this is an up and down circumstance. 750,000 people have died because of covid, gas prices are up, we're in a situation where people don't feel it right now. the president also suggesting everyday americans don't understand the problems they're complaining about. >> if we were all going out and having lunch together and i said
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let's ask whoever is in the next table, no matter what restaurant we're in, how do they explain the supply chain to us? do you think they would understand, know what we're talking about. >> he will appear at two events later today to drum up financial support for the democrats. todd: brooke, good stuff. >> thanks for having. carley: even more disturbing stories are coming to light from those who were inside the chaos at the travis scott concert in houston. dozens of lawsuits have been filed. todd: including one on behalf of axle acosta who was killed that day. his attorney representing his heart broken family joinses us -- joins us live, next bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter.
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the lawyer representing the acosta family joins me now. who do you argue is liable and why? >> it starts with travis scott, the rapper who was performing. he has been arrested twice for inciting crowds to breach security, to disregard police officers. even in this particular concert, he had sent out tweets encouraging those who of did not have tickets to come anyway, that he would, quote, sneak them in. if you look at the video at 2:00 on that afternoon, friday afternoon, when they opened the gates, it was utter chaos from the very beginning. they were breaking through barriers, running past security. by 9:00 they that night, the crowd was just absolutely out of control. and then they put a timer, a huge timer that everyone could see and then scott got on the stage and encouraged everyone just to go absolutely crazy.
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todd: unbelievable. >> he continued to play even after he saw people being taken away on gurneys. the lack of security, the lack of medical professionals, the lack of equipment, this young man, mr. acosta, who just turned 21, was working on his computer science degree. he was literally crushed to death, all the air squeezed out of him, went into cardiac arrest and had at least three to four layers of people piled on top of him, four people drug him out of the thick of the crowd, drug him to a medical tent where they had -- there was literally nothing there, no oxygen, no way to shock his heart. and so a few people who knew something about cpr attempted it and then basically they just as far as their triage goes, they
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said, well, this one's next, let's move on to the next. todd: who is responsible for pulling the plug, when you have people in the crowd literally saying stop this consistent setter now, people are -- concert now, people are dying, who is responsible for making that call, in your estimation. >> it should be live nation who put the concert on. it makes you wonder, who is the adult at this concert. it seems that travis scott and all the people that performed were surrounded by enablers, the show must go on, if you will, even though a participant is screaming, saying people are dead, please stop the show and they continue to go for at least an hour. todd: you mentioned the various other incidents involving travis scott. how confident are you that the court or courts will let you bring that evidence in, about 30 seconds to you, sir. >> i think it's absolutely evidence that is reasonably similar to what happened on this particular day and under texas law that's evidence that's relevant and admissible.
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todd: this is a horrible situation. tony buzby focused on the civil element of this. the da in houston would be focused on any potential criminal liability. thank you for your time this morning, sir. thank you. >> thank you. carley: the time is 17 minutes after the hour. the biden administration is going head to head with the appeals court that that halted its vaccine mandate. but tommy laran calls that ruling a big win for american workers and a big win for freedom and she joins us next.
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hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. todd: the biden doj firing back at a court order putting a halt to their business vaccine mandate, arguing their policy could be life saving. carley: tomi lahrens is praising the halt to the mandate and joins us now. we understand that this is personal for you because your daddies facing a choice -- dad is facing a choice. tell us what's going on with
2:24 am
your family. >> listen, like so many other americans, my dad received an a e-mail last week and of course even though he worked at the company for several years, he had to receive the notice by e-mail that he either had to be fullly vaccinated by january 4 or lose his job. that put a pit in my stomach. we knew it was coming. i know so many americans are in the same boat. it's personal for me. as an american, watching so many receive these kind of notices and having to choose between a vaccine that they may not want and unemployment, it's unamerican and quite frankly it's disgusting and the biden administration needs to be held accountable. thank goodness there are patriots out there like attorney general ken paxton in texas, ron de santis and other governors are who are standing up for americans who feel voiceless and helpless right now. todd: here is the refrom the doj. the stay would cost hundreds of lives per day.
2:25 am
asserted injuries are speculative and remote. they don't protect employees from a dangerous virus while the case proceeds. this in response to the fifth district decision there. is any of that doj statement based in fact? >> listen, they told us the same thing about football games. we've had americans packed into football stadiums for over two months now and we haven't had the death rate they told us we were going to have. this is all covid fear monday mongering. the american people are over it. if you want to get the vaccine because that's your personal health decision i say go ahead and get it. if you're one of those americans that doesn't or doesn't want to be mandated by the government to get it, i know it's easier said than done but you holding the line, you making your voice heard, it does a lot. i want to thank those celebrities out there, aaron rodgers of the world, kyrie irvings, they have a huge platform and voice and what they're doing and standing up to and the way they're doing it in such a public fashion, it's really inspiring for those
2:26 am
americans like my dad who don't have that platform and don't have that voice but are now having to make a really difficult decision whether they're going to get a vaccine they don't want or put food on the table for their family. it's not a decision any american should have to make but so many have to make it right now. carley: let's head to california where governor gavin newsome's wife posted a tweet and then deleted it. the curious thing, he hasn't been seen in public after he received the booster. his office says it has nothing to do with that. his wife posted a tweet saying it's funny how certain folks can't handle the truth, when someone cancels something, maybe they're out of the office working, maybe they're in their free time, they're at home with their family at their kids' sports matches or dining out with their wife. please stop hating and get a life. she is telling governor newsom's constituents to stop hating and get a life, tom.
2:27 am
>> these are the elites looking down at every american whose don't have the luxury to take family time and disappear. he's the governor of the most populated state of the nation. san francisco is set to mandate vaccines for children 5 and up. he should be visible. people have a right to wonder where he's at. this is a man that loves the lime light and the spotlight. him not being on the stage for over 11 days, well, that's concerning and while his wife might want us to get a life, we would like to know where the governor of the state is because he has a lot to answer for. todd: hashtag where's gavin on tash taking tomi tuesday. carley: we take a live look outside of atlanta, georgia. there it is. todd: there's senior meteorologist janice dean here with the fox weather forecast. >> good morning. we're going to enjoy the warmer temperatures across the east coast, almost pushing 70s.
2:28 am
some friends of mine will go golfing today. i might have to call out sick. current temperatures, 51 in new york, 60 in dallas, 49 in memphis. we have warm air, it will be awesome for the next 24 to 48 hours and then the cold air comes in and we get much colder air sinking southward across the mississippi river valley and parts of the midwest. that's going to bring stormy weather on wednesday. we're watching the west, more coastal rain and mountain snow, this next storm system moves in so it's been active for the west. it's great news for the drought situation. flash flooding is a concern for the northwest including seattle and portland. the snow is flying for the northwest and the rockies. so for skiers, this is great news. we're getting the snow pack in right you now. the rest of the country is quiet. once we get the roller coaster ride of colder temperatures, that means more stormy weather
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for the midwest and the east coast this weekend. enjoy that 69 and sunshine today, new york. carley: heck ya. yeah.todd: i'm wondering shouli have let my garden grow a little longer. >> we can't go back. the future is now. todd: the future is now, janice dean. carley: the future is now. todd: democrats are paving the road to wokeness with your tax money. >> can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that a was built into the roadways. >> we have everything to gain by acknowledging it and then dealing with it. carley: now we're talking about racist roads, joe concha is helping us deconstruct the left's so-called infrastructure bill. he's coming up next. todd: and he's got a hat. ♪ take me home. ♪ to the place. ♪ i belong. ♪
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>> can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways. >> we have everything to gain by acknowledging it and then dealing with it which is why reconnecting communities, that billion dollars, is something we want to get to work right away. carley: on the road to wokeness, cnn's white house correspondent april ryan pressing pete buttigieg on the racism built into u.s. roads as
2:34 am
they unlock taxpayer money to combat the issue. todd: joe concha, fox news contributor is here to weigh in. regail us with your -- regale us with your racist roadway reaction. >> that's as good as in dodge ball with vince vaughn where he says good luck to you loveable losers in las vegas, lafleur. we could do this all day. we're quoting movies from 17 years ago. i remember first reporting that april ryan who portrays herself as an objective white house correspondent and analyst for cnn once agreed to host a fund raising event for pete buttigieg. she pulled out of the event after claiming she didn't know it was a campaign event. she isn't remotely objective. she went off on sarah a sanders, accused her of not making a
2:35 am
pecan pie on thanksgiving. sanders was press secretary at the time. as for the question around racist roads, maybe ask secretary buttigieg this instead. given the supply chain crisis, how many ports have you visited to speak to workers on the ground in long beach, los angeles, savannah, newark, since this became a crisis over the summer. the answer is 0.0. this is a vanity job for mayor pete, setting up the next presidential run which could be in 2024 because the guy currently they office, his own party a is saying please don't run in 2024. we would rather have someone else. the t buttigieg, the scuttlebutt on the street is that he will be the plan b. harris is currently at 28% approval. carley: the biden administration is saying on the racist road front that communities of color have been cut off from highways and cities because of racism, by people who are racist that built the
2:36 am
infrastructure many, many years ago. should money be allocated towards that issue? >> i just don't know how much money you would need to -- because the question was around deconstructing all these roads deemed to be racist. so you're talking about what you're going to start tearing down bridges now, particularly around places where the bridge may be the main way in and out. then what do you do with traffic in the meantime? i mean, when you talk about the swath of roads apparently in april ryan's argument and others on the left, citing the work, the architects of the roads years ago, we're talking many more than billions of dollars and upsetting traffic which is already horrible around many metropolitan areas, if you start deconstructing this stuff and reconstructing it. it sounds good on paper if you believe in the premise but then i don't know how you physically get that done. carley: also, the issue is if you want to make communities
2:37 am
more integrated, the best way to do it is safety, right, todd. todd: yeah, that works. quickly, mitch mcconnell, a big year for the midterm, kevin mccarthy spotlighting the young guns running for office. we'll pop that up on the street. democrats, though, really haven't changed their policy positions yet in light of the blood bath that they're facing. will they pivot as the dire midterm reality becomes stark or will they stay the course? >> i wrote about this a few weeks ago where bill clinton, he actually pivoted in 1994 after he took a shellacking in in the midterms and had to work with newt gingrich and made a pivot back to the center, he said the era of big government is over and he won re-election. mcconnell's right here. i know you've got to go. president obama lost 63 seats in 2010 in his first term, donald trump lost 43 seats in his term,
2:38 am
both lost the senate eventually. there's no reason to believe that's not going to happen with wounded joe biden who has shown no ability to confront the major issues that the country is facing in terms of inflation, crime, which carley brought up, supply chain which we talked about, rising gas prices, afghanistan, border, we're out of time but i could keep going on. doesn't look good right now. carley: it's a long list. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you again. see you tomorrow. todd: all right. aoc says she fears president biden massive spending bill will be gutted after the squad gave up leverage by passing the infrastructure. carley: cheryl casone joins us live as the white house faces questions on whether the spending spree will satisfy the progressives. cheryl: the new york congress woman, one of six house dems that voted no on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. her office wrote the congresswoman stuck to her word and voted against the infrastructure bill in order to try to keep the two bills tied together. she was prepared to vote for the
2:39 am
infrastructure bill but she couldn't support the infrastructure bill on its own and risk losing the only leverage for policies in that bill. that new york 14 so badly needs. she's talking about climate change which there is money in the bill. so aoc and members of the squad, obviously they wanted the bills tied together. that was not going to happen. the social spending package still has a long road ahead. because of the cost. 1.75 trillion. it's a lot of money and i think the chorus is growing that it's -- i think it's in trouble. we'll see. todd: strong words to joe biden from other members of his party. cheryl: 11 senate democrats are asking president biden to take action to address rising gas prices. in a letter, the group wrote, quote, we must ensure that americans are able to fill up their cars at the pump in the meantime. they're suggesting that he explore maybe releasing supply from the strategic petroleum reserve. prices have been rising since the president killed the keystone pipeline project. you spoke with one man who lost his job. >> the energy company has known
2:40 am
that that section has needed to be replaced. they've been working to try to get it done for the last few years. governor of michigan and environmental companies jump on it and they're looking for a reason just to completely shut it down. cheryl: well, just to give you context here, since he took office, president biden, prizes have risen from $2.39 a gallon to $3.42 a gallon. that's domestic production. you put regulation on these companies, this is what happens. carley: tell us about american dream home, cheryl. your show. cheryl: wii got new episodes on fox business prime. we'll be head to destin, florida, home prices have shot up so ron and me have got a tough search ahead because of the competitive market there. then we go to vale, colorado, a power couple has been living in denver but they want to go to vale. but they're in for sticker
2:41 am
shock. .carley: i want to be a power couple. todd: congrats on the marathon. we're very proud of you. cheryl: thank you, producers, for making me stand on the stairs today. [laughter] carley: congratulations, cheryl. the time is 40 minutes a after the hour. a national pastor tackling a man who pulled a gun in the middle of church service. he says he had god on his side and he's here to tell us about it. todd: we're live in new jersey, hot off the heels of a nail bite erase for governor. you know that guy, pete hegseth, having breakfast with friends. he's next. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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carley: a frightening moment during sunday service in nashville as a man whips out a gun and starts waving it around. dramatic security footage shows the church's courageous pastor tackling the armed man and holding him down until police arrive on-scene. joining me now, nashville church pastor ezekialkuminon and a person who witnessed the incident. pastor, you are a hero. thank god you were on hand to
2:46 am
handle the situation the way you did. what was going through your mind when all of this went down? >> [speaking in a foreign language] >> when i saw that the person was waving a gun i thought they -- i thought that we were already dead. in my mind, i was thinking that there was nothing else to do except there was only either leave or die. carley: thank you so much for helping translate for us this morning. and you say that the pastor pretended to walk out of the church and what he really did was he went behind the gunman and tackled him to the ground
2:47 am
and then everybody else in the congregation helped continue to pin this man to the ground. what was that experience like for you? >> yes, ma'am. that was honestly was incredible. because that was something that i was never expecting. i was shocked myself and then seeing my pastor going behind him, it was just brave. i was like thank god. carley: noah, could you ask pastor ezekiel, what gave him the strength to do this. this takes incredible fortitude to act so quickly in a moment like this. [speaking in a foreign language] >> i would say that god gave me the strength to do that, because somebody already got pointing a gun on you like that.
2:48 am
carley: god bless you both. noah, really quickly, do you know who the gunman is and why he did this? >> honestly, that guy, i don't know him. i've seen him. but i've seen him a couple times because we would go to play soccer sometimes some places but we don't know him and we don't understand why he would do such a thing. carley: he is facing many counts of felony aggravated assault this morning. thank god this situation wasn't worse than it was. god bless you both, pastor and noah, thank you for telling your story this morning. >> thank you very m much. carley: you. todd: that was amazing. republicans looking at new jersey as a potential swing state as jack ciattarelli nearly neardefeated phil murphy. carley: joining us now, pete hegseth who is having breakfast with friends in new jersey. a lot going on in new jersey in
2:49 am
the news. >> for sure, todd and carley, good morning. we are at point 40 diner in monroeville. if you're in south jersey, come on out. because it was a big week last week in new jersey. it was a huge surprise. we were guilty of this too, like everybody else, talking a lot about virginia and rightfully so. which went for glenn youngkin. but ciattarelli and that face against phil murphy in new jersey was a sleeper. if you look at the numbers in new jersey, there are a million more registered democrats than a republicans in new jersey, it's been a reliably blue state especially in off elections for quite some time. chris christie won it a decade ago. new jersey looks different than that environment, especially as politics have become more nationalized. while this election was about local issues because of phil murphy and how he handled covid, it was also a referendum on joe biden who has been become
2:50 am
increasingly unpopular. his policies are playing out in real-time. people are feeling them. and they voted accordingly. so even with the voter deficit amongstst republicans in new jersey, the enthusiasm was clearly with ciattarelli and he came within a couple points. there may end up being a he recount. we'll see what he demands. we're going to talk to voters in monroeville about what motivated them. were they voting on local of or national issues, wait is about ciattarelli or joe biden. breakfast with friends, let's get the voice of the people, take the pulse of the people as we head into the -- we're under a year from the 2020 midterm elections and that's why we're here. you know, it's crazy. i'm looking at the menu. i asked mike, the owner, he said homemade creamed chipped beef which i don't think i've had chipped beef, todd, you'll have to tell me if that's a jersey thing. todd: that's not a jersey thing. my grandfather had it in the
2:51 am
war, world war ii. he said he could never have chipped beef again. but i'm sure it's better like carley said at 40 in monroeville. carley: a test it out for us. i'll go for chipped beef, why not. >> i'll try it for you. carley: especially if it's creamed. thank you so much. todd: time now, about to be 51 minutes after the hour. fox news keeps asking, the white house won't answer questions about its proposal to give checks to illegal immigrants. carley: we're talking about that important topic with sean duffy coming up next. ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill
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2:56 am
and i will refer to you the department of justice. todd: the white house dodging questions about the biden administration's controversial idea of giving payments to migrant families separated at the border. >> here to react fox news contributor sean duffy and, sean, the white house has been all over the map when it comes to this topic. first, the president said that this was fake news. this report about paying illegal imresidence grants fake news and then he got angry and said it was absolutely critical to pay these people and now we are hearing don't ask us any more questions on this topic. ask the doj. >> we will refer to you the department of justice, however the department of justice won't comment on pending litigation which means we don't want to answer any questions here. i think peter doocy was right to say well, who qualifies for these payments whether they are $4,450,000 or some other number? if a family came over and were aloud go back to their home country and not be separated, do they get paid. if someone was separated for an hour or a day do they get paid? we deserve answers here. i think it's interesting that
2:57 am
$450,000 number. just go back, i remember samantha powers the ambassador to the united nations in 2016 under barack obama, she was in a motorcade in cameroon. they hit a little boy and killed the little boy. the united states for killing a boy in cameroon paid $1,700 to that family. we're paying $450,000 for illegal immigrants who broke our law? this is insanity. and the bottom line is they are not answering questions because americans hate this law breakers don't get paid. when you break the law, you get separated from your family and you don't get paid for it that's the american way. todd: the white house facing blistering criticism as gas prices skyrocket. here is the exchange on this with the white house. >> why is the administration now considering shutting down the line five pipeline from canada to michigan. >> so, peter, that is inaccurate. that is not -- that is not
2:58 am
right. >> is it being studied right now, is the administration studying the impact of shutting down line 5. >> yes, yes, we are. todd: i don't know what he they're waiting for. winter is a month away. i don't know what the studying is going to do. does the white house not care that it will have blood on its hands if people freeze to death because they cannot afford heat this winter? >> well, first off, how about the dodgers peter saying are you considering shutting downtown pipeline. are you studyingy? yeah yeah we are stuffing. what's difference? this is a michigan pipeline. i'm from wisconsin. it gets cold. people pay a huge portion of their budget to heat their homes. supply and demand will actually take effect here you will see prices go up even further than already anticipated right now. so, again, to your point, todd, people can't afford to pay these heat bills. prices are going to skyrocket. we should be looking for more energy not shutting down pipelines so we have less.
2:59 am
carley: what about the biden administration's strategy on this front enough oil and gas in this country to decrease prices at home. the biden administration immediately goes to opec and says no, they should be producing more oil and somehow that's supposed to maybe look like more of green country when really we are talking about global warming as a whole and russia produces dirtier oil and gas than we do. >> right. that's great point. so, right. is oil and gas not dirty if it's produced biopeck but not in the u.s.? that money stays in america? that is american jobs. dirty secret here is very simple. the far left, the global warming folks want to see gas prices go up. fuel prices go up so we consume less of it. they don't care about the pain that it causes the american family. they just of the you to use less energy. and, again, that's bad politics. they are going to be held to account in a year from now in the '22 elections. until then they have a wide range ability to address pipelines and infrastructure for
3:00 am
oil and gas and they are killing the american people. todd: it's the middle class and poor people that suffer. rich people are going to be able to pay these amounts no matter how high they go. sean duffy, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you, sir. carley: we appreciate it great show with you today, todd. todd: likewise. carley: right now what's going to happen? todd: i believe there is a show called "fox & friends." it's going to start in two seconds. ♪ ♪ >> the biden administration admits it could shut down another u.s. pipe line amid the global energy prices. >> the price of gasoline is going to going up. >> everything is going up. and the biden administration is causing it. >> federal appeals court putting the president's vaccine mandates workers on large u.s. companies on hold. >> the biden administration fight this in court as long as it takes. >> it's not right. it's unconstitutional. it's putting a wedge between me and my employees. >> families of the deadly astroworld speaking out. >>


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