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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 9, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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presentation. i don't know what that was about. that's it for us tonight, don't forget, set your dvr to always stay connected with us and finally, make sure you know what's at stake. freedom matters. remember, everything goes to charity. this month, unconditional pet this month, unconditional pet >> right now, the administration studying the impact of shutting down. >> yes, we are. >> oil and gas prices are surging but the biden administration admits it could shut down another u.s. pipeline and all the american jobs that go along with it. todd: and there's this. >> we're looking at how can we fight back and deny access to florida's market generally, can we tax them. todd: ron de santis taking on the white house and private companies working with it after over 70 flights carrying illegal immigrants landed in florida in the dead of the night.
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carley: one nashville pastor tackles a man to the ground after he whipped out a gun in the middle of service. we're talking to the man who said he had god on his side. todd: you're watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. i'm todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus. the biden administration admits it's considering pulling the plug on another pipeline as gas prices soar. todd: alex hogan joins us with more, as democrats urge biden to take immediate action to ease the prices at the pump. >> reporter: good morning, todd and carley. the biden administration has said that it's going to wait on a full environmental review before it makes any decisions on this line 5 pipeline. back in june, the army corps of engineers announced it was beginning its own survey and impact statement of of the pipeline running from canada to
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michigan. environmentalists and indigenous groups continue to call for its closure to prevent any potential spills in the great lakes. caught in the cross hairs is the financial cost of what all of this could mean, especially as critics point to already soaring gas prices. 11 senate democrats sending a letter to the be president supporting recent developments towards renewable energy but urging him to use all the tools available to lower these gas prices. quote, we must ensure that americans are able to afford to fill up their cars at the pump in the meantime. according to aaa, the national average price for a gallon of gasoline is the highest it has been since 2014. meanwhile, at the climate conference, that continues this week in scotland, former president barack obama took to the stage yesterday, disapproving of former donald trump's withdrawal from the paris climate accord. still delegates continue to face heat as they head there over
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specifically how they're getting to the summit. >> you got john kerry flying all around the world on his private jet lecturing other countries about the use of fossil fuels and you've got our secretary of energy begging opec to open up the spigot. >> reporter: now, today nancy pelosi will be at cop 26, she leads a group of congressional democrats, 21 of them, who will discuss a variety of things, from eco friendly jobs, technology, transportation and also national security. carley, todd. carley: alex hogan live for us if london, thank you, alex. and the letter that she was talking about, it was signed by a group of 11 democrats and it's asking president biden to do something to lower gas prices. they say they agree with president biden's green energy push but it can't come at the cost of making it impossible to get gas and the thing that i found interesting about that letter is that one of the people
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who signed it, senator elizabeth warren, one of the most liberal senate democrats. todd: senator blumenthal from connecticut as well. look, this is essential that they solve this problem right now because when you look at -- not necessarily the gas that he's goes into your car but the gas that goes to heat your homes, people could die. because if people have to make this choice oh, do i heat my home or do i feed myself, that is a horrible decision that people in the united states of america should not have to make. carley: yeah, you're absolutely right. when you're talking about this line 5 pipeline, michigan governor gretchen whitmer, she supports shutting down a portion of it because there's concern there could be an oil spill in the great lakes. but if you're the biden administration, here's what you say to her. no. we're not shutting it down. because there is an energy crisis right now. like you said, the cost of gas is through the roof so you don't even entertain that idea unless you want gas prices to go up
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even further and your approval . carley: it's like a month long. todd: every conference i go to it's three days and maybe get a steak dinner at two of them. carley: it is a long -- you're right, though, it is a long conference. todd: it's like a meeting about a meeting about a meeting. if you want to solve a problem, actually do things. carley: during the whole process of the conference, there's people flying all over the country on private jets all over the world. the biden administration's department of justice demanding federal court appeals lift a temporary order blocking the vaccine mandate. todd: they're asking them to go forward with implementing the mandate. griff jenkins joinses us with more on the legal battle. i'm not one on ignoring court orders. are you? >> reporter: i'm not. you are the counselor. let the battle begin. a federal appeals court is
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drawing the ire of the justice department after the court issued a stay on the administration's requirement for companies with workers of 100 or more to get the shot or face testing. they say osha's detailed analysis shows a stay would likely cost dozens or hundreds of lives, petitioners say injuries are speculative and don't outweigh the interest on protecting employees from a dangerous virus while the case proceeds. this comes after numerous lawsuits to halt the mandate's implementation which the white house is defending. >> we think people should not wait. the administration clearly had has the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the president are designed to save lives and stop the spread of covid-19. >> reporter: but one restaurant group ceo is warning this could put people out of business. >> these are unforced errors.
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restauranteurs do not want a mandate policy for their employees. we are concerned about losing our employees. we have a huge labor shortage, coupled with inflation, these are silent killers. >> reporter: there's frustration over the administration and democrats' about face on the man a date, having been publicly against it before they were for it. >> will it be mandatory. >> i don't think it should be mandatory. i wouldn't demand it be fan ' mandatory. >> we cannot require someone be vaccinated. >> reporter: federal workers could face disciplinary action n starting today. there may be a contingency plan for air traffic controllers ahead of the holidays. todd: candace owens says the biden administration and the left are using the vaccine mandate as a means to control the lives of you, the american people. >> we are seeing america being
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radically transformed into a communist country. that is what is happening right now. people need to wake up. i cannot say it enough. it's happening quickly. how did they do it? covid-19 is the never-ending existential crisis. that's why we have to shut down businesses, this is why you can't earn a living while we take trillions for ourselves because we're here to help. no, we're not. we're here to take over every aspect of your lives and welcome you to socialism. todd: she says they must wake up to the use of racial issues as a means to divide and consistent. carley: april ryan is facing criticism for asking this question to transportation secretary pete buttigieg yesterday. >> can you give us the construct of you how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways. carley: the question referenced a previous comment buttigieg made back in april where he said there is racism physically built
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into some of our highways. a provision in the infrastructure bill could use billions of dollars to address so-called racism in roads and bridges. but how that money will be spent remains unclear. >> sometimes it really is the case that an overpass went a certain way that's so harmful that it's got to come down. we don't want to impose a one size fits all answer from here. carley: the white house hasn't shared a list of what they consider racist infrastructure that they intend to target. so racist roads and bridges we are dealing with today. todd: look, it's pretty simple. if the white house and democrats continue to he focus can on racist roads and bridges they will easily lose the midterms in 2022. they're well on their way. if they keep it up, it will be an open and shut case. they focus on the wrong points. gas, people care about that. carley: i guess the thinking behind this, the logic was that back when there was rampant racism a across the country,
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there would be roads and bridges that sort of cut off neighborhoods and communities of color. i don't think that that's a big problem especially in inner cities that are easy to get to. if you want to integrate those communities more, make them safer, make it safer to live there. that would be the best way to handle this, i think. todd: agreed. white house deputy press secretary dodging questions about controversial payments to separated people at the border. >> who counts at separated? if someone was separated for a few hours or days, would they be eligible to settle a suit and get this a payment from doj. >> i will direct you to the department of justice for any specifics on that. you have asked the question, i have answered it, i will prefer you to the department of justice. todd: we pointed this out multiple times. the payments would exceed those given to some families of 9/11 victims and gold star families. 10 minutes after the hour now. now to the story out of houston.
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carley: we learn at least 36 lawsuits have been filed against travis scott and the festival organizers, jackie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl carley and todd. concert goer trying to stop the astro world festival but their calls went unnoticed. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: hard to watch that. families of the eight victims speaking out as more details of the astro world tragedy emerge, among those is the grandfather of a 9-year-old boy who is fighting for his life this morning in the hospital. the boy suffering from major organ damage and brain swelling after he and his father got caught up in the crowd. >> and my son couldn't breathe because of the pressure that was applied to him and he passed out and when he passed out ezra fell
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into the crowd. >> reporter: attorney ben crump is representing the family. he released a statement says we are hearing horrific accounts of the terror and helplessness people experienced. we urge others to contact us and share their stories at at least 36 lawsuits are planned against the festival organizers which could lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, this as we learn the houston police chief met with travis scott before the concert, the chief saying, quote, i met with travis scott and head of security for a few moments last friday prior to the main event. i expressed my concerns regarding the public safety. the meeting was brief and respectful and a chance for me to share my public safety concerns as chief of police. and later, the lawyer of 21-year-old axle acosta, one of eight people who died at the certificate friday joins us to discuss the tragedy in the 5:00
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a.m. hour. todd: just horrible. jackie, thanks. carley: today, the tomb of the unknown soldier will open to tourists for the first time in nearly 100 years. visitors have been able to watch from you afar in the past. but they will be allowed to walk on the sacred ground and place flowers today and a tomorrow. numbers of -- member berms ofs e public invited to attend a fly over on thursday. .todd: four astronauts includig two americans landed safely, crews spent half a year on the international space station. tomorrow crew 3 will launch for the space station. they are set to arrive by thursday. carley: hopefully they fix the bathroom issues. did you hear that? the bathroom broke. i think there were diapers involved in this situation. todd: you never want diapers
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involved. carley: especially when you're in space. todd: from filling the tank to heating your home, you're already feeling the impact of the biden administration's war on oil and energy so what happens if they do shut down the line 5 pipeline. we're asking two former keystone workers next. carley: that's not all. we have a big show ahead, p joe concha and sean duffy will join us live. do not miss a moment ♪ slow ride, take it easy.
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carley: the buy dep administration now considering shutting down michigan's line 5 pipeline as energy costs sky rock he et. here to react, neil crabtree and lynn allen who both lost their jobs when president biden killed the keystone xl pipeline. good morning to you both. >> good morning. carley: neil, gas prices are the highest they've been since 2014, they've increased a dollar since last november. the big question this morning, if the biden administration moved to shut down line 5, what happens to gas prices? >> well, we warned about this when they shut down the keystone. it wasn't just the keystone pipeline, it was the tone that the administration set from day one in office. they're going to keep rising and
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what i'm really worried about is the wintertime you usually see gas prices coming down and they're going up. so what i'm really worried about is next summer, what's it going to be like then. carley: yeah. and you know, lynn, staying on the topic of prices, how much are the biden administration's policies in your opinion really affecting gas prices? because, yes, they did shut down the keystone pipeline. they're looking into this pipeline. but there are still countless other pipelines running you across the country and we still are pumping oil and gas so how much are the biden administration's policies impacting the prices at the pump? >> the prices at the pump are going to keep skyrocketing because i can tell you right now, the number one thing is, joe biden and the democratic party's in bed with opec and all that. look at your stocks for overseas oil. they're skyrocketing.
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look at america. we're going down. this is going to affect the american people, the family, for christmas, for trips going he anywhere because the prices of gas and oil is going to keep rising. they have got to get the american people back to work. carley: a portion of line 5, neil, runs underneath water, runs underneath a portion of the great lakes and the reason the biden administration is interested in studying that portion is because there's concerns that it could cause a leak and there could be this massive environmental issue. are there any legitimate reasons behind that concern? >> well, absolutely. i said all along that pipelines are an important infrastructure just like roads and bridges. they've got to be maintained. this ain't something that happened in the last couple of weeks. the energy company has known that that section needs to be replaced. they've been working to try to get it done for the last few years. it was only then that the
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governor of michigan and an environmental company jumps on it and they're looking for a reason to completely shut it down. they're not interested in keeping it running and replacing that section. they the want the whole pipeline shut down. carley: so you say that portion should be replaced, not shut down? >> absolutely. you know, i may -- i wouldn't have a legitimate complaint if they were able to flip a switch, shut the pipeline off and turn the green energy on. but the fact is the green energy infrastructure isn't available right now. if you shut the pipeline off we don't have the capacity to replace the amount of energy this pipeline provides. what happens then? guess what? higher fuel prices. carley: here is energy secretary, jennifer granholm, on what people can expect this winter when it comes to heating their homes. listen. >> it will be more expensive this year than last year. let us get off of the volatility associated with fossil fuels and associated with others who don't
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have our country's interest at heart and invest in moving to clean energy. carley: so she says she wants to invest in clean energy. i feel like most people i talk to have no problem with that, but not at the cost of using the resource that we have right now on-hand which is oil and gas. >> there's no volatility when it comes to fossil fuels. the volatility is coming from the incompetent administration. you want to talk about something that's not reliable. you switch over to wind and he solar and try to run the whole country. we have the energy here in this country. carley: yeah. lynn, how do you feel about that? >> i was last year, whenever that wintertime comes and it hit, it was below zero in texas, it was records. i had to deliver propane to people to keep their kids warm. propane and natural gas is about the cleanest burning you can and all these wind generators in the wintertime they're going to shut them down. they will not spin them because
1:23 am
of the ice that's on them. carley: neil, how many people to your knowledge are employed on line 5 and what would happen to those people if this portion of the pipeline was shut down? >> well, carley, right now there's no one employed on line 5 because they won't allow the permits to begin construction. that will be a good project for our union contractors once it does get started. but right now, the answer is zero, because this administration won't allow it. carley: okay. all right. neil crabtree, lynn allen, thank you so much for your insight. thank you for your analysis and for jumping on this morning. >> thank you. todd: twitter's new middle east content director has a history of anti-israel posts and now she's facing calls to resign. rabbi ibram cooper joins us next. california's governor hasn't been seen public since getting
1:24 am
his booster shot 12 days ago. there is the gun show in california. he's going to flex ina second. where is he? who knows. we'll tell you what his office is saying when we come right back. ♪ i'm letting you go. ♪ but i won't let you know. ♪
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carley: welcome back. state farm is sticking by green bay a packers quarterback aaron rodgers despite facing backlash to drop the athlete after he admitted he was not vaccinated. in a statement the company saying, quote, we don't support some of the statements that he has made but we respect his right to have his own personal point of view. we encourage vaccinations but respect everyone's right to make a choice based on their personal circumstances. rogers' sponsors are facing pressure to drop the quarterback. wisconsin healthcare provider cut ties with him shortly after he revealed his vaccination
1:29 am
status. he tested positive and missed sunday's game against the kansas city chiefs. california governor gavin newsom has not been seen in public for nearly two weeks after getting his covid booster shot on camera. the democrat also pulling out of the cop 26 climate summit in the u.k. citing, quote, family obligations. his press secretary saying the governors was working at the state capitol last week and would resume his normal schedule this week. he denied newsom's absence as related to the vaccine. the governor's wife tweeted and deleted a post, telling spec lay tores to please stop hating and get a life. todd. todd: twitter under fire over anti-israel tweets from their newly appointed middle east director. the new hire's post includes a flag emoji from all the countries she will cover in her role except for israel and that's not all. in 2010, she tweeted israel was not born, it was dropped like a
1:30 am
bomb in the middle of palestine. rabbi abraham cooper joins us live to react. for this kind of a role, curating what gets bumped up to the top of people's feeds in in such a powder keg of a region like the middle east, did twitter fail to do a simple twitter check on its own platform or did they just not care? >> i think unfortunately the latter is the case. there's a huge credibility gap with twitter, not just with the jewish community, but i think with americans in general. let's not forget they that at the height of their power, isis was sending out 200,000 tweets a day, until they were shaped by congress to change. in the case of this woman, it's like putting kkk in charge of what your kids are going to learn about the civil rights movement from twitter. they just don't care. and, you know, this is -- we're
1:31 am
all about cancel culture. this is larger than one individual. it's really a statement to the jewish community. we're reeling from hate crimes across the united states and it's surging all over the world and, frankly, twitter is part of the problem today, not part of the solution. todd: it seems to me whenever twitter makes a decision with regard to israel, an error if you will, it always is an error in an anti-israel position. why is that? >> it's a really good question. i don't know whether or not this is part of the woke culture. you know, we're struggling against bds on many u.s. campuses. israel is pummeled in the eu at the united nations. it's been a great ally to the united states and the u.s. has been a great friend to israel but in terms of the woke culture right now and if you're looking, farakhan, had they put israel on
1:32 am
the back burner at a time when gulf nations and morocco and you sudan, they're getting together. it's a dangerous game, being played on our backs. we don't like it and we demand they change it. todd: here is the apology, quote, i can see that i have been ill informed with some tweets when younger. i apologize for any offense caused by these particular tweets and like i said, for forgetting the israeli flag with reference as i did others. are you buying that, rabbi? >> i'm afraid not. you know, i live out in california, top of the morning to you, but i was born in new york and back in brooklyn this would not pass the smell test. and again, it's really not just about her, if she really wants to learn and catch up about israel, the jewish people, the historic abraham accords that
1:33 am
are bringing arabs and juice jes together, she can send us a tweet and we'll be happy to sit down with her. the headquarters in san francisco, their signal to the jewish world is we don't care about you. todd: how much longer will our government continue to give tech companies like twitter section 230 immunity for things like this? >> well, i think the greatest frustration that i've had, we started a project 27 years ago called digital terrorism and hate. i meet with all the companies. i met with twitter when they were first starting out. you know, they don't deserve the break that they're getting right now. they could have done a lot more to degrade the hate and bigotry online and instead they pivoted to take down a president while allowing the ayatollah khamenei and his racist and hateful views against israel and gays, allow him to talk about a final
1:34 am
solution on multiple platforms. it really is a scandal. and i'm afraid one way or the other we're going to have to get some form of regulation and break up the big boys. their arrogance is bottomless. todd: we appreciate you getting up early or staying up late for us. >> actually, i watch you guys before i go to sleep every night. todd: appreciate he it. >> you have a good sense of humor there. good for you, todd. you need it, getting up as early as you do. todd: not even my mom says that. thank you, we appreciate it. carley: thank you for watching. this gunman is set to appear before a judge tomorrow after he pointed his weapon at an entire congregation in nashville. the fearless pastor immediately jumped into action and tackled him at the altar. the suspect faces 57 counts of felony aggravated assault.
1:35 am
he remains behind bars on a $375,000 bond. the motive is unclear. the suspect was reportedly asked not to attend services last february after interrupting pastors during their sermons. the courageous pastor and heroic church member will join us in the next hour. had that footage is unbelievable. and the really interesting thing about this story is that one of the witnesses who was in church says the pastor sort of walked away like he was going to be leaving the church, got behind the gunman and then tackled him and everybody jumped on top of the gunman to make sure that everybody stayed safe. how crazy is that. you don't expect that to happen in church ever. you think it's a safe spot. todd: i'm looking forward to your interview. carley: can't wait to talk to them. the time is 35 minutes after the hour. president biden's vaccine mandate is hitting the airline industry hard right at the start of the holiday season. pilots say enough is enough and they're fighting back. we're talking to one of them,
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coming up next. ♪ carry on my wayward son. ♪ there will be peace when you are done. ♪ lay your weary head to rest.
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todd: los angeles residents protesting after the city introduced one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country. customers must now show proof of vaccination to enter more types of businesses than any other state. >> i'm going to fight tooth and nail. this isn't right. this is unconstitutional.
1:40 am
>> we're fighting for government intrusion, someone's ability to choose whether or not they will be vaccinated. >> we shouldn't be told we will lose our jobs, we'll lose our freedoms. todd: restaurants, gyms, malls, movie theaters will require vaccine cards. city officials won't start enforcing the mandate until november 29th. businesses could range fines up to $5,000 if consecutive offenses are reported. a texas federal judge rules in favor of upholding the united airlines employee vaccine mandate, this comes as a blow to 2,000 employees with medical or religious exemption. they are allowed to apply for noncustomer facing roles. 96% of the united workforce is vaccinated. carley: airline pilots telling president biden enough is enough with vaccine mandates as industry staffing shortages et threaten more flight
1:41 am
cancellations ahead of the holiday season. josh yoder is the co-founder of the u.s. freedom fliers. they led a protest over the weekend. he joins me now with with more. tell us, what is your message to the biden administration? >> hi, good morning. thank you for having me. yeah, what we're saying to president joe biden is we're saying no. we're telling you that the federal government does not have the authority, first of all, to coerce the people, to coerce the companies into coercing employees. we're standing up against the mandate and a we're not going to take it. carley: you organized a rally outside charlotte douglas international airport on sunday. how many pilots and airline workers attended? >> we had probably around 300 people there. it was amazing. people showed up with their kids. everyone showed up for the cause of freedom. we were there standing with each other, supporting each other and
1:42 am
letting both our company and the biden administration know that we are free americans and we're not going to accept it. carley: a federal appeals court placed a stay on the biden administration's mandate. that mandate would be for businesses had that hire 100 workers or more. how do you feel about that? >> i think that's a good thing. you know, my message ceos would be this, if i can stand up as a first officer for one of these airlines that's been there for about two years, if i'm able to take this stand, the ceo should be able to take the stand as well. we all need to stand united against tyranny. carley: i think this mandate caught some people by surprise. it wasn't originally the biden administrations plan. take take a listen to what president biden had to say about this last year. >> will the vaccine be mandatory. >> no, i don't think it should be mandatory. i wouldn't demand it be mandatory.
1:43 am
>> one, that's not the role of the federal government. that is the role that institutions, private sector entities and others may take. that certainly is appropriate. carley: you have jen psaki saying on camera saying this isn't the role of the federal government. what changed? >> well, that's correct, it's not the role of the federal government. what you're seeing coming from there is hypocrisy at its finest. the biden administration has been a disappointment from day one. hypocrisy is what they do best. carley: the thing with airlines, it is a little bit different than other private businesses because for most airlines right now, there is no testing option, right, it's either get vaccinated or file for an exemption? >> that's correct. what i would like to point everyone towards is the study that the airlines paid for in 2020 that's a peer reviewed harvard study. it says your chance of contacting covid on an airplane
1:44 am
.0003%. if we were safe for the last 18 months, why do we suddenly need to get vaccinated. carley: what changed on so many levels especially when he said he wasn't going to do mandates on a federal level. if it goes through and you are forced to get vaccinated, what are you going to do? >> well, first of all, joe biden does not work for the people. he has proven that. he is a tyrant. when it comes down to me, they will have to fire me. carley: they're going to have to fire you. you're not alone in that. a lot of people are facing this choice and that's why so many people are speaking out against it including you. josh yoder, thank you so much for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. todd: still ahead, an alarming amount of guns, tasers and pepper spray confiscated from students in new york city. up next we speak with parents who say many of those kids are warming them -- arming themselves because they don't feel safe walking to school.
1:45 am
>> plus. >> how can we fight back? can we tax them? todd: governor ron de santis is not letting joe biden get away with secretely transporting illegal immigrants from the border to florida. his plan to go around the white house, next.
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carley: florida governor ron de santis is calling out the biden administration for flooding the sunshine state with over 70 flights filled with illegal immigrants. the republican plans to fight against the flights despite federal jurisdiction over air space. >> we're looking at what we can do. i think that they use these private contractors so we're looking at how can we fight back and deny them access to florida's market generally. can we tax them? we're going to go after some of these contractors. they're bringing in people that are causing burdens on us and as we see tragically caused someone to lose their life. carley: one of the illegal immigrants was a honduran national who allegedly killed a father of four in florida. a 2-year-old toddler becomes the latest victim of oakland's crime crisis. he died during a shootout between vehicles on a busy california highway.
1:50 am
>> imagine if this was your baby. imagine if this was your baby. how would you feel? carley: the oakland police union is blaming liberal policies for the crime surge, saying, quote, this reality was reated by the defund the police majority on the city council who have abandoned public safety in oakland. so far this year, oakland reported 119 homicides, the police department currently has 681 sworn staff members. its lowest staffing since 2014. todd: in new york city, students seeing a huge tick in weapons seizures. here to react, two new york city parents, mark davis and leonardo koello. who sad is it that a child feels so desperate that they have to arm themselves? >> it's really tragic. and the big thing is that these
1:51 am
children, no child can learn in an unsafe environment and right now our children are not safe and they do not feel safe and that's why they bring in all these weapons. todd: here are the numbers. new york city school weapon seee sures spiked, a 28% increase from 2019. where do you put the blame, leonardo? >> the blame could be put out to everyone. we have ledge leigh slay tores -- legislators that let our community down, the pandemic has caused unsafe streets. there's a lack of funding for our youth here in our communities that can't turn to positive options. i mean, the blame could be spread in many different directions. todd: we have a new mayor, his name is eric adams, he will be sworn in in a few weeks. are you confident he will be able to he reverse this trend?
1:52 am
>> i was hopeful, to be honest with you, but i'm not so hopeful anyhour more. we -- anymore. we have reached out to mayor-elect adams a few weeks ago and we still have not heard a response from the him in regard to a meeting to meet with him or someone from his staff. we warned him, we said things like this are just going to escalate but right now i don't,t know, for whatever reason mayor-elect adams does not seem to be taking this matter seriously because he still has not addressed it and he still what has not met with mothers who are concerned about their children being safe in schools and mothers whose children are victims of violence in our schools and around our schools. so we were hopeful. we're not as hopeful anymore. we want to hear from mayor-elect adams. todd: understood. how are we going to compete with with countries like china in
1:53 am
subjects like math and like science when our kids have to focus on surviving school, not just getting an education? >> yeah, you know, this crime it's trauma at the end of the day. many of the students that are in schools where the guns are being brought into school, the education environment is disrupted in a major way. i talked to parents of students, some of them don't want to go back to school. it's hard to sit and study when the desk next to you has a student that brought a gun to school. the numbers of guns being found, these are also -- a lot of these are found by school safety agents on random checks. that's not to say all the other guns that are coming into the schools as well that are getting past the random checks. the numbers are much higher. todd: let's be frank here, these are mostly black and brown kids that are suffering. the liberals who say they're the
1:54 am
champions of the black and a brown students, they're relatively silent on this. why aren't they doing more to help? >> well, therein lies the problem, todd. this is what we're saying. these so-called, what i call woke politicians, these progressives who do not live in our communities, who purport to care about black and hispanic children, they are the ones very much responsible, one, for the school safety agents shortage as well as these disastrous laws. the bail reform laws, laws barring judges from their own discretion when deciding whether to detain someone for gun possession, raise the age laws, these are all responsible for these teens running around here with multiple gun possession charges and being brazen enough to do drive-by shootings outside of a school dismissal.
1:55 am
so they are the problem and we hope, we hope that come january our state legislature is going to address these laws and we hope mayor-elect adams is going to stand up and put the safety of our children and new yorkers first. todd: fingers crossed because these kids have done nothing wrong and yet they're not getting their shot in life. mona, leonardo, thank you for being here. coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," republicans added a list of names of democrats they're trying to unseat. we'll have more. carley: joe concha, sean did you have any, -- sean did you duffy livein the next hour. stay with us. ♪
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>> it's being studied right now, is the administration studying the impact of shutting down line 5. >> yes, we. todd: it is tuesday, november 9th. i'll and gas prices are surging. the biden administration admits they could shut down another u.s. pipeline as winter nears. carley: alexandria ocasio-cortez fears progressives could lose big after giving up leverage over biden's spending agenda. why she is expecting the worst as the spending spree faces hurdles in congress. todd: did you see this, a heart pounding moment caught on camera. one pastor tackling a man to the


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