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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 8, 2021 9:00pm-9:44pm PST

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better hearing has never been this easy. - [announcer] and we're taking a $100 off all lively hearing aid purchases. visit >> thanks to the studio audience. greg gutfeld and i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, the white house because backtracking after being pressed by fox news. the biden administration now admitting to shut down in canada, michigan gas and oil pipeline amidst the global energy crisis. many of americans are already looking at higher energy bills
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for this winter and pain at the pump. plus more dismal polling for president biden as his ratings hit a new low. and vice president even worse. the president vaccine mandates with more than 100 employees losing its first legal battle. the u.s. appeals were temporarily blocked the mandate and begin legal challenges. you will hear far the plaintiff or his first legal win in the fight against the mandate. we began tonight with another pipeline potentially on the administration's chopping block as the prices at the pump continue to soar across the u.s. white house correspondent kevin corke checking the back end for us tonight, the press briefing today, kevin. >> i've been in a few of those but this one was interesting to watch. after denial, shannon as you point out did finally admit it was come in fact studying plans to shut down energy pipeline between the u.s. and canada that would certainly end up costing americans much more to heat their homes this winter.
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>> why is the administration now considering shutting down the pipeline from canada to michigan? >> peter, that is inaccurate. that is not right. >> the administration is shutting down the pipeline. >> yes, we are. >> i thought you said that was inaccurate. >> i thought you said we were going to shut it down. that is not accurate. great, great but the army corps of engineers is preparing an environmental impact to look at. >> now that possible decision, again could impact the cost to heat homes of millions of americans this winter is on top of other inflation cost that frankly have smacked consumers and though lawson's biden assumed office in january. september to september, gas prices are up more than 40%. the cost of used cars up 24%. food up, housing up, overall consumer prices jumping more than 5% year-over-year.
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especially worrisome, energy prices, of course i should just saw there, the prices have soared upward natural gas used to heat almost half of households in the u.s. has almost doubled in price since this time last year. the price of crude oil, which affects 10% of u.s. households that rely on heating oil and propane during the winter especially popular in the northeast, well, prices up there too. the prices being sent to the consumers. all of this is happening as more than a dozen republicans have sent a letter to mr. biden warning shutting down pipeline would hurt the economy and cost home heating cost to soar this winter. federal housekeeping, the numbers i want to share with you, shannon in the west and the winter months that accounts for 80%, 50% to 80% of fuel consumption. that is just in the winter no matter how hot in the summer, it is where winter where the
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consumption is happening. the energy shock come winter could spell trouble for millions of americans. again, the decision could come as soon as next week presumably after a vote on the presidents build back better act. we will see if that happens too, shannon. >> shannon: kevin comiskey one a minute. >> see you soon. >> shannon: one year b before the midterm elections, another round of plummeting poll numbers with approval ratings for bp and congressional democrats crashing as well. correspondent bill melugin, good evening, bill. >> shannon, good evening no sugar coating it president biden's poll numbers to tank with a brand-new poll showing rock-bottom approval ratings. that could be serious trouble ahead for democrats with the midterms coming up next year. we will show you what we are talking about here. according to the brand-new usa today university poll, president biden's approval rating dropped to dismal 38% while disapproval rating shot up
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to 59%. that puts him 21 points under modern. 46% of those included in the survey said biden has done a worse job than expected. listen to this 64% said they do not want biden to run for reelection. now, believe it or not the numbers bp kamala harris worse. according to the polls, 28% of the approval rating while 51% disapprove of the job she's doing. that puts her 23% underwater and the bigger picture, take a look the survey gave 46% to 38% advantage on generic congressional ballot. what that means democrats could be heading for big timer relative in the midterms if something doesn't change and fast. >> we learned last week that the american people are getting pretty tired of being called a racist and a because they don't automatically agree with everything that president biden says and does.
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again, i think he should try to persuade, not dictate and stop treating people like and children. >> and on saturday president biden appeared to mock the intelligence of some americans by suggesting they are confused exactly what is going on with the supply chain crisis. take a listen. >> all going out to have lunch together and i said, "let's ask who is at the next table no matter what restaurant we are in, have them explain supply chain to buzz." can you understand what we are talking about? here is the deal with it president biden slow approval numbers are in line where most of president trump's poles were during his term. the differences president trump's disapproval rate didn't sink very low until the end of his term around january 6th. biden has cratered after just nine months of being in office.
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so something has to change for that administration and quickly, shannon. we will send it back to you. >> shannon: a lot of progressives are retreating from wokeness, debate over the word after the last election office. but congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez seems she's doubling down to give her advice on what the party should do. what can you tell us question marks because she is not doubling down, as a matter of fact tripling down on the wokeness. she doesn't appreciate democrats talking about backing off of it. some of the tweets posted on sunday yesterday. she writes "woke is a derogatory euphemism for civil rights and justice, making up a woke problem results in civil and voting rights on the back burner. in the year state legislators planning out g.o.p. -- a second tweet when dangerous aspect of thinking there is a woke problem is that democrats chances for reelection in majority, senator whitehouse and the
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voting rights. the dems from rasul justice makes production of rights less likely ensuring losses. aoc went on to say woke is just a term used almost exclusively by real old people as she describes to demonize the agenda. as you can imagine conservatives on twitter encouraging her to double down, triple down on the woke strategy. a strategy, they say very obviously didn't work out for progressives on election night this last tuesday. back to you, shannon. >> shannon: okay, bill, thank you for wrapping that up for us. so the state of the ledge $450,000 payment and separated migrants, the white house spokesperson unable to clean up the latest biden administration mess or answer any questions about how the president was on the record supporting competition for immigrants who enter the u.s. illegally. we are trying to figure out the mic it out, laura ingle has a story, good evening, laura. >> hi machine on the back and
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forth continuous administrationd when it comes to the a firm answer on just how much money undocumented migrants may cost the u.s., they are separated from their families at the border. president biden working to clarify some of the recent remarks over the weekend saying "migrants who cross the border and separated from their children deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstances." just days after he called such report garbage. the american civil liberties union, which working on negotiations on behalf of the parents released a statement suggesting the president may not have been told by his claimant discussion. how senior advisor senator gretchen made a appearance "fox news sunday" saying they will set the amount and making a decision independently of the white house. and on monday, there was yet another attempt to pinpoint more details. >> who counts has separated?
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if somebody was separated for a few hours or a few days, with a be eligible to settle a suit and get this payment from dhs? >> peter, i will direct you to the department of justice for specifics on that. we have answered this and i will refer you to the department of justice. >> "the wall street journal" reported the department's job homeland security and health and human services are considering the payments in response to pending lawsuits over the trump era zero-tolerance policy. >> i'm just curious going back to 2018, some illegal immigrants were given a choice, get it with their kids. if someone chose to be separated, chose to go back by themselves without their families, with a be eligible? >> peter come i will refer you to the department of justice. i don't have anything more to say and i'm going to move on, okay? >> it has drawn outrage from republicans who see as rewarding unlawful behavior and creating
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an incentive for migrants to cross the border illegally, shannon. >> shannon: laura, thank you so much. with the latest taste of model messaging from the biden administration, new questions tonight who is running the show at the white house and we will try to get answers, tonight the green team panel, kevin, 21 coach, welcome back, gentlemen. >> hey, shannon, go to be with you. >> shannon: great to be with you. let's talk about usa today headlines on the latest poll, claiming landscape for democrats in midterms with biden's approval dropping 38% in usa today poll. we can throw up the next pole, kevin, the news is worse for the vice president, 28%. you heard vilma lucian talking about alexandria ocasio-cortez saying you have to double down e policies, what is your take? >> chana come i think the president obviously needs to focus on bipartisan infrastructure bill passed on
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friday the 13 house republicans. a good number and a great thing for the american people $1.2 trillion that will go to improve infrastructure and improve broadband, cleaned up lead pipes in our communities. so all things this president can focus on comic campaign on and midterms, there will be a lot of ribbon-cutting and a lot of republicans who actually voted against this bill that will be at those ribbon-cutting's in the next couple of months and years to come. so this president needs to focus on the economy as we come out of this covid crisis, focus on the infrastructure bill that was just passed resignedly for the american people. that is a road map for success now that we are a year out today from the midterms. >> shannon: trying to get some advice road map success writing in "new york times" editorial with coauthor auntie stein. senator joe manchin and senator kiersten are not outliers in the democratic party but they are the heart of the
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democratic party given 53% of democrats classified as moderates or conservatives. you can't dismiss clear electoral trend. the disproportionate and the suburbs and the idea that these home owning childbearing taxpaying voters want more progressive candidates is not a sustainable one. or a scooper will they pay a bit? >> it doesn't look like they will pay for it. here is the problem, we have spent trillions this year that don't focus on the real problem that exist in america. how do you encourage the very people who make up the backbone of our economy? small businesses, people in blue-collar, skilled jobs, coming back to the workplace or the payments amid the extended unemployment, all of the other statements like the out-of-control border and the disaster in afghanistan say to the american people that this
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administration is on the wrong track. they plan to double down. they plan to go forward and do more of the things the american people reject. you are in a hole and you are digging. i say, stop! but apparently i don't see signs they will. >> shannon: one of these issues is the fact the line five pipeline and the word it runs canada to michigan 540,000 barrels a day. the fact that it may be potentially being considered to be shut down. here is the exchange with peter doocy over at the white house on that issue. >> is it being studied right now, the administration studying the impact of shutting down the pipeline? the army corps of engineers is preparing environmental impact to look at this. >> shannon: we will start with you on this topic. they admit a time entering into the season of the higher prices to settle up your car, that they are considering it but they must think there is a good reason for
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that. >> going to the gas station right now almost feels like a hostage taking event. and now grandma's winter heating bill? what are we going to be seeing? how crazy are we going to let this situation get? the president should be signaling that it's garbage, that we would never do this kind of thing. and the fact that they can't say that is a sign that this administration still plans to keep right on the same path, the very same path that led to the shellacking in the tuesday election. >> shannon: listen, we have seen confusing messages on a number of things in the white house for the president saying no way on these payments to people separated to the u.s. illegally. now we hear that will probably be true but we don't know how much. the pipeline yet, peter pushes on it yet today and at least under consideration they will shut it down. we will never mandate vaccines because the federal government
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can't do that but now a role in people would argue that government getting its work on a mandate with private businesses. we have this issue on the pipeline. secretary granholm talking about the potential impact on americans but what is coming this winter? >> the americans will likely be a cold winter, most of them are and expect to pay higher prices for heating your home's? >> this is going to happen. it will be more expensive this year than last year. >> shannon: straight from the cabinet secretary. here is a display of the estimates and this is from a government agency about potentially what could be going up, propane, heating element electric gas, substantially, how has democrats and the white house decided that this is a good time to talk about shutting down a pipeline with the messaging they admit that the prices are going up? >> data, shannon, this is clearly a studying going on by the army corps of engineers.
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terrible timing with regards to energy in this country. and i think you see a president with regards to the supply chain, with regards to pressuring opec and other oil producing nations to do all they can to provide resources to the american people. this is clearly a crisis. obviously the president focuses on covid coming to his presidency. now this is in regards to inflation, oil prices, gasoline prices, this is clearly where the white house is focusing on as we head into the colder months. clearly, i think you will see some action out of the administration with regards to this issue wholeheartedly. this is terrible optics when it comes to decisions. the administration focuses on clearly because we have a year to go for the midterm elections. this is critical for the american people. >> shannon: yeah, and polls show people are worried about inflation and the economy and all kinds of things that show up on their kitchen table so we
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will see. kevin and horace, we always appreciate your time come appreciate you both. >> things, shannon. >> shannon: testimony monday in the trial of kyle rittenhouse charge for fatally shooting two men and wounding a third. during a night of unrest last august. under cross examination by defense attorney gage who admitted he was pointing his own gun at rittenhouse before that then 17-year-old shot him. >> you were standing three to 5 feet from him with your arms up in the air, he never fired, right? >> correct. >> it wasn't until you pointed your gun at him, advanced at him, your kind, got your hands down pointed at him that he fired, right? >> correct. >> shannon: and l18-year-old rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted. his team is arguing self-defense. four astronauts splashdown with
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the capsules spending 200 days of their long-duration science mission aboard the international space station. two americans one japanese, one french astronaut and 3500 degrees fahrenheit entry into the earth's atmosphere tonight. then endeavor capsules safely deployed parachutes and splashdown into the gulf of mexico. coming up, a vehicle sinking the driver trapped in that car and we will show you the harrowing body cam footage of the rescue plus is it normal to be thinking about wine on a monday? two days while dis- videos are next. ♪ ♪ my cognitive ability.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: florida, quickly on the scene after reports of a car running off of a road into a
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canal. officers jumping onto the water breaking through the glass and pulling the driver out safely asked that car was sinking. well done to everybody involved in that rescue. it had a great ending. now time to uncork monday. it is already tuesday but then you don't want to do it like this. tractor-trailer with wine bottles had a bit of a spill. check it out, littering a north carolina highway with that liquid. fortunately the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries, and it is not clear what sparked the whole incident. across the pond, new york coordinated takeoff from london to celebrate the reopening of u.s. borders to fully vaccinate the travelers in various countries. according to slate radar 24 the virgin atlantic flight won the race arriving 8 minutes ahead of the british airways plane bragging rights. now this, a spectacular show of the aurora australia, license plate visible across the entire
9:26 pm
australian state. the bureau of meteorology describes it as nature's most spectacular visual phenomena and stunning. hard to believe that is real. those are images. finally, a past problem, small mouse, a buzz, what about a bear? a colorado family breathing a sigh of relief after a bear trying to hibernate underneath there home and fleshed out with the scent of ammonia. they are glad that the partner left sooner than expected. everybody is safe and sound. he had us up at shannon bream, "fox news @ night," a video that you would like to share. ♪ ♪ we are still waiting for president biden to actually sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill would mean while congress is taking a break the next several days before returning to work on the multitrillion dollar build back better bill. ahead of the guidelines gnomic deadlines to raise the debt
9:27 pm
ceiling again. correspondent aishah hasnie from capitol hill. >> the motion is adopted. >> president biden legislative victory may be short-lived. on friday, the house finally synced up with the senate passing $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. but democratic infighting is still around the bend. house speaker nancy pelosi pumped the brakes on a vote for the bigger tax and social spending plan called build back better to appease house moderates who want to see a congressional budget office score first beer that is the gold standard and pricing out the true cost of legislation with the white house selling $1.7 trillion in over ten years and completely paid for it. >> we expect the information we received to be in line with what we received from the treasury department. >> the republicans are not buying it appear as big with a price tag will be a lot higher than advertised. >> the democrat politicking reflecting republicans delinked the photo bill back better build
9:28 pm
with the squad to reject the infrastructure piece. so 13 republicans stepped in to pass it. but now face threats and anger from their own party. congressman addison hawthorne tweeting "vote for the infrastructure bill and i will primary the hell out of you." all they have done is created pathway for joe biden's job killing social agenda to be passed here in the united states. >> republican congressman things that she did republicans have favor. >> we have actually undermined alexandria ocasio-cortez and the socialist wing of the democratic party from being able to hold infrastructure hostage and now, they have lost their leverage. >> progressive certainly have a tough pill to sell, if they can get it passed on gnomic senate moderates like kyrsten sinema. the timing of the cbo score could be problematic and it could take up to two weeks to come back and democrats already have a lot on their plates. the extension to fund the
9:29 pm
government expires december 3rd. and then the debt ceiling crisis looms back again around the same time, shannon. >> shannon: aisha hosni, thank you so much. kevin corke is back. you and i both love to travel. i can hardly keep up with you. it seems like we are always running around but a brand-new survey out there a lot of people don't ever leave their own home state. >> i have a question for you after i share the numbers at home. this is truly amazing discovery that sheena just told you about but of course we heard the phrase no place like home but to some americans, this means sticking at home. and i'm not kidding, check this outcome a new survey conducted by one pole, 14% of u.s. residents have never, i mean never traveled outside of the country. and 16% have never left their homes gnomic home state at all. >> shannon: i want to hear
9:30 pm
from these peeps. >> i'm amazed by that. >> on gnomic >> shannon: i can understand that leaving the country if that's not your cup of tea but not leaving your state, fantastic, beautiful amazing things to see in your country. but some people, they are more comfortable and like to stay where they are. >> i heard that the states are bigger so if you live in colorado are used to driving a lot, you might drive to utah for something. you might go to wyoming for something, kansas. you might drive through states going back and forth. i'm amazed by that. i've been to all 50 u.s. states so for me, i cannot imagine leaving the state, how about you? >> shannon: i grew up in florida and there was plenty to do as a kid. you can drive, drive, drive and still in florida as you are reaching out west. listen we have no money to travel. but we do car trips and dad would pull over in the restaurant and sleep 30 minutes and then we would get dan rained keep moving. because same here at. >> shannon: we did go someplace is. >> 75, buick skylark and i
9:31 pm
learned a lot about country music because that is all that was on the radio traveling between the states. >> shannon: we had eight tracks. biko charlie pride come i remember. >> shannon: anyway, interesting stats. good news coming up. >> great stuff coming up. you will like this one. >> shannon: federal appeal court as the brakes on the biden administration. companies with 100 workers, just temporary but a whole lot of other cases. what is the outlook on the cases challenging the social rule? one of the lawyers and the business owner behind the temporary victory is joining us live next.
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practical questions and answers for this present crisis. call or go online today for your free copy. >> shannon: even in liberal los angeles, the vaccine mandates continues tonight with firefighters, police officers and other city workers are rallying against a late decembee shot. correspondent david spunt on where the legal fight stance
9:38 pm
tonight. good evening, david. >> shannon that biden team believes they will be victorious. they plan to write this in court as long as it takes to fight this battle. but this circuit decision for now holds the white house mandate through the federal workplace safety agency known as osha that calls on millions of workers to get a covid-19 vaccine or submit to weekly testing. several southern states and utah suited to. a republican calling for congress to decide vaccine mandates not the white house and department of labor. listen. >> i applaud them for taking action to put this check on the administration here at something of this magnitude absolutely needs to go through the people's house. >> but white house chief of staff say the emergency mandate makes sense and he's confident it will be reinstated. it just may take some time. osha can tell people to wear hard hat on the job to be careful around chemicals, you can put in place these simple measures to keep their workers safe.
9:39 pm
>> osha has never done anything like this. it is using a thing called an etf or emergency temporary standard. that avoids having to do rule making and that can take a long time. >> businesses with more than 100 employees have until january 4th until the mandate kicks in, but remember as you know the supreme court could always intervene before, shannon. >> shannon: david spunt, thank you so much. now let's get more insight into the motivation for illegal challenges to the federal vaccine mandate to -- and supermarket owner from louisiana who is challenging president biden's order and got the first win on the front. thank you both for being with us tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: brandon, why did you decide to get involved in this? >> i feel that the federal government is a massive overreach in this mandate. it is putting a wedge between me and my employees to where i am forcing them to take a vaccine
9:40 pm
for whatever the personal medical decision they decided not to take that. so i am forced to put in a position to terminate the businesses or on the flip side have them get tested multiple times a week which is a massive financial burden on our teammates. it's not right. it is unconstitutional. >> shannon: i want to play something at the white house. this is the white house position over the last few days on this issue of the mandate and whether it survives. >> osha has brought authority to issue and enforce health and safety standards to protect workers in staying safe and healthy in their jobs. this is something that we believe we have authority to do. we think people should not wait. we say do not wait to take action that would keep your workplace safe. it is important and critical to do. waiting to get more people vaccinated will lead to more outbreaks and sickness. this is about keeping people in the workplace safe.
9:41 pm
>> shannon: went the first part she said we have the authority to do this but today, you all want to put this thing on hold for now. she says people should not wait. you should go ahead. what does that say from a legal standpoint? >> this mandate is illegal, shannon. this circuit has already said there are three statutory problems with this mandate. i think employers should respect the right of their employees to make these choices for themselves and let the legal process work itself out. the one ron klain cheap house staff, and this is what he said, if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the docket and be careful around chemicals it can be put in place simple measures to keep the workers safe so how do you respond? this is about trying to secure the workplace and osha has the authority to do things that keep employees safe like this mandate. >> yeah, again come i feel like
9:42 pm
massive reach of the federal government. it is no different than what they did earlier in the cdc the landlord of the united states. it is not my business apples and oranges and is not the same scenario. coronavirus is a real virus and we are taking that seriously, but this is an overreach of the government and doesn't apply here. >> shannon: we had senator merkley on last week, and he talked about this. he is not anti-vax but he is against mandates. he said that biden don't like biden administration knows it will track its way through the courts and take time. in the meantime, daniel, people will get vaccinated despite whatever reservations because they can't afford to lose their job. you can do that if that is this decision you made. the employers have time to plan ahead. how quickly do you think this will end up at the supreme court? do you think they will get involved? >> i absolutely think the supreme court will get involved because this has incredible
9:43 pm
impact across the entire nation, economy, supply chain, look, shannon americans are dealing with this in their own lives, grocery stores with rising prices. courts recognize the tremendous impact that this is happening. when something is so clearly illegal might think courts will move quickly to strike it down. >> we know the government a plate and the circuit today. you can do that tomorrow and have another decision. what you have in place as a temporary ban on this. it sounds like you are feeling confident you will get an extended stay on this but if you do, daniel will this be nationwide junction if you can fill it quickly? >> this will be nationwide junction and the fifth circuit recognizes the problem with the mandate and they will extend it as long as the litigation and protect the right of the american people to make choices without the government overreach in their lives. >> shannon: we will watch as that plays out and many across the country, brandon, daniel, thanks for the update.
9:44 pm
>> thank you for having us. >> shannon: in the crowd surged at a music festival, eight people wound up dead and many, many others injured severely. now trappist outcome, the main performer with the festival facing multiple lawsuits. what about others associated with the concert? night court is next. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different.


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