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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 8, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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i don't know what that was about. that's it for us tonight, don't forget, set your dvr to always stay connected with us and finally, make sure you know what's at stake. freedom matters. remember, everything goes to charity. this month, unconditional pet love rescue, go to, all the great gear for christmas and remember, "gutfeld!" takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> greg: happy super-duper monday, america! what a glorious weekend we shared. what did you do with that extra hour? well, pete hegseth is here tonight. there he is. gorgeous! let's see -- so patriotic, let's see what he did with that extra.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: he is such a patriot that when he bangs his head he sees stars and stripes, and when he poops, it's red whtie and pee you. >> political enemies! >> greg: got to shorten his titles. so it's 2021 and this monologue is on the steele dossier. like a birthmark, this story never ever goes away. is that my fault? no. i would much prefer to do something on joe biden breaking wind at the climate summit. that breeze was so hot, greta thunberg asked him to stand in front of the windmill. but look, that was the only honest thing to come out of joe since he became president. [scattered laughter]
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to easy! to easy! don't applaud! we don't have enough time for the applause! okay, applaud. but that's why that story was my first choice but now unfortunately it's number two. [scattered laffer] >> greg: i'm not beneath anything. and now the legacy media is smug smuggling the dossier story like it's a bedridden aunt with a lot of money. but here we are different. the dossier hoax is like spending the holidays with your parents. if it has -- it is as important as it is so crushing. it is nearly everything the media focus on for over four years and when we made fun of it the media made fun of us like we were in denial when it when fact was them all along. so we need to settle a score and then run that score up like the harlem globetrotters playing against the little sisters of the poor. so first, recap. the steele dossier was an anti-trump conspiracy theory
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funded by the clinton campaign. to begin the number one all things russian, smear buffet. all it did was bore us, of bowl filled with poison borscht. >> the dossier has been corroborated by the intelligence community. >> the dossier in fact is far from bogus. >> i think we will have to actually stop calling at the infamous. increasingly if the accurate dossier. >> the famous dossier getting lumber court ability. >> the claim that the dossier has been increasingly discredited. that's not true in terms of the public record about the dossier. it's quite the opposite. >> greg: they have so much egg on their face their eyeballs need lipitor. still bigger than watergate though. >> what we are watching in the trump presidency is worse than watergate. i keep getting asked, are there echoes of watergate in this? and there are. >> we are also witnessing something we did not see again, which is a meltdown by a president who is demonstrably
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unhinged. >> what we are seeing is worse than watergate. >> greg: poor guy. i mean, think about it. when watergate was your last success, you'd be bringing it up too. but it's been 50 years almost. that's like me brag about the time i got a lego stuck up my nose. that was 50 years ago too, but i'm not on cnn comparing everything to that. okay, it was last year, but so what. then there's rachel, whose brain snapped in 2016 like a solid oral breadsticks. >> keeps turning up again and again. konstantin kilimnik. >> still russian military intelligence. a short man. >> this guy konstantin kilimnik. >> constantine can limit for espionage. >> this guy konstantin kilimnik is the key that unlocks the door, it has to be buried >> greg: she hadn't been that excited since super cuts dropped their clipper cut from 28 to
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$22. anyway... but anyway, the steele dossier was hyped or than the fox patriot awards at the villages. but it turns out it was fake. how fake? ♪ ♪ >> red meat multiple-choice deaths. >> greg: the dossier was as fake as kamala's laugh, our president's teeth, hillary's smile, the clinton marriage, and bonus option, it's as fake as the urine kat applies for her weekly drug test. it's the first sample they'd seen that was carbonated. and now please write down your choice on the back of a cereal box and mail it to joe scarborough. the new indictments coming up
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from special counsel john durham are even crazier. by the way, what is with this picture? is this -- is this the only picture ever taken of john durham? could he look any more like a german u-boat commander? a scary thing is, that's his sixth grade class picture. and why isn't he playing the lead in the life and times of wilford brimley? talk about cocoon, you could wrap yourself in that. sometimes i thought about it. and if you turn his head upside down, doesn't he look familiar? all right, enough at his expense. so the indictment offers lots of new evidence revealing the key source involved a shady guy named igor. igor made false statements to the fbi about his role, steel was the former british spy who worked for fusion gps. he's like 007 if that stood for his iq. so was this the ticking time bomb we were promised by every
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blue checker on twitter from 2016 up to 2020? well, it was indeed a bombshell except it went boom, boom, all over them and because of that the story sinks began been a cement shoes. never to be seen except on this show because... >> "gutfeld!," we care about the truth, and latex goods and also leather! we care about leather and latex goods! >> greg: mostly. so igor, on behalf of hillary, helped plant the lies to -- also used his work to obtain surveillance warrants. as igor confesses, it was all based on who's-fueled hearsay from friends, which is not bad research. that's how i found out that bigfoot had impregnated the loch ness monster to give birth to carrot top. that's all my research! but then, his real source, which was another democratic hack, a guy whose only connection to the
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kremlin is the bottle of russian dressing in the fridge. at my wife has more of a connection to moscow, poster of a shirtless manchin of our bed. in other words, this whole things was a hoax, a delicious deception like kat's extensions. and much like all the other hoaxes we've heard, the fine people live, the injected bleach, covington, kavanaugh, crt doesn't exist but what's premise he does. i feel like i just wrote an outline for a new fox nation series hosted by diamond and silk. if but this dossier smear was designed to sway an election, claiming trump was under moscow's control because of the extorted power of black male. so is the media admitting to their huge error now? of course not. the stories too huge to admit it being falls and that's why the hugest story on earth must stand. it's not sibley the media admitting to being wrong, it's emitting to being fundamentally diluted for over four years and if there's any guiding principle
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to today's legacy journalism, that's it. [scout applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: let's welcome tonight's guests! whenever he hears the word "dad," he just assumes some was trying to talk to him because he has a lot of kids! pete hegseth! he dresses like the job he wants, 1980s stand-up comedian, host of the next revolution, steve hilton! she's like my laundry, she smells nice but then ends up on the floor for days. fox news contributor kat timpf! and he always looks down at his fans, because he has no choice, he's tall. my massive sidekick in the nwa world champion, tyrus! how are you doing there, peach? >> doing great. >> greg: good, enjoy your we can with the extra hour?
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>> always. it's a morning show dream. everyone else hates it, i love it. >> greg: kat just sees it as another hour -- >> i get drunk all the time, yeah, i love drinking! i got it right, right? that's where you were going with that? >> greg: yes, i was! >> i thought. surprised i could figure it out with all the drugs i'm on. [laughter] >> greg: so pete, what does this tell you, it tells you the media always controls the spigot and a design what narrative they want or don't want. >> of course they do. at this point -- we are at the point where i would say there's more evidence for the moon landing being faked, more evidence for 9/11 being an inside job, and more evidence for epstein killing himself. then there is a russian collusion. >> greg: interesting. >> really, you step back and look at the evidence that durum, as goofy as he may look, is presenting. you've got igor and olga. olga is the other source along
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with this charles dolan. all of which are now admitting every aspect of it was hearsay while drunk, or dolan said this is a -- he had a g.o.p. friend was telling him these things. and once pressed he said i don't actually have a republican friend at all that told me these things. >> greg: yeah. >> so as they actually asked him the question of where they got the information, they admitted, yet as donald trump said, and he's right, where -- are they going to revoke any pulitzers for this? of course that i. >> greg: what i got from you is that -- so you're saying you believe the moon landing actually happened? >> i do. well... >> you think epstein killed himself? >> no. i'm saying this more evidence that he did then there is that trump colluded with -- >> duality of being sarcastic. >> i was trying. >> greg: your sarcasm about the moon landing was noted, so you do believe it happened.
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>> i do buried >> greg: which is so naive and silly. that was the point i was getting at. steve, this is not -- this is not about trump, this is not a trump story. this is a media story and because we are in the media, we are so quick to move onto things, we are not even talk about afghanistan, that was, what, a month ago maybe? >> also the way they are all -- the establishment -- i know that's a phrase, the establishment, but they are all the same thing, you've got these people who -- i mean, look at one aspect of this, it's a small aspect but it's just amazing how it all fits together. fiona hill turns up in the middle of the story. she was like the star witness in the ukraine impeachment thing, and so she shows up in the story, she's the one that introduced them in the first place, she's the one that introduced the russians -- and then she ends up in the trump white house. the whole way that all these people are just completely connected and now she's running
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around as the kind of hero of the anti-trump resistance, this fanatic, she's got a book out. when she's promoting her book she is literally saying if trump wins again it's the end of democracy. this is the key point that this makes me think of. it's like they run around saying you undermine democracy all the time. they're the ones. this is what they're trying to do. there is an election, they didn't like the results so they -- and yet they get to accuse -- >> greg: of course. >> just like with racism, they go on calling everyone racist. >> greg: but it all works based on our short attention spans. so you can talk about january 6th forever as long as you don't remember all of this stuff that happened before. and actually most people are -- most people especially in the media, they don't member. kat, i think it was a high point all of this and that was the introduction of the phrase pee tape. >> i was talking but openly and even if it was real, didn't we have a with it... like as long as he made them,
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that's exchange of goods, why do i care? >> greg: exactly. >> any more questions or you just want to talking about pee? >> greg: are just going to ask you what your thoughts were. >> i think it must be really nice to be able to be this wrong and this mean when you are wrong and not even like feel bad or do any self-examination. because i do too much self-examination i think. you know? i feel bad when i do things wrong. they don't. it must be nice. >> greg: it must be nice. what about you, tyrus? thoughts on this? >> you know, i was looking -- i try to look at a whole -- they say look at the big picture. you look at that whole error, you know, the dossier, the mueller report and all the criminals that were flushed out. but they were all democrats. cuomo, michael avenatti, the steele dossier. everybody who came out to be heroes were bad guys.
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so of course the dossier wasn't real. nothing through that entire period was real, and that's why they're not going to apologize, because they'll just say it's my truth. >> greg: writes. >> i saw it at the time. >> such a specific thing to make up. >> at least the pee tape was flushed out. >> and it serves their purpose. it was able to diminish a trump presidency, that's all they cared about. >> mission accomplished. we now have high inflation. so that's literally what it is. >> i will take a pee tape over high inflation any day. >> gladly. >> greg: and sometimes i have. and mean tweets. up next, joe is no member of mensa but implies we are all dense. six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: our stupidity is to blame, since the guy who remembers no one's name. instead it's our intelligence he offends as handlers scramble for depends. joe was out of the loop while his pants fill with... it's just too easy. sometimes i wonder if i have a problem. >> i found this on the street, i think it's perfectly edible. >> we really need to talk about something. it's those jokes, we are not even done with the monologue and we don't like eight of them. >> what the hell is going on here? do you guys agree with him? >> yeah! >> greg: is this some sort of poop joke intervention you caused? what do you want than? >> anything would be better than this. >> greg: you can go eat believe! >> that's what we're talking talking about! >> greg: shut up!
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>> greg: i get the letters, i know. trying to explain the supply chain crisis, which has left me without a new writing crop for weeks now, the president recently mocked the american public for not getting it buried >> president biden: if we were all going out and having lunch together and i said what's as clever it's is that the next table, no matter how -- what restaurant we are in, have him explain the supply-chain to us. could understand what we are talking about? [scattered laughter] >> greg: not if you're explaining it. usually when joke was his fellow diners, the question is "where am i? who are you? is my wallet in your soup"? here's more. >> president biden: why is every thing backed up? well, it's backed up because the people who supply the material that end up being on our kitchen table or in our family -- our life, guess what? they've closed those points because they have covid.
8:22 pm
>> greg: i know, why is everything backed up? are not going to do it, okay? i'm trying to maintain some seriousness after the intervention. they all met with me but it smells so good and it's so close. anyway, the real reason -- >> [indiscernible]. >> greg: i know! the reason we've got problems is the later shortage blocked by lockdown semantics. it's not that americans decided to buy more groceries. one-size-fits-all regulation and restriction services help block the flow of labor while hindering recovery efforts. americans are buying a record amount by now and it's too much for the system to handle. biden is also in the dark on the plan to give money to illegal immigrants separated the board. i guess the only way can for the nonbinding meetings on climate change. but suddenly he changed his mind. >> said last week that this report about migrant families at
8:23 pm
the border getting payments was garbage. >> president biden: no, i didn't say that. get it straight, said everybody coming across the border gets $450,000. >> number was what you had a problem with. >> the number was what i was referring to. if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last of administration, you coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal, and you lost your child -- you lost your child -- gone -- you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance. >> greg: i haven't seen a flip-flop that big since i went sunbathing with tyrus. [scattered laughter] >> that never happens. >> greg: [cackles] so what do you have to save yourself, mr. president? >> look, look, why do we got to let that kid in the them anyway? the blonde hair and the mask, i don't like him. he's always asking questions. trying to pin me down.
8:24 pm
you can't pin down old joe. i'm like the karate kid. i'm like mr. miyagi. all right? mr. carper kind. wax on, wax off. look at you, wax on, you wax off, a lot of wax, that's the supply-chain right there in a nutshell, come on, man! >> greg: all right. we didn't really go sunbathing, tyrus. >> i think they knew that. >> greg: your thoughts on -- always seems to blame everybody for their ignorance but his own for some reason. >> that's kind of the cornerstone of being ignorant, you don't really take responsibility. obviously someone else -- this is [bleep] painful to watch. i'm hugging on my championship belt like it's a small child that i don't want to see what's happening to grandpa. this is -- like we told him not -- we only told him one
8:25 pm
sherry. this is 17 sherry's in. it's bad. when he couldn't even break down how you lean over and go "hey, do you mind telling us how things work." at the next table. he tripped and fell on a hypothetical question about somebody at the next table. it's over. >> his hypothetical that he made up. >> he hypothetically forgot in the middle of what he was talking about. all they want to do is go "no, no, no, no, turn the cameras off, let's go, get him out of here." >> greg: it's like getting mad at some of you had a dream -- was mean to you in a dream. >> that's okay to do that. >> greg: he got mad at the people in the hypothetical they don't exist! >> he had an argument within himself and now he's reached down to the last thing that an old white man has left. you, young people! i'm just so glad he's at people.
8:26 pm
>> greg: that's true, that's true. >> it's over. >> greg: you know what, it's not that important that he's not in charge, right? because apparently the democrats don't care. >> exactly, and that was the whole point of him in the first place, so just put this guy in, it doesn't matter, you know, we will figure it out, pelosi and all the people around him will run everything. when you listen to it, i hadn't heard that without watching the video. something even worse when mumbling, randomly you just hear the sound and you think who is this weird, random old guy that just kind of wandered into the white house? >> and it just makes everyone do the same thing, everyone goes fetal. >> the supply-chain. but it is a perfect encapsulation of everything that's wrong with them, so the supply-chain -- they make it all worse. they pay people to stay at home, they put in these stupid mandates so that essential industries can't get the workers. they cancel energy production
8:27 pm
here so they have to import it, it's more expensive, inflation goes up, all the things they're doing make this work and then they turn around and say it's your fault because you're ordering things that you shouldn't and just shut up and wait for -- but the whole thing -- >> that the plants have covid buried >> what you talk about? >> this excellent nation. it's wild to see him being critical of people -- he also said the press are doing a bad job of explaining this. like, you don't get to be critical of being bad of explaining things when you have a whole team of people whose main job is to make sure that you don't get a chance to try to explain anything. >> greg: right. >> he said the plants have covid, he got upset about people in a hypothetical he made up in his own head and forgot what was happening, it's like were member how this was supposed to be a return to normalcy, right? i'm not going to pretend that trump was a normal president, obviously he wasn't, but can we please stop pretending that this is normal? >> greg: you know it's funny? it's two different kinds of
8:28 pm
abnormal. i've come up with this -- you know, when people got triggered by trump, it was a certain kind of thing about his personality and his abrasiveness, whatever you want to call it, and there's -- but what we replaced it with something that is completely different that triggers you, it's a sense of complete and utter discomfort of not knowing where this is going at any time. >> can you imagine being in aid to joe biden mike that's why they've created an entire fake press room next to the oval office where they can put a giant teleprompter behind it. and he starts a sentence and you have absolutely no idea where it's going to go. >> greg: i always say it's like listening to a kid tell you the dream he had the night before. >> no, no, no, hell no, you are not going to put that on kids. >> they are better at it. >> they are very articulate, very clear. i know exactly what lie they're telling, with their end goal is, it's always to get a cookie. i have no idea where this man is going, not a clue.
8:29 pm
>> greg: it always ends with "and dad, i'm scared, i need to come in your bed and join you." as it was a reason for it whereas in this case i would like to see the rest of my time and allow joe biden to it attempt to explain. >> this ride is going for a long time. >> greg: all right come up next, the left loses clouds because wokeness is all there are about. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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8:34 pm
reassuring. somewhat listening. texas attendant governor candidate declared that jesus would be accused of being woke if you were around today, which i have to say, seems hard to prove. but remember, unlike the woke mob, jesus was always for forgiveness, so leave it to the only sensible democrat to sum things up, tulsi gabbard recently spoke to the shadowy figure known as hannity. >> we don't have leaders who actually respect the american people, who actually respect us enough to listen, to listen to what parents are concerned about, you know, their children and their education, to listen to the american people who are sick and tired of the power elite trying to tear us apart based on the color of our skin. >> greg: there is a woman after my heart and possibly my job. i don't want her here anymore. so, kat, i mentioned this a lot, i set it on "the five," is it possible to reason with the woke
8:35 pm
if the woke believe the people trying to reason with them aren't woke, aren't conscious? if this losing proposition for people like maureen dowd? >> it's crazy because their whole view of -- it's stupid, and it's not working, but if you're stupid and you think that you're actually really smarter than everyone else, then there really is no reasoning or talking with them at also, why would they give it up? because they have these little circles where they don't have to research or prepare or have actual beliefs, they just have to be like you're a racist, you're a sexist, and they win every time, that's a lot easier than doing work. >> i'm actually jealous because if i was woke my life would be so much easier, it wouldn't be hanging around you, that's for sure. patriot. >> i'm a patriot. >> i believe america is great. >> that was a great pete hegseth impression. >> look at mean, treat awards. >> there are still tickets available, by the way. >> greg: for the silver table.
8:36 pm
>> it's a very simple construct by which they get to treat all of us as a group. >> greg: writes. >> it's systemic racism. it's not you white man or black men are racist because of what you say or do, the entire system is in one direction so i get to put you, greg, as a white male, in a category and that is who you are. and by the way, as far as jesus is concerned, he did walk on water, which seems a little antiscience. which means the woke mob wouldn't really be for that. if he claims that, he can't be with them. >> the cultural appropriation, the fish everywhere. what kind of guy walks on water, do you breathe water, broke? how many sea turtles have to duck so you can walk? >> greg: that is so true. >> i didn't understand. >> greg: neither did i. steve, i am kind of -- interested in woke-isn't because it is such an easy filter to put
8:37 pm
on everything because you can pretty much link anything you want. when there's an ideology, you know, that just you can include in every facet of your life, it's scary, it's called behavior and away. >> and it's perfect for them because it is totally self reinforcing. if you're against it, that proves their point that you are racist, contained within it. and nothing that's also true about this whole story is it's another example of what you are saying at the beginning about the media, because they totally amplify and reinforce it, so that here that this is a thing the democrats are coming out with, okay, so we have to be on board, we have to agree with it, we have to insist on it, so the speed of which a couple of lines about cortical race theory is not taught in schools, suddenly everything a person, every person in the media was saying the same thing. >> greg: but you are seeing some people almost stage like a political intervention, people like james carville and maureen dowd that are going "can you guys pump the brakes," but it's -- i think it's just something that has to be completely let go into the
8:38 pm
ocean, like dropping a frozen blob. >> why does the environment have to pay? listen, woke-is him isn't new. america has had a long tradition of and idiots, and bad ideas and that's why we came together as a civilization to stop those things. it's always going to be there. the difference now is someone has given the dummies the microphone. so at some point, somebody goes let's let the adults take it because it's nothing new. you can connect ignorance to anything. i can win any argument i want in this room with everyone of you no matter what the subject is. pete, ask me any question grade >> tyrus -- >> how dare you racist talk to me like that! you don't know me, dog! >> greg: he won. >> oh, oh, so you can't respect my boundaries? you're going to keep coming at me? >> no, but i...
8:39 pm
>> you're going to disrespect me like that? this is what i'm talking about, every time i come in this building there is some white guy telling me this and that, act this way, how dare you, sir! i'm a champion. of that was dumb as hell. said nothing. >> greg: but you said everything. coming up, their plan to divide the races has them falling flat on their faces. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪nothing is everything♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: the latest leftist lunacy to electing a black is proof of what's a premise he. they got called out because his racist claims were bizarre after a slew of republican victories in last week's election, dems and their media support group have gone to great lengths to ask point where the failures, the most popular narrative, blame what's up rumsey. even as virginia elected the first black female lieutenant governor, as they replaced the governor who posed in blackface andorra claimant.
8:44 pm
michael eric dyson stopped by msnbc took celena like the famous vacuum, this dyson socks. >> the problem is here they want weitzer pharmacy by ventriloquist effect. there's a black mount moving, but a white idea through the running on the runway of a tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices. >> greg: a black mouth moving but a white idea is coming up. everyone clear on that? there are black ideas and white ideas, so that's it. and black people who disagree with him or literal dummies. couldn't have said it better if you were david duke himself. again, it's not just about racial segregation, but idea segregation too. inc. about it, the woke are so backwards that someone not saying what you want them to say equals ventriloquism. when really it's dyson who's the real dummy, cribbing off joy reid. during the friday appearance with omar, dyson confirmed his citizenship and fantasyland by claiming parents voter the way they did because of racial
8:45 pm
feelings. >> the point is that parents who were spooked by critical race theory, none of whom can define it. when you ask them what it is they don't know. >> i find that a disingenuous argument. because i don't think that is what people are objecting to. they're not objecting to black history being taught, there are other things going on in the schools. >> like what? >> like separating children by race him a and describing them as either oppressed or oppressor. there are children coming home who feel traumatized by this. that's what's -- that's what parents are objecting to. >> greg: but bill -- we had to cut you off there. bill maher just accurately defined critical race theory, time to call him a nazi. it you know what i like about this, pete, when tyson said look what, bill maher just gave him exactly what critical race theorists described as crt. >> you don't to unpack every aspect of a -- if my child walks
8:46 pm
into a classroom, if they are white, they aren't oppressor and if they are black they are oppressed, which is actually completely racist to black children were told they are incapable of succeeding in a society, and i went to a public school in the 1980s and about to be 90s. >> greg: you're the real hero. >> oh, yeah. [laughter] i don't know what to do with that. but i was taught that our founding was unequal. i was taught that racism was a sin. i was taught the civil rights era was full of discrimination and yet i was still taught that our country seeks to fulfill our founding premise, and that's everything crt rejects. he is -- i mean, we have to do what they do, look someone like him in the eye and say you're the racist. i'm not, you are, and leave it there. >> greg: typical cracker, am i right, tyrus? >> brother. i think we're looking at this wrong. let's think about all those poor white children that come in and be told that they are oppressors and they're broke, they have to go home and be like god, dad, we
8:47 pm
are supposed to own stuff, where's the big house? >> greg: of where the are oppressors -- >> my car, where's my inheritance? well, son, dad drunk that away and my dreams in high school. this dude, he's selling a book. it's okay, here's the hustle. the world is messed up and i'm going to talk as fast as i can it's a pontification, immunization and a bunch of other and if you buy my book -- if you disagree with me you are a white racist and i will have you struck down because i usually show up at all-star games arizona trying to bump tickets off of stupid tires and it didn't go down, you weren't supposed to be in there. this dude is a con artist, they give him -- he will say anything connected to racism and then a guy like -- people are like i didn't think that way, i'm very sorry. we should fund a book and i'll tell you what to do it. people are people, critical race theory has its place as an adult is critical theory, not children. >> greg: i guess it bugs me is that some people believe they have the power of mind reading.
8:48 pm
like he knows what was in winsome sears' mind and that she's just a mouthpiece -- how does he know what she's thinking? that's of drives me -- that's another part of this accusing people of racism on my even if there evidence of racism, they know -- they can see your heart. >> yeah, and joy reid the way she was shaking her head like oh, yeah, absolutely. as if he wasn't talking about whites a premises by ventriloquist effect. you hear that phrase, you're supposed to stop for a second. you know that's stupid, when someone says it. and look, it's like -- they are basically saying that if you are a black person, you have to think certain things because you are black, or you're a bad person. to me, that sounds racist. to me, i think all people are individuals, regardless of if they're black or white or anything else, and that's racist? again, white supremacy by ventriloquist effect. and he's going to say that on tv and she's going to shake her head.
8:49 pm
what are we doing here? >> greg: yeah. the other thing -- you know, steve, i want to complement bellmawr but i fear if i complement him you'll ruin it -- it will ruin it. he's terrible. it's terrible. >> he's got to stop saying these kinds of things. they are so offensive. going on about the vaccine mandate and mask requirement and the pandemic being over. what is he doing? is out of control. i think what's so enraging about this, all last week when you saw them constantly saying this is white parents being racist because they don't want their kids taught about the history -- it's so insulting. and actually it's not just we know it's not true, there's actually evidence it's not true. there was a poll done just now asking parents across the country, and by the overwhelming majority of parents across the country, white parents think yeah, i'm happy for my kids to line up at the history of slavery, the real history. to call everyone who objects to this racist is just so
8:50 pm
outrageous and then yet again, they're the ones guilty of the exact thing they accuse of her would also. >> greg: i believe psychiatrists call projection. but what do i know? i don't need a shrink. if up next, we reveal the best age for when your date is most likely to fornicate. so you only pay for what you need. [ ferry horn honks ] i mean just cause you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, [ chuckles ] or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> greg: is it their lace 20s that most people act like bunnies? survey finds the average person has the most hook ups at age 27 but people also reported in the opposite direction, 43% admitting they left because it wasn't going well. but some of the plane goes to the vague definition of moderate back hair. we caught up with a local stud for comment. >> so, joe, do you agree? >> greg, let's just say for me the 27 club wasn't the year i died, it was the year i lived. they say gentlemen don't kiss and tell but i'm no gentleman. i made love to 107 women that year. i pleasured more women than expensive handbags, she just won a trip. [applause] >> greg: yeah. all right, not much time, kat, thoughts? >> the average age for women to get married is also 27. i think it depends where you live. like in new york if you get
8:55 pm
married at 27 you are like a child bride. i'm 33, i just got married, if i lived in the midwest i should have three kids and tied tubes by now. it depends where you live. >> greg: that's true. what you think, steve? >> this whole story made me feel incredibly old, like this whole meaning of hookup has just passed me by. when i see the word hookup i look really think of rv trips, plug into the electricity and dump the sewage and it just made me think about all that, you know, being backed up again, so i'm afraid we've backed those jokes. >> tyrus, thoughts? >> a man's body of the temple and to find a course and vulgar to talk about how many -- is it conquests? is that the where they are using? disgusting. >> no, you used that word just now. >> you know, i never partake. i've done it four times, i have four children. [laughter] that's where i met. >> greg: that's where i met. pete, you have how many kids, nine?
8:56 pm
>> seven. >> greg: thoughts? >> i would rather not comment. >> greg: and that is how we end the block. don't go away, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ hen my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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