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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 8, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for tonight. as always, thanks so much for being with us, please set your dvr so you never miss an episode and remember, we will never be the media mob, ever. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, laura ingraham is standing by. hi. >> laura: how are you? they do have a restful weekend? >> sean: i did. i'm still battling allergies and injuries and everything in between but it was good. >> laura: you haven't lost your voice or, you know, do you need to -- >> sean: stuck in my voice and won't completely go away but i'm certainly not like raymond arroyo. >> laura: you know, god will get you for that one, hannity, okay? >> sean: i love ray! >> laura: payback is a you-know-what. it is coming, that's all i have
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to say and it is currently being planned, okay? so the payback against you is being planned and it is especially vicious and funny. >> sean: i was nice to you, congratulated you on your fourth anniversary, i was so happy for you, you've been a great addition to fox and i'm getting revenge. >> laura: i'm very uncomfortable with kopelman's from you, i need to go back to the fighting all the time. it complements don't do anything. all right, i will see you. i've got to get to it. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, we have a lot to get to, so let's dive right in. housecleaning. that's the focus of tonight's angle. with joe biden at 38% average approval rating -- 58% of the country says he has the wrong priorities, and that election laws in virginia? one wouldn't think that the mood at the white house would be upbeat, you know, giddy, but it was all smiles today after the early saturday passage of that
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$1.2 trillion phony infrastructure bill. remember, only part of it is hard infrastructure, the rest is the typical wasteful washington garbage with a socialist bend. for biden's boy wonder transportation secretary though, it's really totally awesome. >> when our communications team presents me with a copy are usually cross of the word excited because i think it's overused and i often read about the exclamation points because it's not always my style but we are excited with an exclamation point about what we are going to be able to deliver. >> laura: it sounds like pete has got his campaign commercial going for his 2024 presidential run. there it is. and let's face it, the democrats are going to be wiped out in 2022 because we know the generic ballot now has republicans at plus eight, if you can believe it buried by historical comparisons, let me translate how ugly this really is. in 2010, republicans won by six points, eight points, and picked
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up 63 seats in the house. wow. so just one pelosi and biden really needed a win, well, it came, courtesy of the republicans. >> this was a bipartisan action, 13 house republicans broke ranks with party leadership. >> a house finally passed the trillion dollar bipartisan up a structure built buried six democrats voting against it and 13 republicans bucking their party leadership. >> laura: it was 12 men and one woman, nicole malliotakis from conservative staten island, who pushed the bill over the top. >> roads and bridges and tunnels and ports, i'm happy to have joined with my colleagues to support this, for my district in particular. i mean, the money and there can be used for all sorts of projects and i look forward to working with my local legislators to identify what priorities we are going to unite on. >> laura: first off, the congresswoman is not going to have much of a say in how any of this money is spent, nice
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dreaming though. at the biden cabinet is going to be making a lot of the big calls, and secondly, she conveniently leaves out that the bill is laden with progressive pork and it lays the groundwork for all the climate change craziness to come. $7.5 billion is going to go to electric vehicle charging stations, 5 billion for electric school buses, 1 billion for ripping up racist highways. by the way, that's just a drop in the bucket. there's much more after that. no wonder the dimwitted anti-trump menace adam kinzinger ended up supporting it. now, none of them thought for a second about what it is they're actually putting in motion. they just thought about bringing the bacon back home. the leader of the moderates, john katko, is particularly odious. but what could we expect from a grandstanding blowhard who voted to impeach trump over
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january 6th? >> now, just as the capitol police protected us, congress must pass nomadic match that courage and protect the constitution, our democratic processes and this nation. the president's role in this insurrection is undeniable. >> laura: since then, he's been a dead man walking in conservative politics. once ago the powerful conservative party of onondaga county said it would not back his reelection. and he already has his first primary challenger, i love that, good. at least three out of the 13 washout g.o.p. congressman have already announced their retirement, get out the door. well, good, because each and every one of them them either didn't read the entire bill, which is a dereliction of duty, or they did read it and just ignored its most egregious provisions, which frankly is worse than a dereliction of duty. a particularly lame pelosi-inspired justification for supporting it came from congressman david mckinley
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from west virginia. remember, it's for the children. he said we've all heard stories of children in west virginia sitting in parking lots to do their schoolwork because their homes are not connected to reliable broadband internet. tonight i voted for those kids. oh, really, david? after watching the democrats destroy west virginia's coal industry as china's roars ahead, he now trusts the democrats to take care of the children in west virginia? what planet is he living on? the fact is, these 13 house republicans are trusting biden cabinet secretaries to spend this gargantuan sum of money, do it wisely, when the smart move would have been to wait to pass a clean infrastructure bill until the republicans take back the house next year. unless, that is, your trust energy secretary granholm to focus on common sense solutions
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to to skyrocketing energy prices. >> this is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america. >> [laughs] that is hilarious. would that i had the magic wand. >> americans will likely be a cold winter, most of them are, expect to pay higher prices for heating their homes? >> yeah, this is going to happen if oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires. >> laura: oh, my god, it is there any more idiotic person who's ever been a cabinet member? i think -- what we demand, madam secretary, is an energy secretary competent enough to answer basic questions, not a 1a spotlight. again, this is a party with zero solutions. they only exacerbate problems. and every g.o.p. vote for this
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bill, which is the companion bill to the next even worse social spending bill, ensures that current inflation last longer and energy prices go even higher. currently the white house has zero plans to keep the latter from soaring out of control. >> could just lay out those other options are considering? >> again, i don't have anything specific here. the president spoke to this recently but he also asked fdc to crackdown on illegal pricing but also we're going to continue to monitor the situation and have a number of tools in our arsenal, as i just mentioned. i don't have anything specific. >> laura: monitoring the situations, that's always my favorite answer. what you all have to understand here, and the phony infrastructure republicans don't seem to get is that rising energy costs are a key part of the democrats agenda. they want costs to go up, because they want to build back greener, even though it's going to mean that many republicans will be forced to choose, what?
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many americans are going to be forced to choose heat or food this winter. affordable energy means that americans need less government and have more freedom. they can have more freedom to do what they want, to go where they want, wherever they want. but the price of your gasoline, airline, and train tickets come, the less freedom you have, and they are totally fine with that. somehow the president's chief of staff ron klain, he believes that tuesday's election losses demonstrate that voters want more spending. >> i do think the voters sent a message on tuesday, they wanted to see things move more quickly, and three days later congress responded, passing the president's infrastructure bill. >> laura: a new survey out by cnn shows the main concern for voters isn't infrastructure, it's not equity, it's not racial justice issues either. >> what do americans think are
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the biggest issues that we should be focused on right now? >> is the economy. 36% of americans say the economy is most important compared to 20% who say coronavirus, that is now the second issue. >> laura: the economy is linked with the supply chain problem. the inflation and energy costs. by driving our nation further into debt with spending, well, things are only going to get worse. of course selling you out in the house wouldn't have been possible though if 19 republican senators didn't sell you out in the senate first. from mitch mcconnell to mitt romney, the old establishment decided to grab a piece of the pie. one report notes that mitch's state of kentucky can expect to receive more than $5 billion from the federal package. again, as long as they get their piece, they'll just ignore the fact that it provides the momentum for the build back better bill, which will cost an estimated $4 trillion. no wonder the far left is
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ecstatic in anticipation. >> it is a human infrastructure bill, it's transformational. the child tax credit. when we think about $400 billion for that climate change, $555 billion there, $150 billion in housing. >> laura: now, the idea that joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are going to hold the line for sanity because the g.o.p. and the senate and the house gave them a slice of infrastructure? highly unlikely. every once in a while we get big think pieces in the media about why populism continues to be so powerful in much of the country and why g.o.p. voters continue to press for major change. the complete inability of g.o.p. leadership to hold the line, to do what they were elected to do and block over a trillion dollars in wasteful spending that's going to lead to more
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inflation is a classic example of why populism will continue to grow. the establishment won this round but their time is running out. americans are not going to sacrifice their living standard to keep the democrats and their g.o.p. allies in power. we saw last week in virginia, new jersey, that change is coming and the more harm the establishment does to the economy, the faster and stronger that change is going to be, and that's "the angle." joining me now is texas senator ted cruz. senator, your response to the white house victory lap in infrastructure and the republicans that helped push it over the line? >> well, i think it's a bad bill, i think it is really unfortunate that we saw house republicans assist the white house. they were getting their clocks cleaned. it's another $1.2 trillion in spending. it's on top of the trillions in spending we've already seen. as you noted, that is already
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driving inflation across the economy. the price of food is going up, the price of milk is going up, the price of gasoline is going up, the price of rent and homes and lumbers, everything is going up, and the biden administration is causing it. if unfortunately we saw a handful of house republicans decided to rescue nancy pelosi from the bill crashing on its own. i think that did two things that were really problematic. number one, it did with the biden white house wanted to do, which is change the subject from the shellacking they took in virginia. virginia was a terrific victory, i was there on election night with glenn youngkin. it was a tremendous example of the parents of virginia saying hell note to this radical left-wing approach that said that parents have no role in their kids education. but the house infrastructure -- the house republicans, or a handful of them, decided to change the subject from that and i think it also increased momentum for the really terrible
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bill, which is the next one, the bernie sanders socialist budget, i pray to god the bernie sanders socialist budget doesn't pass, but these house republicans sadly made it more likely. >> laura: i mentioned your colleagues, i don't to put you in a tough spot but your colleagues in the senate greased the way for this entire thing to happen and i know you were a stalwart along with so many of your colleagues in standing against this, but mitch mcconnell is a super -- you know, he's a super smart, you, tactician. i mean, one of the smartest tacticians in the senate we've ever had. what's going on there? did i get anything wrong in my description of the piece of the pie attitude that a lot of republicans seem to have about this? >> look, it was crazy in the senate for about two months. we had massive arguments over this bill. i mean, screaming arguments at lunch. we have lunch together every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday together, all the senate republicans and there were about
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of the third of the senate republicans who ended up voting for this and they would stand up and they would pitch all the terrific things that are in it and they would pitch roads and bridges. and listen, they are popular. 110 billion of this bill are roads and bridges. i suggested fine, if you like roads and bridges, i like roads and bridges, let's pass 110 billion in roads and bridges and throw away the other trillion that is in this bill. they didn't want to do that. it's like the old con man who sells you the brooklyn bridge over and over and over again, it's always about the bridge, and i stood up in these lunches repeatedly and i said why are you making it easier for bernie sanders to bankrupt this country and jam his socialist throats of the american people, and the republicans who voted for this, they said no, no, when this passes, it will be harder for bernie to do that and i remember i responded to them, laura. i said look, if you got this as a deal, we will do this instead of the bernie sanders budget, i
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could understand that reasoning. that actually -- there would be some force to that, you've got nothing. they gave us nothing and said we will pass this and then we will pass everything else on top of it. what the heck is that deal getting you? >> laura: the absolute worst negotiators i've ever -- i can't imagine you could get a worse negotiation. they lost all their leverage and now they're going into the 4 trillion. senator, i have to move to this because the fifth circuit, you and i know well, blocked biden's vaccine mandate that the white house is encouraging businesses to go ahead and implement it. watch. >> this is about keeping people in the workplace safe. we're trying to get past this pandemic and we know the way to do that is to get people vaccinated, so people should not wait, they should continue to go move forward and make sure that they're getting their workplace vaccinated. >> laura: so senator, they now are just strongly encouraging,
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versus mandating to try and get around the injunctions? >> this is unfortunately a completely lawless administration. fifth circuit quite greatly stayed biden's illegal vaccine mandate, they issued an injunction against enforcing it on the white house is saying ignore the court injunction. look, the white house lawyers know that the covid mandate, especially to private employers, it is illegal and it's going to be struck down and what they are counting on is a whole bunch of people will comply anyway while the litigation is pending and by the way, this is not the first time they've done this on the border. the biden administration refuses to enforce the border, we have chaos at our southern border, a federal court in texas order to the biden administration to remain in and to implement the remain in mexico agreement. again, the biden administration is justifying that court order. they are slow walking it and this is an administration that is utterly lawless, and
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unfortunately the american people are paying the price. >> laura: well, senator, finally, houston is mourning the tragic and looks like completely avoidable deaths from that travis scott concert. eight people, including two teens, died. hundreds were injured, hordes of people rushed the stage. hearing some troubling reports, sources in the houston pd are telling me all sorts of things about why this thing should have been pulled back, should never have been granted a permit, how do we make sure this never happens again? >> well, laura, you're right, it's horrific what happened at that concert. i grew up in houston, i grew up going to concerts at astor weld, so when i was a teenager, i was in crowds at concerts there, thankfully we did not have the sort of chaos and tragedy that unfolded the other night in houston, and the city is mourning that tragedy, and there needs to be a very serious, a very credible, a very objective investigation into what went
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wrong. all of the steps that could have been taken to prevent this tragedy as it was unfolding, and i've been reading stories of concertgoers who were there who were trapped, who were paralyzed, who couldn't breathe in the crowd kept pressing and pressing and pressing and apparently they didn't have the crowd control mechanisms in place, they didn't have the ability to stop the concert. i've got to see the video the young woman who climbs up to the camera tower and is begging them, people are dying down there, stop the concert, it was indefensible that they didn't stop it, they didn't intervene and rescue lives and we need to investigate it and make sure it never happens again. >> laura: senator, great to see you tonight, thanks for holding firm on this spending issue. and up next, lord obama is back, this time taking his really lofty rhetoric to the climate conference of scotland. in moments i'm going to translate what his words really meant before victor davis hanson and dinesh d'souza react. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now, if you and your wife had already spent tens of millions of dollars on swanky oceanfront properties and hawaii and martha's vineyard, could you really be someone who's truly worried about man-made climate change flooding those beachfront
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properties? well, barack obama wants you to think so. >> parts of the world are becoming more dangerous to live in, triggering new migration patterns worsening conflict around the globe. it's one of the reasons why the u.s. pentagon and other u.s. agencies are saying that climate change poses a national security threat for the u.s. and for everyone else. >> laura: if the parents of virginia couldn't save the mccullough campaign but now we are saying that obama is determined to save the planet? it's all hot air and mirrors. we are going to provide you our own anger mangled translation service. it obama is trying to stay relevant and i'm sure add to his mega netflix fortune by writing this whole wave, but to really cash in his friend has to get the federal government to keep the gravy train going. >> i am convinced that president biden's build back better bill will be historic and a huge plus for u.s. action on climate change.
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both of us have been constrained in large part by the fact that one of our two major parties has decided not only to sit on the sidelines, but express active hostility towards climate science. >> laura: translation, we are done debating with any of the merits of our climate policies, not going to do it, and democracy only really works when you agree with us home and when you don't, we're going to vilify you with a uncaring antiscience. next up, it's time to sacrifice, folks. >> i can afford to give up a lot of my current lifestyle to benefit the planet because i'll still have a lot left over. a lot of folks don't have that cushion. so that means that any climate plan worth its salt has to take these inequities into account. we have to pay attention to those embedded inequities and the politics that surrounds
7:27 pm
them. >> laura: now, translation, get used to paying more for less. welcome to global transfer of your wealth to the rest of the planet. it's time to lower your expectations for the global good, but hell, it's not going to affect his lifestyle. and remember, it's always about community organizing. the earlier you start, the better. >> you've grown up watching many of the adults who are in positions to do something about it either act like the problem doesn't exist or refuse to make the hard decisions necessary to address it, so to all the young people out there, i want you to stay angry. if i want you to stay frustrated. >> laura: translation, your parents are idiots, so ignore them, and remember, having less freedom is good if you're going green. and next, imagine there's no country, i wonder if you can. >> i recognize we are living in
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a moment when international cooperation has waned, a moment of greater geopolitical tension. and stress in part because of the pandemic, in part because of the rise of nationalism and tribal impulses around the world. >> laura: translation, i didn't mention china but don't even think we are going to worry about our national interests here at home. joining me knows victor davis hanson, and dinesh d'souza, conservative commentator, host of the dinesh d'souza podcast. your reaction to obama reappearing on the global stage? >> unbelievable. here's a guy, who, as you say, has been investing in beachfront property while at the same time moaning about the rising oceans, but it's not just obama. he knows that oceanfront properties are doing very well around the world. buyers know that nothing's happening, sellers know it, real estate agents know it, so
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clearly this climate change thing is a political phenomenon divorced from the actual behavior of people who are buying and selling property on the coast. with obama there's always a kind of hidden agenda here and when he puts himself forward and said something like well, you know, i can easily pay more, he doesn't actually mean that he's going to pay more because he could pay more right now, but he's not showing any signs of paying more himself. what he really means is the united states should pay more, so here's the anticolonialism of obama playing it's hand, the idea here is that we shouldn't ask the so-called developing countries -- notice, by the way, that china is counted as a poor, developing country even though china devotes a lot of its resources, they put it in the military, technological advantages over america, there -- we are supposed to transfer wealth and resources to the developing world. >> laura: victor, obama had to take a shot of the united states of course while he was over
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there. >> perhaps some of you have a similar dynamic in their own countries, although generally speaking, the united states seems to have a more vigorous opposition to climate than in many other places. >> laura: i hated his little paws there, victor, your reaction to that? >> yeah, i think is back to the apology tour, back to you didn't build that, back to his revolutionary fervor, get in their face, take a gun to a knife fight. is a little envious that his former subordinate has a far more radical, revolutionary nine months and he did in eight months -- eight years, and he thinks he's irrelevant, but what's really disturbing about that, he has no idea that this very type of vocabulary and messaging is what jimmy carter did to usher in ronald reagan because reagan basically said decline is a choice, it's not our fate and we reject your choice we are going to go ahead and prosper and that's what's
7:31 pm
going to happen to these people and dinesh is right, why wait? he could say tomorrow i'm going to live in my martha's vineyard mansion and give up my washington mansion. or joe biden and bernie can say, you know, two houses is fine, we don't need three or al gore and john kerry can say no private jets per year, but they're not going to do that in the american people have already cut back, they are paying double for their natural gas, they are paying 40% more for their fuel to fuel their cars, they can't walk out in their major cities and safety at night, the border is wide open, and what do they get in reaction to that from these leaders? told from the energy secretary it's ridiculous, they are told by pete buttigieg -- jen psaki says we are waiting for a treadmill, and so -- and barack obama -- >> laura: everyone is dismissed. all your concerns are dismissed. >> [indiscernible] middle class. this is a very strange
7:32 pm
phenomenon. this is a very wealthy, rich, revolutionary group of people who always preach to people and they never are subject to their own ideologies. >> laura: you just hit the nail on the head and between you and dinesh, i can't think of to better people who have addressed this issue of this is what obama always wanted to do, right? dinesh, you wrote about this -- victor, you wrote about it. this is what he always wanted to do, but he had all these inconvenient -- the factors, he had a republican congress, and he had a free -- a media that would actually publish opposition points of view. he referenced that. watch. >> existing political institutions move slowly. even when leaders are well-intentioned. international cooperation has always been difficult. it's made more difficult by all the misinformation and propaganda that can flood out through social media these days. >> laura: dinesh, flied out like russia collusion?
7:33 pm
what about that? >> absolutely well. with obama it was some years ago but he expressed to "the new york times" the kind of a secret wish of his that he said look, one of the beauties of being in china is you don't have to seek popular opinion. i guess what he was saying is the dictatorial power allows you to do things that democracy doesn't allow you to do, and with obama it's always the same thing. i mean, under obama, government power increased over the banks, over the investment houses, the automobile companies, the energy sector, and with climate change, it's the same thing. if not above the climate, it's about moving power away from the private sector and from the individual towards the centralized state. that's always -- for obama, that's always the bottom line. >> laura: great to see both of you sunday. biden let it rip on the world stage. and why some upset -- some so upset over the muppet covid vaccination push? raymond arroyo has it all, "seen and unseen" next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we reveal the stories behind the headline, and for that we turn to the author -- raymond arroyo. raymond, biden has apparently caused another stink abroad, i understand. >> you know, trump lowered emissions during his tenure and if you believe the latest reports, joe biden has increased his. the independent reports that the duchess of cornwall, camilla parker bowles, conversed with mr. biden on monday evening. it has been claimed that camilla was surprised to hear the u.s. president break wind in any mission audible enough to make the duchess blush. laura, you've got to go some to make bowles blush. but according to "the new york post," the presidential flatulence was long and loud. here he is with camilla's husband, prince charles.
7:40 pm
[indiscernible]. >> president biden: and then right here. >> okay. >> thank you! >> laura: [laughs] [indiscernible]. so juvenile, raymond. >> that was a dramatic reenactment. >> laura: even for you and this segment, that was the most juvenile thing of a lot of juvenile things we have ever done on radio or tv. oh, my god! >> this international incident is not the first time biden has let his breathe in public. we covered this campaign event last year. some closely, this is not a recreation, i'm told, no one tampered with this, listen closely. >> president biden: firefighters, police officers, cut critical health care
7:41 pm
programming or stop work on roads and bridges. >> so there is a gassy president. if this continues they're going to have to send him out with the air freshener medallion just to clear the area. the president is going to be 79 this month and i guess self-control gets a little harder. >> laura: i don't know quite what else to say. there have been all sorts of bodily function commentaries to come out of this. a lot of hot air. a lot of hot air of all sorts. >> the president seems to be having problems controlling things not only on the back end, but the front. even with a prompter. there he is welcoming the milwaukee bucks to the white house today. >> president biden: now, i know you've got final -- you know, you got in the finals, the mvp player here, and one team, one nation. i think i'm supposed to introduce somebody come up but
7:42 pm
i'm not sure who am i supposed to introduce. [laughter] >> president biden: i get you guys confused. >> laura: oh, my god. >> utterly confused about everything, laura. and he just ambles from event to event. it's really tragic and jill biden today, she hit the road, pushing vaccines at schools. she even passed out little gold stars to the vaccinated kids. bear in mind, the fda only approved child covid shots last week. now big bird is getting in on the vaccine act. this is a cnn show targeting tots. >> big bird, how did that go? >> how are you feeling? >> i feel okay. my wing hurts a little bit, but that's okay. you know, i was scared, but he did go by really quickly. >> [laughs] >> laura: i don't know what to say about that.
7:43 pm
all right, sadly, cnn did not show what happened to big bird later in the day. >> laura, that was either a vaccine reaction or big bird was downwind during the presidential "sesame street" visit. one of the two. 27%, laura, of parents, do not want to vaccinate their children 5-11 buried you can see why. the myocarditis is a reality, children have died from this vaccine, and they do have a natural immunity here. >> laura: well, they have a -- it's highly, highly, highly, infinitesimally small chance that a child will get severely ill from covid. that is a fact, they don't want to admit it, they've got to sell the vaccine, period. >> there was also a backlash over the weekend to big bird's tweet mentioning his vacs, and then of course i found far more concerning biden's tweets back,
7:44 pm
he said good on you, big bird, getting vaccinated is the best way to keep the whole neighborhood safe, man. well, i'm not so sure it's the best way to keep the neighborhood safe. i mean, these children have a natural robust were immunity, and they've been in school for year and a half no, many of them with their friends. there've been no outbreaks in the schools, so this is a very odd thing. >> laura: i think we should take the whole vaccine mandate issue and put it with oscar in the trash can, okay? that's my take. all right, raymond, thank you. aaron rodgers commentary on the vaccine and therapeutics upset all the right kind of people. my thoughts in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> i'm going to have the best immunity possible now based on the 2.5 million person study that the people who get covid and recover have the most robust immunity. i have been taking monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin c, and i feel pretty incredible. >> laura: now, for that green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is getting pilloried by the press and the covid cartel because for the left, this isn't about science, facts, data, no, it's about
7:50 pm
control, and there's a new mob on the block, the woke sports media. >> it was the most embarrassing performance of aaron rodgers career. period. >> what we've got today with this interview is a public figure spreading misinformation about the best way to stop that pandemic. >> he cost his team and he was intentionally misleading. >> laura: joining me now is former nfl player jack brewer. the sports media number by the way, for the most part, has become so far left, it's like everything is an msnbc panel for sports in general. of all these other athletes, henry rug skilled somebody while driving drunk. and rejecting a vaccine is
7:51 pm
considered the worst thing ever to listen to this commentary. >> let's be honest, the nfl is the marketing arm for the left and the democratic party. in a lot of ways he's the face of the nfl, him and tom brady, the way they perform and play. he deserves respect from people like stephen a. smith, that have never put on a helmet or played any professional sport in their lives, yet they talk out of the side of their mouths. it's absolutely ridiculous, this man can make his own decisions for his own body. i just don't understand it. there has been a single nfl or collegiate player even hospitalized from the coronavirus, and so for everyone to be jumping over these professional athletes who seem to know how to take care of their body pretty well, given the fact that they are the healthiest people on the planet, it's just ridiculous. >> laura: nba legend kareem
7:52 pm
abdul-jabbar took it upon himself of course to scold rogers riding "ignorance were guarding the sites of immunology brings back to life the old stereotype of the big dumb jock. his utter lack of even the most basic knowledge and logic is shocking. jack, i could go through any interview with, you know, professional athletes like politicians, and point out really dumb things they said. aaron rodgers' comments wouldn't be one of them. >> not at all, and the fact that kareem at all these other leftists were all saying they didn't trust the vaccine, when it was donald trump who warp speed created it. at the election they also don't trust it. now all of a sudden they're out pushing it, even pushing this vaccine for you to put into your children without even have time for it to be fully tested, and so i'm not anti-vax. you make your own personal decision for yourself, but we have to start looking at
7:53 pm
people's personal immunities and stop making every thing so political, especially when you're a sports organization that aligns with people like black lives matter, who wants to destroy black families. you will line during gay pride week, the nfl turns gay. if it's a story that goes against the nfl, they will do whatever they can to hide it in. but when it is something that is aligned with the left that they think will fill their stands and keep them in good graces with their players, they'll continue to push this mess. >> laura: jack, speaking of the players, i was wondering, what do you think the atmosphere is like with aaron rodgers in the locker room? i would imagine a lot of the players support his decision. >> 100%, they have his back. he's a real guy, this is a guy you want to play for, someone you'd want to lineup -- if you're an offensive lineman you want to protect them, if you're a defense, you want to get them back on the field and get
7:54 pm
turnovers for him. this is one of the perennial leaders of the national football league. that locker room is not broken apart, this is all in leftist push in people that kareem abdul-jabbar and all these other folks who have the media platform, instead of them standing up for what's going on good in this country, they want to do whatever they can to talk about what's bad in america, and i'm tired of it. >> laura: jack, thank you, great to hear from you tonight. and up next, kamala spaces out. the last bite, next. go with simparica trio it's triple protection made simple! simparica trio is the first and only monthly chewable that covers heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, round and hookworms. dogs get triple protection in just one
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one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with trhealthy jointsilled vazalore. and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> laura: this is what happens when the white house let's kamala harris do her own thing. >> can you measure -- part of that data that you're referring to, but you can also track by race, averages in terms of the number of [indiscernible]. >> laura: that was a nasa
8:00 pm
presentation. i don't know what that was about. that's it for us tonight, don't forget, set your dvr to always stay connected with us and finally, make sure you know what's at stake. freedom matters. remember, everything goes to charity. this month, unconditional pet love rescue, go to, all the great gear for christmas and remember, "gutfeld!" takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> greg: happy super-duper monday, america! what a glorious weekend we shared. what did you do with that extra hour? well, pete hegseth is here tonight. there he is. gorgeous! let's see -- so patriotic, let's see what he did with that


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