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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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problem. that's it for us tonight. if [laughs] thanks for joining us, wish we had more time. you can always come as we've said many times, go to to see our originals for free for 90 days, but most of all come back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the show that's the sworn enemy of line come pomposity, smugness, and groupthink, have the best evening, here's sean hannity. >> sean: thank you and welcome back and also welcome to "hannity." tonight it just moments james o'keefe will join us live for the very first tv interview since the fbi raided his home this past saturday, allegedly in connection to joe biden daughter ashley and a stolen diary. if that's coming in mere minutes. first, a new low for a bite in the joe biden is now pulling at our whopping low 38% in a new "usa today" suffix ball, nearly two-thirds of all voters do not want joe biden to ever run for a second term, and get this, his
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vice president kamala harris is pulling even lower. her approval rating is a mere 28%. that's a record, record low. "the san francisco chronicle" called it comically bad. no vice president in the history of this country has ever pulled worse, ever. a vast majority of americans are seeing what we have all known for years, joe and kamala are two deeply incompetent individuals, desperately they want to please their party's radical socialist base at all cost, everything a crisis we now have as a country as a result of their atrocious policies, all of them easily prevented, all of them can easily be fixed by simply returning to the policies that were working of donald trump. in afghanistan for example, we can go and rescue the people that joe biden pledged he would abandon. we can get them home. on covid, well, biden can cover the dash follow the lead of republican governors, make
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monoclonal antibodies available immediately to anyone that tests positive. of course, after approval from the patient's doctor. on inflation, biden can abandon his failed socialist ideas, returned to free-market capitalism, low taxes, less bureaucracy. on the issue of energy, which is negatively impacting all of us, but especially poor americans, and middle-class americans, but on energy, instead of begging opec again and again and getting rejected again and again, joe can immediately return to the policies that he inherited, that is energy independence, the policies that were working with donald trump. it would be in our best national security interest and every american will save a fortune on gas, we are now at a seven-year high for a gallon of gasoline, we will save on heating and cooling our homes and we will pay less for every single item that we buy at every store. and at the southern border we can immediately reinstate donald trump's policies. they were all working.
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you know, for example, stay in mexico, building the wall, ending process and release, instead, the vice president -- he is off to europe to discuss the migrant crisis on the trip to france. here at home, the doj is considering massive six-figure payouts to certain legal immigrants, actually rewarding them for breaking our laws and refusing to respect our borders and our sovereignty. already preferential treatment for people of the border, they don't get covid tested, there is no vaccine mandate and then remember peter doocy last week asked joe biden about these $450,000 payouts. joe biden sat at the time it's garbage and it's not true and it's not going to happen until joe learned that the reports were actually true and his administration was actually lamenting this policy. now he's defending it vigorously. take a look. >> reports that were surfacing that your ministries and is planning to pay illegal
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immigrants who were separated from their families of the border up to $450,000 each, possibly a million dollars for per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> president biden: if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it's not true. >> so it's a garbage report? >> president biden: yeah. >> you said last week that this report about migrant families of the border getting payments was garbage. >> president biden: i did not say that. i said everybody coming across the border gets 500 -- $450,000. >> the number was what you had a problem with. >> president biden: the number was it. here's the thing. if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the board, whether it was legal or illegal and you lost your child -- you lost your child -- gone -- you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstance. >> sean: first it was garbage, not true, it's not going to
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happen. now we get scolded. are not sure worse, joe biden being completely in the dark about his own administration's insane policies are then passionately defending them after calling them garbage and saying it won't happen. regardless, a new massive migrant caravan is on its way and there's zero plan to prevent yet another lawless surge, but joe biden thinks we, the american people, are too stupid to realize what's going on. in fact, over the weekend, joe biden told reporters americans don't seem to be bright enough to understand the complexities of the ongoing supply chain crisis. by the way, another self-inflicted crisis by his policies. take a look. >> president biden: people are also worried about coming -- understandably, why is the price of agricultural products when i go to the store, why is it higher? like for example, if i had -- if we were all going out and having lunch together and i said "let's
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ask whoever is at the next table, no matter what restaurant we are in, have them explain the supply chain to us," think they will understand what we're talking but? >> sean: biden probably should not be throwing stones from a cognitive glass house now, he? one of the only people who probably can't comprehend the supply chain crisis is the msnbc dnc columnist who was marked online today for his article that attempted to sell inflation as a good thing. in reality, for most people who don't work at "nbc news," the supply chain crisis is not hard to understand. first joe biden paid people not to work. he then forced americans out of the workforce, now with his vaccine mandates, which are now in legal jeopardy, and at the same time he drove up shipping costs with new regulations and restrictions on oil and gas and then lo and behold, the supply
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chain nightmare he caused. the only so-called solution from the biden administration themselves is learn to live with less and just suffer in silence and buy your christmas presents in october. coming up we're going to have more on biden's oil and gas crisis with former energy secretary rick perry. by the way, we had some of the lowest prices on gas and oil and energy under donald trump. we were a net exporter of energy, we weren't importing a single barrel of oil from saudi arabia or vladimir putin and we weren't begging opec to produce more oil. but first with the reaction is former arkansas governor mike huckabee. former senior president -- i'm sorry, former senior counsel to president trump, kellyanne conway. i will start with you. in the mid-30s for joe biden is bad enough. 28% approval rating for kamala harris. i don't care if it's afghanistan, more people have died of covid this year than last, i don't care if it's a crisis at the border.
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i don't care if it's energy or inflation, everyone of these these are created by joe biden and kamala harris' policies. >> yes. sean, the biden-harris presidency doesn't seem to do anything well. there's not one issue where they are above water in the approvals. and by the way, these polls are coming from friendly media outlets, nbc news, now cnn, and the pole yesterday was really devastating because it showed the lowest approval ratings to date and why that's a problem for biden is also at 46% saying he's doing worse than they even thought he might. democrats -- 28% of democrats saying please don't run again next time and one data point that didn't get enough coverage is really important to the current conversation, that more people think the democratic party is been hijacked and influenced by the hard left of its party and they think that of the republican party. right now the modern democratic party is having a big battle between the far left and the
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far, far left. if they are in moderate -- if there are moderate democrats to speak they are actually republicans, and you are seeing that in policy. usually people will say i don't want the president, make him a one term because i want the vice president, she would do a much better job. she's even worse off and every time she goes to say something or manage something they take her off of it right away, she's embarrassing to them. she went to the border, in charge of the border crisis, she spent about as much time at the border spend at the drive-through at night. people look at joe biden and they know that the tray table is not in its upright and locked position. they see that for themselves. but it would be okay to come here night after night and ridicule him, but the problems vexing our nation are so serious now, sean, everything is laid out and let me take it one step further, our top ten cities right now in this country, combined population of 25 million americans, not a single republican's mayor of those cities. you're looking at homelessness, hopelessness, and increase in crime and drugs.
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think about this, this isn't just a washington problem in joe biden problem, the democratic party is an x essential threat to our security, our prosperity, and our opportunity. >> sean: you know, governor huckabee, record low approval ratings, mid 30s. it's about as bad as it gets. they had a political beat down last week in virginia and new jersey of all states. their answer so far is to double down on stupid and push even harder for socialist policies. it is not going to work out well for them? >> it's going to be a bigger disaster. i couldn't believe that biden was saying that the reason that those races were so tough was because they didn't go far enough fast enough to the left, so let's hope he keeps driving into that ditch, because it's the best thing that can happen not just for the republican party, sean. it's the best thing that will happen to the country. let's get back to energy independence. let's get back to securing the border. that's get back to making things
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in america rather than being dependent upon china and other countries to get the things that we need and have stuff stuck out there in the pacific ocean waiting to come to port. there's a whole lot of america that i think are regretting that they ever voted for joe biden, and they feel it every time they squeeze the handle of a gas pump. that single mom that can't afford to put gas in her car, get her kids to the day care so she can go to work and foot boot food on the table, they're feeling it, and it's just amazing to me that biden and his team mock americans for the trouble that he is causing them by inflation, high prices, and just run away cost of everything that matters. if >> sean: what's ironic here is democrats claim to have a monopoly of compassion for poor americans. the people that are most affected by these policies, governor. it's the poor, it's the middle
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class. they cannot afford to pay more for every single item they buy. they can't afford another 500 or $1,000 a year to heat their home. they can't afford another 20, 30 bucks every time they pull up their gas tank, and that's what they're now doing. >> it well, and the thanksgiving turkey that lester cost about $12 is about to cost $21 this year according to all the projections. that's going to really make it so that a lot of families will be having soup. but soup is going to cost more. so this idea that the only people that are going to be touched are the billionaires and millionaires, once again the democrats show they don't have a clue about how the economy works. not a clue. but americans are going to feel it and i hope they wake up and realize that barack obama said something that was really true, elections have consequences, and the one in 2020 has had some very severe consequences for american families. >> sean: kellyanne, is there any capacity you see with biden
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and harris, the administration, democrats, to reverse course on any of these major issues? because i don't see it. >> sean, only if they start listening to some of the outside advisors who don't have skin in the game, and their skin in the game is external -- james carville saying listen, -- but it's a battle between the progressives, so-called progressives who voted against biden's big package. i think you reverse course when you admit mistakes and they are still in the "but trump" mode. and that doesn't work anymore, terry mcauliffe proved that. a year after last year's election, people know that biden and harris should be made to own and eat all of these failures, but they're really out of stop and out of sync with where america wants our policies to be, and they're making a huge mistake in this way. they're not taxing and regulating what i would call, you know, luxuries.
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its essentials, it's what governor huckabee just laid out and you've laid out so beautifully. things that people can't cut. you can't cut your families food budget, the gas you put in your car, the miles you drive to work or to day care for your children, and this came at a time when people just felt like they were coming out of the lockdowns, the economy was improving. you had a biden administration pretending they can bring us out of a once in a century pandemic economically and they can't admit what inflation is. joe biden telling us all that we are sort of stupid and don't understand what's a supply chain crisis is. i worked in that white house for four years. we never even heard of such a thing, there wasn't a supply chain crisis, there was no inflation. at this point in trump's presidency, sarah how band i were working on a jobs cut -- a tax cut and jobs act, working on deregulation, working on energy independence, president trump was figuring out a way to stimulate the economy and lift up the job creators, job holders, and job seekers. now they are all in dire straits. >> sean: i will take low
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energy prices, secure borders, and not abandoning americans and if you mean tweets that would send the media mob into a tizzy over the incompetence and stupidity and absolute abject failure of this administration right now because americans really are suffering. governor, thank you, kelly young, thank you. we turn to get another crisis again caused by joe biden. let's look a little more deeply into the energy crisis. last january when joe took office, gas prices were out of -- record lows. america was a net exporter of oil and gas. in other words, we were completely energy independent. donald trump got us to energy independence for the first time in 75 years. in his first month in office, joe biden halted the keystone xl pipeline, restricted drilling on federal land, imposed several new regulations on oil and gas and those industries, and as a result, america's supply went way down and energy prices around the world went way up.
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if we artificially reduced the supply around the world as the man remained constant and we now are reliant on other people and we are paying gas prices at a seven year high. biden's energy secretary apparently thinks this is all very funny. i don't think it's very funny for the poor and the middle class that can't afford the 20, 25, 30 bucks extra every time they fill up their car or can't afford to heat their home this winter. take a look. >> what is the plan to increase oil production in america. >> [laughs] that is hilarious. would that i had the magic wand on this. as you know, of course, oil is a global market, it is controlled by a cartel. that cartel is called opec, and they made the decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning. >> sean: no, jennifer, we didn't need the cartel's oil, we
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had enough of our own. we don't need to be begging opec and vladimir putin, and you guys keep getting rejected. that is humiliating. if the united states has some of the largest oil and gas reserves in the entire world. all you have to do -- you don't have to beg texas or begg oklahoma or alaska or north dakota, they'll be glad to step up and they'll supply everything we need. we can even get it from canada and refine it right here in the united states. by the way, if biden didn't kill the keystone xl pipeline while giving vladimir a waiver. she submitting that heating prices will go through the roof this year, she's blaming opec, she's blaming the cartel. no. a biden -- biden abandoned the energy independence we inherited but we all know why she was laughing, because the biden administration has zero plans to increase america's energy production. in fact, right now, they are looking for ways to reduce our supply even more. earlier today the administration admitted that they are exploring
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the effects of shutting down yet another pipeline in the middle of winter. this as energy bills are already expected to rise significantly putting a 50% spike for those that use natural gas, 59% spike, those that use heating oil and propane uses are in store for a 94% increase. that's joe biden putting america last and making vladimir rich again. according to granholm, america's must brace for these rising prices, this is nothing she says that they can do to stop it. take a look. >> should alert americans a cold winter, expect to pay higher prices for heating our homes? >> this is going to happen. it will be more expensive than last year >> sean: joining us now, rick perry. governor, were we importing any oil from saudi arabia in the
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final year of the trump administration? >> we were exporting for the first time and i think 70 years. america was independent of other countries energy, and that's what president trump asked me to do when he made the pitch to come and be in his cabinet. he said i want you to go do for america what you did for texas, and that's exactly what we did. we turns the united states into this incredible powerhouse energy, we were selling liquefied natural gas into europe. we were making a difference in the world, and this administration has turned it on its head in a short ten plus months. stunning. >> sean: so governor, mr. secretary, whichever you prefer, it's up to you, if we did it once i don't think it would be hard to do it again, what it? >> no. when you saw the said administration shut down the keystone pipeline -- i mean, one
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of the first things they did. number one, the loss of really good union jobs went away but that heavy cruise coming down to the gulf coast, that is the type of crude that all refineries are set up to transition into gasoline. so i mean, they -- they are doing an experiment on us right now, and it is like a chemistry lab gone bad. they are literally experimenting with america's future with these crazy ideas of shutting down pipelines because they're having to address -- >> sean: they tried to deny -- >> the green new deal and the aocs of the world. >> sean: my question to you, and you know energy as well as anybody are no, if we want to become energy independent again, how quickly would we be able to accomplish that? >> i think it's went to take us a while to get back but the main thing that's got to happen and
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it will be a little political here, we got to change the administration, and we got to change congress so that they can't put these crazy policies into place. the idea that they are talking about shutting down the pipeline that comes out of canada, goes across michigan, is nonsense. it's like they tried to stop the dakota access pipeline. they did stop the xl pipeline. this mentality that you're going to limit the amount of fossil fuels in the united states and somehow or another that's going to affect in any positive way the climate around the world, and what drives me up the wall here, sean, is that you've got john kerry flying all around the world on his private jet lecturing other countries about the use of fossil fuels, and give god our secretary of energy begging opec to open up the spigots and give us a hand. >> sean: and they keep
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rejecting us, 400 some odd private planes going to the summit. governor, mr. secretary, we could use you back in that old job. >> [indiscernible] by the way. >> sean: all right, good to see you, governor. when we come back, project veritas founder and ceo james o'keefe joins us for an exclusive interview following fbi raid of his home overcome a fbi raid of his home overcome a diary. we will tell you all about it. hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems,
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such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, a major developing story after the fbi raided the home of project veritas ceo and founder james o'keefe along with other project veritas journalists as part of an investigation into a diary believed to have been written by joe biden's daughter ashley. according to o'keefe, within an hour of the first raid last week, "the new york times" reached out for comment. how did the times know about the search warrant so quickly? i don't know, it's just one of those many unanswered questions, kind of sounds like that predawn raid on roger stone, fake news cnn cameras just happened to be there at 5:00 in the morning. anyway, here to explain more, first interview, the ceo and founder of project veritas, james o'keefe, along with his attorney.
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welcome both of you. i think it's important to establish other media -- and i'm not comparing it to other media but other media use undercover cameras and have for many years, even 60 minutes and nbc's "to catch a predator." this is not a new form of journalism. you acknowledge that. >> well, sean, on saturday morning, i acknowledged that but i woke up to a predawn raid. banging on my door, i went to the door to answer the door and there were ten fbi agents with a battering ram become a white blinding lights, they turned me around, handcuffed me and threw me against the hallway, partially clothed in front of my neighbors. they confiscated my home, raided my apartment, on my phone were many of my reporters notes. a lot of my sources unrelated to this story, and a lot of confidential donor information to our news organization, sean, so i've heard the phrase "the process is the punishment."
6:30 pm
i didn't really understand what that meant until this weekend, and sean, i wouldn't wish this on any journalist. >> sean: let me go into the issue, like anybody that works in any form of journalism or in the press in any capacity, whether you're a talk show host like me or doing what you do are doing what anybody else does, in the course of doing your work you have sources, correct? you have whistle-blowers, people giving her tips all the time. to what extent can you tell us the context under which you were given this diary. i assume you did not take the diary yourself. is that correct? >> that's correct. i will speak to that, sean, if i can. an anonymous source contacted project veritas and indicated the source in its lawful possession copies of the diary that the source said belong to ashley biden.
6:31 pm
the source had a lawyer, the lawyer engaged in negotiation with in-house counsel and the resulting written agreement, like so many news organizations do, veritas -- the source again affirmed that it had lawful possession of the source material. in exchange for that, veritas agreed to pay money for the right to publish the material. as you know, sean, veritas never did, it killed the story on the news room floor but went a step further and turned the material into local law enforcement. the actions of president biden's department of justice in this case are unprecedented because -- >> sean: let me go into this. >> supreme court precedent. >> sean: james, i've known you for a long time. you had no direct knowledge that what this source was giving you could in any way have been stolen. you were not able to corroborate the authenticity of the diary, and you never ran it.
6:32 pm
at what point then did you go to law enforcement on your own unsolicited and tell them that you had this in your possession and it might be somebody else's? >> well, sean, we get -- sources come to us all the time. we have thousands of sources come to project veritas. the nature of journalism to be shown information from a variety of sources. but this is an attack on the first amendment by the department of justice. we didn't publish the story. we couldn't authenticate the story, so our journalists looked into it, and we couldn't -- we did not publish the story because we could not authenticate it. >> sean: which, by the way, if you can't authenticate, you did the right thing. at what point did you feel a need to bring this to law enforcement? at what point in the process did that happen? >> after the decision was made to kill the story and not run
6:33 pm
it. i forgot to add one thing if i could, sean buried you use the s word. it's really important to understand not to buy the premise that the diary is stolen. nobody could have known if that's the case. >> sean: that was my next question. i have been reading all over the internet, everywhere in between, that she claims it was stolen, but other people claimant might have been left in a former place of residence of hers. do we have an answer to that question? >> we do, but you know, i think people might look to me and say that i'm crazy for talking about the facts at the level i have already and so i'm going to respectfully say that's going to come out, it's going to be offering favorable to james and awfully favorable to his news organization. >> sean: think it's awfully interesting that james is the one that brought it to law enforcement's attention. let me ask this question. what is the alleged crime that they have here mack >> i don't
6:34 pm
know. this would -- >> sean: they didn't tell you? >> this was turned in a year ago. well, the search warrant has missed prison of a felony, accessory after the fact and transporting material across state lines as the basis for rating the home of a journalist and seizing his workpapers and journalist notes. >> sean: i would assume both of your pretty familiar with daniel ellsberg and the pentagon papers case in "the new york times" attaining stolen, top-secret documents that they were publishing, they actually set a precedent in the u.s. supreme court 6-3 decision that said they have the right to publish it even though that was stolen material. do you see similarities? >> the right to publish -- it's entirely similar. there is no exception to mr. o'keefe and project veritas. the right to take the material, knowing it was stolen, the right
6:35 pm
seek comment, the right to investigate and ultimately the right to publish. this is outrageous and unprecedented and journalist everywhere on either side -- >> sean: why a year ago, if i'm understanding correctly, why did this come up now? james? >> james, go ahead, i'm sorry, sean. >> i don't know the answer to that, sean, but this is -- they've crossed the bridge here of -- they can do this to me. these are about certain principles that are so fundamental, our first amendment in this country, i'm calling upon all journalists to take a stand against this, a source comes to us with information, i don't even decide to publish it. if they can do this to me, if they can do this to this journalist and rate my home and take my reporter notes, they'll do it to any journalist. this is about something very fundamental in this country. i don't know what direction this country is going in, but
6:36 pm
journalist everywhere have to rise up, because we broke no laws here. they can do it to me, they'll do it to anybody. >> sean: so when they came to your house in this predawn raid and through handcuffs on you and pulled you out of your house and ten agents coincide, we just -- i assume they took items out of your house and office as i understand it? at that point did they just take the handcuffs off and say see you later? >> they spent over two hours in my apartment, and they confiscated two of my iphones, and again, these phones contained a lot of source information and reporter notes on them. if these are serious first amendment issues and donor information to our news foundation, so yeah, it's troubling. and i asked to speak with my attorney a few times, they allowed me to do that, but i was
6:37 pm
kind of in a state of shock, frankly. i can't believe this is happening. >> sean: let me go -- i'm trying to understand this. so a year prior, you go to law enforcement on your own that you have a source, gives you information, you don't know where it came from, you try to corroborate it, you're unable to do so, issues arise as to where this might've come from. you on your own a year prior go to law enforcement. did you hand over to them at the time this diary? and did you have any indication of where the diary came from? james? >> it came from the source, sean, as i said. >> the source gave us the information and we didn't -- we didn't know if it was stolen or not, we don't know that. but journalist throughout the 20th century have been -- journalists throughout the 20th century have been given
6:38 pm
information, you know, "the washington post" and "the new york times" are given information inside all manner of institutions and they are protected by the supreme court of the united states to publish that information that a source gives to them. so there's no distinction between -- >> sean: did they ask you for the name of the source? are you going to protect that source? >> well, insofar that they have my reporter's notes on the phone they confiscated from the predawn raid, they have access to the contents of my iphone, which is deeply troubling and should outrage the aclu and any other journalist in the united states. they have access -- >> sean: doubled her breath, they don't care. >> all the contents for my phone. >> a letter -- go ahead. >> i sent him a letter. i sent him a letter, i let him know that i represent james, and in the normal course, the material on the phone that they are entitled to have would have been produced promptly.
6:39 pm
if the other material on there that is deeply troubling. this is a first amendment, it's an assault -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> sean: on a scale of 1 to 10 how damaging, if this turned out to be true -- you haven't been able to authenticated -- if it turned out to be true, how damaging would this be to the president and his family? james? >> look, you know the answer to that? >> i think i could -- again, i couldn't authenticate the source material. i had a newsroom at the time, we were looking through it for a little while. we couldn't authenticate it, so i decided not to run it and i'm trying to figure out what more we could have done as journalists. what more could i have done but not run the story and handed it over to law enforcement? i don't know what more we could have done, and so we decided not to publish the story. so what on earth -- what -- what -- what action could we
6:40 pm
have taken as reporters beyond the action that we've taken? >> sean: you're raising a great question. and why did it take a year to all right, we are going to continue to follow the story. james o'keefe, thank you. paul, thank you for being with us. i want to get more legal analysis of this is we bring in fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. it seems -- i will let you be the professional here. the pentagon papers, i look at that 6-3 landmark supreme court decision, talk about stolen materials published by "the new york times," they won that case when they joined "the washington post." what is your take on this case? >> more recently when donald trump's tax returns were stolen, did the doj go and the fbi go barging through the doors of journalists at "the new york times"? of course they didn't. what the southern district of new york, the department of justice has done to james o'keefe and his fellow
6:41 pm
journalists is outrageous and its lawlessness. and i laughed a moment ago and they said in the search warrants the crime was identified as this prison a felony, which is a dusty old law that is a joke that is not enforced anymore. it says you have a duty to notify law enforcement. today that only applies to public officials. first of all, this isn't a federal case. this is a state case. i've diary, for god sakes. why are the feds in this? yes, there are nine federal statutes on theft, they all deal with theft of government properly. this isn't government property. if second of all, merrick garland's dirty finger prints are all over this because under doj rules, he has to sign off on a warrant or a subpoena r a news organization. third, this is his order four
6:42 pm
months ago. merrick garland, there's his signature. prohibiting warrants and subpoenas on news organizations and journalists relating to leaked cases, and the standards he sets forth here, protection of first amendment rights, apply to this case, which he is no ignoring and finally ignored the federal regulations that require him and the doj to recuse themselves because of a conflict of interest. the president presides over the doj. the feds are not allowed to investigate a case involving an immediate family member. this is the weaponization and the politicization of the doj and it's shameful. >> sean: apparently the source to james o'keefe said that this diary was found abandoned. the narrative of i guess the president's daughter is that this was stolen. that has yet to be determined. but that's what james o'keefe
6:43 pm
was told. does the fact that he didn't run the story because he couldn't corroborate it, and he on his own a year ago went to law enforcement -- the question i have is why now? why at this point, what did he do wrong here, what possible crime are we looking at here mack >> he did nothing wrong and there's no crime that he committed. as i say, misprision of felony is an absolute joke and it underscores in my mind that the prosecutors in the southern districts are other idiots or if they think that that applies under the circumstances. he didn't print it, he handed it off to law enforcement -- >> sean: this is the fbi with the predawn raid on his house. >> look, it's disappointing that christopher wray would allow the fbi to be misused and abused by
6:44 pm
merrick garland and joe biden's white house in what is clearly a political vendetta. if you have information derogatory about joe biden, merrick garland will come after you with a vengeance. the law and the constitution and the first amendment be damned. >> sean: we know it's politicized because merrick garland went george's voting law, which is very accessible, ignored delaware's law. they don't have 17 days in person early voting in delaware. they do in georgia. they don't have drop boxes anywhere in delaware, they have them at every precinct in georgia and both states have photo i.d. requirements, so why go after georgia? why go after texas if you're not politicizing, why not go after joe biden's restricted voting state of delaware? that proves a lot. >> it's corrupt. >> sean: gregg jarrett, we are going to follow the story right to the end.
6:45 pm
coming up, despite widespread losses in last week's election, some on the left, they are doubling down on their woke agenda. kayleigh mcenany, clint travis, they weigh in on that and more as we continue. ♪ ♪ [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. - there is a very small radical group in our society trying to browbeat and bully our fellow citizens into their control. why is this happening? what are they really trying to do? i share my findings in a brand new book, 'hope for this present crisis'. get your copy today and arm yourself against their misguided and destructive mission. - [narrator] in 'hope for this present crisis',
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♪ ♪ >> sean: despite last week's massive election losses, far
6:51 pm
left democrats, they are digging in. for example, real speaker of the house, congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez, she's now lashing out over the use of the term "woke" tweeting in part, "woke is a term the pundits are now using as a derogatory euphemism for civil rights injustice, making up a woke problem results in putting civil and voting rights on the back burner." here with reaction, author of the best seller, "for such a time as this," outnumbered coast kayleigh mcenany along with cohost for the clay travis and buck sexton show, clay travis, who still hasn't given me my let's go brandon shirt, but who's counting? >> it's on the way! >> sean: i did get a book from kayleigh mcenany, i didn't get a shirt from you, but that's just saying. let me just start with this whole thing about woke. we all know what woke means. it means she was clearly responding -- clay, we will start with you.
6:52 pm
clearly responding to james carville saying all of this nonsense, all of this hard-core left-wing socialism an end wokeism, is killing the party. i know james carville. i've debated james cargill. i actually like him, he's a fun guy to hang out with. he's crazy but he's a fun guy to hang out with but he's right, this party has gone off the deep end and this seems no hope to bringing them back to the center. >> he's 100% right, sean, and he's also a great guy, big lsu fan, i'm sure he took that alabama loss hard but look, aoc -- >> sean: told you don't [indiscernible]. >> is the best advertisement for the democratic party out there and what james carville is saying is if you want to respond and reach out to reasonable people in the middle part of this country, you don't brand everything is racist. that's the entire democratic party in three words right now, sean, and also kayleigh, everything is racist,
6:53 pm
it represent the culmination of identity politics mixed with cancel culture and aoc has written that to a very prominent position, which is good for her and disastrous for the democratic party and what they try to do, sean, is brand anything that's successful as unacceptable and that's what she's trying to do when she points out that the woke universe is blowing up, it's turning into its own revolution, they are eating themselves, and republicans are going to be the biggest beneficiaries. >> sean: i don't see any chance of any course reversal. they are stuck in energy dependence, stuck with chaos at the border, chaos in afghanistan, out-of-control inflation, and they are killing the poor and middle-class in this country, kayleigh. >> that's right. joe biden, the great moderate, turned out to not be so moderate, right? he's doubling down on this fdr-like notion that he has a governing majority, fdr controlled at one .80% of congress. joe biden has nothing of the sort, he has the slimmest majority of any sitting democrat
6:54 pm
president in modern history but he's doubling down on the notion that he's fdr when in fact is not. aoc, i love that she is the standard-bearer of the party, i hope she continues to be. she didn't pay attention in virginia, our fox news analysis says the number three issue, almost tied with covid, was education, and that 72% of voters in part based their vote on critical race theory. she can call it woke. a normal person like myself who has a child, a daughter, calls it wanting control of your child because the parents deserve that, not the government, and certainly not terry mcauliffe. >> sean: i really want to thank you for the book that you sent me, that was so nice of you, i guess i will just have to bind my own "let's go brandon" t-shirt. not getting it from travis. >> the patriot awards next week, i will see you in person, i will deliver it on the show. >> sean: i'm waiting. thanks, guys, more "hannity" next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for tonight. as always, thanks so much for being with us, please set your dvr so you never miss an episode and remember, we will never be the media mob, ever. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, laura ingraham is standing by. hi. >> laura: how are you? they do have a restful weekend? >> sean: i did. i'm still battling allergies and injuries and everything in between but it was good. >> laura: you haven't lost your voice or, you know, do you need to -- >> sean: stuck in my voice and won't completely go away but i'm certainly not like raymond arroyo. >> laura: you know, god will get you for that one, hannity, okay? >> sean: i love ray! >> laura: payback is a you-know-what. it is


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