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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 8, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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if thank you so much for watching "fox news prime time." i'll be back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if so glad to see you! it's only monday but we will try to graham the entire nutritional content of the shows into the next hour. we've got governor ron desantis on new reports from the white house secretly flying illegal aliens into the state of florida because immigration isn't about politics. we've got dave portnoy of barstool sports wage of one of the great battles of all times against repulsive slurs from
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legacy media outlets that hate him much tried to destroy him and he is unbowed. we've got congressman marjorie taylor greene one of the only lawmakers who's bothered to visit the january 6th to defend men's she will tell us what she saw there. we want to start with joe biden, the isolated and deeply unpopular president of the united states. the latest poll has biden hitting a terrifying 38% job approval rating, he's been in office less than the year end two-thirds of the voters do not want him to run again. how unpopular is joe biden and let's put it this way, he's only ten points above the single most despised person in the united states, which is his own i know my vice president. jeffrey epstein has more in virus than kamala harris, and that's the territory joe biden now occupies it has political effects that we saw last week.
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why is this happening? why are people so dissatisfied all of a sudden with joe biden? the obvious answer and you'll hear a lot of people say this, joe biden is senile and ineffective, but if you think about it, that's not true, that can't really be true because voters knew perfectly well all along that biden was doddering and new when he elected him. it was obvious. it was part of his appeal. biden was too slow to be threatening to anyone. if this was not a guy who's going to make a lot of sudden moves. if you wished it was 1975, joe biden was your man. senility is joe not joe biden's main problem. he's overwhelmed, off balance, that's why he so often snappy and impressive because underneath it all, he feels anxious. biden isn't always sure where he is or what's happening around him, so a man like that can't
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possibly lead out country this complex but his weakness makes him a target for predators. of ideologues like susan rice or barack obama can take that man hostage and make them read their scripts, that's exactly what's happened. you saw clearly last week about our own peter doocy asked about the white house plan to pay reparations to illegal aliens have a million dollars per person. the idea of the administration doing it under any circumstances deranged. biden understood that immediately, so he responded when asked any normal person would, effectively what the heck are you talking about? that's crazy. watch. >> there were reports that your administrations claiming to pay illegal immigrants were separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each possibly $1 million per family. do you think that might
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incentivize more people to come over legally? >> if you guys keep sending the garbage out, yeah. but it's not true. >> so it's a garbage report. >> yeah. >> tucker: well well, yeah, biden was right, reparations for illegals, that's garbage and most people think it buried they showed that over two-thirds of the country, a majority of democrats as well as republicans believe the idea is nuts because it obviously is nuts. paying people to break the laws, are you crazy? that would destroy the country obviously. whatever you think of biden, he's been in politics for more than 50 years and at this point if nothing else he's got a pretty good gut sense of these things, so the second he heard the idea, the second peter doocy presented it to him, he was against it instantly. unfortunately, joe biden is no longer in charge and makes meaningful decisions. he ideologues are in charge, the obama people are in charge, that's the point and that's what we are watching.
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after that moment, they halted joe biden before the central committee and give them a good reeducation, the next thing you know biden's out there dutifully repeating the lunatic slogans. watch this. >> if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border legal or illegal, and you lost your child, you lost your child, gone. you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance. what that will be, i no idea. i have no idea. >> tucker: you see that? the narrowed eyes, this finger-pointing, notice how biden looks in that clip. this is not a man who's in control, not of his own emotions but not of the administration he supposedly runs. the ideologues are in control and that's a huge problem for the rest of us. if it's a problem because ideologues have no interest in the lives of actual human being. ideologues only care about their
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theories, the bright future they are building, that human beings are just speed bumps on the way to utopia. not surprising when ideologues take over society, any society, and any country, and any point throughout history, life always gets much worse for most people. crime writers come aboard a small, inflation gets out of control, drug addicts living in tents in your neighborhood screaming at your kids as he walked by. quality of life falls off a cliff. it's intolerable for most people but the ideologues do not care because they're focused on the shiny new society they are constructing. as soon as we get rid of the white men, everything will be great. they say that and they really believe it. meanwhile, inevitably, the actual physical world around them while the rest of us and have a day-to-day, crumbles at high speed. you're seeing it everywhere. it today of skyrocketing energy
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prices, the white house announced a shut down another pipeline. first it was keystone xl and this time the biden administration posed the line five pipeline, you might have not heard of it but it's vital to the country. it moves more than half a million barrels from canada to michigan and shut it down. wait to see what happens to gas prices. it already had a record high. if you're not rich, this will make your life much worse. if everybody knows this. no normal administration would even consider doing something like this and a moment like this. shutting down the pipeline in the middle of an energy crisis? no, it's too disruptive. but here's the thing, from an ideologues perspective, destruction is the whole point. of burn down weddings, lewd macy's, defund the police, close the schools, shutdown the energy energy grid, tear it all down. scrape the pad so we can put up
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something new and perfect. if as they often put it, build back better. the problem with thinking like this but the core problems you ignore the suffering of people who still live in your country for utopia. that you do not care about them, and they know that you do not care about them. that dynamics a huge problem in a make society, democratic societies, very volatile. wise leaders understand this so they are careful to pretend that they care. but not childish ideologues, childish ideologues just laugh in the face of your suffering. here's jennifer graham for example, energy secretary, snickering about rising energy prices. >> what's the plan to increase oil production in america? >> [laughs] that is hilarious. what that i had the magic wand. >> tucker: doing something to
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save middle-class americans from rising energy crisis? "that's hilarious" said the energy secretary. if you can imagine louis xvi talking like that right before the french revolution. in makes you wonder how long this can continue. if candace owens is the host of "candace" on the daily wire and we are grateful to have you now. if great to see you. so, there intentionally making things worse because tearing down what we have is a prerequisite to building utopia. i think that's the answer to what we are seeing. >> that's exactly right. i spent the earlier part of the day speaking to a north korean defector and i was actually horrified hearing her speak about what she lives there while she was in north korea and understanding what they're really trying to do right here in america is built exactly that model where the state controls and owns and operates everything. they will have nothing and you will be happy because he will have served some higher purpose.
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some higher government, higher idea talking about the ideologues, higher idea come agree new energy, you have to have nothing in charge on the pipelines, be able to afford to fill up gas but look at you, you should be proud because this is the part of the green new plan. by the way, you want anything, you've got to enforce the government. if talking about what connects the attack of the education and why are they dumbing down kids? why are they being so horrible about families and why do they want children turning to government and not to their parents for answers? one thing that hides it all is they do not want there to be anything but the state in the individual lives. one of the things that the north korean defector told me that there is no concept of love. we do not have words like stress, words like social justice, in korean. there is no conflict in the state because they do not want to think about that because you're supposed to know this is how things are supposed to be. every movie they are allowed to watch in north korea and its really terrified me, the only concept of anybody dying is for the states, the highest honor is for the state.
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we are seeing right now, people thought it's a radical concept, rebel begun talking point and it's not. we are seeing america being radically transformed into a communist country, that's what's happening right now. people need to wake up and we can't say enough to what's happening quickly and how they've done it, they had an existential crisis. covid-19's that never ending existential crisis and what we have to take everything you own, shut down your businesses, this is why you can't earn a living while we pay trillions for ourselves. we are here to help. no, we are not, we're here to take over every aspect of your lives and welcome you to a socialist revelry. >> tucker: it feels like the cost of this is getting really high. if you can feel underneath, there's a lot of signs without being too specific, you can feel the society going sideways underneath. you can see actual unrest and that's the last thing anybody wants. do you think they're where they could be putting too much pressure on the population? >> i don't think they're scared,
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this is something that's going on for a very long time. hillary clinton would have been the person that helped to catalyze this had she had become our president but she didn't get the ads and they like trump stop their plan. nobody was awake too and i certainly wasn't, okay, maybe we are trying to do some socially good thing and trying to help everybody out. suddenly when trump was in office to become apparent that something else was happening in the country. it's an obsession and focus on racism. on white supremacy. making children say, look, anything that happens in the country is the fault of racism, not the obvious fault avoid standing in your face is that it's the fault of government, every hardship we are facing right now in the countries because of the government. we are not building back anything better right now, and america needs to wake up to that fact. >> tucker: candace, think you so much, i appreciate you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: we spent a lot of time pounding on the democrats
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on the show but we need a saint democratic party in america if we are going to continue. only specific solutions but the key is this, both parties have to have the same goals improving the country and the lives of the individual americans who live here. as long as you have that scum of the rest is a policy debates. if that's the way it's been for centuries, that's when you have to return to it. we are happy to say that there's some evidence on the margin and some people in the democratic party are beginning to realize. here's an example, abigail spanberger is a member of congress from the richmond suburbs of virginia, but last week after a party was crushed in the state, she said true and obvious things about why her party might be in trouble. here's part of it. nobody elected biden to be fdr, she told us at the time, he elected him to be normal and to stop the chaos. we were willing to take seriously a global pandemic but
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not say yes, inflation is a problem and supply chain is a problem, we don't have enough workers in our workforce. we gloss over that and only like to admit problems in spaces that we dominate. it's not a person's point to note that that's just true, absolutely true. it leaves are radical observations, they are really obvious, but on the left right know it takes courage to say that. if we want to do whatever we can to support people who think like this regardless what party they are in. tulsi gabbard's one of those people and we are happy to talk with her and she joins us tonight. congressman, thank you for coming on, it seems like as long as anyone can agree that you want to make the lives of the people who live here better that you can't go too far off course. do you think that -- everyone sort of waking up to that or moving toward remembering that, or no? >> i think that really is the critical thing here that when we have democrats and republicans in positions of leadership, of
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course they are going to be disagreements on different issues or how we approach solving the problems of the american people, but so long as the goal is the same, the goal being hey, we want to do what's best for the american people and our country, then we know that progress is possible. that's where we absolutely need more than just saying leaders speak of the problems bigger than humanity. it's manipulating the american people to -- we see it very clearly and how everything in the country as being racialized. how it's an intentional strategy to tear us apart based on the color of our skin because there's some political gain to be had on it and don't care about the destruction that they leave in their weight. this is what we as voters need to reject and choose leaders who do put the american people and our country first and share the objective from both political
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parties. >> the example that you gave which is the center of so much of the rhetoric is sausage and obvious dead end. if the end point of that is violence. if you've got to think there's people in the democratic party who get that but are there? >> i sure hope so, unfortunately as we see too often, more and more democrats are pushing this racialized station, they are pushing more fomenting of anger and hatred, and divisiveness that really is destroying us. it's causing more suffering and harm to the american people and the fabric of our country and under minding the values that the country was founded on. this is where if you look at the election that happened in virginia, you saw terry mcauliffe represented the fomenting of divisiveness, the racialized nation, and virginia voters rejected that intent again regardless of
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political party, this is what i hope we see more of in the country that voters take a stand and make a choice, democrat or republican, we want leaders who sincerely care for our people and care for our country and who will serve putting those interested in service above self. >> man, that so inspiring to hear and i've got to think that the vast majority of americans will agree with the, no matter who they voted for. tulsi gabbard, former congresswomen of hawaii. no surprise that people in the media despise david portnoy, he's more successful than they are. this is america, you're allowed to do that. a business insider decided to get rid of this, dave portnoy character for a good and sent somebody to investigate his private life. we will find if he still standing when he joined us next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, here's clyde a mess, the governor of the largest state in america has gone missing, not seen since he had his covid-19 booster, totally unrelated. about 12 days now, fox's pollution is on the case, hey, bill. >> hickam and tucker come a good evening. gavin newsom has been m.i.a. for 11 straight days, he made zero public appearances since late october and really nobody knows where he's at her when he's been up to. take a look at the video, this is the last time he was seen in public back on october 27th and you can see him this is after he got his booster shot. he posed for the cameras flexing and the t-shirt and also urged others to get there with your shots as well. a couple days after that on october 29th, gavin newsom's very abruptly announced the governor was canceling trip to
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attend the climate summit. he specified family obligations. he went on to say they'd attend the conference virtually but to this day he still has not appeared in the conference. since then, governor newsom has only appeared in prerecorded video statements and in family halloween photos. if you can see he posted the day after halloween, he showed the instagram photo, his family all of them dressed up as pirates and then sunday yesterday his wife posted this on twitter. it's funny how certain folks can't handle the truth when someone cancels something may be there just in the office working. it may be in time at home with their family and the kids sports matches are dining out with their wife. please stop hating and get a life. she deleted the tweets just a few minutes after she posted it. if governor newsom's office refused to clarify what family
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obligations have been keeping them out of the public. lee confirmed to fox news late this afternoon he will resume public appearances sometime this week. his absence had nothing to do whatsoever with the covid booster shot. if sending it back to you. >> tucker: here's a story for you, dave portnoy is the founder of barstool sports and a cultural icon, not especially political and more interested in stock tips than election polls, but he's unapologetically american. he thinks you should say what you should really think in the country even if nbc news doesn't like it. so that attitude, he made dave portnoy a legacy threat to media organizations and they truly hate him. they decided to destroy his life. they dispatched a robot reporter to snoop around in portnoy's life.
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they did not find anything illegal or surprising, but they tried their best to humiliate him. now they're harassing his advertisers. the question is, can the business insider whoever it is succeeding killing dave portnoy. that's a question anybody is interested in free speech should care about. up to answer, we invited dave portnoy to join us tonight and grateful that he has. thank you for coming on. i guess the rules are, they do not like your posture, the college of your gym, that attitude, you do not take orders so they send some little robot to sneak around in your personal life, don't find anything illegal, but parens all the stuff anonymously about your life and try to destroy you? these are the rules now? >> eight months, i've heard about this they've had it in the works for eight months. people i didn't even no, people who talked about me, every
5:27 pm
single person that asked me this reporter reached out and had leading questions like hey, any dirt on dave portnoy? they found virtually nothing in two examples i'd argue, both were unable to quickly provide a proof they are not telling the truth and beyond that, not only make about one instance there is actual police report that reads like it's from the onion basically accusing me of going to a local cookie shop with a different girl every few days. that's the gist of it and how they are allowed to publish this and coaching and a very i guess smart for them -- they never accuse me of anything. they lead you to water and want you to drink sensationalistic headlines that if i read about myself, not knowing me like this is a bad guy. if you dig into it, there's absolutely nothing there, they reach out to their -- our avatars as you said, hey, are you advertising with dave because will write an article about how bad he is. what's the proof? our own article. i offered him a chance to
5:28 pm
discuss it with me, but their cameras, the recorders, many people as they want to have a discussion so we can go back and forth and say, hey, these facts directly dispute what you wrote. they will not do it. they said that they won't even discuss it. they print and run, they print and run and it's discussing. my lawyers have said let it go and do go away, i'm not going to let it go because this behavior, i've never been attacked like this, i've been attacked for two decades but never escalated to this length and frankly it is scary that i didn't know you could do this. >> tucker: what's interesting, but business insider was created by a guy who committed fraud to come up at this publication supposed to be covering business and you run a business successful business, you've got to wonder why you, you're not running for anything like it's not a business angle do you think of the decision to try to destroy you? >> it's weird because i'm being
5:29 pm
treated as though i'm a politician, politics the dirtiest game ever. i will say penn national which is involved with barstool, there's a lot of penstock, penstock had their earning the day the article dropped, the data article dropped, 365 days a new year, it dropped the same day the day before there was people betting against penn. for some reason, tons of people that it against it in the day before dropped as you mentioned, henry was convicted for sec fraud and you can never trade stocks the rest of his life and he still working people's money. that's the ceo of the company that wrote the piece. >> it's unbelievable. from my perspective not involved in the business or any of the stuff, it's important that people say what they really mean, and we have space for somebody who's unapologetically honest and may be not feminized, and so i'm just really rooting
5:30 pm
for you to survive this. to give it portnoy, thanks for coming on. so of all the members of congress, marjorie taylor greene one of the only ones who went to the d.c. jail to visit the january 6th protesters who are rotting there. what she found is pretty shocking. and she us next to tell us. as we said there's time to score free access to patriot purge, three-point documentary january 6th, tuckercarlson and get it free will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: here's another amazing story for you tonight, right after the last election, the president's daughter was somehow separated from her diary, she said it was stolen. at the pretext of that, one year later, fbi agents into the homes of several working journalists including the current employee of project veritas, they broke down doors in a predawn raid
5:36 pm
trying to seize material that might embarrass the biden family, the boss was upset and so they did this for him. pretty amazing really. we begin with a statement from the head of the project veritas. >> biden's father's department of justice, the u.s. attorney's office seems to be investigating the situation. in claiming the diary was stolen. we do not know if it was but it begs the question, what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the president's fbi and his department of justice? a diary. >> tucker: so, that's a really good question, okay? the fbi, doj is saying ashley biden's diary was stolen and burglary. we can't verify either way, doesn't appear to be true and it seems like ashley biden left the diary in the house when she moved out. whatever, will say for the sake of the argument the diary was
5:37 pm
stolen. the fbi raids do not make any sense and no one's claiming the journalists told the diary. material in question is already public so some of it's pretty awful, been on the internet for a year. but most amazingly and the point that he makes is what stands, when does the fbi respond to domestic burglaries? can you call the doj next time your car gets broken into? you're not the president's drug addicted kid, got it. this is totally third world. it's an attack on press freedom, obviously. if you're reading a journalists house because that journalist may have had something to do with embarrassing the president's kid? where's the white house correspondents association on this? if you're looking for an aggressive attack on freedom of the press, there you have it. so, virtually no members of congress have gone to check up on the protesters who are still
5:38 pm
riding in the d.c. jail and have been for more than ten months. marjorie taylor greene just went and was shocked by what she saw her, she visited some of the defendants, some old heard that they are not allowed to practice their religion until they got vaccinated for example. >> are you allowed to have religious services? >> no, we do our own. >> they said the only way we can do communion is to get vaccinated. >> they are impacting her religion. >> tucker: others said they are not allowed to see their families, they were pushed to disavow donald trump, some said they couldn't go outside more than twice a week and it goes on. there's more. >> are you able to talk to your family members? >> no! >> no! >>-see my family all year, all
5:39 pm
year. >> do you feel like you're being treated fairly? >> no! >> five hours a day. >> can you go outside to? >> twice a week? >> tucker: considering all the violence, the actual violence that our media excused for over a year, it's pretty amazing that nobody cares what happened to these people and of course a lot of members of congress are plotting the spirit of liz cheney for example, she asked the obvious question she wants to get to the bottom of what happened on january 6 mud to the federal government have any role in the lot of people working for the fence? we are not to ask that. >> it's the same kind of things you hear from people who say that 9/11 was an inside job for example. it's un-american to be spreading those kind of lies. they are lies and we have an
5:40 pm
obligation that goes beyond partisanship and an obligation that we share democrats and republicans together to make sure that we understand every single piece of the facts about what happened that day, and to make sure the people who did and are held accountable. and to call it a false flag operation to spread those kind of lies is very dangerous. >> tucker: so the weapons of of mass destruction ladies accusing other people of lying, got it. we've got to get to the bottom of it but how dare you ask questions about it because that's un-american. we are going to continue to ask questions about it because she's not in charge. don't marjorie taylor greene's also a member of congress, she k the time to find out what's going on. a congressman, thank you for coming on. i know you saw a lot there and gathered a lot of information, but your sense of how the americans are being treated in custody? >> apparently, it's patriot
5:41 pm
hunting season since january 20th. i can't believe what's happening in that country, we saw a whole year of riots where antifa and blm rioters were burning down cities, businesses, attacking people on the streets, and killing brave retired police officers like david doran. but yes, people went to the capital using their first amendment and some of them did get involved in the riot. but what i saw thursday night when i went to the d.c. jail after months of persistence trying to get in, just to see what was happening in there because of the terrible rumors that were coming out of the jail, everything that i've heard i found out was true. you see, these people are being held and they were held for four months, 23-1, 23 hours in solitary confinement and they're seldom a one hour out. if followed by two months, 22-2, 22 hours in the cell, two hours out. and now they are able to be out
5:42 pm
five hours a time of their on good behavior. if they're unvaccinated, they can't get a haircut come i can shave, they're giving nara to chemically remove the hair instead of getting a haircut. if they are not vaccinated, they're not allowed to go to chapel and if they're not back stated can't have communion. even then jail, imprison, unvaccinated people are treated like second-class citizens but it's worse than just that. they haven't seen their family members since they have been arrested, they are not able to talk to their attorneys when they want to. the food they are given is not good food, many other sacred, there several men in there that need medical treatment, they are being denied. there's an elderly man in the jail whose hand is purple and thelma's black and they begged me to get him out of there. they're really suffering and being treated badly and here's the worst part, these are pretrial defend meant and they're not allowed to bail out. they have to denounce president trump and what they
5:43 pm
mean though my belief that they want to make bail. it's done my coverage as they can be treated this way in every single american should be upset over this because i ran for congress because i don't trust the government and now that i'm a member of congress and after i have seen everything i've seen, i don't even trust our government. it's worse than it was before. >> tucker: none of its proportionate to what they've been accused of doing like liz cheney defended. >> absolutely, liz cheney would like to take them down, she sees them as some kind of lower class. the one number so men marjorie taylor greene, thank you for coming out tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: more details on what happened that day and what did not happen that day. documentary series is called "patriots purge" as we told you, episodes available right now and the biden administration turns out secretly flying illegal immigrants to red states,
5:44 pm
florida is on the list because it's not about politics, changing the population. governor ron desantis joins us next to respond to what's happening to his state. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so, the biden administration loses control completely, hyperventilating if you suggest a point in the immigration policies, domestic policies, reshuffled the population. they are not doing that. we learn actually the biden administration's secretly resettling illegal immigrants all of the country. with resettlement flights. most secret. most of the flights recently landed in the state of florida and what happened next, here's one thing, illegal migrant from honduras was on one of the flights and now accused of murdering a father of four in his own home. ron desantis is the governor of florida and he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. the new story suggest the administration was sending
5:50 pm
planes at your state and off-loading people secretly from foreign countries in violation of the law. is that accurate? >> these are flights that are coming in 2 are 3 in the morning, the fed's controlled airspace and they are on the ground, they take the focus and send them to other parts of florida or other parts of the southeast. that individual that was murdered was in fact murdered by an illegal alien who was on one of biden's flights, these midnight flights unannounced, no notice, no support from the state, no ability for us to veto it ahead of time, and biden had not been doing that, doing his job, that individual would be alive today. >> tucker: i mean, i'm not a constitutional scholar and i know you're an attorney but are they allowed to do this and can the white house decide we do not like you, you may run for president. we are going to fly your state with people from other countries and you can do that? >> we're looking at what we can
5:51 pm
do. they use their private contractors and so we're looking at it, how can we fight back against the contractors? we can deny them state contracts which we will do, can we deny them access to florida's market generally? can we tax them and do things to provide disincentives so they cannot do it? we are going to do what we can to do it, but unfortunately they do have the ability to get into the airports because the faa controls in and the feds really have jurisdiction and so were trying to work with the local airport authority to see if there's a way we can get around that, but we are going to go after some of the contractors. if they are bringing in people that are causing burdens on us and we can see tragically, because somebody to lose their life. >> tucker: i bet you'll figure out a way. when a ron desantis, we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: some point over the last year while you were sleeping or mowing the lawn, somebody put the former mayor of south bend, indiana, in charge of the department of
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>> tucker: you may have wondered what would happen of the dumbest people in the world gather together the same room and try to have a conversation. for one thing, hilarity would ensue. it happened today. the transportation secretary pete buttigieg held a press conference to brag about the "info structure bill" that biden just signed. a highly aggressive nona finkel april ryan who apparently works for some kind of website, asked this question. we are not making this up, whipple destructive from the transcript. "can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the
5:58 pm
racism that was built into roadways"? in a normal country if you heard that question you would ask the person to repeat the question because honestly you would have misheard what she said and she says again he would laugh at her because that's truly insane. roads can be racist, you can't build racism into a road. roads are made of sand and gravel and asphalt, ask any road builder. they cannot be us and anymore the toasters and couches can be. if they are inanimate objects, that seems obvious but pete buttigieg didn't know it. he was afraid to say it. in any case, here's how he responded. >> i'm still surprised that some people were surprised when i pointed to the fact that if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a white and a black neighborhood, or if an underpass was constructed such that a bus carrying mostly black and puerto rican kids to a beach dozier would have been in new york, designed to loafer to
5:59 pm
pass by, that beasley reflects racism that went into those design choices. >> tucker: here we have news, according to the department transportation, the secretary, in new york were designed to keep black in paris can kids from getting to the beach. here's the amazing part. if those very same overpasses somehow allowed white kids to get through. how does that work? it's possible that the overpasses that he referred to are actually drawbridge is manned by vigilant bigots with binoculars. here comes the puerto rican bus, lower the overpass! you may laugh but in a systemically racist country it's entirely possible. maybe come to think of it the problem is the buses themselves and children of color are being herded into unusually tall buses like those top-heavy double doctors they used to have in london at the beetle sing about, just to prevent them from reaching the ocean. can't get to the beach in a bus like that and we don't know exactly what happening but we agree with pete buttigieg 100% that it's morally wrong. it's not who we are! so thank heaven he's got a trillion dollars to get to the
6:00 pm
bottom of the recessed road problem. that's it for us tonight. if [laughs] thanks for joining us, wish we had more time. you can always come as we've said many times, go to to see our originals for free for 90 days, but most of all come back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the show that's the sworn enemy of line come pomposity, smugness, and groupthink, have the best evening, here's sean hannity. >> sean: thank you and welcome back and also welcome to "hannity." tonight it just moments james o'keefe will join us live for the very first tv interview since the fbi raided his home this past saturday, allegedly in connection to joe biden daughter ashley and a stolen diary. if that's coming in mere minutes. first, a new low for a bite in the joe biden is now pulling at our whopping low 38% in a new "usa today" suffix ball, nearly two-thirds of all voters do not want joe biden to ever run for a second term, and get this,


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