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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> thank you. >> it's interesting as we wrap up the show. looking at the stock market. looks like investors are piling in to these infrastructure stocks as the biden plan passed. up 100 points. >> john: thanks for joining us. i'm trace gallagher. "the story" with martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: here's the story. the president pondering -- studying is the word they're using potentially shutting down another u.s. pipeline. gas prices head towards $4 a gallon. the white house was pressed on this moments ago about what they're doing about this. as i said, we were told they were not shutting it down but they're studying perhaps shutting it down. watch this. >> what options besides tapping the strategic petroleum reserve
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does the president have to counter act higher gas prices? >> don't have an announcement on anything to share at this time. you know, we're monitoring it. we're monitoring the prices and we're making sure that we have tools in our tool belt. >> okay. all that as the president faces absolutely brutal poll numbers. that came out earlier today. nearly 2/3s of the country, a "usa today" suffolk poll that says 2/3s of the country do not want this president to run for another term in 2024. nearly half say that he's done a worse job than they expected in the office. the numbers are worse among independents. 7 to 1 independent voters say they expected him to do a better job, be a better president than he is. the vice president not doing great either. as i said, "usa today" polling
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is bumping up at 28% for the vice president. so one of the questions obviously is what are they planning to do to turn this tanker around, so to speak? oil prices and gas prices keep higher and higher. here now, david asman. we're going to talk about this in the next block in these polling numbers and politics in general. >> they're connected. >> martha: one of the things that they could be focusing on oh i think about rahm emanuel. never let a crisis go to waste. are they letting this crisis go to waste? what strikes me, an administration that is pushing for more and more government control from pre-k to elder care. when it comes to this problem, energy, oil prices, they're like hands off. it's not our problem. >> the bottom line is this country is prosperous. you know this so well. you talked about it before.
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not because we grow government but because we restrain government. that was the founder's ideal in terms of what made america great 200 years ago. they thought it would be latin america. they had all the gold. we had bad weather, bad soil, more aggressive indians that were threatening our pioneers, et cetera. it was just the opposite. we grew tremendously and latin american lagged behind. why? we have the freedom. we don't have an encroaching government. this administration seems intent to go in exactly the opposite direction. growing government even more and restraining individual liberties in the spirit of enterprise in this country more. the perfect example is what they've done with energy independence with fossil fuel energies. while at the same time, they're restraining our companies, our enterprises that have done a great job with energy independence but in lowering co2
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rates. i know you hate charts. i have a very simple chart here. you can see -- where shall it put it? let's go camera one, if you could. it goes up, way up, this is co2 levels. the peak is when we began to frack. after we began fracking, the co2 levels go down tremendously because of the fact that we switched from goal and oil to natural gas. the more we did that, the more clean our air began. not only are we restraining that success but we're encouraging the saudis and russians to increase their oil. which means fewer u.s. jobs, dutier oil production because the russians are very duty in the way they produce oil, the way they spill the refuge in to the arctic ocean and other places and higher prices for
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americans. a year ago, we were paying $2 a gallon. now it's $3.50 a gallon. >> here's president trump november 22, 2020. here's what he said. >> at the same time, we made america energy independent. bolstered by our historic tax and regulatory cuts, the united states is now the number 1 producer of oil and natural gas in the world. >> martha: that was a great achievement. everybody recognized and geo politically. you're not dependent on other nations for oil, they can't hold it over your help. wars have started over energy restrictions. world war ii, for example, was one of the triggers. so this administration is talking about we can't get -- opec won't do anything. jennifer granholm says we can't get opec to do anything for us. >> the president is frustrated
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because they can't control the price of gasoline. it's a global market. opec is unfortunately controlling the agenda with respect to oil prices. >> martha: the president reached out. opec said no, no, we're not going to release more oil. now the president is talking about releasing more out of the strategic petroleum reserve. >> we have to remember, secretary granholm used to be governor of michigan. michigan is where this pipeline goes right through. this pipeline is carrying about 500,000 gallons of oil every day. that's a lot of oil that they're going to be carrying through michigan. i wonder if it's be accidental that it's her home state that is affected most by this. the point is, we heard the president saturday when he was taking a victory lap for the
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infrastructure bill say that americans are confused about what is happening with the economy. >> martha: don't understand the supply chain. >> we don't understand the supply chain, we don't understand inflation. it's a very confusing thing. it's not confusing. it's not rocket science. if you have bad economic policies, you end up with bad economic results. that's what's happening. it's been happening in terms of the supply chain. the biggest problem with the supply chain is labor. we can't get people to off load the ships, can't get people to go on the tankers. it's a matter of the labor problem. how many of this president's suggestions with regard to how to deal with vaccine mandates, with the unemployment benefits, et cetera, have affected labor in the united states? to the detriment of people going out and getting work. we still have those 11 million unfilled jobs in this country that is causing an enormous problem. it's bad economic policies that are producing the inflation, the supply chain problems, the
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energy problems, et cetera. it's not accidental. it's not a result of the pandemic. it's a result of the pandemic to a certain extent but the degree that we were coming out of it a year ago was a testament to the economic policies that were much better than the ones we're using now. >> martha: you have so much regulation in california that restricts who can be a trucker, what age you can be a trucker at, whether or not you're a california resident. unfortunately the country is surrounded by water on almost all sides. so you have other states where they have different rules and regulations how you can off load material. you know, we're seeing movement to places like florida and texas. so people -- these companies do have options and choices. i find it very interesting that this administration keeps saying that is not our thing, we can't fix that, we can't fix this. on the other side of the table, they're claiming they can fix everything when it comes to
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families. >> remember where we're going. infrastructure is the first step. temperature next is the build back better plan. it's ironic the previous president was a builder. he built buildings, walls, a lot of stuff. every time president biden in his past, whether senator or vice president, got into the building game, we saw problems with the -- back in 2010 when he had the refurbish america summer which lost jobs rather than creating jobs. this is a president that brings with him some baggage of failed policies in the past. i'm worried that he's carrying them into this administration. >> martha: no doubt the numbers are a huge wake-up call and they have to do a course correction. we'll see what it looks like. thanks, david. >> absolutely. >> martha: so more on the sharp turn that voters have taken away from the president for the time being and how it impacts his plans to fundamentally transform
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>> martha: here we go, folks. one year from today, americans will head to the polls in the mid-term election. so the clock starts ticking inside of 12 months for the mid-term elections. that as nearly 60% of americans say that this president is not doing as well on the job as they had expected. new polls out today. that has democrats concerned and starting to rethink if incumbents will run again in
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some of these house seats. if some of the long shot races are going to get any backing from the dnc at this point as they recalibrate where they are as we get under this 12-month timeline. so congressional correspondent aishah hasnie has the latest from capitol hill where democrats are hoping that they can pass the second part of the build back better bill, which is an enormous spending bill as an effort to turn things around. hi, aishah. >> good afternoon. yes, the democrats are riding the high off of passing the infrastructure build. but the biden agenda hanging in the balance still. so after months of tough negotiations and infighting within the democratic party, the house finally passed the first part of the biden agenda, that infrastructure bill. that is $1 trillion going to hard infrastructure.
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roads, bridges, ports, rail, power and broad band. some republicans are calling this a bad bill. the money is not going where it should. still 13 republicans stepped in to pass it as six squad members voted no. why did they vote no? because the house pumped the brakes on the build back better plan. so lawmakers are going to vote till after they get a cbo score. that is a true cost of the legislation. it's currently being billed as $1.75 trillion over ten years completely fade for. that coming from the white house. getting that score is a huge sticking point for moderates that say that they will only vote for this if the cbo score lines up with what the white house is saying. >> we already have some data. so we expect the information that we receive to be in line from the treasury department. >> the price tags will be higher
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than what is advertised. i wouldn't hold my breath thinking these moderate democrats will be voting against the bill. >> even if democrats can pass this through the house, it will face tough critics in the senate and likely get sent back to the house without major pieces. democrats have a hard sell. a "usa today" poll taken before the infrastructure bill was passed reveals that americans are split when it comes to this massive tax and spending plan. just one in four say it would help them and their families. so democrats have a lot of work cut out for them as they head back to their districts. martha? >> martha: they do. thanks, aishah. so let's bring in fox nation host tomi lahren and leslie marshall. leslie, let's start with that last number that aishah just reported. one in four americans think the build back better plan will
12:18 pm
actually help them improve their lives. make things easier or better for them. 25%. >> that number is not good. i am a democrat. i've said it before and i'll say it again. democrats, my party, have not done a good job at selling this plan. if you notice, months ago more americans were in favor of it. what has come down? the headlines, the blog, things on social media and the messaging. they're getting more negative messaging. these people are being polled have to be swayed in a positive light. >> martha: or maybe they figured out what is in it, tomi. >> and they realized the last two years of covid, the bigger government model has not worked for americans and now we're about ten months into this administration and he's dismantled the america first agenda. soaring inflation and soaring gas price.
12:19 pm
people are saying why should we trust you? bigger government has not worked. why should we have our hard earned tax dollars go more to the government when we don't see a benefit or gain at our kitchen tables with our families. >> martha: one of the things people have seen the money that has been pushed towards the covid pandemic issue. one of the things they're seeing is the prices have gone up. fewer goods and more dollars chasing them and inflation at the bump and inflation every time they go to the store and shelves that appear to be getting thinner and thinner by the day. i don't think it's a huge surprise when you look at this poll. 64% say they don't want president biden to run for a second term. that has to be pretty depressing in the white house. >> i'm not depressed because it's a long way between now and the general election for a president in 2024. if you look, 58% don't want trump to run again. that's going to happen. >> martha: more people don't
12:20 pm
want biden to run again, which is interesting. 58% said they don't want president trump to run but 64% don't want the current president to run again. so that -- that's daunting. >> he's the current guy in the white house. like i said, it's a lifetime between now and that election. i also look at other polls. i look at the cnn poll or the reuters poll, both of them have the president at a 48% approval rating, 10% higher than the u.s.a. poll. i don't take stock in one poll. if i see a trend, that's what i look at as a strategist. actually, the president's approval ratings go up. i believe after the passage, which this is not taken after the passage, we'll see that go up. also, you know, it's funny. tomi, i love you but americans say they don't want big government but people don't say no, don't give me medicare when
12:21 pm
they hit 65 or social security. i also sand continue to see americans saying we want vaccines free. we want testing free. >> martha: everybody wants free stuff. that's easy. >> to your point, martha, when you talk about the price at the gas pump, that's not a democrat or republican issue. that is an international issue and so is the supply chain, this is a global issue, not just an american issue. joe biden can't be blamed for that. if donald trump were in the house the same would be true. >> martha: tomi, what do you say? >> when you have plans to shut down pipelines and you don't realize why gas prices are surging. you have a reconciliation bill going to climate change, tree equity, the american people are saying listen, we're having a hard time putting food on the table. businesses are having a hard time hiring people. they're not looking at it as an international problem. it's a democrat problem. a government problem. the american people are also
12:22 pm
looking at the vaccine mandates saying we have a worker shortage. we would we force this on the american people? we've been through enough. government has failed. title for limited government. we could only be so lucky to have an america first trump presidency right now. i think we're all longing for that, certainly at the gas pump and the grocery store and the border as well. >> martha: thanks very much. tomi lahren and leslie marshall, thanks. the white house pressed about this plan to pay migrants who were separated at the border under the prior administration. the president called that idea garbage. he said that's not going to happen. $450,000 per person. but the answer has evolved again today. we'll tell you what they're saying. >> now the president is on the record as of saturday supporting
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>> you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. it's not true. >> you said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was
12:27 pm
garbage. >> i did not say that. who coming across the border whether it was legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, gone, you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what circumstance. >> martha: okay. so two different versions of that answer in the white house briefing room. president biden now claiming that migrants separated at the border during the trump administration deserve compensation, which is a shift from dismissing the report that was in the "wall street journal" as garbage. now the white house is signalling that they're not going to answer anymore even if the president keeps changing his response. watch. >> who counts as separated? if somebody was separate add few hours or a few days, would they be eligible to settle a suit and get this payment from doj? >> i will direct you for the department of justice for any specifics on that. you've asked this question, we
12:28 pm
answered it. i'll refer you to the department of justice. >> martha: joining me now, brandon judd from the border patrol. what do you make of this back and forth, this shifting message from the white house on whether or not they're committed to giving these individuals who crossed illegally and separated, compensation by the reporting could go as high as $450,000 a person? >> based upon this administration's history, the shifting of positions is status quo. we expect that. let's look at facts. since president biden has been in office, we've had over 100,000 unaccompanied minors enter illegally. over 100,000 unaccompanied. that means that parents are sending them by themselves. let's look at president trump. when the children were separated, they were separate add couple hours, a lot of parents that voluntarily took a
12:29 pm
removal back to their country and left their children here. they left them here. so now let's look at the law enforcement aspect of this. if a united states citizen violates a law with a child in their custody and a police officer has to take them in custody, they're going to separate that parent from that child. that is what happens in a law enforcement environment. so when you look at the shifting of positions, it's expected in this administration. they deflect the blame on other people. >> martha: it's interesting. the question is which is more compassionate? both are terrible actually. in both situations you can see families that are separated whether it's for a few hours or a long time. when the president says some of them lost their child forever, is that true? is there evidence of that? if that is the case, do you think those people should receive compensation from the government or not? >> so right now they have -- those individuals are going to
12:30 pm
have to prove that they lost their children forever. there are still -- there's a few hundred that we have not been able to reunite with their families that is because there are a lot of these children that weren't even the children of these people coming across illegally. they were being recycled by cartels. they were being put with adults and the adults were told to tell the authorities, border patrol agents, that they were their children when they were not. they're separated. that's why they have not been reunited because they weren't the children of the adults in the first place. >> martha: it's terrible because of the abuse by the coyotes and cartels using the kids in order to get across the border. as you point out, you have people dropping kids over the border because this administration has told them that if you are unaccompanied, you can come in. so the families are separated whether -- by virtual of that. the families are also separated. isn't it true that the families
12:31 pm
that came across in the trump administration, and everybody remembers those heart breaking images, that at the time the policy that existed said if you come over, you will be separated, which initially was supposed to be a deterrent for people not to come because they don't want their family separated. >> but that administration did happen. that separation was for a short period of time so law enforcement actions could take place. the parents and the children when the parents wanted to, they were then reunited. the ones that were not reunited because they voluntarily left their children here in the united states. >> martha: thanks, brandon. always good to see you. so a temporary halt on the biden administration's vaccine mandate for american companies. this hold could last for a while longer for all companies that have at least 100 employees. this is a lot of businesses that this impacts and this judge put a hold on it.
12:32 pm
we'll tell you the new wrinkle happening next.
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>> martha: new developments here. the three-judge panel over the weekend halted the biden plan that would force company as cross the country to enforce vaccine mandates across the board for any private company that has more than 100 employees. this in response to a lawsuit from the texas attorney general that calls the vaccine requirement unconstitutional. we'll talk to republican senator john kennedy about that. first, david spunt at the justice department with what we're learning this afternoon about this case. hi, david. >> hi, martha. this is ever changing. the biden legal team is confident that they will fight and win this in court. we found out a little while ago that circuit court of appeals in new orleans, the decision that came down from the fifth circuit court of apeels, things will
12:37 pm
stay in a status quo mode. the vaccine mandate is halted and may be halted for several days while several other challenges make their way before several other courts of appeals. osha calls on millions of workers to get a covid-19 vaccine on submit to weekly testing. several southern states in addition to texas and utah sued. a republican calling for congress to decide on vaccine mandates, not the white house and department of labor. listen here. >> i applaud the fifth circuit for taking action to put this check on the administration. something of this magnitude needs to go through the people's house. >> the people's house meaning congress. white house chief of stan ron klain says the emergency mandate makes sense and is confident the mandate will be reinstated.
12:38 pm
>> if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job, be careful around chemicals, they can put in place to put in measures to keep our workers safe. >> osha has never done anything like, this they're using an ets, an emergency temporary standard. that avoids having to do rule making that can take a long time. >> martha, businessing with more than 100 employees have until january 4 until that new vaccine mandate kicks in. meanwhile, it's very likely -- we'll see what happens -- the supreme court could intervene and set a nationwide standard in this case, martha. >> martha: david, thank you. john kennedy is here with us. thanks for being here. i'd like to start if i may by playing this by ken paxton, the texas attorney general. he's been driving -- one of the drives forces behind this.
12:39 pm
here's what his concern is. watch? >> where does this stop? i don't know where it does stop. i don't know if it will stop unless the courts stop them. they may limit transportation. who knows where they'll go. if they're not put to a stop, i don't know if we can have any idea what the limits of this administration's willingness to affect people's lice. >> martha: a lot of legal push-back on this and whether or not the federal government is in the right in telling these companies what they have to do, senator. >> well, martha, as we both know, the vaccine is a god-sent. the virus came from china. the best vaccines came from america. i hope people will take them. to your point though, you don't have to be oliver wendell scalia
12:40 pm
to know that. biden's mandate and osha's vaccine mandate, osha is normally in changes of making you wear a hard hat on the job, are both dubious reaches by the federal government. both statutorily and constitutionally. that's why the federal fifth circuit has temporarily and maybe it will do it permanently halted implementation of the rule. as a society, we have to make these decisions all the time about how to balance personal freedom with public safety. and unless you do your research on twitter, you know that the best way to make those decisions is to allow the public to decide at the state and local level through their local legislatures and in accordance with the state constitution and in this case the federal constitution.
12:41 pm
president biden and dr. fauci, instead of trying to persuade people to take the vaccine, they have had chosen to condescend and lecture and demean and debase and mandate. i think that's why your aunt's facebook page has more credibility than they do. i would suggest the president try it a different way and stop treating people like they're anti-science morons. i wish he would stop that. i think it would probably be easier to teach a toaster to read. >> martha: which is not easy. mitch mcconnell just spoke out about this, the senate minority leader. here's what he had to say. >> there's going to be significance resistance to mandating the vaccine. i'm hearing from employers all
12:42 pm
over kentucky and the country. they think people will quit. so it seems to me a better strategy is to continue to push for vaccination on the merits rather than mandating people to do it. >> martha: this is the other big point here. you have labor shortages across the country. now the fear on the companies and economy in general, this will make it worse. more people will stay home from their jobs because of this. >> i think mitch is right. we learned last week that the american people are getting pretty tired of being called racist and a nazi because they don't automatically agree with everything president biden says and does. again, i think he should try to persuade, not dictate and stop treating people like morons and children. >> martha: senator kennedy, thank you. always good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> martha: so another story that
12:43 pm
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>> martha: so another crew member from alec baldwin's movie "rust" is in the hospital and could lose his arm. sky news is reporting that the worker was wrapping up production in new mexico after the deadly shooting of halyna hutchins when a spider bit him. jason miller has had multiple surgeries as doctors try to treat this very serious
12:48 pm
infection. they hope that they can save his arm. no comment from the movie's producers on this latest particular tragic situation with regard to this film production. and the pentagon moments ago being asked about new satellite images reportedly showing mock-ups of u.s. warships created by the chinese military for target practice. here's press secretary john kirby. watch. >> you heard the press secretary about this. the prc is our number 1 challenge. i have not seen these images and they can speak to what they're bombing runs look like. that's for them to speak to. what i can tell you, we're focused on developing capabilities, the operational concepts, making sure we have the resources and right strategy to deal with the prc as the number 1 challenge. >> martha: here now, former secretary of state, mike pompeo. good to see you, sir.
12:49 pm
thanks for being here. >> thank you, martha. thanks for having me on today. >> martha: so these images of aircraft carriers and warships, they're uncomfortable and stunning to look at. are they unusual? >> no, they're not terribly unusual. we've seen other nations do this before as well. it's unique when it's a real threat of the scale and size and the magnitude of the ccrp represents. the risk is different as well. some of this may be propaganda. you should shoot a square the same size of a square vessel. doing it in this way is good theater to send a message that the chinese communist party is serious. i hope the pentagon is right. i've seen no indication that they're prepared to confront the chinese communist party.
12:50 pm
we saw our team pushed around in anchorage. we've watched the chinese ignore what the administration says is ordinary top priority, climate change. they're coercing countries around the world and cyber attacks. we have to take this seriously. platitudes from the pentagon won't get this done and convince xi jinping to behave differently. >> martha: with this kind of language that we heard from the president tuesday in glasgow, we hear from the chinese government leadership, the foreign minister that we're too aggressive in our language. here's president biden tuesday. >> am i worried about an armed conflict with china? no, i'm not. we're not going to change our attitude to international airspace, sea lanes, et cetera. i don't think there's a need to be physical conflict. >> martha: what do you any about that answer, sir?
12:51 pm
>> i'm guessing that xi jinping that matters more than what i think, i think he hears that and hears american weakness and an america talking about pacing items, these are strategic competitors, this is an adversary. xi jinping talks about the china dream. what he's doing with respect to taiwan has challenged american ways in ways that we have not seen them challenged before. deterrence matters. the way you avoid the conflict that president biden spoke is to demonstrate resolve and capacity. we need to do that not just ourselves but our partners in australia, japan, south korea and india, the europeans as well. when we establish redeterrence and know that an administration is searious about protecting its interest, this is how you avoid conflict with the chinese and iranians and others as well. >> martha: there's a lot of concern that post olympics in beijing it might be a time when we could see china potentially
12:52 pm
attack or become more aggressive against taiwan. do you think that that is a time frame that we should be worried about and what can we do in the meantime to try to project string that would prevent them from doing that? >> martha, i think that it's concerning. he will be at his pinnacle and stand on that stage in the olympics in beijing with the americans at his feet and lord over the american athletes. he will see his greatness and his own people will sense that, too. i'm very concerned about that. there's so many things that we could do. could start with exerting american economic pressure on the chinese in the way that we did in the trump administration. the tools are available. we simply need leaders that are prepared to do this. there's always some risk associated with this. but if you get it wrong. if xi jinping can push america, i can assure you he will and that presents the real risk of
12:53 pm
conflict. >> martha: they've been building three new solid fuel icbm silo fields that co have hundreds of silos. they're aggressively building their military capabilities and we have to be clear-eyed about it. thanks very much, secretary pompeo. good the see you. >> yes, ma'am. good to see you too, martha. >> martha: breaking moments ago, the house committee investigating the capitol hi riot sending subpoenas to former advisers of president trump. the panel demands records. they said they're promoting false claims of election fraud or to overturn the election results. violent chaos at a concert in texas leaves eight young people dead that went out to hear music for the evening. dozens more were gasping for
12:54 pm
air. the gut wrenching stories that we're hearing from people that were there. you'll hear that next. >> i was getting suffocation. that can lead to cardiac arrest. these individuals were trampled. once you fell in that crowd, it was a death sentence. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in.
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the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. >> everybody started compressing in together. you couldn't move your elbows. you were so compressed to a point that it stopped your breathing. people were yelling help, help, help. >> martha: timothy perez says he escaped the travis scott show by the grace of god. the show killed eight people. the youngest was a 14-year-old boy. garrett tenney reporting live from houston. garrett? >> yeah, martha. the medical examiner's office says they is completed autopsies for the eight people that were killed but could be weeks before
12:59 pm
we know the cause and manner of death. as the criminal investigation into this tragedy continues, the mounting legal troubles facing travis scott and the event organizers are growing. 14 people that were injured have filed lawsuits now claiming that scott and the events promoters failed to provide a safe and security environment for fans, this is not the first time livenation entertainment has been accused of that. according to "the new york times," houston's police chief was so concerned about crowd control problems that he went to travis scott's trailer to talk about it. but the show went on. some folks were fighting for their lives. >> i started struggling to breathe. i told my boyfriend, like, we have to get out of here. there's no way out. once you were in, the only way out was to go up. >> travis did pause his performance several times when he saw folks that needed help.
1:00 pm
over the weekend, he said at the time, that he didn't know how bad things were out there in the crowd, martha. >> thanks very much, garrett. that's "the story" for monday, november 8. the story goes on. thanks nor being with us. see you tomorrow. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto. back in new york city, happy to be here. all at the same time, we're looking at washington, its propensity to spend. at the corner of wall and broad, no problems. records across the board because despite the spending, i have no idea. what i do know, the big infrastructure package got voted on and now they're working on a package twice as much that democrats are convinced that th


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