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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 8, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> fox news alert on the president's plummeting poll numbers after his approval rating drops again. one thing that is rising, gas prices, you won't believe how the biden team is handling that issue. reports he wants to shut down another pipeline. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno joined by harris faulkner, kennedy and
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professor at kings college brian benberg. the president's ratings dropping. the same poll finds two-thirds of those surveyed don't want him to run for a second term, including 28% of democrats, big reason for may be how out of touch his administration seems to be on soaring gas prices. watch how his energy secretary reacted when asked about that. >> what is the grand plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] >> that is hilarious. if i had the magic wand on this. >> that is one thing on a very large iceberg that sends a message to americans that this
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administration is tone deaf. this administration has zero in common with them. we'll play another reel of how the president seems to question the intelligence of the average americans. >> president biden: we were going out and having lunch together and i said, let's ask whoever at the next table, no matter what restaurant we're in, how to explain the supply chain to us. think they understand what we're talking about? >> emily: combine those comments with the energy secretary's and any wonder they are sinking in the poll polls? >> brian: this president looked like he was largely indifferent to the problems facing americans. it is contempuous, laughing at gas prices, who besides energy secretary is laughing at gas prices right now? talk about the supply chain, americans don't get the supply
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chain? you bet they do, they are sitting home wondering how to get basic needs, wondering if they will find toilet paper this fall and winter. come on. it's one thing to disagree with the american public or say i've got a different way, it is another thing to mock their concerns. when you mock america's concerns, your poll numbers start to fall and that is what is happening. crazy thing, this administration doesn't look like it is having any interest in turning the corner. i think it will get worse before better. >> kayleigh: that is why in part donald trump's message resonated with americans who felt like they were being condescended toward out of the mouths of mainstream media, pundits, finally someone wanted to hear them and this is being doubled
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down, claiming average americans don't understand the supply chain issue, don't care about gas costs. and to brian's point, it is us americans who feel this deeply every night and over every bill. >> kennedy: i think admin stlagz members need to sit down with consultantss who help them with media training. the vice president suffers from the same thing. when asked a question she can't answer, she just starts cackling. people are desperate to hear something that will comfort them, let them know that these people have their back, they understand the problems they are facing and the very near future as temperatures are going to turn south, when the energy secretary laughs at you, it means she's not taking your concern seriously and not taking her job seriously and here is what president biden doesn't understand, a lot of people in this country have small
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businesses and they are deeply impacted by splien chain issues, unless you are whittling wood in a forest, you need element for your products that come from other places. when you can't get those things, you can't make products, can't deliver them, can't make money, your business goes out of business. small business owners understand perfectly. >> kayleigh: and majority of citizens work for small and medium-sized businesses. >> emily: kayleigh, what should president biden be doing in the next year? >> kayleigh: 64% in the poll said, don't run joe biden, 68% saying kamala, her ark proval rating. what is the single thing that would be most important for president biden to do over the next year? look at the top answer. 20% said resign or quit.
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second answer, economy, jobs, republicans on that issue. third answer was immigration, republicans win on this issue. the bottom, his infrastructure bill, 5% say most important thing he could do. that is what he prioritized, when you have quarter of electorate to say resign or quit is what you can do, what does that say about your presidency? infrastructure bill is popular, people aren't prioritizing it. i don't think this will get biden out of the deep hole he's dug for himself. >> harris: yeah, they didn't prioritize, they almost didn't get it done. i want to make this point, we have a lot of laughter around the couch and like each other and love our viewers and cohosts who join us, we're not weak. you can ask us tough question and we won't cackle or giggle,
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we'll come strong. i want to remind america we are a country of strong example. don't let the secretary whipping out the magic wand because she can't muster up her intestial fortitude, take her job and answer seriously, don't think of everybody like that, don't get it twisted. can we put the 64% back up, that struck me. right? what this number tells me, not only did they date you, they fired you, and no, they don't want to be friends, that is what that tells me. that is a problem for this president. it further asks the question of, has he gone so far down he can't rebound at this point? what does that mean for has presidency and other democrats who might bring him in the last 11th hour. >> emily: brian, the poll
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reflected plummeting approval rate down to 28%, what do you make of that, brian? >> brian: what have we heard from her? what has she done? one thing she is supposed to be in charge of the border, we'll potentially pay illegal border crossing half a million dollars, are we solving that problem? no. she doesn't do press conferences or talk to the american people, like the president rarely talks to the american people. if you care about people, you engage with them. like harris said, you deal straight with their questions, if you don't care, if you're indifferent, simply stay away, that is what she's done, what the president has done. the numbers, talk about them being surprising, if you talk to americans about what is going on in their lives and how they feel they are being treated, these are thes you would expect. >> emily: brian will there be shock and surprise when the writing was on the wall the
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entire tame? >> brian: yeah, i don't see how anybody could be shocked in 2022,ing given where we are now. here is why. the president has not shown indication he is changing course. has he talked about a new path, new way forward with inflation? no. democrats want to double down on spending. he is heading headlong into the jaws of disaster because he's ignoring the american people and shoozing not to take seriously what they take seriously. >> emily: exactly right. coming up, president biden reversing course on payouts to immigrants on the border. at first he called it garbage, now he says those migrants deserve compensation. that is next.
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>> kayleigh: remember last week, the president was asked about reports the department of justice was considering paying up to $450,000 to those migrant families. he called that report "garbage," but the aclu pushed back and suggested the president may have been out of the loop. president biden was forced to correct himself in an exchange. >> you said last week this report about migrant families at the border getting payment says was garbage. >> i did not say that. you said everybody coming across
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the border gets $450,000. the number i was referring to. here is the thing, different fact, because of behavior af the last admip stragz, coming across the border and you lost your child, legal or illegal, you lost your child, it's gone, you deserve some kind of compensation. what that will be, i have no idea. >> doj negotiating the settlement. >> sandra: senior white house'd min stragz pushing back in the president's defense. >> the president's in the loop. he said he would have independent department of justice, he would not direct the department of justice what to do. >> kayleigh: that was over the weekend, president biden said i never called that report garbage, let's play biden from
9:16 am
just wednesday. >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah issue but it is not true. >> so it's a garbage report? yes, $450,000 per person, is that what you are saying? >> separated from a family member under the last administration. >> president biden: that is not going to happen. >> kayleigh: the president is sounding different on wednesday and saturday. >> harris: he didn't remember what the question was or the answer was or should be. it is confusing and we're doing this dayss later. imagine in the moment, when you now know you have to clean up on aisle seven and you can't remember what the reporter asked. you will rephase it, redefine a moment, it is not defund the police, it is reallocate funding, that is what the mayor of kansas city told me when i
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interviewed him. you have to have a hold on the facts, before you twist them and i'm not convinced he did. i think that maybe he got caught off guard on that. wait, every single person and peter corrects him, no issue the ones separated under the last administration and the next go around? blah, blah, blah, he's not getting it right, he's adjust indicated what happened at the border under the last administration. either he's confused or one heck of a tool people are doing to manipulate him. emily, that is not helpful. whoever has the reigns on the guy that says they have instructed me, it is time we need to know who they are. i don't know if they have his best interests or ours at the heart. >> kayleigh: doesn't seem that way. brian, "wall street journal"
9:18 am
report turns out it was reality. the "wall street journal" piece says this, one government lawyer threatened to remove himself from the case out of disagreement with the settlement offer and homeland of security officer complained on a conference call the payouts could come to more than the families of 9/11 victims received. the president just not know this was taking place, the discussions and threats to resign over it? >> brian: harris, we'll chalk it up to not remember, that may be the case. he doesn't care enough to get the details straight. does this president care about anything happening at the border? has he shown he wants to get the facts right and understand cause and effect? i haven't seen him show that. he's shown indifference. if you
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pay people half million to cross the border illegally, they will cross the border more often illegally, that is obvious. if that is not your concern, you are not going to spend time to get the facts straight, explain to the american people, he talks about straight talk, if this is not the windiest talk we've gotten on border policy, i don't know what is. >> kennedy: going to the kamala laughing tactic, she admitted over the weekend, americans could pay $4 a gallon of gas. americans will face higher heating costs. americans are paying more, we'll pay the illegal immigrants upward of half a million dollars? >> talk to people trying to immigrate legally and look at the maze they have to go through, so complex and poorly staffed and when they have
9:20 am
issues and they're trying to do it the right way, they get deported. they don't get checks. number one, address the kids separated from their parents, sexually abused and trafficked under this administration, what are you going to give their families? to moms who lost sons to prison because of three strikes and you're out laws and various other things from the 1994 crime bill, are they going to get compensation for losing entire generation of men to the prison system to the failed war on drugs that both the vice president and president had very firm hand in crafting, especially the president. he's tried to disavow himself from some legislation he authored and pushed in the late '80s and '90s that decimated families and communities and ruined lives. will he answer for that? >> kayleigh: great point, are the families affected by drugs?
9:21 am
american citizens had opioids pour across the border, one dea agent saying it is the worst it has ever been, will these families be compensated? >> emily: he warned us, back up for a second. administration thinks americans have gold fish memory like they do, we don't. history -- >> harris: don't put down gold fish. >> emily: we need to look at these things. for example the dea issues a public health safety alert talking about the fact there are counterfeit pills being mass prutsed with fentanyl baked inside, almost two million confiscated this year, more than the two past years combined. there is enough deadly fentanyl amount, this is flowing out on the street, this is why the state that cares the most about
9:22 am
southern border protection is ohio, not because they see migrants are depleting resources, it is because they are feeling deadly effects of fentanyl, opioid abuse and the like. for this administration to come in, they have had no hand in crafting prior crime bill, had no experience in the past 50 years of narco cartel drug scene and impact on the american citizens, just disingenuous and the agent warned of cartel war happening in juarez. that is why our greatest ally is the president of mexio, but that relationship has been obliterated . the bottom line, americans are dying because the southern border is open. >> kennedy: i love how indig nat the president was over the
9:23 am
separation of people. you said in the guise of compassion this administration rushering in cruelty, paraphrasing there. girls in facilities having to use restroom in bags, that is humanitarian? i don't believe biden cares, do you? >> kayleigh: i don't. question remains, does he have acuity to care? talking doesn't matter. we care about actions and actions message he does not care. >> harris: what kennedy said was important, taking it back and using the path forward. pick a wednesday, wednesdays we wear pink, go to the white house in pink ready to go and ask your questions to the president of the united states. >> kayleigh: i would love to watch that. coming up, pretty big namess facing lawsuits over the deadly concert over the weekend, this as we learn disturbing details about the incident. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood.
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>> harris: there is a criminal investigation into the deadly crowd surge at the astroworld festival in houston, texas. lawsuits have already been filed with rappers travis scott and drake, named among the defendants. this as we are learning the concert continued for about an hour, despite the crowds' desperate pleas for help. [yelling] ♪ >> harris: travis scott went on with his set. at one point, he did pause the show and call for help. >> somebody help over here. somebody passed out right here. >> harris: when the chaos ended, eight people were dead and hundreds of others were injured. travis scott took to instagram to ark pol jize for what happened.
9:29 am
>> i want to send out prayers to the ones that was lost last night. we are actually working right now to identify the families so we can help through this tough time. >> harris: we're learning that travis scott's concerts have had a history of violence with the rapper charged over two other music festivals, where he was accused of insighting a riot. he likened his live performances to professional wrestling matches telling gq magazine, i want to make it feel like it is the wwf or some -- you fill in the blank there. you know, raging and having fun and expressing good feelings is something i plan on doing and spreading across the globe. emily, starting with you, a lot of legal going on, break it down. >> emily: there is criminal and civil side and every point of the event, let's say. travis scott has had a history
9:30 am
of criminal prosecution for activities going on at his concert. he pleaded down and was convicted of disorderly conduct brought down from insighting a riot. insighting a riot, you can serve six months in jail, if it result necessary gross bodily injury or above $5000 in damage, can be a 10-year prison sentence. we have lawsuits on on the civil side, concert goers, in fact, one paralyzed man sued him and said he was lie thering after falling off the balcony, travis scott pulled him on stage trying to get him a ring as consolation prize, the man's body was sitting there in pain as the ambulance came and got him. look for it to develop in the civil and criminal sector and he's facing a whole host of repercussions for this, our live nation and the concert operators and definitely at minimum, he
9:31 am
will be on the hook for this horrible loss of life. >> harris: one more before we take it around. you talk about liability and the operators. i was reading they have protocol for this sort of thing and perhaps those things were not being followed. >> emily: that's right, the security guard and how that was handled and insurance plays in. their will be you knew or should have known that travis scott's concerts result in injuries and things like this happening. you have three lawsuits and criminal charges to show for it, why did you proceed with this insurance company and cover this liability? there is a lot of questions, it is gross negligencing on civil side and up to and inciting riot on the criminal side. >> harris: as young as 10 years old harmed, one who perished was just 14. >> kennedy: as parents, we want our kids to lead normal lives,
9:32 am
their lives and growth were stunted during the pandemic and they are not the only ones feeling that. you saw people breaking into the barriers into the vip section because they are raring to go. this is not like a performance in a smaller venue, this is 50,000 people, bodies he implored to crush the front of the stage. that is why houston police chief finner sat him down earlier in the day and said, we've got to keep this mellow so people don't get hurt. he foresaw this happening, but there is such horrific breakdown with travis scott, who does bear a lot of responsibility, how you deployed security. what were the buffers around the stage so this doesn't happen. we've seen deadly events like this in the '60s and '70s, in 1979, the who concert, the same
9:33 am
thing, festival seating, open seating and people rushed the stage. they go into cardiac arrest, their bodies are physically rushed, there is nowhere to go, eight succumbed to injuries and there is massive civil liability and hopefully criminal prosecution, there has to be so this kind of thing doesn't happen again. >> harris: brian, talk to me about what responsibility, we can get into the legality, moral responsibility for the artivitys themselves. i have to imagine no artist says, i can't wait for the crusher to happen. it is heartbreaking. it is happening over and over again, what does that tell you? >> brian: you read the article or tweet, where travis scott compared his concerts to wwf fights or something like this. >> harris: and a bad word that i couldn't say. brooiks >> brian: and a bad word.
9:34 am
wwf is carefully choreographed stuff. fans are meant to stay safe, people in the ring do the stunts. i wonder how much is driven by social media and need to constantly one up what you can show the world, what you can show your fans, what can be recorded? it has to be bigger and crazier. i think the artist does bear responsibility, these people are in his care, he has to have a team around him to help him understand what is going on and deal with what is happening, that is the breakdown, i don't expect him to figure it out on stage, i expect somebody to say, stop, people are dying, not just passing out, theying are dying. where was that team? >> kayleigh: kayleigh, there are plenty videos where people were climbing up around the guy with the headset on and doing the lighting and part of the show and they are saying people are dying down there. he's trying to keep them back
9:35 am
for their own safety, if he swings that jib around, he will knock somebody off stage. people were risking their lives for others in harm's way. >> kayleigh: it is a tragedy, i can't imagine your child going to a concert and then not coming home. there were so many red flags, lalap alooza was shut down within five minutes of travis scott singing. everyone in a green shirt get the bleep back, referring to the security, the crowd were chanting, we want rage. he was telling the security guard to push back. he should have had awareness these things get out of hand. tragic for the familiess. >> harris: broadway star appears to be a victim of cancel culture, this time for being a christian. he is fighting back against the producers he says fired him over his face.
9:36 am
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two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. fighting back after he said he was fired after his christian faith made his co-workers feel uncomfortable. controversy began last november when the seattle native slammed ensley for imposing a ban against singing in church. i will never allow a governor or anyone to stop me from singing, let alone sing and worship to my god. this is not about safety, this is about power, i will respectfully disobey unlawful orderss. kimbell says the tweet was just
9:41 am
the beginning, a producer tried to link him to the events of the january 6 social riots based on his christian beliefs. emily, he puts out his belief, on a covid restriction, to which he getss an e-mail from a producer saying there were concerns, quoting here, events at the capitol, josh hawley were tied together and implied connection to mr. kimbell to events at the u.s. capitol. he gets a call, he's terminated because of one tweet we showed you. now there is litigation, how will this play out? >> emily: he asked the producer, what is this about, what am i being terminated for, because of xyz, to which the producer responded, it's everything. on the lawsuit it says terminating me on basis of religious discrimination.
9:42 am
this is how they will respond, they will say it is everything, at-will employment, difficult bar to cross as actual proof, which he has in part on the e-mail. they will say in the tweet, you said you were not obeying a mandate by the governor. he will say the mandate was ruled unconstitutional in court in california and in the state of new york. i think there will be back and forth, i'll bet they will settle. most unfortunate thing, he hasn't gotten another job. he's auditions in california and throughout the west coast and the reality is that because of his tweet, he's been stigmatized and in the entertainment and theater world, him being criticized as a stanch christian, he will in that particular point, singing in church, have that scarlet letter and be unemployable in their mind, that is how he was viewed, he resisted and it was about
9:43 am
safety and you didn't want to comply. that wasn't quite his argument. >> kayleigh: he said, i lost my purpose, i lost my job, my way, it hasn't destroyed me, i've turned to god to seek his mercy and wisdom. >> harris: we hope he finds all of that. following that path from our own faith, we work at a place that doesn't just tolerate us, it celebrates us and how we choose to worship. i'm curious, is the scarlet letter because he sang in church? >> kayleigh: he was fighting against being banned from singing in church. >> harris: i'm confused, think about the things we've known about past co-workers, cheating on their wives, the things that would be opposite not just of your faith, but common sense. why don't those people get cancelled or lose their jobs, just thinking of what people do and let you know, they say it is not that bad, i drank and drove from that party, that is not
9:44 am
only bad, it is illegal. why look at some place we know well, like the nfl? ray lewis and others who accosted women and so on and so forth and yet they played on. are the rules? singing in church? let us know. >> emily: kennedy, all kimbel wanted to did was sing to his creator and he gets cancelled. and harris makes a good point, we abstract and amplify things that the actions aren't necessarily the bad thing, the fact it goes against this group thinking, right thinking. if you signal you do not fall in line with our orthodoxy, we will other you and push you complete lee out of the system and they don't even hide it anymore, they don't hide whether the animosity
9:45 am
comes because you were vocal about your religion. and how you practice that. how dare you, because that flies in the face of this. there are atheists who feel the same way, absolute power corrupts and the state oversteps many boundaries during the pandemic. he was right to push back against that and the fact he was doing that in context of his church made him feel good. >> kayleigh: well said. she went there. aoc says it is dangerous to blame wokeness for the party's election losses last week. this despite top democrat namess saying the opposite, who is right? the couch debates it next. saying the opposite, who is right? the couch debates it next. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need.
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a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. >> kayleigh: alexandria ocasio-cortez slamming fellow democrat like james carville and others for blaming the party's wokeness for losses last week. claiming it is a term used by older people, adding this on twitter. one dangerous aspect of thinking there is a woke problem, dems
9:50 am
chances for re-election in house, senate and white house rely on racial justice issue of voting rights. dems distancing from racial justice makes protection of voting rights less likely ensuring losses. here is what carville told the pbs that set aoc off. >> stupid wokeness, look at long island, buffal minneapolis, washington, defund the police, take abraham lincoln's name off schools, has suppressive effect across the country smchlt people need to go to a woke detox center or something. >> kayleigh: civil war happening in party. >> brian: carville touched a nerve with the congresswoman, when you react that strongly with that many tweets, you are probably feeling sensitive. in the midst of tweeting, she
9:51 am
showed what the woke problem is, she wants to cancel older people because they use the word woke. look what is going on in virginia and minneapolis, you see woke happening and you see who lines up behind the policies, that are frankly wrecking communities in america. you know what you are talking about it, it is real. protest all you want, not going to reality. >> kayleigh: kennedy, is the congresswoman reducing everything to a certain box and assuming everything fits in the box in a certain way and that is everyone's priority when they come home at night trying to feed their families? >> kennedy: yes, flexible ideologue, she never plans on it, if she does, it is admission of failure. they create terms like woke and equity and environmental justice
9:52 am
and then they try critical race theory and try to change the definition. either they go, that doesn't exist or that is not what it means or you are too dumb to know what it means. that was one argument after the virginia shellacking, you don't know what crt means. that is what the president is saying, you don't know what the supply chain is. flimsy tactic. take these two weasels and put them in a sack and let them fight, talking about james carville and the congresswoman. >> kayleigh: someone said it -- >> harris: i found it. you caught me, i put my readers on. i thought i heard that before, from president obama. he said, this idea of purity and you'll never compromise and you'll always politically be woke and all that stuff, what he was saying, it is challenge for democrats and not going to work out for them.
9:53 am
all that woke stuff, he says. >> emily: aoc is helping republicans, maybe she didn't read voter analysis that showed education as number three issue, almost tied with covid, analysis showed 72% said crt was important to their vote and the committee put out a play book how to win elections, it says make parent concerns tier one concern, become the party of parents, aoc can say wokeness, become the party of parents. >> kayleigh: perfectly said, we are so excited about this, check out the new people magazine with a feature on a special someone sitting here on the couch. can you guess who? stay with us. ♪
9:54 am
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here comes the interception. -shawn? yes. thank you. you're welcome. have a great day. if it's “that will leave a mark season,” it's walgreens season.
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>> you are watching the department of justice there, live, christopher wray is the fbi director speaking out on the ransomware attacks from last september. they announce they are bringing to justice and alleged perpetrator of a wide reaching ransomware attack on july 2nd. if you remember, the doj written announced they recovered approximately $6 million in ransom payments for the past few months. they have charged a suspect from the ukraine, he was arrested in poland a few weeks ago. we will bring you up-to-date as all events develop. >> in the current issue of "people" magazine you could see the judge judy there in the middle, but if you flip to page 21, check this out. a profile of our very own harris faulkner. by the way, 75 emmy awards and
9:59 am
raising her strong and beautiful daughters along with her husband, tony harris. i love it. thanks for celebrating. two things we delight to me, one is i'm on the page with luke bryant, he's got such a great voice. i figure if they don't even see me, they see him and he's amazing. but it's my family, right? if i do anything, that's ever worth anything it's because of tony, bella and danica. i love them very much. >> such wise words from their mama, i love the last line. if someone is counting on you, come through. and i love this, i don't believe in that thing speak your truth, there's only one set of facts. >> i'm really, really honored by "people" magazine and always happy to be with you guys. thank you. >> i love this and i love that what they highlighted about you is how you are raising strong girls.
10:00 am
and how all that you have learned and how all of the amazing tenets that your family has instilled in you, that you talk about on this couch and that you exemplify and embody as a journalist, but you are passing onto them and it's their strength that's really being highlighted here as well. >> thank you emily. >> really an example to your daughters and women everywhere. no wonder there is a great write up like harris, that's beautiful. thanks everyone, now here is "america reports." >> would begin with the fox news alert, numbers sinking to a new low after they plot before next year's elections. the new numbers on last week's election results now suggest the party small majority in congress might be impossible to maintain. welcome to "america reports," john nance and sandra are off today. i am trace gallagher in los angeles, techy, great to see


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