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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 8, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> well, ainsley went to the billy joel concert. >> it was awesome. you went to d.c. to see your kids. brian went >> spr a wonderful day, everyone. >> bill: a question how low can you go? president biden's poll numbers going from bad to worse nearly 60% of americans now saying they disapprove of his job performance. take that with your morning coffee. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. brand-new week begins now. how are you doing? >> dana: ready for the great week. i'm dana perino. the president and the chief of staff try to say we're moving forward and get better. these are just a snapshot in time. for the white house this has been consistent. we're exactly one year out from
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the mid-terms. independents who put the president in office are having serious buyer's remorse. >> half of them say the president has done worse than they had expected. the white house dismissing it as the result of a rough and tough year. >> dana: that's an understatement. americans are paying more for just about everything. supply chain crisis is not going anywhere. >> bill: americans unhappy with the surge at the border not to mention the proposed $450,000 payment for migrants who came illegally. >> dana: parents who protested critical race theory finding themselves in the crosshairs of the biden justice department. >> bill: forn policy, that disastrous exit out of kabul. untold number of americans and allies still left behind and 13 service members killed. >> dana: congress finally passed the infrastructure bill. they relied on republican votes to get it across the finish line. >> the low approval numbers
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seen as a driving force in last week's republican victory in virginia and nail biter in new jersey where the president and his party are pushing back on that. watch. >> president biden: i'm not going to be a prognosticator and make a judgment how the election could or would have been different. the one message that came across was get something done. it's time to get something done. stop talking. get something done. >> in my opinion it's been a rough and tough year and we knew it would be. president biden said it all the time. a year-long effort to dig out of the holes we were left. >> bring the economy back and you have all these other things happening so the country is in a bad place. it is a tough time to be the president of the united states. >> bill: marc thiessen has analysis and first we go to alex hoff in washington >> the survey has to be
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concerned to the president when it comes to a switch in some of those who voted for him. the survey was conducted november 3-5 before the infrastructure bill passed by the house. the president is hoping it helps him it will be a steep climb according to usa today poll of registered voters his approval rating has dropped to 38%. 46% say biden has done a worse job than they expected. 16% of those who feel that way voted for him. expectations of independent voters were let down 7-1. here is cedric richmond. >> the president has an ambitious plan for the american people, for the american economy and he will invest in them. you want to describe it as fdr like then that's what it is. >> fdr had a high approval rating and elected president four times. this poll reveld 2/3 of
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americans don't want biden to run for a second term. the most concrete test of the president's popularity with the two governor's races we were watching when voters nearly unseated the new jersey democratic governor and electing republican glenn youngkin in virginia over terry mccauliffe. >> congressional democrats blew the timing. we should have passed the bills in early october. it would have helped terry mccauliffe if we had. >> will biden's build back better cause help his own cause. the social spending bill is scheduled for a vote next week on the house floor. according to the usa today poll only 1 in 4 people feel it will help their family. >> bill: beginning your coverage today. >> dana: more with marc thiessen. to the point alex mentioned in the usa today poll americans are split on the big social
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spending bill, 47% support it. 44% oppose. what do you make of where it stands now after the weekend? the president got a win on friday night. >> he did. but before we get to that can i point out on this day november 8th, 2017, donald trump's approval rating was 38.2%. joe biden at this point in his presidency is a hair lower than donald trump was at this point. donald trump lowest approval rating was 37.1. biden 37.8 matching the all-time low of donald trump that's how far this president has fallen since he took office. in terms of the legislation, dana, look, i think it's 61% of the american people support the bipartisan infrastructure bill. it is the smartest thing republicans have done. one, we have an audience of two people in washington, d.c. right now. kirsten cinema and joe manchin
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whether the democrats get to pass a massive spending monstrous tee. what did they see this week? progressive wing of their party voted to tank the bipartisan bill they care about and republicans saved it. it is very smart. they owe nothing to the progressives anymore. joe biden said he is comfortable with zero. they should take him at his word and that is what they might end up getting. >> bill: we're only six days removed what voters said in virginia and new jersey. remarkable thing how short are memories are here. those voters spoke loud and clearly last tuesday. >> 100%. look, the democrats are not getting the message. the reality is if you look at the polls only the people say that biden has done a worse job than they expected. including 16% of those who voted for him. half the country says he has done a worse job the other half
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are saying i expected him to be this bad. not like the other half thinks he is doing a great job. he is in real danger politically and the problem is with the progressive wing that they understand they don't have a mandate. that's why they are pushing so hard because what they understand is they have this brief window where they've been given unified control of government and don't have a mandate to do this and know government is a one-way ratchet. the window is closing. virginia and new jersey told them the window is closely. they'll probably lose power a year from now and they have a few months to get through as much stuff as they can. they know that even if they lose power in november and control of congress, even if republicans take back the white house we won't repeal whatever they do. look at obamacare. a decade later they lost control of the house, they helped select donald trump president and they haven't repealed it. they want to do it on multiple fronts and know they'll lose
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power temporarily. they'll come in and come back and continue to march toward socialism. >> dana: one person, a democrat who was saying wait, slow your roll. this is james carville. listen to him. >> stupid wokeness. don't just look at virginia and new jersey, look at long island, buffalo, minneapolis, even look at seattle, washington defund the police lunacy, take abraham lincoln's name off schools has a suppressive effect across the country. democrat, some of these people need to go to a woke detox center or something. >> dana: alexandria ocasio-cortez says how can outlets attribute words to me i didn't say. with 100% mod -- i said nothing about wokeness which is a term used by older people an pundits
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use. making up a woke problem puts voting rights on the back burner and she goes on. marc, a final word. think continue to fight amongst themselves. >> wokeness is a phrase the left came up with and now it has become an epitaph. it was their word. james carville is a centrist democrat who can work with republicans. he married one. he doesn't hate republicans. ocasio-cortez doesn't care about losing. she wants to get as much as her agenda and start -- push toward socialism down the path. get as much of this stuff done. they'll start all the programs they know will never be repealed and try to lower the cost by saying we're only funding it for a couple of years. once an entitlement is created it never gets repealed. they want to create as many as they can and push us as far as they can down the road of socialism. republicans come in, won't repeal it and they'll come back
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and keep the march going and do it for generations until we're a full socialist country. >> dana: progressive mission creep is what happens zbl. the long march. the darn boomers. thank you so much. nice to see you on a monday morning. back to that poll. generic ballot who do you support republicans 46, democrats 38. watch the number in the next 12 months what it portends with next november. a democrat from west pennsylvania running for senate. if you want a senator who runs a socialist feed a gop attack ads i'm not your guy. that's not how you beat republicans. i know because i've done it and will again. i am a normal democrat who supports jobs and wins elections. he is from western pennsylvania. he ran for the house and won. represented an area around pittsburgh and now wants to
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represent pa. when you have to say i'm a normal democrat how some people are interpreting the democratic party. >> dana: he says if you want a senator who runs as a socialist. again if you are looking at words you are using to describe yourself that's conor lamb. monday the fun. >> bill: biden says immigrants deserve some type of compensation. after calling it garbage. biden took issue with the amount but not the idea itself. lucas tomlinson is in delaware where the president spent the weekend, two days, coming back to the white house as we speak and lucas, good morning there. >> good morning, bill. president biden took off from here not long ago and heading back to the white house. not only did he take issue what was said on saturday he appeared to be down right angry responding to a question from our colleague david spunt.
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>> president biden: whether it's legal or illegal and you lost your child. you lost your child, he's gone, you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstance. what that will be i have no idea. >> u.s. authorities have detained more than 1.7 million migrants along the border in mexico and arrests are highest ever recorded. illegal border crossings have skyrocketed and become a political lieability nard to afghanistan, loss to the republicans last week. president biden's exchange with peter doocy over the potential payment of $450,000 to families separated at the southern border. >> there were reports that were surfacing your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who were separated if their families they border up to $450,000 each possibly a million dollars per family. do you think that might
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incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> president biden: if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it is not true. >> it's a garbage report? >> president biden: yeah. >> one of the president's top advisors disputed that number. >> we don't talk dollar amounts. that's the department of justice. the question about whether it is an incentive to come across to the united states to be separated from your child so that you can get paid is an absurd assumption. >> for context republicans point out that families of americans killed in combat received $100,000. bill. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: the biden administration warning americans about rising energy prices. so why is the white house then reportedly considering pulling the plug on yet another pipeline? >> bill: the president's new vaccine mandate for businesses in america drawing a flurry of
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legal challenges. talk would one state a.g. leading the charge. plus this. >> dana: first lawsuits filed in response to the deadly crowd surge at a houston music festival and defendants are very big names. >> it was a struggle to breathe. we were packed like sardines. couldn't move my arms upward or outward at all. i was taking deep breaths reaching up so i could get fresh air. it was a struggle. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. ♪♪
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see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> dana: knocks news alert. several lawsuits filed against rapper travis scott and one against drake over the deadly astroworld festival in houston. eight people killed and hundreds injured friday night when the crowd surged toward the stage crushing
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concert-goers. scott apologized for what took place. >> any time i can make out anything that's going on, i will stop the show and help them get the help they need, you know. i could never imagine the severity of the situation. >> there is a criminal investigation and investigators are examining crowd control procedures to determine what prompted the deadly stampede. >> we have the same problem in fuels that the supply chains have. the oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires. so that's why the president has been focused on both the immediate term and long term. >> bill: jennifer granholm warned americans they will dig deeper into their pockets to stay warm this year. utilities are facing the highest natural gas prices in
6:21 am
years. maria bartiromo is on this. thank you for your time. it seems a little too casual, i think, the way this administration is taking this on. it is not like this is what we are going to do to try to fight back. more like it is coming your way and just go ahead and accept it. how did you hear or interpret that? >> you're right, bill. that was one sound bite. look at the other sound bite on bloomberg when she starts cracking up to the anchor who asked her what her plan was to get more oil in the market and get prices down. look, gasoline prices are up 42% year-over-year and it has everything to do with policy. on day one or two of the biden administration joe biden came in and started cancelling pipeline. canceled the xl pipeline and now considering canceling another pipeline. that will take oil and gasoline off of the market and send prices even higher. the question now is how significant will this be in terms of cutting economic growth? i will tell you that just a few
6:22 am
minutes ago i had an interview with the president of the st. louis federal reserve and he said he is expecting economic growth of 4% next year and that the unemployment rate will drop below 4% in the first quarter. what he did not answer is how much of a hurt this higher oil price situation is going to cut into economic growth? remember, when you have to pay out more for gasoline, more for heating oil it will zap your disposable income. as a result, you are going to see -- have less money to pay for other things. 2/3 of economic growth is consumer spending. it is a real issue not just for individuals and pocket books but economic growth as a whole. i will also tell you that james bullard just told me he is expecting the supply disruptions a result of the spike in oil prices partly. the supply disruptions will last beyond 2022. that was another headline out of my interview with him. this is a -- the biden
6:23 am
administration is sticking to its climate agenda rather than recognizing that this is actually impacting american families in a big way. it will get more expensive, bill. >> bill: you come back to the point being too nonchalant and going on offense. go on offense and make people believe you are doing something about it. gasoline $3.42 a gallon. a year ago it was $2.11. a difference of $1.31 in 12 months. in addition talk about everyday goods right now, car rental 43%. hotels 20%, pork, steak, beef, 20% and the list goes. on natural gas what you find -- the "wall street journal" writes about this today. exporters are sending more gas than ever to countries starved for fuel which means less for us here at home this winter. >> yeah. that's right. the biden administration is going to have to do something
6:24 am
about this. it is costing american families much more than they expected. it will cut into disposable income. one thing that president trump did while he was in office was he loaded up the strategic petroleum reserve and he took advantage of cheap oil to buy oil and put it in these strategic reserves. what joe biden is going to end up having to do, which is likely, he is going to have to open up the spigot and open up the strategic petroleum reserve to get more oil on the market. this is not just about opec. a year ago we were energy independent and did not have to worry about opec. he is begging opec to put more oil on the market and have to do something himself like going into the strategic reserve in order to get prices to stop rallying higher costing americans so much more money. >> bill: let's see if it comes to that. nice to see you on the weekend. great job on sunday as well. talk to you again very soon. 24 past the hour. with regard to strategic petroleum reserves. >> dana: i dealt with this
6:25 am
issue a lot. in the late 90s when clinton wanted to do it and then there was talk about it during the bush administration. also again then during obama. maria just mentioned trump refilled it, the smart thing to do. bad policy by the biden administration is not an emergency that leads to taking oil out of the strategic petroleum reserve. it's strategic for a reason. you have it there in case of a national security emergency. people paying more is a problem and the administration recognizing it but releasing a few barrels of oil from there will not solve the problem. >> bill: this is from saturday. the whole supply chain issue and on it goes and if you don't understand it you are not alone. the president thinks he has somebody to point the finger at for that. watch on saturday. >> president biden: by the way, you all write for a living. i haven't seen anyone of you explain supply chain very well. i'm not being critical.
6:26 am
i'm being deadly earnest. when your editor says explain the supply chain, okay? lots of luck in your senior year as my coach used to say. but i sincerely mean it. >> dana: i think it's unfair. >> bill: i don't know where the laughter came from in that room. explain it to people. take it on. >> dana: we read more news. everybody is writing about the supply chain and done a good job of it. there is even music when it comes to supply chain problem. complaining about the press coverage is not your problem on that one. shall i move on? i'm in a mood. the vaccine mandate is on hold among multiple legal challenges one filed by 11 states attorney general. a bipartisan senate group calling for a 911 style commission -- 9/11 commission on covid whether it leaked from
6:27 am
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history.
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two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> bill: today is the last day federal workers can receive their final covid vaccine dose in order to beat the biden administrations deadline being fully vaccinated by the 22nd of november. federal workers unions telling fox news the administration is slow walking the president's threat to fire those who do not comply because federal agencies fear they will lose too many employees. >> dana: 11 state attorneys general are suing the biden administration over the vaccine mandate for workers at large u.s. companies which an appeals court put on hold over the weekend. next guest is leading the lawsuit calls the mandate unprecedented and breathtaking federal overreach. missouri attorney general eric
6:33 am
schmidt joins us now. good to have you. we have had a debate on "the five" for the little while. one member of the panel says the federal government absolutely has the power to do this and written in supreme court law precedent. you say otherwise. explain it to me so i can do better on "the five" tonight. >> i'm happy to help. this action by osha here is unprecedented, breathtaking and unconstitutional, unlawful and unwise. no authority in the constitution at all for this kind of authority by osha. federal government is supposed to be a government of limited powers. the states gave them limited powers. securing the border happens to be one of them. requiring the vaccination of nearly 100 million americans isn't one of them. there is no statutory authority for this. important to take a step back. we have been the most free country in the history of the world. once you see this kind of authority to the federal government you never see it come back. these petty tyrants you see now
6:34 am
across the country, the forced masking or vaccine mandates are hell bent on power and control. that's what this is about. the federal government has no authority whatsoever to do this and why we filed this lawsuit. missouri is leading an 11-state coalition and other circuit, fifth, sixth, seven, eighth, 11th. you'll see a lot of momentum this week on this issue. still more to play out this week. >> dana: a map of the 11 states joining you in the suit. kansas, not on the list, this is what the governor said. while i appreciate the intention to keep people safe a goal i shai, i don't believe this directive is the correct or most effective solution for kansas. states are leading the fight against covid-19 from the start of the pandemic. too late to impose a federal standard now that we've developed systems and strategies tailored for our specific needs. states are making the point we have this under control,
6:35 am
federal government, leave us alone? >> well, look, the federal government has no authority. this is a very important concept. just because joe biden wants to do something or just because people want joe biden to do something with the stroke of his pen whether executive action can do whatever he wants. we're a country of laws, right? and the rule of law is very, very important. i think that's why this fight is so central. it is about fundamentally who we are as america. a free place where people can make these decisions. osha has no authority. it is supposed to be -- there is a shower next to when you're dealing with chemicals. forklift backing up supposed to be beeping. it is not in charge of forcing people to inject things into their body. it is well beyond their scope. the federal government and osha has no authority. why the lawsuits are so important and it will move quickly. you have deadlines coming up. we're certainly asking in the eighth circuit. it is important for people to
6:36 am
know what's going on here. >> dana: help everyone understand. one appeals has already ruled. what's the next step? we're looking at a january 4th deadline? >> in the fifth circuit the department of justice has to file their briefing today. then there is a response tomorrow. our expedited review in the eighth circuit similar track. i think what will happen no matter which way it goes a petition with the supreme court essentially to rule on that stay. so while it is stayed. while it is not in effect essentially, there will be an argument on the merits. it will be probably big consolidation but it is such a big issue ultimately and affects so many people we're hopeful the supreme court will take it up. again rule favorably. there is no authority or case law to support the federal government doing something like this. i think people are tired of it. they're tired of being told what to do. they want their country back and this is a big part of it.
6:37 am
>> dana: eric schmitt. good to have you. i will see how i do tonight on "the five". >> bill: so maybe one of the more fun stories of the day. buffalo bills quarterback josh allen's worst enemy happened yesterday. he was none other than josh allen. we'll explain and roll this here we go now. watch. >> he comes from behind and there it is. a set for josh allen against josh allen. >> bill: the thing is rich. you are going to become a fan of this. jacksonville defensive end is josh allen sacks the quarterback for buffalo named josh allen. if you had the first time an nfl tackled the quarterback with the same name, there is more. jacksonville intercepted allen and allen recovered a fumble
6:38 am
from allen in the fourth quarter. jags upset the bills 9-6. >> dana: who is on first? >> bill: josh allen is on first and running toward second both drafted in the first round and number seventh in the respective drafts. they're on a collision course together. >> dana: numerology here in the morning. that is interesting. i'm sorry about the bengals. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: you want to congratulate me on the broncos? >> great win for denver. cincinnati playing at home against cleveland to lose like that was dreadful. >> dana: that's tough. iraqi prime minister survived an assassination attempt of armed drones. chinese building models of u.s. warships possibly as training targets. jack keane is up next. sure max , with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that!
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>> bill: we've got new satellite images showing china's military has built full scale mock-ups of several u.s. warships including a navy aircraft carrier and guided missile destroyers. this is happening now amid ongoing tension between the u.s. and china over taiwan and the south china sea. general jack keane is here. good morning.
6:44 am
this is a desert well away from beijing in the northwestern part of china. explain this to us and we'll start there. >> it's an area where they use their air power and missiles to fire into this fire zone. to practice warfare. why does this matter? certainly it indicates the seriousness of the chinese military and what they see as the centerpiece of the united states maritime strategy, which is an aircraft carrier and surface ships around it. and certainly they recognize full well that they've got to defeat that in any conflict they would have in the pacific whether over taiwan or south china sea and that's what they are practicing. what's unusual. our guys practice and gals practice shooting at targets as well and make some fact sim lay of a target but you normally don't see a replica made to this kind of a standard.
6:45 am
it emphasizes how important this strategy is. what the chinese will do is as an aircraft carrier and surface ships come within range of offensive chinese missiles and air power, they will swarm against them and they can also use hypersonic conventional missiles to do that. most of the games that we play indicates that the chinese have an advantage and they would be able to render casualties to these high capital assets on a scale we haven't seen, bill, since world war ii. that's what it is. >> bill: the symbolism is extraordinary and shows you that president xi is all about china first. we need to underscore that yet again as we look at this. an amazing thing. imagine nevada or new mexico desert, the u.s. military doing something similar. you bet it would pick up and be headlines. meanwhile, general, we have an attack on the prime minister in iraq. he survived but the way the
6:46 am
attack was carried out was extraordinary. he was attacked with drones. apparently one of the drones carried two rockets including one that exploded on impact. he is alive, quick clip from his reaction after this, watch. >> the missiles and drones do not build our nation and future. we are walking on building our nation on respecting the establishment, securing a better future for all iraqis. i call an everyone for dialogue. >> bill: a couple things going on. they blame the group out of iran for doing it. the fact it was so brazen. is this the new type of terrorism or warfare that we must find a way to defend against? and if so, how? >> most definitely. armed drones are a part of the warfare that's here now.
6:47 am
what's happening here is because of the u.s. withdrawal out of afghanistan. we gave up multiple cis bases on iran's eastern border. they are becoming more aggressive? why? they want the united states out of iraq and syria. and what is happening here just a week or so ago they attacked a u.s. base in syria with five armed drones to kill americans was the purpose, bill. and the fact is we moved out of our people out of there because we had early warning. but they wanted casualties. and yet we have not responded to that attack. what we see here, the attack on the prime minister involves this. the prime minister is the first one in iraq that is taking a stand against the iranian-backed militias. just recently in a parliamentary vote the iranian-backed militia as lost 3/3 of their political support. momentum is moving toward the prime minister.
6:48 am
what the hard line iranians are clearly changing and increasing the tension. i think they made up their mind to kill him. that's what at a minimum harassing him for sure. but i think if you are targeting somebody inside a building, you are attempting to do just that. we'll see more of this because iran is becoming more aggressive in the region at a time when the biden administration wants to sit down with them and talk to them over the nuclear deal at the end of this month. we have a lot to see in terms of what the future is going to behold given the increase in tension that this hard line regime is pressing in this region. remember, they want us out of iraq and syria. that's part of what is driving all of this. >> bill: well done, general. thank you for sizing that up for us. the story is so rich and so layered. thank you, jack keane, nice to see you again today. >> dana: bipartisan group of senators is calling for a 9/11
6:49 am
style commission to look into the origins of the covid outbreak amid mounting evidence it leaked from the wuhan lab. we're live at the state department. >> what the 9/11 style commission would set up an investigation that china could not interfere with as they've done time and time again. it is a bipartisan push led by republican senators roger marshall and joni ernst and dianne feinstein and kirsten gillibrand to prevent it from happening again and senator marshall hopes under the new commission sanctions could be placed on labs like the one in wuhan that won't cooperate. sanctions even against china if it won't cooperate and he claims that certain u.s. intelligence agencies have also so far refused to cooperate. >> intelligence agency has been not forthcoming. i think that they've not released the documents that could have been released.
6:50 am
i thought that the previous national security folks were releasing information more timely. >> the state department has repeatedly said it continues to back the current who investigation despite the fact china has blocked its attempt. china points the finger the other way saying on friday the u.s. turns a blind eye to facts and science and has politicized covid-19 response and resulted to origins tracing. president biden had a review that didn't lead very far and limited scope and time frame. we know that secretary biden is planning a meeting on thursday. whether the chinese have been invited or if they'll attend. >> dana: great to have you at the state department. thank you. >> bill: the white house doing linguistic back flips on whether it plans to play hundreds of thousands of dollars to migrants who came
6:51 am
here illegally. the defund the police movement suffering a major defeat at the ballot box. what last week's election mean for the future of police in your town coming up. with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest.
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could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> dana: voters across the country made it clear they are not on board with defunding the politician. they chose adams to be the new mayor, a conservative on crime. the manhattan institute and let's listen to eric adams the incoming mayor of new york city. >> i'm conservative on public safety. when i use the term conservative it means i have a zero tolerance for abusive, criminal and violent behavior. so i don't believe people who discharge guns on monday should be out of jail on tuesday the next day. that is not acceptable. >> dana: if you look at the crime rates here in the city,
6:57 am
shooting incidents just in 2021, 13,024. rape over 1200. robberies 11,000. felony assaults up to 19,000 and you get to grand larceny at 30,000. when you hear somebody like eric adams say what he just said does it give you hope there might be some changes in the city? >> it does. he really has had these two different -- he came up as a real vocal critic of racial abuse within nypd and went up to the rank of captain, founded 100 blocks in law enforcement who care and wore the mantel of a reformer to his 2003 new york state senate seat to become brooklyn borough president and he had a real switch set himself apart from the other democrats who attacked progressive and anti-cop.
6:58 am
adams said we need more nypd officers and reinstate the controversial anti-crime unit that goes after guns. combat subway crime and combat the different time square shootings and gang violence and set himself apart that way. he really has this unique opportunity where he can follow through with both missions at mayor. he can make new york city's criminal justice system more robust again and also reduce the over representation of blacks within new york's criminal justice system. >> dana: the other thing he will have to deal with the fact there is the prosecutorial aspect as well. if the prosecutor doesn't think that someone should be let out or doesn't want to prosecute the case what can a mayor do about that? >> that's difficult. you will come up against incoming manhattan district attorney brag has a very progressive stance and focused
6:59 am
on racial equity and a lot of offenses he won't prosecute. resisting arrest, trespassing, traffic violations, driving with a suspended license and try to avoid imposing jail time on gun possession cases and adams has made it very clear that is sending a message to people it's okay to carry a gun in the streets. there is no consequences. he has come out strongly against it. he can't as mayor change the policy but just being vocal can have a big impact and even said that he will make it a top priority with albany and to push back where judges can't consider dangerousness of holding a person in. >> dana: he has his work cut out for him. we will stay in touch with you to understand it from somebody with your expertise and point
7:00 am
of view. thank you so much, hannah. >> thank you. >> bill: partly the reason why it is getting so much attention we have 8 million people here and the crosscurrents of so many different topics have run through during the pandemic and mask mandate will go into effect in early january if it holds up in court. eric adams is talking about looking at that and perhaps not going along with it. if he doesn't everybody will be looking at the decisions makes. >> dana: help us with an off ramp. >> bill: everything i just mentioned, the rest of america will be watching eric adams based on the decisions he makes. >> dana: we will be, too. >> bill: january 1 he is sworn in. >> dana: president biden facing doubts over -- arriving back at the white house moments ago from a weekend in delaware as the house and senate shut down for the week leaving his very huge social spending hanging in the balance. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: great weekend. 12 is how i would rank it. >> bill: that was pretty good.
7:01 am
worked a little bit. white house today saying it expects to moving the spending process forward the social spending measure to a vote next week in the house. republicans point out they don't have a needed votes in the senate. >> senator manchin has been a partner. a lot more conservative and everybody sees that but he has been a willing partner to come to the table with constructive dialogue and we're confident in where we will go with our bipartisan -- build back better framework. we're optimistic to get it done. >> we need to drive a stake through the heart of this $4 trillion tax and spending bill. to do that we'll need help of joe manchin and sinema. the democrats seem to be addicted to spending and taxing. >> bill: hold onto your seat again. aishah hosni begins this hour
7:02 am
in d.c. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. democrats may feel like they are riding a big win but the biden agenda still very much in limbo here, bill and dana. after months of tough negotiations, house finally synced up with the senate and passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill but it came at a cost. the house will wait to pass the build back better plan until after they get a cbo score. a move to appease house moderates but also picks off some progressives. six squad members voted no. there are caveats to the new deal. the timing is very troublesome. cbo score may not come back for another two weeks punting this all the way to thanksgiving and adding to the already full plate for democrats including the extension to fund the government expiring on december 3. not to mention the debt limit
7:03 am
crisis returning to haunt them around the same time. the biggest hurdle by far is that moderates say will only vote for it. >> the cbo score is not going to be what came out of the white house. so there will be a huge deficit here with this cbo score. the price tag will be a lot higher than what's being advertised. but i wouldn't hold my breath thinking that these moderate democrats will be voting against the bill. >> biden has more problems selling this thing. usa today poll taken before the infrastructure bill passed friday reveals that americans are split when it comes to the massive tax and social spending plan. just 1 in 4 -- 1 in 4 say it would help them and their families. so the president really needs the democrats to go home and sell this to their districts.
7:04 am
>> bill: aishah hosni from washington >> dana: let's bring in ari fleischer fox news contributor. one of the things aishah just said the democrats want all the members of congress in the senate to go back to their districts this week and sell everybody on the infrastructure bill. looming next week is the $4 trillion bill they want to spend. not about infrastructure. i don't know how they thread that needle. maybe you can tell us how they will do. >> you can't thread that needle. if you go back and talk about infrastructure you are making promises about the future that nobody can see or feel and people take it for granted. the big myth people think infrastructure is a win for politicians. it is not. the basic blocking and tackling that legislature are supposed to get done no matter what. there is not a big political upside. it is way overdramatized. the hard part now is the philosophical piece.
7:05 am
should the government hook people an dependency? that's the next spending blow-out the democrats want to pass. that's the bigger problem out of sync where the country is. >> bill: 1 in 4 even know much about what's in it. last hour we played a clip saying the president on saturday said we in the media have not explained the supply chain well enough. you got the mega phone and you can do it. a little bit of what we think is in build back better. call for three guys. a lot of these here, ari, $555 billion for climate. $400 billion childcare universal pre-k-, 200 billion paid leave. when you start -- 1.4 billion for an electric bike. when you start digging into it how do you sell it? >> it is corporate welfare and it is hooking people on government. that's the problem with this. philosophically the wrong thing to do. plus last year during the covid pandemic when it broex out the government in addition to the
7:06 am
$6 trillion it spends regularly every year spent a blow-out additional $6 trillion bipartisan. in 2021 under biden he is trying to do the same thing again. he already passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus that had little to do with covid and little to do with stimulus. it was more government spending. now they just got the so-called infrastructure bill done and wants another $3 trillion on top of it. all they do is spend. somebody has to have the courage and strength to say no, stop it. joe manchin may be the person and kirsten cinema may be that person. >> dana: the controversy about paying migrants for families separated at the border. watch this exchange and get your take. >> you said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage. >> president biden: i didn't say that.
7:07 am
>> d.o.j. negotiating the settlement. >> bill: that was saturday. then on sunday on "fox news sunday" richmond advisor to the white house tried to figure out where this is going. watch. >> we do not tell the department of justice what to do. the department of justice is an independent agency. >> what you are saying you would be okay with a payment of a certain amount, correct? >> i don't approve or justify what d.o.j. does. if they determine it saves the taxpayers money and rights a wrong they will make the determination necessary. >> bill: my question righting a wrong is something that has deep moral misgivings perhaps on behalf of many people. many say they broke the law and crossed the border. others are saying the fentanyl abuse or illegal drugs that came across the border that killed a lot of americans, ari, that treatment of women on
7:08 am
their track toward the border is another category here. how do you think something like this would go over with a majority of the american people with the payments that they are at least at a minimum talking about, ari? >> this is where i miss donald trump. this is where donald trump would say no, it is not happening, no. department of justice you aren't doing it. we don't pay people to come here illegally and be over. with the biden administration what you get is first of all cedric richmond being 100% wrong. the white house does tell the department what to do when it comes to major policy initiatives. this is not an individual matter of justice where someone is determined guilty or innocent. the white house stays out of that. this is a major new policy initiative the white house's fingerprints are all over it. it should be stopped dead in its tracks. this would be the biggest magnet you could think of to make people say i'm coming to america illegally you get paid hundreds of thousands but raises the issue of what did
7:09 am
joe biden know and how was he briefed? he must have forgotten like he forgot being told keep troops in afghanistan. he said nobody told him about that. did he know anything about what the department of justice was doing when he said it's a garbage report? >> dana: these reports were out for several days before he answered a question. either he didn't know or he did or the -- i don't know. to me you could have jumped on that initially very sloppy. >> it is wrong, it's sloppy. i hope we don't pay a penny to anybody who came here illegally. >> dana: ari fleischer. >> bill: it shall be determined in due time. want to get back talking about the border right now. dramatic new video. migrants risking their lives braving strong currents to cross the rio grande into the u.s. as border open today for non-essential travel for the first time since march of 2020. so steve harrigan live in del rio, texas, with what's happening today.
7:10 am
good morning, steve. >> the borders are back opened up it means for fully vaccinated travels they can cross along the u.s./mexico border it produced lines of cars miles back as people who wait i had for 20 months now to get into the u.s. are making their way here. we're out with operation lone star texas department of public safety saw officers detain a group of people for trespassing on a private ranchland. one man ran he was a hardened gang member and served long st*ints in jail in georgia and florida for robbery. not just hardened gang members crossing over. human trafficking is luring a range of people including a 16-year-old young man from waco, texas borrowed his father's truck to transport two illegal migrants from hond drive to san antonio for $2,000. trafficking charges. the cartels often use social
7:11 am
media to lure young people into carrying out jobs like this. bill, back to you. >> bill: thank you, steve hair began on the border. >> dana: deadly chaos at a houston music festivals. what investigators are learning about what went wrong leading to a fatal crush of fans. >> bill: president biden suggesting americans are confused about the supply chain crisis because they don't really know what's going on. well, we'll get into that with steve hilton who joins us straight ahead. >> we are all going the pay a price either with inability to get things that we want or paying higher for the stuff that we can get. let's be hopeful now it is only things like christmas trees and food. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow
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>> dana: eight people killed and hundreds injured at a crowd surge in houston. now a in youry of lawsuits have already been filed against rapper travis scott over the stampede at the astroworld festival. we're live in houston with the latest. hi, garrett. >> bill: we have heard a lot of frustration from folks over the past few days at the concert and say it should have been stopped sooner. they want to know why that didn't happen given police and fire officials had declared it a mass casualty event. yet rapper travis scott was still on stage performing for another 30 minutes while people were dying out in the crowd. >> nothing could have prepared me for what i saw, nothing. i mean, i worked in icu. i see people die every week. it was absolutely insane. i have never seen anything like that in my life. i am disturbed. honestly it should have been
7:18 am
stopped. >> houston's police chief defended not stopping the show sooner saying it could have sparked a riot and made the situation worse. all eight victims were under the age of 30. the youngest were 14 and 16 years old. travis scott and the festival organizers have lawsuits now. scott a houston native did briefly stop the show several times when he saw folks out in the crowd who needed help. he said this weekend at the time he had no idea how bad things were out there and he is devastated to hear the news of what was actually happening. dana. >> dana: garrett, thank you so much. >> bill: an eyewitness report. timothy perez was at the concert. you were in the middle of that area. there was at least 50,000
7:19 am
people. the city of houston waiting for this event for a long time. what happened where you were? >> what happened was we were on the side of the stage. when the concert started it was fine at first. within 10 seconds that first song everybody started compressing in together. you couldn't move your elbows you were so compressed to a point where it nearly stopped your breathing. people started panicking. you look at the back people are yelling help. a moment in the concert i couldn't see the person's face, just their hands. i tried to help her. it was a traumatic experience, honestly. >> dana: have you been to concerts like this before and maybe describe the difference maybe either the crowd control or anything that you noticed that was different? >> i've never been to a concert. it was my very first festival. i was looking forward to it. >> bill: the sheriff gave an interview.
7:20 am
he went to travis scott's trailer before the show began earlier in the day and explained to him they see some issues out here. the concert went on anyway. what we've heard from a lot of people is that they were trying to tell him on stage that a lot of people were hurting like the description you are giving there but the show went on. did you see people go on stage and try and give him the cut sign on the music? >> i seen two individuals. i seen it through tiktok and social mead ya. i'm not sure they tried to stop it. i was trying to get out. i couldn't see above my head. i'm 5 foot 11. >> bill: how did you get out? >> i want to say by the grace of god. i was in the middle and i was in the back by the back and a pretty good distance.
7:21 am
when i ended up back there i asked the gentleman to get me out and i ended up getting out. >> dana: the other thing the sheriff said he was concerned there might be a riot if they stopped the concert earlier. to me that sounds a little bit off. if you are going to prevent something from getting worse you would try to stop the situation in the middle of it. would that have been possible? >> honestly i don't know if there would be a riot. sometimes they react differently. i honestly my personal opinion i don't think there would have been a riot. so many people suffering. so many. numbers to count. i'm speechless all the people i heard screaming help, stop the show. i don't think there would have been a riot. i believe he should have stopped the show. >> bill: have you been to astroworld before? >> no, i have not. this was my very first one. >> bill: how many people would you say were there? i was told 50,000.
7:22 am
you are saying that's number is low. >> at least 100,000 plus. it was to a point where you couldn't even move. you are so compact. >> bill: you must feel lucky today. >> yes, i'm very happy to make it home to my loved ones by the grace of god. >> dana: thank you for being with us today. it helps us understand what happened and hopefully there will be measures taken to prevent it from ever happening again. >> bill: thank you, timothy. >> thank you, have a great day. >> dana: the left arguing critical race theory is not being taught in schools. that's prompting pushback from some educators who say it is worse than you think. >> we do have critical race theory in how we teach. this is in math, history, science, english, arts and not slowing down. >> dana: what's the next step for parents who want to stop it? will the president's vaccine mandate end up decimating the federal workforce? where things stand on the day of a key deadline.
7:23 am
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7:27 am
7:28 am
>> if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job and be careful around chemicals it can put in place the simple measures to keep our workers safe. >> bill: the administration, ron klain defending the use of vaccine mandates as federal workers need to get their second shot. william la jeunesse live from l.a. how will it go down and will it go down? good morning to you. >> the president wanted to set an example with some 3 million federal workers. the fear now is that is going to backfire with a shortage of prison guards, border patrol, tsa and more. here is why.
7:29 am
today is the deadline to get the shot to be fully vaccinated by the 22nd. that is when thousands who refuse the vaccine or file for an exemption can be suspended for fired. we've seen documents showing some 29,000 cbp employees are either unvaccinated or refuse to reveal their status. many asking for exemptions that agencies are refusing to process. it is like a game of chicken. supervisors threatening to suspend border patrol, dpa, atf and worker solidarity warns the nation cannot afford the consequences. >> 40% of the border patrol workforce has applied for an exemption, religious or medical exemption to this requirement. to be frank, it is because people believe this is a federal overreach. >> similar feelings at the federal bureau of prisons and
7:30 am
tsa. up to 40% of their workforce is not fully vaccinated. the big fight is over exemptions. agencies are threatening to dismiss those who don't get the shot even if their exemption is under review. >> based on the conversations that i have with people every day, they are not going to compromise themselves or their beliefs and they are telling me they will either resign or retire or face the disciplinary action. >> so for an administration that calls itself the most transparent in history it is not. every federal agency, bill, that we asked refused to tell us how many of their employees were vaccinated or how many requested an exemption. pretty simple, something they've been preaching and they won't reveal. >> bill: stay on it. thank you, william. i know you will. >> the policies of critical theory in general, not just
7:31 am
critical race theory, are worked into every part of schooling right now, okay? it starts in the academy and it leaks onto anything else. >> dana: critical race theory a hot topic of parents and schools. daniel buck, co-founder and editor in chief of chalk board review. this is on november 3. michael steele talking about critical race theory. watch. >> sixth graders being taught critical race theory. your college student is not being taught critical race theory. this is a high-end theory that is taught and discussed in a theoretical sense at the law school level. >> dana: what do you think of that? >> that's just patently false and i would like to believe that statements from a place of naivety but i'm not sure it always is. in the video and piece i wrote
7:32 am
this is bigger than critical race theory. this is critical -- i was school in a school made me teach something like shakespeare i should do it through a critical race lens or a marxist lens. this is yes we're not reading the exact text of rich and dell got owe or kimberly crenshaw but it is worked into every policy and lesson plan and curriculum documents across education. >> bill: how do you identify that if it's in every aspect of education? >> one example that comes to mind is i found -- the curriculum documents in a math class instead of teaching geometry the themes of the math class are identity, oppression,
7:33 am
liberation which we should learn about those things in introduction to sociology class but not a math class. >> dana: interesting you bring up math. i have been following this issue in california but also in virginia. i was surprised to learn one of glenn youngkin's applause lines on the campaign trail was he talked about bringing advanced math to every high school in virginia and that was an applause line. people want that. here is a letter from -- to governor newsom in california politicizing math. for all the rhetoric about equity, social justice, environmental care and culturally appropriate no hope for a fair, just, equal society if our schools uproot long proven reliable math methods and instead try to build a mathless new world on unsound ideology. i think about the competitors these young people today will have from around the world especially in china, for example and the kind of math
7:34 am
skills you need to be competitive. how do you see that? >> well, i think like i said we want to be competitive. if we actually want to help the students we claim to help we need to teach them math and their phonics and how to read. not co-operating every math class or every lesson plan to advance the same progressive ideology. it will leave these students unable to read, do math or do things they need to do to live fulfilling and successful lives. >> bill: we saw it ourselves on a zoom chat recorded out of illinois eight months ago now. last march or april. pretty obvious what was going on. you mentioned your national review page. the first line of that is the media need a fact check. why do you believe so many have missed this then? >> like i said i want to believe that it's often naivety. they don't know what it is.
7:35 am
like i said we are not reading richard delgato but they might be praying and learning the doctrines of christianity in a christian school because you can't point to the one thing doesn't mean it's there. like other cases his district lied to parents told principals to tell parents we aren't teaching crt while they had professional development that specifically named crt in the slides and documents. >> dana: a lot of the people who never run for office before threw their hat to run for school board across the country and there were some changes in a lot of districts. do you expect that will have an immediate effect? >> i hope it does. i believe it will. i think this has become a winning issue for conservatives. it's about time we have the ideology that education needs right now. localism, back to the basics in
7:36 am
education, parental choice. i think this has become an issue for conservatives and if we push it we can make a positive difference in schools. >> bill: daniel buck, thank you. 24 before the hour. justice department investigating a conservative group project veritas in connection with a diary said to be stolen from the daughter of the president. her name is ashley. ashley biden. authorities searched the home of the group's founder saturday and bryan llenas is tracking this down. strange developments. what did you find out? >> good morning. fox news can confirm the f.b.i. conducted searches at three new york locations associated with the conservative organization project veritas including a new york city apartment and office and the westchester home of project veritas founder james o'keefe. on friday o'keefe acknowledged
7:37 am
project veritas is under investigation over the apparent theft of a diary belonging to ashley biden, president biden's daughter. days before the 2020 presidential elections pages from the died re were published from a right wing website. they say they received the diary from project veritas. o'keefe said a copy was leaked by a whistleblower but chose not to public it because they couldn't verify its authenticity. >> it smacks of policy. we never engaged or threatened in any illegal conduct. >> the f.b.i. raids were first reported by "the new york times," bill, which is currently being sued by project veritas for defamation. >> bill: bryan llenas here in new york. >> dana: president biden reportedly putting another pipeline on the chopping block despite energy prices going through the roof. what's behind that decision.
7:38 am
the president apparently making light of the supply chain crisis. >> president biden: i haven't anyone of you explain the supply chain very well. i'm not being critical. i'm being deadly earnest. when your editor says explain the supply chain. >> dana: is this a laughing matter? steve hilton weighs in in person next.
7:39 am
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>> dana: president biden is now weighing plans to shut down another oil pipeline. this time bringing crude from canada to michigan at prices skyrocket. maria bartiromo said it will hurt consumers. >> it is a real issue for economic growth as a whole and individuals and their pocketbook. the biden administration needs
7:44 am
to do something about it. this is costing american families more than they expected and cut into their disposal income. >> dana: the energy secretary predicting heating prices will rise regarding any decision on the pipeline. some people use heating oil are looking for a 54% increase over last year. >> bill: big shocker. hard rain will fall every time you fill up at the gas tank and could get worse. the president on saturday. watch. >> president biden: if we were all going out and having lunch together and i said let's ask whoever is in the next table no matter how -- what restaurant we're in, have them explain the supply chain to us. you think they would understand what we're talking about? they're smart people but supply chain, they closed the plants because they have covid. it's a complicated world. >> bill: now president biden seemingly a bit of an insult to
7:45 am
the intellect of someone like steve hilton suggesting the supply chain crisis is too complex to understand. here to talk about it is steve hilton. our fox news polling, when asked do you notice your products are out of stock? 71% say yes. do you notice delivery times, yes. have you stocked up and food and staples, 60% say no. >> biden manageed was incredibly patronizing and stupid. it isn't that complicated. if you pay people to stay home you will have fewer workers in these key industries. when you impose stupid mandates that aren't justified but any public health or scientific argument it will hurt key
7:46 am
industries. when you put stupid regulations in place like california harder to operate the ports and ship jobs to china and make so much of our economy dependent on china is when you have a problem. we're not getting to a solution. what it really speaks to when he says it is so complicated is a deeper issue. the mindset you get from the democrats which is we're the smart ones, we're the ones that know best. we'll organize everything for you. it is too complicated and you see that mindset with the education issue. parents shouldn't have anything to do with it and we're in charge. the giant bill they are pushing forward about nationalizing sent ra*lizing decision making over family and childcare because we know best. that mindset was revealed in the clip from biden. >> dana: this weekend i traveled into midwest america. we stopped to get lunch at a place and a group in front of us wanted to order mozzarella
7:47 am
sticks. they said we haven't had them for three weeks because they don't come in. okay, got it. okay, do you have this? people are living in their every day lives and they are pretty patient. however, this statistic got to me. fox news poll on voters financial situation comparing now to three months ago. are you holding steady? 47%. 39% falling behind up from 27% just three months ago. to me that is what is driving a lot of the anxiety and anger and even the president's poll numbers going down. >> definitely. they can see it around them. talking to their friend and neighbors. the sense that things are not under control. if anything getting worse. the sense of anxiety it produces. what they aren't seeing from the biden administration is any kind of believable solution. they hear about the giant spending they want to do. how will it actually affect the things that they can't find in the shops and the things they
7:48 am
can't afford in the shops? no explanation how they figure it out. economists saying a lot of spending will make inflation worse and why people -- >> dana: remember the atlantic. they said buy less. >> bill: he had a chance to explain on saturday and he didn't. he put it on everybody else. last night on your show you were big on the steele dossier. what do you think about the arrest and charges of last week? >> i think we're calling it the clinton dossier now. what we're seeing from durham is piece by piece actually revealing what happened here. it is absolutely shocking story both the substance of it but also the way that the media continues to talk about it as if the russian collusion story was a real story rather than actually a political hit job orchestrated by the clinton campaign. one key aspect we learned last week from the latest indictment
7:49 am
a lot of -- star witness in the ukraine impeachment now become this hero of the anti-trump resistance running around with a book to promote while promoting the book she is saying if trump is reelected that's the end of american democracy. using hysterical language about undermining democracy. now we learn she is the one that made the connections between steele and the source and the one that brought them together in the first place and ends up working in the trump white house. the whole thing is unbelievable. >> dana: do you think the clintons -- i can imagine at some point this lands on their doorstep? they will have to talk about it. hillary clinton she continues to want to be out there and be involved maybe not as much as before but selling books and doing media interviews. at some point she will be asked directly about it. >> that's the crucial, crucial point dana. what we're seeing now with this
7:50 am
story basically being ignored by everyone else and they aren't talking about it but the people that are bit by bit being indicted. they're low level. not people we've heard of. as durham gets more information as a result of the indictments it will land on someone what everyone has heard of. i think eventually we will get to the point where the real people will face accountability. at that point as you say they can't walk away from it. they're at the heart of it. >> bill: not over yet. great to see you. >> dana: fun to have you here on set with us. also now the u.s. opening travel to international air passengers. what flyers need to know before heading to the airport. a protest getting out of hand at a college football game over the weekend. we'll have details next. now's the time to refi and take out cash.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
it is backlash against his vaccine order for private workers. critics vowing to fight it all the way. republican chip roy joins me. plus beyond bad. that's how new polling looks for president biden and democrats and independents are trying to sell trillions more in spending. pete hegseth weighs in. one year from today americans will officially go to the polls to decide the majorities in congress. who will run that thing? congress and the senate, house and senate. time to hear the voters' voices with our special panel of you guys with me, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris. abolish the police protestors briefly interrupting a football game over the weekend. northwestern against iowa on saturday along with abolish the police banner signs read stop funding the war on palestinian and invest in black lives. that game at northwestern north of chicago. one student saying an iowa fan
7:57 am
ran onto the field trying to rip the banners. there you go. >> dana: u.s. reopening air travel to millions of international passengers for the first time in nearly two years. airlines and airports gearing up for a crush of new activity heading into the holiday travel season. phil keating is live at miami international airport. i'm glad everyone is able to come back. >> everybody is pretty excited. if you are vaccinated come on in is the message. after more than 20 months restricting incoming air travel from europe, latin america and asia the new u.s. travel polling see for international travelers is once again wide open as long as you have proof of vaccine. industry analysts and airlines are predicting a new surge in travelers which will likely mean longer lines to get through customs and checking in for outbound flights and tsa. monday morning at heathrow in
7:58 am
london two jumbo jets took off heading to the united states. international -- you have to show a negative covid test even if already vaccinated. it has to be done in the three days leading up to their flight. the less restrictive new travel rules apply to those entering the country by sea and land like from canada and mexico. certainly relief for all those who haven't seen family or friends for nearly two years thanks to the pandemicened strict travel rules. as long as you are vaccinated the green light is back on for people coming to america. just be prepared and be patient. according to the cdc if you aren't a u.s. citizen or immigrant and not vaccinated, you will still be forbidden from entering the united states. masks are still required at all airports and on board planes. airlines like american have
7:59 am
suffered a bunch of setbacks like delays and canceled flights due to staff shortages. a surge of international travelers and two weeks from today thanksgiving holiday travel season. >> dana: thanks for covering it for us. >> bill: good news, by the way. before we go, stand by here. i want to say that's good news. a lot of folks waiting to travel for some time. good for new york, too. tourists will be back. >> dana: we get a visit from scotland. >> bill: before we go, got a nice shot here. northern lights? >> dana: i would love to see this in person. in alaska because of a solar flare storm. you get to see the northern lights up there. have you ever seen that in person? >> bill: no. >> dana: okay. why do you have to think about that? >> bill: i have seen the northern lights -- i've been to alaska in june. i've been to st. peterburg in june. >> dana: this from new zealand
8:00 am
look at this. the world's largest potato. it was grown during lockdown and also very ugly. our friend used to say look at the size of that jasper. but that potato is not as cute as jasper was. it's an ugly potato. >> harris: we'll begin with this. the timing is horrible for president biden. we knew his approval numbers were low but now it's poll after poll with democrats and independent ringing alarm bells recoiling from president biden and you know what day it is, right? one year exactly from this day the mid-term elections and they will battle for control of the house and senate. i'm harris "the faulkner focus" and you are in "the faulkner


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