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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 7, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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a quick quiz before we go. how many times is that video of baby shark on video? >> 2 million? charlie: i would say over. abby: 17 million. joe: 7 billion times that song. jon: the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is that the president biden's desk. he remains up in the air. i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". the president will travel to the city of baltimore wednesday to discuss is infrastructure bill might benefit the american people. this is lawmakers on capitol hill turn their attention to the other half of his economic
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agenda. despite optimism among the top advisors, the social spending bill faces a tougher to the finish line, republicans and some moderate democrats expressing concerns over its enormous price tag. we began with lucas tomlinson live in delaware where the president is spending the weekend. >> good evening, the infrastructure bill has passed through the senate and the house of representatives the socials the deed is passing through either. they say the social spending bill true price tag that the $4 trillion and the president disputes that number. >> the bill that the republicans continue to describe his continuous misinformation. our bill cost 1.75, 1.9 as amended and what we raised in terms of revenue is somewhere around 2.1 trillion but the real thing were paying for every penny in this bill. >> democrats had hoped to pass to satisfy the progressive
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immoderate wings of the party but the house divorced the two bills friday night when the infrastructure bill passed moderates are worried about the social spending bill passing the 1.2 trillion dollars infrastructure bill it's very unlikely that democrats will get 13 republicans for the social welfare and climate change plan like they did with infrastructure friday night, joe manchin kyrsten sinema will play a leading role over the massive $2 trillion spending plan when congress returns later this month more than 2000 page bill contains new spending for healthcare, education, climate and tax laws one gop senator thinks democrats need to look closer at the election results last week. >> it was a rejection election, voters overwhelmingly across the country rejecting these radical policies of the democrats which have enclosed inflation, open borders and now they want to raise taxes even higher. you would think this would be a
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wake-up call to the democrats but they are still sleepwalking legs on bees to socialism. >> the president will go to the board of baltimore to tell his infrastructure plan the president said americans will feel the result of the infrastructure bill in the next 2 - 3 months. jon: live in delaware, thank you. the u.s. federal appeals court stop president biden's vaccine and testing mandate for private businesses employing more than 100 people. the ruling with the court of appeals in new orleans. louisiana is not the only state pushing back. texas, mississippi, south carolina and utah contesting the legality of the federal mandate. alexandria has the latest on that. >> the biden administration plans to fight the fifth circuit court of appeals in louisiana jeff landry praised the decision
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writing the president will not impose medical procedures on the american people without the checks and balances supported by the constitution. the ruling hopes abiding administration covered vaccine requirement for workers and companies with more than 100 employees it was said to going to place january 4 with companies that do not comply. >> employers were gearing up to the mandate this gives them probably some extra time it depends on how the courts rule after this most employers are grateful for the extra time because there's a lot that is involved in operationalizing this. >> 27 states have filed lawsuits challenging the president's covid vaccine requirement in on friday kansas democratic governor came out against the mandate and she said this in a statement, i do not believe this is the corrector most enter most effective solution for kansas. abiding administration has to tomorrow to respond to past rulings in brief favor of the requirement.
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>> if the osha could tell people where hard hat on the job and be careful with chemicals it could put in place a simple measures to keep our workers safe. >> when the surgeon general was asked if the mandate could be extended to smaller companies in the future he said nothing is off the table. jon: alexandria hoff, thank you. florida republican congresswoman, you have heard that the court of appeals has at least temporarily stayed the biden plan. what do you think about the long-term prospects of this law, will there be an overruling of the court, will the mandate going to affect? >> what i tell you about biden's vaccine mandate to sum it up in a word it is unconstitutional. to hear the administration equate wearing a hard hat in the workplace to no job no job, that is downright insulting. this is something just a year
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ago biden, kamala harris and others were questioning the efficacy and safety of the vaccine and now they're mandating it and putting up to 80 million jobs on the line because of it. i think it speaks volumes of how out of touch they are and this will work its way through the court system i applaud the fifth court circuit to put the check on the administration. something of this magnitude absolutely needs to go to the people's house. this is unconstitutional. i am hopeful as progressives we know there is a litany of other lawsuits and we will eventually prevail. but it's going to take his time to get there. jon: editorial board seems to agree, they say this mandate is bad for business, here is their take country that fall under the federal mandates remains an open question, moreover state laws and executive orders like state
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officials conflicted with the federal mandate may take months or years to sort out. what's clear maximum penalties of $140,000 for any company that is found to be in violation of the new mandate could put many companies are really struggling during the pandemic out of business. nobody wants to do that, or do they? >> by the actions of the administration it seems that there hell-bent on doing just that. whether it's the hyperinflation that is driving the cost of goods and services and gas up to the roof or unconstitutional mandate which is putting a further strain on the worker shortages coupled with the fact that we've been paying people to stay home and not work. yet supply chain issues in a crisis center southwest border. abiding administration is just and total chaos in disarray. every time you turn around your soft with the new crisis. none of it seems to make sense. with regard to this a administration in this mandate,
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you already have people like i said that are being paid to stay at home and not work. then you want to have an unfunded mandate where you are saying you could submit to weekly testing but then you will still find these employers, the mom-and-pop shops have experienced 20 plus months of hell and i will put additional burden on it has got to change and that's why it's so important that republicans take the house back in 22. jon: if i remember the american government class in high school, the administration is supposed to administer the laws that congress passes. congress has not passed the vaccine mandate. >> no, again that is over breach of this a administration. there was a segment in which the administration had said we will look at enforcing this mandate except for windows collective bargaining in place.
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weird he know that the democrats are pushing heavily for the pro act which would force immunization and strip all the states of the right to work status. you clearly see there is an in game, it is a pro union initiative and if you're only saying you collective bargaining and unions in place that you will be exempt or have a fighting shot at fighting this mandate, what message does that send to every single industry across america that has thrived under the trump era in the trump era works to dismantle the overreach of unions this is something that we need to sit down as a congress and discuss we are the people's house, the administration has no right through osha to execute this order, they do not have the standing and the court will rule in favor not only been unconstitutional but again tipping their hand to the legislature in saying this is
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where you have a mandate if you want this to go through. but i think nancy pelosi with the slimmest margin in the house, smalls majority since world war ii there's no way she could get this mandate through, even democrats no that folks back home are firmly against his vaccine mandates. jon: here is one thing that nancy pelosi managed to get through the bipartisan infrastructure bill when you take a look under the hood you might see a little junk in there as was described in the washington post money for salmon recovery, wildlife crossing safety research, money for healthy streets to expand tree cover and more food and beverage services on amtrak routes. president biden is a big fan of amtrak i imagine next time he takes the train if ever, he will be pleased at the selections, what do you think about this. >> quite frankly it shows how
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out of touch the democrats in this president are with everyday americans. i just had the philip my gas tank running around my district and when the price of gas has doubled, that is the sign that were on the wrong track, they want to invest in monarch butterfly research and racist buildings and highways to be reclassified into tickets about 550 billion, with the be, that goes for implementing green new deal initiatives. i think americans last tuesday sent a clear message there ready to get back to the basics. our kids education, make sure that you're doing the very basics that we expect the government to do, we don't want to be told how deliver lives and we don't need to be told that, right and center however, racist
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or domestic terrorist because we give a damn about her kids education. the infrastructure bill is nothing but a green new deal wish list of programs that once implemented will be hard to pull off the books. again they are unfunded this is not a question of true infrastructure, the total price tag of 1.2 trillion dollars, only 6% goes to actual infrastructure, how you and i grew up that was roads and bridges and airports important broadband, only 6% of 1.2 trillion actually goes to addresses issues. i think if they have focused on the core issue, getting back to the basics, we would had a real shot at getting truly bipartisan efforts. let us not forget that the republicans in the senate that voted for this did so to protect the filibuster this is all political gains behind the scene, had nothing to do with the policy, quite frankly and the democrats that are against all the green new deal
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initiatives because they do nothing to improve the environment, it just bolsters and builds a bureaucracy in washington bigger and better than ever was. jon: for the congresswoman, republican. thank you. toddler sleeping in the backseat of the family car struck and killed by a stray bullet from a nearby gunfight. the tragedy happened near oakland california. when the toddlers mother was caught in the middle of a shootout. california highway patrol says it does not look like the family was a target. live in los angeles. >> the deadly shooting happened in the middle of the day on a jampacked freeway in oakland, take a listen to the audio recording of california highway patrol arriving on scene. >> two people shooting on the freeway. >> another call from another, the child is bleeding from the head. >> the victims and set a single
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bullet struck the child in the head and she also said other relatives were in the car including three children and sadly were hearing about children becoming victims to gun violence on highways more frequently. in texas two young boys six and eight were able to steer to safety after somebody open fire on the vehicle in houston freeway killing their father. he was slumped over the wheel as their father slumped over. there's no word automotive and no arrests have been made. a michigan state police beat patrols to a detroit freeway after a 2-year-old boy was shot and killed in june. his brother was also wounded. this press conference was held on that incident, their father was driving their family home from a basketball game when someone pulled up beside them and started firing shots into the car. the suspect thought they were targeting someone else. it's a terrifying moment that the victim's dad says he thinks about all the time.
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>> i keep replaying the incident back in my mind and replaying it and thinking what i could and did, i feel like not a bus, none of my family was supposed to make it out of that trip. >> in the chicago area, there has been more than 180 shootings on expressways just this year alone, those incidents adding to the surgeon gun violence we are seeing in major cities this year. jon: christina: live in los angeles, thank you. in houston police launching a criminal investigation into the deadly turn of events friday night at the astral world music festival. eight people died, 13 remain hospitalized, were learning the first of what's expected to be many lawsuits is filed against organizers of the music festival. live in houston with the latest on all of that.
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>> this lawsuit argues that event organizers fail to plan and prepare for and conduct a concert in a safe manner. the man filing it says he was injured and his attorneys are seeking more than $1 million in damages. this is the first of expected to be many lawsuits against the event organizers. here throughout the day folks have been coming to do a makeshift memorial to pay their respects for those who lost their lives. there has been a sense of frustration among many of the folks who were there asking why officials did not shut down the shows sooner since the performances kept going for 30 minutes after officials had declared a mass casualty event. houston police chief is defending that delay, arguing that shutting it down all at once could've created more problems. >> you cannot just close when you have 50000 individuals. we have to worry about rides
3:17 pm
when you have a book that young. >> some folks are expressing frustration with the festivals creator and headline performer for not doing more to help those who are being trampled and suffocated. witness video of his performance shows that scott wheatley stopped the show several times when he saw people who needed help. >> 70 help him. >> 70 is passed out over here somebody help him. >> last night on instagram he said he had no idea how bad things were and is devastated to learn what it been happening during his performance. >> i just want to send our prayers to the lives that were lost last night. we are working right now to identify the families so we can
3:18 pm
help assist them through this tough time. i could never imagine the severity of the situation. >> in addition to civil lawsuits we birdie scene file, criminal charges are also a possibility in this case depending on what investigators find in the course of their investigation we are told is going to be very thorough and could take weeks to complete. jon: live in houston. thank you. >> one of the largest races in the world returns from the first time from the pandemic began. plus steve harrigan live at the southern border with more on the crisis there. >> dramatic images of migrants trying to cross the rio grande i am steve harrigan at the texas border. that story ahead. ♪
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jon: dramatic new video shows migrants risking their lives crating strong currents to cross the rio grande and get into the u.s. illegals come into the southern border as abide in the administration debates compensating migrants separated from family members during the trouble administration. steve harrigan has the latest on
3:24 pm
that. >> a debate over potential payments to migrate families who crossed illegally under president trump and whose families were separated at the border continues and as that debate continues some former immigration individuals are weighing in warning that any payments will be a huge mistake. >> you don't pay 70 broker laws, let's understand these migrants are separated because they broke the law they enter the country illegally which is a crime. >> over the last few hours we have seen several family groups cross we've seen a few hours ago a lot of times the families would carry what they can above the water and bags, documented valuables. sometimes parents, mothers or fathers had to. small children on their shoulders or on their arms. we saw people without guides or tractors who are normally paid
3:25 pm
to guide them across the river, so-called coyotes. these families tried to make it on their own that water was high and the current strong in several points people seemed in danger of being swept away one woman screamed for help and a man who made it to the side jumped back in in his shorts to help her out in the next family as well. you see this being repeated over and over again. it's a high wire very dangerous especially for parents of small children. jon: somebody sad stories. thank you. president biden appears to have lost the first legal test for his vaccine roles for employee use or employees of large u.s. companies. will discuss with law professor just ahead. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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thousands of runners for the 50th new york city marathon. the pounding of the payment of welcome sound after the race was canceled last due to covid-19. laura ingle is live near the finish line with more. >> the massive crowds really bringing the enthusiasm and excitement for the thousands of participants today and the spectacular comeback of one of the biggest events that new york city sees. it was a beautiful day, 33000 racers taking part in today's 50th annual run, that number down from over 50000 in previous years. officials agreed to reduce the size of the field to prevent overcrowding with covid. those taking part in the marathon were required to show proof of vaccination or negative covid-19 test within 48 hours of race day and returning racers and newcomers did not seem to mind the new rules. >> having to be the 50th is pretty crazy and is often this
3:31 pm
is my first marathon and i'm able to do it in the 50th and the reopening is pretty cool. >> the 26-point to mile course race began on staten island and then weaved its way through the five boroughs ended and matt and central park with 100 million spectators and 10000 volunteers aligning city streets. as the return of the marathon brought heightened security by the nypd, thousands of officers out with dogs, drones and other tools to ensure a safe marathon. it's been a great day and there are runners going on behind me. we have a few more hours probably to go before the last person crosses the finish line. the person who won today, a female data in just over two hours on average they take about four or five hours to do this course. hats off to her and all the
3:32 pm
participants today. jon: laura ingle and live in your city. thank you. many gop big names and potential white house hopefuls attended the republican jewish coalition meeting in las vegas this weekend. those include former vice president mike pence, un ambassador nikki haley in florida's governor ron desantis. gop members sharing everything from future plans on running for office to comment on the midterms. matt finn has some of the highlights for us. >> they told us that this is the biggest quote kosher cattle call in the country. republican candidates have to come here and show jewish voters what they got. that's what some of the biggest names of the republican party did this weekend. former vice president mike pence, nikki haley and for the governor ron desantis delivering pro-israel messages.
3:33 pm
mike pence not divulging any future plans for office but promising the crowd of jewish leaders that nonetheless the gop will win back the country in 2024. >> from this point forward we will all resolve to do our part to win back the house, the senate, governorships across america in 2022. we will win back this country in 2024. >> a few of the republican speakers including south carolina lindsey graham emphasized focusing on next year's midterms instead of jumping ahead to 2024. >> a lot of people coming to audition. i ate one of them. none of that matters until you get to 2022. >> former presidential candidates in texas senator ted cruz both said they have not ruled out running for the presidency again. hampton governor continues that he will run for senate in an attempt to get republicans backward journey. and lee zeldin told the crowd that he's going to win his bid
3:34 pm
for new york governor. jon: interesting times ahead. thank you. >> we got a 400 page set of regulations which we have not reviewed on exactly what he's trying to accomplish the court cases already put on hold there is legal constitutional questions to be answered i agree with the president we need everybody vaccinated to get out of the pandemic but i don't think the way he's going is the right way. >> that is larry hogan sounding off on the complications involving president biden vaccine mandate for large companies which federal appeals court put on hold yesterday 27 states have sued over the mandate, joining is now, george washington university law professor and constitutional law expert, he is also a fox news contributor. the fifth circuit says joe
3:35 pm
biden, you have overreached with this mandate. they promise they are going to eventually when, where you come down on this? >> the fifth circuit has temporarily suspended or enjoined enforcement and they will respond tomorrow in this case holdings versus osha. the issue in the case, whether osha has exceeded its authority. president biden made no secret that he wanted to impose a national mandate. many people included white house cancel, you cannot do that you have no authority to do that. this was plan b. they decided to create a use of osha to say this is about protecting the workplace the problem is osha has never done anything like this, it's using a thing colleen and ets an emergency temporary standard.
3:36 pm
that avoids having to do rulemaking that could take a long time. they've never done something like a vaccination of this kind. at least not mandated vaccination into toxic chemicals or physical threats in the workplace these states are saying these are way beyond the navigational beacon given the osha. the fifth circuit seems to find great credibility in that. the problem for the biden administration and made no secret that this was a workaround in the fact that it doesn't have the constitutional authority to do this directly. jon: one of the biden cabinet members was earlier saying, we played earlier at the top of the hour, osha can require hardhats on construction sites, why can it not require that you get the vaccine in order to continue on your job.
3:37 pm
>> he was making the case for these challenges. this is not a case of hardhats, this is not something that is a danger inherent in the workplace, this is an effort to get a national mandate when you don't have authority to do it directly as an executive order. what they're saying the ets refers to things like toxic chemicals in the workplace. this is not what they intended and they're saying if osha can do this then they can require anything that could potentially improve or protect workers in the workplace. this is the question with good arguments on both sides is clearly indicating that they find these challenges quite credible. jon: it sounds like you think the administration will probably come out on the losing end of this battle. >> i think this could end up having a split, some courts would say this is pretty novel
3:38 pm
but the statute is pretty generally worded, i think this will create a split which means it could go to the supreme court agencies get a great deal of difference in making rules of this kind is highly scriptable on that case called chevron. this may give them an opportunity not to just push back on the national mandate but on chevron itself and the authority to federal agencies. jon: let's talk about igor arrest, he was fingered by the john durham investigation into the whole russia gate situation. you wrote an article about that for the hell and it draws more lines, this arrest to the client campaign that indeed the
3:39 pm
collusion case increasingly is taking on murder on the oriented express field may turn out to be culprits. dram clearly seems to be in meticulous case that the steele dossier was a political hit job orchestrated by clinton operatives, his latest indictment connected him to intriguing figures and groups that relates to the clinton campaign. not exactly a household name, do you think that we might see bigger name democrats under arrest or at least under the glare of the spotlight? >> certainly under the glare of the spotlight that he does not strike me as an apex defendant. he's not the defendant that you finish on. he is more of a building block defendant. he is someone that you used to flip to get more on other targets. there are people above him, particularly in the client campaign but i think durham is
3:40 pm
indicating, he believed the fbi was duped by the clinton campaign this indictment talks about close advisers to hillary clinton literally coming up the independent dossier. we know that president obama was briefed right before the steele dossier went to the fbi and he was told that hillary clinton had decided to create this russian narrative of collusion to take attention away from the e-mail scandal. a few days later the dossier was pushed, i think durham is clearly indicating that he believes this was all along the product of the clinton campaign including critical passages that have now been debunked. jon: the media is not exactly paying the same kind of attention that they gave the story five years ago. jonathan, always great to have you on.
3:41 pm
the trial of three men charged with killing georgia jogger on mod are pre-resumes tomorrow. they are raising concerns about who sitting on the jury. ♪
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are very mod are
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jon: the trial of three men accused of chasing down and ultimately killing 25-year-old ahmaud arbery continues tomorrow. prosecutors claim the men targeted ahmaud arbery because he was black. the defense argues the men were trying to detain when the shooting occurred, the jury's racial makeup becoming a concern. charles watson is live with more on that. >> at the start of the trial we
3:46 pm
heard from the prosecution and the defense who painted different stories about how and why ahmaud armory was chased down by three white men and shot to death on friday during the opening statement lead prosecutor told the jury that the defendant gregory mcmichael and his son travis mcmichael and william roddy brian assume the worst after he was seen leaving an unsecured construction site in the brunswick neighborhood in february 2020. the assumption led the defendants to chase him for five minutes until they confronted the 25-year-old and travis mcmichael fatally wounded him. attorneys explained to the jury that the father and son were only trying to detain him they suspected him of stealing and they contended that travis mcmichael did not want to shoot but was forced to in self-defense. >> they made decisions in their driveway based on this
3:47 pm
assumption that took a young man's life. >> it's about travis mcmichael's duty and responsibility to himself, to his family, to his neighborhood. >> one of the trails is the first day his mother saw the cell phone video of her son death in its entirety. she was seen sobbing as a video played on the courtroom while one juror was shielding their face with a notebook. we heard testimony from the officer who responded shortly after the deadly confrontation. he said there was nothing he could do to help ahmaud arbery who is dead by the time he arrived on scene and encountered a blood soaked travis mcmichael. >> what did that man covered in blood say to you when you asked him are you okay? >> basically no, i'm not okay i just [bleep] killed somebody.
3:48 pm
>> there were some frustrations but out by the ahmaud arbery family and the partiality of history which is made up of love and white people one black person. we spoke to one carbonate defense attorney not associated to this case. he said the ultimate goal during the jury selection process is defined 12 jurors who are impartial and not focusing on what they look like. jon: charles watson, thank you. it was a close call for iraq's prime minister. an assassination attempt at his home using drones. what president biden is doing to try to help as we go around the globe next.
3:49 pm
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jon: headlines from around the globe state media reports artillery exercises were conducted to boost and follow several missile test as they continue to pressure the u.s. and south korea to in their hostile quality. and iran the military began the annual wargames in a coastal area of the nation according to state tv there. the drill comes less than a
3:53 pm
month of scheduled nuclear talks with the west. in israel the government is increasing public opposition to president biden's plan to reopen a consulate for palestinians in jerusalem it's under performer president trump that it was closed and the staff placed within the u.s. embassy that was moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. in britain the uk helped security agency says smirks covid-19 antiviral pill will begin rollout through a drug trial later this month. a game changing drug was first approved last week. that is a book of stories from around the globe. president biden condemning a terror attack targeting the iraqi prime minister saint does respond to must be held accountable. the private is there was unharmed in the assassination attempt the several of his security guards were wounded. training status details.
3:54 pm
>> i iraqi prime minister survived an assassination attempt overnight. an explosive drone slammed into his house wounding six of his security personnel. the residence in the green zone is heavily guarded and security forces were able to shoot down to other drones that enter the aerospace no group is taken responsibility for the attack but iranian backed militias are expected. >> the missiles and drones do not build our nation and our future. we are working on building our nation on respecting the state in its establishment, securing a better future for all iraqis. i call on everyone for fiscal dialogue. >> three days ago the of iranian backed politicians in iraq last government security forces in the capital baghdad iranian and
3:55 pm
transmit continues to be major issues for the nawrocki government and a small group of american troops the left of the country. the drone attack was likely ordered by or supported by iran as iranians look to reengage the western nuclear talks. regional tension remain tight ahead of those conversations. jon: trey yingst. thank you. in washington, d.c., there are grand monuments to honor our history the link above borneo, the jefferson memorial and coming soon, new memorial for the nation's heroes. this one is for humans and animals. ♪ this is worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth.
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jon: navy memorial in washington will unveil a new . >> this veteran's day, service and sacrifice. creator joined fox news live today. >> a monument to all animals, that have served as well as not just military and law enforcement but search and rescue, and all navy service animals who assist, guide dogs, all these animals, horses and dogs that assist our civilians of day. we know how they help our veterans every day. jon: first monument in dc to honor military working dogs. >> yesterday's grid iron battle between usc and arizona state was
4:00 pm
interrupted by a fox. in tempe, arizona, minutes into the first quarter. it leaped into the stands and suryed up the steps. it ran safely away. >> that is how "fox reports," i am jon scott. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," we begin with supreme court of united states new texas abortion law was argued this week, i did something unusual, i actually listened to the oral argument. most folks don't have the time to sit in front of a computer for hours and listen to oral argument. most americans have to rely on the print or television media to report on what happened.
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