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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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agent-producer can answer any questions you have and help you choose the plan that's right for you. the call is free, and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now. and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana just might be the answer. >> is a biden administration sends a mixed signals of a possible six-figure payout to some illegal immigrants, we have a dramatic new pictures that show the crisis at our southern border is far from slowing down. hello everyone welcome to fox news life. hi eric. >> thank you for joining us here on "fox news live". the president said he does compensation for immigrant families a trumpet administration separated at the border. he is just not sure how much
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those payments should be. the wall street journal has been reporting those payments could be up to $450,000 per migrant. the losses and the aclu against the government. meantime does migrant families, as you can see they continue to cross openly into our country. steve erickson live on the board it was the new video that shows that as they just start walking across, hi steve. rex eric, that debate over potential payments to migrant families under the trump administration who cross illegally into the u.s. and were separated at the border, but that debate is raising hot and furious by the members of the buy demonstration are keen to point out it will be the justice department that will determine if any payments are made and how much those payments will be, here's the back and forth from fox news sunday. >> we do not talk dollar amounts that is the department of justice. the question about whether it is an incentive to come across
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to the united states to be separated from your child so that you can get paid is an absurd subsumption. >> there will be a settlement than from this administration, that dollar amount to be determined in my clear on that? >> said no. i want to be clear about this. we do not tell the department of justice what to do. the department of justice is an independent agency. rex and eric, just a short time ago just behind me here we saw some dramatic video, several families try to cross the rio grande river from mexico into del rio, texas here. it is a few hundred yards but today the current is strong and the water is high. many people when they cross have paid traffickers, coyotes to help them to guide them across the river. these families did not have anyone to help them and as usual they are carrying their valuables, their documents and bags trying to keep them above their heads. above the water. and also they were carrying children either on their shoulders or in their arms. and with that current it got
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tougher some of them. one woman right near the shore really started to wubble and she screamed out for help. a man who was already on shore who had made it across in his shorts and jumped in the water to save her and help another family to short. of course a lot of people who come across our human traffickers. a lot of illegal drugs come across. at the same time there are a lot of really desperate families. what you see here day after day is a high wire act of the people really risking everything to get across. today they made it there were a few close moments are families here today, erica back to you. >> the video shows just how hazardous it can be. steve in the board in texas thank you. >> unfolding on a highway and oakland, california. a 23 month old child is dead after being hit with a straight bullet while riding in a car on interstate 880 yesterday by the california
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highway patrol said the toddler was caught in the crossfire of a freeway gun battle. christina is in loss angeles now with more in the story, christina perry. >> arthel, this deadly shooting happened in the middle of the day on a gm fact packed freeway in oakland. highway patrol arriving on scene. >> there shooting each other on the freeway. >> have another call in a child is bleeding from the head. >> the victims and reportedly said a single bullet struck the child in the head she also said other relatives were in the car including three children break no arrests have been made there is no word on the motive for the shooting bread but said that we are hearing about children losing their lives to gun violence on highways more frequently. this is a press conference after one of those incidents in michigan the state police have beefed up patrols on detroit freeways after a 2-year-old boy was shot and killed in june. his brother was also wounded.
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their father was driving their family home from a basketball game on a car pulled up next to them and someone inside started firing shots into the families vehicle per the suspect say they thought they were targeting someone else. a terrifying moment for that family. the victims a dad said he thanks about it over and over again. >> i keep replaying the incident in the back of my mind and replaying it and thinking what i could have done differently. i feel like it none of my family was supposed to make it out of that truck. >> and in the chicago area there's been more than 180 shootings on expressways this year alone. those shootings adding to the surge in gun violence we are seeing in some major cities this year, arthel pick. >> outrageous and tragic christina in los angeles thank you. >> eric. >> opened a criminal investigation into friday night tragedy. eight people were killed, many
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perhaps crushed when the crowd surged towards the state and other questions about why the concert was allowed to continue for a while after officials declared it a mass casualty event, light in houston with the very latest on this investigation. >> hey eric that is on the big questions we are hearing from folks here. friday night eight people were killed including a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. officials are now being asked why it is they did not stop the show sooner and if doing that could've prevented some of the injuries and loss of life. officials called a mass casualty event around 9:00 p.m. when they became aware of multiple people collapsing as the crowd surged forward toward the stage. witnesses said the show did not actually stop though until more than 30 minutes later after rapper travis scott appeared to finish his entire set. the police chief argued
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shutting it down all at once could have created even more problems though. >> you cannot just close when you've got 50000 over 50000 individuals. we have to worry about riots when you have a group that young. took travis scott did briefly stop the show several times when he saw people that needed help. but in the video he posted instagram last night he said he had no idea how bad things were and he is a devastated by what happened. >> anytime i could make out anything that was going on i stop the show and help them get the help they need. i could just never imagine the severity of the situation. >> believes a scott and the festival's promoters are cooperated with the investigation that could ultimately lead to criminal charges. will keep you updated as we learn more, eric. >> thanks so much for.
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>> president biden and speaker pelosi or take a victory lap after the house friday night past the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill sending it to the president's desk. six the democrats voted against it and only 18 republicans voted for it. now attention shifts to the massive social spending bill. life in delaware where the president is spending the weekend hey lucas. >> good afternoon arthel. the infrastructure bill which passed through both the house and senate for the other half of the president's economic agenda has yet to pass through either chamber for the democrats hold onto a slim three seat majority in house of representatives. republicans say that lead is going to evaporate in midterm elections. >> they are basically in your face saying we know nancy pelosi is going to be done as speaker of the come out and said we know we are going to lose the majority in 2022.
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we do not care we are going to go as far as we can to the radical left until you get a chance in the election of 2022 to throw us out. >> democrats had hoped to pass both bills together to satisfy progressive and moderate wings of the party. the house divorce the two bills friday night when the infrastructure bill passed. moderates are worried about the huge price tag of the social spending bill with passing for an infrastructure bill. it's very unlikely the democrats will get 13 republican votes for the social spending plan like they give the infrastructure bill friday night. joel manson, kiersten's and are likely to be the deciding votes over the massive $2 trillion social spending plan when congress returns to washington later this month. more than 2000 page bill contains new spending plans for healthcare, education, climate and new tax laws but fox news senate where the president's top advisories sounded hopeful. >> senator manchin has been a partner.
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he is a lot more conservative and everybody sees that. he has been a willing partner to come to the table with constructive dialogue. we are confident and where we will go with our bipartisan hour build back better framework. >> us after the white house and as president biden will visit the port of baltimore on wednesday to help sell the infrastructure plant. he said yesterday americans will start to feel the effects of the infrastructure plant in the next two -- three months, arthel pick. >> lucas tomlinson live in delaware thank you lucas. >> coming up will have the latest on the federal appeals court temporarily blocking the president vaccine requirement for employers. this could be an uphill battle for the administration or is it a win question at plus the national spotlight on the issue of education and schools the big question remains, how can we make our schools better? keep our students competitive in the world, that is a big question but will get answers the head of appearance group
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>> u.s. federal appeals court has defendant present biden's vaccine mandate for private employers louisiana attorney
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jeff landry call an unlawful outreach or overreach. alexander has details. >> a by demonstration plans to the court of appeals for louisiana by the state attorney general praise the decision writing the president will not impose procedures on the american people without the checks and balances afforded by the constitution. the ruling temporally healthy by demonstration covid-19 vaccine requirements for the workers with companies more than 100 employees. set to going to place january 4 to find for companies that do not comply. >> they are gearing up to the mandate this does give them probably some extra time it depends how the courts rule after this. most employers are grateful for that extra time because there is a lot that's involved in operationalizing this. >> afar at least 27 states have filed lawsuits challenging the president's covid vaccine on friday kansas democratic governor came out against the mandate.
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she said this in a statement, i do not believe the directive is the correct are most effective solution for kansas. the biden administration has until tomorrow to respond to the ruling and cited past rulings in favor of the requirement. >> if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job to be careful around chemicals it can put in place the simple measures to keep our workers safe. >> the u.s. surgeon general was asked today if the mandate could be extended to smaller companies in the future, he said nothing is off the table. >> alexandria thank you alex. parents across virginia started to recognize they really did need to have an important decisive role in their children's education. i heard parents s they do not have a role their kids education it ceased to be a campaign started to be a movement led by parents. >> virginia governor elect is upset when last tuesday the
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parents he felt shut out of their children's education. when the dust settles all this a big question remains, how do we make our nation schools better? major funding losing a competitive edge in the world in fact they show our education system has been falling behind in math and science. just like china and other nations. joining as executive director of the parent activist group building education for students and also director of educational reform at the conservative advocacy group freedom works. so much attention has been on the cultural political issues. what happened to the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic? i we forgot to have those been left by the wayside? >> it seems like our politicians have forgotten what is important but parents have always known our schools are not teaching our children the basics. since 2019 half of our
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fifth-graders across the nation cannot even read on grade level. and that is critical because if our kids cannot read then when they get to their sixth grade through 12th grade are they going to learn the more complex subjects? i think we are starting to see that in our scores we have significantly fallen behind with our global peers and really -- what really started the downturn in 2019 under the obama administration will meet all implemented the condon common core standards we improve our standards is get rid of common core state standards and start taking a look at what are good standards in our state like governor desantis did in florida. >> you're a teacher during the very best you can the teachers are too often and so often the unsung heroes of our society. place the trust of our
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children in the classroom to guide them and teach them. but sometimes it goes off course. talk about other nations had is try to do these other nations? over the score is show we have been declining. >> i think we have gotten too politically correct. we see across the nation that school districts are eliminating our advanced placement and are gifted programs because there is not enough diversity in those classes, which is a shame but that goes back to the school district. if our students of color are not succeeding then let's give them the tools. let's give them the resources so they can be elevated in advance. don't eliminate the entire advanced placement program just because there is not enough diversity in it. i really see across the nation we have gotten so politically
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it caressed of social and emotional learning that's taking up our classroom time. we have all of the common core state standards we know are failing. and they critical race theory. we know that is divisive and it does not even need to be in our classrooms. >> here in new york city outgoing mayor bill de blasio is trying to get rid of the gifted and talented program. incoming democratic mayor eric adams who is african-american said no, no wait it's a great program we talk about children of color especially hits them here's the study a couple of weeks ago i'm going to read you from the "washington post". scores have fallen for black and hispanic student since 2012. they remain flat for white children. widening the racial achievement gap. nine year old boys stayed said it will girls scores fell compared to 2012. american schools not just failing many students but their problem is actually getting worse.
1:21 pm
so, someone who deals with this with education reform what is your prescription right now to have school systems really achieve what they should be doing? >> you said the word systems. our dollars should follow a student. not all children learn the same. not all children should be placed in a one-size-fits-all learning environment. we really have to start thinking outside of the box and allow the funding to follow the student and not just follow a system because of that is the way it has always been done. >> by the way tomorrow, laura, monday november 8 is a stem day that stands for science technology engineering and math. of course they say we need a lot more stem education to keep up with some others in the world especially over there in beijing. good to see you, thank you for joining us. [laughter] i will get it.
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[laughter] that is what happens on the 4:00 p.m. show on sundays we get a little mixed up. anyway guys, straight had the effort to defend police dealt multiple setbacks this past election day. has the movement officially run out of steam and how can cities rebuild their police departments while also ensuring more accountability? chad williams joins is next. wasd to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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wisconsin healthcare company is parting ways with aaron rodgers after the green bay quarterback admitted he has refused to take the covid vaccine saying he is allergic to an ingredient in it. purvey a health said both sides of mutually agreed too and their nine year partnership. rogers is missing is today's game after testing positive for covid. and a navy ship name for slain rights leader was launched in san diego bay yesterday. he was in the navy for his before being forced out when the first openly gay candidates elected to public office. he served on the san francisco board of supervisors and was assassinated by former political colleague in 1978. >> trial of three men accused of killing 25-year-old aubrey is set to resume tomorrow and georgia paid the three men chased aubrey down and shot
1:28 pm
him. operate was unarmed. the defense claims the clients were trying to protect themselves and now the jury's racial makeup also becoming an issue in this trial. discovering the trial is alive in with the latest, charles. >> hi eric. the first day of testimony in this case was certainly an emotional one. on friday and course the first time ahmaud arbery reason mother saw the video of her son's death in its entirety. she was seen sobbing or aubrey's father exited the courtroom as the video played out cooper jones spoke about why she needed to see it. >> i wind event the last 18 months i thought it was time to get familiar with happened to ahmaud. in that last minutes of his life i'm glad i was able to stay strong and stay in there. >> during opening statements lead prosecutor linda told the
1:29 pm
jury defendant gregory mcmichael, his son travis mcmichael and three white men assume the worth worst and unarmed black man after he was seen leaving an unsecure construction site in the brunswick neighborhood in february of 2020. their assumption that defendant to chase operate for five minutes until he contracted 25 billion travis mcmichael fatally wounded him. to they suspected of burglary they contended did not want to shoot but was forced to in self-defense. >> it's about travis mcmichael's duty and responsibility to himself. to his family into his neighborhood. >> now eric commissars the jury goes, there has been frustration expressed on the part of aubrey sammy on impartiality of a jury made up
1:30 pm
of 11 white people in one black person in such a racially charged case pretty spoke to criminal defense attorney not associated with the case they often liked to pick jurors that look like the victim who are defendants that is not the selection of the jury process break. >> but we what ultimately is 12 jurors regardless of their skin color, who can determine guilt or innocence based on the evidence and testimony they see in the courtroom and on nothing else. >> witness testimony resumes on monday, eric trick works alright charles thank you, arthel para. >> ere, election day brought several setbacks for defend the police movement as law and order can it's one in minneapolis, seattle, buffalo and long island. there is still a big push for police reform. how do cities rebuild depleted police departments while ensuring officers are held
1:31 pm
accountable? joining is now ted williams former washington d.c. homicide detective, defense attorney and fox news contributor. so ted, clearly voters are speaking, what are they saying? >> well, what the voters said here is the defunded matter should never actually been on the ballot in the first place. with the voters showed here is that they are smarter than the politicians they elected to hold office. the one tenant of our society or civilized society as they protect the citizens. was to have police officers taken away from these various cities. take them to minneapolis, minnesota when george floyd was killed at the hands of a police officer.
1:32 pm
i think they went overboard. they will disband the police department. that is ridiculous. the citizens of spoke out and clear. not only their but throughout the country what are some of the way cities can reform and rebuild police departments, ted? >> what they do is bring in police officers, educate them, make sure they meet certain standards. and that they themselves, meaning the police officers are subservient of the community there police officers who are not trained and those of police officers wreak havoc we have now seen
1:33 pm
in the defunded movement, even portland, oregon you have chicago where you have mayor lori lightfoot, they are now out there moving to give more money to police officers because they see crime unfortunately is on the rise in their various cities. >> back to the results of this past election, i would imagine that was a vote of confidence for those police who are doing their best, and you think that's a signal to them saying we see you, keep up the good work and maybe you can help serve your officers who you said are untrained or uninformed and some who are outright not all but some you think that was a nod? >> yes i think citizens out there know that they need a law enforcement officers.
1:34 pm
they want good quality law enforcement officers. i have said on many occasions, if you have crooked police officers, police officers out here who are corrupt wanting to beat head use excessive force, get rid of those police officers. you have a lot of good men and women who just want to serve and protect their community. those are the ones the citizens voted to say we need those police officers in our community because we need protection against these crooks who are out here for a speaking of which, christina hadn't story earlier about a 23 month old baby boy did not even make it to see two years old, killed in a drive-by on interstate 880 in oakland. what problem does this tragedy highlight? >> it says so much. just think about it, 23 month old child riding in his
1:35 pm
father's car, down a highway. all of the said in a stray bullet comes into the car and kills this child. this is the thing police officers are needed and necessary for to combat in this country. we have this element this criminal element out here who do not give a damn about who they shoot and kill. here again we are talking about a child whose life was just beginning and now it has ended. this is very sad, very sad. >> no doubt about that, ted. i do not want to end there, i can't because we need to have something positive to end on it. what i am going to do right now is total 180 intel use her happy birthday. [laughter] do not do this to meet thank you so much pray. >> i hope you live to see many
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more healthy, happy prosperous and blessed years, thank you so much. >> and thank you dear dear lady. [laughter] okay erica. >> happy birthday ted, the cake is going to the newsroom and washington i am sure. coming up the republican upset last week balsam see it as a predictor of elections to come. this is president biden's ratings approvable raising crisis of his party will the democrats be able to turn the tide? or will republicans make gains they take control of congress strategy with the democrats should do, jimmy is up next. three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast.
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from tuesday's election results with many saying the democrats need to recalibrate and shift strategy after those losses in virginia, the squeaker in the new jersey
1:42 pm
governor's race the fact that state the most powerful legislature in the assembly happens to be the longest serving ever in the state's history, steve sweeney went down in defeat at the hands of a novice republican candidate jimmy weinstein hosted the jimmy weinstein show of the strategy group j mw strategies joins us now. you've got the infrastructure win and one hand some is a huge victory for the bite administration that coming late friday night over the weekend. yet some democrats are hitting the panic button what do they do? >> i think the problem is, eric, there is no consensus of why they lost. you want to say and i think it's the right thing to say the democrats went too far left on certain issues or did not recognize issues that were there called them fictional but the progressives in the party did not see it that way.
1:43 pm
was because they did not have a progressive enough candidate in virginia they stop joe biden the interparty war to validate their own viewpoint to consensus to develop and change course in 2022 both sides disagree the socialist the eight mayor there voted out by a writing in new york city. basically a moderate democrat, eric adams a former police officer. the chattering class called awoken is derailed the democrats. she writes after with the editorial board of the "new york times" says democrat
1:44 pm
political reality at their own peril. familiar takeaways like wake up call warning shots do not do justice to the danger of ignoring those trends is too great. what would do justice and what is a badly needed is an honest conversation of the democratic party how to return to the moderate policies that the blue wave victories and one joe biden the presidency. it is the party of today even capable of that? >> i don't see it being recognized for a number meet reading i like mainstream publication. the lcm, i have in front of me an article i read a liberal publication by a liberal writer from the kids came from new york city he tried to
1:45 pm
navigate. but still the issues of what is being taught in the schools as mainstream or going too far or that parents have a right to question it, i think is still being denied and many democratic circles. until you recognize that you might have these revolts again in 2022. >> what is the result of that if people feel the democratic party is going or has gone too far left her to progressive? they're not hearing what many say it should be special small town america democrats usually use the first midterm election does not take very much it would be hard for the
1:46 pm
democrats to maintain control the house and the senate unless they address some of the issues that we just saw in virginia it is more likely than not they will lose control the house and senate. >> you think they will? >> i think history suggests they will pair there are some issues i just mention the need to address to keep the house and senate. however the year is a long time things change within a year. stop pfizer saying a covid pill that even if you get covid you will be able to take that pill and i think go a long way to make this pandemic a thing of the past for supply chain issues resolve themselves and perhaps a joe biden as popular going into the midterms. lots of things can change. i do think the democrats have some issues that have turned off some of the voters that voted for joe biden 2020. if they do not change those certainly they have headwinds
1:47 pm
going into 2022. >> finally jamie let's play the words of political philosopher chris christie the former governor of new jersey spokes republicans in las vegas yesterday. this could apply to both republicans and democrats and with the former governor wasn't saying what voters want in our country, let's listen. >> what do suburban voters want? what suburban voters want is a government that is honest, and truthful, and efficient, and not wasting their money and not wasting their time. they want it to be sane and rational. they wanted to speak to them. >> is that a winning message no matter what your party? >> it is a winning message. i think it's smart for both parties. he also said one other thing which is a little bit of wishful thinking. and a risk for republicans but the 2020 election behind us. i think that is smart and i
1:48 pm
think chris christie wishes that could be done for that is a tight rope republicans have to watch for that is what glenn young cannon was successfully able to navigate. getting the support of donald trump without tying himself that he loses those moderates who voted for joe biden because of donald trump. that is the risk the republicans have going into 2022 that is not an easy rope to walk either brickwork shall be interesting for both jamie weinstein podcast it's good to see you thanks for joining us this afternoon. >> some big republican names potential white house hopefuls flocked to las vegas this week and for the annual republican jewish coalition leadership a little among them former un ambassador nikki haley and senator ted cruz. matt has the story. >> this a pricey vegas convention bring some mega wealthy donors and some of the biggest names in the republican party. some of which potentially made
1:49 pm
their first pitch is to run for the presidency in 2024. some possible hopefuls of the former governor chris christie of new jersey. also texas senator ted cruz who this week and said they have not ruled out running again. the majority's figures former president mike pence delivered a staunch pro-israel messages to the crowd of republican jewish leaders. >> now the bite administration is planning to open a consulate in jerusalem. this is an unlawful step and it is time for congress to act to deny president biden from opening a consulate in jerusalem where the american embassy stands. [cheering] >> also noteworthy education repeatedly came up the domestic issue described as increasingly important to jewish voters to educate american children about the country's relationship with israel will be an essential
1:50 pm
part to protecting the jewish state. a big headliner former vp speculation by his political future he did not divulge anything. told the crowd president biden has turned his back on israel and promises the gop will win back the country in 2024. new hampshire governor continues to tease he is going to run for senate and next years and midterms to give republicans the majority and newark republican representative says he is going to win his bid for new york governors. >> met fin thank you, eric. >> right now thousands of runners from around the world by hitting the streets of new york city today is one of the largest marathons. coming up security was stepped up and can you believe it is the 50th anniversary of the new york city marathon. we will have the latest straightahead. are waking up to what's possible
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the new york city marathon is back after being canceled in 2020 because of covid-19. about 33000 runners were at the starting line on staten island down from the usual 50000 because of covid precautions. laura ingle is alive in the middle of all of the action. what is happening laura?
1:55 pm
>> the new york city is alive with enthusiasm and energy. it has been a perfect fall day for the 50th running of the new york city marathon. of course this is a signature event of the big apple and today it was a perfect day for it. as you mention, so many runners return to the city the marathon is back after taking 2020 off because of the pandemic which was actually on the second time there was a cancellation and the races history. the first time was in 2012 after hurricane sandy. about 33000 racers took part, that number down from over 50000 in previous years. officials agreed to reduce the size of the field of this year to prevent overcrowding with covid. those taking part in the marathon, which is still going on right now, were required to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test within 48 hours of race day and are also required to wear face coverings at the start and finish. the 26-point to mile course
1:56 pm
began on staten island, goes to the city's five boroughs and it right here in manhattan central park with more than 1 million spectators and 10,000 volunteers at lighting the streets today. that also brings heightened security by the nypd. thousands of offices have been out with dogs, drones and other tools to ensure a safe marathon. it has been a great day. the first new york city marathon was held in 1970 with just 127 runners. obviously the event has come a very long way. and today's winner, a female from ken yet made time in just over two hours. to give you some appreciation most people do it at about four -- five. hats off to her and all of the runners today. >> congratulations to everybody alright laura ingle thank you very much. that is it for us today. >> such a great day at vanguard, such a great day. >> absolutely. [laughter]
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♪ >> hello i am alicia acuna, charlie hurt and joe concha. welcome to "the big sunday show" here's what's on tap. >> sesame street has a new lesson for kids. >> my covid vaccine. >> the outrage building among conservatives pushing to get kids vaccinated for covid.


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