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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 7, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> is to write your lessening said media will bring to dismiss those of the so-called cultural war in the virginia governor's race of fetuses because lots of people care about them and there was a spectacular medium disc calculation keep factor pleading democrat terry talking about parental choice and was schoolteaching not banning books, and a controversial over the beloved in this one is some creation of right-wing there were other factors to be sure and the donald trump's endorsement down and nurtures a double by governor barely hung
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onto some of the pendants are now candidly acknowledging the power of these popular issues as well as president of biden's record. two academic is going to have to come face-to-face with this issue. >> this is just a race,. >> i think the numbers are coming across in ways that we do not recognize. they are annoying, and offensive and see and touch how much of this is just part of the democratic party that is developed. >> the entire campaign of youngkin was that he was a racist pretty. >> in terms out the normal people do not believe that they're sick of hearing it pretty. >> but even with them falling short, soft left-wingers in the are still pounding away, the call the youngkin racist appeal ready. >> trump really sort of deflecting the fragrant
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outbreaks and with the education names given alliant the label, he was education which is good for, by the parents don't like the idea of teaching about race and this is not affected there okay with white supremacy some are, let's call it. >> it was not about why supreme say come on, it was as they admit about many voters is not feeling heard and next with howard kurtz and mediabuzz. howard: i had outlets were ignored are playing on the indictment of the key source of the discredited field duck here in the russia probe pretty there is no real attempt to sugarcoat the virginia results rated for the local elections are joe putting and inviting had nothing to do a great and i do with it just one year after they won the white house on this bad news for the democrats.
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>> will be up tonight was the anatomy really of a democratic meltdown, complete and total meltdown and this is really dark and bleak in terms of what the future of next year. and the turnaround of the next 12 months. suet joining us now to analyzes senior editor, and it "fox news" contributor we have harold ford jr. and mollie hemingway pretty what you think about most of the media portraying this campaign is a racist dog whistle aimed at parents of schoolkids predict. guest: will easily the media on the left wing tobias help the democratic candidates but in this case, there are grouping things did not help the democratic candidates because education had been a huge issue for virginia parents it was just about these hateful and racist critical race theory's disinfecting so many schools, it is also about covid-19 shutdowns and also about something that he said himself, weeks before
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election day worries of the parents didn't really have a role in their kids education and the media downplayed are ignored that until it was too late and he ended up losing. howard: i think some of the media now howard kurtz, they believe is a pretty but an issue but there's some pundits on your side and still sort of clinging to this narrative that youngkin ran a racist campaign when affecting wanted to give the rights for them to opt out to what you think that some are still pushing this pretty. guest: thank you for having me firsthand i thank you so wrongheaded and is certainly not looking forward for anyone particular these members and it's a racialized to quickly and i we have a tendency hello politics that point the race, and i think that the more likely answer is that glenn youngkin met voters for the wearing virginia. and for governor president
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democrat and many times over the last several years of the all of a sudden become racist, i think that molly's point about parents, that parental involvement of parents and i want to over the last year have any kids education, but is probably that some parents resented the fact that those did not have good ideas that they do not have really good ideas but the willingness and the right to share those ideas and think the democrats had to look at that and the fact that we are empowered in washington in the house and the white house and people are sick of us playing this and not delivering for them and that is the take away and i think that we can correct that over the next year. howard: authority a lot of it i'm glad you both agree that these are legitimate issues that we can debate but not necessarily racist appeals and i want to say the president of biden to questions from reporters pretty and the recent and election results for the present had a couple of exchanges with pbs. let's roll the tape.
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>> how could you do this differently to avoid similar losses in november especially that there working on these four issues. [inaudible]. and the critical race theory pretty. biden: i think that we should produce to the american people pretty. >> democratic voters especially the black voters to be roughly race and education lying about critical race theory in the worried and present have an effective like to push back on that predict. [inaudible]. biden: will i think that the whole answer is just to speak the truth. howard: they were very aggressive very reporter aggressive and donald trump beat up on her as well seems to be inviting him to push back on what she is characterizing is a question as to the republican lies pretty. >> she's not really a reporter, supposed to be that but she is a hard-core activism kind of an investment to the journalistic profession because of these russian she asked, not just where she's asking for help her democratic party allies, but at
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the very conference when she said that our entire border crisis was a result of joe biden being such a wonderful person predict this is in such stark contrast to what she did during the previous administration where she was hostile each and every encounter that she had with president trump and that is something that people can understand being adversarial towards a president and being adversarial for the next president for the way that she flips from being such extreme, she's a democratic party activist and propagandist regardless of who's in the office but we need the answers we need to behold this and ministration accountable we do have one party and that is harold and we need to some people to show what is happening pretty. >> i should note that and i believe i seven pbs and some democrats need to go to a woke detox center but it is true that a critical race theory is not taught in public schools and molly shaking your head.
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but in a more broader sense i think the journalist who can consider glenn youngkin a long time this campaign, they said about mask mandates and schools being closed for a year under covid-19 and so forth that perhaps the parents felt powerless. >> even the grocery tax, the governor elect resonated with parents and voters with glenn youngkin rated and i think that in the point of view and perhaps molly but i do like the fact . [inaudible]. >> dema point of view. >> the sheets in aggressive with one president and up to the other. [inaudible]. i don't differ with molly about how democrats and others should be, we are in charge of washington in the house and the senate and the voters expect something weather is republican or democrat we did not delivering we have a year, to be able to act on that and deliver
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on that and a year ago today, we were debating whether or not some people work whether donald trump was reelected to work has lost ten i believe that he has lost but that seems like it was five years ago. and longtime the democratic had to take and i think the bigger lesson from the new jersey race when the state senate democrats lost to a guy is been hundred $53 i think he spent more than have on that on dunkin' donuts pretty in the voters are wanting change and wanting those to be responsive to them and those who want to be accountable and the democrats are not willing to do that, will have more results that we did this week. >> would you like to respond to that molly pretty. guest: critical race theory is part of the government approach to education and not just by the current administration but terry mccall is actually instituted it as well and in government documents, the initial guidance from the department of education in virginia, talk about using critical race theory in
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education and plus showing how it's happening and is not something that just my parents care about it, all do black grown biden a blackout was a kid to be told that she cannot succeed because of the color of her skin and a right under my parents was a kid to be told that there a deflector this is something that has been really pushed hatred and division and the government schools and it is to parents are taking much more interest in. officially as part of virginia's department of education. >> might as much broader and i think the next thing where these analyses were saying that can apparent, that is a thing and not just some crazy person. the new york times editorial just the other day that schooled the joe biden did in denver present said they should return to political theology into moderate policies and value braided and chief white house steps: tweeting times in the tutorial from the day before the inaugural ration, like
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healthcare and climate. it sounds like an about-face printed. >> is true the media has pushed fighting to be left-wing and joe biden has been left-wing in the same time also try to portray him as a moderate and i think would happen with these latest editorials with new york times, their interest is in preserving car the understand what happened on the disaster that was in virginia which was a democrat state. and when you're talking about all of these house races, and this is probably democrat areas, they are worried about a bloodbath and just wanting him to pull back because the pushing too far. >> if this is about white supremacy. others have said this as well, how does the commonwealth also lacked as lt. governor winston the first black woman elected statewide of these voters are just racist party. >> i also think the reelected an
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attorney general i'm not mistaken, i don't agree with that i don't embrace that i do think no one should be afraid of unsettling thoughts are things in our education system about her history, i could not be proud of her history even the percent are vulnerable to criticism because it shows the beauty and majesty in the strength of our country but it when it comes to the democrats and republicans and some of these spaces in areas where they didn't perform think the demo should take a lot of celebration in a moment is already fact that they got through a historic package $1.2 trillion industry market they should've done it sooner, and impacted the results of the last few days but this is a significant historic huge - 17. >> i have to go. three solid months down will get to that later in the program are limited to the break. the medias - skin type and
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suing the stories been in the newspapers for a week but when peter is he has present brought this reports that the administration is considering paying huge sums migrant families there was a lot of the border the president blamed "fox news" pretty. >> the reports that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants to the who were separated from their families at the border, a quarter $50000 each possibly million dollars per family, do you think that might incentivize more people to come over. biden: you guys setting the garbage out, yes but is not true
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pretty. >> is garbage pretty. >> yes that is not going to happen pretty. >> he was going to put under garbage but it was first the wall street journal him in the new york times resources with the negotiations and loss of the senate for a $50000 for the family rated more was being actively discussed so that was suggest that it was region that the white house had a kind of walk it back pretty. guest: any sit up to to $450,000 and present biden said is garbage in the next couple of days we were including present biden himself, now admitting that is true that there working towards this huge payment for people who cross the border. howard: and you had the aclu which brought the suit saying that may be joe biden was not informed on this my question is, what isn't the white house tell the story right away if they thought that was way off the table they have two major newspapers reporting it.
8:18 am
in impressed keeps reporting about it into the president, finally asked about it pretty. >> your guess is as good as mike of this is that if we think that this last election cycle, we were confused by some of these issues in these issues made it possible for us to lose a big election, if this number is correct and stories correct, we will have on hand hold in ways that we have not seen in my lifetime trying to defend the seats in the house up to 75 and i do think that if the government at any agency, they offer and allows me to apply for and they manage the outcome of it and during that application process with a loose fit child, i think it has to be some standard in the probably is i think the administration not only need to get the facts straight to the story chp straight and with public new begin all be honest and determine if this is the right outcome a remedy for the parent. suet present biden got angry when he asked to follow up
8:19 am
question they had lost a child they were separated from their child we can debate that but again this is not made up reporting his own administration but in the figure turns out to be let me ask you sort about the day after elections because the press george w. bush hundred 20006, and he said there had been a thumping of this party and barack obama percent in 2010, there had been a shellacking but present biden deflected these questions whether or not he was responsible pretty. reporter: we're just talking about the importance of the white house press corps, that room being full of people who are able to ask tough questions is somewhat scandalous and that the only questions about this usually important border policy will only ask by peter ducey and david - and there should be dozens of reporters asking these tough instead of what we suffer people like is like what can we do to help the democratic party going forward pretty.
8:20 am
>> they did asked do you bear personal responsibility and present biden said well yes fix it whenever and so just sort of well i don't know the infrastructure built it would help or not. >> i don't thank you so much on the part of present vitamin there also have not been the same type of tenacious question asking and asking a question without tough follow-up is not really that notable is really only one instance in the entire year with the press was tough unprecedented biden and i was with his handling of the departure from afghanistan but even then the questions work more, sort of so much group in uniformity and we need to see people holding people accountable for all of these processes the border policies economic policies or policies, the country and the people of the country in the country is going in a very bad direction and that is not being reflected by these questions. sue and and they border mass and also some good economic
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information they don't seem to take advantage of it in the media loves to bring the presence or play the presence game. and biden would've gotten some credit and failure or on failure by the fall politics is now national, not local is in this new need confront clichés an affair that joe biden approval rating was a factor in what happened tuesday. guest: i think it is hard to quarrel with that or any president rating at midterm will affect and in the certainly did but i would also argue that all politics are local and six times in each of those races there are different and there was an enormous common denominator in all of this race is coming had to main voters were they were in the district and rerunning and i don't think democrats deliver good job of that this time and when you look at the national atmosphere and environment, that did not contribute to many positive way as well read and new york times, if they are set new york times is donald trump us, baby there is a fairness and
8:22 am
how they should cover the presidents and some of the criticisms might be leveling at the presidents. howard: is one editorial and nobody disputes that fact that is a liberal editorial page braided so we didn't have exactly a high opinion of donald trump nonetheless, i think that i'm with molly and this one, like we need to hold all administrations accountable, not just that hard to understand. thank you and up next joe biden gets a win on if a structure but of all the chaos in the median message.
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biden: i think one message that i came across was get something done, it is time to get something done to stop talking predispute with you the presence practically giving up of the
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democrats but finally pushing through this trillion dollar infrastructure built, all pumping on the more spending bill that moderate lawmakers, sort of agreed in writing to do later in journeys now, chief washington correspondent and as he pulls a try to give up bills and she could not in the prison described riley victory for the present biden but, after all of the fears infighting and results on election day, does that change the media announcements at all ready to vote if you like there was a gone to a certain degree we thought this would pass months ago there is a september deadline in october deadline convulsed today and later today. and to europe pretty. guest: in exactly and they got it done and it was significant, trillion dollars my book is still a lot of money there will be ribbon-cutting all of the country and lawmakers can celebrate that. the democratic infighting stole the show to a certain degree. >> i agree with you i think that the coverages would be different if this happened once they got
8:27 am
the deal with mitch mcconnell said there were lots of complaints the democrats take not know an reconciliation bill how much it really costs which is why the press could not get it through braided. howard: was not money the biden's victoria story because they make so much of this bill back better bill that in some ways, it was #we should've been parties finally getting an interest doctor bill. i think it was shadowed pretty. guest: and think you're right i think if they don't get this build back better plan that progressive wish list across the finish i think you will see the left revolved and freak out and say wait a minute, that's the stuff we really wanted and so. howard: they made such a big deal out of this bill now it's 1.75 trillion and is not really the headliner and became the opening act predict. guest: think you're right and so we will see what if they get it done and there is still a long way to go and a lot of that
8:28 am
these motors may be looking at tuesday night's election and saying do we really want to vote for trillions more spending and is a kind of it getting is reelected will that pushes off into retirement. i think there will be a struggle ahead and will see if they can get it across the finish line. howard: democrats want the biden to be more forceful and was immediate narrative of election good different biden had pushed through the infrastructure bill earlier and also on tiktok they say that they have nancy pelosi at the center of present biden almost as if he were playing a secondary role receivable yes, it seems that his advisories do know him in the middle of it because it fell apart and it would've been is to own. and we look at the election results in the night and he got some lame because he's the president of the united states and we think there national that this point in the bottom line, i think he had a hands-off to a certain degree and having people over them for the meetings would seem to be comfortable to have
8:29 am
speaker pelosi of front. howard: is a very different style undressing that is easy but his presidency has - thank you it is great to see you. i have great sympathy for shirley news organizations but maybe at the text pair expense, i don't think so but the reconciliation bill, for the media outlets. taxpayer to subsidize the newspapers and tv and radio station with a payroll tax cut which could cause more than a billion dollars giant corporations and 1500 euros can claim this credit lobbyist from the media industry have grabbed it just another special-interest payoff. next on mediabuzz, newscast ignoring criminal charges the primary source in the steele dossier. in the next on this lousy election day. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ yeah, dad! i don't
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moment but for more this off year elections, longtime republican pollster, from las vegas. >> welcome. and you predicted it that in virginia with glenn youngkin d think the media blatantly understands why this was such a very bad election day democrats printed 251 wonder how much they interact with the average voter, clearly the people they are around in a typical day are better educated and higher incomes but i do believe that they cover this election and they been relatively accurate and more accurate than they were 2020 and certainly in 2016 but the key is to hear the endorsements of the public has to understand what the average ordinary person is going through. and i don't think that they realize how chaotic last two months have been and how they feel like with the voted for in
8:34 am
november of 2020, is not what they are getting in november of 2021. howard: but a lot of the outlets were dismissive of glenn youngkin campaign. as a culture war, is all about book manning and when that really was not with the republican candidate was saying pretty. guest: it was hearing about go back to the democrats because it's mccullough himself, who said that parents should not be able to attend schools with the teacher or teaching their kids and then the animals in politics, this one of the worst lines i have ever heard at that moment, i realized that the republican runs a good campaign, he will win. suet. howard: why did they pick up on that in effect insult all of these parents who are right about the curriculum and the kids public schools pretty. guest: and is more than just curricula, it is more than that, is about whether these kids are ready for college career in real life and whether they have the
8:35 am
capability to succeed. howard: but if this was such a gap on mccullough's part, do you think that the press realized it at the time. guest: absolutely not an i think that is part of them being disconnected to the people who read them and watch them and who listen to them. i don't think we added greater disconnect in modern america that we've had in 2016, and right now in 2020 flood and that the people who are reporting news and providing the public with the information if they are looking for, do not understand it the day lives of the ordinary voter pretty. howard: a lot of people it's a because of the media is concentrated in left-leaning and since tuesday's results, there are some suggesting in your view, anybody who votes republican is a white supremacist do you think the democrats are following the lead on the people who say that pretty. guest: is a simple message is
8:36 am
that they actually believe that, you're going to lose big time in 2022 and i think that the ingredients now is this. 1994, and 2010, landslide. a complete disconnect the day-to-day lives of the average individual and i don't care what you call them, i don't care if they say this is dog whistling or racist, and the ending of the average voter must the elected official to understand them and to listen to them and respond to them and that is not is what is happening out and we saw the result don't forget new jersey. the democrat won but it was, backing 2020, joe watt and biden when my 60 boys in this governors race, the democrat won by only two, this is a massive shift into very different states and is out in other local elections in the public is saying, enough is enough and i am sure whether the media
8:37 am
understands that another not sure pretty. howard: so waiting - stop talking about a rigged system that somehow we didn't hear anything about election from the commonwealth them are you suggesting that the republicans need to separate in effect in the message from donald trump who talks about the stolen election virtually every day. guest: to the explicit yes elections not about the past, it's about future and where things are headed right now and the ingredients exist for republicans to have a very good election cycle in 2022, not by rehashing 2020 or by focusing on immigration, or education and most importantly, by focusing on governments putting in taxation's in the end, howie it's within our bank accounts the matter and the press may be focused on the culture were in the average american's focus on it dollars and cents. howard: cultural war is a phrase that means the issues that
8:38 am
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sue and at the height of the russian investigation aimed at president trump, he goes every twist and turn including the note discredited steele dossier.
8:42 am
now the forefront pretty. >> this report comes in the midst of a concerted attack on christopher still himself republicans in congress in london who basically he is peddling false information. guest: that is three years ago now the primary source igor danchenko has been indicted on lines of the fbi rated now he is still playing defense pretty. guest: in an mistaken impression that this indictment is designed to scare christopher steele intelligence report and things that were deliberately made up and concocted by left-wing democrats. sue and elise she company, there was no other coverage on ambit as nbc rc and infants instead of "fox news". >> there are obvious red flags on this steele dossier from the beginning for one thing crisper still was working for a research
8:43 am
firm funded by the hillary clinton campaign. howard: joining us now from brazil, called surprised journalist now writes and glenn as we just saw, defending crisper still, after all these years but these other shows of these late afternoon and evening chosen at msnbc, scene going off this indictment plus they had plenty of time to talk about donald trump in the january 6 investigation and a new grand jury in the trump organization probe. >> i think there is obviously a recognition that they're going to get things wrong because their human institutions and sometimes to get the big things wrong like a rock and for the question becomes, are they can essentially mistaken like we all are sometimes where they deliberately lying in for me, the metric for being able to answer that is whether was the evidence is presented they got it wrong, they actually go and grapple with it and they tell the viewers about it and they acknowledged wrong doing and era
8:44 am
and over and over what we have seen as with each one of their lives, including the fact that the biden archives, before the election was prescient disinformation in which they spent weeks say another ignoring the playbook and approved by the supporters at these females were actually real. just ignoring these two documents in the content of them demonstrates that the entire narrative which with date were absent for four years, the trump was controlled by putin to blackmail was announcement out falsehood, fraud pretty. >> the new york times broke the story about the indictment in the washington post, and i give them credit on a special report the other night distances the allegations as newman certainly in some has recording of the dossier the organizations including the washington post that that little bit of a couple assigned to melissa say about the media that abc nbc cbs, they didn't devote one second to these criminal charges against them the likes of bureau.
8:45 am
guest: so they're trying to do howie is to pretend that this is only about this deal dossier which is covered only by people crazy and people like that regarding the steele dossier and pretending that the real serious journalistic images like new york times and the postgame themselves - were given pulitzers for the storing actually serious journalist who did not fall for any of this but the reality is, as one of the first journalist to push this steele dossier admitted, to his credit the date was this steele dossier that set the expectation the entire framework for how this entire scandal was understood and that there was this ongoing explicit cooperation criminal leave between the front world in russia that interfered in the election of the kremlin controlled donald trump of that reason could get them to have them do whatever they wanted it emanated from the narrative of that steele dossier and everything that followed from that came from this steele
8:46 am
dossier so the fact that will be her learning is not just that the steele dossier was false but his deliberate fraud perpetrated by people for the clinton coral working with the media allies is printed this life during the election implicating the entire media and one little sentence. washington post article, i guess it's better than nothing but it's kind of a shocking that is all they are going to do. maybe ashley shows what we said was wrong. howard: at least it was really story the other day and looking a lot of people pfizer glazing over were talk about steele dossier and that was bo's feed up with us out there not knowing whether it was true or not back in 2017 but it contains these salacious and unverified allegations about donald trump and so forth it kind of made it into the media culture even for people who don't even know what the steele dossier is pretty. guest: howie, is the number one
8:47 am
most of her story of the trump presidency without any - any idea that trump collaborated with russia and that russia had controlled over him read extremely serious allegations that they had infiltrated our institution so you can say this however you want we didn't talk with the steele dossier but the overall narrative in the trump presidency, that came from that sector of the media is proving to be a fraud and not an innocent one but a deliberate and coordinated one came from a union claim and that the security in the fbi and the cia, and the corporate media, those of the guilty parties with our politics that went through this for three or four years. howard: for some of the january 6 investigation that was a tragic day for the country jason johnson a contributor and anchor, and is to about january 6 and president of biden
8:48 am
pretty. reporter: they thought they got punched in the face on january 6 in the whole country got attacked and then with the president is going to height back in the one president who will talk about these terrorists and the things of your george bush talk about terrorism for 20 years. sue and you took strong exception to this home is please explain. guest: you there's never been a figure breach between the media one in ordinary people on the other and imagine how inflated you have to be in activating the media to think that the reason the people have lost faith and joe biden and his government, is because he is not talking about january 6th enough raised the same thing they did during the trump years of people are craving to hear about the kremlin so they wake up everyday and worried about vladimir putin are generally six, and this not even remotely close to what is on people's mind is but the fact that they are so and/or echo chamber of propaganda and
8:49 am
whether shellshocked that they lost virginia and things ran so poorly for them on election night, is because they only talk to inform each other and they create create a world that does not exist outside of their realm. howard: the beach of a big family and have a minute left. in her signature trying to get thinly veiled white national list reporting. guest: it is some point, when people start overusing accusation so blatantly and everybody realizes that they're just cynical attempts and it character assassination do not believe with you politically and in those terms, to the point work no one takes them seriously even in the case for their actually applicable and that is impacting to the liberal media and anybody who disagrees with the democratic party automatically as a racist or a white nationalist or some other form of the band gets and don't thank you so working anymore. sue and good to see you glenn and thank you for joining us
8:50 am
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howard: time to beat the clock go, all of this trump transmissivity said within today's euphemism of joe biden was left overrated and reporting that some gun dealers are using that phrase in a sales. >> is being used to sell guns and ammunition that really worries law enforcement officials pretty. howard: so he contacted the secret service, he thinks on enforcement should be involved with this to take on the secret service, and asked whether they
8:54 am
considered joe biden in a blaze and assault rifle can - i thank you so a reasonable question come over slow it and apparently is no joke when folksy some of the media are protecting the president. and the tragic alec baldwin shooting, they tossed out a spectacular charge on gma. >> seventy put a live round in that box we do that, you can only have bad intentions because you're going to confuse the person pretty. >> is a very serious allegation and you do you have evidence for that to support that pretty. >> with the biggest evidence that we have is there is a box of domains and playgrounds within the box. sue and he has no real evidence and that was just a responsible and good for michael for pushing back. the green bay packer's been
8:55 am
sharon rogers who tested positive for covid-19 was vaccinated and he had - the press pretty. >> are you vaccinated in your staff vaccinated. >> is entitled to make a decision and he said it was healed by cancel culture is of which had against him but as the washington post or surrender said he was lying by omission and potentially exposing teammates who do not know he was unvaccinated. and try to fail to hire rachel to be that they said the new streaming service that were confirmed and recorded $20 million salary and think think about, famous liberal on television and cnn used to be the street news network. and white house correspondence thought it was a good idea to post rather wild morning about covid-19 vaccines and they tweeted the vaccines contain a marker so that you be tracked read the last book of the new
8:56 am
testament to see how the sanders is a biblical prophecy about the end times, satanic tracking and lucifer cannot be reached for comment related deleted it sweet the twitter has suspended it may have temporarily pulled off the year. and we do not believe vaccines contain any toxic materials and tracking markers in such false claims have never been reported predict many medical experts are supporting the use of the vaccines to the twitter feed is pretty other than the pandemic and the portions to get this vaccine including the those what will happen. and is it for this addition of mediabuzz and i am howard kurtz we hope that you will check on her facebook page. and also we ask that you check out my podcast for lancaster thing, and you can subscribe to mediabuzz a google podcast work on your amazon device and i'm glad were able to devote a lot of attention to the postelection
8:57 am
analysis. there was major miss intermediate miss kelly kingdon calculations and we try to cast a very broad net here. [inaudible]. in a conversation that we can continue online and as you know were back here in sunny, every sunday and we hope see you all then with the latest mediabuzz. . . .
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really?
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>> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ eric: well now it's up to the democrats' next move, a pending vote on president biden's historic social spending measure, that will come in the next week or so, this as he is set to sign the historic $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that the house passed on friday night. the president is praising the package as a way for our country to rebuild and stay competitive with other nations like china. p republicans are slamming the amount of spending. can the president's party overcome its divisions to pass the even bigger social spending package that's round two.


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